Desperate Moment (1953) Script

What is it?

So, you are awake at last.

The Governor is coming.

I've got to make you tidy.

Tell me .. who is Anna?

You kept calling for her while you were delirious.

You want me to write a letter for you? She's dead.

I'm glad you're better, Rodoski. I'd like to talk to you.

We are all of us here for a lifetime, and I don't want any lives wasted.

Neither my own or anyone else's.

You are Polish? You know all about me. It's in there.

You were arrested for resistance activities during the war.

And sent to work in the mines here in Germany. How long for?

Two years.

When the war ended, why didn't you wait until the Allies liberated you?

Instead of breaking camp? I wanted to get away.

Why didn't you obey allied orders and go to a Centre For Displaced Persons?

There comes a point when all that matters is to be free.

So you broke camp and looted your way across Germany?

I'm not blaming you for that entirely.

But why did you kill the British soldier?

He was doing his duty.

Guarding the depot you and your gang were plundering.

If you hadn't been under 21, you would have been hanged.

You were lucky. Lucky?

I'm here for life.

As a man serving a life sentence, you have certain privileges.

You may receive a visitor.

There won't be any visitors.

Thank you.

Anna ..


I thought you were dead.

I thought you were dead.

They told me you'd been caught and shot.

I was told you were missing.


Why didn't you give your real name when you were arrested?

It is "Van Halder". I would have found you long ago.

I thought you were dead.

I thought you were dead.

I wish you'd let me go on believing.

I wish you hadn't come.

Do you think it is easy for me to find you here?

Condemned for life.


Anna, I didn't kill him.

You don't have to lie, Simon. I'm not lying!

I didn't kill him. But you confessed.

The Warden showed me .. I know, I know. I confessed.

I didn't care what happened to me. I didn't care if I lived or died.

The others that risked their lives to get drugs for me ..

They had something to live for .. so I confessed it.

You must believe me .. you must!

I didn't kill him.

I believe you, Simon.

Fräulein DeBurg, I regret I cannot give you any longer with the prisoner.

You must say goodbye, Rodoski.

His name is not Rodoski. It's "Van Halder". Simon Van Halder.

He's a Dutch citizen.

Unless I'm officially advised to the contrary ..

To me, he is prisoner Rodoski, serving a life sentence.

Goodbye .. I'll be back.

I must talk to you Herr Goeter.

You found him.

Yes. It's him.

I see.

Oh Bob .. how can I ever thank you enough?

That's alright .. that's what the Army pay me for. To track people down.

You never really believed he was alive, did you Bob?

You thought we'd never find him.

Well, if hadn't tried to kill himself, we never would have done.

I felt certain he was dead. Why did you help me then?

Because I had to prove it to you.

As far as I can see the situation hasn't altered much.

I mean a dead man, or a man condemned for life, they are practically the same.

Not if the man is innocent.

But Anna, he's confessed to a murder.

It's rare for a guilty man to do that. An innocent man, never.

He'd been told that I was dead and ..

Didn't care then what happened, so he took the blame to save the others.

He's not a murderer and we must prove it.

Nonsense, you can't possibly believe it. Of course I believe him.

I've known him all my life .. we were children together and ..

Yes, students together and in The Resistance together, I know.

Once he gives his heart to a cause, or a person .. he holds nothing back.

What are you going to do now? The money your father left you won't last forever.

First I must get a lawyer. I'll go back to Munich and I'll stay in Germany.

If you will help me to find .. I'm sorry Anna, but I can't help.

I'm no good at things I don't believe. I can't believe this fantastic story.

If you must waste your life as well as mine ..

We'd better do it separately. Alright.

Goodbye, Bob.

Hello .. the warden wants you.

Anyone with him? Yes, she is there too.

Very pretty .. first came here driven by an Englishman.

They made a very handsome couple I'm told.

The prisoner Van Halder. Sit down, Van Halder.

I've been explaining to Fräulein DeBurg.

That even though she has succeeded in establishing your true identity ..

It is useless working for a retrial unless it can be proved ..

That you were nowhere near the place when the man was murdered.

Simon .. the men you were with .. they could prove it.

The murder was committed five years ago. They've had five years to come forward.

They can be traced. Who were they, Simon?

Everything you can remember ..

There were three others besides myself.

Fighting in a bombed graveyard.

There was Anton. Anton Merrick.

A Czech.

Two fingers of the right hand missing.

Valentin Vladek. Polish from Katowic. Used to be a foreman in a steel factory.

And then there was Paul. Paul Ravitch.

Without him, we should never have succeeded in breaking from the camp.

I'd been wounded .. my wound was turning septic.

Paul broke into a British depot to get penicillin for me.

The police were closing in.

There is only one way out. Give ourselves up.

Tell them you didn't mean to kill the soldier. Tell them, it was an accident.

Are you mad?

I got you out of prison, didn't I?

Do you want to go back there?

We are all in this .. except Simon.

As far as me. I .. I'm not going behind bars again.

I've got a wife and children .. somewhere.

Let's get away from here. And leave Simon, huh?

Don't be such a fool, Anton.

Leave this to me, wait outside. I want to talk to Simon.

Why did you kill him?

You needed the stuff. He tried to stop me.

What shall we do? I'll think of something.

It's all my fault. I shouldn't worry.

I expect you will have done the same for me.

We are friends, huh?

We haven't much time.

There is something .. I should have told you before, but somehow I couldn't.

It's about Anna .. she's dead.

We were on the same train.

When we neared the border, she tried to escape.

She jumped .. and they shot her.

I know it's her because ..

I recognized the photograph the moment you showed it to me.

There's no doubt? No doubt.

You hear them?

Police dogs.

Why did you have to kill him? Now we are finished.

Simon .. what are you doing?

This time it is my turn.

I gave myself up and confessed.

You ask me to believe that?

If they hadn't broken in to the depot, there would not have been a murder.

Paul did it for me.

But didn't you realize what it would mean?

I thought you were dead.

And it was Paul who told you he'd seen me killed?

Do you know how much penicillin he stole?

A truck load!

The police found it later, buried in a graveyard.

Rather a lot to save one life.

How much would that be worth on the black market, Herr Goeter?

That's where it was going.

He lied, Simon.

He tricked you into that confession to save himself.

Time is getting short, Fräulein DeBurg.

You have five minutes more.

If this is true .. it's hopeless.

It is not hopeless. We will find the others.

One witness and we can force a retrial.

And even if we do, how long do you think it will take?

They'll argue for years about whose jurisdiction I come under.

Who is to try me?

I've made up my mind to wait for you. You're free.

You don't know what it is like to be in a place like this.

The thoughts that come to you.

Who brought you here today?

I came alone. Last time you didn't. Who was it?

He's an Englishman.

He found you for me. He's a good friend, Simon.

And he loves you.

What does it matter if I don't love him? It's nothing to do with faithfulness!

How can I ask you to be faithful while I'm here?

You can't. Nobody can ask that.

But free or not free, you should know that a woman can't be held ..

Unless she wants to be.

I must .. get .. out. Simon.

Your time is up.


I'll write.

I'll do everything that can be done.

Leave that, start working over there.

Into thine hand .. I commit my spirit.


It won't do to keep Becker waiting.

He is going down to the village to do a bit of courting.

He won't be in such a hurry once he has married her.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

It should be oiled. Goodnight Becker.

Goodnight Karl. Goodnight. See you in the morning.

Hey! Your keys.

Hmm. There is nothing more foolish than a man in love, Becker.

My love to Linda.

One moment, please.

Which is the shortest way to Munich? I am not familiar with this district.

Well, I'm going there myself. Please get in.

"Anna darling. Have you forgotten?"

"We're meeting at the watermill this morning."

"It's a perfect day for sailing but it's windy, so you'd better wrap up well."

"I wish I'd put on warmer clothes myself."

I'm sorry .. I overslept.

It will take me a little time to get there.

"I'll wait."

Operator? "Hello."

Oh please do try and be more careful. That call wasn't for me.

"I am sorry, Fräulein."

Good morning, Fräulein. Good morning.

What can I do for you? I want a suit for my .. husband.

A suit for your husband. He comes out from hospital this week.

But everything is so terribly expensive. Not in my shop.

Oh, Simon!

You're mad. You haven't got a chance in the world.

They'll all be after you now, the French, Germans, British and Americans.

I've been hunted before. It's not the same.

Then we had friends and helpers and organization.

My darling.

Can't you see Simon? You've spoilt any chance you had.

But I'm free .. free!

You have broken jail.

To everyone .. it is just another proof that you are guilty.

And to you?

This uniform.

Where .. where did you get it?

I didn't kill anyone.

I had luck and I was careful.

That will mean further punishment when they catch you.

But they won't catch me. I shan't be able to save you.

I won't.

Don't you trust me anymore?

I don't understand you any more. That's all.

You're not asking me to give myself up?

There are some clothes in the bag.

Anna, you must go to Amsterdam.

And get me a Dutch passport in the name of Jan Schiller.

Post it to Hamburg post-restante, and I'll collect it there.

You come there the week afterwards.

There will be a letter telling you where I am.

What are you going to do now? I'm going to Hamburg.

Paul had a friend called Erwin Bohlen. If he's still there, he can help us.

You'll be needing some money, won't you?


You fool ..


Don't think of it. I hope you find your friend and get that job.

And I turn right over the bridge, and the first street on the left?

Yes, that's right. That's Eric Strasse. Thank you.

Have you no respect? Huh?

Have you no respect for the dead?

Is Herr Bohlen in?

You've just missed him. He's just gone out.

Feet first, poor fellow.

I'm sorry. Yes.

He was fished out of the dock last week. Found drowned.

Though why he'd fallen in the dock, I don't know.

I'm sorry to have been such trouble. That's alright.

Are you the friend from Berlin, he was expecting?


Yes, from Berlin.

Bring me a beer, will you.

Your papers, please.

What do you want?

Who are you?

I ..

I was rowing about, looking at the ships.

The fog came down and ..

The ferry ran into me.

You don't look like a thief.

Not much to thieve.

Scrap .. that's why they need a watchman.

Everybody is fighting to buy scrap.

They are short of steel. For the next war I suppose.

Go in .. while I hang out the light.

You may find coffee .. on the stove.

[ Radio: ]

"And now, here is a police announcement."

"Simon Van Halder, serving a sentence for murder, escaped arrest yesterday."

"By diving from the Hamburg ferry into the Elbe."

"The wanted man is of medium height, slim but muscular."

"Dark complexion and hair."

"And is wearing a dark-brown coat and trousers."

"A reward is offered for his arrest."

Breakfast is ready. Better get up and have a wash.

Has the fog cleared?

Yes .. it's a fine morning.

You will be wanting to go ashore?

Yes, I am sorry to have been so much trouble.

You slept like a log. You must have been without sleep quite a while.

Why did you kill this man?

What are you going to do?

My son was killed in Russia.

No-one has been sentenced for killing him.

No-one has offered a reward for the man who killed him.

They have issued a description. They know what you are dressed in.

You had better keep those clothes.

There is denouncing and informing enough in the world .. I want no part in it.

Hurry up, and I put you ashore.

Morning Bob. Morning Trevor.

A cute little guy.

Well, if guys can be cute, I suppose he is.

Well, have it your own way. I still like him.

You didn't call me all the way from Munich just to admire him?

Nope .. your friend "Van Halder".

What's Uncle Sam's interest in him?

He made a call here in Hamburg on a man who just died.

They searched the apartment and found this.

A Photostat of a top-secret blueprint.

A component of a submarine guided-missile device.

We've got reason to believe it's fabricated secretly in West Berlin.

Smuggled across from the East sector.

What's the connection between Van Halder and the dead man?

I don't know .. he may know some of Bohlen's former friends.

A strange coincidence that Van Halder should arrive just after Bohlen's death.

Bohlen and a Paul Ravitch deserted together from the German Navy early ..

Wait a minute .. Ravitch?

That name sounds familiar. Well, we checked on Paul Ravitch.

We figured he was the brains behind it all.

He was killed here in Hamburg in '46 when his bomb-damaged house collapsed.

Maybe Van Halder can be of help. He's got to be pulled in quick, Bob.

He hasn't a hope. There's a general alert out for him.

Well, I don't know.

We believe he picked up a letter in the Post Office, and has left one in return.

Did he?

Maybe you might know somebody who would be interested in hearing from him?


I'll keep you posted.

Have you got something for "Fräulein DeBurg" please?

It's a small world Anna .. who would have expected to see you here?


You're supposed to be in Amsterdam. Why didn't you tell me you'd come back here?

I did phone your office in Munich, but they .. they told me you'd left.

Why don't we go and talk somewhere? I must know what's happened.

You're forgetting your letter.

So I have. Thank you.

Well, we'll go and have a drink. There is quite a lot been happening.

Why did you come here?

I put adverts in all the papers asking about Vladek, Merrick and Ravitch.

Who knew you were coming here and wrote you that letter?

And may I ask what business it is of yours?

Oh Bob, you're not shadowing me are you?

Unfortunately, I've had to make it my business.

Two light beers please. Very good sir.

Who wrote you that letter?

Shall I read it to you?


"Dearest Anna."

"I've made exhaustive enquiries, but I'm afraid I have bad news."

"You know I believe Simon to be innocent."

"But frankly, I cannot see what else we can do."

"You must face the fact that it is hopeless and learn to live again."

"I'm leaving for Berlin on Wednesday at 3 o'clock."

"If you think I can be of any help, why don't we meet there and talk things .."

"Over like we used to in our student days."

"Incidentally, I see that Hamlet is playing there."

"Remember how we queued up all night to see it?"

"God bless you. JS."

Who's JS?

Have you got a light?

His name is Jan Schiller.

We were students together. I asked him to try and help me.

Oh I see .. well, I'm sorry.

It's just part of the job.

Alright Bob, I understand.

And now, in case you still intend to follow me .. I'm going to Berlin.

Goodbye, Bob. Goodbye.


Don't move.

Just let me hold you.

I thought I might not find you again.

And I was afraid you'd forget about this place.

Or not understand my letter.

How horrible it is now.

I've got bad news.

Bohlen's dead. Killed?

He was found drowned.

But he expected a visit from a friend from Berlin.

That's him!

I've had a reply to my advert from a girl here.

And I think I've found Valentin.


Where? I'm going to see the girl today.

Who's there?


Come to The Bonevant Cinema tonight at 7 o'clock. Upstairs.

Remember .. The Bonevant Cinema.

Who's there?

It's only me .. I was just having a look round.

My mother always talked about this theatre.

She used to see every new production here before the war.

Sad to see it all in ruins.

It must have quite a history. You're quite right Fräulein. It has.

You've no idea of the people who've been here .. I've seen them all.

You see that box? Yes.

On Gala nights, the Kaiser used to sit there.

Then it was Hitler. And now it is only you left.

Makes you think, eh?

Who is it? It's about the advertisement.

I didn't want you to come here. I told you to write or phone.

I had to see you personally. Have you brought the money?


But I must be sure it is the man I want to see.

That's him .. Valentin Vladek. Calls himself "Winter" now.

He does not know I know his real name. He lives here?

These are his suits.

A relative?

Well .. not exactly.

What about the money? I've given you the information.

Oh, it's a large amount. I must be quite certain before I hand it over.

Where is he now? At the factory.

The address?

Now look here .. I don't want to get mixed up in anything.

He doesn't know about this. Either give me the money, or get out!

I shouldn't talk like that, you know.

You see, I could easily come back here and show him your letter.

Oh no .. you mustn't do that.

I don't know what he'd do to me.

Let's strike a bargain. What time are you expecting him?

About eight.

Arrange to be out then .. and lend me the key of the flat.

No, I daren't.

I'll give you a third of the money down. And the rest?

As soon as I'm convinced that he's the man I want to see.


"In a recent demonstration, a police dog shows prevention is better than cure."

"And what better than to expose the crime before it is committed."

"And sometimes even the criminal."


"The Mountain Peak prison, scene of the recent escape of Simon Van Halder."

"A self-confessed murderer hunted by security forces of four nations."

"He is still at large, he is dangerous."

"Have you seen this man?"


"Germany's leading couturiers."

"Present their most beautiful creations to an international audience."

I think it must be the man.

I saw his photograph.

He's changed his name to "Winter".

He'll be in his flat at 8 o'clock.

Here's the key and the address.

There's a café around the corner from the house.

I'll wait for you there.

Who are you? What do you want?

Don't you recognize me, Valentin?

No .. I don't know you.

Get out of here. Or I will call the police.

But you do remember Simon Van Halder?

How did you find me?

What have you come here for? I can't help you.

You can't expect me to get into trouble with the police.

But I can expect friendship.

I went in to prison before. Do you remember?

Where would you be now if I hadn't done that?

But I didn't kill him.

You know very well it was Paul. You cannot try to pin it on me.

It was Paul who killed him. I'm not accusing you.

I know it was Paul.

Where is he, Valentin?

I can't tell you.

I don't know.

You see, in times like these, it is every man for himself.

Yes I agree.

From now on that's the way I'm going to believe.

What do you mean?

My dear friend .. nobody forced you to sacrifice yourself.

You did it of your own free will.

I didn't know then what I know now.

Do you remember I used to talk about a girl called .. Anna?


The night I gave myself up to the police.

Paul told me that he'd seen her killed.

He told me that too. She's alive, Valentin.

He lied .. why do you suppose he lied to me?

I swear I knew nothing about it. And I believe you.

But now you know why I'm here tonight.


I understand you but ..

I don't see how I can help. I haven't seen or heard of Paul for years.

I'm not asking you to find Paul.

I'll do that.

All I ask is that you come forward as a witness. Tell the truth.

Swear that I was nowhere near the place where the soldier was killed ..

And then I can force a retrial.

And go to prison myself, huh?

You swine.

You filthy, cowardly swine.

Haven't you got a spark of decency left in you anywhere?

I must have time to think about it.

To talk to a lawyer.

If he says it's alright, I will do everything I can.

I have always liked you, Simon. I have always admired ..

All I want from you is your evidence.

Yes, but I must have time to think about it.

Do come back at ten o'clock. Will you?

Alright .. ten o'clock.


It is Valentin .. I think he'll talk.

I have to go back at ten o'clock. You don't.

It could be a trap. I'll go there and see what he has to say.

Oh, Simon.

Where can we meet afterwards? Can you come to my room?

Here is the key.

I'll send you flowers to tell you what time I'm coming.

Herr Schleger.

You know I don't like you coming to the house.

Sorry Paul, but I had to. I couldn't tell you on the phone.


Simon Van Halder has been to see me.

He asked me to witness against you.

Do you know what he says?

That you lied to him. That you never saw his girl killed.

She is alive, he says.

Then obviously I made a mistake.

I could have sworn she was dead.

I see.

Are you sure you signed nothing?

Made no statement?

Quite certain.

Then he must take the consequences.

It's not my fault if he's changed his mind.

He will find you, Paul. Find me?

Aren't you forgetting something?

How could he recognize me now?

He found me alright.

Yes, and he found Bohlen.

But I think he found Bohlen disappointing.

How did he find you? You must have been careless.

No Paul, I can swear to that.

What am I to do? I put him off, and told him to meet me at ten o'clock.

Meet him as arranged.

Then take him to an address I'll give you.

Say you are taking him to see Anton.

You are going .. to hand him over to the police?


I prefer to handle this myself.

And what if he talks?

He must know I'm living using forged papers. I don't like it.

Neither do I.

But never mind. I'll handle that too.

Show Herr Winter out, and then come straight back.

I will leave it to you.

Why don't you use the key, Fräulein?

Stop pretending Fräulein. We know you have one.


Come in Anna, we've been expecting you.

Is this Fräulein DeBurg? Yes.

Search her.

I'm a Dutch citizen. I demand to be put in touch with my Consul immediately.

I'm Colonel Bertrand from the Dutch Consulate.

Your passport please. It's in the bag.

In order, Inspector.

Alright .. bring her in.

Is this the woman who came to your flat this afternoon?

Yes, that's her!

She did it! I tell you she did it! It's her fault he was killed.

Who has been killed? Valentin Winter.

He fell under a train in the subway half an hour ago.

Why did you come to this flat?

To see Valentin Vladek. The man who lived here under the name of "Winter".


My fiancée Simon Van Halder ..

Has been condemned to a life sentence for a murder he did not commit.

Valentin Vladek was one of the 3 men who could have testified to his innocence.

But he wasn't expecting you.

He was expecting the escaped prisoner Van Halder.

I don't know what you're talking about.

The police were notified that Van Halder would be found here at ten o'clock.

Why don't you tell us the truth? Simon, in Berlin? Are you sure?

How did he get in to Berlin? Who gave him the money?

I don't know.

You don't seem know the consequences your actions may have.

You realize I shall put you on the first plane out of Berlin?

All this is causing us great inconvenience.


That's a very poor word to use, Colonel.

Simon didn't think it inconvenient to fight with the resistance.

Now he's fighting to prove his innocence.

Can't you see?

Can't you see it's your duty to do everything in your power to help him?

I was merely thinking of your own interests.

However .. if you insist you may stay.

But under surveillance.

Laurence .. escort this lady to her hotel.

See she doesn't move from there unless you're with her.

Very good Herr Inspector.

I'm sure you understand the meaning of "surveillance".

Please don't do anything unwise.

I might add that this is being done at the request of Captain Sawyer.

He's anxious that you're given every protection.

I shall be very grateful to him.

Shall we go.

[ Doorbell ]

Fräulein DeBurg? Thank you.

Four, five, six .. Seven.


Going somewhere Fräulein? Obviously.

I'm afraid I'll have to come with you. You can walk or share the Cab fare.


You wouldn't like to go by streetcar?

They're very mean about expenses these days.

You should have thought of that before you joined.

Siene Strasse 67 please.

What do you want here? May I come in?

Do you mind?

No Fräulein .. I will be waiting.

I brought you the rest of the money.

You see.

When I give my word I .. I keep it.

I'm sorry .. I didn't mean to hit you.

I must have been mad to have thought .. I understand.

Now Valentin is gone, I don't know what to do.

What's going to become of me. Here.

Surely, he had friends who could help you .. in his factory?

What was the name of it?

The Globus Metall Company. It's out at Grunevalt.

But I don't think he had friends there. Except Herr Schleger.

But he never went to the works.

Well .. couldn't he help you?

I think he might .. after all, he put up the money for the factory.

It really belongs to him. Why don't you write to him then?

I don't know where he lives or anything.

I only met him at a nightclub he goes to.

The Taub.

Oh it's a wonderful place, only the smartest people.

Dancing, drinking. Nothing but champagne.

But it will be ages before I can go there again.

Even though I wasn't married to Valentin do you think I should go into mourning?

Well I .. I don't think it would be quite the right thing to do.

And I'm sure that Valentin wouldn't like you to be at home and be sad and lonely.

We'll .. we'll go there if you like, Mink.

You see .. I am lonely too.

You poor thing. It's worse for you.

After all, Valentin wasn't a murderer.

No, Valentin wasn't a murderer.

Are you alright? What went wrong last night?

Valentin or someone must have told the police.

They were there, waiting. Yes I know. I was there. I saw it.

But did you see Valentin? Did you speak to him? What happened?

He's dead.

He fell in front of a train just half an hour before I got there.

With Valentin gone, what hope is there?

Valentin must have talked to someone.

This is more than chance. Bohlen dead in Hamburg .. Valentin here.

Someone is getting desperate.

Paul .. Paul Ravitch.

We must find him!

Somebody might know at the factory.

I've got the address.

They've passed out my description all over the city.

I dare not risk going out in daylight again.

I will. No you don't. I forbid it.

They've killed twice. They might do it again. You've got to keep out of this.

[ Doorbell ]

You must answer. They know you're here.

Oh, Captain Sawyer. No police protection?

Where is he?

Even If I knew, do you really think I would tell you?

Don't be a fool, Anna. We know you've been helping him.

Why do you waste your time on me?

Valentin Vladek wasn't killed accidentally.

There is no reason to suspect that.

Unless it was Van Halder who killed him. Why should Simon kill his own witness?

Maybe he was a witness, but not the kind that Van Halder wanted.

And let me tell you something.

The police are scouring the city and they have orders to shoot if necessary.

So keep clear.

[ Broken glass ]

Bob, please.

Perhaps you'd like to take its fingerprints?

He's new isn't he? Where did you get him?

It's a "she", not a "he".

I bought her for company.

Anna .. I'm really sorry things are working out like this.

If there is nothing else you want to talk to me about .. please go.

Alright .. have it your own way.

But if you should need me.

You can still call me at headquarters, you know.

Sorry to disturb you Fräulein.

But I understand, you've complained about the stove smoking.

Yes, that's right.

Then, I'll take a look at it if you don't mind.

Yes. Please come in.

Simon, it's alright. Right.

Take this.

Shush. Why that?

Shush. It's the Sweep.

What's so funny about a Sweep? He's wearing one of those top hats.

All Berlin Sweeps wear top hats.

Yes, but he's got a black face.

I'm sure his own mother wouldn't know him.

I've had a look at the chimney. Now about the stoves.

You'd better have look at Herr Meyer's. He always grumbles about it.

This way, please.

They are all out at lunch so you won't be disturbing anyone.


Do you mind? They say it's lucky.

Touching is not enough. If you want real luck you must kiss the Sweep.

Don't move.

You wouldn't really shoot me would you Anton?

Not unless I have to.

You needn't be afraid of me. But I am.

Ever since I heard that you had broken out, I knew that you would find me.

I've been waiting for you.

Look Simon .. I know what's on your mind .. you want revenge.

That's only natural.

But it's just as natural for me to want to protect myself.

Anton, I don't want to revenge myself on you.

You didn't do the killing. Neither did I.

I want you to come to a lawyer and swear to it.

I've thought about that too, but I can't.

I've got a wife and two children.

What have you to fear?

The others.

You know very well that Valentin is dead, Anton.

So .. all the more reason to be afraid.

You think he was murdered. I didn't say that.

Anton, all I want is justice. If I can't get that then I may want revenge.

I may even kill.

Yes I know that. And I don't blame you.

But I've got the gun.

Listen, Simon .. I'll give you anything, but you must go away .. now.

If you don't, I'll shoot you where you stand.

I only have to say I did it in self defence. There'll be no questions.

Don't you realize you are a man without rights?

If you promise not to make a mess, maybe I will give a kiss.

But you can have a cup of coffee anyway.

I'm sorry to disturb you again Fräulein, but my partner didn't finish yesterday.

That's alright.

What happened? I found Anton, at the factory.

He's changed his name to Meyer. He won't talk because he's afraid.

And I can't force him.

I am a "man without rights".

I can be shot by anyone under the pretext of self-defence.

I'm a dead man, alive.

Here is your coffee, Sweep.

And here's your kiss sweetheart.

That means that you will be married soon, Marie.

Sweeps are lucky you know.

It's a long time since I saw one, Fräulein.

For a long time there were precious few chimneys in Berlin to sweep.

Perhaps you'd better come back when he is finished.

You must go to Anton yourself.

If he won't help, find his wife. Question her, play on her sympathies.

We must find Paul!

If Paul killed Valentin, and Anton is afraid, what chance have I got with him?

I asked you to help me, not to question me.

I've got a hideout in a cellar in Canale Strasse.

Here's the address. Read it, memorize it and burn it.

If you find Paul, get rid of the detective and meet me there.

Will you?

You're losing faith. No .. but I'm afraid you might kill.

A "man without rights" is subject to no laws. It works both ways.


I love you .. I want to go on loving you.

There is a difference between seeking justice and .. and killing.

I thought you'd understand.


Yes .. I'm finished.

It's Herr Schleger.

Why of course Herr Schleger, we shall be honoured.

Mein Herr, you would like champagne? I would .. but I'll drink beer.

I am delighted to make your acquaintance, Madame DeBurg.

Waiter, champagne please. Bollinger '39.

Poor little Mink, don't worry. I'll see you are looked after.

I knew Valentin at business. I financed everything.

Such a pity .. a solid hard-working man.

Yes .. a great loss to Mink.

Oh, Mink has a resilient nature.

She'll get over the shock, like you yourself.

Shall we dance?

You will excuse us?

Maybe you're not in the mood to dance? I haven't danced for years.

Well, let's try.

I don't mean to be indiscreet, but Mink has told me your tragic story.

Perhaps there is something I could do to help you?

You are very kind. Not at all.

But I know how hard life can be. I've had my share but I've been lucky.

So I like to be helpful if I can.

I look on it as a sort-of "paying back" for the help others have given me.

I knew you didn't really care to dance. Shall we go back to the table?

So, they are watching you.

Oh yes .. they report everything I've done.

Everyone I've seen.

They might come and ask you questions.

Pry into your affairs.

Don't be afraid of causing me any trouble. I have nothing to hide.

You are a complete stranger. You mean you don't trust me?

I understand.

But there are certain situations in life where one has to take a risk.

I'm not such a bad risk, Fräulein DeBurg.

How much to you know about this case? I've followed it pretty closely.

I knew about your search for witnesses, and Mink has told me the rest.

Herr Schleger, there is a way you can help me.

Tell me how.

There is another man who could be a witness, but who's afraid to speak.

A man called Anton Meyer. He also works at the Globus Metall Company.

One of the factories you financed. Globus Metall Company?

What did you say his name was? Anton .. Anton Meyer.

Anton Meyer.


Anna .. down here.


Darling, I thought you'd never come.

You're sure no-one followed you? Yes. Yes, quite sure.

I've been half round the town.

By taxi, by tram.

Oh, Simon.

Simon, you frighten me so with your talk.

As long as you're alive, I'll never kill. You know that.

I love you, you know I do. I've brought you something to eat.

Simon, I've seen Herr Schleger. The man who financed the factory.

Did you tell him anything?

Only what we all know, that you need Anton as a witness.

He wants to help us. Why should he?

I don't know. But he's helped before.

What does he look like? Tall, sincere.

How could he help us?

He thinks that he can convince Anton .. I've told you before. Anton doesn't ..

But Schleger thinks that Anton will talk if he has nothing to fear.

Schleger is powerful.

He's arranged for Anton to come to his house tonight at 9 o'clock.

He wants us both to be there.

I don't see any harm in going there and talking it over at least.

But I can see that you don't .. It's too simple. It's too pat.

Well .. what other chance have you got?

Oh Anna ..

Herr Schleger? Come in.

It's hard to find words to thank you for all the trouble you've ..

What a fool you are, Simon.


Get in there.

You found that change in appearance an improvement I hope.

Don't try anything.

I might easily kill you here and dump you in the East Sector.

Where is Anna? On her way here.

My man is bringing her. And they won't be followed either.

Paul, don't hurt her. I don't care what you do to me. I'm finished anyway.

But .. let her go. I can't afford to.

She would be capable of anything when she finds out you've disappeared.

You know she's got some very good friends here.

You are still very simple, Simon.

She will meet with an accident.

0r better still, a suicide pact.

Faithful unto death.

Now, she will be here soon. Go over there, sit down and take a drink.

Fräulein DeBurg please.

"I am sorry, but Fräulein DeBurg isn't in."

She's left ..?

I've the car and three men outside, Captain Sawyer.

Good. We'll be off in a ..


"We just brought in Van Halder sir." Who?

"Simon Van Halder."

Bring him up.

It seems we won't be needing your men .. it's Van Halder.

He's had enough, poor devil.

Are you Sawyer?

Hello Van Halder. You've given us quite a run-around, haven't you.

You've got to get to Mersenstrasse 11 right away, before they can hurt her.

You should have given yourself up long ago.

Do you understand? Not a minute to lose. Fräulein DeBurg is quite safe.

I gave orders for her to be held in her hotel until you were captured.

But she's not there. Look, I've just telephoned. They say she's gone.

Fräulein DeBurg please. This is Captain Sawyer.

"Fräulein DeBurg has left, Captain. Your car called for her some time ago."

My car?

She's got away.

She's at Paul's. We were to meet there. Come along Van Halder.

But you don't understand, we've got to get Ravitch!

What? Ravitch is dead.

He's not, he's alive. He's calling himself "Schleger".

Schleger? Raid the house. And send a detachment to the Globus Metall factory.

You'd better come with us.

You didn't tell them it was my car?

No, I said it was Captain Sawyer's car, otherwise I would still be there.

Where is Simon?

Now, you mustn't worry. There has been a slight difficulty. He has been arrested.

Arrested? .. Where is he?

And I assure you it is only a temporary difficulty.

We'll get in touch with the authorities at once.

Now, I've spoken with this man Anton and have persuaded him to give evidence.

Still suspicious?


This is Fräulein DeBurg. Please tell her what you've agreed.

If I'm dealt with fairly, and kept out of trouble.

I'll testify to Van Halder's innocence.

You see, you will be looked after.

I'm sorry if I didn't seem to trust you.

Please, don't let's waste time.

We'll drive, pick up my lawyer and go to the police at once.

Set all your fears at rest, my dear.

It's Paul! He's got Anna!

Paul .. police.

Get moving. Another couple of minutes and we're safe.

You are Paul Ravitch? Where is Simon? What have you done with Simon?

Go on! Jump!

[ Gunshot! ]

They're heading for the East Sector.

If they make it, it's the last we'll see of them.

[ Gunshot! ]

You'll kill her!

[ Gunshots! ]

Where's Anna?

There is nothing we can do.

Now listen to me .. you have a wife and children.

We can look after them.

But you haven't got much time.

Who was it who killed the British soldier? Was it Simon Van Halder?

No .. he wasn't even there.

It was ..


Forgive me .. Simon.

Look after them ..

My wife ..

It's alright now, Anna.

You must have hated my guts I suppose. If it's any consolation, it was mutual.

Now I .. owe you an apology.

We owe you much more.