Detour (2016) Script



You're here early.

Good morning.

Did you have breakfast?

I'll get some bread in a bit, and you?

Stop eating that!

Those are nothing but MSG.

That grandma needs to earn a living too.

You're really nosy.

Use that to get yourself a girl.

Stop nagging, and buy yourself breakfast and get me a cup of coffee.

As always, you're such a sugar daddy!



Why? Why me?

How old are you this year?

I'm 39.

Ah, 39.

Why are you still single?

I'm getting the axe because I got no family?

Several candidates have families and they begged the boss.

You know they are desperate.

Some slicks got taken off the list.

So I get fired? That's not fair!


The HR team must've made a mistake.

So don't worry.

I'm golfing with the boss on Sunday, so I'll put in a good word.

Morning. Good morning.

I heard it's your last day.

Yeah, it's bittersweet.

So you'll be admitted right away?

No, I'm leaving for New Zealand in a few days.

Why there all of sudden?

Their alternative medicine is quite advanced.

And my boy could study English, it's a win-win situation.


Anchors, standby.

Always be healthy.


Good morning everyone, this is Today's Issue.

Here's your first story.










Dad! Yeah?

What's this?

This is called a guitar.


Yeah, it's an instrument.

When did you learn that?

I was in a guitar club in college.

Can you play?

Should I?


It's been a while.

You doing well?

Well, you know. What's up?

BC's father passed away.

The funeral's in Jeju, you wanna go?


I'm going with Su-tak, it'd be nice to catch up.

Can you make it?

Yo ass-kissing ass muncher!

It's been too long!

You've been well? Of course!

You look good in the suit, off to a runway?

And you're underdressed for a funeral.

I don't collect suits.

So I took it from my dormmate and the sleeves are short.

How do you explain your shoes then?

His shoes were too small to borrow, ass tickler.

Watch your mouth! You're approaching 40.

What's with the nag already?

Joong-pil's right, we're hitting 40.

Let's stay classy.

Your boy's well? Of course.

You don't age at all, is it because you're single?

Come on, dude.

Why do you look so tanned?

The studio lights are harsh, occupational hazard.

That's weird, your co-anchor's pale.

She's cute, eh? She's my protégé.

Great work ethics, great personality.

Nice tits too.

Her titties. Are they natural?

Her figure can't... JANG Su-tak!


She's his protégé. So what?

Sorry if I offended you, I haven't had sex in a while.

Watch your mouth!

Eun-dong's a public figure.

Get me laid or I'll taint you two's public image.

Shut your mouth! We're going to a funeral!

So? You won't get me laid?

I said, shut up!

What's wrong with that? Sex, sex, sex!

What a creep!

Sorry. Let's go.

Hey, get me laid!

Joong-pil, sex! Go away!

Joong-pil, sex! Ass slapping sex!

Stop saying my name! Sexy sex!

What the hell happened to him?

Give him a break.

For what?

All he does is study.

Heard about the elimination of bar prep?

A little.

He should've went to law school.

His family aid dried up, and law school costs millions.

He temps at a grocery store, and even construction too.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to see Sun-mi.

Did you like her?

Who didn't like Sun-mi from the club?

Like it?

This isn't fit for a funeral!

It's so money!

You're a dick.

What? I got a huge dick?

Enough already! Come on, dude.

We'll take a cab, so see you there.

Let's go. Yo ass hair!

Shut up!

Hey, Joong-pil, buddy.

Let's just hop in.

Get in, come on.


Let's get going, go go!

I knew you would.

Shut your trap! Let's go!

Okay, let's go!

How did you rent this car?


Since I paid for this, you guys get other expenses.

Listen to that bullshit! Clean words, clean mind.

Watch it! The center line!


Don't cross the line, asshole!

What did Eun-dong just say?

Clean words, clean mind!

Hey! Truck ahead!

Another car! Watch out!

Goddammit! Su-tak!

Why are we here?

A plate of the sawedged perch is customary in Jeju.

Excuse me. Yeah.


Who's buying this?

Eun-dong? Bon apetit.

How much was the rental car?


And how much did you actually pay?

$80. What?!

This is highway robbery!

You pay $80 for a rental, and eat $250 fish?

$260 is the going rate, so I contributed $10 more.

Are you kidding me? Let's not fight over food.

Look at this bastard, he's always been a cheapskate.

Sorry for being a cheapskate.

Don't have to be, you'll pay for the hotel.

What? What hotel?

I got the car, he's got food, so you obviously got the bed.

We're going to a funeral, why do we need a bed?

We came all this way, I'm not sleeping with a corpse!

Set him straight.

Let's at least sleep comfortably.

KIM Eun-dong!

We get a room, stop by at the funeral, then straight to the hotel bar to pick up chicks.

Are you here on a tour?

If that fails, we'll go to a private bar.

You two will pay.

This is utter bullshit!

Ass poker, stop swearing!

You son of a...!


What's with you?


You okay?

Ass fucking dick cheese!

Remember what you said to me?

'Physics will only get you a high school teaching gig.'

Your words led me to 13 years of bar exam prep.

I lived like a second-class citizen, without food and pussy, in a tiny dorm for 13 years, like the Count of Monte Cristo!

Having lived such a worthless life, is it so much to ask to sleep in a spacious hotel, thanks to my gracious friends?

Xie, Xie. Zai jian. Xie, Xie.

Got a room for 3 gents?

I'm sorry, but it's a full house.

But it's off-season.

I'm so sorry.

Jeju's like that now.

Because of so many Chinese tourists, all the hotels and motels are full.

But why a hostel?

Hotel's full!

Then we could go to a B&B, hostel's too cheap!

It's a mixed dorm.

Is that so?

Happy? Totally.

So shut the hell up. Shutting up.

Mixed dorms are common in Europe, I didn't know we had some here too.

Make eye contact with a girl, then we shag.

That's not acceptable.

Mr. GYE Joong-pil +2, right?

That's correct.

I received your call, I'm Titicaca staff.

See how the sun is up? Yup.

The weather will change suddenly.

How come?


This way please.

Take 3 beds by the window, washroom's over there.

There's a rice wine party at 8, if you'd like to attend, come to the front yard.

Have a good one.

Oh yeah!

That thing you mentioned on the street...

Oh that? Shagging?

I know you were joking, but this is a place of courtesy.

Please be respectful of the people here.

Dipshit, you made us total perverts!

Don't pick on me.

Talk some sense into him.

I don't care, I need some rest.

Get up, we got a funeral, hotel bar, and pussies to get into.

You go! Go right ahead!

We'll rest up here.

Cheapskate, my money.

What? For what?

The hostel costs only $60, he spent $250!

And you only paid $80.

You'll call it even with only $60?

Then cough up $170.

And I'll spend $190 more.

Stop it, why don't we go to that wine party?

Why the heck for?

It'll be like going back to our college days.

Fuck that melodrama! All I want is sex!

Did you arrive today?



Will you come to the party later?


I thrive in my own solitude...


I'm Na-rae, I turn 29 this year.

I came to Jeju about 3 months ago.

I temp here at the hostel and at tangerine farms.

I was a graphic designer for a portal site, but now I'm on a sabbatical.

My name is Jimmy, I'm 24.

I work at a VC firm in NYC.

I came here to see my parents' country.

I'm 22, and I study Journalism.

I recently broke up, so I came here to recoup.

My name is Ruby, and I'm 31.

I quit my corporate job 2 years ago, and now I run a small yoga class in the city.

I'm JANG Su-tak, and I'm thirty... five.

I work as a lawyer at Lloyd & Spencer.

Lloyd & Spencer is a renowned British law firm.

Just a bit.

Are you three all lawyers?


He's a TV anchor.

Wow, an anchor!

I thought I recognized you.

Thank you.

I love your voice too.

He's married and has a kid too.

Your boy's 6, right?


Show her his photo.

You love to show off.

And him?

He's single like me.

I bet you're popular, why aren't you taken?

He's prepping for bar exam.

Sorry, bud.

I'm so sorry.

He told me not to mention it.

Sorry, buddy. I really am.

Don't be ashamed.

Having a goal is something to be proud of.

Be strong!

I'm ready to throw in the towel.


It's pathetic.

Everyone's settling down, but I'm old and alone.

But at least you have dreams.

Screw that!

The thing about studying for the bar is, it's about raising one's status for greed.

GYE Joong-pil!

Don't give up and pass the bar, and right the wrong in this ugly world.

If I'm after a such noble cause, I'd rather be a children's book writer.

A children's book writer?

Our generation can't be salvaged, I'd rather focus on children, and seed values that are worth saving.

Let's turn the mood around!

Raise your glasses!

Great to meet you!

So happy to meet you.

Where's Su-tak? We got a funeral to attend.

Let's go tomorrow, we're all too drunk to drive.

What a night...


Should we take a walk?

I saw that coming.

It's a great age for love.

Remember our trip here as sophomores?

Those were the days.

Those really were.

So nice.



Su-tak played the Alhambra really great earlier.

I guess you guys could become great musicians.

Why did you stop?


I really...

like you.

What's up?

You two?

Well, nothing.

Wanna walk around the beach?

Sure, I'd love to.

And you?

I'm okay.

Come with us.

It's okay. All right.

Put blankets on them.

Shall we?



Where's everyone?

It was full earlier.

It's noon and they all checked out.

Dang it.

Why do you laugh?

Lao niu chi nen cao.

What does that mean?

Old cows love sprouts.

That voice, though. Thank you.

It's a shame that all the young girls left, right?

Of course not.

I wonder what you wanted to do with them.

It's really nothing like that.

What will you two do now?

We're gonna go for a walk nearby.

We got some free time too. Can we join you two?

We're not sprouts, is that okay?

Come on now. Not at all.

What you said yesterday was impressionable.

About what?

Wanting to become a children's book writer.

Did you put sunscreen on?



It's not necessary.

Don't underestimate Jeju sunlight.

Give me your hand.


Put it on properly.

Did you know, former US president Carter was a children's book writer too?

Is that so?

It's about a baby monster called Snoogle-Fleejer, he made it with his daughter in his retirement.

He wrote and she drew.

Great family, huh?

I'm really interested in children's books too.

I want to make cute drawings but haven't met a writer yet.

Do you have any stories in mind?


I'll tell you when we become friends.

Don't be like that.

It's Joong-pil.


Where have you been? We were looking for you.

What for?

Did you see my hairpin from yesterday?


Weird, I thought I dropped it when I was with you.

Who cares about a hairpin?

Just buy a new one.

She inherited it from her grandmother.

Let's check over there too, just in case.


Why there?

We walked that way last night.

Let's look for it together.

Not interested.


What's with him?

Don't be like that.

I was in so much pain, but I had to continue.

So I went on with my swollen face.

The chief asked why I had a candy in my mouth.

What was his name?

That's so funny! Don't remember.

'The thing is, chief, I have to finish the news...'

And did you?


What're you doing?

Oops, I was gonna pee.

You're an ugly Korean.

Get away from there, a gust of wind could be fatal.

You kids go ahead. I need a toilet break first.

When I went to the hostel yesterday, I met the most boring person on earth.

Yeah? Who?

He tried so hard to be funny, but that made it worse!

I think I know him.

How did he look like?

Yo stretched asshole!

I met some girls from another YH.

What? 'YH'?

Youth Hostel, ass spray.

You son of a...

One is an aspiring anchor, she's got questions for you.


So what then?

We move to their YH, drop by at the funeral then fun times with the chicks.

Why'd they hang out with old men?

I already picked them up on the Olle trail.

Bullshit, they probably used you as a Sherpa.

Shit, what if I kiss one of them by end of the day?

If that happens, I'll eat your shit!

Fine, ass and hole! You're the witness.


Ready to take it!

Let me get a taste, dipshit! Here you go, ass hair!


You okay with that? Ruby really took a liking to you.

It's all good, this is where I draw the line.

Why? Afraid of a scandal?

No one recognizes a cable TV anchor!

What do bachelors know about anything?

And you're cool?

You got a thing going with Na-rae.

Look at this guy.

There's something!

Gay ass lover.

Come out and say it, you always complicate things.

Shut the hell up!

That's the YH ride!

Why don't you go back to the hostel and get the car.

Take it. Let's go!

I'm so jealous! About what?

The sprouts, I know you're moving to the YH.

No, not me.

It'll be a wild night! That must be fun!

But do young girls like older men nowadays?

He doesn't look too old.

Playing games is fine, but for a relationship...

I'm not like that at all.

Anyway, you'll probably drink a lot.

Yes, very likely.

Come over afterwards, we'll treat you to hangover soup.


Hey! Why're you sitting alone?

Just because.

Were you being honest?


What you said last night.

Oh, that...


Feeling munchy?

Eat this.

Thank you!

Whoa! What was that?!

Wash your hair for once. Whatever!

Why does your hair stink like feet?

You stink like feet.

Sorry about that.

No, it's okay.

So were you being honest?

It was a joke, you fell for that?

You got me thinking.

How come?

Why? Did it work?

Why would it?

Sounds like it did.


You got a thing for me?

Stuff your mouth with that.

Did you have a good time with BC?


In the pine tree forest.

You're asking if we kissed?

Did you? What if I did?

Just a kiss?

Not likely, not with a stinky hair girl.

Joong-pil's here. Get in!


Come before the BBQ party!


Stop playing and give me the address.

Mt. Sanbang Hot Spring Land.

Hot spring?

I talked to Sun-mi, and she wants us to come tomorrow night for 'Ilpo'.

What the heck is that?

It's a Jeju term for 'a night before burial, it's customary to offer condolences on Ilpo.'

YTN's KIM Eun-dong reporting.

Isn't the burial tomorrow? It's the 3rd day of the funeral.

You are incorrect on that, according to Jeju tradition, funerals are 4 or 5 days long.

Why is it so complicated! Just go to the funeral!

Take a right to Mt. Sanbang. Oops!

It's so relaxing.

Where's Joong-pil?

Here he comes.

Look at that hot bod.

You must workout often.

Nothing else matters, only size matters.

His is big enough.

Not at all.

So much talk for a silkworm dick.

Hot water causes shrinkage, but my hard dick is ginormous.

And mine isn't?

You wanna see how hard it gets?

Stop it, you're too old for dick measuring contest.

If you're so confident, make it hard.

What a creep.

Ass licker, you know you'll lose.

Then make it hard first then! This is so embarrassing!

Why are you surprised?

You've seen it before.

Hot water enlarges mine, I guess.

Son, are you being good to mom?

I'll be home soon.

I'm okay.

I'm perfectly fine.

You miss me that much?

Okay, I miss you too, I'll come home soon.

I love you too.


Hey, Mr. Anchor!

It is you!

What a coincidence!

I know, I'm so happy to see you again!

What about the girl last night?

It didn't work out.

You couldn't close the deal?

You play guitar?

More like air guitar.

Why didn't you play last night then?

This isn't mine, it's the YH's.

Is that so?

It's good to see you. Me too, bro.

There's another one.


The food is here, where are the boys?

I wonder...

Look, here they come.


It's a sorority.

Maybe from all-girls school.

So you girls from the same major or club?

It's a club, a Christian club.


Here comes our pastor.

My innocent young sheep, let us pray.


Although this world is corrupt These souls are offering themselves to you...


Stop the car. Stop! Wait for me!


Can you give me a ride?

Where are you going?

Drop me off at the bus terminal!

Get in, we'll drop you off.

Where are you guys going?


What a load of shit! We can't pick up girls there!

We can go our separate ways from there!

I want fresh abalone, not a rotting one.

If you're up for it, I have a place in mind.

I heard there's one place that goes absolutely wild.

A wild night? It's a YH called 'Match', I'm told it's great at matchmaking, all the hotties go there.

That's our stop. Funeral first!

If we go now, we can join the second round, otherwise it's too late.

That sounds fun. Not you too!

Jimmy, aren't you an American? You got a soldier's accent.

You're a soldier, right? I knew it.

Why did you lie? You're a handsome fella.

Girls hate soldiers.

You came to Jeju to pick up girls?

Jeju is not a place for that, it's a holy motherly land!

But bro! Give soldier a pass!


Where's that piece of shit?

Could you pour me one?

I do a mean palm reading, let me read yours.

You'll do well with younger guys.

You said you're 35?


Bastard, I'm 37!

You're all babies, pour me a glass.

What the fuck, little fucker!

You bloody bastard!

Why're you cutting me off!

Can't you see everyone's bored?

And you're a barrel o' fun?

More fun than you, obviously.

Goddamn bastard!



Get back here!

Let's talk about this.

You son of a bitch!


You're a dead man!


But I never let it get to me

♪ Vigor and passion kept ♪ ♪ me alive in my 20s, ♪

♪ Dreams and hopes in my 30s ♪

♪ Poor fighter, but never loses, ♪

♪ Fight till you cannot ♪ ♪ fight anymore! ♪

♪ Yeah! ♪

Good morning!

That was great. Where did you learn that?

I was an underground rapper before the draft.

What's with the shirts? Going somewhere nice?

We're going to Hyupje with Jimmy.

Why there?

When traveling to Jeju, you start counter clockwise and start with Hyupje, and all the crazy hostels are there.

Today is my last day here, so I want to have one last wild night there.

What about the funeral?

Don't worry about it.

I'm joining Jimmy after the funeral.

What happened?

Mr. Anchor.

Ruby, what're you doing here?

She sprained her ankle, she needs to see a doctor.

How did it happen?

Get in the car then. Can you walk?

Then allow me.

Come, come!

Put her in the front.

Sorry, Ruby, you okay?

Sorry. It's okay.

What about you, Na-rae?

I'm okay, I need to take the bikes back.

There're 2 bikes, anyone want to go with her?

No, no, I don't know how to bike.

Su-tak, you go with her.

Are you nuts?! I gotta look after Ruby.


Yeah, you go with her.

I'm driving.

Get out, we gotta get to the hospital.

Why me? You're already out.

Why're you so selfish? You'll let a girl walk alone?

But why me? You go!

Get out of the car! I don't want to!

You really don't have to, I can take both.

Come on, man!

It's really great here, isn't it?

Still mad about what happened earlier?

Earlier what?

Because I didn't want to go.

It's not because I don't like you.

What happened to your face?

It's... from a fall.

Everyone had one.

We all fell together.


Did something happen last night?

I hate liars the most.

Why didn't you come today, we really made hangover soup.

Was it a wild night?

Not really...

Why not? Sprouts are great.

They came to pledge their chastity.


They were from a Christian youth club.

♪ Bros in the house, ♪ ♪ riding a red convertible ♪

♪ Jimmy Choi from ♪ ♪ Manhattan in the house ♪

♪ Got the groove and gypsy ♪ ♪ guitar, it'll blow your mind ♪

♪ So don't lose this big chance, ♪ ♪ sweet sweet, sweet honey! ♪

♪ I'm yours, you're mine, ♪ ♪ we'll go all out tonight! ♪

Why do you keep staring?

Are you still mad?

What if I still am?


My bracelet.

I must've lost it.


But why do you...

I saw it fall off earlier.

Then you tripped because of...

Tell me about your work, what stories do you have?


Children's books. You said you'd tell me.

Not yet.

So we're not friends yet?

No, it's not like that.

Then tell me, I even treated your wound.

I'm starting to feel bad.

It's about a knight who loved a princess.

They really liked each other, but had trouble expressing themselves, and hid their feelings.

Then she was proposed by a prince, and the knight married another woman out of anger.

When he found out that she was still pure, it was too late.

When he couldn't let her go, he leaves his wife, but he couldn't overcome the class barrier.

So he goes to a war to earn the nobility, but the princess moved on and got married.

Feeling lethargic, the knight gives up the war...

The knight is an idiot.



He should've fled with her, not go to war.

But the sentiment of that era...

Anyway, it's not a great moral lesson for kids.


The can is going up the hill.

This is the Mysterious Road.

Mysterious Road?

It's a downhill but it looks like an uphill.

So we were walking downhill as if going uphill?

Yup, like idiots.

'Love land'?

Didn't know about this place. Let's go check it out.

Look at those hearts! Hearts!

Even the entrance is romantic!

So it's not the romantic love...

Should I get a refund?

No, we're all adults.

Let's go in.

That's nothing.

Is that really possible?

You've never done that?


What's this?

Let's see.

I guess you spin this?


It's nothing.

Seriously! Come sit.

You okay?

Don't come near me! Stay back, stay back!

Okay, okay!


Sorry that took long.

Looks delicious!

Is it good?

Try it.

I'm sorry.

You know what?

Girls like dogs more than idiots.

DIRECTOR PARK I'm really sorry, but could you just resign?

Son of a bitch!

You don't have kids, so you can start over easily.

If you're desperate, go kiss the boss' butt.

Nothing's preventing the HR from keeping you.

But you did have a disciplinary action.

Fuck your fucking mother, you fucking fucker!

You're destined to be with a younger guy.

Oh yeah?

Are you doing it right?

Your kids, you'll have 7 children!

How can I give birth to 7 kids?

With great effort.

Exactly how?

You douche, you know shit.

Give me your hand, let me read you.

That's all right.

Keep reading.

Jimmy, could you go buy some rice wine?

What's with your make-up?

Is it weird?

No, it's really hot.

How many bottles?

We got some leftovers, so about 10 more.

Yeah, hurry up!

I'll come with you. But your ankle.

You can stay with me, I'll read your palm.

It's too heavy for Jimmy alone, could you go help him, sweetie?


Okay, I'll help him, sweetie.

Jimmy. Yes, bro.

Are you...

interested in Ruby?

Why do you ask?

I sensed that you were into her.

It's just that she's being really good to me.

So you are.

But won't it be too awkward?

She's so much older, at least 10 years.

She's like an aunt to you.


Do you have a crush on her?

If so?

Will you let me have her?

Come on, she's not a thing.

I'm just feeling bad for you.

You're young, a great rapper.

Why don't you hit on those young college girls?

Ruby's not interested in you at all.

What? Why?

You're a big shot lawyer, but she doesn't care.

She's an emotional person, and her heart is set on me, so even if I help you out, things will go sour, and no one'll get anything.

So you won't back off?

If you had a chance, I would, but no dice.

You're just a bootcamp uniform, what the hell do you know?

Bro, I had a taste of what's out there.

So go hit on a fresh pussy, and leave the seniors to me!

Bro, this is my last night, so don't get in my way.

You son of a bitch!

I'll get the rice wine alone.

Please head back.

What's with your hair? Like a punk rocker.

And you're starring in a musical?

Hey, hey!

What's with you?

What's wrong?

Life happened!

What's with you too?

That motherfucker Jimmy is after Ruby.

Still, he doesn't deserve the profanity.

I really like Ruby.


I'm in love with Ruby.

Since when?

It was love at first sight.

If I step back, that fucker'll harass Ruby.

Fuck, how can I fulfill my noble love for her?

Let's drink.

Love shot! Love shot!

Love shot! Love shot!

More! More! Drink! Drink!

Everyone's favorite random game!

I'll drink for her.

Kiss! Kiss!


Could you feed me some snack?

Come on, feed me, I won't bite you.

You must be really drunk.

We should go. Huh? Why?

You're drunk. Let's go.

I'm not drunk at all.


That was just a burp.

Let's go.

You're done. Where we going?

You're drunk!

I'm totally sober! Let's get back!

Wait, I'm really okay!

Fine, you're not. You're so sober.

Wait! Don't touch me!

That uniform is desperate to get into her panties, how can I go to sleep?

It's officially none of your business!

I love her, didn't you hear me?

You fucking idiot, did you have a single moment of connection?

You're only interested in her physically!

What the hell do you know, fucking asshole!

You're a loser who lost your girl right in front of you!

What does he mean? Don't mind him.

Remember the college trip?

Fucking idiot.

Why is this dipshit bringing up old memory?

Fuck you, asshole.

You still haven't gotten over Sun-mi.

All your ex's looked like her.

Great story.

Stuck in that dorm did wonders to your creativity.

You gave up bar prep when she got married.

Be a man and let it all out.

You wanted to pass the bar because of her, right?

She's an upper-class, so you wanted to even things out!

Shut the hell up! Stop it!

I liked Sun-mi too.


I gave up on her because of you.

For a fucking chump like you!

Fine, just stop it!

Love! Is about courage!

She wanted a brave man, not a wealthy lawyer!

What the fuck do you know?!

Hey, Su-tak, you okay?

Let go.

Asshole, just watch me.

I'll show you what courage looks like.

4, 5, 6! 7, 8.

9! 10!


Don't trust him!

He's a fraud!

This guy is a soldier.


He's pretending to be a Yankee to pick up chicks!


Ruby, wait!

You stay here, I'll go after him.

Someone go with her, it's dangerous at night.

Why are you making a scene!

I did it for you!




Did you see Jimmy?

No, I can't find him.

That stupid idiot.

Why did he have to lie?

Girls don't like soldiers.

Truth comes out when they start dating.

He probably wasn't after that.

I really don't understand.

He could've said he wanted a one-night stand, he didn't have to lie.

It's not all his fault.

To girls, qualifications are the best aphrodisiac.

Not all women are like that.

Can you date a man without thinking about that?

Of course.

Even if he has no future and don't make much money?

Who cares about that.

If I like him, I could be the bread winner.

What about me then?

I'm sorry, I'm not really this forward.

You made fun of my make-up.

Well, something bad happened and I was on the edge.

I was fired earlier.

Aren't you a bar student?

That's, uh...

Did you want to sleep around like Jimmy?

No, that's not it at all.

Then why did you lie to me?

I really am not.

Why'd I lie about being a pathetic loser?

You meet so many creeps in Jeju.

Using sympathy to pick up girls.

I'm not like that.

Stay back.

Na-rae, I can explain, but it's a long story...

Sun-mi's getting married.

So she's really doing it?

Marrying that doctor?

No, with BC.

What? Bullshit!

She was engaged to the doctor.

I guess she relied on BC after the breakup.

Hey! Su-tak!

Where you going?

JANG Su-tak!

Get him! He's not himself!

What happened? Now!


I love you.

I'm so in love with you.

Don't you get it?

We barely know each other.

That is irrelevant.

What's relevant is,

the feeling that I'm feeling for you.

And what exactly is that?

♪ This is the moment ♪

♪ This is the feeling ♪

♪ This is... ♪ Isn't that from Jekyll & Hyde?

It's the feeling of the first bite of Tom Yum Goong.

It comes at me awkwardly, but it spreads all over, like warmth enveloping me.

I've never known this feeling since my first love in grade school, it's this feeling.

It's not sinful and filthy desire, but of pure love of morning dew.

He's not wrong there.

Don't be afraid and come to me.

I'll climb a thousand mountains to have you, but all you need to do is smile to have me.

That's quite enough.

If it is my last night on earth, I want to have dinner with you.

Because when I'm with you, time stops and we'll live forever.

Hey, you okay?

You okay?

Su-tak! Where you going?

JANG Su-tak!


Did you get him?!

Where is he going?!

He can't go to the cliff!


He'll jump! He's gonna die!

Fuck, JANG Su-tak! You son of a bitch!

Su-tak! JANG Su-tak!

Su-tak! JANG Su-tak!

Stop! JANG Su-tak!

What the hell are you doing!

Stupid potato ass.

Go away.

You fucking moron.

Don't kill yourself over some humiliation.

Asshole, you think this is about tonight?

I'm humiliated every single waking minute.

Dying is all I think about because living is humiliating!

Okay, fine. Let's talk about it.

Stay back! It's dangerous.

Stay back, asshole!

JANG Su-tak!

Motherfucker, go away! Don't come any closer!

Think about your parents.

What'd they do when you die!

Why should I go on?

All I do at my age is eat and shit, what good am I?!

I'm being a bad son just by being alive!

Then find something.

If you just look, you'll find something!

You think I never have?

The world is as bleak as they come, fucker!

What does a corporate lapdog know anything about hardship!

Fuck all that.

I worked like a dog for a decade.

Then fired overnight for no reason, how is that fair?!

You got fired?



I don't know, I don't fucking know!

I don't know! Goddammit!


You're not alone.

You're not the only one.

We're all in a tough spot.

Holy shit...

No one at our age is truly happy.

They're all just getting by.

Don't talk so recklessly. You got everything.

I got cancer.

Liver cancer.


So, do I win?


Don't be melodramatic, it's not incurable.

Why did you tag along in that shape?

Come on, the day is breaking.

Sun will rise soon.

Fucking douchebags.

We should head home.

When's the flight?

Let's stay longer, we're all unemployed.

You guys should, but I need to head back.


I miss my kid.



The funeral...

We can still make the burial.

Wouldn't it be weird to drop by now?

What do we do?

Hello? Anyone home?

I'm TV anchor KIM Eun-dong.

May we borrow your suit?

Could we borrow your suit?




SUITS RENTAL Hey, hey! What're you doing!

Watch out for the car!


What took you so long?



Don't cry, you dipshit.

Don't cry.

Don't cry, asswipe!

I'll take that.

You were crying like it's the end of the world.

Why did you cry so much?

And what's with the look?

We'll explain later, it's a long story.

Honey, do you recognize him?


He's a network TV anchor.

Was it KBS?


Right, YTN.


Yeah, it's a news channel, so you might not know.

She wants to grow up to be a reporter.

Eun-dong, when she goes for a job interview, please pick her.

Of course!

But you better study hard.

Hear that?

Was he your first love?

What do you mean?

She said her first love is among one of them.

Wait, I wasn't your first love?


Could it have been you?

You hear that?

So it was me.

Come on!

My mom really likes handsome guys.

Definitely me.

Thanks all for coming.

Don't mention it.

Sorry for coming like this.

Let's meet up in Seoul, you have to fill me in.

We'll call you.

You guys must be tired, we'll head off.

Mom! Yeah?

Oops, I almost forgot, thanks, honey.


Take this.

What is it?

It's a Jeju tradition.

They give toilet papers or detergents to funeral guests.


Gentlemen, this is really good stuff, so use little bit at a time.

Especially you, Joong-pil.

Why aren't you married yet?


Got a girlfriend?

Fat chance, not with that temper of his.

Grow up!

If you have someone in mind, just push forward.

You overthink things.

She's right.

He'll do what's best, don't nag him.

We better go.

Take care.

Say bye. Good bye.

Take care. See you.




Stupid idiots.


Let's go!

Not getting off?

You go ahead, I'm gonna stay longer.


I dunno.

I feel something good might happen here.

Your studies?

Okay, good luck.

I'll call when I settle in.


What for?

Take it.

Forget it, you're unemployed now.

Go buy a pair of shoes, dick butt!

If you got a business plan, let us know.

I'll invest.

Me too.


Go away! I'm sick of you.

I need the key.

I'll call you. Stay healthy.

My family's picking me up, wanna go for dinner?

Let's do it next time.

Come on, my wife wants to see you.

Not today, I got stuff to do at home.

Okay, I'm flying out next week, so come see me before then.

Sure, I'm off.

Call me.



My boy!

Have you been well?

Of course!

Give me a kiss! That was too long.

How are you?

He missed you so much.


Honey, where did you get that?

One of your friends found it on the ground.

Which friend?

Well, not the anchor, or the ugly one.

They gave you something off the ground?

It's pretty.