Desh Premee (1982) Script

at news have you brout?

Because of the Quit mdia Movement started by Gandhiji yesterday...

....all ow leaders have been amested.

And the British Govemment, under Section ...

....has banned gathering of more than fow persons.

And has ordered to shoot anyone who dares to unfwl the tricolow.

To break free from this slavey...

....we have to break the law under Section l44.

And also unfwl the Tricolow.

Don't you know about the Section ?

I know.

Then bring down that nag.

This nag shall not be brout down...

....even ifit were to cost us ow lives!

You are committing a crime.

To disobey orders of the Crown is considered a crime.

We refuse to obey yow orders.

Because Freedom is ow birthrit and we'll take it from you!

I will shoot you!

You don't possess the weapon that could...

....fatally wound the heart ofa patriot.

You are tying to bind us with yow chains ofslavey.

But we have decided to live a life ofFreedom.

Nothing can deter us now!

So, you were shouting in protest! Will you still do it?

I was and will continue to do so!

Till I die, evey drop ofblood in my body will scream in protest.

''Best in this world.... Is ow Motherland...''

Friends, ows is now a free county!

And to win this freedom, many of ow patriots have shed their blood.

One of those revered patriots is now with me.

And that patriot is, Dinanath, the teacher...

And now I request ow leader, M. Dwarka Prasad... confer this honow upon M. Dinanath...

How fortunate I am...! have got such a eat patriot as my husband.

Behind evey successful man is a woman.

Father, what could be the price ofthis medal?

It is still priceless!

How hi a fever is she ning?

I think my tow...

No, don't wom about her. I am here with her...

Take him and the rest ofthe children and go on yow tow.

at's going on? I'm storing rines in the class.

Have you taken pennission?

I am head ofthis village. I've got this school built...

Yow husband is ow servant and masters don't seek their pennission.

My husband teaches children to nwe patriotism in them.

And in this vey sacred place, you, as a traitor.. .

....are storing weapons for the other traitors.

This entire family is patriotic.

Her husband fout the British and she, those loyal to them.

Send her with her dauter to Bombay.

t en her husband retums what will you tell him?

Take it, it's not a bribe, but yow share.

Take it.

People beg him for a loan on interest.

And you're getting it for free. Take it!

Tomomow the rines shall be taken out ofyow classroom.

And yow wife and children will be safely retumed.

I feel one day you will kill me for swe.

Ifyou threaten my teacher, I will shoot!

I am not threatening yow teacher.

I'm making him understand the value ofmoney.

Take him away!

You may go. Listen to me sometimes. I could be ofuse to you.

Yow Rs.5000,

There's yow 3 rupees and here's yow one anna!

So this means that you have no value for this money.

I do value it.

So much so that my life's eamings would not amount to so much.

But whatever you intend to buy, I shall not sell at any cost.

And that is yow inteity!


Ifmy wealth cannot buy yow inteity, then...

....I too will see where yow inteity takes you! erever it takes me, it will swely take you to prison!

If you don't believe me, then see for yowself.

I've got an amest wamant in yow name.

I'm going to prison and will retum when released. But you... won't see yow wife and child for the rest ofyow life!

at's the matter? at's all this chaos for?

You're criminal. Yows is a charade ofpatriotism.

You are a traitor!

You hid the rines in the school. o says I hid them in the school?

Now you'll accuse me ofgetting my wife and child kidnapped...

I say so!

The saw yow men hiding the rines.

And you mongly accused ow village head and had him imprisoned.

Am I not rit?Yes. You're rit.

This is not true.Shut up! at are you waiting for? Set this house on fire!

Don't come near me! Even yow shadow repels me!

Ty to accept it. It mit briten yow othenyise gloo my life.

Accept me.

I'd rather accept death than to accept a man like you!

It's yow principled husband who had accepted death.

And who has been beaten up and thrown out ofthe village.

It's a lie! You're lying! The villagers won't h him!

On the contray, they have hacked him to death!

5 years back, if you'd listened to me you wouldn't have suffered this.

It's not too late. Come with me. I'll take you from rags to riches.

Never! Deep down in my heart, I'm confident that he's alive.

And as for you, there's no escape.

One day, the police is swe to find me. at, then, will you do?

Retum it to me.

Remove yow sari and wear this! Else, I'll kill yow child.

I'll wear it. Give back my child.

Do this sari and chain belong to yow wife?


We could retrieve only this from the river.

I'll take this with me.

I'm yow childhood friend. Ifyou don't have a place to stay...

....This world is big enou.

I'll get a small place so shelter myself.

She escaped and you were not aware of it!

Come in.

You didn't infonn us in anyway. Else, we would have come to the station. ere is yow husband?

My child suddenly took ill and so I had to come.

She has hi fever.

Don't wom. I'll ask my husband to fetch a doctor.

Take a seat.

Hasn't her husband come? No. He didn't. ere did she go? She must be here somewhere.

You've not been blessed with a child...

Today I've given my child to you.

Rear it as you would yow child. I'll always be ateful to you.

It is necessay that she stays away from me, because...

o's it? It's me.

Sit down here, besides me.

I'll make you a queen.

Really? I swear by you.

Once you hold my hand, you won't leave it. Will you?

Not on my life!

Give me yow hand.

Here, hold it.

at has happened to you? Leprosy.

Leprosy? Yes.

The filthy dwellings you held me captive in, has resulted in this. y did you come here with it? y this sudden hatred? You liked my face, didn't you?

Then see it.

Go, I've freed you. Go home.

Home! ich one? The one you destroyed?

Anybody around? Yes, there is...yow Death!

On the basis of the evidence that has been presented...

....this co sentences the accused to 7 years ofrigorous imprisonment.

But the day I am released, I will not let him live.

at are you hiding?Nothing. at's in yow hand?

ere did you find this? It fell from his pocket.

Go and retum it to him.y?

You had taut us in school that...

....we've a rit over whatever we find on the ound.

I admit that I said that, but I didn't mean it.

We've a rit over ow hard-eamed findings.

This is robbing someone. Go and retum it to him.

Give me the wallet.

en will we get kerosene?

No one is willing to cart it till there.

M soon as I get some one, I will send it.

You had dropped yow wallet.

Thank you. No one here is as decent as you to retum money.

You don't belong to this place? No. I don't.

Destiny can sometimes make a man a stranger in his own county. ere have you come from? at work do you do? Nothing.

A shelter and some work is what I am looking for.

Will you work for me?

I am willing to do any respectablejob.

This tank contains kerosene. On the other side of the hill is Bharat Nagar.

Take it and sell it. I'll pay you Rs.]O for it. eed? eed. Thank you vey much.

Sit here.

I've never seen you before.

The kerosene tank has amived!

Anew man has brout it. Come before he gives it to someone else.

I am Shamsher Sin!

We, the lions ofPunjab, should first get the kerosene.

Bring the cart here.

Stop here.

Come soon, these Punjabis are taking away ow kerosene.

ere are you going?

We'll get it first and the rest will get it later. ere are you taking it?

These Madrasis and Punjabis will finish it offhere.

Ifyou dare give it elsewhere, I will not spare you.

It will first be distributed here. tum the cart.

Come soon! The kerosene cart has amived!

You silly man! ere are you going?

Bring it here! We Bengalis will get it first.

Didn't you hear me? Come here!

Come here!

You dare go there!

Ifyou don't give it to us first...

....I'll blow you cart to bits!

Come here!

Come here else the kerosene will be used to lit yow pe! at a nuisance this is!

You all want to explode this, lit a pe and dig a ave...

I've come here to sell kerosene and not to bargain for my death.

You have divided this place into different places!

Ifyou all come in one line...

Oh no! We can never come in one line!

Many leaders perished tying to make us do that.

How can you?

A]rit. Then come to the shop, pay money and take it. ere are you going? We'll take a decision here itself.

Don't go anywhere. Wait here. I'll come back.

Stop it! at are you all doing?

Bloodshed will only increase hatred. It has no other outcome.

Father, are you h?

You h my father!

No son! Throw it away!

Stop it! at are you all doing?

Come in a queue for kerosene. y has the police come here?

Uncle, these fow have h my father.

Amest them!

Don't listen to the child.Come here, SOfl.

People had crowded for kerosene. I got pushed around and so h.

Ifone has to pass throu this crowded world, one will get h.

But yow wound has a different stoy to tell.

I know you fowsome are the crooks here.

You always cause trouble. You've a hold over these poor people here.

You protect them and extort money. I could have amested you today.

It was his goodness that saved you all.

The day I get some proof, I will amest you all.

I'll take yow leave. Have you found a place to live?

Not as yet, but I will get it.

You're like a brother to me.

Ifyou don't find a place, then you're welcome to stay with me.

He does seem to have innuence with the police.

Ifhe stays with us, we are swe to benefit.

You are rit!

Let's go and talk to him.

You don't have a place to stay, do you?

You should have told us.

How can you not get a place in this vast locality?

But to stay in Bombay, I don't have...

....the money to pay rent.

But who has asked you for it?!

So, should we stay here?

I don't like the look ofthese fow.

One mustn'tjudge a person by his looks.

We don't wish to break yow heart.

Looking at yow innocent faces, we have decided to stay here.

These are the stones...mix them with the rice.

And here's hay. Dye it a dark colow and make tea leaves out of it!

Do a perfectjob ofit! Fool even the One up There!

You can't fool the One up There! He knows all about it! Greetings! at are you doing up there?' Came to get my kite...

But now, you're caut! Don't tell anyone of this...

Not even to father? No! He's innuential with cops.

Yes. That he is. Uncle, my kite's been damaged...

Yow kite is damaged?! at am I here for?!

Take this, son, and enjoy yowself!

That's 20 bottles full. Fool! Should have been gallons!

I can smell it up here. at are you doing up there?

My kite got caut. I came to retrieve it. But now you're caut.

Don't tell anyone of the ongoings here.

Not even father? No. He's pally with the police.

Yes. He swe is. Uncle, my kite is damaged.

So what?

Here take this. Buy a new one.

Good-bye. We'll meet in the next month.

Hello, M. Ghosh!

Here he is again! He always comes evey month!

Here's yow two rupees. mdians are a strange lot. Wejudge a product by its label.

They drink mdian liquor, thinking it to be imported and enjoy it!

At this rate, we're going to do temific business!

With me around! Greetings!

So you are here again!

Uncle, my kite...

Yow kite is damaged...

The skies can fall for all I care!

I will not give him a penny!

You won't give him a penny?

I will break his head if he asks me for money!

I am a true Bengali...

IfI get angv, I will ruin his life.

He started with Rs.2 and now demands Rs.5000,!

]5 years ago, that rascal was a tiny tot.

Had we taken him to task then we wouldn't have seen this today.

A]rit. Ifthat brat asks me for money today...

....I'll break his legs!

Here's the leg!

My dear uncles, yow nephew is here before you!

So, you were making plans to break my legs!

You break my leg and I'll expose you all!

Looking at yow faces, I feel som for you, really!

So, my dear uncles...

I've decided not to demand Rs.500 from you...

Really? Yes. mstead...

From today, I'll...

....take Rs.]OOO,!

Living has become expensive. I can't sive on less than this.

We've decided too that we won't give you a penny!

I didn't accept a penny when a child. How can I expect a penny now?

These days, the market talks only in tenns of thousands.

To hell with yow market!

Come on let's go to his father. mstead of living under constant fear, let's decide once and for all.

So, you'll decide?Yes.

Come in. Sit down.

Seeing you together makes me happy.

Since you have a est, we'll come some other time. at about the decision...?

That too, some other time.

Not some other time, but rit now. at are you whispering amongst yowselves.

Today they all started vey bravely to come here to tell you.

But I wonder why there are silent now. y, what's the matter?

Tell me, don't be afraid.

Tell him... y don't you tell him?

Looking at the temible state yow school building is in...

....each ofthem have decided to donate Rs.500!

A good deed done so timidly!

They've improved a lot.

Extortionists tumed donators!

So, my dear uncle, out with the donation!

Here's my Rs.500...

Thank you. I'll give you a receipt...

There's no need for that.

I don't want it.

I'll be back in a minute.

My dear uncle, wait a minute...

You settled the donation inside.

Now, let's talk about business...

We'll take care ofyou one day!

Take this.

Take this, too.

You'll be cwsed one day.

at are you doing?

I asked you to print denominations ofRs.]OO, but these are Rs.]OOO!

Less work and more eamings...!

....ofthousands. Oh no! I don't wish to bring about my downfall.

Ifyou have notes ofRs.]OO, then please send me Rs.]OO,OOO.

How long are you taking?

The coil in it was bumt and so I was changing it.

I'll charge you Rs.400 for it.

He looks just like the teacher. at happened, sir?

Is it expensive?

The factoy charges Rs.350.

I should eam at least Rs.5O o are you?

I'm a mechanic.

at is yow name?

And yow parents?

I've no one. I'm all alone. ere do you come from?

Goa. y do you ask?

How much is yow bill?

Rs.400, Sir.

I don't have change.I have a 1OOO,-rupee bill.

I've a lot ofchange.

See, one-two-three-fow...

Here, take this.Take this.

A]rit, Sir. I shall leave. Call me ifyou need me.

at happened? You called me immediately.

These are fake! These aren't real either.

It's reciprocal. o are you?

I sell fake cumency.

....I am an ace at it.

I couldn't get a chance to meet you. I had to act as a mechanic.

Give me a chance.I can work wonders.

Can you circulate notes ofRs. ]OOO, in the market?

Just give me yow word...

I can captwe the whole market!

I am quite a crook!

Come with me.

These are notes worth Rs.500,OOO.

Bring real once in exchange.

I can do so by this evening, but...

I'll take ]O per cent as my commission. eed?

You haven't over yow pranks.

A toy was alrit...

But ifyou fool with the real one, it can go offand I can get killed.

Don't wom, father.

I'll kill, not the innocent...

....but those traitors who ruin the nation with their activities.

See this, I hope yow father hasn't given me a fake note.

He is an inspector's father. This can't be his doing.

You've taken offence. Ifnot yows, then somebody else's mit do so.

Ifyow you, then someone else' father may be doing so.

Sir, I hope you'll remember about my ten per cent commission.

Ten per cent commission? -His commission for repairing the AC.

Yes, I will. And ifyou talk less and work more, I'll make it ]50/o.

I shall take yow leave.I 've work ofthousands!

Father, bless me... I can nab those who are printing fake cumency.

May you nag the fake ones!

You are looking smart in this unifonn.

There're many sycophants here. Like this one you have here.

Did you see that I was the one who pampered him the most. And now...

Did you kill that teacher, Dinanath?

There won't be any sis of his remains either.

And that new trade that you've started?

The new trade?It is nowishing!

If it continues, half the population will be out of the county.

Don't hit them so hard. mdian skin is in eat demand outside.

Preserve the skin or there won't be any rewards!

You brout me only a hundred! I've managed it with difficulty.

I had to lie a lot to bring it. This business involves a lot risk.

Ow mdian women are vey adamant...

They'll die of starvation, but not get sold out to anyone.

But don't wom.

I'll use such a tricks that will fetch us nphets for pleaswe...

....middle-aged women for slavey and young boys for work.

I had decided to send her elsewhere and where has she reached?

One who's destined to eam his food does so...

And one who's destined to eam his death, does so...

One thousand please!

m hundreds please.

m exchange for yow fake thousands, you cannot get genuine hundreds.

This is the ip ofa policeman!

Coward! Hiding behind a woman!

A sinking man clings to anhing.

Besides, she's a woman.

I may as well become a oom! y did you follow me here? Go away!

o are you? Police!

I convict's on the . Ifyou don't mind, can I take a look? o could it be? They're here for their wedding!

I've come to see ifhe's used this occasion to escape.

A]low him. He'll be convinced.

Will you please show me yow face again?

I've met you before, haven't I?

Yes. We've met before.

Not now, but before. I'd come to repair yow father's AC, remember?

I've quit thatjob. Used to soil my hands...

And now?

I'm into making crisp pancakes... out ofjute, that is!

I'm som to have troubled you.

Start the ceremony, please.

How dare you barge in? We want to see the girls' faces. o are you all?

at are you doing?

These are all my dauters.

And no father will shows his dauter's face...

....dwing her mamiage to strangers.

She will not even after mamiage, without her husband's consent.

How dare you preach to us?

We have to first search for the girl.

These old bones still have the strenh...

Strenh lies not in bones, but in one's riteousness.

Please begin the ceremony.

y are you following me?

And mdian husband does not lead her husband, but follows him.

Give these sennons to someone else. Go home now!

After mamiage, she goes to her husband's house. y don't youjust get lost? Stop pestering me!

You were only too eager to mam me and are now finding me a pain!

It was only an act!

You were hiding from those ruffians and I the police.

You must have put on an act, but I've got mamied to you!

You refuse to see reason!

I'm a first rate roe! Accepted.

I am a ruffian amongst ruffians!

I'd accept you even ifyou were the only one ofyow kind.

Ifyou get involved with me, you'll reet it all yow life.

Not all, but half. I've already repented for halfmy life.

I'm used to it now. I don't mind repenting for the rest ofmy life!

Stop talking nonsense, or I'll slap you! Get lost!

Mister...please come out.

Just a minute. at is it?

Ijust wanted to shake hands with you.

Thank you vey much. You're taking her away with you.

That's all...Oh! One more thing...

y are you clinging to me? Yow work is done. Now go home.

Did you have tea?

I had it long back. o are you?at are you doing here?

I'm the bellboy here. ere is my husband?

Those who come here claim to be husbands and wives at nit.

But at daybreak, the husband goes to his house...

....and the wife to hers.

Yow 'husband' too has paid the bill and has already gone home.

You too drink yow tea and leave for home soon.

We already have customers waiting. Get out ofhere!

So, this means that he too escapes like you.

I think so. at has this world come to?

The one you settled down with yesterday, is absconding today.

Do you know his name? No. I don't.

A]rit. Give us yow address. M soon as we find him, we'll let you know.

I don't have a home. I'm an omhan.

I escaped from my step-brother and came here...

....And I got mamied to a total stranger. m that case.......come with me.

Till we don't find him, stay with me.

Come out for a minute.

I've brout a helpless girl with me.

Some rascal mamied her yesterday only to leave her today.

ere did she come from? at happened? Come out.

You know I feel shy to come out in front ofgirls.

That's alrit. But bring that shameless to me.

Are you listening to me?Yes, I am.

Don't wom. The one you've lost...

....God willing, will be found here.

It's time for me to go to school. Tell my son, he'll help you.

So, what's his name?

I didn't ask him.

You don't know his name. His address?

I don't know that either.

Then how will I search him?

Do you remember how he looked?

He's yow father.

Doesn't know name, address, where's the need to remember his looks? at? Nothing! I mean...

.....where did you meet him?

A place where many mamiages were being perfonned. I mamied him there.

He saved me from my brother... Then?

Then he tried to escape from me! Then?

Then what? M ifI would let him go!

I've mamied him. It's a commitment, not for a day, but for life.

He ned on a nit ofsteps. I was already there before him.

He jumped the wall, where I already was facing him!

He came from there, I from here. He, from here, I from, there...

That's enou. at happened then?

Then he took me to a hotel...

He took you there only after mamiage.

How could I go there before?

Then? Then...

Then? How can you ask that?

I meant to ask what happened after 'that'?

I woke up in the moming to find him gone without paying the bill.

He simply left!at're you saying! He paid up!

How do you know?

I too canjudge a man...

He couldn't stoop so much, take his wife and not pay the bill!

You're lying!

Yes. But only this was a lie! m this big city, where will be search for him?

Forget him and mam a nice man. at're you saying!Watch it! I'm not dressed!

How can you say that?

Am I the sort to change life partners?

I mamied him! It's nojoke!

I am fed up with their mamiage. y are you getting angv? I'm not talking about you.

I am not angv. I'm only tying to explain to you.

You mamied him not out oflove. So why this persistence?

We are true mdian girls...

....and not foreiers to first fall in love and then mam.

That's no fun. The real essence is in maming first...

....and then falling in love.

You seem to have an answer for evey question.

But I can't find an answer to the man in question.


The people here are not good. And one thing...

....sit in the room inside.

I'll meet this gentleman and come.

Don's coming here by tomomow moming's nit.

You'll go to receive him... y Won't you come along? -No.You know my son's an inspector.

My presence at the aimort can cause some trouble.

And listen. Take the diamonds from him and put him in the helicopter.

....we'll be approaching Bombay aimort vey soon.. .

at happened? Is anyone here a doctor? at is yow problem?

Please hold this...

Undo his tie...

Send a message to the aimort for an ambulance.

I've been sent to collect the diamonds.

Here's the gold...

....the diamonds are in the girl's bag who was in the ambulance.

No problems. I'll take it from her.

Fake stuff!

at's happening? The engine's caut fire!

ere are the diamonds?

I don't know.

ere are the diamonds?

I don't know, Sir.

Now, can you remember?

I'll tell you! I can remember! ere are the diamonds?

Don hid them in Dr.Preeti's medical kit.

ere are they?

May I come in?Please do.

at is the matter?

I've to recover stolen property? You must be joking!

Certainly not! M for now, it is in this house. at do you mean? ere's yow medical kit? atever for?

The man who pushed you in the ambulance...

....put the diamonds worth hundreds ofthousands in yow bag.

Please be seated. I'll bring it ritaway.

Is there a man posing to be police? Posing?

Did he show you his identity card and ask you for diamonds?

He's a smuler and not an inspector.

Don't give him the diamonds!

Keep him enossed in yow talks. I'll send a man to amest him.

I've found them.

I shall leave now.

Stop there!

It's a revolver! You mit pull the trier!

I'm not only a doctor, but also a militay personnel's dauter!

I know both how to heal and wound!

Do you know the punishment for attacking an officer on duty? mstead, one is rewarded for attacking an imposter like you!

You're mistaken!

I'm not. Don't move or I'll shoot!

A]rit! Here are the diamonds. Oh! You've come!

Leave me! Leave me or I'll shoot!

Give me the revolver? No! I won't!

Give it to me!

No! I won't!

Now, will you give it or not? No, I won't!

Give it to me, it'll go off!Let it! I won't give it!

Please give it to me! Don't!

o are you?

o am I!?

o am I?! Can't you see for yowself!

Does this look like an unifonn on hire? I'm inspector...

I am the officer ofthat station.

You can make these fake identity cards and...

....pose as an inspector to loot these innocent girls.

There are many like you in prison. It's yow tum now!

ere are the diamonds? With him.

Come on! Out with the diamonds!

I'm a strict man. Ifyou act smart, I'll get tou with you!

Won't you amest him? Well... y not?

These are the genuine ones.

But how did you get them?

I knew they would sent their man... I camied the fake ones with me which are now with them.

I am asking you for the last time! ere are the diamonds?

I'm telling the truth! I got these from Dr. Preeti's house.

I sent you once before to her house as an inspector... get the diamonds.

And now I'll send you once again... her clinic as a patient.

Leave it on till he confesses.

Listen to me! I'm telling the truth.

Sir, Tony has escaped! at? He escaped?!

We'll set a search for him. How far can he go?

at a wonderful thing she is! at a famous danseuse stays in ow locality...

....and we don't know about it!

Please me once! I will shower money on you!

ere are you going, my beautiful one?

We too are cray about you! ere are you going, my queen?

You've brout a bombshell with you!

Come here!

You are having fun with her all alone. Give us one, too!

Let it be today. We'll give you Rs.]OOO, instead ofRs.500!

I've Rs.5000, here in my pocket.

So, now you've started raising yow hand on us?

If anyone dares to speak against her, I won't spare him! y are you so angv? Is she yow mistress?

She's my wife!

She &Tates before the public...

....and you make her yow wife?!

Well, kid! om would you like to confront first?

Save him, else there will be bloodshed!

Save whom? My husband!

He is my son! He is my husband

Stop there! y are you all fiting?

They spoke filth about her! at does she mean to you? at does she mean to you?

....She' wife!

Then why did you keep me in the dark till now?

Evey father has one wish...

...and that is to see his son as the oom.

And to bring his dauter-in-law home in a palanquin.

Neither did I see you as the oom, nor did the palanquin come.

And I met my dauter-in-law for the first time...

....whilst she was being victimised by their abuses.

We didn't know that she was yow dauter-in-law...

....we thout her to be one ofhis kind. at do you mean by that?

Forget it. You're a vey naive man.

Yow son is a perfect roe.

You won't be able to hear the truth.

A]l my life, I've faced nothing but the truth. at truth is it that I cannot face today? Tell me.

He's not what you think he is. m fact, he is something else.

He has done all possible illegal work...

He's a black marketeer who circulates fake cumency.

He does many other things.

Can you bear to hear all?

Is it the truth?

They too are no saints!

They are blackmarketeers who live on wine and women.

They sell adulterated stuff.

I know ofall the deeds that go on in their houses.

They are not what they claim to be. Ifyou don't believe me, come...

I didn't ask you about their questionable activities.

I've asked you about yow doings!

Evey man cannot become a eat and principled man like you.

One needs money to sive in this world.

Decency and simplicity can only eam you a name, not money.

Those who eam money even at the cost oftheir conscience...

....are worse than bears inspite oftheir wealth.

Decency dwells not in a decent body, but in a beautiful soul.

....which you have sold in yow eed for money. ich you've left off to meander in the blackmarket.

That's enou father!I respect you, else...

Else what? You'll raise yow hand on yow father?

Once the child steps into his father's shoes...

.... he's no longer a child.

Let me go, father! No, my son.

I won't let you go.

Amest him!

He is a blackmarketeer!

He deals in fake cumency.

He's a dangerous man.

He has ruined this locality of decent people.

And amest these fow as well!

A]l their illegal dealings go on in their houses.

And which they have kept me and the law, as well, in the dark.

We pennitted you to stay here so that.. .

....yow presence here would keep the police from coming here.

And now you're getting us amested!

Like the son, the father too has become unateful.

That's alrit. I'll take care. I hope you know me well...

We have to go today, but on ow retum we won't spare you!

Are we Toes? We know ofyow decency...

Yow son is killed in this accident.

There is no one left inside.

at did you achieve by keeping yow principles alive?

So, you've sacrificed yow young son's life, eh?

Satisfied, aren't you?

Don't be dismayed.

At the time ofthe accident, there was a strong cument in the river.

He could have been camied away. We're still looking for his body.

My only prayer to God is that...

....ifI have done anhing good in life...

....I want my son's life in retum.

You tried hard to kill me but yow efforts were in vain. at are you saying?

Those fake gold biscuits, the blasting of the helicopter...

You did it all to get hold of the diamonds for free.

I didn't do this. It must be Pratap Sin's work... m order to silence me, he tried to kill me too!

You are lying! I'm telling the truth!

IfI had to kill you, why would I risk my life to save yows...

We are dead as far as Pratap Sin and Sher Sin are concemed.

Now, we have to resumect... order to make their lives miserable.

I've been on the look-out for you. Yow husbands are in prison.

They're vey ill. They've called you there. o are you? I'm the warden ofthe prison.

Please don't waste time. We're ning out of it. Come with me!

They're vey ill. Come with me.

Please sit comfortably.

I've told you several times to take care of their skin.

If that is ruined, we will not eam a penny!

Fix these fow, too!

But the tables have tumed now.

You are destined to be riddled with these bullets.

You are alive!

You tried hard to kill me.

But till we don't get summoned from Up There, no one can die.

Be careful! You have a stun in yow hand.

Ifit goes off, we all will be finished.

A pen suits yow hand. Not a weapon.

I know how to use both... a pen and a weapon.

Apen to teach and a weapon to defend my county.

Today, when you were going to sell the dauters of this county...

....these hands have decided to use the weapon instead ofthe pen!

Freeze! Or this weapon will spell yow death!

Ow husbands had planned to kill you and yet you saved ow lives.

You saved us or these people would have sold us to foreiers.

A brother will always put his life at stake to save his sisters.

You've honowed us by this gestwe.

You have treated us with diity.

On ow amival here, you made this respectful gestwe... on ow retum, we too will reciprocate it.

Please don't take the trouble. That is not necessay.

It is! We are here with that pqose.

at happened?

He suffers from kidney trouble and so, I'm always with him.

This injection will put me to sleep...

....which will hinder my plans ofrevenge on Pratap Sin.

We can take ow revenge later. The injection comes first.

Take rest. m the meantime, I'll meet someone and retum. om? My wife That cabaret dancer...

Perhaps she has remamied after receiving news ofyow death.

It's both possible and impossible. I've to see that for myself.

at do these nowers cost? One and a quarte om do you worship? It's none ofyow business! at are you saying!

Someone's going to go mad over yow beautiful face..., why not me?

I'm convinced! She hasn't changed.


I thout you...

y are you closing the door?

at are you doing?

God has retumed you to me! How can I look like a widow?

Don't do it even my mistake...

I'm thout to be dead. Seeing you like this, they'll be suspicious.

The police will be after me again.

Will I be sad like this all my life?

Will I never be happy?

I didn't get love from my parents in my childhood...

I suffered at the hands ofmy step-brother.Life's been miserable...

And now, I'm mamied. But that too, in this manner... ofyou being alive I cannot apply vennilion on my forehead.

You have that rit...

....but not with vennilion...

Yow husband's blood will look better on yow forehead.

I'm staying at the Plaza Hotel. Room Number ] ]42...

Be there the day after at ll. I'll wait for you.

Don't kill me!

There's going to be a blast! Eveybody move away! ere are you going? There's going to be a blast. Move away!

That place is dangerous!

Looks just like him... Is he my son?

....y are you hiding?

The police is after me.

Have you done something mong?

Forget that! Give me a piece ofrag! I've lost a lot ofblood!

Take this and tie it quickly!

How can I? You tie it for me.

No! I've got leprosy.

Nothing will happen to me. Tie it quickly.

You too will get it. No, I won't. Be quick.

Tie it for me, Mother. Don't make a fuss...

I'm a mother...that's why I can't do this!

at is yow name?

ere are yow parents?

Here in Bharatnagar.

Only my father stays here. I don't have a mother.

Do you remember her?

Yes, a lot. I lost her in my childhood.

Perhaps that is why I'm so spoilt.

But you do have a father, don't you?

Yes, but a mother is imeplacable...

....isn't it so?

at did you rob?

A thief! She has robbed something from Masterji's house!

Stop her! She has come out ofhis house!

at did you steal from his house?

Leave her! She's got leprosy!

Hit her!

Stop it! at's all this noise for?

She's a thief! She's stolen something from yow house! at do I possess that she could steal and you could hit her? at did you steal?

Don't come near me! I'm a leper.

Yes...this chain...

This has no value in the market.

But to me, it's the most precious possession!

For me too, it's the most precious thing in this world.

After ages, I've just realised that I'm not a widow as yet.

My husband is still alive!

That's why I've stolen this.

You're indeed fortunate to have found yow husband.

I wish God blessed me with a miracle, too!

My wife...whom I've lost...

Well, never mind.

Ifyou no longer remain a widow by wearing it...

....then keep it.

If....ifyou could...

Number eit...

Come in.

Please sit down.

My letter!!

My mother's letter.

20 years ago she got leprosy... that I too would contact it.

That is why she left me then. m the hope ofmeeting her while treating some patients...

....I became a doctor.

ere are you going?

Come in, please.

Let me see yow...No.

Don't touch me or you too will get it!

I'm a doctor who treats it. Nothing will happen to me.

Show me yow hands...

Since when have you had this?

Since you were so tiny...

....I mean, for the past twenty years.

Twenty years ago you must have been small...

Are you mamied? No. y? Didn't you like anybody?


I'll be seeing one this evening.

I have approved the new plan...

Did you send for me? Yes, son.

Maor Venna's dauter has retumed from London.

I want you to see her before you leave for work.

Ifyou approve ofher, I'll settle yow mamiage.

This is my dauter, Preeti...And this is...

You? Yes.

Did you know him?

He's the smuler! at nonsense!

He's vey dangerous.

He posed as an inspector that day for the diamonds.

And today, he's here in the garb ofan inspector to take me.

Listen to me.. .Don't move, or else! at are you doing? at ifit goes of Ifhe tries something it is swe to go off.

Don't move or else I'll shoot! at is all this?

He is the same man I told you about.

You're out of mind. You cwe others but you should get yowselftreated.

He is Pratap Sin's Son mspector Deepak. I know him vey well.

Ifyow dauter has this opinion about me.. .it's better I leave.

Listen to me. Please wait for a minute.

I've unknowingly insulted you.

It's alrit. Thisjob is such that some times.... has to bear with insults to respect this unifonn.

May I ask something? Please do.

Ifyou're an inspector then who was he?

That man! We'll soon find that out.

Come in.

I'm already ashamed. Please sit. I'll bring some tea.

Its good that this misunderstanding is cleared.

But before I proceed there is one more misunderstanding....

...which I feel is best to be cleared.

So that yow father shouldn't feel that he was kept in the dark.

She's meant more than a dauter to me.

But she is not my dauter....

She is the dauter of a eat patriot. ere is he now? We don't know.

Many year back his wife came here and left Preeti with us.

We don't know either his or her whereabouts.

We will search for them.

This happened long ago. I wonder if they are alive.

His name was Dinanath.

Are you refeming to Dinanath -the Teacher?

Did you know him? I do know him.

He is alive and is in this City.

My father is alive! ere is he? ere does he live?

Don't you recoize me?

Come in please.

How did you think ofme after so many years.

Yow dauter is to be mamied and we are here.

My dauter's mamiage!

It is the father who gives away his dauter.

But I don't have that good fortune.

My dauter died twenty years ago. Don't play thisjoke on me.

It's yow destiny that played a cruel joke on you.

By keeping yow dauter away from you.

But yow dauter is alive and is sitting in front ofyou.

She is yow dauter !

Twenty years ago yow wife...

....left yow dauter in ow house.

My dauter!

How did you find my address.

Deepak had come to ask for yow dauter's hand in mamiage.

We said that we had only brout her up... reality she is Dinanathji's dauter.

On hearing yow name he told us that you reside in this city.

She is yow sister-in-law.

She is my dauter whom I havejoined after many years.

I am vey happy to meet you. ere is my brother?

My dear he is no......

On the contray he too like you is vey much alive. at are you saying?Yes.

I have seen him in this city with yow dauter-in-law.

Is it true?

Well...I don't know anhing.

Ifshe claims so, then ask her.

...that ifhe is alive then isn't she allowing that wound on head to heal. y is she treating it as a mark to show she isn't a widow.

Ifhe is alive, nothing could make me happier than that...

But believe me when he retums it won't be I...

....but the law which will have a rit over him.

Sher Sin speaking. We've made a mistake by killing Don.

I am going to infonn the police. Are you coming with me? at nonsense! Stay there. I am coming!

at nonsense are you talking over the telephone? at's mong with you.

He was not talking nonsense. We made him do that.

You gave me fake gold and...

....placed a bomb in the helicopter to kill us..

We've already taken ,, from Shersin.

Give us the remaining , rit now...

How can I give so much.. amange for such a big amount in such less time.

Give me time till evening.

And by then ifyou don't amange... then we'll make amangement for them.

How'll we amange for it till evening?

There is no need for it.. I've..

....fixed a transmitter beneath his shoe. at good is that going to do?

A]l in good time... you will come to know Let's go Come on, then

Taxi, stop...please stop H up, please

Ifyou could please... follow that taxi

My husband Rau asked me to come here Come in, please come in

Hey Msha, it's good you're here!

But father has been following me rit upto here Dad is here too! Yeah My goodness! at do we do now?

Yeah, please have file no. 23 sent over to the head office I'll come and see it tomomow moming Yeah...okay


Father! Honey, it's you! I thout...

Greetings, Father. Please join us You see...actually I...

Please sit down.... en did you come here?

A little while ago.

o is he?So he lied to me...

You lied to me...Dinanath is alive....

Yow public show was a super hit But yow private show lacked lustre.

I don't understand what you are saying... .

You will.

Look at this get up. You must have worked hard on this disise.

But one thing gave evehing away...

Don't look at one another...

Take a look at the sole of yow rit shoe

You tried to polish yow shoes more than necessay...

It should renect yow face.

Till my man doesn't retrieve the money from yow room... are my ests.

Yow son saw me. He is following me. y did you come here? Do something or we'll all die.

A]l? A]l won't die.

Only one will die. o?

You too get up.

at did you do?

This was the first scene of ow play and the second one is...

Goodyou came in time else this Neo would have killed me....

And that otherNeo...

A]l that later. I've tojust catch Raju.

I am vey happy to see you, Son.

But you've escaped from the law... mspector, yow prisoner...

I've to amest you.

y are you being adamant?

No one is eating food!

Ifyou quit eating food, is he going to retum?

Till he doesn't come home..

I swear by him that I shall consider it a sin to eat a single morsel. at are you saying?

Take back yow words!

Don't you know that remaining hungv is not good for you in this state... at will happen ifI remain hungv?

I'll only lose my child.

You are womied about yow andson who is yet to be bom.

And yow son who is vey much alive, doesn't get a bit ofyow attention.

My silence doesn't mean that...

....I am not missing my son.

Yow silence can only lead my husband to the gallows.

You must fumish proof ofhis innocence.

Just as crime leaves a trail...

....likewise there is definite proof of innocence, too.

Ifyou are innocent then there should be proof for it...

Tell me. I will go and will risk my life to get it...

....tell me, my son...

No father I've to go in order to obtain it and not you...

There is a place where you can't go!

If only I could get away for sometime.

Father...will you help me? Will you lend me yow attire for 24 hows?

My AttiTe?


But how?

See this...

I swear on you father that ifI don't get the proof... t ....within 24 hows I will retum here.

at are you saying?..

I am rit...

I've mwdered Shersin..

And the one you have amested is absolutely innocent...

Do you know that yow testimony could lead you to the gallows!

Yes I know...

And the same Testimony could save an innocent's life.

May I see that innocent man for some time.


I beg ofyou.. Just for some time.

A]rit! Take her to cell number ]4.



Did you meet him?

Yes, thank you..

Aeat man's son can't mwder anyone.


Let me take these false accusation on me ...

Years ago I tried to kill this scoundrel...

But I wasn't successful..

But this time I can be easily accused.

Now it makes no difference whether I live or die... mspite ofbeing mamied I cannot face my husband.

I can only see him from a distance.

That is because I am leper. mstead of living such a life it is better to die!

Ifnot for yowself think about yow family.

You don't know that she has quit eating food and...

Don't touch me..I have got leprosy.

For you I won't even shun death.

It was you, that nit... who came to take the chain?

ere were you?

No! You cannot go like this.

I won't let you go... at kind ofa meeting is this?

You gave me a moment's happiness.

I won't let you go like this...

at sort ofa prison is this?

Yow law can handcuff...

....this body and make it a captive here.

Is there a handcuffwhich could stop my wife's soul from going?

Is there any such handcuff which....could....

Let me get Dinanathjust once.

Then his son is swe to follow....

Go to Bharatnagar and bring Dinanath here....

Ifnot for yowselfthen eat for the one who is being reared in yow womb.

I've told you several times that till he doesn't retum I shall not eat...

So it is this...

A]rit... then...

Here is yow Rau...

She is expecting and the poor girl is h...

An old man like you is making a fuss like a young lad...

I am still alive... ere are you taking him?

Move away we else we shall cut you to pieces.

I'm the son ofBengal. Bom in the land ofthe Great Subhash Chandra.

I'll get cut to pieces. But from eachpiece only one voice will be heard...

Hail Motherland!

No enemy has still been able to cross the border to come into ow county.

....and ifhe comes in he would not go out. m ow presence how can you take him away?

ere are you taking him?

Here is A]i's Gulam (Slave)

Gulam A]i standing...

Ifyou move ahead I will break yow neck....

en my other brothers did not allow you to go how then will I?

Praise be to Thakw Ghose...

Long live Shersin.

Long live Gulam A]i...

With the fow ofus around how can these people take you away... at was the need to shed yow blood for me?

....and what was the need to ...

....risk yow life to some one's wives?

You've saved not only ow wives but ow honow too...

Else what could we have answered to the Lord?

I never bow my head...

.....except in front ofthe Lord.

But today I bow to you..

You are not a human being but an Angel ofMercy..

They bow not to you but to yow attire. ich you have bomowed..

Let its respect remain...

I am som to have intemupted yow entertainment...


You not only teach but also perfonn.

You sent some dogs after me...

I've brout them in this van..

I think you don't feed them enou ofbones...

They all are vey weak!

Now I will. I shall break yow's and yow son's bones and feed them.. at are you waiting for? For yow son Rau?

There is no need to wait..

Both father and son are vey much on this ound, below this roof... om do you wish to meet? Dinanath?

Or his son?...

We come from the prison to settle scores...

Wait Rau...Stop.. He owes me..

I've to settle scores with him...

You separated me from my wife and dauter...

Likewise I too shall separate you from each ofyow limbs...

These hands destroyed my home. Let them be destroyed today.

Mercy.. Have mercy on me...

Mercy on you? Because ofwhom my wife lived the life ofa leper?

I should have mercy on you...

Forgive me..

Mk that lady for forgiveness.. o could not claim to be a wife inspite ofbeing mamied...

She could not love her children..

Mk that goddess for Mercy who is no more....

Enou please..I beg at yow feet..

I beg for yow forgiveness..

Forgive me. For the sake of that goddess let me go...

That lady whose life you ruined. ose death you caused...

Beg for her sake. You are being for yow life..

You have been saying this since childhood...

at have you done?

I am the sinner. I should have been shot. I should have been killed...

No my son...

It is the son who camied the father's coffin...

The father doesn't cam the son's coffin..

Blinded by sins that I have committed, I've lost my way...

Now when I wish to mend my ways in accordance with yow wishes...

You are leaving me and going away ... o said I am going...

Only my body will go...

I am leaving my soul behind with you...

My son who was for many years lost in the darkness ofsin...

I could find him today in the britness oftruth...

There are millions like my son who have gone astray... m this world....

Lead them to the rit path...

Yow mother died of leprosy...

Don't let ow motherland be diseased...

The people who cause it... away with those traitors..

Conatulations... You've got a baby!

After 5 years of imprisonment!

Anew Rau has retumed to Bharatnagar...

He is yow father...

You remind us ofyow father..

May you be happy..

M a child I too had once picked someone's pwse... ere did that one step lead me to?

And today my son too...

You dropped yow pwse...

Well done my boy...

o says you are no more...

Patriots never die..

They become immortal...

You are bom again... m my house. Look here.