Devdas (1955) Script

"A hot, sultry day in May..."

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We'll eat raw mangoes. That's why I've brought salt!

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"Devdas is running away, sir. Devdas! Where are you going?"

"Come here, you rascal. Once you go, you never return."

Your father may be a rich man. In fact he only ordered... that you stay behind to study. Bholu! What the hell do you do?

"Listen carefully. If he gives me the slip, you'll have it!"

"Now, give him some sums."

"Here, do these sums. Go and sit there."

I can't do these. Show me.

"If the cost of oil is Rs.14.65, then..." then this!

What happened? Where's Devdas? Sir...

Catch him!

You've spoilt my lime-powder. Wasn't my fault.

"He pushed me, and ran off. Pushed you and ran off?"

And you couldn't even stop him? Hey! What are you laughing at?

Where has he gone?

We couldn't catch him. Why?

He threw stones at us. He hit me with one over here.

Blood! He broke your head?

Let's all go to his father.

Let him see his son's deeds. He'll not attend school anymore!

"Come Bholu! What's this? Pocketing my lime-powder, eh?"

Not my fault. Empty your pocket... go on!

Don't wipe your face as yet. We've to show his father.

Will Devdas be really rusticated? Can't say with this silly teacher.

I don't feel like attending myself! Come.

"Now you tell me what to do, sir. It's a problem. My son?"

"If the fence starts to eat the grass, who'll guard it?"

Where is he? I don't know.

"When kids chased him, he..."

"Where's that boy? Come here. Look for yourself, Sir."

"Get Deva from wherever he is! Don't worry, master."

Everybody is equal to me. Deva will not be spared.

"Come on, boys..."

Why are you by yourself today?

Where's Deva? He ran away.

What do you mean? That chap fell in the lime-powder.

Have you seen Bho|u's face? Looks like a white washed house!

"Will you just giggle, or explain?"

Tell me where Deva is. I don't know.

You know alright. Tell me. He must be hungry.


But I won't tell you because he'll hit me it I do.

"I'll take some food for him. Do that, but listen..."

Coax him and bring him home by evening.

Alright. I'll get him.

"Do you know what happened in school today, Father?"

Silly! What happened? I'm very hungry.

I'll eat something and then tell you. Okay.

"Mummy, I'm famished. Give me something to eat."

ls that all? It's not enough. This is your daily quota.

Why extra today? Give her. It's nothing heavy.

Just puffed-rice. Give my darling girl some more.


Who's there?

“R's you, Faro. Come.“

"Smoking tobacco again, eh? So what? All men do it."

"Get something to bite, eh? Good!"

What did our teacher do?

He went and reported to your father.

He told my father? Then? He won't let you attend school.

Never mind. I never wanted to study anyway. Give me sweets.

I didn't bring any.

Get water. From where will I get it?

"No sweets, no water... What the hell! Go get water!"

"l won't go, because you'll run away from here."

I won't. Go.

"No... No? Go, I say!"

I'll go and tell everything to your father!

Listen Paro... Get lost!

"I looked everywhere, father. No sign of him."

Where can he be?

"Why are you crying, dear? Deva hit me!"

Where is he? In the orchard.

Do you know? he smokes tobacco on the sly too.

What! He smokes also now? Calamity indeed. Bad times ahead.

"No school or food for him from now. Devidas, go this moment..." and get him here somehow! Pernicious! Bane to the family!

Catch him! Stop him!

Can't you see? Catch him!

Come along!

"Run away from school, eh? Pick fights too. Rascal!"

Stop it! You've beaten him enough. Stop!

"Thrash him verbally, but don't kill him!"

Shut up.

Your leniency has spoilt him! Nobody dare open this door.

And no food him either!

Come and eat your food.

No! Come son.

"Paro, your food's getting cold. I won't eat. I've a tummy-ache."

“Come here, Pam.“

Why did you tell him I smoked? Why did you hit me?

Why didn't you get water? Why do you scold me?


Now don't squeal on me again.

Then don't hit me again. I won't.

"You mean you have forgiven me? Yes, want it in writing?"

Let's go to Rambabu's garden.

I'll get you a baby-bird. Come...

Keep this money with you.

"Dear wonderful bird, your place is far away"

"Once you leave a branch when will you return to it?"

"The blue sky is your swing... Not a swing, but a courtyard"

"The blue sky is your courtyard and the rainbow your swing..."

"in the litter of your bright wings you fly with gay abandon"

"With a cocky walk, a heady look, and a beautiful face to boot..."

"O, wonderful bird your home is far away"

"Once you leave a branch when will you return to it?"

"Come down from that branch and listen to what I say"

"Our house is nearby. Come and choose your grain"

"Today be our guest and sing and laugh..."

"No, laugh and sing... Dear bird..."

"O, wonderful bird your home is far away"

"Once you leave a branch when do you return to it?"

"If you've to go, then let us dress you up with flowers"

"Let us kiss your forehead, and put bells on your feet"

"Then go away happily wherever you want to go"

"Dear wonderful bird. your destination is far away"

"Once you leave a branch. Do you ever return to it?"

"O wonderful bird, your home is far away"

"Father, a man had come weeping that his fishing net in the water..." was torn to pieces by Devdas. His pranks are getting worse!

I'll send him to Calcutta to your brother. He'll he ruined here.

"To the city, at such a young age? No Mother, don't spoil it now."

It's for his own good. Okay. Do what you think right.

I won't interfere at all.

"I won't go. Don't cry, son."

I won't go to Calcutta...

I'm not happy to send you away too. But you'll study better there.

Now come along.

Go and sit in the carriage. Go on.

Don't cry while leaving. I'll be there with you.

"And during holidays, we'll come back here."

I won't go!

Let's see how you don't. Get in.

"Coachman, let's go."

I'll come during the holidays.

"Hey, listen..."

"Do you know how to sing? Of course, why not?"

Then sing.

One doesn't sing for the heck of it. We must be paid.

"Let's go to your house and sing. No... not at home, but here."

You'll have to give pennies... Pennies? I've just got Rupees!

Rupees? Come child... Let's go under that tree there.

"Come and meet me dear Krishna... come and meet"

"Come, clear Krishna, your Radha's roaming all alone, looking lost"

"Roaming all alone, looking lost. So come Krishna, come and meet her"

"We all miss you so terribly in Vrindavan, dear Lord..."

"We miss you so very much,..."

"The day your topic comes up, our haunted eyes overflow"

"Our haunted eyes overflow..."

"Even now we worry in mind, what will happen in future"

"For your Radha's roaming all alone, looking lost"

"Radha's roaming, looking lost; so come Krishna..."

"Come and meet, dear Krishna. Come and meet us all"

"You still haven't sent us any news about yourself"

"We still have no news from you. No news from you..."

"Every girl in Vrindavan has gone mad crying over you"

"Come and console them, show your face O Lord..."

"For your Radha's roaming all alone, looking lost"

"Radha's roaming alone and lost. So come, dear Lord, come"

Truly lonely! It brought tears to my eyes.

And why not? The song is profound. One day Krishna had hidden himself.

"And when he couldn't be found, Radha had sung this song fervently."

"Here, take this. for you... and you too."

Rs. 31-? Whose are they?

Devdas's. Won't he get angry?

"No, he's gone to Calcutta. You all got your money, didn't you?"

"Yes, my dear. You're very generous."

"May you become a queen to some king, my dear."

"Come, let's go."

From tomorrow I'll go to school again. I feel very lonely.

"Okay, do that. Listen, do one chore for me."

"Take this pot, and get some water from the pond."

Your Devdas has come back.

Who told you? The wind!

"I saw him with my own eyes. A cane in hand, watch on wrist."

Gold buttons chain... He has become a real gentleman!

He used to come here every year in his holidays before.

Then he came once in 2-3 years.

Don't know what has brought him here this time.

Maybe he remembered you!

What are you looking at? Nothing.

Please plait my hair for me.

"It's not evening as yet, silly girl."

"So what? Do it for me. My sweet, dear Grandma."

I hear Devdas is here.

"Before, whenever he came, he used to drop in."

"But today, he still hasn't come. The city does that to you."

Man changes in every respect. Maybe Devdas has changed too!


Isn't that Devdas's voice? Yes.

"Devdas! You look so different. Come right in, son."

Bless you. You have a long life. We were just talking about you.

You really look different. Because we're meeting after ages!

Where's Paro? She was just here.

Must have gone upstairs.

"Devdas is here, dear. Never mind. I'll go upstairs."

"So, how's everything?"

You're so grown up!

Okay... it's pretty late. I'll go home.

"What's this? You just came, and you're already leaving?"

I'm tired after the journey. I'll come again tomorrow.


Has Devdas gone? Yes.

He and Paro get along so well.

And why not? They've grown up together.

"If they wed, what a lovely couple they'll make!"

Why not approach his father? How is that possible?

Why build castles in air? They're high-caste landlords.

"If caste is important, so is beauty. Our Paro is a dazzler!"

I'll go and see Devadas's mother. Let's see how she refuses!

"I think I've left the store-room open. Go and check, clear."

Pam's grandma spoke to me about Faro‘ s marriage.

Naturally. She must get married now.

That's why she brought up the topic.

She said if Devdas... And what did you reply?

"Me? I refused outright. Good, they are not of our level."

Then to have them next-door... Don't get influenced by them.

You really can't see where you're going!

"Mother, who asked you to approach Devdas's mother for Paro's hand?"

You could've talked to me first. Landlords! Of higher caste!

I would've never approached anyway! We needn't beg to get her married.

People will beg for her instead! Why are you worried?

"I can't help it, son. Stop it!"

You think nobody has approached.

I've got 6 proposals for her! See if I don't get her married... to a bigger landlord than our neighbours here!

"I'll fix everything within a week. In fact, I'll go right now!"

"Where are you going, Paro? To get some water."

Just give me the chillies I've put out to dry in the sun.

"Why have you stopped here, Paro? Just like that."

"Tell me, how old is the groom?"

"Whose groom? Yours, of course."

About 23-24 yrs. old. What! I heard he's over 40!

I don't know who's over 40. I don't keep a track on everyone.

I just know that my groom will be about 23-24 yrs. old.

"And, his name?"

"You know everything about me, and not this?"

How will I know your mind? Oh? Then come close... closer...

Shameless girl! Don't be funny! Tell me his name.

I just told you. But Grandma told me you're... engaged to somebody from Manekpur. How can that be?

"It'll be me, who'll get married, not grandma!"

"So it's all cooked from your side... All planned in secrecy, eh?"

Nothing is cooked as yet. What nonsense! I don't understand.

Then I'll ask Devdas and tell you. Ask him what? If he'll wed you?

Of course! Just think... you'll ask him yourself? Aren't you ashamed?

Why? Did I feel ashamed to tell you?

"I'm a woman, plus your friend. But, he's a man, after all."

"True, you're a woman, and a friend. But is he a stranger?"

"What I can tell you, can't I tell him?"

"You're a married woman, and don't you know what is a husband?"

He's my husband... my master.

Why should I be ashamed in his presence?

"Manorama, somebody is here to call you home."

"Okay Paro, I'll see you."

Who is it? It's me.


Have you come alone so late at night?

Yes. Really?

Didn't you feel scared on the way? I'm not scared of ghosts.

"Okay, but what about men? I think not, at this moment."

How did you come in? Did anybody see you?

The watchman saw me. Even the servants must've seen.


Why did you do this? Won't your head hang in shame tomorrow?

"It would, if I didn't know, that you'd stand up for me."

Me? But how will I show my face too?

You? Why nut?

"You're a man. If not tomorrow, in a few days you'll be forgiven."

"Soon, nobody will remember, when, which night, unfortunate Paro,..."

"had come to you, thinking you were everything to her."

I was thinking of your reputation. Reputation? Nothing wrong with it.

If I get a bad name for having come to you on the sly... so be it.

Hey! You're crying. There's so much water in the river.

Won't it be enough to wash away my stigma?

Don't talk like that.

I can do anything for you. But...

You know my parents are against it.

"If I marry you against their wish, where will you be?"

At your feet.

"Give me a little space here, master."

Let me see you to your house.

You'll come with me? Why not?

"If you could come, why not me? We'll yet a bad reputation..."

So fine. We may find solution for ourselves through it.

Let's go then.

"Neither your father, nor brother will agree to it."

Why stir a hornets nest for such a small matter.

For you it's a small matter.

How dare you ask such a thing? Didn't you think of our prestige?

"Silence! Stop blabbering! One more word, and I disown you!"

Get out of my sight!

"Where are you going, son? Calcutta."

"What! Listen,..."

He's going to Calcutta. Bring him back. Tell him I'm calling him.

"Your mother's calling you. Come back, Devdas."

"Listen, Devdas..."

I hear he's gone to Calcutta. Yes.

And what about you?

Must be having something in mind. I know him well. Trust him too.

Dead to the world!

Devdas! When did you come?

"You're like a mirage. Seen one moment, gone the next!"

It's so late. Why aren't you asleep?

One can't sleep every might. Don't get sleep?

"I thought good boys like you 5 never saw moon-lit midnights."

But now I know better.

What is it? Why this silence? Anything wrong?

"Why have a problem, I think."

Don't you? Not at all.

Never experienced sorrow? Of course. But then this is life.

"Face it happily, or cry over it. To be happy, one has to cheat oneself."

But why do you ask all this? Because I like to hear.

Really? Then someday I'll give you an earful.


Where do you disappear throughout the night?

"Don't pretend. Don't you know? I do, but not properly."

"Well, to know properly, you'll have to become a dandy like me."

I'm told that one forgets one's sorrows there.

Very true.

Then take me there with you. You? You'll come with me? Okay.

We'll go tomorrow. Now go to sleep. Go on.

"Paro, ever since I've come here, I've thought of nobody but you."

Neither of my parents wish to see us married.

I can't find a solution to this. If I think of your happiness...

I'll give my parents a shock which I can never dream of doing.

That night when you staked everything and came to me...

"when I recall it, it hurts me so very much."

"But let me make it clear here, I never realised I loved you."

I just feel so sad that you'll suffer so much because of me.

Please try and forget it.

May God give you success in this.

Just go and post this. Very well.

How could you do this? What?

You did nothing.

She was your childhood friend. She put her reputation at stake... and asked a place at your feet. And you ran here without meeting her?

I was helpless. My parents were against it all.

"Yes, but how could you lie that you didn't love her?"

There was no other way out. But you know how proud... and adamant Paro can be. Know how your letter will affect her?

The river is full of water. Enough to wash away the stigma.

Madhav... Madhav... Coming...

Where's the letter I gave you? I just posted it.

Aren't you going out? I'm getting ready for that only.

Will you cart all this with you? Where can I leave it?

"My good man, I leave my things here too."

I don't aim to come back here.

I used to be proud of him. And he couldn't even do this much for me.

"He couldn't keep my bedding, nor pay my rent for me"."

Come without this tonight. Tomorrow you can take it with you.

I'm going home. Home? And when will you return?

Never! Had I known that I'd have to lose everything to come here.

That I'd be looted... I'd have never come here.

"But, what have you lost? I'll tell you if we meet again."

Take this money to pay my bill and give the rest to the servants.

Take this inside. I'll just come.

Whose letter was it? For your daughter.

But I never realised that I loved you.

Mother! Paro's in-laws have come to bless her.


I'm here now. What for?

Don't you remember that night?

"Of course, and also your letter. Forgive me. I wrote it in haste."

I don't know what came over me...

I couldn't even think. Shut up!

I don't want excuses! Listen Paro...

I'll convince my parents somehow. Your parents! And what about mine?

"Don't they have a say too? Yes, but they're not against us."

They are! Let me go now. Get aside.

Have you totally forgotten me? I don't trust the likes of you.

My parents care for me. Whatever they've done is for my own good.

Now get aside! Such ego?

"Why not? If you have an ego, so do l."

"You may be good-looking, so all right."

I have the looks and the talents too.

"You may be a rich man, but my parents are not beggars either!"

"If you think you can malign me, then go ahead."

I'll malign you? How come?

Remember that night when I had come to you?

Go and shout it from the roof-top! You'll be at peace!

“Listen, Pam...“

This is your beauty? Too much of it isn't good. It increases the ego.

You know the moon is beautiful... that's why it has a scar...

Let me scar your face too!

Why did you do this? Don't be scared.

These wounds will heal soon. Only a scar will remain.

"If somebody asks you about this, make some excuse."

Otherwise tell the truth.

“But Devdas... Nothing, Faro.“ I've just left a mark to remind you.

"So that whenever you see this lovely face in the mirror,..." you may remember me.

This is perhaps the relationship we have shared over many births.

But you better forget it. You know I'm very naive.

I can never talk sensibly. You did the right thing.

You'd have never been happy with me...

Were you day-dreaming at the lake? Oh my God!

What's this? Holy Mother!

You'll get married soon.

"How did this happen? It's nothing, mother."

I just slipped on those steps and fell down.

"What's the matter, dear? Why so sad?"

I've heard that you'll soon marry a very rich landlord.

"Remember you had given us Rs 3/-, and I had said you'd be a queen?"

"l was right, wasn't I? Today you'll have to pay us well."

"She now belongs to her beloved..."

"Now the courtyard she grew up in seems a strange land..."

"for she now belongs to her beloved"

"The bylanes of her father's village seem quiet..."

"Even her childhood friends don't interest her any more"

"The dreams dance in her eyes"

"And the mind is attracted by ancient ties"

"Every breath the beloved takes, seems a message from him"

"Now this courtyard seems a strange land..."

"For she now belongs to her beloved"

"Every moment the passion is getting stronger..."

"Every fibre in this delicate body is taut..."

"I can read her mind well. She's her beloveds now"

"Life here seems a punishment. This courtyard seems strange too"

"She now belongs to her beloved"

I wish I could call Devdas now and show him this beauty.

Can't I just meet him once and pay my respects to him?

Forget him. I heard that he has gone to Calcutta again.

"So, you're back again, eh?"

When did you come? Yesterday.

Then where were you the whole day? And the night too.

In the park. Park?

Are you crazy? What's wrong?

Fought with your father? No.

Then maybe with somebody else? No...

I forgot you were unmarried. How can you have a fight.

Do one's sorrows really disappear where you go?

They do...

But that place is bad. Good or bad... it's all humbug!

Take me with you please.

"O you erring one... you're bowled over, too."

"l don't mind taking you, but, it'll be better if you don't go."

"l will go, I say. Okay. As you wish. Come."

"Get in your bridal-pallaquin, dear."

What hell have you brought me to?

It's repulsive.

Who is he? A wet blanket!

"Why did you stop? "You stopped, and my heart stopped with you..."

"Because of this sad burden, the sky has stooped too!"

Where are you going? Don't be scared.

Sit down.

"Carry on, Master."

"At my lover's feet..."

"I place my heart, as a gift..."

"He picked it up, and the silly thing said..."


"I leave it to you now..."'

"O dear beloved, my darling... O cruel one,..."

"I leave it to you now"

"Don't ask me why these fools are sitting here"

"I've lost my heart to your grace"

"My lips show life; and I pine"

"There's hope in my eyes... which I suppress"

"But I leave it to you now..."

"O my beloved," my darling O heartless one..."

"I leave it to you now..."


"Love is an emotional storm..."

"There's a will to live"

"And the desire to die too"

"But now..."

"I leave it to you..."

"O my beloved... my darling. O cruel one"

"The ball is in your court"

"O heartless one, I leave it to you, darling"

Bless you...

If you say so. Come on boys.

Do we have to? Yes.

Where are you going? Outside.

Then come this way. Isn't there a door there?

No. Okay then.

Where are you going? Sit here I'll just get some cigarettes.

"What a shameless girl. You take money, don't you?"

When your feet grace... I'm talking about money!

"You charge money, don't you? Yes. But professionally..."

Enough! I don't wish to hear more.

Did Devdas go? See this... return it to him.

Why should I? He gave it to you. He didn't give willingly.

"Because I change money, he got angry and gave me this."

Will you do me a favour? Yes.

Will you bring him here again? But he doesn't visit such places.

And I don't think he ever will. But why do you want him here?

Just like that. I wish to see him again.

"Fell in love while twirling, eh? You don't understand."

He's the first man to have given me money without any motive.

Don't you understand? I do.

You don't lust for money.

But what's the real reason? What a question!

I developed a soft-corner for him. In 5 minutes flat?

Forget that. Please bring him.

"You will, won't you? Maybe."

"Swear on my head! If that's how it is,..."

I'll try my best.

You? Your mother has given this letter.

You walked out without explaining anything. She's crying ever since.

"Here, she has sent this money. Come, come home with me."

You go back. I'm not going back.

"Come, my dear. Take care of your new home now."

"Mother, I'm your eldest son."

"Let me pay my respects, as your eldest son."

It's 2 years now that my mom died. Ever since we've faced hardships.

"Now that you've come, bless us that we all lead a happy life."

"Where's your sister, Yashoda? With her in-laws."

"I had sent her a letter, but she... couldn't come."

"Couldn't come, or didn't come? I don't really know."

But if father goes to get her... Why should he?

How about you and I going?

No. Why you? I'll go myself to get her.

"No, I don't want to go! Don't say that. Why not meet her?"

"Come in, my dear."

Are you cross with your new mom? No. Why should I be?


What's this? Nothing.

Just your mother's necklace

This is your father's house. Such a huge house needs servants.

"I'm also one of them, nothing else." ls it nice for you to get angry at servants?

"I beg you, mom."

Please forgive me.

"So, how's our new mom? Nice."

Shall I tell her what all you said?

No! I beg you. Don't tell her anything.

You've saved me from humiliation. Won my children over too.

"Fixed our elder son's marriage too. May God bless you. Be happy, dear."

What are you saying? I wish I could explain better.

I did wrong. What do you mean?

What shall I say?

I think you're a misfit here. Why do you say that?

And what difference does it make anyway?

Why does he do this? Why? What happened?

Can't you see how he paces up and down like a mad man?

"What for, I say!"

One blind man is asking another blind man. I really don't know.

"He hasn't fought with his parents, has he?"

Nothing like that. Then?

I think this happened after his childhood pal went away.

Then we're very much alike.

Then go and talk to him. He doesn't listen to me at all.

"Convince him somehow, and send him back to his mother."

Okay. I'll try some trick.

What's wrong? What happened? Nothing.

Tell me. There's nothing to tell.

"Do one thing, come with me. Where?"

Where we went that day.

I don't like it. Okay.

Are you going there? Yes.

"I won't, if you say so. No, I won't stop you."

But what hopes do you carry? What do you get there?

I get nothing. I go there to pass my time.

And time really passes? Mine seems to drag.

"Then come with me. I'll see that your time not just passes, but runs!"

"My dear guest, wait for some time"

"it's very difficult out there with countless woes"

"My dear guest, now that you're here"

"Come, let me hide you in my eyes; And hide you in my colourful shawl"

"And offer my heart to you O shy one..."

"O shy one, wait here for some time it's difficult out there..."

"with countless woes. My dear guest, now that you're here"

"There's magic in the air, and, my hair is smelling so sweetly"

"Listen to what your heart is saying Oh I say! O cruel one..."

"O heartless one, wait for some time it's very difficult out there..." with countless woes. My dear quest, now that you're here"

"Get lost in the tinkle of my anklets and in the world of dreams"

"Stay on here as my guest, my honoured guest, O cruel one"

"O, cruel one, wait for some time. It's difficult out there..."'

"with countless woes. My dear guest, now that you're here"

I'm sorry but it's my duty to tell the truth. Your father's critical.

"Carry on with the medicines I gave. Rest, leave it to heaven."

Don't waste time. Inform Devdas. How? I must have his address.

Then go and get him. Don't be silly!

How can I leave father?

We'll wire Dharamdas there. He find him and bring him home.

Enough. Why?

You've just taken to alcohol. You may not endure it.

Which fool drinks to be able to endure?

I drink to be able to breathe and since I don't have the guts...

"to get up and go from here, I loll around. That's all."

I just keep looking at your face. Even then I'm not completely out...

I'm in my senses a little bit. Tell consciousness... never to be conscious.

"Some people who come here, don't even touch alcohol."


"If I had a gun, I'd shoot them. They're bigger sinners than me."

"Firstly, I'll not stop drinking, and if I do, I'll never come here."


There's a solution for my problem. But what about them...

"who don't touch liquor, but still come here?"

I'm so sorry that I took to drinking.

"Don't touch me! I'm still conscious, you know."

"You don't know, how I hate your sort. And I always will."

"But even then I'll come to you, sit with you, and chat."

"No other way out, is there?"

Will your lot ever understand this?

"People sin in the dark, and I come here during the day, and get sozzled!"

You are a living example of endurance.

You say you love me... But I don't want it.

I really don't. No! People indulge in dramatics.

They do make up and become kings and queens...

"They love, or rather pretend to. And it all seems real."

"You're no different, you act too and I watch."

"Even then, I remember Paro, so very much!"

Everything got over in a moment. She chose the path of matrimony...

"and I, of destruction!"

And a never-ending drama began!

Who is it? Parvati?

“You're not Pam, so why do you cw?“

"One small mistake, and such a severe punishment for it?"

Why does her memory haunt me like this?

Why can't I forget her?

Come... go and sleep now. Sleep?

"I'm an alcoholic, and, she, a..."

"Okay, so be it. Nothing wrong. No hopes, no trust."

"No happiness, nor any desire. Wonderful!"

"ls Devdas here? Yes, but he's sleeping."

You can't meet him now. Why not?

I'll meet him alright. Where have you hidden him?

I won't let him stay in this hell. Who is it?

You? What are you doing here? Your friend...

Why are you here?

Get out of here! I won't go with you.


"l got a telegram. Master's no more. He left us all, and passed on..."

"So come home now. If not for anyone, for your mother at least."

I don't want to live either. What's the point in living?

Paro! What a surprise! No letter or a message even.

I got Manudidi's letter saying Devdas's father was serious...

"He's no more, my dear. Dead? I'll go there and come."

When did you come? Today.

"An age has passed since I met you. You're well, aren't you?"

"Your husband and the kids,... are they well too?"

All are fine.

"You'll be here for a few days, I suppose."

Okay then. I'll see you later.

"Parvati, you've come? Good! You may be able to save Devdas."

Why? What's happened? I wish I could tell you.

Master's gone and Devdas has access to all the money.

It'll be very difficult now. What'll be difficult? Tell me.

"What do I tell you? He neither eats, nor sleeps."

Just drinks bottles of liquor and disappears for 3-4 days.

And I hear that he's got some ornaments made too.

For whom?

How much cash did father leave. 1.5 lakhs.

How much will I get?

"Half for you, and half for me. How about Ma?"

Why does she need the cash? She's the mistress of the house.

We've to take care of her. I've come to this conclusion...

"that we needn't spend more than 10,000 for father's rites."

It'll be the last expenditure on him. Mom wishes to give food and alms.

"That should cost about 30,000l-. What!"

Yes. Do one thing then.

"Take 25,000l- from my share and you contribute 5,000l-."

"The rest of the 50,000l- can be divided between mother and myself."

What do you think? Okay. You know I'm a family man...

"with many responsibilities. Then, shall we make it legal?"

"Is it necessary? I don't like it. But if later on, if there's..."

"Okay, then get it done."

Now suppose I malign you?

"Feeling shy, eh? But why feel shy? We were both childiseh..."

And see what happened in between. You let your tongue wag in anger...

And I also gave you that scar on your forehead!

This scar is my joy and wealth. My sole shelter.

Why don't you say something?

I get very angry with you at times. Father's dead. It's so painful.

"Had you been here, would this pain be still there?"

"You know my sis-in-law, and, my brother's nature too."

Where will I go with my mother?

"And then, I don't know what's going to happen to me, either."

"If you had been here, I'd have left it to you and relaxed."

"What's this, you're crying?"

Never mind. Let's stop this topic here.

"No, keep talking."

"I hear you've become a typical housewife. A big house, big estate."

"Grown up children. A big shot for a husband. Everything 'big', eh?"

Will you do me a favour?


Will I get a girl from your town? Feel like settling down.

"A beautiful girl, right? Yes. Just like you."

"Good natured? No, wicked."

"One who'll fight with me, like you."

Thousands like me will fall at your feet and think themselves lucky.

I don't want thousands. Just one will do.

May I ask you something? Yes.

When did you start to drink?

Who told you? Anybody. ls it true? Yes.

It's true.

You've made ornaments worth thousands to give her.

I've just got them made. Not given. Do you want them?

"Yes, give them to me. Look, I've nothing on me."

"Didn't your husband give you any? He had, but I gave them..." to his daughter.

I don't think you need ornaments.

And what you heard is a lie. I don't love any woman.

Promise me one thing. That you'll never drink liquor.

That's impossible. Why?

Will you promise not to remember me?

I've some work downstairs. I'll go now.


First promise me. No.

Why not? Does everybody do everything?

"Where there's a will, there's a way."

Then can you elope with me tonight?

“R's evening. Go home, Pam. Promise me.“ It's not nice to force somebody. I may not keep my word.

Open the door.

"I'm suffocating, Devclas. Don't I know it?"

I'm dying within because I could not serve you. Come to my place.

There's nobody here to take care of you.

Come to your place? You'll take care of me?

That's my life's ambition. Help me fulfill it.

"After that, even if I die, I don't care. Come with me."

"l will. Swear it on me, that you will come."

"I'll never forget this. If you're happy to serve me, I'll come."

I'll definitely come.

Welcome my dear... The wealth of my house.

The beggars are making a lot of fuss for not getting clothes.

"Why didn't they get? They should get too, with everybody else."

"Tell the Munim, he'll see to it. Okay."

Silence. My mother said everybody will get clothes.

Long live our Mistress.

"Listen, does Chandramukhi... Yes, come in."

Why is this room like this? And where's Chandramukhi?


What happened to you? Happened?

I think something good happened to me.

Have you forgotten me so soon?

You look thin. Were you ill? Not physically.

No ornaments on your body... The house is vacant. How come?

I sold everything.

"And what about the instruments, and musicians?"

I've left all that.

This hall of yours has completely changed.

"Not just the hall, but the inner-rooms too. Come."

Doesn't my old friend come now? No. He had come 2 months ago.

He fought with me and went. He has taken a job somewhere.

What was the fight about?

He had come to sell... But I showed him the door.

Sell what? Wheat!

You really are too straight. He had got a big fish for me!

Rs.500 a month. Plus jewellery. Two body-guards at the door.

But where is all that? I can't see anybody.

"You would, had they stayed. I shooed out every one of them."

Their crime? No crime. I just didn't like it all.

Nobody's been here since you went away.

"So you've shut shutters, eh? Yes, since insolvency crept in."

How will you pull along now? I can't afford the city life... so I thought I'd go to a cheaper place.

Why didn't you?

I just hoped to see you again. I knew you'd come one day.

Just to see me? Why?

Because you hated me so much.

Nobody had ever hated me like you. So many men had come and gone.

But none had the spark I saw in you. You cast a spell on me.

From then on I changed drastically. I saw everything differently.

Then you began to hit the bottle. I simply hate alcohol.

"When somebody gets drunk and misbehaves, I get angry."

"But when you did the same, I used to cry."

"Once you said I endured much, that day I found my self-esteem."

And I left everything.

"True, but then women are fickle."

Has Parvati hurt you so much? Why do you ask?

"Because I've done business of love for years, but I've loved only one."

"Loving is one thing, and physical attraction is another."

Men fall easily for physical attraction. We women don't.

You express love. Make noise about it.

Even then we keep quiet and accept this new way of life.

"But even at that time, we don't know what is love."

Later when at some odd moment we give vent to our inner conflict...

"you men hit the roof, and call us "Characterless", "traitors"..."

Don't be scared. I don't mean your Parvati.

"Maybe she's more beautiful. But I still know this, that..."

"she must've fallen in love first, and even expressed it to you first."

"I've come to know from myself, how much she loves you."

"What? I'm not talking about myself,..." but speaking on her behalf.

"What could be more tragic, than one who's not loved by the man..." sits and narrates the love-story forcibly.

I better go now. Sit a while.

"I've never seen you sober, or ever spoken to you like this."

Before this you never saw my face till you were completely sozzled.

"This year at least I won't touch liquor. I lost my father, remember."

Will you drink again? Can't say.

"Leave it forever, if you can. Don't spoil your life."

I'll go now.

Bless me happiness.

"Wherever you go, keep in touch. And don't feel awkward to ask help."

Hope you're well. Yes.

I feel happy meeting you all.

"Okay then, be happy."

"Ever since you left, the village isn't the same."

"Devdas does come here, but only to fight with his brother and for money."

He takes money from here and spends it there. His father died 2 years ago.

And within this period he has blown 50% of the cash. I think...

Thank God you didn't marry him. He's here at the moment.

And shoots birds the whole day.

"When his head throbs due to the sun, he sits under a tree and thinks."

Like a forlorn lover.

"O beloved... Dear beloved"

"What kind of inextinguishable fire am I experiencing?"

"O dear darling beloved"

"With a yearning in the heart and with forlorn eyes..."

"Only the tears remain and my night is spoilt"

"O dear beloved..."

Get my litter ready. I'll go to my mother's place today.

But father's out of town. We also have religious rites tomorrow.

Don't argue. I know everything. Just do as I say. I must go.


Hurry up men.

"Where's Devdas? I tried my best, but in vain."

And he left for Calcutta by the morning train.

He's gone?

"Did you go to the post office? Yes, but there's no letter."

"it's been 3 months now. He hasn't written, nor replied mine."

How far is the house of the Landlord of Talsonapur from here?

About 2 miles. He himself is dead but his 2 sons are there.

Can you take me there? Why not? Whenever you say so.

"Not whenever, but now! Get ready. Okay, Ma'am."

"There is cool shade at one place and hot sun in another"

"This is one face of it. And so is that one"

"Some will lose here. And some will gain too"

"Travellers, some will go... and some will come"

Why didn't you come that day?

My baby's sick. As usual!

But who'll do the work here? Better not take any more leave.

Greetings. Who are you?

One of your subjects. I've brought the rent.

Sit down.

Where do you live? On one of your estates.

"The ownership is shared, isn't it? Yes, but we'll be sole owners soon."

The younger one lost his share in drinks and womanising.

God knows how much money he has squandered!

Doesn't he ever come here? He was here recently.

"Fought with his elder brother, took some money, and went away."

When will he come again? I doubt if he'll come.

"He's always sick, and now he may not live for long."

Where does he stay in Calcutta? Who knows? He eats in a hotel...

"and sleeps here and there. It's his problem, not ours!"

"Okay then, I'll go now. Take her to the office."

"Don't bother, I'll go myself."

"You have such lovely saris, so why do you wear these simple ones?"

Just like that. And that jewellery?

Who is it for after all?

I gave them to Yashoda. Good.

But I had got new ones made for you.

Even then you live like an ascetic! Not at all.

You live simply. So do I. Never mind me. I'm old.

But you're not. Wear some pieces of jewellery.

I don't like them.

"Who is it? Chameli? Come in, and shut the door."

"My, my! Such beauty? It'll all be electric tonight."

What is it? You just got up and left one day. And you're back again?

I'm going to seek my groom! Groom? What do you mean?

You'll know when he comes. I see.

I think it's him. I better go.

Here I am. Who are you?

"Hey, you're somebody else. But you're too good also."

You're also nice. Get out!

"What did you say? I said, out!"

"Out, eh? There! Now may I ask why I'm being thrown out?"

"I mean, what for? Why?"

Does a man called Devdas come here?

Who is he?

"Fair, with thick brows and bright eyes. A big shot."

He gives away lots of money too. No. I'm not so lucky.

Stop! Stop driver.

Why are you in this gutter? Come home.

Heart broken people like me... Who cares whether we live or die?

Today I left your company. Tomorrow I'll leave this world!

Do you want liquor? Yes. Where will I get it?

Come. I'll get it for you. Where did you come from darling?

Wow! So beautiful. Yes. But come now.

"You know me, beautiful? Yes I do. Now come along."

"Where have you brought me? Anyway, get me some liquor."

No liquor. What!

Then why did you bring me here?

"Lied to me, eh? Go get it somehow."

You shouldn't drink. Who are you to lecture me?

"Go and get, else I'll leave. Don't go. You're not well."

I'll die or go to hell. How are you concerned? Not well...

Sit down. I'll order it for you.

Till then see my dance. Dance?

"Where will I get the status which you'll accept"

"Where will I get the charm from which will attract you?"

"I'm that flower which has been squashed by everyone"

"And my youth has gone... washed away in my tears"

"Where will I get that cloud which will shower flowers?"

"Where will I get the status which will attract you?"

"Whom you'll accept..."

"You pine for somebody else and I yearn for you"

"There's only sorrow in your heart, but in mine, there's just you"

"Where will I get the balm which will soothe our hearts?"

"Where will I get that 'forever' which will attract you?"

"My helplessness is obvious, by my sighs"

"Even having asked for death, I couldn't die because I was scared"

"Where will I get the prayers to fullfill your wishes?"

"Where do I get the forever which will attract you?"

Where did you steal me from? I picked you off the road!

And what's this? Bedecked with ornaments like a new bride.

Who gave them to you? Again?

I was just joking.

They weren't a gift nor were they made to order. They're artificial.

I've been here over a month for you. I found this house. Paid the rent.

And bought these ornaments. I had to spend a lot for nothing!

And look at you! You couldn't even recognise me.

"Maybe, but it did cross my mind, after I heard your voice."

And kept on thinking who else can serve me except my Chandramukhi?

Do you hate me just as much even now? No. I love you.

"My Chandramukhi"! Dear Lord..."

"My heart sings with joy"

"My beloved is home"

What happened? What's wrong? It's not total ruin is it?

"There's no chest pain, is there? I don't know."

Please lie down.

I'll go and get a doctor.

I think you're recovering. Because of your medicines.

"No. Because of her prayers, and selfless nursing."

But don't think you're 100% fit. You must take care of your health.

Liquor is poison for you. Go out of town for a few days.

Okay then.

Doctor said you should go out of town.

Why do you look after me like this? Don't you know why even now?

"I do, but what's the point? See how I adore Parvati..." and she too loved me so much! But the society didn't accept.

And what did we get except sorrow? After this experience...

I had vowed never to get trapped. And it wasn't my doing either.

Why did you do this? Why did you develop these ties?

I think you too will invite sorrow like Paro did.

You both are so different yet so alike.

One so selfless and fickle... The other so quiet and sober.

"She couldn't bear anything, and, you bear everything!"

"She's respected so much, and you, exactly opposite."

"Everybody loves her, and hates you. But I don't hate you, I can't."

This is enough for me. I don't want anything else.

The carriage is here.

Take the bedding.

Where is my scarf? On the chair.

Are you crying? No.

Look at me.

"Come on, look up."


"This bag, clothes, are unnecessary. That I know better."

"Listen, you'll need someone with you. Take me along."

That's impossible. People will insult you and I won't stand it.

"I'm very worried. You're not well. How will you go alone, stay alone?"

I've penned to Dharamdas. He'll come to collect me.

Will you promise me something? What?

That you'll not drink again.

"l can't promise, but I'll remember what you said."


"wherever you live, if your body lets you down, call this slave."

"Look, keep this with you. No! I don't need it now."

That I know better. Look at me.

There's no guarantee about life. Will you drown yourself?

"Keep this, and don't say a word."

Please wait.

When will we meet again? Who knows? But I won't forget you.

I'll never get enough of you.

Can't say what those who believe in Sin and Virtue will decide about you.

"But if people meet after death, I won't be able to stay away from you."

"I'll pass this life, awaiting that paradise."

Decided where to go? No.

Then go to Kashi to your mother.

I won't go there. I wish to go somewhere faraway.

"I came to know from myself, how much Parvati must love you"

Decided where to go? No.

Then go to Kashi to your mother.

I won't go there. I wish to go somewhere faraway.

"I came to know from myself, how much Parvati must love you"

Just tell me where you want to go. I want to run away from myself.

I don't understand what you're saying.

I won't eat anything. You carry on. Why won't you eat? Are you ill?

"No. And why not,..." if you torture yourself like this?

"Listen, if you travel aimlessly like this, I'll go home!"

Then go home... if you can. You know I won't leave you alone.

That's why you're pestering me. But I won't listen to you.

Tomorrow I'll detrain at a big station and take you to a doctor.

This fever is not good.

"Just put off the light, please. Okay."

"it's pretty late, so go to sleep."

What's happened to you? You can't even be recognised.

So what's new? That I'm alive.

How come you're here?

"Calcutta didn't suit me, I took a job in Delhi. I'm going on a tour."

"Here today, there tomorrow. Where are you going?"

Not decided as yet. Meaning?

There's no meaning to my life now.

"You are the same Devdas. Okay, hold on."

We've met after ages. Why not celebrate? Right?

"I don't need soda now, so why waste money on it?"

But you may find it difficult. Shall I add some water?

I've given up drinking. Did somebody extract a promise?

No. I just won't drink. But why remove the glass?

"If not you, I'll drink. Is it the old ailment, or something new?"

Why don't you speak? What shall I say?

"l don't like anything. Now, what I like..." is that I don't like anything.

I know what your sorrow is. But don't think you're the only one.

"When this ache convulses the chest, one has to take support from this."

Only this can ease that ache. There's no other solution.

"Come on, have some more."

I've to get off here. I'll leave the bottle for you.

"If we lie, we'll meet again."

Why isn't this thirst ever quenched? This unending thirst.

What happened?

You drank liquor again? Did you?

I couldn't control myself. Your body is so hot!

"Let's get down here, and I'll show you to a doctor."


Don't stop me. Let me go on.

Don't drink now. Didn't the doctor say it would kill you?

I'll die even if I don't drink.

How's the fever? What?

How's the fever? Very high.

What shall I do? Your fever's not coming down.

Time has come to go. Go where?

Out of this world. Don't say that.

For God's sake! Why do you cry now?

What else shall I do? You think I'm heartless.

I beg you. Let's go back. Where? To whom?

I've nobody in this world. Nonsense! You've everyone.

"Everybody's mine, but I'm nobody's. Don't say that. I can't bear it."

"We'll get down at Mogulsarai and go to Kashi, to your mother."

"Mother? Yes, to her."

"A drunk, characterless soul like me."

I won't show my face to her.

Then let's go back to our village. Village? Yes.

"That'll be good. This broken-body is from that soil, isn't it?"

Take me there.


Mother! What happened?

Madam... Blood!

"Pardua station. Get down here for Manekpur, Bhirpur, and Mirganj."

"If taking care of me will reduce your sorrow, then I'll come to you"

I'll come at least once before I die.

Hey you!

Take me to Manekpur? It's very far and the road's bad.

"I won't come in the night. Sleep here, we'll go tomorrow."

I don't have that much time. Yes?

I must go there. I'll pay you well.

"Please take me there. Come and sit, sir."

How much further? You've just got in.

We've a long way to go.


"Paro, I'll come back in my holidays."

You're so grown up!

"Where are you going, son? Calcutta."

When will we meet again?

Give me a place at your feet.

"Won't this journey ever end? Of course it will, sir."

"Sir, we're in manekpur. Here's the landlord's house."

Has he fallen asleep?

"Sir, have you fallen asleep?"

"We're in Manekpur, sir. Where do you want to go?"

"Why don't you answer me? What's wrong, sir?"

Paro... I've come.

I've come.

"Paro, I'm here.".

Who is it?

Why are you standing here? Didn't somebody call out to me?

"Who'll call out to you, so late at night?"


Not my fault. I refused to come. Must've caught cold and cough.

Why such a crowd at the gate? A sick traveller is lying there.

"What is it, Mother? Nothing."

I think you're not well today. Go upstairs and rest a bit.

"Must be related to his last birth. He came here, just to die."

Where was he from? From Talsonapur I hear.

Who was from Talsonapur? A man just died outside.

He was from that place. Do you know his name?

"No I don't, but your son may be knowing."

Who died outside? We couldn't find out properly.

But everyone says it's Devdas Mukherjee from your village.

"Who? Devdas, from your village."

How do you know? There were 2 letters in his pocket.

"One to Bijoydas Mukherjee. Yes, his elder brother."

And the other one to Harimati Devi. His mother.

He wore a sapphire-ring. From his father! I'm going.

Where? People must have taken him to the cremation-ground.

What happened? It's mother.

Stop her. Has she gone mad?

"Stop her, son! Close the gate close it!"

Dear beloved...