Diablo. The race for everything (2019) Script

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DIABLO - The Ultimate Race

OK little one. Here we go.


Hey girls! What's up?

I can't leave you alone for one second!

Thanks babe.

You're welcome.

Ladies and gentlemen! Let's get the race going!

Drivers, put all your money here thers, hold your breath!

Today the winner takes it all!

And now the race of the night: Kuba against Kris!

Nice driving!

Yeah, fucking amazing.

I'll cover the costs of a car carrier and a mechanic.

Give me a break.

What, you're pushing it home?

What's it gonna be?

All right. Thanks man.

It's Kris.


You have to meet Rams.

He's a real wizard.

Hi auntie!

You came home late yesterday.

I met some new people so I thought it would be nice to hang out with them.

I think it was more than that. Yeah.

Lenka called yesterday.

How is she?

It will be another year soon, so she's been feeling down.

Other than that she seems all right.

They have a new chief physician at the ward.

It looks like she's nicer.

Are you going to visit her? Yeah, maybe even today.

Come here before you do. I'll fix you something to eat.

Could you lend me some cash?


I win!

You're too good!

Incoming call: Food Queen All right tiger,

I have to go.

Keep the change. Thanks!

Incoming call: Kris Hello!

Hi! If you have time, pick up your car from Rams.

OK! I'll get my stuff and be right there!

- You know how to get there? Yeah. See ya.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Don't touch it!

Don't touch it! You'll get your little hands dirty.

Chris called me to come here and get my car.

The only thing you should get is arrested.

What you've done to this beautiful car is a crime.

What the hell made you put in this Chinese charger?

Well... And you did shit...

You are lucky this didn't fucking blow your cylinder head off.

Ah, whatever...

Kris said you've got talent.

I have a customer, he really values people like you.

Have you ever heard of Max? Ah, from the track.

I mean, yeah, I've heard about him. Though I've never been there.

Then this is your chance.

We need to return his ride. Come on.

Best say nothing. I'll do the talking.

His best driver had a crash. He lost both his legs.

That's the only reason Max might want to talk to you.

You ever heard about the Black Sheep?

The race?

That's an urban legend.

Everyone has heard about it, no one has seen it.

"Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed".

Something's in the air.


You got the money?

The money?

You got the fucking money or not?

You've got it?!

What? You almost shit yourself?

Who's this?

This is an investment.

He showed up at the last race.

He's the one who lost everything?

I had bad luck.

And now you want to bring your bad luck to me?

My car broke down.

Listen, the boy knows his stuff.

Give him a chance.

I'm only doing this because you asked.


The track is 2.5 km long. Three laps in three minutes.

Driving what?

Take my car.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Failure wants to show what he's got.

Let's get this show going.

I told you.

But it's not enough to join the crew.

You did it.

From now on, you'll be called Fresh Meat.

Oh no.

You can take a lot with that light chassis of yours.

I hardly drink at all.

I know. Me too.


I'm gonna be late for work.

Can I leave it here until tomorrow?


Until you get sober.

This morning I got a tip that the first of the three Black Sheep races is taking place this weekend.

The entry fee is 50 000. It's time for a qualifying race.

The winner will be representing me in the real deal. Who's in?


The tournament prize is the title of "Diablo", no entry fee next year and about half a million.

But if you think this is a walk in a park and it's enough to be a good driver, you're wrong.

Your life and health are at stake.

The organiser, Jarosz, will take care of that.

He's not a nice guy. If you give him a chance he'll eat you alive.

Any questions? How do we split the prize?

Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

Drive, survive, win and pay my dole.

I'm talking about being eaten raw.

During the race there are four sheep being chased by three pissed off wolves.

If you slow down below 5 KPH you are eliminated.

Ten laps, get going.

Welcome to the team.

I'm not into lofty phrases, but I'm glad Rams brought you here.

Thanks, me too.

He told me you're a food delivery guy.

Probably making peanuts, eh?

I have something better for you.

This is an advance payment.

What do you want me to deliver?

We're not interested in the goods.

We only want them to reach their destination safely and on time.

For this I can rub the devil's ass with wasabi.

Gentlemen, come. Beer's on me.

In a few days there will be a special shipment from Kaliningrad.

It must reach Berlin within several hours, and without any trouble along the way.

Right. How are we doing this?

Several hours before we begin, we send you the coordinates.

We'll carry the goods across the border and we'll be waiting there.

You'll get the Berlin address there.

Do we have a deal?


Quarry, 60 000 m2. The wolves are on the prowl.

Do you know them?

They are the wolves.

They start 30 seconds behind you.

The one with the fag is Kieł, their boss.

They say he bit off the umbilical cord and escaped from his mother's uterus.

He's crazy.

But who the hell really knows?

Take your mark. You're up.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome. Hello.


Players please accompany me to the lounge, the rest of you, excuse us.

Brothers and sisters, here we go!

- Breaking off. Me too.

Get Pakos first.

Leave the new guy for later.

I'm on Kris now.

I'm right behind Pakos.

Kieł, I'm going to need you here.

Get on his left.

I see him.

All right.

Block him for fuck's sake!

Get on his left. On his left!

From the right!


Get Kris, now!

Chase him info the pit.


I see him.

Block this piece of shit!

He won't get away now!


Look for Ewa.

We're running out of time.

We lost the new guy.

Ewa is coming at me.

ELIMINATED We've got the chick.



We'll fuck him up next time.

Yeah! Get over here!


Congratulations! You're the first rookie to win a race!

Good job!

Jarosz will be fucking furious! Great!

Welcome everyone to my humble house.

I hope you will not find this event lacking.

Now, enjoy yourselves and live, because he who doesn't know how to live, now how to die.


See you soon. Have fun.

I have a surprise for you.

Did Max let you play with his little car?

I think I need that box over there.

It sent quite a few to their graves. You can be next.

I don't know. It seems your hands get sweaty when you drive.

Life's short kid, enjoy it while it lasts.

Smells like pussy.

You sure you're alone in here?

Come now, Prince Charming, tell me what's bothering you.

Shut the fuck up.

I lost a lot of money today.

The fun has just begun.

I'm not paying for your fucking advice, I'm paying you to look after my business.

Don't be fucking impertinent when I bring you good news.

He's an orphan.

Lives with his aunt. His sister has a heart disease.

Max took him in because his is a pathetic desperate.

I paid a lot of money to this pathetic desperate today.

OK, my bad.

I misjudged the guy.

But he won't get another chance.

That's what I wanted to hear.

I told you it smells like pussy.

More than one, actually.

I'm a head-turner tonight.


Many big shots to catch.

Well, well, here's our lucky winner.

Let's honour him with a minute of silence.



Welcome to the world of freaks, smart guy.

Is Max here?

Can't you hear?

Tell me, what's the deal with him and Jarosz?

It's a long story.

Kieł used to drive for Max but after his son, Junior, died the crew fell apart.

Then, Kieł started his own crew and started working with Jarosz.

What happened to Junior?

He was found in his burned-out car.

It was part of something big.

There's nothing to talk about. Do you want some coffee?

So? Had fun yesterday?

I think I'm having too much fun recently.

This is your time. Enjoy it.

I met Mr Kieł yesterday.

One hell of a guy.

He's already threatened to kill me, in his second sentence.

Kieł and Jarosz are on the same team.

Watch out for him.

Boss, we have some visitors. Bring them in.

Let them in.

Hi, Max!

Are you young ladies lost?

No, I'm here to see your latest acquisition.

Hey acquisition, the ladies here want to see you.

Ewa will be at the pier at 9 o'clock. Come if you like.

Tell her I'll be there.

You're good at choosing your people.

Sure thing.

I have something for special occasions like this.

I like your Capri, but I have something better for you.

This will do, don't you think?

You're kidding me?

May I?

Can you ride without your sidewheels?

Now this is fucking romantic.

These clothes?

This borrowed motorcycle? Why do you need this?

Without those clothes you wouldn't figure me out, would you?

All right. What are you doing here?




a need for money, you know how it goes.

No, you probably don't.

You think you figured me out?

It's in the clothes.

People like you sometimes appear.

Then, Max and Kieł squeeze every last drop out of them.

Well, let them try.

I want to do something now and you can't refuse.

You always do what you want?


Do it then.

You'll have to catch me first.

You're good.

Hello there, sunshine!

Who's that piece of shit you brought with you?

None of your business, you ape.

Listen here. Be more careful what you say.

Your jokes aren't funny. Besides I'm doing my job.

Get your hands off me or I'll tell father you were trying to abuse me.

Maybe I'll come back later.

This is my house and you are my guest.

You're right, get lost.

When you start thinking, you don't seem that stupid anymore. Go away.

You are my guest.

Be careful scrawny, we'll see you later.

Sooner than you think.

You're holding my hand.

So what?

Want something to drink?


So, you're such a good boy now.

Suit yourself.

We're all out of water. Shortages, you know. Is this OK?

Now you'll no longer be able to figure me out.

Excuse me, sorry to interrupt this magical moment of romance.

Dad, meet Kuba.

You... You're Max's new kid.

My daughter loves all novelties, she must have them.

Please, don't start...

You started it. No, I didn't.

Maybe we should all have some wine.

Don't interfere. You don't interfere.

You had enough wine already. Go to bed.

How dare you bring this stray to my house?

This is also my house as far as I remember.

Continue to act like this and it might quickly change.

I didn't know it was your house. Sorry to bother you.

Max's new kid.

Do you know what happened to the previous one?

Do you know that out of the 12 sheep taking part in the recent race, 4 need their diapers changed regularly?

Ah, you didn't know that.

You know very little, kid.

Think whether it's all worth it.

Are you trying to intimidate me?

I want to make you aware of things.

I was already made aware by one of your guys.

I think that you both must be fucking scared.




I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you.

Apology accepted.

Now, leave.

Ewa, I understand youth has its own rules.

However, I cannot allow you to recklessly jeopardise everything I have built.

What have you actually built?

What have you built?

This. Everything, Ewa.

All this, it will be yours.

You're my heart.

What does he want?

To talk.

Guy wants to talk and we're immediately on our way like we're his bitches?

We'll see what he wants and how much money's in it for us.

I hope you know what you're doing.

Trust me, brother.

Why did you call us so urgently?

The second race is on Saturday, and Max's stray comes to my house.

Daughters this age can be a pain in the ass. Unless they're someone else's.

You'll handle the stray and his master.

Is there a plan or do you want me to get creative?

My friends in the secret service are offering me a deal.

In a few days, a large shipment will come from Kaliningrad.

You wouldn't guess who's responsible for transport.

The goods will be in a diplomatic bag.

My friends want this trafficking channel closed.

They want to avoid a political shitstorm and this is where we come in.

Will I be free to act?

The authorities will look the other way for some time - a temporarily theoretical state.

That's fucked up.

What's in it for me?

You can keep all the goods, and a little bird told me there will be lots to take.

God bless you, Prince Charming.

What's up?

Come to the old mint at 8:00. it'll be fun.

The password is: "badmamma".

I'll try. - See you then.

See you.

What do you want?


Our next fight: Byk versus Kolas.

Ladies, if you're of weaker constitution, prepare handkerchiefs, I smell blood in the air. Get out of the ring, you fuck!

Fuck? Do you even know what this word means?

Last night your wife told me you didn't.

Take out your money and place your bets before the spilled blood sticks the notes together!

One huge son of a bitch.

I need to take a leak.

Hi scrawny! Remember me?

Mr Jarosz sends his regards.

Message one: you can race, drink vodka and take whatever dope you want.

Message two: stay away from his daughter.

If you approach her one more time, you'll be celebrating all hallows' day instead of your birthday.

Understood? Do I need to make it clearer for you?


Is this yours?

Have this one.

You deserve it.


You should be more careful.

We still have matters to settle on track.

Get up.

You hit like a pussy.

Shut it.

What were you doing, putting out a fire?

There was a queue.

Gentlemen, let's go. We have to be at the border in 3 hours.

We follow them?

We have time.

Boss, the boys called and said everything's going well.

Hush. You hear that?


They fuckin ran away when they saw you.

It's late. Maybe it's past their bedtime.

Bono, check the premises.

It's clear.

You can go.

Let's get coffee. We earned it.


Get the Syrians and get the fuck out of here. I'll hold them back.

Fucking go!

Get in!


Are you OK?

Yeah, thanks.

I wish I knew how they found us.

Close the damn window.

I'm sorry about my father.

You are the daughter of the racing king and you didn't bother to mention that.

Does it matter?

Maybe not, but sometimes it is better to know that he likes to break the legs of guys hanging out with his daughter.

Toxic parent - level hard. Sorry.

The dreams you told me about are...

Racing, hopeless love, same as always.

You need the money for...

Everyone needs money. Not everyone is willing to die for it.

I don't want to die for it.

What do you want, then?

I have a sick sister.

I'm collecting money for her surgery abroad.

The clock is ticking.

I think this is our tune.

I think it is.

Let's dance.




You're so beautiful.

Excuse me. Kuba!


I don't understand this fashion.

Bali, Zanzibar. Every morning Paloma enters the bathroom pale...

Stop it. ...and comes out tanned.

And it takes just half an hour. The power of foundation.

Really? Boss...

This is what I've been talking about.

Why the fuck did you come here? You'll bring the cops.

You've grown nervous.

You'll grow nervous too if you have to bear the consequences of your fucking incompetence.

How would you like to feel your own balls go cold in your mouth?!

What do you suggest we do?

We must finish Max. Every day he's alive is an insult to me.

Maybe this way we can say that we closed the trafficking channel and they'll shut this case down.

I'll get it done.

You said the same last time.

This won't happen again. I'm off to work.

First things first.

The race is in two days.

I want you to get rid of this fucking kid... for good. We'll leave Max for dessert.

Just to be sure get one of the sheep on our side.

Ewa, perhaps?

No way you're gonna make it.

Don't fuck this up.

Ewa: "I'm at the beach".


Take this. It always brings me luck.

Stop it.

You're still going to need this.

But I want to give it to you.

I want you to win the race. You have a cause.

And what about you? You don't care?

I don't drive to win.

Why then?

I don't know. To piss off my father.

Kuba, please be careful. Father really doesn't like to lose.

I think he'll have to learn to like it.

Old factory, 35 000 m2. The wolves are on the prowl.

Chevrolet Camaro, EWA, 640 HP, 8 pts.

BMW M3, KRIS, 487 HP, 4 pts.

Chevrolet Corvette, PAKOS, 521 HP, 6 pts.

Ford Mustang, KUBA, 593 HP, 8 pts.

Good luck!

You're going to need it.

Hold your horses.

Let Pakos do his job.

- The chick blocked me! ELIMINATED Fuck! Let's get the kid.

Keep looking for them.


Fuck! He vanished!

- Everything's ready. Chase them there.

Good job.

It's even better that you didn't hit the kid directly.

You would've made him a martyr in my daughter's eyes.

This way, he'll die somewhere in some hole and no one will give a damn.

What to do with Max?

Send him to hell.

Make it spectacular.

He's not here.


Who might you be looking for?

Max, what a pleasant surprise.

Put it down.

Well, well. The proud Kieł. He's Jarosz's bitch now. Pathetic.

Don't lecture me. Stop.

You win some, you lose some. Some always lose.

Someone's lucky today.

Finish him.

Is everything all right, baby?

Yeah, great.

You take everything to heart.

Focus on yourself. Don't care about the others.

I also feel sorry for this kid, but he knew what he signed up for.

He knew what he signed up for?

Ewa, I know full well that you're thinking about this stray.

You see, you're not so different from me.

Yes, I'm different. I'm the same as mum.

What? Will you send me to the nuthouse as well? Or maybe somewhere else?

You have no right to say this.

And your Kuba, is he different? Better? Today, he sacrificed his friend's life to win.

If you believe all those things he told you, you're as gullible as a child.

Never trust a stray. Lying is in their DNA. Do you understand?

I cannot trust any of you. You are all the same.


You let me win, didn't you?

You can't win them all.

Give me your hand.

You know I'll figure it out.

We can now complete our tournament in peace.

Good job.

"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few."

And where to get them if Prince Charming doesn't pay?

You had your chance. The goods were within your grasp.

True, but they are no longer there. Do you think I work for free?

Right now, you're cleaning up the mess you made.

Cleaning's done. Time to show some gratitude.

The final race is this weekend. Do what you're supposed to do.

Then take what's yours.

You're damn right I will.

You're damn right.

Warsaw, enclosed area. The wolves are on the prowl.

Ladies and gentlemen.

It's the grand finale! The final race of our tournament.

We know the drivers are under enormous strain, especially given that only two of them are with us today.

Gentlemen, join me.

Betting is almost closed. Join me in the lounge.

We'll begin in a moment.

Let's go. Finish this.

Let's make it quick.

They're ahead of us. Get ready.

You have them exposed.

I see them.


Cops! Easy, it's all good.

What the fuck is going on?!

Relax, it's under control.

You were supposed to pay the cops to stay away. What the hell is going on?

I think they don't like to work for free.

Maybe they'll come see you in a few minutes.

Security! Block the garage exits!

Delete all this!

Boss, we have a serious problem. Solve it then.

It's Ewa.

I'll kill the son of bitch.

This little one does not drive the car, it's the brat.

You won't land on their fucking roof, will you?

There's a roundabout ahead. Which one do we follow?

Hang on to the Camaro. - To what?

To your dick, you moron. Follow the Camaro.

Turn away at the roundabout.

No one has ever cuffed me in a basement.

Now this is a charming gathering.

Looks like you lovely ladies are a bit tied up.

Uncuff us.

And who locked you up, princess? Was it your daddy?

Sod off.

Thank you for taking the briefcase for me. Your boyfriend will no longer need it.

You'll always be my father's bitch.

I'm now considering whether you too are part of my reward.

Are you?!

Number 2, be careful.

Look out for the fucking cables!


Police! Get your hands up!

Do you have room for a passenger?

Do you have a lot of luggage?

Just one briefcase.

Hop in.

No, I'm driving.


It's going to be fine. You'll see.

Is Lena Król your sister?


The surgery went OK.

She's feeling good and will be able to recover in a few days.

I can't say more at this moment.

Thank you, thank you so much.

I'm so proud of you.

You're crazy.

It's good to see you. You too.

I thought you were dead.

Nah. The world will have to suffer my company for a little while longer.

An old friend?

An investor.


Hi, Byk. Hello!

You got some beer?

A lot! Come on.

15 Unanswered calls, Text message: I hope you've got an ace up your sleeve.