Dhadkan (2000) Script

Dev, where are you?.

Okay, so you're hiding somewhere...

All right. If you don't come out this very instant..

Then I will leave right now.

Anjali, stop!

Don't go.

Don't go.

Why should I stay? Is it decent to hide and trouble somebody?

No but is it decent to... make somebody wait for so long?

No. But I could have some problems.

But why would you understand my problems?

The princess of the castle has problems?

That's in the fate of men like me who live in streets.

There you go again! Always crying on your fate!

Do you know fate cries for the people who cry on their fate.

My fate can't make me cry.

Your love is with me.

That's the only problem.

I mean...

My marriage has been fixed.

What??What are you saying?

My father has fixed my marriage. They are very wealthy people.

Land, property,wealth.. They have it all.

Papa has found me a real prince.

Then what are you doing with this beggar?

I came to tell you my decision.

This might be our last meeting.

We can't meet after today.

I'm going.

Where are you going?

What's wrong?.

You got scared? YOU got scared???

You did get scared!

Why are you laughing?

Because I was joking!

I don't like these pranks.

I see. Then what kind of joke would you prefer?

Play any prank on me but never fool about us being separated.

See... hear my heart beating.

You take everything so seriously.

If this turns true someday..?

I'll ruin them! Whom? Me..?

No. I won't let you be harmed.

I'll die myself.

You talk of love and death in the same breath.

Doesn't sound credible.

Who the hell wants to die!

Who the hell wants to die!

And if I do die Anjali.. If I do die, madam...

I will always beat in your heart.

Like your heart beat.

Do you love me so much?

Why are you asking me? Ask your heartbeat.

And what will every heartbeat of yours say?

What will it say?

"You live in every beat of my heart. "

"Yes,you do. "

"You live in every beat of my hearrt. "

"You tell every breathe of mine,yes you do... "

"Come into my arms. "

"Let's get lost in a land of dreams. "

Dev,you say you love me alot.

How much do you love me? Tell me.

"I have turned cray forher. I am so in love with her. "

"She took her time to come close to me. "

"Silently we are in love. "

"Now we don't have to bar anyone. "

"We will live and die together. "

"Don't love me so much. "

You will torment and undergo unnecessary pain.

What is special about me? What is it about me?

"The world has shunned me. "

"But you accepted me"

"The heart found peace with you. The others only tormented me. "

"We have only one dream. "

"Only you should belong to me. "

Will only speak? Won't you say a word?

Like it? Yes?


"Come into my arms. "

"Take me to the world of dreams. "

That's enough. Now stop singing my praise.

"You live in my heart. Only you. "

See you at 12 sharp tomorrow. This time don't make me wait.

Will you send me off from the door today too?

Won't you introduce me to mother?.

I will... later.

No. I will meet her today itself.

Do you insist?


Come on.

Really? Come on.

Take a look, madam. This is my house.

It is smaller than your car.

How does the size of the house matter?

The heart should have place.

Is that so?

That's the door. Go and see her.

But where are you going?

Go and meet her.

"You will stay with me, my son. "

"So that you can see... "

"How many be trampled on this mother's heart. "

"How many daggers stabbed my eyes and ears. "

"You will stay with me, my baby. "



Mother, I...


Who are you?

Mother, I... Dev..

Just a minute... okay? I will tell you.

Why are you standing here? Come right in.

Come in.

Yes, sit here.

Why are you sitting so far? Come close to me.

You are so pretty!

Not as pretty as you.

But how did you recognize me so fast?

Wouldn't I recognize you? I always see you in Dev's eyes.

Has Dev told you everything about me?

He doesn't talk to me.

He hardly talks to anyone but you.

But I am a mother.

I know every heartbeat of my child.

And every beat of this heart resounds with just one name.

Where has Dev gone?

Isn't he strange? He sent me alone to meet you.

He is always in a temper. Why is he always angry?

He is mad at me.

Angry with you?why?

I won't keep anything from you.

And I shouldn't hide anything from you.

Life long relations can't be based on buried secrets.

I'm an unwed mother.

And this stigma of my life...

is a permanent wound for my child.

He doesn't say anything.

But this wound is hurting him.

I am not ashamed at what I did.

I had only fallen in love.

But what happened was that... somebody deceived somebody.

And somebody else got punished.

Do you know... the world considers my child illegitimate?

And now his own heart calls him illegitimate.

How do I explain to him..

Love is never illegitimate.

Maybe you... can explain this to him..

Heal every wound of his.

Erase the stigma.

Give me your word...

You will always stand by him..

Make me a promise..

Promise me...

Yes mother, I promise to always stand by Dev.

I will never leave him alone.

I promise you.

How do I tell you how well they looked after me?

I told them I'd eaten yet they insisted..

You're back early from London.

I even went to Delhi. Delhi?

Why didn't you call? I'd have come to the airport to pick you up.

As if you have the time. Where have you been since morning?

Mom doesn't trust her daughter at all.

Whether Mom does or not Papa trusts you.

Now I want to knowhow much my daughter trusts me.

Any doubts? No. Not at all.

That is why I took a major decision for you without your permission.

What decision? Shall I tell..?

Yes,tell her. Do you know why I went to Delhi?

Why? To fix your marriage.

My marriage..? Yes.

Your marriage! I am very happy!

I'm so excited! She's being shy.

The boy is terrific!

He's handsome, idealistic and from a good family.

I can't marry him.

Why not, my dear?

Because I gave my word to somebody.

Who is he?

Who is he?

Why are you laughing like a maniac?

I'm not joking. It's the truth!

I've told Papa everything and he wants to meet you today!

And do you know what your Papa will do on meeting me?

What? Kick me out of his palace.

My father is not a brute!

And you don't come home like a boor!

Wear clean clothes, shave and don't wear this slipper!

And zip up your lips!

And then ask Papa for my hand with humility.

Why?Why should I ask somebody for you?

I can take you away whenever I want!

I'm not coming anywhere with you.

You will have to come home and actually ask for my hand.

Now I am getting late. Be punctual.

Be there by. Don't be late.

Or Papa will be very angry.

Papa will be really angry.

Be in time or time will leave you behind.

The heart desires to risk its' life.

Lets see how powerful the enemy is.

Why is everyone standing? Son,take a seat.

Come... sit here.

You're probably looking at my slipper.

It has a hole which you probably can't see.

The poor thing got worn out because I walk alot.

Anjali wanted me to come before you in clean clothes.

Clean-shaven zipped up lips.

Or what would you think of me?

What will you think?

I am what I am.

By the way,what are you?

Nothing special.

An ordinary man.

Who madly loves your daughter.

The one whom your daughter loves doesn't remain ordinary anymore.

I have nothing.

No wealth or property or family.

I possess only one thing.

...which is presently with you.

I come to ask you for it.

And if I don't give it?

I will snatch it away!

When I first set eyes on you, I thought you were arrogant.

But now I realize you're not only arrogant...

You're also impudent and illiterate!

Who knows neither his past nor his future!

This... is this your choice?

A man who can't provide!

Who will look towards your father to bed you and himself!

This is his status!

And what is your status?

You have wealth!

You have affluence so you raise your status!

Take my advice...

Wealth is accumulated by the wealth of love that I possess.

Now tell me whose status is higher. Yours or mine?

Who is poor? Me or you?

Who is richer? You or me?.

Dev, come on.

What have you done!!

Your father will never accept me.

Let's elope. No!- Why?

I'll come and meet you later. But at this moment,you must go.

Promise? Yes. But go for now!

_ It's a promise?. Yes,I will come.

Shocked at seeing this pistol in my hands?

Don't worry. It's not pointed at you.

It can never be so.

A gun is extreme..

To date, I've never even pointed a finger at you.

There might not be parents in the world wanting to hurt their kids.

But there are innumerable kids...

...who bitterly wound their parents without batting an eyelid!

Like you want to do today.

Do you know when you were born..

Your mother had some problems.

The doctor told me, Chauhan you won't have another child.

At that point,this mother of yours had cried alot.

She was disheartened because she wanted a son.

Then I talked and convinced her..

The love, honor, affection that a daughter can give..

A son can never give that.

But I had forgotten this...

The shame and humiliation a daughter can give...

A son never gives that either.

The reputation that we worked hard for years to build...

...which is dearer to me than life...

If you wish to crush it afoot and leave,you may do so.

For a momentary dream?.

You believe in that momentary dream...

But you don't trust the vision of your parents!

Look, I'm not one of those fathers...

I won't drag you in and lock you in this palace!

But if you want to fulfill this selfish dream of yours...

You will have to go over my dead body!

Do one thing... take this.

Hold this pistol and empty the bullets in your father's chest!

You will be free. Kill me.

Forgive me, Papa.

I don't want this freedom.

I can't be happy after hurting you.

I will do as you say.

I will mary the man you choose.

But don't stop me now.

He is waiting for me.

I promised him that I'd come.

Let me keep this one promise of mine.

Just this one promise..?

Let her go.

I have full faith in my daughter.

She will not do anything to bring us shame.

Let her go.

I will honor your promise.

I will take you wherever you want to go.

"Please come by... "

"The world scorned me. "

"Only you accepted me. "

"The heart is so relieved. "

"Everyone hurt me so much. "

"I have but one dream. "

"I want only you. "

I knew you'd come.

I knew you'd leave your Pop's house and come for me!

I knew you'd come!

You misunderstand..

I've come to leave you. I haven't left my father.

Joking again?

I'm not joking.

I'm obeying Papa.

I will marry the man he chooses.

What about the promise you made to me?

My parents came into my life before you.

I made them a promise much before you.

The promise every girl makes when she's born!

I will keep that word.

I will obey them.

Did you ask your parents before falling in love?

How selfish you are!

Curse me. Say whatever you wish.

But now I will walk on the path they choose for me.

Even if I have to die on the path!

Then you could've strangled yourself!

You shouldn't have been unfaithful.

If I wasn't aware of the shame of my parents...

I would have even done that.

But I must live.

I will die yet live!

You will live.

But I will die.

I can't live without you.

I can't live!

Think of what will happen to me without you!

You can't do this.

You can't! life doesn't end when a relationship ends.

Proceed ahead and make a new world.

Without you..?

Yes. Without me.

Better than me.

So you have made up your mind?

You will ruin me!

Then hear me out too! I won't easily let you leave!

I'll burn down this world!

You won't do any such thing!

You won't insult our friendship.

You won't humiliate me or my parents! Promise me this!

It would be best if we don't make any promises to each other.

Yes, Dev. Now it's better I don't ask for any promise.

Shall I make a move?

I am leaving.


You're breaking the promise made to me.

But you had made a promise to my mother.

What should I tell her?

Tell mother,to keep one promise..

I broke a mothers' heart.

She's a mother. She will understand.

Son, is that you?

You're very late.

It's all His game.

All because of Him.

I got late today.

You are drunk?

Yes, I consumed liquor!

I am drunk!

I am intoxicated.

No,your eyes don't seem inebriated.

It's something else.

What is it?

What's the matter? I left her.

I broke her heart.

I'll never meet her again!

I'll never meet her!

I will never meet that Anjali!

You are lying. You can't do this.

You are my son.

You can't break anybody's heart.

You are Iying, aren't you?.

Yes mother.

I am lying.

I am your son.

How can I break somebody's heart?

How can I leave anyone?

She left me.

And when I told her she had made you a promise..

What will I answer mother?

Do you know what the unfaithful woman said?

Do you know what the unfaithful woman said?

She said, mother would understand!

You can understand!

Can you understand?

You can understand.



"The music of the wedding band says... "

"The auspicious moment of happiness is here. "

"Adorned in the red garb.. "

"A radiant bride.. "

"A fairy has landed on earth. "

"A radian bride... "

"The groom looks lovely. "

"The bride looks like she's falling in love. "

"Relations change in a moment. "

"Now everybody feels like a stranger. "

"This bond of all lives to come tied around the holy fire. "

"God has bound them together in love. "

"New promises to be made and kept, new traditions and problems. "

"The lips are silent but the heart cries out. "

"The beat of the heart.. "

"The beat of my heart. "

"The beat of your heart. "

"The beat of my heart. "

"It's difficult to hide your tears. "

"The bride's heart seems cray. "

"I grew up in your arms, my father. "

"But now it's time to leave your home. "

"I'm leaving your home, my father. "

"I will miss the beautiful moments we shared together. "

"I will never ever forget you. "

"It is difficult to tear tear oneself away. "

Funny. Babban still hasn't come with the car.

He's a Nawab and Nawabs always move at their own pace.

I don't understand why you've pampered a driver so much!

Delhi has no dearth of servants.

Yes,there is no dearth of servants in this city.

But there's a paucity of loyalists.

Anyway Babban is a servant of the house. Part of the family.

You are right. Hear that Bobby? Your brother talks so well.

Live long, son. Daughter-in-law..

Babban and his family have been our servants for generations.

Thank God, he's finally here.


God bless you!

The new bride! Hello.


What English!

His abuses too sounds like pearls! Shut up!

Sorry. You talk alot.

Made us wait for so long in this heat.

I have to stop at the corner.

Yes mother?- Bring the bride in this dressed up car.

We'll go in the BMW.

Come along.

Where are you lost? Come along.



In relation we're brother's step siblings.

But brother loves us more than real siblings.

Isn't it? I don't just love you...

I worship you.

Mother's command is akin to God's word.

How obedient my son is!

Son, now that your bride is home..

She will rule the house.

No, mother. You've run this house and you will continue.

Come on, bride. Now you may enter.

Come along sister-in-law.

Show sister-in-law her place.. I mean her room.

It's going to rain. You'll get wet if you stand here.

Rain or storm, nothing scares me.

You said nothing scares you.

The sound of lightning sometimes frightens me.

What else frightens you?

Tell me. Go ahead.

I said, nothing scares me.

I'm a girl of today.

And I'm of the old era.

Now tell me, how will the 19th century meet the 21st?

Take your hand away.

Take your hand away.

There's no need to forge relations!

I don't want thereto be any relation between us!

Is this how the girls of the 21st century act on their nuptial nights?

This is not mere talk. Look...

I won't tolerate any coercion!

How did you assume I'd force you into anything?

Just one thing. You're being so mean to me.

At least tell me what my fault is.

Do you know I..

I didn't want to get married!

I see. Then what did you want to do?

I'd do anything else but not let my dreams be crushed.

I won't let your dreams be crushed.

Look at me.

If not as spouses,we can at least live like friends.

And the first rule of friendship is equal rights.

I won't do anything in this house which you don't approve.

Neither should you do anything that will hurt me.

Gradually you will know me and I'll understand you.

In this manner,your 21st century ideas won't be hurt.

And my emotions of the 19th century will be intact.

Right, isn't it?.

As regards tonight or the coming nights...

I could have slept elsewhere.

But that would hurt my family.

You will have to trust me.

I'll sleep close by.

You too can sleep here.

"Hail Lord of the universe. "

"You wipe away the difficulties of your devotees in a flash. "

Who is singing?

It's the master. The morning begins with his prayers.

"Erase evil in mankind. Eliminate sin from the world. "

"Proliferate devotion, propagate sanctity.

"Serve the good. "

Why are you standing out? Come in.

No, I'm fine right here.

This is the house of God. One doesn't stand out.

Come in and bow your head.

Come in, Anjali.

Do you believe in Him?

Don't you?.

No. You don't trust God?

No. Human beings are just puppets.

He has the strings. He can play with us anytime.

And we keep dancing.

No, He is our parent.

And parents don't play games with their children.

Even if the children are ungrateful.

God doesn't turn away from His children.

It would be better if you wouldn't give me false assurances.


You get angry very fast.

Shall I say something?

Do as I say when you get very angry.

Shut your eyes,take a deep breath...

Say OM,thrice.

Take the Lord's name. The anger will evaporate.

And why aren't you wearing vermilion?

Why aren't you ready as yet?

He must be on his way.

Whether he comes or goes..

I'm not his slave.

Brother,we are his slaves.

Don't forget he still owns 75% shares.

And we have a measly 25%

A quarter share.

Father has been terribly unjust to us.

Again you're criticizing... Bob, why aren't you ready?

We must know everything about the property discussions.

That's fine, dear sis.

But is it essential to lick Ram's shoes all the time?

He is a smart man who bends with the wind.

And can bend the enemy when the wind changes.

When will our time come?

Patience, my darling.


Darling bride.. Yes..?

Come here.


I love the wet tresses of a newly wedded bride.

Her state in the morning tells of the night she spent.

Pardon..? What a pretty sari!

And the edging is so lovely!

One must appreciate the taste of your parents.

You've brought so many saris and ornaments.

Why don't you let me keep the ornaments?

You can ask me for them when you need them. I'll give them.

But why should I give you my jewelry?

I know how to look after my things.

You're a bride of the new generation.

By the way I run this house by my rules.

No, I make my own rules. Nobody else.

She even has a tongue.

What?What did you say?

What did you call me?

I said...

what can I say, my dear?

What can I say?- What? I'm just a mother!

And the accusation that I'm a step mother!

I wish I'd died before being spoken to in that loud voice!

What happened mother?

I'm the guard of this house.

I asked your bride to give me her jewelry for safe keeping.

In case of some accident can't trust the servants.

I had just given this advice that she lost her temper.

My own children never spoke to me so loudly!

Was I speaking loudly or were both of you abusing me?

Why are you acting?

Enough. Apologize to mother.

You don't know anything and.. I asked you to apologize to her.

I had warned you I won't tolerate any kind of coercion!

Mother has only asked for the ornaments. Give them to her.

Never! Why should I give her? My parents gave them to me!

It's not an issue of jewelry! It's of ordering me for no reason!

I'm saying the same thing. It's not jewelry but respecting elders.

I'll get you many more ornaments.

Mother has given an order. It should be obeyed.

Give them to her.

I won't do any such thing!

Right now you're very angry. When you calm down..

I am confident that you will do what is true and right.

I have full faith on you.

Look... I won't do any such thing!

What are you doing? Where are you going?

I'm going home!

But this is your home.

This is not my home! What are you saying?

You got taken in by them.

They want you to split.

What? Yes, come with me.

You deserve the best actress award!

How you fooled that Ram!

But did you notice the gall of that girl? Arguing with me!

She's quite something.

She has neither apologized to you nor brought the ornaments.

The ornaments will come. You just watch.

Has it ever happened that I give an order to Ram and he disobeys?

He has no idea of how much we all hate him!

Really, he's such a fool!

How we fooled him!

Let him come!

So you haven't given the ornaments as yet.

Mother's order hasn't been obeyed.


Mother, sister, brother...

You love them alot.

You worship them.

You trust them alot.

But have you given a thought to what they think of you?

What they have in their heart for you.


Do you have the courage to hear it?

Then hear this.

They hate you. Hate.

They laugh behind your back!

They think you're a fool!

Do you know this?

Yes, I know.

I know everything.

I know it all.

Yet I love them crazily.

Do you know why?

Because hatred can only be won over by love.

Only with love.

I want to give them all so much love..

So everyone is forced to love me.

These are my principles. This is my belief.

Only goodness can destroy evil.

You can annihilate evil by righteousness.

You can replace the envy in a heart with peace.

We live with humans.

We can only live as humans. Not as beasts.

Do as I say.

Go and give the ornaments to mother.

You don't lose honor by giving respect to her.

"My heart calls out to your heart. "

"I have fallen in love with you. "

"My heart calls out to your heart. "

"I have fallen in love with you. "

"My darling, my beloved. "

"Trust me. "

"Make yourself as desirous as I am. "

"Understand my heartbeat and you too fall in love with me. "

"If you wish, I'll get you the stars and the moon. "

"I'll bring the wind and the clouds for you. "

"What is this scene in my eyes, what is this feeling?."

"The sea is close but the shore is obscure. "

"Yet I thirst for something. "

"Let me lay my world at your feet. "

"Look into my eyes. "

"You are in my thoughts, my memories everyday. "

"Why do you torment me so, my beloved?."

"You are always in my thoughts, my memories, my dreams. "

"I won't leave your arms, or out of your life. "

"I promise to return. "

"I will steal you from the world. "

"Wait for a little while. "

"Make yourself as desirous as I am. "

"How do I look into your eyes?."

"How do I have faith?."

"How do I make myself as desirous as you?."

"How can I give you my heart?."

"How do I fall in love with you?."

Don't you dare touch me!

What gave you the right to touch me?

You have no right over me!

Why do you keep tying to get close to me?

Stay away from me!

Where are you going?

I asked,where are you going?

I'm going out for some days. When will you return?

I don't know.

And I'll be here alone? Everyone is here.

In any case,you love to be alone.

If I need something..? You won't.

Everyone should know how to look after themselves.

Yes? Something important...

I need your opinion. I'm in the study. Can you come down?

What is so urgent?

First come down.

What is this?

What do you mean?

Don't pretend. I know the relation between you and brother.

Or what it isn't.

There could be alot between us.

And nobody will find out.

Brother,we're home.

You may go home.

That's the limit of his run.

How dare you say this to me?

Or even think about it!


Lies! Absolute lie! Bob can never do such a shameful deed!

She must have instigated my brother!

And this is going on for quite some days!

When I asked her what she was doing, she said there was no harm in it.

Nobody will find out.

Lies! Nothing but lies!

They are all lying.

Believe me. I speak the truth.

Believe me. Why should he believe you?

He will believe me. Isn't it?

Mother... you are lying.

What are you saying? That's enough.

Enough of the lies.

All of you are lying.

God knows for how many days, months and years you've been lying on and on!

And I stoically bore everything only so that..

This futile hatred of yours will someday turn to love.

But now I can't take it.

Anjali is not lying.

I'm ready to accept anything you say but this that...

Anjali's character has a blemish!

I see. So now you trust her more than us.

Then why must we live here?

We'll go away from here.

We'll stay in the farmhouse.

Okay? As you deem fit.

If you have decided, it must be correct.

Whatever you prefer.

All right.

Nikki, Bob... come on.

Let's leave.


I'm ready to accept whatever you say but this that...

Anjali's character has a blemish!

"Though hesitant, I finally believe in love. "

"You trusted me implicitly, I could die for you. "

"The breeze is fragrant, the weather is lovely. "

"This crazy moment whispers... "

"We're alone,take me in your arms for new sentiments rise in my heart. "

"Come into my arms. "

"I will hide you from the world. "

"The beat of my heart says.. "

"Never to let you go away. "

"Hearing you say this, my eyes have turned moist. "

"I love you. "

"I worship you. "

"The heart always prays.. "

"That I die in your arms. "

"The earth and the sky say that you are made for me. "

"Destiny has given us this light of love. "

"I'm infatuated with you. I'll be crucified for you. "

Friends,today is the third wedding anniversary of Ram and Anjali.

Third wedding anniversary!

Embrace each other on this occasion.

What are you looking at?

You're looking beautiful.

It's the way you look at me. Otherwise it's nothing special.

You've been married for 3 years yet you're on a honeymoon!

You never give up.

Where are the guests from London? Looking for them, not yet here.

Leave your wife and join the friends sometime.

He's quite a sticky guy.

My guests are new to Delhi.

I wanted them to see the Delhi high society.

Your guests are our guests.

There they come!

"I won't leave your arms, your world in a hurry. "

"This is my promise to you, I will return. "

Even if you forbid friends, they still send gifts.

That's their way of demonstrating love.

Such an expensive gift? Who has sent this?

Which friend of ours is this?

That friend of Mrs. Malhotra...

The one from London? Yes.

Why did he have to give such an expensive gift?

We'll send it back.

No... he's given it with love. We must keep it.

We'll return it in our own way.

All right. I'll check.

Yes. We were just talking about you.

Tomorrow night..?Just a moment.

I'll ask my wife. One second.

Mrs. Malhotra's guest, Dev is throwing a party.

He insists we attend. What do you think?

whatever you think is right.

Yes,we'll be there.

It's done!

Thanks Mrs. Malhotra. Only you could do this.

This will be one of the best parties of town.

And do you know who will make it the best?

My business partner,who is equal to me in every matter.

What partner?

Sure. I've come from London only to stand by you.

SheetaI Varma will be with you to the last stage.

Partners should be like you.

See you at the party tomorrow.

This time has come after very long.

Who could stop your time from coming?

How time changes...

Till yesterday you were alone.

And the world is with you today.

I am very happy to see you so happy.

You're very happy, aren't you?.

Very happy, very, very happy.

So far you'd only heard about her.

When you see her...

Then you'll know why I was so crazy about her.

Why Dev lived even after dying.

You will know when you meet her.

I'll meet her.

I will meet her.

What are you doing here? What are you doing here?

Do you know Dev? Then..?

Why should we be left out when all of Delhi is here?

By the way,what does Dev do?

Some say he's a business magnate. Others say he's a computer wizard.

Some say he's related to a politician.

My principle is eat, drink, be merry and get out.

He's the flavor of the month.

I knew you'd definitely come if I called you.

He's been waiting for you for so long! "Often strangers meet in the world. "

"They meet on strange paths and then wander away. "

"But they always come to mind. " "They talk through the eyes. "

"The heart beats together. "

"Nobody understands the words of love. "

"Gradually they fill up the heart. "

"Gently they steal the heart. "

"Till someday they separate. "

"This heart only asks for love. "

"It wants a true lover. "

"Who knows where and how one will find love. "

"When cray lovers meet in such nights.. "

"Their eyes meet and the hearts beat. "

"And stories are made. "

Come in, please.

Why are you standing? Take a seat.

Why are you sitting down?

That is my place.

How is mother?


She died.


When you left me, I lived.

But mother died.

She passed away? Yes.

And took her dreams along.

But I lived on.

I thought of you every moment and stayed alive.

Do you know when you left me I didn't have 50 paise with me?

But today I have 5 billion!

5 billion!

Do you know how I traveled from 550 paise to 5 billion?

You can't even begin to imagine.

I'd walk everyday.

I would get exhausted walking.

I'd fall and get up.

I'd wound myself.

I would bleed.

I'd fall again.

But your voice would pierce through my heart like the sun and call out..

One more step, Dev. One more.

Then matching steps, I went from 550 paise to 5 billion.

Shall I say something?

None of this has any value.

All this is trash!

Everything is meaningless when you are not with me.

But I can't be yours.

I belong to somebody else.

Don't forget you were forced into the marriage!

Not with a man but with his wealth.

With his luxuries and status!

Today I possess the same status and wealth.

Doesn't that make you mine?.

I don't know whom I was betrothed to..

I only know that the man I married..

I worship him.

He is my husband. He is my life partner.

Ram lives in every breath and heartbeat of mine.

You are nowhere.

Forget me.

Forget me.

Forget everything.

It's not possible for me to forget you And I won't let you forget me.

You will be mine in this birth.

You too hear me out..

I belong to him not only in this but the next 7 births!

Only his.


injustice has been done to you.

We never claim that justice was done to us.

One has to pay a price for relations.

But why are you paying it alone?

Why not him?

How is that?

At this moment,you are at one quarter And he owns three fourths.

Why don't we become equals?

But you are such a business tycoon..

Why are you interested in our business?

Why are you interested in our relatives alone?

Competition. He's at the peak...

where only one man can stay.

And that is me.

Why not?We're with you.

You don't have any financial problems.

Take our brother, he's taken loans against the house and business...

For his great new project.

But this time too he will be successful! I.

He will be victorious.

Forget about this birth, he can't win in the next 7 births!

What is this, Mr. Chopra?

I want my loan paid right away.

But why? I don't trust your project.

What? But this project is your baby.

I trusted you and invested all my money in it.

How can you turn away?.

I just want my money.

I don't want arguments!

From where can I get this large sum so soon?

You are aware that I've invested all my money in this project.

If you can't pay me, somebody is willing to pay me off.

You may talk to him.

Who is he?

Ups and downs are a part of business.

You forget that I helped you in your bad times.

Isn't it your duty to help me in my bad time?

Try to understand, Chopra has given those papers to somebody else.

I tried meeting him, to make contact...

He's not taking my calls.

I only know his name.

His name is Dev.

What are you doing in my chair?

This chair is no longer yours.

Till yesterday you owned three quarters of the business.

And we had one fourth.

Today we have 50%

The one with the remaining 50% gave me the right to this chair!

This is what I expected.

This is just what I expected from you, my brother.

Now that you're seated on this chair, learn to respect it.

Be happy.

Our partnership has just started.

Watch out for the future.

I don't know what enmity he has with me.

What does he want?

Why is he after my life?

Everything will work out fine.

The bad times will pass.

But what is happening is terrible.

Everyone has left us.

But you have to be brave.

Now this house too won't remain ours.

Home..? It will be auctioned tomorrow.

-95 million. -95 million.

10O million. 100 million.

150 million. Going, going.

Stop 200 million.

Give it to me, master.

What are you doing? I'm no longer the master.

What are you saying? You will be my master as long as I live.

God helps those who help themselves.

Trust in God. We are with you.

Why do you want to endanger your job?

I'd give up hundreds of such jobs for you!

You always helped the needy, gave homes to the homeless.

Taught us that man must help man.

How can I forget your teachings? Come to my house, brother.

We don't want to trouble you. Don't be stubborn.

Please don't be formal. That house was given to me by you.

Please come, bride. Yes.

Please come in, brother. Bride madam, come in.

It's a poorman's home but it's yours.

Consider it your own home.

Where do I keep him? Here...

Come here. Place him here.

Temples, mosques and churches have shared God.

They distributed rivers and seas Could they share human beings?

Place Him here.

Good Lord!

What..? Don't cry, madam.

Trust the Lord. The one who grabbed your home..

He can never be happy!

He will never be at peace!

He will die everyday! He will burn every night!

Look there, Dev.

You are so dark while he is so fair.

How poor you are and how rich he is.

Today too you are ruined while he flourishes.

"My heart whispers to your heart. "

"I have fallen in love with you. "

"My love, my beloved. "

"Trust me. "

"Make yourself as desirous as I am. "

"Hear my heartbeats and fall in love with me. "

"Your lips on mine kindle an unquenchable thirst. "

"Both our minds and bodies are a flame with desire. "

"The weather is cold, passions flow hot,the heart is stormy. "

"Both are eager with anticipation, dreams in eyes. "

"My heart wishes you spend your life with me. "

"The night is incomplete, so is our talk and the steps falter. "

"Let's take each other in our arms and cuddle together. "

"This moment is intoxicating, I'm losing my senses. "

"Something tugs at my heart when you look at me so. "

"All I ask for now is that you love me forever. "

No! No!

It's impossible for me to forget you.

And I won't allow you to forget me.

Nobody can come between us!


Nobody at all.


This is not your place. Get up.

After all we're also partners.

what did you do?

Did you enjoy it?

I enjoyed it so much that I felt like...

What's the matter baby?Why is your cheek red? Mosquito bit you?

Mosquitoes in our office?.

What's wrong, son?.

Sounds like a poisonous mosquito. A male mosquito.

What? Female mosquito. Sit down.

Mother,take a seat.

How did you come by?

Sheetal, give me a check for 1 million.

Only last week, you and Bob took a check of 1.5 million.

1.5 million? Nikki,you didn't tell me.

Do we have to take your permission for everything?

Keep my check ready!

Strange, isn't it?.

Despite living in London,we never raised our voice with parents.

And the kids here behave so impertinently...

That's not right. All children are not the same.

I have another son.

He never raises his eyes while talking to me.

How he trusted me...

What did you do to him?

You didn't trust him?Why?

He was not my son. He's my stepson.

What times do you live in?

Do you believe in these things in this age?

In today's world,your own family stabs you and strangers help.

It's your upbringing.

Which parents give.

Good upbringing brings good rewards.

And bad values...

It's the responsibility of the parents Everything lies in their hands.

What are you doing here?

I have found my rightful place.

This is not your place.

It belongs to my daughter and son-in-law.

Where are they?

Thanks to you, I have brought them down to the road!

What have you done to them?

Don't assume I've stooped down to insolence.

Carefully look into the image of my shoe and to recall..

Why did you shun my true love?

Because my feet weren't in with expensive shoes?

But a poor man's slipper!

Or because expensive clothes didn't hang on my body?

Or because there was no cash in my pocket!

Before I kick you with this same shoe..

Today I am convinced that my decision was absolutely right.

What I chose for my daughter was right.

Parents are a form of God.

And they write the fate of their children in that form.

This father too has written his daughter's destiny and...

You were never destined for her nor will you ever be!

Another thing...

You were insolent yesterday. Today too you are insolent.

My daughter will never be yours!

She will never be yours!


Do whatever you please...

Someday I will succeed in making you my father-in-law.

Such a tragedy took place and you never informed us.

I didn't want you to worry.

You are our only child.

All that we possess is yours.

And Ram's. We'll make everything new for Ram.

Don't ever mention this to him!

It will hurt his self-esteem.

Swear by me that you won't ever say anything!

Does Ram know about Dev? No.

And I don't ever want him to find out.

I don't know what will happen if he finds out.

Paps, go away. I don't want him to meet you.

He won't like it if you saw us in this state.

Please, Papa.

Okay, my dear.

If that's what you wish, we won't interfere in your life.

But remember the blessings of this father are always with you.

And the blessings of parents are never wasted.

This is a bad phase. It will pass.

Everything will turn out fine.

Come on.

You..?When did you come?

When did you come?

Go and have a bath. I'll serve dinner.


In our deep relation of trust, you've hidden some deep secrets.

Why, Anjali?

Was our relation forced on to you?


Was this marriage against your wishes?

And the fool that I was I kept thinking, maybe...

Maybe you are sad because you are away from your parents.

You are caught in the problems of new marriage.

Not for a moment did I think it could be anything else.

Not for a moment did I think you..

You loved somebody else.

No, Ram. I don't love him.

I don't know whether I loved him or not.

I don't know if I had a past.

I only know that I love you. I only love you.

What is past was my past.

Believe me, I hid this from you because I was scared.

I scared about what you'd think.

You won't understand.

Believe me.

Are you all right?

You are expecting.

You are pregnant.

Our new life begins from here.

You were right.

Forget the past.

You must've borne alot but now you're not alone.

I am with you. Yes.

We will face every difficulty together.

Son,you are not alone.

I am with you.

Parents always forgive their kids.

But it must be rare that a mother asks her son for forgiveness.

Forgive me. No, mother.

Forgive me, dear.

We forget that when we bring a girl to our home...

We don't have to scare her..

We can win her over with love.

I will fix everything.

And first of all, I'll will everything I have to your child.

Take me to the temple. I want to ask God to forgive my lapses.

Love, may I go? Yes.

Come, mother. Okay.

Now I will see to it that our family never splits.

We will live together.

Is Dev there?

Who is it? I'm Anjali.

There's a call for you.


I want to meet you.

Where are you? I'll come there right away.

No, I'll come to see you. At home.

This is your house. Come fast. I'm waiting.

Anjali is coming home!

I won! Sheetal, I won!

I want the house to look different!

You've got good taste. What should we do?

My taste..? Should we light candles, lamps..?

We'll light lamps.

Where are you going? One minute...

What? What are you wearing?

This is what I am. This is the real me.

I want Anjali to find Dev just as she left him.

Dev should have the same song on his lips...

that Anjali left in his heartbeat.

Song... what song?

"You live in my heartbeat. "

"You whisper in my breath. "

"Come into my arms and dream on with me. "

"Don't hesitate. Don't bar the world. "

"Hear the cries of my heart. "

"Don't be angry with me, my love. "

"I can't live this life without you. "

"My eyes search for you. "

"Come and meet me. "

I want to say something to you.

I want to tell you that you..

"Say nothing, keep quiet. "

"Let the heart beats speak. "

"My beloved has returned. "

Streams of joy flow from my eyes. "

"Don't ask how I've spent the days without you. "

You misunderstand.

Once again you misunderstand.

You misunderstand.

You always misunderstand.

You still love me and that is why you've returned!

No, I haven't returned.

And now I can never return.

I've only come to say...

...to the man who once used to be my dear friend..

I am expecting a baby.


At least now try to understand that I have forgotten you.

At least now forget me.

You will always be in my heart.

But you can't be my life.

Only Ram is my life.

Believe me, I only love him.

I love him alot.

Let me live my life.

Go away from my life.

Leave us alone.

Go away.

I have lost.

I have lost?

How is it possible that one loves another so much..

But gets nothing but scorn and pain.

How can I believe that she loves somebody else not me?

Why did I deceive myself all these years?

Why did I pretend to be ignorant though I knew all?

Why did I lose though I won?

And he won though he lost.

Who says you've lost?

Who says I won?

Is that the only relation between two human beings?

Only of vengeance, enmity..?

Why do you consider me your enemy?

Why do you consider yourself my enemy?

Once you met Anjali.

She met you.

Two friends came close.

You saw so many dreams..

You had hopes for the future..

And destiny shattered all the dreams in one stroke.

Showed you no mercy.

Destiny didn't feel sorry for you.

How can I hate you?

How can I consider you my enemy?

What is your fault?

Only that you loved somebody?

You have only fallen in love.

You didn't kill somebody. Didn't commit as in.

Shall I tell you something?

There are so many men in the world All who want to make their destiny.

But it's not in their hands.

God decides our destiny, not us.

This is his decision, his game.

This is destiny. This is coincidence.



I could never believe in destiny.

I could never believe that God exists.

I was one of those men who believe that..

Man's strength is his greatest strength.

But today I believe in destiny.

There is a God.

The amount of love I have given to Anjali...

Nobody can love like that.

Probably not even you.

But your palm has the lines that mine don't.

Your forehead has the lines that mine doesn't.

How can I ruin you?.

How can I destroy you?

I will be devastated in trying to annihilate you.

My name is Dev.

I wanted to live like God.

I'm not fit fort his earth.

Your name is Ram.

You always lived like Ram.

You lived like a human among humans.

How can you not win?.

Why not?

Kindly pay attention.

British Airways Flight 31317 is ready for take off to London.

Don't ever say goodbye. Say,we'll meet again.

See you.

Papa, Sheetal here.

Where are you, dear? At Delhi airport.

I'm coming back to London.

You sound very happy.

As if you've found your life partner.

Yes Papa, I'm bringing him back!

Really?Who is he?

You know him.

Could it be Dev? Who else could it be?

There can only be Dev for Sheetal.

So it is Dev?

Where are you? I've been looking for you for so long!

I was talking to Papa. He's coming tot he airport to see you.

_ To see me?. Yes,you!

But listen...

When you meet Papa, behave yourself.

Else Papa won't like it.

The heart desires to risk everything.

Let's see how strong the enemy is.

Welcome madam...