Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead (2018) Script




In 1789, a blood-sucking monster appeared and wreaked havoc all over the country.

This is a record about that monster.

It sucked human blood and had the ability to fly.

It was mighty strong and healed instantly upon injury.


The only way to kill such a monster is to burn it.

Life by blood. Death by fire.

Blood gave it life while fire killed it.

Over there!

Find him at once!

Scour the hills!

Over there! Get him!

That way!

Get him!

Over there! Get him

Hunt him down!

Find him before dawn.

CLASSIFIED Where is it?

Who am I?

Search everywhere!

Find him before the break of dawn!


Do you know me?

Find him! Hurry!

What is this?

Who are you and who am I?

Over there!

Shoot her!

Let's go! Yes, sir!


What are you looking for?

Why are we here? Why are we doing this?

There's a vampire here.

Vampire? What's that?

A blood-sucking monster!

Bodies without a single drop of blood were found in villages this circus visited.

There must be a vampire here.

That makes no sense!

Your magic skills are quite famous around here.

Well, let's see what you've got.

Yes, sir! I'm sure you'll be pleased.



Real swords?

Yes! He puts a man in a box and stabs it!

That's crazy.

The box is too small.

There will be room to avoid the swords.

Don't worry.

There's no room to avoid them!

Magic is just trickery. Trust me.

But I can't trust you!

Help me! Help!

It's too tight in here!

I can't breathe! Sir!



Please let me out!

There's no room to hide!

Take it out, you bastard!

Oh, my!

It's blood!

Is he dead?

Are you all right?

I avoided them all.


He's bleeding!

I said the box was too small, you son of a...


Help! My daughter is missing!


Please find my daughter!

Where are you, mom?

Mom! Where are you?



You evil vampire!

You killed innocent lives to save yours!

How dare you!

I had a hunch and it was right.

Your curiosity will be the death of you!

This time, I'll strike your head!



Let's stop now.

No, son!

You were not a vampire, but a porphyria patient?

With low oxygen in the blood, you get heart palpitations, shortness of breath and heart enlargement.

You killed innocent people to treat your illness.

My son is innocent. It's all my fault.

Though you did it to save your son, your sins are no different from those of vampires.

Do you expect to live after what you did?


What vampires?

Are you going through puberty again?

Are you having strange thoughts?

Vampires exist.

You have to much time on your hands.

You lost your post.

The women you flirt with dump you.

Do something!

It's such a pity that you think the world is so puny.

In 1742, a report was made about Scholar Choi and his servant.

The servant saw a mysterious light.

Then, Choi vanished without a trace.

And there was a peculiar plague years ago...

The world is full of unbelievable incidents.

Who's to say vampires don't exist?

Do you have proof?

Thirty years ago, a Westerners' ship headed for China ran aground in Joseon.

There are records of vampire sightings then.

Come on, sir.

Cut the nonsense and do your detective work.

You should pay me rent if you're going to stay at my house.

Stop roaming and go back to your nice house.

I'll have to get married if I go back!

If you must, why not?

I don't wish to marry someone I don't know or love.

Then, tell your father that.

It was his decision. My goodness.

You're good at speaking your mind. Can't you talk to your father?

It's your life, sir!

Just say no!

Say that you're not marrying a stranger you don't love.

I did!

I told him it's my life and he can't decide for me.


I got slapped.

He's firm.

I thought the Premier would be different.

Your Majesty!

Anticipation for the Full Moon Fest is high throughout Joseon.

People of all ages are working hard to prepare a greater fest than the one that was held 30 years ago, sir.

Recently, 10,000 people worked on fortifying our forts.

It must be hard for them to work for the Full Moon Fest too.

Thus, I shall grant a small reward to the workers.

Set rice as the only tributary.

And have aristocrats pay for the military cloth as well.

I, Premier Kim Shin, request to speak, Your Majesty.

His Majesty's mercy and heart for the people is like heaven.

However, if aristocrats pay the same as peasants, what makes them different, sir?

It will destroy the class distinction and shake the basis of Joseon, sir.

Please retract your command, Your Majesty!

Please retract your command, Your Majesty!

Even the king can't have his way with him.

Do you happen to have any physical problems in...

Why you little...

Excuse me.

Who are you?

It's scorched rice tea.

Thank you.

It has a rich, deep flavor.

I did a great job making it.

Let me introduce myself.

I'm the daughter of the owner of Yeon-mi Lodge.

How could we be of help?

Recently, while repairing the building in Ganghwa, the roof suddenly caved in and many workers died.

While burying the dead, two corpses were discovered.

One was a skeleton and the other was burned.

However, the burnt one wasn't decayed at all.

But that's not the only strange things.

While they went to report it...

The corpse disappeared!

Only the burnt corpse vanished!

Then, another incident happened soon after.

It was quite peculiar.

Some say that man was burned to death by an invisible fire.

He died, but was not dead.

He lived, but did not live!

Some say it's the revenge of those who died in the Ganghwa Hall fire.

The Full Moon Fest is taking place after 30 years.

My father has been ordered by the court to prepare it.

However, he is ill and can't see to such problems.

I've come to ask you to solve the mysteries for us.

It won't be easy.

Serial killings can't be ruled out.

I heard you are the best in all of Joseon, sir.

I'm not the best.

I'm the best of the best!

It's sad that I can only explain myself that way.

He's a little arrogant.

I see.

Let's talk accommodations.

Will it have two rooms or one with a living room?

It's one with a living room, sir.

Is the bathroom inside or outside? It's inside, sir.

What about breakfast? It's provided, sir.

Deal! Let's go.



I know who has it, sir.

Please give me a few more days.


Do you know me?

Who are you?

The guest door is that way.

The owner's daughter asked me to come. I'm a detective.

It's about the mysterious deaths that occurred here.

Your sister asked us to come and investigate.

I don't know why she did that.

I don't know of such things.

I'm Kim Min.

He's a very famous detective, sir.

He solved the fake silver case and even had dinner with the king.

I don't think he knows.

What if I explain it like this?

He got drunk before His Majesty and said, "This isn't your country, pal!"

After the rude fiasco, he was sent into exile.

That's him.

He's Premier Kim Shin's...

I'm Choi Jae-kyung. Please come inside.

Your fame has reached even Ganghwa Island!

Why you...



Sir? Did you poop in bed?

Or is it horse dung?

What is this, a barn?

It's not what she promised.

The bathroom is so far!

I almost peed on the way!

It's the busy season.

It's perfect for a rude fool.

And what's with this as breakfast?

Shouldn't they give us fried eggs at least?

This is why you don't make deals with a middleman.

I'm taking a few towels when I leave.


My sister asked you to come without discussing with me.

What happened to your father?

He's been like this for a month.

Even the best doctors don't know what is wrong with him.

A book on exorcism?

The magistrate is busy with the fest and has no plans to investigate.

When two men burned to death by a peculiar fire...


When did this happen?

Someone died the same way last night.

What about the Full Moon Fest that the magistrate can't investigate?

Since the country was established royal officials would all gather to celebrate.

His Majesty will be coming this time.

The magistrate must want to keep things quiet.

Please catch the killer before the Full Moon Fest.

Just by me being here, the killer is practically caught.


I'm called a detective and a shaman too.

As I can find a killer just by looking at the corpse, I'm like a possessed shaman who knows everything.

Shall we begin?

Is he usually like that?

He's worse, sir. He must not be feeling well.

He's bragging less than usual.


Do you know Mr. Song Pil-geun? Yes.

He was burned by the ghost fire!

There's no such thing as a ghost fire!

His servant saw everything! What?

The body burned, but he saw no fire!

No way!

Sir! Are you all right?

You must have gone weak, sir.

I thought you were going to fly all the way back home.

That's not it.

The footstep is-- It's mine.


I knew that.

Don't tamper with the crime scene!

The burn mark looks like a man! How weird.

Do you the what's the most painful way to die?

It's burning to death.

But the way he died shows no sign of squirming in pain.

It means that he couldn't move before he was burned.

An invisible fire-- And...

I know the killer always returns to the crime scene.


Can you see the person with a bamboo hat behind you?

He keeps looking this way.

Hey, bamboo hat!

Aren't you going to apologize after bumping into me?

How rude.

Rude? Me?

You bumped into me and didn't apologize.

How dare you try to touch my clothes. If that's not rude I don't know what is.

How dare I?

How dare you! Wait!

Mind your language! Where are your manners?

Stay out, servant.


Did you hear that, sir? She called me a servant!

Sir! Be careful!

Are you all right, sir?

I'll get you!

Do you know me?

The monk?

Do you mean the Buddhist monk on the poster?

Did anyone come for his body?

You're the first to come for him.

So, all you know is that he's a Buddhist monk?

Why do you ask that?

All right then. Wait! Show me your identification tag.

Who are you, sir?

Didn't Mr. Choi Jae-kyung mention us?

Are you the detective from the capital?

Yes. There's no case I can't solve.

I'm the best detective in-- Excuse me, sir.

Where did she go?

I wish to see Song Pil-geun's corpse.

That's impossible, sir.

The magistrate gave orders to never show it to anyone.

Of course not if the magistrate said so.

On second thought, maybe he didn't say never.

There is no such thing as never.

You could sneak a peek at night. Good.

I'll come back at night. Yes, sir.

What did you draw, sir?

Isn't she the woman from before?

That lady.

Did you notice?

Well, she was a bit odd and very strong.

She's pretty.

Not again.

Why would you draw a pretty woman at a time like this?

I need it to investigate.

Investigate, my ass.

If you want to meet her, just say it.

She's there wherever we go!

That means she's connected to this case somehow.

Then- - Maybe she's chasing us.

Us? Why, sir?

Sir! It's me!

You must find out who she is and why she's after this case.

Yes, sir.

This rough chap looks suspicious.

It's a woman.

And she's pretty.

I see you are farsighted.

Forget it. I'll find her. You can go back home.

No, sir!

I'll find this man... I mean woman.

His posture and the soot in his nose tells us that he was burnt alive.

It appears we're here for the same purpose.

Would you like to take a look?

Or shall we fight and bring in the guards?

An invisible fire.

It seems he was fatally wounded before being burnt alive.

Then, the wound must be somewhere.

While burying the dead, two corpses were discovered.

The burnt one wasn't decayed at all.

Only the burnt corpse vanished!


Is it a real vampire?

The arrow precisely struck the heart.

He didn't just want the blood, but to kill him.

"Yeom" means to stain.

The killer is trying to say something.

Perhaps, it was a forewarned murder?

This letter has something to do with staining or dyes.

Go to the painting plant and meet the painters for clues.

I'll search the dye house here.


Why are you here?

How long will you follow me?

I saw someone being burnt alive.


I'm not sure.

I'm not sure where, who or why I remember that.

He must have been killed by something that looks like a human, but is not.

Something that looks human, but is not?

Are they really strong and fast?

And heal fast if they get hurt?

Do you know about vampires?


Vampires are immortal.

They don't get hurt or die.


I have a question.

You were definitely in my memory.

Do you know who I am?

When you become a monster, you lose your memory.

If you want your memory back,

drink blood.

Are you all right?

You fool!

How dare you disturb the laws of this world!

I know that you're behind the ominous deaths!

How dare you try to live by killing innocent people!

Innocent people?

Who? Shut your mouth!

Do you think you can get away with murder because you're immortal?

I know how to banish you!

Do you want to remember?

Then, watch this carefully!

Sir! What happened?

We must get the arrow out. Hold him down now!

That's a good idea.

But aren't we in the same class? Stop giving me orders!

What are you doing now?

I will do it, but watch your tone.


Are you all right? Yes.

Isn't she odd, sir?

Did you sense it too?

Did you too, sir?


I thought she was strange from the start.

She goes around alone.

She talks down to you and gives commands.

She's out of this world, sir.

It all adds up to one thing.


She's crazy.

Crazy girls don't wear flowers on their heads these days.

Try all you want, but you can't fool me!

When you become a monster, you lose your memory. Drink blood.

She fought off a vampire. Is she one too?

No, she's can't be.

If she is, she can't be fine in the sun.

And she wouldn't have saved me.

If he catches the monster before I find my memory...

But she's similar to him.

He's arrogant, but has a useful brain.

She's quite arrogant.

But her ability to fight him is quite useful.

With my brain and this woman's body, we can catch the monster.

What should I do?

My brain and...

Seo-pil's body!

Damn it!

This woman's body!

Did I say that out loud?

It's not what it sounded like.

I mean your-- If you help me, I'll help you catch the monster.

But you can't ask anything about me.

Agreed. But what should I help you with?

I lost my memory.

I want to know who I am.

All right.

But there's one problem.

What is it? You talking way too casually to me.

Then you talk casually to me too. Really? Let's do that then.

Wait. Maybe not.

Is she really crazy?

By the way, how did you know the dye maker would die?

The arrowhead from Song's corpse had a letter which means to stain.

My clever head figured out it's a clue to his next killing...

The arrowhead! The arrowhead!

Oh, no! Brother!

Who's that? My goodness.

Must be the dead man's brother. What?

He only has a younger sister.

Right. He does.

Then, who am I?

Well, I'm...

I'm his sister.

Then, who is he?

Well, I'm her husband-- He's the servant of my house.

His name is Bang-ja.

Greet me.

Hello, ma'am.

He's dressed in disguise to protect me.

The body will be examined soon. Please be quick.

Of course, sir. Let's go.

Thank you, sir!

A servant?

Find the arrowhead, Bang-ja.

Are you all right?

My lady lost consciousness from the shock of her brother's death!

Oh no, my lady.

I'm fine. Put me down.


Put me down! Let me off!

Pretend you're asleep, will you?

People will think it's odd if you don't.

Do you really not remember anything?

I don't even know my name.

Then, let's make one.

My name?

We'll have to go around together like this.

I can't just call you, "Hey" or "You."

And I'm an outstanding name maker.

Listen and choose.

Gae-sun, Gae-ttong, Gae-ja, Gae-mi, Gae-sae, Gae-suk--

Don't be cute with me.

Let's see.

Your fair skin is like the moon.

"Wol" means moon and "Young" means eternal oblivion.

How about Wol-young?

Wol-young... That's a pretty name.

GYO Simplified Chinese character of "Gyo."

It could mean someone who makes ox hide glue.

It could also mean shinbone.

So, it could be a hunter or a butcher next.

That's so weird.

I haven't seen her eat in days.

Even if your parents die, you feel hungry.

Why won't she eat?

I knew a crazy girl back home.

She'd run around everywhere without eating for almost a week.

And do you know how strong they are?

They can drag a couple of men without breaking a sweat.

You should be careful, sir.

Don't get involved because she's pretty.


The flower suits you.

Now, let's see you smile.


Don't act pretty. Just smile like the others.

See? She's crazy.

Let's go home. Yes, sir.

Ouch! That's hot!

I'll protect you, sir!

Stay still!


What about me?

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

You got cut. How could you be fine?

Let's see. It's okay.

Don't be stubborn! Give me your hand.

Who were those men?

Why do you change subjects?

You saw it.

Some people can heal faster than others.

What if I'm not human?

What if I'm a monster like him?

You're not a monster.

Vampires can't last in the sun like you.

They crave human blood, but you don't.

So, you're not a monster.

How can you be so certain?

I can't control my powers.

I can even sense the air passing through me.

When I smell blood, I feel a suffocating thirst.

At this rate,

I could bite your neck like that monster.

You may become a monster after biting me, but my neck is fine.

Your fear of becoming a monster means you're not one yet.

All I see is a good person who's afraid of becoming a monster.

Aren't you afraid of me?

I trust the human in you, Wol-young.

I trust your will not to become a monster.

You're stronger and more upright than any man.

I'm not afraid of you.

I'll always keep my neck open to you.

Why don't you use the front gate?

I've searched throughout Ganghwa. I can't find her, sir.

This is...

Is there no sign at all?

No, sir.

I think she left Ganghwa.

Give me that.


Can't you find her?

Do you get it now?

Have you seen her?

Forget it. Go back home.

No, sir. I'll stay and protect you.

It's okay. Just take good care of yourself.

Then, I'll be going, sir.

Use the gate! Yes, sir.

But am I the monster in this book?

Does this look like me?

I don't look like this!

My teeth are straight.

Also, it says vampires burn in the sunlight.

But I'm fine!

That's for vampires who sucked human blood.

So if I suck blood, would I be afraid of sunlight too?

Vampires must drink blood to survive.

If they don't, they'll go weak.

Then, they'll die!


You're actually scared of me, right?


What's so funny here?

I could hear you outside!

We've been through thick and thin and we spent so many time together.

How can you ditch me for a crazy girl?

You'll regret leaving me someday, sir!

You're so lucky, bitch.

If I ever bite someone, he'd be the first.

By the way, sir.

I must have menopause.

I keep getting hot flashes.

See? I'm burning inside!

I'm hot! Get back! Don't do this!

Get back, sir!

What are you staring at?

Get ready! We have to go!

Don't be a burden on us.

She won't budge. Why you...

Stop! You're asking to die!

What's with you, sir?

What are you doing? Stop it, sir!

Are you a pervert?

What's wrong?

Get away! Stop!


Did it really say "gyo" on the arrowhead?

Why? Do you think I can't even read?

Just let me see.

No way! I'm mad that you think I can't read!

I'll bite you!

It's a simplified character.

Simplified characters were made to--


It's two characters instead of one.

I knew it was Wol-gyo.

Of course, I knew.

I was right again.

This pond is called "Wol-gyo."

Ganghwa Hall used to be here.

Ganghwa Hall?

Some say it's the revenge of those who died in the Ganghwa Hall fire.

Then, the next victim must be connected to this place.

If the fire here was plotted to kill innocent lives, is he killing those involved to get revenge?

That ghastly fool!

He must have his reasons.

The monster must have once been a human too.

Like me.

There was sadness in his eyes.

Didn't you lose your memory?

How do you know about Ganghwa Hall?

I'm not sure.

It just came to me.

I saw Ganghwa Hall here.

Was the arrowhead pointed to Ganghwa Hall?

The next victim is connected to the fire 30 years ago.

Ask realtors and find out why Ganghwa Hall is gone.

I'll investigate more on Ha Byung-eun.

He must be Ha Byung-eun's father.

Why would he hold a sacrifice instead of wishing his son's spirit well?


Have you forgotten?

Did you think it was over?

Did you live comfortably after you watched me die?

Just as you murdered my wife and son, I'll destroy you and your family!

Forgive me!

I deserve to die!

I couldn't protect you to the end.

I'm sorry.


Ganghwa Hall? Yes.

I heard Ganghwa Hall burned down 30 years ago.

What happened?

It wasn't just a fire.

It was treason.


They say that the Crown Prince was poisoned there.

So, the Jeong family was annihilated and a pond was made there.

Then, did the Jeong family own Ganghwa Hall?

He killed your son!

Who is he?

Jeong In-yul!

The Jeong family has been loyal to the king for generations.

Jeong In-yul and his father were very loyal too.

But they were executed for plotting treason.

Jeong In-yul.

He's back from hell!

Jeong In-yul.

A royal award?

For those who reported the Crown Prince's murder?

Hong Jeong-ho, Song Gap-young, Ha Il-ju...


Hong Tae-mun, Song Pil-geun, Ha Byung-eun!

He killed the sons of those here in order!

There must be two more names.

Choi Il-kyu?

Choi Il-kyu? The owner of Yeon-mi Lodge? Yes.

The land and building belonged to the Jeong family.

But after they died, everything went to Choi Il-kyu.

Then, the next target must be his son, Jae-kyung.

He knew his turn would come, so he read up on monsters.

Jeong In-yul.

He's getting revenge on those who reported the treason.

Today is the 12th!

What about it, sir?

Hong Tae-mun died on the third.

Song Pil-geun died on the sixth.

And Ha Byung-eun died on the ninth!

There's no time!

We can't fight a vampire with our bare hands!

Then, how do we stop it, sir?

Strike it with silver or burn it!

If you don't burn its heart, it could be revived with blood.

The killer will come here tonight.

He has extraordinary skills and won't be easy to fight.

You must shoot...

You must shoot him with fiery arrows!

Yes, sir!

Jeong In-yul!

You and your father poisoned the Crown Prince and committed treason!

But you want revenge?

Rather than repent, you took innocent lives!

You will pay for your crime!

Pay for my crime?

You'll die here too!

Did you say pain?

What do you know about never-ending pain?

How dare you tell me to pay for my crime!

Put him down.

Though you seek blood now, were you not once a man of honor?

Since your memory isn't back, you must not know how you died.


Do you think your death was different from mine?

When you remember how you died and who killed you, you'll become just like me.


I won't be a monster like you.

Drink blood.

Find your painful memories and get revenge on the day of the full moon!

You must live!

Do you want to turn me into a real vampire?

Why did you try to give me blood?

I wanted to save you.


What if I bite you?

You'll become a vampire too.

Do you wish to live on innocent blood?

Even so, I would never drink someone else's blood.

Then, I'll bite Seo-pil for you, so you won't be lonely.

Being with the crazy girl, made you go crazy, sir.

Yes, ma'am.


There is no warning this time? There must be another target.

Seo-pil? Wake up.

Let me hold your hand.

I said wake up!

I'll bite Seo-pil for you.

Get dressed already!

Yes, sir.

Someone will die in three days.

We must find the last informer before then.

Choi Il-kyu must have the royal award too.

Why would he hide a proud certificate?

Was he ashamed of it?

The full moon is in three days.

It's when the spirits' powers are the strongest! Wait.

The Full Moon Fest...

His Majesty will be there!


Please run away.

I can't protect you any longer!

What do you fools want?


Stay back. I'll handle them.


I'm immortal now, sir.

My body is on fire.

I can't control my new powers!

Seo-pil! Actually-- Listen!

I'll have mercy and give you time to run.

Or else, today will be your last day as humans!

Foolish thugs!

I'll feast off your blood!

I drew the bite marks on you!

You have what I want.

If you give it to me, I'll go quietly.

This will help you decide.


When I awoke in the mountain, a monk gave it to me.

About the case 30 years ago, maybe the perpetrators and victims should be switched.

Those thugs are trying to hide something!

What did they want? What was inside it?

It was a scroll with strange secret codes.

Secret codes?

My clever brain would have solved it!

What a pity.


Why you little-- What?

I remember!

Secret codes are written with certain patterns.

If you find the pattern, it can be read.

Where's that clever brain of yours?

Where is it, sir?

I knew it!

I was wrong.

Could you write up another one?

Right here! Just bite him!

Get back, sir.

You're confusing me!


They used Korean alphabet!

The first and third lines are consonants written with vertical symmetry.

The middle line has vowels drawn with triangles.

The circles mean "A." The triangles mean "O" or "U."

Circles with lines mean "E" and so on.


I knew it!

Those who reported the treason were the real traitors!

What do you mean?

It's a conspiracy pact.

The Crown Prince's death was fabricated!

Those who poisoned him framed it on Jeong In-yul and his father as treason!

So, is Jeong In-yul getting revenge on them?

What do you know about never-ending pain?

I don't know how he became a vampire, but by killing the traitors' sons, he wanted them to suffer more pain than death.

He'll kill the last traitor's son next!

Song Gap-young.

Ha Il-ju.

Choi Il-kyu.

And Kim...

And who, sir?

Kim Shin?

Kim Shin?

Is it your father, sir?

Jeong In-yul knew.

How dare you tell me to pay for my crime!

He knows I'm the last informer's son.

Kim Shin?

What brings you here, Min?

Give me blood.

I want...


The subjects are watching.

Let them.

I should hold my beloved's hand on a night like this.



My Prince.

Our son must have had a bad dream.

What happened 30 years ago?

Jeong In-yul is the one who called me here.

Jeong In-yul died!

I saw it with my own eyes!

If you don't tell me, I'll hear it from him.

I did it for you!

Did you make a wish?

Yes, sir.

I wished for His Majesty's quick recovery, Your Highness.

You make me an unfilial son.

How is that so, Your Highness?

The world knows you tend to His Majesty every night.

I just did what a subject should.

I was kidding.

Your Highness?

What did you wish for?

I wished for Joseon to be returned to its owner.

Joseon belongs to His Majesty and you, sir.

A king should not be the owner of a country.

The people should be.

Joseon doesn't belong to the people now.

Those who must work for the people rule them.

They make factions and fight to keep what is theirs.

They try to control the king and alienate others.

They frame their opposers as traitors.

They're the ones who own Joseon.

When I become king, I'll take Joseon away from them and give it back to the people.

I trust you will, sir.

Do you see the lanterns?

Do you know what the people wished for?

The people make small cries.

It's their leaders who raise their voices.

Joseon doesn't need people to talk for the civilians.

We need people to listen to their small cries.

I want to make it so that civilians will not suffer from hunger and pain.

Did you find anything?

It's been long since I sent you to Ganghwa Hall.

Promise me first, sir.

Did you find a way?

Tell me.

Why are you hesitating?

Do you wish to see your entire family be annihilated?

What is it?

The Crown Prince has passed away!


But how?


Please run away! Your father's been arrested!

My father? Why?

He poisoned His Highness...

That's preposterous!

Your Highness! You must leave at once.

What do you mean?

Where is His Highness?

The young prince is in danger. Please change.

Let's go.

Where are you going?

You know very well that my father would never do this.

He's been framed!

Those who killed His Highness will be after the prince.

Your Highness! Please follow me.

Your Highness.

Please sit here.

They won't come here.

Thank you.

How could you come in here?

Haven't you heard about this ship?

It's a revolt.

We must protect the prince until things settle down.

In-yul! Run away!

Protect them no matter what!


But it's treason, sir! I can't do it.

You fool!

It's not treason.

The Crown Prince becoming king is treason!

He's filled with absurd ideals! If he becomes king, Joseon will fall!

A country does not thrive on ideals alone!

The only way to save your family is to bring down the Crown Prince!

What are you doing?


Could you please let the prince live?

Open the door.

Open it now!

Just let the prince live!

Please save the prince!


It would have been better to die than to beg for life.

You fool!

If I didn't do that, our family would have been annihilated!

I abandoned my friend and the Crown Prince to save you!

Do you mean this is all because of me?

Did you do all that for me?

Then, what makes me different from the monster?

I lived well in a family that thrived on innocent blood!

Then, I'm a monster too!

Scour the area!

Yes, sir!


You must survive.

Search there!

Find them!

Don't let them get away!

Over there! Corner her!

Run! Get her!

Corner her and catch her!


If snow falls before the balsam fades, I heard you can meet the one you miss.


Where did you hear that?

It doesn't matter for me if the balsam fades.

Even if you can't meet the one you miss?

I'll live with you and Father forever.

I won't miss anyone.

You were Sun.

You were my son, Sun.

I didn't even hold your hand.

You died...

before even calling me Mother.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Your Highness!

I, Jeong In-yul, was disloyal in being deceived by a greedy friend.

I will punish him for harming the Crown Prince and prince.

I'll burn everything he owns once and for all!

He will come tomorrow during the Full Moon Fest.

That puts His Majesty in harm!

We must reveal everything.

Even if I must die, I'll reveal your crimes, Father!

Lock him away at once!


Stay back!

I'm their owner's son. They'll never harm me.

Stay back or else, this sir...

This fool is dead!

I said stay back!

My toe!

Are you all right? I have gout!

What are you doing?

I'll protect you! Grab the reins!


My gout!

Were you scared?

Were you scared people will disdain you if they own Joseon?

Were you scared you'll lose everything?

Were you scared my young son will live and reveal your sins?

I've been waiting.

I could strike you in the heart.

Please don't hesitate, Wol-young.

You must be so angry to have to come back like this.

I must die so your anger can be resolved in the least bit.

I hope this will pay for some of my father's sins.

Your father did not only take away my life, but my son and husband too.

We just wanted to be together.

That's all we wanted.

But you enjoyed the last 30 years upon their unjust deaths.

And you're asking me to kill you just like that?


I'll kill you again and again!

I want to know who I am.

Perhaps, you lived in the distant past.

Maybe 100 years ago?

That long?

Then, I'd be so old.

How? Shall I call you granny?

No! I'd rather be called a monster.

It was exactly 30 years ago.

I became a monster trying to save you.

But you!

To fill your filthy mouth, you killed the Crown Prince, my father and me!

Jeong In-yul!

I know the truth about your unjust suffering!

I'll reveal everything, so stop this!

The truth?

That's right.

Tonight, the truth will burn you alive!


Die, you evil monster!

Do you call me a monster

even after knowing what your father did to me?

How dare you call me a monster?

Thirty years ago, you became a monster to save a friend.

But now, you killed innocent people for revenge and threatened His Majesty's life!

You're just a monster!

Now, die!

Your Highness.

You've done enough.

No, Your Highness.

He must die to finish my revenge.

Those who made us into monsters are all dead.


It's over now.

I don't know how to stop.

My father is still alive in my heart.

His Highness and the prince must be alive in you too!

I can't stop here.

You know very well that we should not have come back to life.

We're just monsters who crave human blood.

Though we've gotten our revenge,

we can only live on the blood of innocent people.

We've done enough.

It's time to go.

I, Jeong In-yul, shall go to the Crown Prince first.

Forgive me, Your Highness.

Your Highness! Please go inside!

What is time?

Please hide from the sunlight!

Waiting is only possible in time.

But the balsam stain remains...

Will I meet the ones I miss?

I missed you so much.

Thirty years ago, Kim Shin poisoned the Crown Prince and framed the Jeong family.

All his assets and servants will be seized.

Although his son revealed everything, Kim Min must also be beheaded to uphold the law!


I heard you've gone a crazy. But it seems like you've gone completely crazy.

He's coming! He's coming for me!

Who? Who's coming for you?

He came in my dreams.

He said he's coming for me!

You're so weak for a young fellow.

If you're a man, state your name!

If you're a ghost, go away!

It's me!

I waited so long.

Your Majesty!

You're already dead.

Kim Min no longer exists in Joseon.

There are many things you must do for me in secret.

What did His Majesty command?

A month ago, in Andong, the dead started to come back to life and eat people.

The dead? Yes!

Yes. The dead.

They are called zombies.

Oh really?

Good luck!

Wait! Come with me!