Desert Hearts (1985) Script

Beg you pardon.

-Can I help you, miss? -Please.

-I'll bring this for you. -Thank you.

Professor Bell?

Call me Vivian. Welcome to Reno.

I am down the street that way.

Hi Frances. Hello, Burnett.

I have space in my car. No, not such luck.

Well, looking forward to some good desert living?

I'm looking forward to get these shoes of.

It's awful when your legs hurts.

It's a kindest thing I've heard in three days.

How long have you been married honey? 12 years.

Oh, no,no. we handle all that.

Quint, that's the lucky one.

Sure could have used it last night.

See you in six weeks, madam.

Soon as we are out of this place you can tell me all about yourself.

I used to be a feature dancer in that casino over there, 100 years ago.

You got any kids?

We were a professional couple.

My man was a professional too he was a prominent attorney here in town.

Went with a heart attack at 41. Sorry.

How long have you been alone?

I'm not alone, I got my boy with me.

My girl works right over there at the Golden Ring.

She's got Glen's wild streak running right thru her.

I have always lived in the city.

I Don't know what to do with all this space.

I think of it as a God's backyard.

Just sit back and let it clean out the impurities.

-And the heat? -Lots of ice tea and no deep thinking.

I'll buy that.

Oh, brother!

-What are you doing at this hour? I have things to do.

-Professor Bell, Cay Rivvers. -How do you do.

-Shall I call you professor? -Vivian Bell.

Put that damned car forward!


Three guesses who that was.

Do you mind if I smoke? Sure don't.

Never would have guessed you smoked.

Can I be honest with you, Frances?

It's a dying art. So be my guest.

Things are .. a little bit shaky for me at the moment.

-Appreciate for sharing that. -I really can't be part of the gang right now.

Just leave it to me.


Walter, we're here!

Walter, shake hands with professor Vivian.

-Hi. -Hello.

-You are younger than I expected. -I'll take that as a compliment.

Get the bags, Walter.

You gonna love it here.

Well, here it is.

Nice, he?

It's lovely.

-Oh, Walter will take you to your room. -Thank you.

-The bathroom is over there. -Thank you.

What do you teach?

I teach English literature at Columbia University.

116th Street, Broadway, New York, New York.

I know you want me to hang around and give you a history of the ranch.

How did you guess, Walter?

Why did I not stay in a hotel?

Feel it burn .. and start to yearn to hold you tight

Guess what, baby girl. What?

-I am engaged. -OK

-He babe.

Isn't that a pretty sight? Careful it don't blind.


I'm not pregnant.

Joe and I are settling down. You and Darrel should follow suit.

We could go away together on vacation.

Don't you know by now it doesn't happen with Darrel.

I am getting tired of defending your reputation.

I'm used to people talking behind my back.

But if you did not accept who I am..

that would really be tough.

Hey, you're the best.

And all the best people know it.

Thank you

Good luck. Thank you.

Would you like to play that all, sir? Sherman.

All right Sherman, would you like to play that all?

Oh I'll rather play you off, honey.

Why don't you apologize to the lady, buddy.

-Apologize, man. -Sorry.

That makes two of us.

-Thanks. -You're okay?


A cup of tea? Frances!

-Do you have any bourbon? -Sure do.

Matter of fact, I'll join you.

Would not do you any harm to have several.

It's the weather.

Oh get myself out.

You sound like Cay.

Locks herself in that cottage and works until she drops.

-What is she working? -She sculpts.

Oh, don't look at that stuff A lot of sentimental junk. I have no taste.

That is Glen, Cay's father.

I had Walter by him.

I'm not Cay's mother you know.

I'm her ...

I do not know what I am.

Not anything really.

A pair of hands and a familiar face.

Thank you

God, look at him.

Handsome as day is long.

And married.

I lived with him 10 years.

Maybe I didn't get a bridal bouquet to add to my collection.

But I have what I wanted.

I had a love of my own.

That is a beautiful song.

You had more than most people dare hope for.

Do not pay attention.

I'm just babbling.

I am a silly woman.

I don't think you are a silly woman, Frances.


You and me should make a raisins and cream pie.

-I'm too depressed. -In this air?

She'll be be fine when she's rid of that creep.

Larry is not a creep.

Any man who leaves a woman for a model is a creep in my book.

I do not know which is worse.

A cheater or a hobby man.

At least you can share a hobby, Lucille.

We would all like to have a new past.

Good morning!

Good morning.

-I come down to stretch my legs. -It's was about time.

What have you been doing in that room for the last five days?

Whatever it is, it is too deep for us to understand.

Come, sit down. Join the girl talk.

We were discussing sex vs. marriage.

No, I'm not an expert in either category so I'll excuse myself.

I heard that your culture types go at it like banshees.

Lucille! Is that true?

Actually banshees were folklore woman wailing for the dead.

Perhaps you meant to say "monkeys".


Well, I'll start with my pie.

Lucille, would you drop Cays' mail by the cottage?

I'll take it.

I'm going for a walk, anyway.

Just slip it under the door.

I mean you don't have to knock!

Morning! Morning!

I was just passing by.


You want to come in?

-I'd love to but you're busy. -Come in anyway.

To see if I can take it all in one glance.

Have a look around.

I can't do it if you are watching me.

Hi! Hi....!


-Where is Cay? -I am here. You go back to sleep.

Sorry. I was not alone.

Fine. Socialization was not what I had in mind, anyway.

You get all that traffic with no equipment ... beyond me.

-Where are you off to? -Lawyers appointment.

No sense in taking two cars!

-I do not want to intrude. -Will you bring her back?

Oh, don't worry about that. Hop out, Gwen.

You have a car for today and save me a trip.

Cay, drive like a lady.

Someone used it for an ashtray. Come in up front.

Long time without seeing you, Mrs. Parker.

I'm handling it.

-Vivian, this is my friend, Gwen. -From the cottage.

Yes, nice to see you again.

-Are you serious? -About what?

Listening to this funeral music for one.

You know this piece, Vivian?

Yes, it is Prokofiev. A suite for three oranges. Lovely, isn't it?

I better get to the record store before they sell out.

Oh, come on, Gwen. We all have a sensitive side.

I do not recall you mentioning that last night.

-Thank you. -Do you want me to wait?

I am sure you have better things to do than wait for me.

Oh listen, I am sorry about the drive in.

You know why I am here for. I don't need to understand your friends.

I'll leave the key here.

I have more important things to think than how I'll go back.

Oh, but thanks anyway!

You're welcome.

Here is from the agreement, Dr. Bell is walking off with the whole store.

I've always supported myself.

Other than my books there's nothing I want.

-Is there a third party?

No Rare women, walks out with no strings.

What are your grounds?

I have not practiced this.

Well we are not the easiest folks to talk to.

-Are you enjoying the ranch? -It's different.

One bunch of coops out there.

Mr. Warner, I'm 35 years old. I want an honest life.

I am leaving a decent marriage to see if I can find one.

Not having children helps.

Although our careers served very much the same purpose binding us together for all those years.

We were very big on form.

Right friends, right prints on the wall.

I yearn for something we could not analyze or reason away.

I want to be free of who I've been.

And your husband?

Martin would be content to have me with him regardless of how I feel.

-He will not contest? -No, no.


-We gotta go with mental cruelty. -We've never treated each other with anything but....

No, No. It's just an umbrella term.

Nevada law prefers a headache or two Sure he refused to visit in-laws, sometimes.

Mr Warner, I may spend the rest of my life alone...

I made a very difficult decision and it was not based on a headache or two.

Martini time. Would you have a drink with me?

Please, go on.

Well, the first thing I'm obliged to advise my clients on is not leave the state once the residency is established.

A lot of folks leave for San Francisco for a break.

Don't misunderstand me, Mr. Warner.

But hell that wouldn't apply in this case.

No. I trust we could leave the keys with you any time.

Thank you.

Ok, put your stuff in here.

Be sure to lock it. And the change room is right over there.

-Everybody. This is Joyce. -Hi, Joy!

I leave you here with the girls. And I'll see you on the floor.


Cay, I'll like to see you in my office Please?

Darrel, where shall I put the key?

I'll tell you where to put it.

Thank you, Silver.

That was not very clever.


Do you know how much I love you?

I started without warning to express myself and just ruined it didn't I?

There's nothing to ruin, Darrel.

And I've been honest with you about why.

I know the score.

I can look the other way if I have to.

Oh ..

-Excuse me. -Frances is awake.

I just thought I'd make myself a cup of tea.

Let me get it for you.

Don't bother. I could use the practice.

Would you, please, go and sit down?

If she hears us, we gonna need an hour to get away.

I'll come back when it is less complicated.


-What are you doing? -Ssh

I'll clean up.

Look at my boots.

Please, don't turn the lights on

What's the matter? You are having a rough night?

Yeah, you could say that.

Listen, I'm up all hours.

Next time you can't sleep, come on by the cottage.

A little company beats counting the flowers on the wall.

You are gonna make me cry.

No. I'm going to make you some tea.

Is it you, Cay?

Yeah Bring me a coke, will you? I got a glass.

-Who is in the kitchen? -Vivian is making tea.

She is so nice. I swear .. this whole place has gone up a notch since she came.

I spend all night struggling with migraine.

You are wearing that one out, Frances.

No, everything is falling apart.

It is middle of the night. It will be together by morning.


What is falling apart?

The ranch, for one.

Business is so lousy. I won't be able to hang on much longer.

Remember the good old days?

You can't bring back the good old days.

If I do sell, I want you to come with me.

I can't just picture us in two rooms together.

Oh, It will be bigger than that.

If you come with me You can quit the casino .. and go to art school.

Button yourself up.

Professor does not need to see your business popping through.

-Where is your pants? -I gotta go.

I'm not staying so don't squeeze.

You and Walter are all that I've got left from Glen!

Glen is dead.

Not, if I still have you.

One of these days I'm gonna meet somebody that counts.

Counts? With what you run around with?

I'm not asking you to be on my side.

But if you stand in my way ...

Now, go to sleep.

Don't empty out my ice box.

Good night.

Good morning!

Good morning.

When was the last time you were on a horse?

To long ago for me to even remember.

Take off your reading glasses and come out here.

I did not know you painted, Frances.

The last supper.

Oh, oh looks like somebody didn't pack riding clothes.

I thought my riding days were behind me.

Here. Try this to out for size.

He Reserve a standing place at the mantle for me.

Good times are hard in the end.

Sorry about the ride in the other day.

I temporary lost my sense of humor.

It is awful to forget how to laugh.

I'm the one that gets by on laughs.

What you go through takes real courage.

You're the first person who said that. Everyone else ...

Well, maybe, I am up to the risk.

Well there you go. Maybe some of your gambling spirit will rob off on me.

I am sure that nobody accuses you of playing it safe.

Only because they don't really know me.

There are so many things I want to do but I am afraid to try.

You have ambitions?

I do all right here.

But there's always another story under the surface.

You know what I mean?

I am about to. My surface is all but worn away.

Have you realized all your ambitions?

No. Just my plans.

What do you tell folks when they ask you what went wrong with your marriage?

-I tell you it drowned in still waters. -Say no more.

Hot sight, Joe. Congratulations.

Congratulations? With $100 for the ring I need condolences.

-But the way her eyes are sparkling. -Sparkling? Not sparkling. It is panic.

Give me a kiss to last the whole shift.


-You got a date, Cay? -No.

Pick up an extra steak, lover?


I can not keep my hands off him.

And you invite me over to watch the show?

I want to find out... why you?ve been walking around like you swallowed the canary.

Joe is in the kitchen, you are in the tub.

I am happy.

Ok, now start talking.

-You'll gonna laugh. -It must be serious.

I think I've found somebody who counts.

From the beginning and don't step over the good parts.

Well, she's an english professor and she is 10 years older than I am.

Well, rock&roll!

It sounds a lot funnier than it is.

Is she out at the ranch?

You promised not to mess around.

Vivian Bell.

I just say her name when I want to smile.

Did you sleep with her?

No. And I probably won't.

-She wants you? -It's not about that, Sil.

Remember that she will pick up her decree and be gone.

Well. maybe by then...

I will figure out something in this screwed up little life of mine.

I love your life, babe.

I would not want to be here without you.

Oh oh, you look like two desserts.

Take your part.

Sometimes I'd like to know what it feels like to be a gorgeous woman.

-You want the ring back, honey? -No.

Maybe I'll be reincarnated.

I'll go put the steaks on.


I'm afraid that if it stays this good..

I'll find a way to screw it up.

Babe, don't I always get you thru the good times?

-Did Cay behave herself the other day? -She was absolutely charming.

-I would not be too won over by her. -I do not understand.

Well its just ... she does not have anything in common with... a person of your caliber.

I've seen this movie. Good night.

You could not stay in there all day.

I'll get some lunch.

See you.


Will you give me one?

No, no!

It's too big.

Take it on.

I was getting nowhere fast with my singing career.

So I started to work in casino.

In the hope of being discovered.

-Who named you "Silver"? -I did.

But she still answers to Silvia when she is weary.

I'll ignore that... Catherine Anne.

Oh oh, here comes snake guy.

You are a hard one to track you down.

I heard your night was spent running after Joyce.

You got it backwards for a change.

This is our friend, Vivian.

-Whose friend? -My friend.

-I am Darrel. -How do you do.

You are probably doing better.

So, we are going to see you in that new outfit you just bought?

Uh, I barely had the nerve to buy it... but Cay persuaded me to throw caution through the wind.

That is what she is best at.

I think I am going to try my luck.

Whatever you set out to do, you accomplished quite the opposite.

I say, Cay is stepping way out of her range with that woman.

Do you want a tip?

Change your seat.

-Thank you for a really lovely day. -You are welcome.

Good luck.

Ah, my back is killing me.

Yeah, I was on 6 tranquilizers before I got here.

The house, the kids, Gale...all of it.

I am surprised you seem so self assured.

Thank to Buck...

It's amazing what a little "understanding" will do.

I do. Cay and I are becoming friends too, it does help.

Not that it is any of my concern, but you should think twice before

-you hang out with her. -You are right, it's not your concern.

Did you know that she was kicked out of College for "unnatural acts" as they say?

Shall I rise my eyebrows and gasp?

Well, I am definitely out to lunch when it comes to queers.

Aren?t you?

I don't think either of us would be sorely missed, Lucille.

Well, nobody said that it did not take all kinds, Vivian.

And you are certainly making a unique contribution.

Hey Buck! Over here!

Are you winning?

Go away.


If you don't play, you can't win.


Come on.

Good luck.

Enough here. Put your bet. Come on.

Down the way. Get your bet. Your time is my time.

Come here, darling. Change my luck.

No, no. Really, I don't know how to play this game.

Well, I know how to play it. And I am down $200.

You just give them a nice shake, and roll them down.

Put them in the air now. Let them go.

And get 7. Roll 7. Lets go.

That a winner!

That was beautiful, thank you!

Come at it again. same lucky lady.

Let's go. Come on.

Winner, winner!

Yeah, yeah again!

Winner. Lucky day.

This time blow.

Like this. And roll. Roll 7.

2 and 2. Not good. Sorry.

-I am sorry. -You did real fine. Take it.

I can't take it.

Sure you can. Use it to get married.

Oh. Cash it in!

Cash it in ot not. What's she gonna do?

Put your bet down. Here we go.


Pat's passing on an engagement party tomorrow night.

I can't say I blame her.

All she miss is a lot vulgar goings on, drinking their heads of

I made your favorite, pancakes.

You won't like it in the middle of that ruckus.

I am not going.

-Sensible. -Why not?

I have lectures to prepare. I have only week and half left.

Come on. Let your hair down for once.

Did Darrel put you off?

Beg your pardon.

Don't fuss. Eat your breakfast and leave the woman alone.

It doesn't concern you, Frances! Honest.

You are skating on thin ice, girl.

I want you to come.

How can you resist such a passionate request?

Vivian, are you Ok?

Walk with me.

I apologize for not stepping in and taking your side.

I sure wanted to.

-Would you do something for me now? -Name it and it's yours.

You are a wise observer.

Why does your mother resent Cay's friendliness towards me.

She wants Cay all to herself.

Does she mind you and I spending time?

I don't believe but I'll inquire.

We are fated to be pals, Walter.

I felt that way since we first met. Care for Chicklet?

I'd love one.

Based on what you said, would you reconsider going tomorrow night?

No. I don't think I'll be comfortable celebrating with strangers.

Well, I am pretty sure Cay can get me invited.

Are you asking me to be your date, Walter?

Not exactly my date.

I know plenty of girls. I just ask would you? That is all.

How did you become such a gentleman?

The movies.

We'll make an odd couple. I guarantee you that.

I don't care about stupid opinions.

Folks, may I have your attention, please?


I want to welcome you to this party of Joe Lorenzo.

Special applause for our star attraction. Miss Silver Dale.

You can stop clapping because I plan to sing more than one.

I wrote this song last week and I've been singing it everywhere.

I wrote it ... for everybody that I love in this room.


I am holding you of the ground the whole time I'm singing this song.

Ok boys, let's hit it.

# I need to find someone # that is mine.

# I've been so lonely.

# I've tried a few, wouldn't do.

# so lonely.

# Now I'm hoping these days end ..

# and better days begin ..

# I'm looking ..

# for someone to love.

# I'll let a spark inside my heart.

# the flame burns so bright ..

# As I feel it burn, I start to yearn ..

# to hold you tight.

# I know I gave no sign ..

# you must have read my mind.

# I am looking ..

# someone to love.

# Oh, I am looking ..

# for someone ..

# to love.

I love you, Joe!

What are you dreaming about, old lady?

Glen and me used to go dancing here.

I swear that if I was to turn around right now.. it's like he would be standing right behind me.

Why him and nobody else?

Because he reached in.. and put a sting of lights around my heart.

Those days are good and gone.

But you are still the best dancer in town.

You better believe it.

Thank you Mrs. Parker, I am cutting in.

Why? You go right ahead.

So, .. why do you live at the ranch?

It is my hide out.

I know all about hide outs.

What are you hiding from?

Anything I can't handle.

Well, I am relieved to hear that.

You know that I am not allowed to go over State line?

I tell you what...

If any rules get broken, I'll take the blame, ok?


Now, I'll tell you what...

I...would prefer that none did.

-Vivian. -What?

I believe that you are loaded.

I could not imagine doing this if I was not.

And what are you doing? Uh..

So, how long were you with Darrel?

Not long.

What happened?

I allowed to myself to get attracted to his attraction to me.

-For him, that spelled love. -And for you?

Let's put it this way. I didn't exactly get the brass ring.

-How do you get it? -With a woman.

Are you trying to shock me?


I was only telling you the truth.

Did I misled you in any way?

Not for a minute. know I care a lot about you Cay, but I...

Roll it all the way down.

You don't have to stop.

I do.

Where did you learn to kiss like that?

I don't know where that came from. It's back where it belongs and I ..

I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Take me back.

-I can't see a thing. -I'll take my chances.

Just drive.

-Are you Ok? -I guess.

Well...Looks like you two got caught.

We did a drive out to the lake after the party.

Must have been quite a sight to keep you out till now.

Somebody is checking in?

No, somebody is checking out.

I made a reservation at The Riverside.

Your bags are packed.

Like leaving the party would cause concerns, Frances.

It also caused talk. Here is your refund check.

-That was uncalled for. -Oh, for God sake Frances!

Don't you talk to me about God, girl!

You made your point, Frances Just as well. I would leave anyway.

I'll never forgive you for this.

I'll never forgive myself.

Letting her come here with her books, and her influence over my family.

Shut up, Frances!

I can't claim angels wings, but I am normal.

Think... I was proud to call you a friend.

May I tell you, the betrayal is mutual.

I want to do that! Walter, bring them here!

Can't you find something better to do?

Not since you came on the scene.

Get in the house.


Can I go with you?

I can't.

I'll be at Silver's. Will you call?

Let's go.

I guess the only way to save my plants from your damn car's exhausts is to buy you a new one.

I am moving out, Frances.

Why? To get your hands off my life!

You sound like your father. Using my place to hang your hat.

You want things without loving them! That is greed!

Wasn't greed that took you in when your mother left you.

It was not greed, that was his sole comfort for 10 years!

There is a fancy word for what you really were!

It will be cold day in August when I take in another educated cunt!

She meant something to me.

And you knew it.

She'd broke your heart, the one I ever There is no reason to stay.

# Put your sweet lips ..

# a little closer to the phone.

# Let's pretend, that we're together..

# all alone.

# I'll tell the man to turn..

# the jukebox way down low..


# And you can tell..

# your friend there with you..

# he'll have to go.

-It's not complete. -How is that possible?

# Whisper to me..

# tell me, do you love me true..


-Over for tonight? -Yes, sure.

Good night.

#...make up your mind, I got to know.

# Should I hang up..

# or will you tell him he'll have to go?

# You can't say the words I want to hear..

# while you are with an other man..

# Do you want me? Answer yes or no..

# darling, I will understand.

# Put your sweet lips..

# a little closer to the phone.

# Let's pretend that we are together..

# all alone.

# I'll tell the man...

# to turn the jukebox way down low.

# And you can tell your friend # there with you:

# "She'll have to go."

Hello No, Mr. Warner, it was a misunderstanding.

No, thank you. Accommodations are just fine here.

That will not be necessary, mr. Warner, although I appreciate it.

If you need to get in touch with me, I'll be here.

Thank you. Good bye.

Are you ok?

I've been better.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Why did you come?

I guess I am scared to death of never seeing you again.

Cay, you gotta let it go. You know that.

Stop it!

I want you to open the door!

And I want you to leave me alone. I can't!


You look wonderful.

Are you kidding?

All right, Cay.

We'll talk.

You start.

You kissed me.

And you kissed me.

And I kissed you.

I don't believe what I am saying.

You see...

I enjoy order.

What happened between us... was innocent more than anything else.

And friendly. Don't forget that one.

I was really hoping that we can have mature conversation about this.

So far we talked about order and disorder and who kissed whom... and what the hell does it matter anyway, since it was all so innocent and friendly.

Than I'll get to damn point.

I am a respected scholar.

I've been married many years to respected scholar.

And for a moments indiscretion, a fleeing lapse in judgment, while I... stood in the rain and allowed Frances Parker... a figure bearing not the slightest resemblance to anyone in my entire life experience, to humiliate us as we were pair of delinquents.

You should have told her off.

I don't have a habit of rising my voice. over false issues.

When I retire..

I will simply write a short story for my revenge.. about this town, the people, these gamblers...

My only clear memory is arriving.

The rest is a blur. An absolute blur.

Oh, God!

What do you think you are doing?

Waiting for you.

I want you to put on your clothes and leave.

-No you don't. -Yes I do.

No you don't.

I, eh...

I wouldn't know what to do.

You can start by putting the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.


that part went smoothly.

Take your hands out of your pockets and come here.

I am not ... taking off my robe.

Well, everybody draws the line somewhere.

I don't usually..

feel this way at 11 o'clock in the morning.

I don't know if I ever felt this way before.

I am sorry.

There goes the hot water.


We have to get out of here, you know.

Stand up..

-Take a walk.. -I adore you for this. have a coke and go shop.

Feel sorry then?

-No, I feel exposed. -Because of me?

And me.

Do you know how beautiful you are right now?

I don't have any references for this.

-I am not great at it either. -You had the experiences before.

Not this one.

My life has always been so controlled.

-And it will be again. -Sure, of course.

An affair, a divorce. Nothing to break stripe up.

-I love you. -And affair with a 25 year old woman I might add.

I really do.

I am sure the students and the faculty will graciously acknowledge that... these things happen.

Cay, I love you, too.

Compliments of the boys.

-Let's leave. -Oh, just relax.

-Check, please! -We haven't had desert yet.

We'll get desert from room service.

Keep 'm, boys. The night is still young.

Bye, honey.

Oh, come on, I am used to this.

Well, I am not.

Listen, you are just visiting the way I live.

It would suit you fine to hide in that hotel room till your train leaves.

By all means, let's hide.

You are so insistent on everyone perceiving things the way you do.

Oh yeah, I am making real headway in that department.

No fear, no confusion. So self assured.

I don't act that way to change the world, I act that way so the goddamn world wont change me!

-Lower your voice! -Why? Is this a false issue?

Is there some way to make this easier?

Yeah You take the car and I'll walk.

And that is as easy as it gets.

Does it have to unravel this quickly?

Comes with the territory.

-I'll walk! -It's 12 miles, Vivian.

Good! Maybe it will wake me up!

# If your sweetheart, ..

# sends a letter, ..

# of goodbye.

# It's no secret, ..

# you'll feel better, ..

# if you cry.

# When waking, from a bad dream ..

Do you need me the way I need you?

Yes. You know I do.

# don't you ..

# sometimes think it's real...


Sorry to be late. Walter couldn't find a tie.

Oh, Silver, you are gorgeous.

-Come on. -How long will it last?

5 minutes

-I am glad to see you, Walter. -I am glad to see you.

-Thank you. -My pleasure.

Good morning to you all.

Its Joe and Silvia.


Well, Joe and Silver, no Silvia, where are you, nice people, from?

-Brooklyn. -Charlottesville, Texas.

That's where all the pretty girls are from.

At this time I call upon gentleman upstairs for a special blessing for you.

-See me faint? -I cried all the way through.

It was real nice of you to come.

Cay is the best.

Don't say I've never gave you anything.

Have a good trip. -I see you in New York.

Yes you will.

Too bad things didn't work out differently.

Truth is that you don't owe me one damn thing!

Got nothing left, hang on to you with, any more.

I love you, Frances.

I'll never accept what you do.

I know.

I just don't understand.

Women together!

She just reached in put a string of lights around my heart.

Don't keep her waiting.

Oh, Frances, be happy for somebody once in your life.

Oh, God!

Look at us! Standing in the middle of the street.

Next thing you know they be talking about me.

Is that it, then?

I have know you longer than anybody in my life.


That it will never "be it".

Well, congratulations, Vivian.

Like, you can head on back to New York City a free woman.

That is, of course, unless some fellow here stole your heart.

-How about a drink, to celebrate? -I'd love one. But I have other plans.

I think I understand.

You look different.

I see, you have yourself a new pin pal.

No, I have much more than that, Mr. Warner.

Thank you.

Good luck to you.

Can I talk you into staying one more day?

-Yes. -Do you want me to?


-I'll come back. -When?



-I don't know what you want. -It's you I want.


You are not coming?

I'll see you at the station.

Can we have dinner?



Because being with you is starting to hurt.

I want...

I want to say goodbye alone.

We have been saying goodbye from the beginning.

I gotta go.

-I put sugar... -I won't stir.

-I got another postcard from Silver today. -How are they?

Aren't all honeymoon cards the same?

"Incredible divine. Just like a movie set. We'll never come back".

-Come with me. -Oh, sure thing.

Can you just picture me with your set?

If you want a sure thing, stay in Reno.

As for my friends ... I managed to get thru an hour with .. ahem ..


It's a nice offer, Vivian. but there are still...a few loose ends...

-To say the least.

-Then, why did you make it?

Because I care about you.

Because I think that you deserve to live somewhere with... or near .. someone who sees how wonderful you are ... exactly who you are.

That is why we'll never finish this conversation.

If it didn't please you, you wouldn't have to stay.

Yeah, we'll talk about it one of these days.

Ride with me to the next station.

-What can we settle in 40 minutes? -I'll talk fast.

Send me a postcard when you get there.

-What is it that you want? -Another 40 minutes with you.