Desert Saints (2002) Script

May I help you, senor?

Thank you.

Hello. under the name Pellham.

Okay, one moment please.


S he painted a bull'’s eye on my mind ♪ N o matter how I moved her aim was never high ♪ I guess that was what I needed at the time ♪ A good woman is hard to find ♪ A good woman is hard to find ♪ A good woman is hard to find ♪ A good woman is hard to find ♪ S he was heavy, on the back beat ♪ S ee played me just like a tambourine ♪ W ell, she took me to church, prayed till it hurt ♪ A good woman is hard to find ♪ A good woman is hard to find ♪ I '’ll live to love another one more time ♪ A good woman is hard to find ♪ S he was a helluva woman, from a helluva town ♪ S he took me all the way, it was a long way down ♪ S he makes me wonder, wonder, all day long ♪ C an a good woman, ever be found ♪ C an a good woman, never be found ♪

S he was beauty and adventure ♪ S he seemed so glad to be alive ♪ I want to be happy, but 1not all the time ♪ A good woman is hard to find ♪ A good woman is hard to find ♪ I '’ll live to love another one more time ♪ A good woman is hard to find ♪

I '’ll get this one.

Y ou got gas?

I need gas for my car.

T h e pump truck came this morning.

W e have a motel with showers for the truck drivers and a certified scale.

You gonna order anything?

Steak and fries, medium coffee.

Anything else?

We'’ll see.

Can I get you anything else?

You got a motel room?

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Timber ♪

♪ Timber, fall into me ♪

♪ Timber ♪

♪ Timber, fall into me ♪

How you doin'’?


Are you agent Scanlon?


Yeah, we'’ve been expecting you.

W h ere'’s the guy who found the body?

H e '’s over there in the squad car.

H e '’s been waiting around for you.

Good, thanks.

I'’d like to talk to him.

May I see the paperwork?

Hi, Donna Marbury.


Nice to meet you.

Good to see you again, Dora.

We also found this.

I t was buried a good hundred yards from the body.

T h e only prints on it match the victim.

K inda weird.

Y o u guys need me, I'’ll be right over here.

I'’ll be damned.

A l l right, the locals should be working the crime scene f o r the next 24 hours. Maybe 36.

L o oks like our mystery woman kept some elite company.

I j ust ran the criminal case file about that Maria Lopez w a s just released from prison four months ago.

Ever hear of Arthur Banks?

Arthur Banks, sure.

W e studied some of his work at Quantico.

H i s name would come up anytime there was a high profile hit.

B u t, but he hasn'’t been active for years.

A g e ncy thinks he'’s been working in Latin America, for one of the drug cartels.

A n d what'’s his connection to Maria Lopez?

She'’s his partner.

Or was.

H e had a partner?

Look at this.

M s . Lopez was killed by a bullet with a Tungsten core.

M a ke a bullet spin faster, much more accurate.

-Very rare, very expensive. -How does that tie her to Banks?

J o bs done with this kind of bullet are one of two t h ings that get cases put into Banks'’ file.

The other?

Dead young women.

What do you mean?

A r thur likes to find a woman who doesn'’t have a lot of options.

Someone he can easily control.

H e gets her to do whatever might put him in risk.

B u y a weapon, steal a car... anything.

Once the job'’s done, h e kills her and buries her with the weapon f r om the hit that he was actually hired to do.

That'’s the theory, anyway.

Will that be all?

Yeah, thanks.


What'’s the story with the girl?

O h , she'’s got a busted up car in the garage.

I t '’s a shame, cause she don'’t have the cash to fix it.

Thanks a lot.

No problem.

You going to Paradise, Arizona, or just paradise, paradise?

Arizona, I guess.

M o stly I'’m just tryin'’ to get outta here.

Small town blues, huh?

Yeah, something like that.

L o oks like I'’m not goin'’ anywhere, though.

B e en on the road for two days and the stupid thing c r aps out on me and then that guy wants 600 bucks to fix it and--

Y o u could try and get a couple'’ bucks for your car.

I can give you a ride into town and help you get a bus ticket.

O h , no, thanks I'’ll be okay. Really, thanks.

L o ok, I understand I was... I was just trying to help.

Good luck getting outta here.

H e y, you'’re not some kind of maniac, are you?

I m ean you haven'’t killed anybody, have you?

No, not today.

W e ll, there'’s a bus stop out in Pine Ridge.

It'’s about two hours from here.

Y o u think you could just give me a lift there?

S u re, if you know how to get there.

O h , yeah, there, there are signs all over the place.

You got yourself a deal.

Okay, I'’ll be right back.

More coffee?

Yeah, Thanks.

So, Dora?


Y o u'’ve know this guy for 12 years.

Yeah, that'’s about right.

Used to come in more often, b u t, um, he stops by every couple of years now, you know.

S o when he stopped by yesterday, was he alone?

Did you see his car?

He'’s always alone.

I'’m not very good at cars.

I t hink it was uh, kinda'’ old, green.

He did say he needed gas.

T h is guy kills people, Dora... for a living.

W e ll, I been hearin'’ how dangerous this guy is for

10 years now, Officer Scanlon.

A n d in all that time I ain'’t never heard him say one c r oss word, let alone raise his hand against nobody, so, I t hink you'’re lookin'’ at the wrong guy.

B So what line of work are you in?


See that'’s the way to do things.

I I'’m headin'’ west to start fresh.

I'’m an idea person.

Hey, you passed our exit.

Well, that'’s okay, you can make a quick'’ u-ey right up here.

I d on'’t think that would be a very good idea.

Where, where are you taking me?

I don'’t know yet.

I u m , can you just pull the car over and let me out?

I t hought you were looking for a fresh start, lady.

I'’m not lookin'’ for anything.


I don'’t have any money.

You'’re kidnapping me.

W e ll, it'’s a little more complicated than that.

Y o u'’re not gonna hurt me, are you?

I don'’t think so.

I'’m trying to quit.

Thank you.

Light me one.

L o ok, we'’re gonna camp off the highway tonight.

I f by morning, you still want to go west, you can walk.

I Even the police.

I don'’t trust cops.

Neither do I.

D You seem almost impressed.

I f he'’s responsible for even half of what'’s in his file, h e '’s gotten to more highly guarded targets than a n y killer in probably the last half century.

W e thought he was the guy behind the grassy knoll t ill we found out he wasn'’t even born yet.

You wanna know the kicker?


Ivy League.

H e '’s got a better education than I do.

Class of 1983.

Every kind of Academic honor.

P h i Beta Kappa. Deans List.

H e disappeared without a trace right after graduation.


I t seems like there'’s still a missing piece to all of this.

What'’s that?

Well, where'’s the other body?

I f you'’re right about all this, he hired Maria Lopez b e cause he was going to kill somebody.

W i th the profile of work he does, we'’d already know a b out it if he'’d actually made the hit.

His target'’s still out there.

W h y wouldn'’t you let me out this afternoon?

It'’s complicated.

You already said that.

W h at are you doing out here, anyway?

I'’m on a job.

Are you planning on whacking me?

Y o u watched a lot of TV as a kid, didn'’t you?

B Cheaper than a baby sitter.


Thank you.

A Be careful, it'’s strong.

Oh, shit, what time is it?

W h omever you stood up, I'’m sure is long gone by now.

It'’s 11:15.

Oh fuck!

B Well, I hope you brought enough for everybody.

It'’s insulin.

I'’m diabetic.

No need to get snippy.

I'’ve had it since I was little.

Type one?


That can be tough on a kid.

Not really.

Made me tougher.

T a ught me to get what I want out of life in a hurry.

L i ve every day like it could be your last.

That'’s why I'’m on the road now.

H m m. That'’s quite a philosophy you got goin'’.

A l most from the lips of Epicurus himself.


Epicurus, a Greek philosopher.

H i s take was that pleasure and pain were the greatest good and evil'’s goin'’.

I t hink you could teach him a thing or two, though.

So, what'’s your name, Epicretus?

You can call me Joe.


T h at'’s not your real name, is it?

Well, I'’m Bennie, Joe.



W h y don'’t you tell me what you'’re really doin'’ on the road now?

T h ere'’s someone I don'’t wanna be around anymore.

-Does that someone smoke cigars? -What?

A Your arm, I saw the burn at the gas station.

That was, it was an accident.

You wanna get rich, Bennie?

E v erybody dreams about getting'’ rich.

May I help you, senor?

Thank you.


This is more like it.


A r My wife and I have a reservation under the name Pelham.


Okay, one moment, please.

I wanna find, Pelham.


You'’re the newlyweds!

Yes. in the Casa del Amor Suite.

The view is to die for.

Lovely for newlyweds.

Sounds wonderful.

H o ney, why don'’t you go to the gift shop and get Aunt Helen and the boys a couple'’ T-Shirts.

Okay, I'’ll be right back.

I'’ll see you up in the room.

U n der no circumstances are we to be disturbed.

Oh, yes, of course.


Y o u know, this job, my profession, it'’s kind of o u tside of the traditional interpretation of the law.

And I'’m looking for a partner.

I c an offer you a bigger payoff than you'’ll ever get hitching rides into paradise.

S o far, all you'’ve offered me are beans out of a can. l Well, don'’t let appearances deceive you.

Could we make a lot of money?

A Depends what you think a lot of money is.



We could make a lot of money.

S o what'’s it like being an outlaw?

A r You tell me. You'’ve been one for three hours now.


G I appreciate you all getting here so quickly.

T i me is a resource we don'’t have a lot of so I'’m gonna a s sume you'’ve actually gone through Agent Marbury'’s d e briefing and are already familiar w i th the thrust of the operation.

A s you'’ve read, Arthur Banks has become active again.

-But at this point the operation is still strictly surveillance? Yeah.

W a s hington'’s decided he'’s got unprecedented political value as a government witness.

W e n eed to use him to get to the people he works for, you know the drill.

I f that means tracking him on foot all the way to Buenos Aires before he gives u s something direct and corroborated, t h at'’s just what we'’re gonna do.

A s far as the actual satellite beacon a n d tapping, go in as soon as it looks like h e '’s leavin'’ the car for at least 15 minutes.

What do you want for breakfast?

These guys make great coffee.

I can'’t eat there.

W h at do you mean you can'’t eat there?

I w e nt to one of those places once at like four in the morning.

N o body was in the front so I went to the back t o see if I could find the night guy.

I f igured he was sleepin'’ or somethin'’.

S o anyway, when I get back there, there is this chubby, l i ttle, Sticky'’s Donut guy standing there, humpin'’ the dough.

A n d he'’s got his little Sticky'’s Donut suit a r ound his ankles and he'’s just standing there humping the fuckin'’ dough.

And he sees me and he smiles.

And he just keeps humping.

He didn'’t miss a beat.

I g uess that was the managers special.

O r he was making the cream filled ones.

Get it?


Hey, where are you goin'’?

You'’re leaving me here?


I d on'’t think you'’ll go real far.

What the fuck are you doin'’?

That'’s all my stuff, that'’s my insulin and my money.

You can'’t do that!

Yes, I can.


G o get me a couple'’ packs of cigarettes.

I n 20 minutes meet me around the corner.

Look for a red Bonneville.


Let'’s move.

All set.

O n ce you get the beacon in, stick close, y o u see anything, start whistling.

Remember what the old man said.

No worries.

Let'’s just make it fast.


What'’s that smell?

Is that you?

What are you talking about?

J e sus Christ, what the fuck did you eat?

I s it gonna be like this the whole trip?

Y o u smell like my fuckin'’ father.

I'’m hungry.


Next gas is a 130 miles.

O h , great. I'’ll just feed off your sparkling conversation until then.

Why don'’t you just shut up?

No, I won'’t shut up.

F i rst you take my fuckin'’ insulin.

-And then you got me cooped up-- -Is that what this is about? in this piece of shit car. You haven'’t told me anything about this stupid job bullshit.

W h at do I gotta do, have manners too?

N o , what you gotta have is a lot less to say.

W e '’re gonna be stuck in this car for an awfully long time so, enough already. Okay?

I think I want some money up front now.

This is bullshit.

I'’m not stupid, you know?

H o w do I know your '’re not gonna drive me all over c r eation and then s t ick me?

Let me explain to you somethin'’ about your situation.

Y o u are either gonna sit there and do exactly what I s a y and shut the fuck up, or I will find a permanent r e sting spot for your bony fuckin'’ ass!

Fuck you!

Just fuck you!

You don'’t scare me, you know.

Let me out of this!

P u ll the fuckin'’ car over right now and let me out!

You wanna get out?

B Keep your filthy hands off me and stop the car now!


Fucking bitch.

Hop in.

Fuck you.

I Just make sure you'’re ready.

We'’re here.

We'’re in suite 41.

That'’s fine.

L o ok'’ I don'’t know how soon this is gonna happen.


Here ya go.

Thanks, George.

I didn'’t mean it.

Don'’t waste my time.

Oh, come on!

Y o u wouldn'’t have kept my insulin if you didn'’t want me to come back.

Have any partners lined up?

I'’m listening.

I want in.

Y o u had your chance. Why should I trust you?

I'’m broke.

You'’ve got all my insulin.

I c ould be in a diabetic coma at this time tomorrow.

Thank you.

Anything else?

L o ok we'’re in the middle of fucking nowhere, all right?

H o w long am I gonna last hitching rides from lonely truckers?

Keep talkin'’.

Okay, this is what I propose.

W e become business partners, split the take 40, 60.

I whatever that is.

B e ing your lookout, spying, you know, taking the point--

Listen up, Mata Hari.

W h en I started this job, I already had a partner.

S h e thought she was pretty smart too.

S m art enough to do the job without me.

N o w she'’s dead because I killed her.

So, here'’s the deal.

You'’ll be well taken care of a s long as you don'’t fuck with me.

A n y more of this bullshit and it'’s over.

No questions asked.

What'’s this?

Y o u don'’t seem to get it, do you?

Information will be given to you on a need to know basis.

And you get 15%.

20% and it'’s a deal.

Man, you'’ve got balls.

What is goin'’ on there?


Sit tight.

That envelope makes us rich.

Y o u'’re about to cross the Rubicon.

W e ll, I don'’t know what that means, b u t if it'’s gonna make me rich, I like it.

Open it, take a look inside.

Just notes, maps and passports.

The meaty stuffs encrypted.

We'’re going south to Mexico.

You'’re my newlywed bride.

F r om here on in, we'’re on our honeymoon. l Mexico.

A n d you expect people to believe I married you?

Well, I hope you at least booked a luxury suite.

W e ll, let'’s just say I pay particular attention to the view.

How come we'’re not flyin'’ there?

Airline tickets, credit cards, they leave a paper trail.

Cash attracts attention.

T h en all I have to do is act like your--


B And then you give me a lot of money, right?

It'’s not that simple.

After I finish the job we gotta get out of there and quick.

You'’re the driver.

I '’m the getaway driver.

Call it what you want.

Y o u just better know to get us out of there.

J u st call me when you know something.


All they had was chicken.

I t '’s fine, I'’m not that hungry anyway.

That was Washington again, t h e y'’re researching potential targets in the southwest and Mexico.

Good. And CSG?

T h ey are negotiating a jurisdiction agreement with t h e Mexican government just in case he gets that far.

I just to cover all bases.

N ice work, Marbury.

Y ou got a boyfriend?


Not for a while now.


Sharp kid like you.

I'’m pretty happy where I am.

I w as married before I signed up.

J ust lucky, I guess.

Marbury here.

They'’ve lost them.

Give me the phone.

W h at happened? When?

S h it! You'’re looking at a green Nova?

A l l right, he switched cars, maybe he heard footsteps.

T r ace the registration, sit tight, we'’ll call you back.

What happened?

F i nd out if we still have visual contact with him.

L e t'’s see if we can get any other satellite help b e fore dark, he couldn'’t have gotten more than 150 miles.

We might still be okay.

I F o llowing that we'’ll cross the border and the morning o f the 15th, we'’ll arrive in Agua Punto.

Aqua Punto?

Are we stopping there?

F o r now just gimme the mileage to Tucson.

So many secrets.

Y o u know, we'’re gonna be needin'’ a new map pretty soon.

Tucson... Tucson.

D o you mind stoppin'’ for a quick snack?

I t hink my blood sugar'’s droppin'’.


W e '’re gonna need some gas anyway.

Hey! Whoa!

W hat the fuck are you doin'’, man?

What are you talkin'’ about?

W ho are you and why are you followin'’ me?

G e t back to the car, you don'’t need to see this.

B e nnie, you'’re gonna let this guy kill me, huh?

R e member you... you took a vow to honor and obey me.

He'’s my husband.


You don'’t move.

Y o u wanna explain to me why your husband has been f o llowing us for the last two hours?

Hey, man, look, that'’s my wife.

W h y don'’t you just let me talk to her for a minute, all right?

W h y don'’t you just relax there, buddy, okay?

What the fuck'’s going on here?

W h y can'’t you just leave me alone? Huh?

J u st get the hell outta here, Byron!

W h at'’re you guys, goin'’ down to Mexico now?

Is that it, huh?

A Get back to the car, Bennie!



Gimme your car keys.

Give me your keys.

Get undressed.

Come on, man, what?

What are you talkin'’ about.

N a ked or dead, buddy, but decide fast.

All right.

I w ould not advise you to follow us any further.

Have you ever been tempted?

I d on'’t know what makes someone go to the other side.

It'’s not in my nature.

P e ople like you and me, we'’re destined to toil t h rough our lives on the straight and narrow.

S o how do you know so much about Banks, anyway?

We go back ways.


I w a s hiding a potential witness. It was a big deal.

W e '’d gotten this big numbers guy for one of the Family'’s drug operations.

I was younger.

I wanted to impress everybody w i th how deep I could bury my guy.

And he was scared.

But he trusted me.

A n yway, I followed all the rules.

C h anged addresses, identities, the whole nine yards.

G o t a lot of pats on the back for my good work.

And what happened?

T h e evening before the case came to trial h e was found dead with a bullet in his head.

It had a Tungsten core.

He got to a protected guy.

It'’s impossible.


I g ot transferred out of organized crime i n Los Angeles right down into Gallup Security.

C h ecking out backgrounds for every summer intern t h at applied to the Federal Government.

So how long did it take you to get a real assignment again?

I A n d he owes the government one good informant.

I'’m sorry.

I s hould have told you about Byron.

L o ok, I left him and that'’s how you found me.

I d idn'’t know he was gonna come after me.

What does he want?

H e thinks I owe him money, and I don'’t.

M y father passed away a few months ago and he left me a few dollars.

B y ron thought he should get half and I didn'’t.

I p aid off some debts to make a clean break, a n d I bought the car... and there'’s no more money, he just thinks there is.

And you are worried people w o uldn'’t believe you'’ve married me?

Do you mind speaking English?

I n matters of opinion, debate is pointless.

You can'’t account for taste.

H e y, this is my life we'’re talking about, not some book review.

I s c hool and Prince Charming didn'’t spend a lotta time in my neighborhood and I didn'’t get to go to some f a ncy school and wear a lot of corduroy.

I used to wish he was dead.

He used to hit me.

He used to get drunk and hit me.

I h ave to leave for a few minutes.

Y o u r husband doesn'’t look like he'’s a problem that'’s gonna go away.

B e fore you go, can I ask you a question?


What'’s your real name?

You can call me Banks.


I d idn'’t have you figured for a Eugene.

Stay with the car no matter what happens.

I have to pee.

I'’m sorry, son.

This wash room is out of order.

W h y don'’t you go back over there behind the bushes so y o u don'’t bother your mom and dad?



He'’s playing at the university.

Holy shit!

Oh, Jesus!

Oh, look at that!

He'’s still here.

Bennie, get in the car.

Is everything all right?

Who were those guys?

Are we in trouble?

Not yet.

T h e murder weapon is in that car, Robinson.

G e t on the phone to Scanlon, tell him we'’ve got his d i rect and corroborated evidence.

We need to contact local police.

H a ve McCoy meet '’em at the gas station, m a ke sure nobody touches that bathroom.

I'’m on it.

What are we gonna do?

W e You killed him, didn'’t you?

I can'’t believe it.

Bennie, this is not the time for existential revelations.

T h ey'’re gonna get McCoy to the bathroom in about 20 minutes.

S c a nlon was pretty hot. He said Washington'’s gonna flip when they find out somebody'’s been killed.

M o re reason to nail this fucker now.

What the hell'’s goin'’ on?

Where'’d he go?

Son of a bitch.

He disappeared about right here.

W e ll, maybe we should wait for Scanlon, okay?

I'’ll get McCoy over here.

I f we don'’t find him now, he'’s gonna bury that gun a n d erase any connection he had to the killing.

Yeah, but if we go out there. you wanna tell Scanlon we lost him on a two lane fuckin'’ highway with no exits?

We gotta find the tire tracks.

He could be anywhere!

Put on your vest.

Close the door!

Come on!

You all right? out of the car.

Can we get out of here?

He shot out both tires.

I gotta call McCoy for help.

Holy shit! b u t they didn'’t want us getting down to Mexico.

We'’re still going, aren'’t we?

Y e ah, but I gotta take care of somethin'’.

What are we gonna do?

I g otta get back to the gas station.


I l eft something in the bathroom.

What'’s goin'’ on?

What are we doin'’ back here?

J u st look at the map and find me the nearest town, I Why can'’t I come?

I c an'’t explain it right now, Bennie, okay?

I j ust wanna know what'’s going on.

Ow, fuck!

I f you don'’t struggle, it won'’t hurt as much.


What the fuck?

My wrist is fine, thanks.

A Yeah, well, I told you not to struggle.

Who were those guys, cops?

Feds probably.

S o metimes my reputation precedes me.


D o you think they'’ll come after us?

Yeah, probably.

I f o r about a mile and a half with the lights off.

I f i t'’s dark enough, we should be able to get out of the satellites.


I t hink you'’re a little paranoid.

W e '’re gonna have to switch cars too.

W h en I get off the highway, look for a motel.

Y o u spend a lot of time in motels, don'’t you?

M o re than some, less than others.

I lost my virginity in a motel.

I was 14.

H o w many women have you slept with in your life?


I don'’t know, I don'’t keep track of things like that.

How many?



I w ould expect your total needs t o be expressed as a power of 10.

How'’d you get to be this way, B a nks, don'’t you ever have a good time?

Not when I'’m working.

B How about when you'’re not working?

W h y do you want to know so much about me?

H o w come you answer every question with a question?

B e cause I don'’t want to answer them.

It'’s right here in this stall.

Son of a bitch.


Oh, man, TV!

I haven'’t seen TV for days!

Damn it, there'’s nothin'’ on.

I know just what I wanna do.

I W a sh off some of this highway grime.

W h at do you say you buy me a drink at that cute little dive next door?

Not a chance.

D o n'’t be such a stick in the mud.

I have that drink, okay?

Do you see a lot of movies?

No, I don'’t suppose you do.

D i d you ever see one of those movies about some guy w h o comes back from the future or he'’s implanted in another guy'’s body then he'’s gotta convince his best friend t h at he'’s his best friend even though he'’s in some other guy'’s body?

I a lways wondered what I would tell someone to convince them that I was me.

E v en though I didn'’t look like me.

E v er think about stuff like that, Banks?


m The U.S. Vice-President travels to the r e mote hotel-resort of Agua Punto, Mexico this w e ekend as a show of support for Mexican Presidential hopeful Ernesto Zapata.

Z a pata has been waging an aggressive campaign against t h e current administration, citing corruption a n d complicity with the country'’s powerful drug cartels.

I a m proof that the American dream h a s become the Pan-American dream.

A l l of you have everything you need to b e come the great men and women of the 21st century.

E d ucation, schooling, these are the equalizers--

The coroner'’s on the way.

F o r ensics arrived before we did, but they'’re still in the bathroom.

I g ot a statement from the clerk.

He says that he didn'’t even know that Banks was still here.

H e saw him leave 15 minute before the shooting.

S t olen. Lifted from a Las Cruces impound lot.

R e gistered to a Father Marcus O'’Sullivan.

Stolen from a car lot of stolen cars.

A dead end.

A n y word on when we'’ll have a bead on '’em again?

It could be a few hours.

W e have nothing from the satellites and we had no one o n the ground to confirm what they saw in the flare.

B What are you gonna do with all that money we'’re gonna get?

Gonna retire.

B I think I'’m gonna sail around the world.

I t '’s the only thing I always knew and I wanted to do.

Big yacht.

H a ve a bunch of servants and stuff.

W e ll, we'’ve got a long way to go before you start buying yachts.

B Don'’t you ever dream about stuff?


Pneumatic women, trampolines--

B I don'’t think you'’re a very happy person, Banks.

Why? Because I don'’t dream about purple sunsets and Pina Coladas?


'’Cause you never smile.


How '’bout that drink?

Y ou never looked better than you do ♪ Now this is my idea of a good time.

W e'’re here for one drink.

W e'’ve got an early start.

Yea, yeah, whatever you say.


Two shots of Cuervo, no limes.

Y o u sure are a tough guy, aren'’t you?

What are you talkin'’ about?

"Two shots of Cuervo."

Spit in the glass.

You walk like a tough guy.

You talk like a tough guy.

Y o u even order drinks like a tough guy I'’m not a tough guy.

I'’m careful.

Careful of what?

Pretty women.


Thank you.

Nice wallet.

G u ess you don'’t apply for a lot of credit cards.

Here'’s to finding paradise.

I don'’t wanna drink to that.


Let'’s drink to new friends?

Lets just drink.


Okay, let'’s go.


S o you know how to dance, tough guy?

Whaddaya mean no? Anyone with hips like those has got to be a good dancer.

See my hips?

I could never be a dancer.

Dancers have no hips.

See, all the best dancers, Ginger Rogers, you name it, t h ey'’re all shaped like little boys.

It'’s my curse, these hips.

A l l I ever wanted was to be a dancer.

Well, that'’s really too bad.

Can I look at that again?

Fuck you.

You'’re not even listening to me!

'’Course I'’m listening to you.

I h er hips when in my humble opinion--

I t old you, I don'’t know how to dance.

Come on, it'’s fun.

Oh, baby!

Oh, shit!

I I t '’s really considered just two steps.

P u t one hand here and one hand here.

Y o u can hold me closer, I don'’t have cooties.

A l l right, now we'’re gonna shuffle back.

That'’s good.

N o w we'’re gonna step with the same foot.

There you go.

Now you step with this foot.

You'’re doing it.

Shuffle, step, step, shuffle.

Can we just go around like this?

Yeah, okay.

♪ But it'’s okay ♪

♪ And it'’s all right ♪ T here'’s gonna be a lot of sleepless nights ♪

♪ And it'’s gonna hurt ♪

♪ And it'’s gonna sting ♪ You know, when I was a kid...

Forget it.

I n ever had an actual honeymoon, Banks.

Me neither.

You sure aren'’t what I expected.

I got some place a little less tragic ♪

♪ You gotta feel it ♪

♪ To the deep end ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ And it'’s okay ♪

♪ And it'’s all right ♪ T here'’s gonna be a lot of sleepless nights ♪

♪ And it'’s gonna hurt ♪

♪ And it'’s gonna sting ♪

♪ But it'’s just me ♪

'’ Cause I'’ve been where you'’ve been ♪

♪ I'’ve been where you'’ve been ♪

♪ Feel nothing ♪

♪ Feel nothing ♪

♪ Feel ♪

M m m. I haven'’t slept like that in forever.

I don'’t suppose you brought back some pancakes?

I We gotta get back on the road.

We'’ve got enough of a break.


W h at are you talking about a break?

W e just had a night out and we just made love.

No, we had motel sex.

P u t your shit together, we gotta go.



Fuck you too.

Where'’s the Bonneville?

I t old you we had to switch cars.

Where'’s the Bonneville?

Where'’s all your stuff?

E v erything we need is right here.

L o ok, I knew we had to switch cars, I j u st didn'’t know you were getting'’ a fuckin'’ ugly minivan.

C h eck the map, tell me how far we are from the border.

Look, Bennie, I'’m sorry.

'’Bout what?

Last night, it was a mistake.

W e ll don'’t shed any tears over me, I w as just looking to get my rocks off.

It could never work this way.

I don'’t know what you'’re talking about, I am just the getaway driver.

I'’m here for my cut and after that I'’m gone.

You'’re not getting fuckin'’ dewy-eyed on me, are you?



Don'’t flatter yourself.

I t o be in love to fuck in a motel.

L e t'’s just forget about it, okay?

I gotta go get us a few things we'’re gonna need in Mexico.

Here. Take this.

I want you to get a couple of passport photos across the street.

When you finish, meet me out here at the bar in a half hour.



Can I ask you a question?


I s there anything you like about me?

No, not really.

B u t you wouldn'’t tell me even if there was, right?


Especially since you asked.

Don'’t be late.

M o rnin'’ ma'’am, I think this belongs to you.

Y o u gotta be more careful than that.

Oh, thanks, I--

Walk with me into this bar.


L o ok impressed with downtown butt-fuck.

Why are you meeting me now?

R o binson'’s in the hospital, Harper.

S a daowsky'’s dead and Washington'’s so far up my ass I can'’t fuckin'’ believe it.

Sadaowsky saved my life.

I t was his idea to plan the story that he was my husband.

He just made a mistake.

Excuse me.

I t '’s Washington. Clarke.


T ell him I need 10 minutes.


S a daowsky'’s body disappeared from the gas station bathroom last night.

-What? -That leaves me with a missing, d e ad Federal Agent, and a killer with a motive b u t no way to connect the two. Now, tell me somethin'’.

W e parked across the street after we left the gas station.

B a nks headed toward the bathrooms when the police t o ok off, but made me stay with the car.

W e doubled back after we lost Davis and Robinson o n the highway but parked in back of the store, he handcuffed me to the wheel.

I couldn'’t see anything.

A n y idea how he could have dispensed with the body that fast?


How am I gonna make a case for murder with no body?

There'’s no ballistics, no forensics, I can'’t establish Sadaowsky'’s even dead.

Then why are you meeting me now?

I lose anybody else.

W a shington'’s pushing me to let this continue c ause they wanna know who'’s behind the whole thing.

N o w, I need to know what you'’ve got.

I s aw him fire at Davis and Robinson in the desert.

Y o u know that'’s not good enough to flip him.

I n eed somethin'’ to tie him to the murder.

What about the car?

H e ditched the Bonneville last night.

I t W h ere were you when this was going on?

I was asleep.

I u nderstand he'’s a very charming guy.


E v en the best agents can lose their perspective.

A r e we goin'’ through with this or are we shutting down?

Just fuckin'’ relax.

L o ok. A man'’s dead, I can'’t change that.

I can only tell you what I saw.

What do you know about the job?

Only a few details.

W e '’re headed towards northern Mexico, Aqua Punto.

H e hasn'’t said anything, but my guess is we'’re going t o the summit meeting with the Vice President and Zapata.

We only get one chance at him.

I f you arrest him now, we'’ll never know who he w a s gonna kill, or who hired him.

C o me on Scanlon, let'’s finish this.

L o oks like we'’re goin'’ to Mexico.

I just heard.

I w anted to get some information from you before we hit the road again.

Better make it quick.



I was just thinking.

Maybe I'’m wrong.

M a y be people aren'’t born on one side of the law or the other.

M a ybe even people like me or you could be tempted.

I'’m sorry.

Are you referring--


I'’m not referring to anything.

I wanna talk to Clarke.

I think we'’re gonna need some help.- Okay.

G Let'’s try to get some more men out of Albuquerque.

I w anna put you in charge of a second team.

I f we'’re going to Mexico, it'’s time to tighten the net.

What'’s goin'’ on?

I double checking.

N o w, since you'’re up, come over here and take a look at this.

We can go over some details.



That'’s the hotel.

I want you to study that.

When we check in, I w ant you to casually walk out onto the patio.

T h ere'’ll be a big man readin'’ an American paper.

H e '’ll have a friend with him. He'’ll be dressed all in black.

I w a nt you to go to him and I want you to ask for the real estate, business, and sports sections.

T h en I want you to bring them back to me up at the hotel room.

Why do we need the newspaper?

We don'’t, we need what'’s inside.

Our final instructions.

W e have a specific time table, traffic information, a n ything that'’s relevant that I couldn'’t find on my initial trips down here.

M o st importantly, they'’ll tell us where to meet the man in black s o he can give us the airport locker key.

The key to our money.


B What if something goes wrong?

W e ll, we will be seeing the man in black earlier than we had planned.

And he will not be there to give us the airport locker key.



W h at'’s it like to actually kill someone?

There'’s nothing worse.

Then why, why do you do it?

W e ll, I can'’t give you a real neat and tidy answer, Bennie.

I t '’s not like someone walked up to me one day and gave me a gun and said now, t o day you are a professional killer.

It was more than just one thing.

T h ere were a lot of circumstances.

I p assed on a couple opportunities to get out

and one day those opportunities just stopped coming.

S h it, even that was a long time ago.

What happens after Mexico?

I d on'’t know what happens after Mexico, Bennie.

So we just go our separate ways.

S h ake hands, thanks for a job well done?

I d on'’t know what'’s goin'’ to happen after Mexico, Bennie.

W h y don'’t you ask me this time tomorrow?



My wife and I have a reservation under the name Pelham.



You'’re the newlyweds!

C Yes, we have you in the penthouse.

Hi, hi.

You know, i t '’s been so long since I'’ve seen an American newspaper.

Can I borrow some of yours?

What section?

Real estate, business, sports.

Of course.

I'’ve got the newspaper.

B o y, I wouldn'’t want those guys pissed off at me.

Can I see the newspaper?


I Just make sure you'’re ready.

We'’re here.

Tell Scanlon we'’re in suite 41.


I'’ve got a second group.

S c anlon and I are both at the hotel.

That'’s fine.

T h e critical thing is to keep Scanlon'’s group from busting in too early.

I f he does, he'’ll catch Banks doing nothin'’ b u t readin'’ a newspaper and blow everything for us.

The timing is crucial.

T e ll Scanlon I'’ll call him when the time is right.

I understand.

I'’ll arrange everything.

Good luck, Marbury.

Good luck.

What'’s going on?

W e have less time than I had anticipated.

I n eed you downstairs in the car waiting for me in less than half an hour.

B Wow. Somehow it never seemed real '’til now.

I n eed you to pick the car up from the garage.

I w ant you to tip well, but not extravagantly.

A n d I need you to pull the car out of the front entrance.

I w ant you to stay to the right side.

I t '’s a no parking zone, but nobody should bother you for a t least a half hour as long as you stay with the car.

I f you run into any trouble I want you t o give the meter maid $50 American.



Are you getting any of this?

Yeah. Yeah sure, I got it.


Listen, don'’t rush me, okay?

I j ust want to get the rest of my things.

I j ust wanna have all my stuff if I'’m gonna be living some fairy tale ending.


You forgot your insulin.

C o uldn'’t get very far without that, could I?



See you on the other side.

w This is Gabriela Huerta.

Turn on the news.

S c anlon, it'’s Harper. Did Marbury fill you in?

S h e'’s about to seal off the lobby.

M y team'’s comin'’ directly to your suite.

S t anding by on your word, all right?

D o n'’t go on my word, I don'’t know if I'’m gonna make it to a phone again.

J u st head up when you see the next limo arrive.

All right.

He'’s in the eighth one.

Freeze, FBI!


N o reason to make this any harder than it already is.

H e re'’s the deal, I walk out of here with that suitcase a n d you walk out of here with you life.

W h at the fuck are you talking about?

I decided to change the plans.

Don'’t force me to kill you.

Cuff yourself to the terrace.

Fuck you!

Do it now.

Something'’s wrong.

Find out which suite he'’s in, and bust down the fuckin'’ door.

F i nd out what happened. If he'’s not dead, kill him.

I k now what you'’re thinkin'’, Banks.

I D o you think anybody'’s gonna be able to find me after I walk outta here?

You'’re a fuckin'’ plant.

T h is is nothing but a business exchange.

Y o u especially should be able to appreciate that.

Ah, fuck!

M a r bury. He must have switched rooms, something'’s fucked up here.

Leave a couple of guys down there, you get your ass up here right away.

B r i ng some pass keys, we'’re gonna have to search the hotel.

Okay, I'’ve already got the keys, I a n d I'’ll get my guys and I'’ll start down here.

What the fuck?

T h is is our world famous assassin?

T h ere were some unforeseen complications.

Complications, huh?

I f I were you, I would have let those gentlemen finish their job.

M a ybe that'’s the difference between you and me.

B e ing undercover with you was not without its pleasant moments.

I Y e ah, well, forgive me if I forget to thank you.

Maybe you should kill me.

Y o u'’re worth much more to me alive.

You'’re my insurance.

T h e FBI isn'’t gonna spend a lot of time worrying about w h at happened to me if I can deliver you.

Good bye, Banks.


Scanlon, its Harper.

Where the hell are you, Harper?


Suspect apprehended, sir.

P r epared to give a full confession.

I '’ ve got him subdued and cuffed.

W e H arper, Harp, let'’s get up there now!




Oh, Jesus, check the suite!

Agent Scanlon, do you copy?

I t hought this might be worth noting, sir.

A g ent Harper just passed me in the lobby and she'’s now leaving the hotel.

A g ent Harper is alone and leaving the hotel.

Please advise.

A g ent Harper is leaving the hotel?

Do you copy that, Marbury?

D I copy that, I'’m heading out after her.

G e t some people up here to seal out the room. We need to own this hotel now.

Which way was she headed?

West on Hacienda.

Toward the airport.

Pull up over there.

D She just passed the Mexicana desk.

I'’m gaining on her.

Come on.

D I think she just went into a bathroom, Scanlon, stand by.

I t hink I'’ve lost her Scanlon, I'’m not sure where she is.

Fuckin'’ bitch!

What the fuck are you doing here?

I had to go.


Get that one out of here, Bill.

Put your hands on you head.

Put your hands on your head!

Come on.

Y o u and me are here for the same reason?

I'’m Federal Officer Scanlon.

We'’re gonna ask you some questions.



♪ Pretty girls, pretty girls ♪ P retty girls, pretty girls, pretty girls ♪

♪ What'’s wrong with you ♪

♪ Today ♪

♪ What'’s wrong with you ♪

♪ Today ♪

So how does it feel being independently wealthy?



♪ What'’s wrong with you ♪ O h, what'’s wrong with you today ♪

P retty girls, pretty girls, pretty girls ♪

♪ Oooh, mama ♪

♪ Come on, come on, come on ♪

♪ I miss you, baby ♪

♪ I miss you ♪

♪ I miss you, baby ♪

♪ I miss you ♪

♪ Oh hallelujah ♪

♪ I'’m comin'’ up, lord ♪

3 0 days 30 days ♪ C ome on, turn this around 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Hot on you trail ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Oh, 30 days ♪

♪ Come on to the front ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Huh ♪

♪ Ooooh yeah ♪

♪ Talk to me ♪

♪ In 30 days ♪

♪ I miss you, baby ♪

♪ I miss you ♪

♪ I miss you, baby ♪

♪ I miss you ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Come on, to the front ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Hot on your trail ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Come on, to the front ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ That'’s right ♪

♪ Oooooh ♪ L et'’s see, it'’s like I said now ♪

♪ Everything you want to ♪ J ust tell the girl you'’ll be there ♪

♪ In 30 days ♪

♪ Come on, come on, come on ♪

♪ Come on, baby, come on ♪

♪ Come on, come on, come on ♪

♪ Come on, baby, come on ♪

♪ Turn around ♪

♪ Come on, come on, come on ♪

♪ Come on, baby, come on ♪

♪ Come on, come on, come on ♪

♪ Come on, baby, come on ♪

♪ Turn around ♪

♪ Ha ♪

♪ Come on over here ♪

♪ Pick this up, will ya ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Oh, hallelujah ♪

♪ I'’m comin'’ up, lord ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Come on, to the front ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Come on, to the front ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Talk to me some ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Come on, to the front ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Uh-Huh ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Come on, to the front ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ 30 days ♪

♪ Uh-huh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪