Diamonds of the Night (1964) Script


Come closer.

These branches.

Are you sleeping;

If it was down we could have hit.

I hide and can not walk any more.

When did we last time?

When did we last time?

I do not know. It does not matter to count.

We will eat something today.

I would eat anything.

Sit down a little.

Go on your own.

Wait for me.

She has to give me some milk.

I'm also happy ...

I see people satisfied ...

Now, we will check if everyone is here and in class.

Nice cigarette, eh?

Well, we are in line with our ranks.

We'll go home where it is, it's over again this day.

Be careful.

Upright, Upright.

Hands up, we go.


Let's drink my brothers, let us live without notions.

Let's drink a little vodka, and a little Whiskey, and let's make women out of frenzy.

I do not speak German.

You can check them all by phone in the police station in Prague.

I live in Jungmann Square in a home with a press store and an Italian ice cream store opposite.

If it has not changed.

Apartment number 4.

The patrol of the army will come at 6, will take you to Carlsbad and the military court will decide.

St. Peter has closed the gate, and the angels have gone to sleep, only he must be awake, and that old-timer and the little angels of love you will party.

The Mayor calls me.

Stay seated!

We will attack the guards by going.

You swear. - I swear.


If everything is ready, get out.

Yes Sir! I will take care.

Come out!


You planned!


Translated by: Eleanza B. Editing Corrections: MEDIA IN NIGHT