Destroy All Monsters (1968) Script


The 20th century is nearing its end.

The UNSC has established an exploration base on the moon.

Rockets depart for it every day from this base on Iwo Jima.

Moonlight SY-3 ready for takeoff.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero!

The UNSC has also constructed a giant undersea farm in the vicinity of the Bonin Islands.

All manner of fish are cultivated here, and on the surface is Monsterland, a research habitat of fearful giant monsters.

Godzilla is there.

Along with Rodan.

Anguirus is also present.

Mothra and Gorosaurus live in peace here as well.

If they attempt to leave, it activates a restraint system.

In other words, a variety of scientific walls tailored to their instincts and traits contains them.

The reason Rodan can't fly beyond a set boundary at sea is that a perimeter of magnetic barriers has been set up.

Moreover, enough food is cultivated here for the monsters that they can each eat their fill.

Monsterland and the undersea farm are controlled automatically from a control center built deep underground.

Yes, CHX should work fine.

Everything is in order.

Don't the monsters look rather cute from above?

Yes, very.

That's a relief. I feared you'd run away, this being your first encounter.

Oh no.

I hope you'll help us as we closely study them.

Yes, sir. Long-distance call for Kyoko Manabe.

Please go to box 4.

Hi. Oh, Katsuo!

Where are you now?

The moon base.

This is an expensive call.


I was worried when I heard.

But I'm doing fine, as you can see.

I'm not worried about you.

I'm worried about how you'll treat Godzilla.


As it turns out, a monster lives on the moon too.


Just joking.

We're not sure what it is, but we're concerned.

I'd like Dr. Yoshida to come.

The director is in Tokyo for a conference.

Then once he's back...

Hello? Hello?

What's wrong?



Power station! Power station!

This is the operator. Power station, what's wrong?

What's wrong?

We have no idea.

Look, every control system is down.


Perform a thorough systems check.

How's the incident-analysis circuit? It's not running!

What happened? We don't know.



Come on, this way!

Having suddenly lost contact with Monsterland, the UNSC in Tokyo immediately launches an investigation headed by Dr. Yoshida, using communication satellites.

Number 006 is now showing the Bonin Islands.

Good. Zoom in.

Yes, sir.

We can't. We're still being jammed.

Try again. Don't give up.

This is deliberate sabotage.

Deliberate sabotage?

But who? And why?

Doctor, we got through.

That's Monsterland, but I hardly recognize it.

Did new volcanic activity cause this?

I doubt it. Zoom in more.

Yes, sir.

What's happening? What is that?

This was definitely a planned attack. I doubt any of our staff survived.

This is the Moscow broadcasting office. This is an emergency broadcast.

Rodan has attacked Moscow.

Rodan? At 11:25 AM today, it appeared above the city and is even now continuing its rampage of destruction.

This must of course be the same Rodan from Monsterland on the Bonin Islands.

Rodan is in Moscow?

What's going on here?

This report is coming to you from Paris.

A subterranean monster has just appeared from the Arc de Triomphe.

The pride of Paris... No, the world's treasure is about to be destroyed by this monster.

The monument is collapsing.

It's been destroyed.

Paris is being destroyed by this subterranean monster.

The world's major cities are being destroyed one by one by giant monsters.

Rodan is in Moscow, Mothra is in Beijing, Manda is in London, and Baragon is in Paris.

We've just received a new report. Godzilla has appeared in New York.

Godzilla is in New York.

How do you explain this, Doctor?

How did the monsters escape?

Weren't they all contained before this?

Gentlemen, we regret that people suspect we are concealing information about these monster attacks.

What about you, Dr. Yoshida?

All I can currently do is give a warning, as if this were a natural disaster.

The monsters will keep rampaging, so everyone must remain fully alert.

Silence please!

I'm just as ignorant as you. I have the same questions you do.

I have no answers right now.

One question, Doctor. Why hasn't Tokyo been attacked when it's closest to Monsterland?

I'd very much like to know why myself.

If anyone can tell me, please speak up.

Moonlight SY-3.

Moonlight SY-3!

This is Moonlight SY-3, over.

Return to base.

Has something happened? You'll see. Hurry back.


Follow that! Yes, sir.

It won't get away today.

But we need to get back.

This is more important. That's a UFO out there.

It's dangerous to get any closer.

What is that?

Moonlight SY-3!

Moonlight SY-3, what's wrong?!

Damn it. Go.

This seems completely backwards.

I don't know what's happened on Earth, but it's absurd to ask us for help.

They didn't ask.

What then?

It's a recall order.

We'll guide you once you enter the atmosphere.

You'll land at Monsterland on the Bonin Islands.

Proceed directly underground.

Only you and your ship can do this job.

And all of you should be armed.


Yes. Be very careful.


Trajectory good.

Receiving guidance beam.

Roger that.

Stand by for atmospheric entry!

Reverse thrusters, check.

Entering atmosphere!

This is Moonlight SY-3.

We've just arrived at the control-center entrance.

Good. Someone may have commandeered it.

Ascertain their identity and objective.

Be careful. They may resist.


No sign of radioactivity or sulfur dioxide.

All right, let's go.

Look sharp. Yes, sir.


Systems are up. What's going on here?

Welcome back to Earth.

Kyoko! Doctor!

Hello again.

Why are you here?

I didn't expect you to come.

What's all this about, Doctor?

Let's relax and talk this over.

We want you, our young scientists and engineers, to understand and cooperate.


Cooperate nothing.

You let all the monsters free while Director Yoshida was away.

They're not running free.

We have them under remote control.

Remote control?

Take a look.

Mothra is currently near Beijing.

Godzilla is in the Pacific.

Rodan is over the Urals.

We can call them back to this island anytime we want.

I'll introduce you to the inventor of this remote-control system.

Follow us.

Welcome, gentlemen.

I imagine you have lots of questions.

I am not your enemy.

With your help, I want to establish a new scientific civilization on this planet.

How does destroying our cities establish anything?

You should listen to everything she has to say, Katsuo.


We will establish our new civilization. Some degree of sacrifice is unavoidable.


Where are you from?



It's not on Earth.

There are countless asteroids between Mars and Jupiter.

She's from one of them.

You believe that story?

Belief doesn't matter.

I admire her scientific knowledge and creativity.

It should be obvious from the monster remote-control system.

Her science is far superior to ours.

Okada, stand down!

Now do you see?

That barrier is completely unbreakable.

What are you doing? Getting you out of here.

Where's everyone else?

They're all well, and happy to keep working.

Call them.

Don't you see? It's no use resisting.

All right, fine. We'll just take you two with us for now.

We'll carry you out if we have to.

Now walk!

Hey! It's gas! Hurry!


What are you doing?

Get off me!


It's closing!

Hurry it up!



Captain! C'mon.

Hurry up! We have masks!

Get her!

Take him to the ship! Yes, sir!

Kyoko! Kyoko!

Captain! Captain!

Fall back!

Fall back!

Captain! Captain!


Okay, let's move!

Was it brainwashing? Is that what they did to you?

You're not giving us any answers to our questions.

Listen, Otani.

The only way we can help is if you answer.

Don't you get that?

"I don't know" isn't good enough. Major cities are still being destroyed!

We sent in some UN troops, but the island was already deserted.

Where's their new base?

Please, tell me.

We can't continue to hide you from the UN's secret police.

Our friendship won't make any difference to them.

What shall we do?


Don't touch him.

It's you!

Are you Kilaak underlings now?

You'll understand soon enough. We've come to get you.

Now, come on.

There's no point in moving him now! Stay still.

We should handcuff him.

It's the secret police.


We need to go!



Was he hard of hearing?


Then it isn't a hearing aid.

It's some kind of metal but I've never seen it before.

There must be some kind of radio receiver inside it.

But why was there a receiver implanted in his body?


Isn't this how they're controlling the monsters?

I agree. Dr. Otani was being controlled the same way.

Yes. They came to get him for fear we'd find this.

There must be a transmitter somewhere.

If we can detect the signal, we can jam it.

Contact the communications lab. I'll search from the air.

This signal's fishy. Figure out where it's coming from!

Yes, sir.

It's coming from Japan's central mountain region.

Look, I'm busy.

However rare this is, I don't have time to look into it.

Yeah, but still... Officer!

Something's flying up there. Over there.

Where? There!

It's that!

What is that?


No, it's not. Let me see.

Over there!

That's the moon rocket SY-3.


We went to the moon with Takeshi that time.

That's right.

Is he doing well? Yeah.

Can I help you? We're investigating a signal.

Go right ahead. Excuse us.

What's that? It's a radar.

Please observe this object, which appears to be a stone.

The UNSC has confirmed it as the Kilaak monster-control device wreaking havoc upon our world.

What's more, they're being discovered in the most unexpected places.

The cliffs of Dover.

The steeple of a church in Spain.

One appeared to be a clump of ice in a ravine in the Alps.

One was even discovered in a coconut on Guam.

Dr. Yoshida will now explain its capabilities.

This is a transceiver with an incredibly complex computer built in.

We estimate its effective broadcast range to be about 2,000 km.

So the monsters are likely being controlled by devices in their respective areas.

Regarding the Kilaaks and their prisoners from Monsterland...

They've likely returned to their countries to carry out their plans.

We ask for everyone to assist us so we can find them quickly.

Former Monsterland technicians Minoru Kudo, age 35.

Tetsuo Ise, age 30.

Shin Kuroiwa, age 28.

Kyoko Manabe, age 23.

All Japanese citizens.

Technician Michael Dawson, age 32, British citizen.

Elmer Hughes, age 29.

Thank you, miss. You can go.

We beg your pardon. Thanks, you can go.

Excuse us.

Thanks, you can go.

Please take shelter!

Rodan is circling over areas VII and VIII.

It's finally come to this.

The evacuation seems smooth.

It does.

New target sighted. Godzilla has appeared in area I.



Manda has appeared.

Prepare to attack.

All right.

Open fire.

I didn't expect Tokyo alone to stay safe, but Rodan, Godzilla and manda all at once?


New York, London, Moscow... It's been one monster for each city till now.

Emergency update, emergency update.

Mothra has appeared in area V.


We really got hit hard.

Tokyo is in ruins.

There were four monsters.

But the Kilaaks are more interested in the Izu peninsula.


We've lost contact with nearly every hot spring in Izu.

Just like what happened at Monsterland.

Do we have proof the Kilaaks are behind it?

There's a subterranean monster at Amagi.


Do you know why every major city except Tokyo was attacked in the first place?

They were diverting our attention from Japan while they set up a base under Izu.

No wonder.

They must be using a new control device now.

Yes, and we must locate exactly where they are.

I want you to perform a focused underground survey with your SY-3.

Then find a breach we can launch a subterranean attack through.

Good to see you again.

Thank you, Doctor. Good to see you.

It's Kyoko Manabe.

Why are you here? Let's talk elsewhere.

No, I want to talk to all of you here.

I know what you have to say. Don't tell me again!

Even if you don't want to hear it, the others will.

Especially the reporters.

Where did you come from?

From the Izu base.

What base is that?

A base the Kilaaks established as a foothold on Earth.

You're here as their messenger?


If you recognize their residency rights and negotiate toward coexistence and coprosperity, they will return all the monsters to the Bonin Islands.

And if we don't, they'll destroy us with the monsters.

That's coercion, not negotiation!

I'm talking to everyone here. You be quiet.

Come here.

What are you doing?

Calm down!

You're being manipulated!

Stop fighting me!


She was being controlled with these.

They controlled the Monsterland employees and monsters, and killed Dr. Otani with this.


This is another new type. We'll investigate them immediately.

Kyoko! Kyoko, wake up!


Good, you're awake. It's me. We'll get you patched up in no time.

It's all right.

Miss Manabe, this is urgent.

We need you to tell us about the Kilaaks and where you've been.


That's right.

In which part of Izu is their base?



Yellow poison gas!

She has no memory of when she was being controlled.

All right then.

Now entering target zone I!

Ground troops are in position!


Prepare to attack.

Prepare to attack!

Here we go, men!

Yes, sir!

SY-3 has begun its descent! Good.

Godzilla's in our landing zone!

Halt descent!

Emergency ascent! Emergency ascent!

All right.

Open fire! Open fire!

Hey, what's wrong? We're being jammed!

It's Anguirus!



Operations halt!

Operations halt!

Damn it.

Back to base.

What a shame.

They outwitted us again.


Do we follow?


It's descending near Mt. Fuji. Looks like it's tied to the Kilaaks.

Determine where it's landing. Yes, sir.

Rodan's behind us, 15 degrees to our left!

Captain, let's not run away. Let's fight back.

It's not time yet.

It won't follow us where there's no air. Prepare to leave atmosphere!

Preparing to leave atmosphere!

Main engine, full throttle!

What an escort Rodan makes.

Now we've lost our target.

No, we have a rough idea.

I'm sure they'll find the Kilaak access point if they search all over Mt. Fuji's western side.

Advance! Keep advancing!

Third platoon, keep advancing!


S-Spread out! Spread out!

Fan out!

First platoon, take the left forest road!

Second platoon, to the right!

Third platoon, follow second platoon!

This way!

What's wrong? Get up!

You okay?

I'm all right.

Let's go.

Must go pretty deep. Let's go in.

Damn it...

It won't budge.

I bet it's a Kilaak cave. Our only choice is to move forward.

All right.

Okay, get back. I'll shoot it. It's no use.

It's good to see you again, Mr. Yamabe.

Welcome, Major Tada of Defence Command.

We summoned you here today on important business.


I knew it.

They're here, all right.

That's them!

Yes, that was our spaceship you saw on the moon.

Do you believe now that we're aliens?

So what's the important business?

A proclamation. A proclamation?

Please listen carefully, Major Tada in particular.

Earth doesn't belong to humans alone.

The area beneath the Mt. Fuji volcanic chain now belongs to the Kilaaks.

Invaders will be driven back by force of arms.



Damn it.

Let's go. Yeah.

Meanwhile, at Monsterland on the Bonin Islands, the control center was running again.

The staff was hard at work analyzing the monster-control devices that had been gathered from around the world.

So it is the moon.

That's the true source of the signal!

We'll send SY-3 to the moon.

Don't land!

And don't take off those spacesuits till you deal with the Kilaaks.

Proceed to the target.


Take a look at your chart. Yes, sir.

I'll indicate your destination. 41 degrees north, 4 degrees west.

The Cassini crater, south of the Villis Alpes.

Watch out for UFOs and approach from a low altitude.

We'll be on our way then.

Our approach vector is 45 degrees to port.

From the Sea of Tranquility to the Sea of Vapors.

Down the western side of Montes Apenninus, then north from Palus Putredinus. That'll bring us to the Cassini crater.


There's a UFO 45 degrees to our starboard aft.

We've been detected? It'd be surprising if we weren't.

What do we do?

We either do this or turn around.

Either way, circumstances won't get any better than this.

Okay, let's do it.

In an hour's time, we'll either be successful or dead!

One minute to target!

Full stop. Full stop!

Prepare to descend.

All right, here we go. Descend!


Full stop! Full stop!

Prepare the rover! Preparing the rover!

Close the fuel valves! Fuel valves closed!

Activate cooling system! Activating cooling system!

Temperature still climbing!


Coolant pressure? At max!

What? Max? Yes, sir!

What's wrong?

It's no use. At this rate, the fuel tank will explode!

Should we launch?

No time. We'll attack from the rover!

Yes, sir!

Halt! Halting!

Prepare to fire maser cannon!

Maser cannon, ready to fire!



SY-3 is in combat on the moon. We detected a flare at Cassini.

All right, get in touch with the moon.

I hope this works.

We still don't know if it worked or not!

I'll report as soon as they come back alive.

This is the moon base, over. Ignore it!

Yes, sir...

If they fail, we'll be the next to die.

We might get vaporized along with this base before long.

Let's just relax and have some coffee.

Yes, sir.

Let's get out. Yes, sir!

Okada, Yoshikawa, Arima, come with me.

Fujita and Tani, stand by.

Come on.

Arima and Yoshikawa, inspect the equipment.

Dismount and disable anything important. Understood, sir.

I didn't expect the maser to be this effective against them.

Even the most advanced science will have some weak point.


Over there too!

It's the Kilaaks.

They can only survive in high temperatures.

When we destroyed the wall, the temperature dropped.

Are they dead? I'm not sure.

Captain! Captain!

Gather them up. Yes, sir.

This is the control device's core.

Damn thing's still running.

Let's dismount it. We'll take it back to Earth.

Yes, sir.

Moon base. Moon base!

No answer? None at all.

The base won't answer, and the signal's still there.

Did they fail?

Do you think they failed?


It's not working.

Time for the final option. Let's detach the excavator!

Yes, sir.

What's going on?

Detach the maser. Right.

Get a high-voltage cable!

Okay. Open it.

Yes, sir.



Let's go.


Given how long it's been since that irregularity was observed on the moon,

I think our only choice is to assume they failed.

Okay, switch it on!

What's wrong?!

The circuit caught on fire!

I don't care! Turn it back on!

We can't go back if we do! Don't think about that! Turn it on!

Yes, sir!

It worked!

The Kilaak signal vanished. Hurry!

It's our turn to control the monsters.

Yes, sir.

Hurry! You can bet the Kilaaks on Earth noticed this!

Is it still alive?

Yes, it is.

But it needs a temperature in the thousands to become active again.

Is it living metal?


Now we know why they were after the Mt. Fuji volcanic chain.

Their scientific prowess far surpasses ours, but they're very few in number.

It probably takes thousands of years to grow to this state.

Thousands of years? Don't they have a life span?

No. At constant high temperatures, they can probably live forever.

Forever? That's right.

But at low ones, they quickly become like this.

Now we know how to attack them.

Heavy use of freeze rays. Major Tada, draw up a plan.

Yes, sir.



Hello. Doc!

You're there? Yes.

Excellent. You've done well.

Doctor, this is no time for that! Godzilla just showed up!

What? Are you serious? Godzilla has appeared in Tokyo?


You don't say.

Our control device is complete, so we thought we'd test it on Godzilla.

What? So he's back in Japan.

Then, Doctor...

The monsters are on our side. They'll obey human commands.

We'll mobilize them all in the Mt. Fuji region so they can trample the Kilaak base!

There isn't a cloud today over Mt. Fuji.

It and the primeval Aokigahara forest are silent, as if awaiting the impending full-scale giant-monster attack against the Kilaak base.

The defense forces are already in position.

There are still no monsters to be seen.

Will the first to arrive be Godzilla? Rodan? Anguirus?

We still don't see them.

We still... Oh, there's one!

It's Godzilla, far off in the lower right, beyond the Yoshida Asama Shrine forest.

No, it's Minilla. Minilla is the first to appear.

Following him, we have the king of monsters, Godzilla.

Now Mothra has appeared.

Mothra is approaching from the same direction as Godzilla.

Next to appear is Anguirus.

It's Anguirus from the Asagiri Plateau on the left.

Truly a sight to see.

Following Anguirus are Manda, Baragon, and Gorosaurus.

Kumonga's here too.

One after another, they're bearing down on the Kilaak base here in Aokigahara.

Rodan is too. Flying over Lake Motosu with the Southern Alps in the horizon.

Rodan's now over Lake Kawaguchi.

He's landing near Godzilla and Mothra.

Will Godzilla lead the opening charge?

He seems to be deciding where to attack.

The Kilaaks underground have still shown no reaction.

This force of giant monsters with Godzilla at its head is truly a sight to behold.

UFO approaching.


It's King Ghidorah.

He's no Earth monster. The Kilaaks summoned him.

We can't control him. What do we do?

We'll make Godzilla and the Earth monsters fight together.

King Ghidorah is a monster from space.

Earth's monsters are no match for him.

Contact me whenever you're ready to talk.

Damn it.

It's King Ghidorah, the space monster.

He's taking aim at the Earth monsters from the air.

The monsters are ready.

King Ghidorah is swooping down savagely!

This is an amazing struggle!

Hear for yourselves the cries of these dreadful monsters!

A burning monster is flying south toward Izu.

A burning monster?

I've never heard of such a thing!

Space creature or not, it can live while on fire?

It's heading straight for us!


The Kilaaks are signaling us!

Fire Dragon destroyed Dr. Yoshida's control system.

Won't further conflict simply result in more losses on your part?

What now? Do we attack?

Fire Dragon can reduce Tokyo to ashes in two to three hours.

Is that Godzilla?

It is. He's found the Kilaaks' underground stronghold.

The monsters are on the offensive.

They're still fighting, even without the control system.

They know by instinct who the true enemy is.

The Kilaaks didn't manage to see that coming!

Get away from here. Go!

Thank goodness.

It's too soon to celebrate.

Fire Dragon's coming back from the Bonin Islands.

We'll ambush him with the SY-3!


Fire Dragon, 15 degrees ahead to port!

Prepare to fire freeze-ray missiles!


We can't! The tracking system isn't working!

It's being jammed.

All right, use manual aim.

Yes, sir!

Let him fly past and stay on him!

Yes, sir!

Ready to fire!


We've got to shake him!


A Kilaak flying saucer...

I get it!

Fire Dragon was just a machine!

We aren't being jammed anymore. Do we fire?



We've done it! Captain!