Destroyer (2018) Script

11-Charlie-Lima-7, possible 187.

Request Homicide.


Oh, for fuck's sake.

Jesus Christ.

Long night?

Dragging anchor there, buddy.

Dragging anchor?

You know, the LT is looking for ya.

You need to take care of your own pressing shit right now, don't ya?

I got it.

Hey, Bell, look, this is handled.

What is this?

What? You want us... Yeah. Come on.

Shot three times at least, from the exit wounds right here.

With that?

.38 dropped at the scene.

Maybe a ghost gun.

No serial, no prints.

No witnesses yet. Look- Am I wasting your time?

City's time. You have no role here.

It's our scene.

Who is it?

No ID, no idea.

There's a few of those. Blown dye pack.

We're waitin' on tech.

All right, guys, start bringing everybody down now.

Let's start a sweep.

Look, Bell...

Look, this is covered, okay?

Just go... lie down.

What about if I know who did this?

Well, I don't know. Then we could probably use that, Detective.

I mean, you gonna solve this right now then or what?

Yeah, fuck you, too.

Just leave her.

All right, guys, let's get this done, okay?

You getting your mail here now?

I don't get it. What?

I'm saying, apparently, you live here.

Spend a lot of time here, yeah.

Look at that face.

You're hungry.

Hungry, little mutt.

You want.

Detective Bell.

If I knew you were coming, I could've rustled up more of a welcome party.

I only wanted to see you.

What's up?

Silas is back.

What makes you say that?

Where'd you get this?

I got it.

Why now?

Cleanin' up?

Startin' again? I don't know.

Well, we've heard nothing on our end, not since it happened.

I need you to look it up for me, and then I need you to forget you ever did it.

I wanna be sure.

All right.


How's Shelby?

How old is she now?


Incredible. Really.

I don't remember your kids' names. Sorry about that.

Come on.

If this is gonna fuck you up with anybody then...

Then don't do it? Fuck 'em.

As far as I'm concerned, you're one of us.

Look... why don't you tell me where you got this, all right, and let me handle it?

We can still keep it between us.

I'm sorry.

What happened was we put you and Chris in there too green. It was a shit deal.

You weren't ready.

This thing has been ice cold for a long time.

You really wanna go down that hole again for nothing?

Can you run it?

It's a match, yeah? Yeah.

You look terrible.

Had a rough night. Yeah, you had a lot of those?

Did you ever talk to someone?

Look, I do a Bible study Wednesday nights.

And it's a very low-key thing.

No one's handling snakes.

Think about it.

It's good not to be alone, you know?

Where did we meet?

Bar, Hemet, 2002. Where'd you grow up?

All over. Mostly, Las Cruces. What bar?

Tappy's. Why Las Cruces?

Dad got transferred to White Sands.

He left. We stayed.

Why were you always at Tappy's?

Bartender gave me a break on drinks.

Where'd you go to school?

Centennial High, expelled. Got my GED.

Did half a year at Dona Ana Community.

Tossed for dealing.

What was across the street from the bar?

Car dealership. Their sign was a huge, neon bear.

What was the mascot at Centennial?


What was the name of the bouncer, the one with the hair?

Martin. How'd we meet?


Marlon. Fuck.

Fuck is right. They can check that.

Yeah, Marlon. Marlon.

Okay. How'd we meet?

We were both at the bar trying to order.

A Dire Straits song came on the jukebox.

You screamed, "Who put this shit on?"

I turned and confessed.

We said it was a Pink Floyd song, Chris.

Well, fuck that. I like Dire Straits.

Hey, Taz.

Turn that shit down so we can talk.

Thought you liked country music.

That's not country music.

Well, my baby likes it.

Really? Yeah.

What else am I supposed to do, man?

I'm an involved parent.

Where's Antonio at?

He's not here for this. For what?

Murder weapon. Smells like it comes from you.

Oh. Say what?

I have a body and a gun that comes from you.

No, no, no, you ain't got no way of knowin' that.

It's a burner, no serial, spare parts.

Somethin' you do. So, I know.

Not me. That's, like, fuckin' circular.

I need to know who you've been selling to.

I can't tell you that.

I got good credibility with all my clients.

Then I'm just gonna have to review all your records and see.

Now you know I don't got no records.

Why you fuckin' with me?

I wanna know who you've been selling to, especially the crazy white people.

Well, that's, like, everybody I sell to, man.

Anyone with a tattoo like this?

I just told you. You know, which is obviously...

The fuck? All right.

I'm taking these with me. The hell you doin'?

What? Hey!

Yeah, you want 'em back, call me with names.

Don't do it, fool! Taz, what's up?

Call me with names.

You are fuckin' up right now.

Don't make me have to notice you.

Call me with some names.

Hey, partner, it's Antonio.

If you want me to cover for you, at least give me a head's up.

Call me.

All right, kiss me.


So I know.

I don't wanna look surprised the first time it happens in public.

Dead serious.

Okay, got it.

Think you can fake liking that?

Probably, yeah.

I need to interview a prisoner about an open case.

Yeah, go ahead.

40054063, Soll, Toby.

Hold on.

That prisoner has been discharged.

What? When?

End of last month. Compassionate release.

The local scene is several loosely-connected gangs.

We think there's a hard center in there somewhere that's moved into armed robbery.

We're placing our agent undercover with a local asset, Sheriff's Deputy.

This is her.

This girl?

She'll look right enough next to our guy.

What's good, what's good, y'all? Hey.

Our CI has a cousin in one of the groups, a kid by the name of Toby Soll.

This is my cousin, Toby.

These guys used to hang with Billy and all them.

Hi. Hi.

Our CI will be making the introduction.

You wanna come to a party?

Fuck, yeah.

Toby, you have a visitor.

Jesus, you look old.

Course you're here.

I was just on my way out.

I'm just gonna run to the store.

Yeah. Yeah, you do that.

And, hey, just get the cookies this time.

I don't care about the fuckin' sugar. We're past that.

We'll see. Yeah, we know what that means.

How you doin', Toby?

Oh, I'm incredible.


They released me because I'm just too healthy.

Hey, do me a favor and turn that one away.

The dirty, tall, beige one, turn that so it's not facing me.

You tell one fuckin' person that you like owls, then every genius knows what to get you.

Oh, that cutesy-fuckin' thing's gonna be the last thing I see.

He's starin' me in the fuckin' face.

How long you got?

A couple months.

Why the fuck are you here?

Silas is back.

I don't wanna spend my last days thinking about Silas.

I'm bringing him in.

How do you even know he's back?

He sent a message.

Jesus, you're so fuckin' sad.

It's already started.

You're easy to find.

I don't care.

I'm a fuckin' dead man.

Come on. Do something good for once.

I gotta believe you have it in you.

I don't know where he is.

And if I did, I would've traded that a long time ago and taken my chances.

You think I chose to rot in Chino for 15 years?

You chose to rob banks.

Yeah, well, I can't give you Silas.

But I can give you Arturo.


We found ways to stay in touch, just in case.

I can get you to him. Where is he?

Oh, it's not for free.

What do you want, Toby?

Fuck you.

You could have let me go. Now this is what it costs.

Bet you'd do a lot worse for a shot at Silas.

Move in front of the owls.

Open your shirt. Open your shirt.

No. Open your shirt!

Spit on it. Spit on it.

Fuck you. Spit on it!



He's somewhere in the city.




He's at this little iglesia on the east side.

Cristo Resucitado, it's called.

He just sits there all day giving out free legal advice to immigrants.

I guess he's...

I guess he's got a guilty conscience or something.

What about you?

How's your conscience?

I didn't shoot anyone.

That girl in the bank was just fuckin' dumb.

That was on her.

Same with Chris.

He didn't have to be a hero.


He didn't.

I mean, I kinda liked him, but he chose to play, so...


Have a nice month.

Fuck you.

We were family.

Hey, Toby, I think you're lost in the forest there, buddy.

I'm not lost. He's a searcher. My avatar is a searcher.

A searcher? Yeah.

You haven't even moved anywhere, though.

I'll fuckin' arm wrestle any of these guys. I will.

I know it's in here.

What's this game called?

It's called "Up Your Ass."

And I'm going to win this fucking game.

New soldiers.

Ready for action. Yeah.

Support the troops, huh?

You gonna...

It takes total concentration and focus for this...

Yeah, sure. There we go.

Now that's what I needed.

What problems are you telling...

You see, it's fuckin' telling me two different things here.

Involve a lot of searching.

Look, guys, everyone just watch this.

That's a tree. No, no, no, no.

Tree. That's a dead end!

That's not a dead end.

It's like the blind leading the blind.

Very complicated problem.

Hey, Arturo. Ow! What the fuck, Silas?

What the hell, man?

Shit, turn it down.

Jesus! Don't do that, dude.

Let's see if it's your time.

Let's go! Let's do it.

Let's find out.



Well, come on.

Fuck that, Arturo.

You don't have to do that.

This really doesn't concern you, Chris.

This is about Arturo.

And Arturo has free will.

It's his decision.


All right, let's just...

Come on.

That's it.

Don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

You know? No judgments.

No, no.

Look here.

Do it... or don't do it.

Do it... or don't do it.


That's it. That's it.


Fuck, man! You really have to stop letting people push you around.


It's a loaded gun, you fuckin' maniac.

Aw, honey pie, go fuck this hero.

No. Go on.

Go, go.

There were three fuckin' bullets in here.

Fuck, really?


Send him out for lottery tickets, right?


Fuck. Sorry.

I'm sorry.



Who the fuck is this? It's my fucking mom.

Come on. Let's go. What are you doing here?

A friend called. Let's go.

Sorry. She's with me.

Who the fuck are you?

Come on, Shelby. Let's go.

No. Get the fuck off me!

Are you drunk?

How old are you? Huh?

23? 24?

The fuck do you care?

What do I care? She's 16.

You ever heard of statutory rape?

The age of consent is...

You gonna tell me about the law?

Mom! I ain't afraid of you!

That's enough. Enough!

Let's fuckin' go! Mom, stop!

Get out. Let's go! Out.

I don't care. You don't care?

Yeah, bitch out with that badge, you drunk-ass cop.

Get the fuck out.

She's underage in your fuckin' bar!

Partner, it's Antonio again.

Where the fuck have you been? Call me.

Dodgers back from a successful five-and-two swing back East, including a three-game sweep in Atlanta.

Walker Buehler on the hill tonight to kick off a six-game homestand at Chavez Ravine.

Dodgers start...

Ethan! Somebody needs to see you.

She's out front.


I'm workin'.

How'd you know I was here?


I saw Shelby last night.

Yeah? Where?

A bar.

That doesn't surprise me. I called you.

Some nights she doesn't come home.

Shows up at school for attendance, and then leaves, I guess.

She's staying with that shithead.

Jay. Jay.

Did you try talking to her?

I don't have a lot of time for her fuckin' issues right now.


I just pulled a case.

So you want me to deal with it?

Yeah. She chose to live with you.

So who's dead?


A John Doe. It's complicated.

It's always good to see you, Erin.

I could've taken you to a nicer place.

I like this place.

Are you still drunk?


Are you gonna keep stalking me?

I have a right to know where you are.

I need to be able to find you.

Why? Because I just do, all right?

Oh, are you kidding me?

Hey, baby. No.


Scooch over.

No. Come on.

What's up?

This is between us.

So you don't think that you did anything wrong?

You hit me.

But maybe you should go to AA or something.

A rage junkie, and shit.

We're not talking about me.

That's somebody else's fault, I guess.

Okay. I need to be able to have a conversation with my daughter right now in private.

I think she just feels safer with me here.

I need you to be at Ethan's house every night, and I need you to pull it together and get your ass back into school.

This is bullshit.

Would you stay the fuck outta this, you fucking asshole!

Shelby, come on. Come on, Shelby.


Shelby, come on.

The go-ahead run now 90 feet away.

Turner at second. Dodgers threatening in the fifth.

Still nobody out, and it's two and one to Cody Bellinger.

Nolan delivers straight back.

Oh, he just missed it.

He'd like that one back.

Nolan shakin' his head.

Can I help you?

I hope so. I, um,...

I was told...

I need to speak to Arturo Guerrero.

No. I'm sorry.

Please. I know he's here.

How did you find us?

I need your help.

Alba, she takes care of my kids.

She... She's gonna be deported.

I don't know what to do.

I can pay good money. Look, I'm sorry.

There are other places you can go to.

I can't.

I work for the government.

Please. Please help me.


Thank you.

You can follow me. Yeah.

Have a seat. It'll be a minute. Thank you.


Come on, man.



I just wanna talk.

I don't know why you're...

Okay, stop.

You don't need to do this.

I'm out.

I'm so far out.

Where is he?

What? Silas.


I don't know. Gone, I thought.

He's back.

How do I find him?

I've been hiding all this time.

Hiding from him.

I don't talk to anybody.

I'm not fuckin' arresting you.

I'm not giving you up to anybody.

Don't care about you.

I just need to get him.

Help me.

Help me get him.

Come on, man. Give me somethin'.


There's a lawyer...



He helps launder the money.

Petra still sees him for that every once in a while.

Petra's still with Silas.


DiFranco gets you Petra.

Petra gets you Silas.

So this is what you do now... legal advice.


So when's it add up to even, huh?

It doesn't work like that.

Then when are you done?

When do you think?

You can come around the side, Detective Bell.

We're in the back.

Dennis DiFranco.

You want an iced tea or something? Cold beer?

I'm having iced tea.

How'd you know my name?

"Pleasure to meet you, Mr. DiFranco.

"What a lovely home you have.

What a spectacular view!"

Arturo told me you'd be coming.

But before you get all frothy, he calls me.

I have no idea where he is.

And every time he calls, I call the FBI.

We go through all the motions.

I mean, y'know, I do know something about the law.

Ryan! What did Mike tell you about your elbow?

Get it up!

Jesus Christ. All right.

Why don't we get to whatever you've come here to accuse me of?

You're funneling money to Silas Howe, money from the Palm Springs job.

Is that what Arturo told you? Yeah.

Oh, well, Arturo's a weak and desperate man.

I keep advising him to surrender. He'd be much happier.

Why does he call you?

'Cause he's under the mistaken impression that I can do something for him, money, favors. I don't fuckin' know.

Because you know Petra.

Her father and I golfed when she was in high school, so yeah, we were acquainted.

She's a pretty girl. Fun.

You had sex with her when she was a minor. That was the fun, yeah?

She got in trouble a couple times. Drugs.

And I helped her. That was 20 years ago.


Elbow! Fuck.

Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?

Petra and Silas used you to hide the money.

I'm guessing it's almost gone.

That's why he's resurfaced.

You're gonna tell me where.

Oh, I am? Or what, you gonna take me in?

You gonna use Arturo's statement to turn me?

Can I ask you something? Have you arrested Arturo?

Is he currently in custody?

And where is your partner?

I think that you are down here on your own.

I think you're playing out some little vendetta, maybe coloring outside the lines a little.

Where's the next money drop?

I did some Googling, Detective Bell.

I know your whole sad story.

The bank.

What you failed to prevent.


You know what successful people do, Detective Bell?

They get over shit.

They move on, and they... They build things.

Big fuckin' houses on cliffs in Palos Verdes.

Would you consider your life since Palm Springs a success?

Where's the next drop?

You ever see Super Chicken?

Stupid fuckin' cartoon, old.

No? Anyway...

Every time they get in a jam, Super Chicken's sidekick would start to complain, and Super Chicken would say, "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred!"

You chose to play cops and robbers, and you lost... big.

Silas is a murderer.

You're barking up the wrong tree, honey.

And the more you insist on doing it, the sadder and stupider you look.

You know? Do you think it was your stupidity that got those people killed?

How did you think this was gonna go?

Did you think you were gonna roll up here with your badge, ask a few questions with that hang dog look, and I'd just confess?

Has that ever happened?

Show her out.

Oh, man, fuck!

God damn it!

In here.


Oh, fuck.

Are you fuckin' serious?

Clean this shit up. It's disgusting.

God damn it. Ryan!

Your elbow!


All right.

You wanna fuck around, or do you wanna compete?

You wanna know, 'cause I talked to Mike, and Mike said we gotta just make it about the basics for this game.

You talk about more than one thing... Dad!

Dad! No!

No, fuck... Don't fuckin' call anybody.

Yeah, don't call!

Your dad probably hasn't hidden things as well as he should've.


He's out of money, isn't he?

Isn't he?

Almost, yes.

When's the next drop?

You think he's just gonna let those payouts stop? When is it?

This Wednesday, Griffith Park, by the merry-go-round.

You're gonna move it up to tomorrow.

You hear me?

Do it the same way you always did it.

I'll be recording it.

And anything, anything goes wrong, it goes right to the FBI.

You got it?

Silas won't be there.

It's... It's always Petra.

You teaching him to be a piece of shit like you?

No. He's a good kid.

You don't get it.

I'm trying to help you, too.

Look at that face.

Hungry, little mutt.

You want.

What else are you gonna tell me about myself?

You're a liar.

You're a user.

You wanna be powerful.

You wanna be recognized.

You wanna be seen.

But you can't do what you want.


'Cause someone's gonna see you, and you're gonna get punished for doing what you want.

I got good news and bad news.

There's nobody fucking watching.

Ethan, what... Look, she's fine, all right?

She just fractured her wrist.

The fuck? Got into a fight.

You were in a fight?

Don't worry, Mom. I'm okay.

Don't give me that shit.

Tell me what happened. Nothing.

Nothing. We were just hanging out at this club, and out of nowhere, this guy just starts being a dick to Jay.

Out of nowhere? Whatever.

So, Jay gets into it a little with this guy, and then his girlfriend comes up and starts filming it, threatening all kinds of shit.

I was just trying to take her phone away.

And then she fuckin' starts hitting me.

Now I'm here.

You gotta go to the orthopedist in the morning.

What club?


What was the club? Some place in...

What's the name of the club? I don't know!

Oh. Hey. Hey!

Come on, Ethan. Fake ID.

You fucking bitch. Hey.

Where do you think this ends up, Shelby? Hmm?

Nobody is fucking accountable!


Hey, partner!

Fuck, Antonio. Wh... A buddy at Hollywood caught the call.

Come on. Why aren't you picking up your phone?

I needed a minute.

Okay, well I got a special agent calling me from the FBI, pushing me on where you're at and what you're doing.

What's that about?

Old friend. Old friend. Okay.

Taz Furner's all hot saying that you took a bag of guns from him.

I'm working.

Bell, come on. Deal me in.

I'm looking out for you, man.

This thing I'm on... This guy I'm looking for, I own it.

All right? It's mine. Just me.

Come on. Okay?



I'll see ya.

Back off! Back up!

Yeah, this one's serious.

How big?

Very, very fucking big.

Is it for sure?

Yeah, it's from my dad's friend.

He knows how this shit works.

It's real.

It's huge money.

What do ya think?

I think we do it.

You know? It's just...

No, I think the key to the, everything that is, is you gotta get to the Antarctica first.

You get Antarctica... How you gonna do that?

Get Antarctica, you own the South Pole.

You own the South Pole... There isn't gonna be... can control the fuckin' world.

You control the fuckin' world, you control everything, you know?

It's really what it... It's really that simple.

You know?

I'll take care of the cocaine.

What is it?

Not now.

I'm not fucking lollygagging around.

I haven't even had breakfast yet.

No, I haven't. I'm, like, doing everything.

Working like I'm his fucking slave. Like, honestly.



211 in progress.

SoCal Mutual Bank, 9000 block Aviation.

At least six armed suspects.

211-S, silent alarm.

SoCal Mutual, 9800 Aviation Blvd. Fuck.

Multiple armed suspects. Respond Code Three.

5-Adam-20, roger. Silent approach. Off-duty LAPD on scene.


Everybody onto the fucking ground!

Do you think I'm fuckin' joking? You think I'm joking? Huh?

Don't look at me!

Where the fuck you going?

No, no, no, no!

Let's go. We don't wait for backup?

This is a fucking gunfight.


I'm hit!


Help me!

She's gone!

We gotta go!

Move! Move! Move!

Let me see your hands. Let me see your hands!

5-Adam-33, multiple suspects still on the street.

Request air unit.

5-Adam-33 requesting air unit.

Witnesses at location advised three to four suspects left bank, headed east.

Automatic weapons. All units, Code Three.

Witnesses advised three to four suspects headed east. Automatic weapons.

5-Adam-20. Officer hit.

EMS needs to know if they can approach the scene.

All units on scene, secure for EMS to...

Against the wall!


Get against the fucking wall!

Take him!

Fuck you, Erin!

Stop it. Come on! Stop!

Get off me!

Get off me!


Hey, stay in there!

Lock that door!

Stay inside!

Keep everyone here!


I'm a cop.

Move! Fuck you!

Oh, my fucking teeth, Erin.

Fucked my teeth...

Shut up. Fucked my teeth...

Listen to me.

Be quiet. All right?

Very fuckin' quiet. You get it?

What are you gonna do to me?

Ow. Get in. Shut up.

Oh. LAPD. Off-duty.

You okay?

I lost her. Yeah, yeah.

Dark hair. Caucasian. Female. Five-six!

Oh, fuck!

Hey, Bell, it's Antonio. You gotta call me right now.

What the fuck is going on?

Detective Bell, this is Captain Flores, Inglewood Police.

You need to contact me as soon as possible.

Bell, this is Lieutenant Dozier.

I need you to report right away to make your statement downtown.

Where the fuck are you?

Silas will call. That's the plan.


What if, when I pick up that phone, I just scream?

You won't.

This place is disgusting.

It's your choice, being here.

It's all your choice.

Same fucking thing with you.

Seventeen years later, same fucking shit.

You can call your daddy anytime and be outta here.

You can just call up your daddy anytime. You're rich.

You don't fucking get it.

He's dead, so...

Aren't you gonna be in trouble for doing this to me?

Won't matter if I bring him in.

You know he's not gonna let you take him.

He doesn't have to let me do anything.

Oh, yeah, he does.

Why don't you just... leave it alone?

I left it alone.

He started it again.

People are dead.

He won't even fuck me anymore.

Just shut the fuck up. You're pathetic.

It's all these girls. Oh, come on.

Nineteen, 20. All new.

More whenever he wants.

He just left without me.

I hurt you.

You hurt me pretty bad.

Do you wanna help me out?

No. No?

Mm-mmm. Come on.

My gear's in the bedroom. No.

Help me out.

I'm not gonna give you that shit.

Come on, Erin. Please? Please?

Come here.

Please, Erin?


You know, seeing you makes me think of Chris.

Just shut up.

Would you?

I'm gonna die for what happened to him, right?

I doubt it.

You'll get me a deal, right?

That's the idea.

Oh, fuck.

Make it simple.

Answer the fucking phone.

Make it simple.



You're my girl, right?

I know.

Okay, I'll wait for it, then.

I'll see ya.

There'll be a text saying when and where.

You think you're fucking better than me? You aren't shit.

Doesn't matter.

You wanted to be one of us.

You wanted money, same as all of us.

You just didn't have the balls to take it.

You're no fucking better than me.

You're a cop. Fuck you.

Doing your job, but you wanted it, same as me.

Can you get the cops here pretty fast?

I think I need some help. Yeah.

They'll be here.

It's a lot of money. I mean, it's a lot.

Yeah, but how much is a lot?

Seven million. Maybe ten.


Tape's clearer than I thought.

All that wind.

Jesus Christ.

That kind of money.

I know.

You think they can pull it off?


Doesn't matter.

We got more than enough to arrest.

We should call Gil, get him to work on pulling us out.

What if we don't?

You look nice.


What's, uh... What's up?

I need you to take the money.

All right, stop talking now!

Ethan, can... No. We had one promise.

Yeah, and I kept it.

I put it in storage, and I never looked at it again.

I've never fucking touched it. Yeah, until now.

We don't even know how much it is.

I don't wanna know how much. It's gotta be at least 300,000.

Could be half a mill. I don't know.

Jesus. Yeah.

I want you to use it.

No. I want you to take Shelby and get her outta here. What?

This place is gonna fucking kill her.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Erin... I can't fix it.

I don't know what else to do.

So, what, you're just gonna check out?

You've never liked it here. You only came here for me.

That's not even close to the point.

You can leave. You can both leave.

She's better off with you.

That's bullshit.

You think that's easy for me to say?

Take her.

Let one good thing come from my shit.

I could've been that thing.

I gotta go.

Get the money.

Can I, uh, have the bathroom key?


Hey. Where are you?

I'm on my way. Sorry.

You gotta get back, babe.

No. What the fuck?


What the fuck?

Fuck. Fuck.


No! Fuck.

Fuck! Fuck!

So, what?

What do you want?



Where'd you get that?

It's yours if you want it.

If you agree, I send a general delivery to Spokane.

That's where you're from, right?

Some fucking mom you are.

Why that amount?

It's what I have.

That's pretty sad.

It's what I think it costs.

You stay in Spokane. You never come back.

You never contact her again, not even a single text.

She loves me, you know?

If you come back here, I'll kill you.

And it'll be easy, 'cause I don't care what happens to me.

I don't wanna live in Spokane.

I don't give a fuck where you wanna live.

You never contact her again, not even once.

Take the money.

I should, just to play you.

Don't make excuses for what you want. It's weak.


No one's worth this shit.

Now, you better fucking send it.

Don't worry.

She is never gonna love you, you know?

Doesn't have to.


We had no indication we were blown.

We were sent to meet a dealer contact they had.

Name him.

Use a real one. Doesn't matter. Okay. Tic Tac.

We were sent to meet a dealer we were familiar with, whose street name is Tic Tac.

Yes, I do! I listen to everything you fucking say.

Why do you fucking shout?

I'm listening to everything you say...

When he wasn't there, we called Petra to tell her we were coming back.

Look. There. I did it.

Great. Perfect. That's excellent.

You don't fucking listen to me. I do listen!

She didn't answer, which was not atypical.

We returned to the house.

No one was there.

We went to two locations we knew they were looking at.

And while we were at the first, they were already hitting the second.

It was over before we got there.

We take full responsibility for losing contact, but...

There was no forewarning, and we believe we did nothing to cause them to mistrust us.

He's got us driving on the day. That's good.

Uh, we'll be outside.

Something goes wrong, then what?

Break cover. Call it in ourselves.

Make arrests when the responders get there.

Ready? Let's go.

We gotta work out that story too.

We say they took our phones.

We made the first move we could.


We get to the meet-up. We take our share. They all scatter.

We do the after-action reports, go through the motions for a while.

Wait till it all quiets down, and then we quit.

And we're gone.

No dye packs.

No fucking dye packs in here, right?

Hurry the fuck up, I said!

Let's go! Let's go! Go, go!

Come on!

Eyes fuckin' down!

Down on the ground! Come on! Come on!

Oh, fuck. Fuck!

No, no...

No, no...

Why is he going back in?

No fucking dye pack? Huh?


Oh, God.

Come on, come on, come on, come on. We gotta go.

What the fuck?


Just go. Drive. Just fucking drive!

Just go! No.

Do it! No!

Fucking do it! No!

Go! Come on, come on!

Are you fucking cops, Erin?

Are you fucking cops?

Erin, are you a fucking cop?

Just talk to me, Erin. Talk to me.

Now tell me, are you a fuckin' cop?

Don't tell me you're a fuckin' cop.

Don't tell me you're a fuckin' cop.

Don't fuckin' do that.

Don't fuckin' turn this way!

Slow down!

Slow the fuck down!

No! No!

No! No!

No. No.

Officer needs assistance.

Why am I sitting here?

'Cause I wanna talk.

So, the worthless school shrink made me do this thing.

Like, poking around, looking for a good memory from when I was a kid.

I was like, "I don't remember... anything.

Like, nothing about being a little kid."

And it wasn't even that fucking long ago, either.

Well, I don't think I do either, so... I know.

You want me to be grateful that you didn't burn me with cigarettes, or just fucking go and leave you... No.

...and your brothers alone for a week with a couple boxes of cereal.

I never told you that.

Ethan told me that.

I'm gonna go.

Come on, Shelby, please. Just...

One second, please? Please.

Just sit down for a second.

Just stay, hmm?

I wanna go back.

I wanna...

find something...

I don't know. ...decent.

Just something...

You wanna know the one thing that I remembered with the shrink?


I mean, I don't know if it actually happened or not, but, um...

I was maybe seven, and you had come and got me from school early, said we were camping, like a surprise camping trip.

So, we went up in the mountains, and this huge snowstorm came in.

We didn't have the right gear.

And we got lost trying to go back to our car.

Did it actually happen?

Yeah. How long were we lost?


And you were so messed up.

Like, I could tell something was wrong with you because I was looking at your shoes.

They were just sneakers... and they were so wet that they were falling apart.

It was dark... and cold.

And, you know, I had, um...

I felt like...

Like, I wasn't scared.

It's so fucked up, really, but, uh...

I felt safe because I was with you.

I knew that you were strong... and that you would protect me.

But, at the same time, why were we out there?

And I kept saying that. Like, "We shouldn't be here.

Why did you take us here?"

We were out there all alone for no reason.

Like a couple of animals.

I just kept saying, "Why?"

But you wouldn't answer me.

You couldn't just answer me.

I would've taken anything, but you don't speak.

I know what it's like to grow up mad.

Well, that's not my fucking fault.

I didn't want that for you.

I'm mad. I'm still fuckin' mad. It's burned a circuit in my brain.

But it's... That's...

It's just an excuse.


Someone very important, your dad, was killed.

Ethan's my dad. Yeah, but, I mean...

Ethan's my dad. Oh...


Would you let him be, then?

It's my fault that he died.

It's my fault that other people died.


I'm not good.

I'm the one who's bad.

It's not you.

All right?

I'm sorry for lying to you.

I lied.

I stole.

And worse.

You can be better than me.

What's going on?

I... do...

love you.


That voice.

Petra's not coming, is she?


Get what I sent you?

You getting your mail here now?

There's nobody fucking watching.

But I see who you are.

You didn't get away.

Murder weapon. Smells like it comes from you.


I have a body and a gun that comes from you.

Look, Bell...

Look, this is covered, okay? Just go... lie down.

What about if I know who did this?

Well, I don't know. Then we can probably use that, Detective.

I mean, you gonna solve this right now, then, or what?

Where the fuck you been? Hmm?

Can't keep coming to work like this.

You okay?

I'm fine. I'm just a little fucked up.

Just need... need to rest.

Yeah. Do that.

Take that.

What's this?

You'll figure it out.

Tell people.

All right. Yeah.


I just need a minute. Yeah?

It's a bad idea.

I'm tired, Chris.

I've spent my whole fuckin' life scrapping, jealous, hungry, scared.

I just wanna spend one fuckin' day on the other side of that.

I know.

That's me, too.

But this isn't the way.


You gotta give me this. Please?

I need this.

You want me to say it? I'll fucking say it.

Do it for me.

For us.


Do you love me? You know I do.

Because if we do this...

you gotta promise me you're not going anywhere.

It's you and me, you understand?

'Cause that's the only reason.

Fuck, yeah. I'm in.

Listen to me.

Anything goes wrong, anything, someone gets their hair mussed, we pull the pin.

Mm-hmm. We identify. Shut it down, okay?

Yeah. Yes. And we accept the consequences.

Nobody gets a fuckin' scratch.

It's good. The plan is good.

I'm doing this for you.

Only you.

I know.

I love you.

I love you, too. I love you.

I gotta get back.

Nice ass.

It's all yours.