Deuces Wild (2002) Script






What happened? What happened?

Allie! Allie!

Oh, my God!

God, Allie!

Oh, God. God.


I warned you, Marco. Fucking warned you.

I told you not to sell him drugs.


It was the summer of '58. The year the Dodgers left Brooklyn.

The summer Dion and the Belmonts were blasting out of every car radio, and the summer that I first fell in love.

It was the summer Marco Vendetti came home from prison, and the streets of Sunset Park ran red with blood.

My brother Leon started a gang called The Deuces after our brother Allie died.

Our job was to protect the block.

-Leon. -Hey, Fritzy.

-You need anything? -I'll let you know, kid.

But it was a local mob guy named Fritzy who really ran the neighborhood.

He pretended to be everybody's best friend.

Get yourself an ice cream.

But he was only in it for himself.

Scooch. Center field.

On the corner of Sixth Street and Second, The Deuces ruled.

-Hey, Pops. Grandson gettin' better? -Guatemala. Is good.

-Hey, what? -It's horrible.

We hung out at a candy store called Willie's, where we ran bootleg cigarettes, illegal fireworks, and did a little bookmaking on the side.

Hey, we had to make a livin'.

-And the throw to second base... -Come on.

They play like little girls, here. What are we, here, throwin' underhand?

Scooch. We're havin' fun. The Dodgers lost again.

The usual, Scooch.

I told 'em. They ain't gonna win in Los Angeles.

They shouldn't have left Brooklyn.

My father, I never seen him cry...

-Hey. -Hey.

Last game at Ebbets Field, he wept like a baby.

-How are you? -All right.

You know what? Fuck the Dodgers.

Fuck Pee Wee, fuck Jackie, and fuck the fuckin' Duke.

Don't say that, Dommy! Don't say, "Fuck the fuckin' Duke."

Hey, listen, everybody knows he signed your friggin' glove.

Get over it. They left.

-I ain't rootin' for 'em no more. -'Cause you're a fair-weather fan.

Come on, now.

-Screw you, all right! -Let's go outside now.

-What's this? -Bridesmaid's dress.

Pink taffeta. You like it, huh?

You know what I like you in.

Who's gettin' married?

My cousin Antonella, out in Bay Ridge. You're comin', right?

Another cousin gettin' hitched? How many more are there?

People do get married, Leon. It is somethin' people do, you know.

Willie, is it suddenly gettin' hot in here or what?

So what do you wanna do tonight?

-Hey, you know this fucking kid? -Who?

-This kid. -Who's that?

Hey, asshole.

You know whose turf this is?

This is Deuces' turf.

Are you fucking listening to me?

-I'm deaf. I'm deaf. -He's making fun of you!

Shut the fuck up!

-Hey, Leon. -What?

Come here, there's a fight.

Fuck you're doing?

What are you doing?

This kid was disrespecting our turf.

I think he's one of them Garfield boys or something.

This ain't a Garfield boy. Ain't one of those pee-wees.

This is Betty Anne's little brother. Her deaf brother.

Nate, big guy, go home.

You hit one person a year. It's a deaf kid.

Well, how the fuck am I supposed to know?

His mother should hang a sign around his neck or some shit.

Father Aldo, we're up here.


Thanks, buddy.

You missed a spot.

Hey, Father. You wanna come up here and help me?

That's your penance.

I hear Marco Vendetti is comin' home soon.

I thought you should know.

Give me your word nothing's gonna get outta hand.

Give me some more of that polish, Scooch.

You know the first thing I'm gonna do when I get outta here?

I'm gonna get me a nice cold beer.

A slice of Sicilian, a nice piece of ass.

Gonna find that rat motherfucker who sent me here.

I'm gonna slice his motherfucking throat from ear to ear.

Mark the son of a bitch.

Not bad, huh?

Not bad.

It looks all right.

Who put this on the window?

Carnival. Not bad. Could be a good spot.

A good spot, yeah.

-Make us some money. -Make us some money, yeah.

Philly Babes.

Get away from there.

-Where's Leon? -What's it to you?

He told Mikey Festo he was gonna break his head if he rented us the store over here.


Let me ask you somethin'. Since when did he become the landlord?

Since yesterday. You didn't read the paper?

Tell your brother we're movin' in over here.

You or any of your guys try to stop any of my guys and you're dead.

Over my dead body are you gonna move junk into this building.

Who said anything about junk?

We're talkin' about a little numbers action, some broads, Mario Lanza on the jukebox.

-Relax. -Don't tell me to relax, you son of a bitch!

Watch your mouth, you little prick.

Come on.

Come on. I ain't runnin'.

Go hang out with the other girls. There you go, you punks.

We ain't runnin'.

Squeal, pig!

How do you like them apples, fat ass?

You boys all right?

Do I look like I'm all right, you moron?

Get me outta here.

Help me get this guy outta here.

-Hey, Bobby. -Let's get outta here.


It smells good in here, Ma.

It's comin' from next door.

Well, what are we supposed to eat?

I started to make the cacciatore. You know, it was my Allie's favorite.

The onion made me cry.

What about makin' my favorite, Ma? It's a dish called food!

-Fucking starving. -Watch that mouth!

What you talk like that to me for?

-Hey, Ma. What's goin' on? -Nothin'. Making dinner.

If you would take the money we give you and spend it on food instead of fucking booze...

-Stop! -...we would have some fucking supper!

-Hey! -No! You gotta buy booze!

Hey! You're talkin' to your mother like that!

Get outside.


-I can't take this anymore. -Don't worry, Ma.

I'm gonna go to the corner. I'll get somethin' to eat.


What's the matter with you, huh?

There's been a truce on this block for three years.

Did I tell you to break it?

They were disrespectin' you, Leon. What am I supposed to do?

Droppin' bricks off the roof? What are you, fucking crazy?

Cinder blocks. They're bigger.

It's just a game to you, huh, Bobby? I gotta answer to Fritzy for this.

One of those guys might die.

What's Fritzy got to do with this?

Nobody moves in Sunset Park without his okay. You know that.

So you're just gonna let 'em move in?

You lost your fuckin' balls or somethin'?

You don't run The Deuces. I do...

And I don't back down from nothin'.

There will be no junk on this block, ever.

But we're gonna do it my way.

If I ever hear you talk to our mother again like that, I swear to God, I will crack your fuckin' head open.

Hey, I'm here to see Fritzy.


Come in.

Get this kid somethin' to drink.

-What do you want? A soda or somethin'? -No, thanks.

You know...

Bricks don't fall out of the sky in this neighborhood unless I'm throwing 'em.

You understand?

Yeah, Fritzy.

Now, Philly Babes is one thing...

But his car?

That really got me angry.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I'm gettin' calls from Mikey Festo.

Who are you to strong-arm anyone?

It was no disrespect to you, Fritzy.

You know, he's gonna rent the store to Philly and his crew.

They're gonna deal junk out of there.

If I ever hear that word out of your mouth again in my club, that'll be your last word.

This ain't your block.

We all know what happened to your brother Sal.

-I'm sorry for your... -Allie.


His name was Alfonse Michael. We called him Allie Boy.

Allie Boy.

We're all sorry for your loss.

But he was a little junkie, wasn't he?

Wasn't he?

Yes or no?

Yes or no?

Yeah. Yeah.

Mikey Festo doesn't own that store.

I do.

And I'm gonna do whatever I want with it. So mind your own business.

Wear your jackets, sing your songs, do whatever the fuck it is that you kids do.

Just stay out of my way.

Allie Boy.

You movin' in?

That's smart. You're a clever boy.

Where'd you live before?

President Street.

Yeah? Always there?

Well, before that, I crawled out from between my mother's legs.

You got any more questions?

What, are you just gonna stand there, or are you gonna help me?

That's Vipers territory. I'm a Deuce.


That's funny.

Come on. It's just a line in the street.

Not to me. I'm sorry.

You're a real Prince Charming, you know?

Give me that.


It's heavy.


Hey, Bobby.

-Come here. -I'm talkin'.

Get up here, now.

-Hey, Annie. -Hey.

She's nice, right?

The little fox with the ponytail?

They ain't foxes. They're the Velvets.

Do you know the one I was just talkin' to?

Yeah. That's Annie. Annie the Ice Cube.

What do you know about her?

She's Jimmy Pockets' sister. That says it all.

What? They're related?

See, I told you we should have killed that bastard.

You stay away from her. We got enough trouble.

Hey, I just saw you out the window.

What the hell you talkin' to that Deuce for, huh?

None of your business.

Look, everything in my house is my business.

Could you give me a hand with these boxes?

-They're kinda heavy, you know. -No.

You're such a helpful brother, Jimmy.

Hey, I let you live in my house, right?

You wanna live on the streets, that's fine with me.

I catch you talkin' to that Deuce again, you're outta here.

You can take that crazy mother of yours with you.

She's your mother, too, Jimmy.

Come on.

Ma, come on.

Ma, what are you doin'? Please.

I'm sorry, okay?

Got a pepperoni pie. Table four. Ready.

-You're terrible. -I am terrible. I'm starving now, too.

I don't know.

She is hot.

She couldn't be as hot as this pizza.

What do you got, the red line to hell in there?

Is it the same one again?

-Hi. -Hi.

That's terrible.

She looks like the woman that...

-Is there anything on my face? -No, you're good.

You'll go crazy, right?

You again?

Are you here to take our order?

Yeah, what do you want?

I want you to take it on the arches.


Get out of sight. Scram. You know, disappear.

So, listen, Annie.

How do you know my name?

I know a lot of things.

So, anyway, I was wondering...

What were you wondering, Wonder Boy?

Are you going to the feast on Friday night?

Who's asking?

Well, I mean, I'm probably gonna be there.


Where's our pizza?

-I'm really hungry. -I mean, I'm dying.

Are you still here?

Why is he still here?

All right.

-He's cute. -Yeah.

He's all right.

So, how did you do?

-She likes me. -I knew it.

I'm here to see Marco Vendetti.

Hey, we got a new fish here.

Right over there.

-What the fuck happened to you? -Them Deuces.

Punks ambushed me when I was checkin' out the club.

I'm lookin' over my shoulder everywhere I go now. Paranoid as a fuck.

I got a limp that's gonna be with me the rest of my life.

There goes your dancing career.

-Yeah, that's funny. -No, it's not. You're an embarrassment.

If you weren't my cousin, I'd break your other arm.

I'm sorry.

You'd better get that club, Philly. I got big plans for that spot.

-It'll be ready. I promise. -All right. Don't mess this up.

Get me a sit-down with Fritzy. Tell him Marco wants to see him.

-Why? -Just shut up and do what I say.

Look at you.

You're fuckin' pathetic.

Come on, Vendetti. Time's up.

Tell The Vipers to crush them fuckin' Deuces, all right?

They've gotta answer for this.

Yeah, nice to see you, too.

You know what I'd do to her, Dommy?

-You'd boff her, Jack? -Yeah.

-You know how good, Dommy? -Really good, Jack.

-Where do these girls live? -France.

France. Where's that?

I think you take the F train.

The F train.

Good God.

They got Elvis. God damn, what's next?

Yeah, I got more peach-fuzz on my balls than he's got on his head.

I wouldn't shave my head if they attacked my bedroom.

Looks like my gym teacher.

-Hey, Leon. -Hey, how's it goin', Scooch?

-Got any De Nobles? -Yeah.

Well, gimme a box.

-Dad, get me a pretzel. -Shut up.

You're like your mother. Always got your hand out.

Money don't grow on trees.

-How much? -Twenty cents.

Daddy, please.

When I tell you to shut up, you shut up.

Leave him alone.

Hey, do yourself a favor and mind your own fuckin' business.

This is my kid. I do with him what I want.

That's because of you.

-Yeah? -Yeah.

Leon, stop! It's okay! It didn't hurt!

Don't touch him again. He's a good boy.

-Get outta here. -Bunch of punks.

Get outta here!

You want a pretzel? Come here.

A little mustard on the pretzel?

All right. You go home to your mother.

Thanks, Leon.

Oh, my God. Come on. Come on. Come on.


Holy shit. There must be 15 of 'em over there.

I didn't know they had so many guys.

All right. Fuck this shit!



You crazy?

Come on!

Get outta here! Get off the street!

Get off the street!

I guess we're goin' to war, huh?

Yeah, well, that's what happens when you all do somethin' stupid.

Well, maybe it's for Marco's homecoming.

Look, it don't make any fucking difference.

You gotta listen to what I'm tellin' you. No fightin'.

-We can't just chicken out, right? -We can't do that, Leon.

-I say we beat their fuckin' brains out. -Yeah.

What, are you deaf? What did I just say?

Leon, they challenged us. Why are you goin' soft on me?

Watch it, Bobby.

All right. You know what?

You guys wanna be pansies, that's fine, but I'm gonna have no part of it.

I need a little time to think.

Go to the feast. Just stay cool. That's all I'm askin'.

Hey, I hear The Vipers are gunnin' for you.

Yeah, so what else is new?

You want my guys ready?

I mean, in case... In case you come up short, you know?

-I'm just here for the babes, Freddie. -Right. The babes.

Well, look. We're there for you if you need us, okay?

The word is you'll need us. They got an army, you know?

-See you, chief. -Yeah, see you.

You got some change, Father?


Place your bets. Place your bets.

-Thanks. -Hey, feelin' lucky?

Fancy meeting you here.

So, what number you gonna put your money on?


You must be feeling lucky.

That's a 100-to-1 shot.

I always go for the long shot.

Hi, handsome.

You sure you don't wanna go to the feast, Leon, huh?


I been to that feast 20 times already. What am I gonna win, another kewpie doll?

I got me a kewpie doll.

You like me, don't you?

I feel sorry for you.

There's a difference.

Yeah, that's why you were up all night screamin' my name.

I must have been havin' a nightmare.

Talk about a nightmare, livin' in that house with your brother.

You don't know the half of it.

You know, he labels the milk so no one else can drink it, and then he spends the whole day in the bathroom shootin' scag and drinkin' beer, and then he thinks drinkin' a glass of milk is gonna keep him healthy?

He's crazier than my mother.

You think that's crazy, you should see my house.

Hello, Jack. Man, where you goin'?

Hey, Jackie.

Hey, don't touch me.

Please don't touch me. Please stop. Please.

We just wanna talk to you.

Put 'em up! Put his arm out! Come on!

We got a winner, huh?

Which one you want, little lady?

That one.

-This one? -Yeah.

-There you go. -Thanks.

Shit! It's Little Jack!

Hey. Hey, somebody get the guys!

Somebody get some help!

Jack, you okay?

Hey, Bobby. Bobby, man, they jumped Little Jack.

They jumped him, man.

-Take it easy. -He's all right. He's all right.

The Vipers jumped me in the park.

I'm gonna kill 'em!

All right. Cool it. Cool it. We gotta get Leon.

Hey, Scooch, you know where Betsy's baby-sittin'?

-Yeah. -Go tell Leon it's going down in the park.


-Bobby, man, you want my guys now? -Yeah, all you can bring.

All right, man. You can count on us. We'll be there.

Let's get these motherfuckers!

They jumped Little Jack.

-Call an ambulance. -You'll be all right.

-Guys, come on! -No more fightin', Bobby!

I'm sorry. I didn't do anything wrong.

I'll get it. I'll get it.


-Leon. -What's wrong?

The Vipers jumped Little Jack. Come on, hurry up.

-Where? -The park.


Hey, where's Freddie?

He's dead if he don't show.

No way, Moof, not us.

-Let's do it. -Let's fuckin' do it.

You gotta be kiddin' me. Little Bobby.

Where's your brother?

Don't worry, he'll be here, you fuckin' grease monkey.

He ain't comin', fuck-putz. What do you got, huh?

Look at him. He's a punk.

Come on!


Get him off me!


Son of a bitch!

It's over.

It's fuckin' over.

Better run!

-Go on! Get out of here! -Let's get the fuck out of here.


Bobby, are you all right?

Can you get up?

-Come on, let's get outta here. -Give me a minute.

Tino, are you okay?

Let's go! Come on! We still got more coming! Let's go!

Bobby, what happened, man? It started already?

What are you talking about? It's already over.

You guys are something else.

Where the hell were you?

Move! Scatter!

Let's scatter!


Allie Boy?

It's Leon, Ma. It's Leon.

Go get him.

It's okay, Ma.

It's okay.



Oh, God.

God, that hurts.

Stop fidgeting, Wonder Boy.

Stop being such a baby.

There we go.

-Is that Christmas music I hear? -Yeah.

What the hell? It's, like, 115 degrees.

My mom has a thing for Christmas music, that's all.

Just don't pay no attention to it.

Round yon Virgin, mother and child What has Leon told you about me, anyway?

What'd he say?

-Nothin'. -Nothing?


I bet he told you I was a slut, right?

No, nothin' like that.

He just said you were cool.

That's the trouble with guys. They lie.

They've got fuckin' lyin' mouths.

We wish you a merry Christmas

-Hey, you want to see something? -What?

And a happy New Year Come with me.

-Where you goin'? -Just follow me.

You know, you don't have to be embarrassed.

Embarrassed about what?

About your mother.

Mine's no prize.

You shouldn't say that.

'Cause she's your mother.

You always gotta take care of her.

Yeah, but it's gotta go both ways, too.

She doesn't give a shit about me.

What was your brother like?



He was kind of a dreamy kid, you know?

He started out, he just... He just had a little habit.

But then he got strung-out.

Leon went to Marco and Jimmy and said, "Stop givin' my brother junk."

But they kept giving it to him, so he beat the hell out of 'em.

And then one day, they...

They gave him a hot shot.

They killed him.

I'm sorry.

I didn't know that.

Now you do.

Hey, Bobby. You know what?


I love my bear.


Yeah, I do.

Leon, listen to me.

Little Jack was in the hospital all night.

Put an end to this before somebody gets killed.

What do you want me to do, Father?

You were fighting, too.


I want you to talk to the boys.

They listen to you. I want you to make peace.

I don't know. I think you're talking to the wrong guy.

Look out for the whale!

Deuces rule!

-Hey, Little Jack. -My boys.

-Welcome back. -Look who it is.

How'd it go?

Hey, we threw 'em a bing.

We ain't gonna be seein' no Vipers for a while, trust me.

How you feelin'?

A lot better than I look, I hope.

Hey, thanks for stickin' up for me last night.

Don't mention it.

-We're Deuces, right? -Right.

Hey, Jack, go put your feet up.

Hey, it's hot out here.

Best looking guy out here.

Hey, who's that broad from last night?

That's Annie, Jimmy Pockets' sister.

What's he doing over there with the enemy?

What do you think he's doing?

Hey, Marco. Welcome home.

What's the matter?

You know how long I've been waitin' here?

I don't know. Fifteen minutes?

I've been waitin' three years and 15 minutes.

Get the fuck in the car.


Here's your beer.

-You take care of them Deuces? -Yeah, we fought 'em.

You gonna tell me what happened, or I gotta read your fuckin' mind?

It went down just like you said.

I mean, we were destroying them, and then out of nowhere, Leon shows up, and then it gets bad.

You're tellin' me one guy took on our whole crew?

Yeah. He went crazy.

Shut up. God damn, do I gotta do everything myself?

-Where is he? -How should I know?

Ask Father Aldo. He's gonna make him a saint.

Jesus don't listen to no snitches.

From now on, I want you to tell me every fuckin' move he makes, you understand me?

It's good to see you, Marco.

There he is. The cavalry and his lovely tomato.

-Great last night, Leon. -Yeah.

Like the old days.

Hey, guys, don't egg him on, all right?

-How you feelin'? -Like a million dollars.

Leon, you gotta teach me how to fight like you.

What are you talkin' about, Scooch?

You're gonna be the new center fielder for the Dodgers.

You're takin' Duke Snider's spot. Come on.

Hey, Bobby!

Come here!

Don't go.

He's callin' me.

-What are you, a dog? -No.

Then let him come here.

What if he has something important to tell me?

Well, you can let him tell you here.



Bobby, what's wrong with you?

Go on meet your brother, puppy dog.

I'll be right back. Don't go nowhere.

What'd I do this time?

I wanted to tell you you did the right thing last night.

I did?

Yeah, they jumped Little Jack. What were you supposed to do?

-You mean you're not mad? -I ain't mad.

You didn't shoot anybody. I'm fuckin' thrilled.

-All right. Can I enjoy my day now? -Yeah.

Drop dead.


Hey, welcome home, Marco. I fixed up the house like you said.


The neck, man. The neck.

Don't worry. They'll be swimmin' in their own blood in no time.

Hey, get them drinks.

Hey, welcome home, Daddy-o. How you doin'?

-Good. How'd you get that? -Fuckin' Deuces.

How's my good friend Leon doing?

Dead, when I get my hands on him.

You know how I can get to him?

Yeah, you remember that little kid Scooch?

-What the fuck's a Scooch? -That drunk asshole Gino's kid.

Leon's like a father to that little mutt.

-Good shot. -Good to see you.

Come here.

Do me a favor. Get me a bicycle.

-What for? -Just do what I say.


What are we gonna tell everybody, huh?

Tell 'em I fell off a ladder in church.


Well, at least your eye matches your suit.

-You really want to go to this thing? -Yeah, Leon, come on.

All right. Let's go.

Hey, Scooch. Nice bike.

-Yeah, you like the bike? -Yeah.

Yeah, it looks good on you.

-Scooch, get over here. -Stay right there.

Why don't you come over here and get him?

Well, come on, then. Let's see what happens, motherfucker.

-No, Leon, no! -Stop! What are you doin'?

This is not gonna bring Allie Boy back!

I'm gonna cut you a thousand times, you know that?

One for every day you left me in that fuckin' cage.

You come on my block again and I'll fucking kill you!

This ain't your block no more.

Just get off me!

It's good to see you, Leon.

Why didn't you say goodbye to me at the pool?

-You was busy. -No, I wasn't.

Well, if you wasn't busy, then why didn't you come and say goodbye to me?

Can we talk about this outside, please?

I'll see you later.

Are you ever gonna grow up?

Or are you just gonna spend the rest of your life in Leon's shadow?

-Hey, I ain't in no one's shadow. -Really?

Look, let's get something straight. If you want to be with me, then be with me.

I want to be with you.

Well, you sure don't act like it, you know?

Stop bein' ashamed of me, especially in front of Leon.

You gotta take my hand. You gotta...

You gotta put your arm around my shoulder, you know?

Boyfriend-girlfriend stuff.

Well, let's make it real.

-You mean it? -I'm serious as a heart attack.

You really want me to be your girl?

Yeah. Right now.

What would you do if I was your girl?


I would hug you.

And I would kiss you.

And then I would climb the Empire State Building and tell the whole world that you were my girl.

I would say, "Everybody, Annie is my girl now!"


Your cousin Philly said you had something you wanted to talk to me about.


I got an unlimited supply.

What are you, fuckin' stupid? You know I don't deal that stuff.

You don't have to. I'll do all the dirty work myself.

What's in it for me?

You front me the cash and I'll triple your money.

I'll think about it.

But if this comes back to me in any way, I don't know you.

That's why we're not having this conversation.

There's just one more thing. There's these Deuces.

This fuckin' kid Leon.

I want your permission to take him out.

Slow down.

You just got out of jail.

Besides, I don't want him to get killed on my block, you understand?

It's bad for business.

You don't know who I am, do you, mister?

I don't care who you are, sonny. The lady said she didn't want to go.

It's lucky for you you're not packin' a gun.

Who is he, miss?

I don't know, he's just some saddlebum that drifted in. manners. Take care of him, boys.

You could've at least said something to her at the pool.

Like what? Congratulations?

Welcome to the family?

She ain't a Viper, Leon.

She didn't even go to Marco's welcome-home party.

As a matter of fact, she took care of me after the rumble.

She took care of me good.

She's Jimmy Pockets' sister. End of story.

It's not the end of the story!

Her family killed your brother.

You remember that?

Yeah, well you can't fuckin' stop me from seein' her!

Yeah? What are you gonna do?

I'll do whatever the fuck I want to do! You're not my father, Leon!

You want out, Bobby?

-What are you talkin' about? -You want out of the gang?

'Cause that's what you're askin' for.

Leon, I am always behind you.

You want me to cut Jimmy Pockets into a million pieces? I'll do it.

You want me to kill fuckin' Marco? I'll do it.

But Annie's my girl now.

And you're just gonna have to accept that.

Listen up.

Some things are gonna change around here.

No more nickel-and-dime bullshit on the corner.

Anybody wants to get high in Brooklyn, they're gonna come to the avenue first.

We're gonna need runners, lookouts, baggers...

I'm the fuckin' taste-tester.

Ain't nobody gonna stop us now.

No crooks, no cops, and no motherfuckin' Deuces.

Am I wrong, Willie? I mean, tell me.

The kid's ridin' a Trojan horse. I don't trust her.


Somethin' I just can't explain.

You just gotta let it... Let it take its course.

It's his life. Salud.

-Leon, you all right? -Yeah.


-I gotta go out there. -Don't be stupid.

Listen, man, we gotta do something.

I mean, if they smell blood, weakness, they're gonna hit us harder.

I mean, and if it's not The Vipers, it's gonna be somebody else.

We gotta show ourselves.

That's my opinion. It's your gang.

What do you want to do?

I don't know.

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

What is Bobby doing?

Hey, you just gotta give him some space, learn to trust him.

I don't trust her.

There's something about the ocean.

What about it?

I don't know.

It relaxes me.

It makes me feel like I belong here.

You do.

With me.

I think the move is to get out of here.

-We just got here. -No, I mean Brooklyn.

I've been thinking about it a lot, you know, especially after what happened to the block.

Where you gonna go?

I don't know.

Someplace nice where it don't snow.

Where you can lie on the beach like this all year round, where the air don't stink.

Like Miami, maybe.

How do you know the air don't stink in Miami?

'Cause I seen pictures.

How can you tell what a place smells like by looking at pictures?

You can just tell, that's all.

I'd go to Los Angeles.

Why Los Angeles?

See the Dodgers.

I wonder what those guys are doing.

Pee Wee, Koufax, the Duke.

I wonder if they miss Brooklyn.

I won't miss it.

I'm getting the hell out of Brooklyn.

Well, you're not going anywhere without me.

You serious? You'd come with me?

Today, if you want.

Leon would never let you go.

Hey, Bobby!

-Stop it! Put him down! -What are you doing?

Shut up!

Let him... Let him fucking go!


Where's your brother now, Bobby, huh?

Leave him alone, you pieces of shit!

You know what they do to tough guys like you in the can?

Pass you around like a dirty magazine.

Makes the pages all sticky.

Let him go! Jimmy, make 'em stop!

Handle your fuckin' sister.

Take your fuckin' hands off her.

Shut up!

You know, Bobby, your brother screwed this whore in a pay toilet on President Street.

Told you not to hang out with that Deuce, you fucking whore!


Hey, stab him, Marco!

Have a nice day, Bobby.

-Let me go! -Go lay down next to your boyfriend.

Bobby, are you all right?

Tell Leon I'm coming.

He better get out of my way.

I knew you were gonna ask that question.

It's all part of my plan.

Remember you said keep an eye out on Leon?

Well, what better way?

-Just don't let me down, Jimmy, all right? -Yeah.


Come on, punk.

We know you sold the drugs to Allie.

I'm not the one you want.

I'll give you everything on Marco Vendetti.

He's the one you want.

Nice girl.

Mind your business.

How many people in this building you think are looking at your naked girlfriend right now?

She's got a good body, though.

Not bad.

You went out with her?

Who? Annie?


Nobody could get near her.

Look, Bob, she's your girl. Do what you want with her.

Just be careful.

I will.


I'm always here for you.

You're my brother.

What happened to you?

I had a run-in with Marco at the beach.

I was gonna tell you earlier, but I was embarrassed.

He said he's coming for you.

Come here.

It's not bad.

Promise me.

If anything happens to me, you'll get Ma out of here.

I love you, Bobby.

I love you, too.

I miss him, you know.

I miss him, too.

Hey, Marco, this is that guy Maurice I was telling you about.

Hey, how you doing? Nice to meet you.

Sit down.

Did you bring the stuff?

Yeah, I got it. Got my money?

What happened to him?

-Who's the tester? -Me.

How'd I know?

Tell me what you think.

What the fuck are you doing? Sit down. Sniff it.

That's some really good stuff. It's the best stuff in Brooklyn.

I guarantee it.

-It's good, right? -Yeah, good.

You can step on that thing 10 times, it'll still take you out to deep space.

Deep space.

Goes a long way.

So we done here?

Yeah. Yeah, we're done.

I'll be back in two weeks with the rest of the weight. All right?

You boys have a good afternoon.

And as for you, Jimmy, take it easy.

Pick this up.

Come on, get the fuck up and help me.

Put the money under the sink.

There's a loose floorboard under the litter box.

Come on, let's go.

There we go. Shut the fuckin' thing.

Jingle bells, jingle bells Hey, Ma? Ma, you in there?

Jingle bells, jingle bells...

Hello! Ma!

Hello. You in there?

Can you see this?

Will you just lay off her?


-You are such a loser. -I'm a loser?

Yeah, you're a loser. You've always been a loser.

-You think I'm some small-time jerkoff? -Yeah, I do.

Well, you're wrong, all right? I'm with Fritzy now.

-Who's Fritzy? -Who's Fritzy?

Fritzy owns the neighborhood, all right?

He gave Marco and Philly 40 large in a paper sack.

You're looking at a gangster.



Ma, you never thought I'd amount to nothing, did you?

So, what do they do with the money, they put it in the bank?

Nah, they don't trust no banks.

He's got it in a very secret place in his house. It's...

Here, Jimmy, have another beer.

Where's Leon? I gotta talk to him.

My mother's afraid to leave the house.

Saw him at the apartment with Betsy.

Jesus, what are you talking about?

We got a rumble going on, he's at home getting laid?

He must be taking pussy lessons from Little Jack.

Screw you, Moof.

Why don't you leave him the fuck alone?

Look, when we started this gang, all right, we made a vow to Leon to protect the neighborhood.

And we're not.

I don't know about you, but I'm willing to kill for what's ours.

We're all family here.

You gotta talk to him, Bobby.

This stuff with Marco's getting out of control.

Come on, Leon. Come here.

I'm not in the mood.

I'll make you feel better.


What's the matter with you?

My head's all filled up. I'm sorry. It's not you.

Fine. You want to be alone? I'll leave.

I didn't say that.

-Where're you going? -Home.

-I'll walk you. -I can walk myself.

I'll walk you.

I mean, I don't know what's gotten into you lately, Leon.

When you are ready to fool around, call me, okay?



Hey, Betsy.

Can I talk to you for a second?

I got a little confession to make.

The whole time that I was away, I was thinking about you.

I gotta go, Marco. Come on...

Listen to me. I changed in there, I did.

You know?

I just... I just wanted something sweet in my life.

That's all.

Someone like you.

Marco, I am with Leon, okay?

-Let go of me! -You like that?

What are you doing?

You know, I think I know a way we can get out of here.

I have a plan.

Yeah? What's that?

Take Marco for all his money.

-You serious? -I'm serious.

He's got all his money stashed somewhere.

He thinks no one will ever find it.

But I know where it is.

I need your help.

Will you help me, Bobby?

Yeah, of course.

What happened to you?


What happened?

Who did this to you? Who?




What did he do to you?

What did he fuckin' do to you?

What did he do?

I am gonna fucking kill him. He is fuckin' dead!

What's going on? Is everything all right?

Get out of the way! Get out of...

No, Leon, stop!

Get out of the way, God damn it!

Oh, my God.

Baby, what happened?



That's four bad hands in a row.

Hey, Vinnie, you dealing from the bottom of the deck?

You vampires ever take a break? I'm trying to concentrate over here.

Shut up, stupid, all right? I'm down over here.

Ain't my dealing, Babes. You just got shit luck.

What the fuck? Are you crazy?

-Where's Marco, huh? -I don't know!

-Where is he? -I don't fuckin' know!

-Where the fuck is he? -I don't know!

Yeah, well, tell him he's fuckin' dead.

Boatyard, midnight.

You tell him to fuckin' be there.

-Who is it? -It's Joey.

How you doing, Miss Esther? Is Leon home?

Leon didn't come home last night.

-Really? -Yeah.

What do you want?

Fritzy wants you.


Don't worry, Ma. I'll be home soon.

I thought we talked.

You said you understood me.

I do.

-You do? -Yeah.

By aiming a moving car like a guided missile through the front of Philly Babes' joint?

Well, that don't tell me that you do.

Look, Fritzy, this is between me and Marco.

Marco's with me now.

So there's gonna be no more of this bullshit.

It's time for you two fuckers to grow up.

No more Vipers, no more Deuces, no more Aces, no more fuckin' Kings and Queens.

I can't do that. I'm sorry.

Get Marco in here. Get him in here.

Look, Marco, come in. Come here.

Now, I want you two guys to shake hands.

'Cause you're gonna be neighbors from now on.

So shake and get the fuck out of here.

Find out if one of those fucks outside can make me a decent Manhattan.

Hey, did you hear what I said?


Shake his hand now.

How's my sweet little Betsy doing?

Take it fuckin' easy! Not in the club, asshole!

Not in the fucking club. What's wrong with you?

-Why don't you kill all the kids? -Get him out of here.

Fritzy? Kill 'em all! How do you sleep at night? Fuck!

I'll take care of him.

Will you tell her to turn down the music? It's driving me crazy!

Back off.

Ma, I said turn off the music!

You get off her! I swear to God, I'll slit your throat, you piece of shit.

You never raise your hands to her, never!

-You're fuckin' nuts. -Get the fuck out of here!

You're both nuts! And you, you didn't hear Santa Claus.

It was that fat Irish bastard upstairs.

It was Santa.

Santa don't exist, Ma!

It was Santa.

-You're fuckin' nuts! -Shut up and get the fuck out of here!

It was Santa, it was Santa!

Don't you listen to him.

Of course there's a Santa, Ma.

He just don't come to Brooklyn no more.

Where the fuck have you been?

I've been looking all over the place for you. Word is you went crazy at Fritzy's place.

Don't worry about that.

I need all the guys. Round 'em all up.

-What's going on? -It's going down tonight.

Do you want me to talk to some of the Oceanside boys, see if I can't get a couple of .22s?

-No. -Are you sure?

I said no. Get all the guys down here now.

Go, Bobby.

Hurry up.

What's up, Marco?

What happened with Fritzy? He give the okay?

The saint crucified himself.

Round up the guys. Get The Vipers down here right now.

-I've been waiting three years for this. -You got it.

What's the matter?

Bobby, I can't take it anymore.

I feel like I'm losing my mind.

I know. Me, too.

So let's do the job tonight.


I can't tonight.

We gotta fight The Vipers tonight.

The guys need me.

All right.

Well, you make your decision, okay?

You think real hard, because I am getting out of here.

I've gotta... I've gotta get the fuck out of Brooklyn!

Do you understand? I can't take it anymore!

I gotta get my mother out of here!

What are you doing here?

I don't know, I...

I saw all the guys. I...

You should be at home, in bed.

I don't want to wake up tomorrow morning and find out that you're dead, Leon.

I can't do this right now, Betsy.

I need some time.

You don't have to do this for me. I've got a bad feeling, Leon. I'm scared.

I love you.

I don't want anything bad to happen to you, okay?

If you love me, then you'll understand.

Now go.

Go on.

Will you call me later? Huh?


So I went to see Tommy Esposito, looked at me like I was crazy.

Said it was a suicide mission.

Yeah, yeah, and I went over to see Sally Black and the Blue Knights, and he laughed at me.

He said the word on the street is we're a dead gang.

Freddie better show with his guys, so help me God.

Yeah, maybe somebody ought to buy the dumb Polack a watch?

He ain't gonna be late. He knows this is serious.

Where's Bobby?

He'll be here.

-What time is it? -It's 11:00.

Wait here for me. Pipe it.

Hey, Philly, man, what the fuck happened to your car?

I thought you just got it fixed.

Another wise-ass.

You all right? You're sweatin', man.

You're with us now. Now, hurry to the boatyard.

All right. All right, Babes.

Come on.

All right, you guys. Come on. You heard him.

To the boatyard!

Listen, I gotta go warn Leon.

Go hide the money and meet me at the boatyard.


Fuck! Motherfucker!

Jimmy Pockets, you thief!

You scumbag!

Jimmy Pockets, you rat! Piece of shit!

Motherfucker! Thief!

Come on!

Fuck! Motherfucker.

You piece of shit! Mother...

Mother... Jimmy Pockets, you rat!

You rat! You motherfucker!

Guys, relax. It's Scooch.

I wanna fight with you guys tonight.

Scooch, why don't you get outta here.

-Come on. I can do it. -No, you can't. You're too little. Now go.

-I can help you. -No!

Now go.

Well, if it ain't the sharp and shiny Deuces ready for some action.

Freddie, thanks for showin' up.

We're here and we're with you, right, fellas?

-Yeah. -Yeah.

-When are these pricks coming? -Midnight.

Ready to slice some Viper skin.

-Hey, Bobby, where you been? -Hey, Bobby, what's goin' on?

-Hey, Freddie. How's it goin'? -Good, man.

Yo! What the fuck!

This motherfucker made a deal with Philly!

-Are you sure? -I'm tellin' you, he tried to fuckin' set us up!

You boys runnin' with Philly, huh?

-Motherfucker! -Get outta here!

Heads up. Marco's here.


You like fuckin' my sister?

Come on!

Jimmy Pockets, you motherfucker!

You fuckin' thief motherfucker!

Hey, Leon!

You were there for me tonight.

I'll always remember that.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Good night, Leon.

Good night, pal.

Hey, Leon, Fritzy warned you.

You shoulda listened, kid.


Oh, my God!


Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!


Today we say goodbye to Leon Anthony.

May he never be forgotten, neither in God's eyes nor our own.


There were a lot of funerals in Sunset Park that week, Marco, Jimmy Pockets, and of course my brother Leon.

It seemed the war between The Deuces and Vipers was finally over.

Love you.

Unfortunately, my mother paid the highest price.

She lost two sons.

We decided it was best for her to go live with my uncle on Long Island.

She'll be better off with someone to take care of her.

I'm gonna come visit you out there, Bobby.

Maybe we'll go look at a Dodgers game or somethin', huh?

Yeah, we'll do that.

I hear there's a lot of nice-lookin' broads out there, Bobby.

Maybe you could send us a couple, huh?

Hey, don't forget about us out there.

Deuces forever, right?

That's right.

-Take care, Bobby. -All right, Bobby.

See you later.

That day was the last time we were all together as The Deuces.

Eventually street gangs disappeared from the neighborhood.

Life in Sunset Park would never be the same.


Give this to Father Aldo. He'll know what to do with it.


Go on.


I want you to use it. The Duke signed it.


Take care of the block, all right, kid?

You're gonna come back, right?

Of course I'm gonna come back.

You be good.

Don't cry.

Annie and I, we were going out to Los Angeles to start a new life together, and we were takin' her mother with us.


There was one more thing I forgot to mention.

What do you feel like eating?


Where to?

-Let's go to Ricardo's. -Excellent.

There was no way I was gonna let my brother die in vain.