Diaz - Don't Clean Up This Blood (2012) Script

On the count of three.

One, two, three.

Good evening.

The G8 Summit began today with a tragedy.

A young man was shot during violent clashes between protesters and the police.

The policeman who fired the shot will be questioned.

The clashes continued throughout the day.

A boy lays dead, surrounded by shots and tear gas.

The epilogue of a dramatic day which started peacefully with songs and dancing and then deteriorated with the arrival of anarchists who smashed, burnt, and devastated.

The summit began with the arrival of the heads of state from the top industrialized nations.

Pleasantries were exchanged with President Bush and President Chirac.

Discussions regarding the world's economy got underway.

"The American crisis has bottomed out", said Bush, "the economy will soon stimulate Europe's development."

That's it...

Leaving? What's the point of being here?

It's senseless... It's not easy getting to Genoa.

We're more useful here.

We're more useful on site, reporting on what's happening, instead of sitting at our computers recycling the same info.

Come on, Luca! They destroyed the city! What did they expect?


You can't go, we already have two correspondents there.

Fine, then I'll take a day off and go as a normal citizen, if that's allowed.

Is it allowed?



Yes, I read the papers too.

Things are winding down here.

All I know is it's not my duty.

No, I'm not sold on the idea of patrol units...

At this point...

Listen, there was one fatality, it could've been worse.


I didn't know Carnera had public order experience.

Getting these people out of the city is a technical issue, we need to figure out how...

What time is he arriving?

All right.

Yes, fine.

I'll handle it.

I'll see to it.

We're happy to have you here.

The police!

Pass it to me.


Look at this arsenal!

You think I'm bullshitting?

You've known me for 20 years. We even have helicopter footage.


We saw them hand out sticks, bats... Excuse me, Mr. Faleri.


Do you have a tissue?

Hold on a second.

Yes... well?

How many are there? 23.

Just 23? There's nobody left in the school.

Are you sure? Yes.

Take them to HQ, please.

In your article, write that there are 23.


Keep me posted, bye.

Fucking hell!

We're all illegal aliens!

They're coming!


We'll kick some ass today! Hey, what did I say?

What are we waiting for? They're trapped, they can't run.

Let's charge. We can't.

There are no escape routes.

So? Stand your ground.

I can't hold them back. Don't move!

I won't charge without the necessary safety precautions.

Are you sure?

If we charge, they'll be forced against the barriers, it'll be carnage.

And there are cliffs down there.


We won't charge.


Bari, Padua, move it!

Move your units forward!

This is a major fuck-up. Fine.

Prepare the tear gas!


Yes, sis?

Already on your way?

Too much chaos here, you should go back to Milan.


Fully booked? This is the third hotel I've tried!

Can't you help me?

Damn it!

Okay, I've noted it down.

We'll do all we can.

I see, but there is nothing I can do now.

You'll have to settle for Chinese.

Check this out.

An ambulance is coming...

I spoke to my sister.

I told her to turn back. You did well.

Thankfully it's almost over.

Alma's had a headache since yesterday.

I think she was traumatized at Corso Torino.

This is impossible...

Maybe she's just here for fun.

Tuna and tomato for me. None left.

Cheese and tomato? We're out of tomatoes, pal.

While he's deciding, give me a ham sandwich.

I'll have a ham sandwich too, but on soft bread, for my teeth...

Anselmo, are you sure? How will you get back?

I must find my friend's daughter.

I promised her. Where will you sleep?

Don't worry, I'll find a place for tonight.

I'll return by train tomorrow.

Look what I found. Should I write it up?


Don't report it. All right.

I can't get it out of my head.

She fell down in front of me, suddenly.

I couldn't jump over her.

We kept running.

Maybe she tripped or...

I don't know.

I just didn't stop.

Kept running and caught up with Bea and Ralf.

They were further ahead.

I couldn't bring myself to go out, I was at Franci's looking for missing persons.

Right. What's right?

I mean, you did the right thing.

I see... Henke!

The police!



Killers! Killers!


I'll be back.

They came here to provoke us.

Yes, my flight's on Monday morning.

Hey, guys.

Come with me.

I want to see Milan before we leave Italy, I want to see San Siro stadium.

Dumbass. We're taking the first train home tomorrow.

Never mind San Siro, come on!

We came from Finland. We were there on vacation.

From Finland?

That's a long way!

Is it... your first time... in Italy?


What are your... impressions? You speak well!

Dunno. I've only seen lots of police and tanks!

Rudy and the guys are going. Now?

They don't feel safe.

The Germans act tough then shit their pants.

Who are they? The Germans left them.

We must baby-sit them tonight. Nice gift...

We're off. It's too dangerous.

Come on.

What should we do?

Geta beer? Are you paying?

Sure, come on. Okay.

Some buses will leave tonight from the cemetery.

Shall we go? No, my replacement isn't here yet.

Wait for me.

I need a place to sleep tonight.

Hold on.

Can you help? Things are getting out of control.

There are 40 of you, handle it. Help, please.

Okay, I'm coming. Thanks.

Sorry? A place to sleep for tonight...

There's room at the Diaz school.

Is it far? No, it's nearby.

There are no beds but it's clean, if you have a sleeping bag.

A sleeping bag?

During a war, you sleep on the floor!

300,000 protesters and nobody on security. Total carnage.

A real fuck-up. What the hell are you saying?

We fucked-up by not taking a stance on the black bloc.

Either they should've been stopped at the border or they're a part of the movement!

He took his own stance: He played host to them.


I merely provided a structure to diffuse free information and it worked, the media center was a success.

I can't say the same about all the rest...

Stick to the point.

Nobody's doubting the structure's success, but we're accused of hosting more than just reporters.

If that is the point, what are we doing here?

Let's discuss what to do about the detainees...

You lawyers handle it. What about the press conference?


I do logistics, I was never part of these discussions but this is getting ridiculous now.

We have serious problems: People have no place to sleep, there are no outbound trains, the locals are fed up... and we're talking about what to say at the press conference?

He's right, there are more pressing issues.

23:00 at the media center to discuss the detainees. They're priority!

See you then.

Please come tonight. We need you to give us a hand.

Hey rug rat, how are you?

You bought them?

I'll take you to see Ricky Martin if you come to see the Black Crowes.

Say hi for me. Uncle Francesco says hi.

She said to come to dinner. Yes, sir!

Did you hear him? We have to go to dinner now.

All right sweetie, gotta go.

Say bye to mom. Bye, sweetie.

What got into you today? He'll report you.

A report is better than a trial. The men are all riled up.

It was their chance to even the score with those shits.

And risk 30 lives!

The men are morons.

You trained them!

Are you really going to see Ricky Martin?

Let's get some food.

Which way, left or right?

This must be the media center and that's the school.

I thought you'd left? No, our train is tomorrow.

We've got room in the car for two.

We'll leave early.

Okay, I'll ask Alma. I'll let you know.

See you later.

At 7:30 am, don't forget. Okay, bye.

They offered us a ride. Are you sure you want to stay?

Yes, I won't go with guys who cop out.

Cheers. Cheers.

How's that orange soda? Delicious.

I won't go to the beach with you. I'm sick of you.

Who asked you to? Fabrizio and I will go alone.

Sounds like a blast...

You've become more of a jerk since you met that chick.

Here, take this mouse!

This meat is like leather.

If they'd thrown that at us today it would've hurt!

Never mind the black bloc's rocks...

Here comes trouble.

What a pain in the ass...

We need to clear a hideout occupied by "anarcho-insurrectionists" or black bloc, if you prefer.

With what men? Half are sleeping, the rest are unreachable.

Get whoever you can, the more the better.

Do we have photos of these anarch... these terrorists? How'll we identify them?

Photos? Don't be stupid.

Meet outside HQ at 22:45, all right?

Actually, make that 22:44.

It's not written on their foreheads.

No, I can't be sure.

Okay, but don't do anything stupid.

What's up?

The police are asking me if there are any black bloc at Diaz.

Hi Marco. Hi.

I said hi. Hi.

Nice... Okay, I'm late.

You're 2 hours late! I was working too.

Kids, I have to close up.

You said you'd pay.


We can't leave, the police are outside.

No chance, you have to leave.

They're after us! Quiet!

Cécile, knock it off. Be quiet, okay?

Fall in! Fall in!

Fall in!

Here's your change. I'm closing up.

I know how it feels, I've been through it too.

You can stay, but don't make a mess.

Thank you.

Let's move.

Come on!

You're nota reporter, you're black bloc.

Bring the van in!

Hurry! Come on!

Line up properly instead of piling up like assholes!

Geta move on!

Some route we took, the others got here 30 minutes ago!

I can't wait to get out of this shitty maze of a city!

Come on.

Get out of the way.

Stand back, guys. Ready to follow the truck.

This is the hideout?

What does it look like to you? A school.

It's not what I imagined, maybe we could've cleared it with tear gas like you said.

You're the boss...

You have to push it, not bash it.

What are we waiting for?

We're filming everything!

What's going on? The usual. Police.

Listen to what I wrote.

"After the killing of Carlo Giuliani yesterday, we thought that no one would march on these streets again.

But today's massive demonstrations prove our cause is not dead."

Is that all right? Great.

No, I'm sleeping in a school tonight.

Yes, my flight's on Monday morning.


Excuse me, can I sleep in there?

Never mind, thanks anyway.

How are you doing?

Five stitches and a broken tooth.

I'm sorry. It's all right.

We need a better plan, this isn't working.

I have no idea...

Want some?

No, thanks, we've already brushed our teeth.

Want some?

Does anyone speak Italian here? A few but not many.

Great, want some?

Thanks. Take another one.

Going to the meeting point tomorrow morning at 7:00?

Yes, but...

Marco, you forgot the media center meeting. Hurry up!

Where the fuck are you going?

What's going on?

It makes no sense to...

No violence!

Don't do this... No!

The bag! Let go of the bag!

This will be your last G8!

May I go through? Resident?

No, I'm going to the media center. I'm with the Genoa Social Forum.

What's in your backpack?


Get lost.


Bea, they're smashing everything to bits down there! Run!

It's too crowded. Upstairs, let's go!

Marco, they're entering the media center!


They're on the stairs!

Raising our hands is useless!

Get up!

They'll kill us.

Stop! Stop!

I don't know how, but you must fucking do it!

They just burst into Diaz, understand?

Warn everyone you can!

Just get them the fuck out of there!

Maria, you need to stay at home.

Things are getting crazy outside, I'll call you later.

Well? Let's go to Diaz.

We'll sneak in through the back.

There's nothing we can do there.

We need to warn the others.


Okay, calm down. I'll come and get you in 10 minutes.

To Carlini stadium!

I'm going to Pinelli!

God, they're coming!


No, press!

Quit fucking shouting!

Here are the subversives!

Fuck you!

What the hell are you doing?

Damn you!

Face to the floor, jerk!



Commie scum!


What the fuck are you doing?

Enough, stop!

Seventh, ton fas down and evacuate the building immediately.

I repeat, ton fas down and evacuate the building immediately.

On the double!



Seventh, confirm that you're all outside.

Seventh, confirm that you're all outside.

Unit three, we're coming out.

I need an ambulance now. Serious injury on the first floor.

Send more ambulances.


Where are we? I don't know, we got lost.


All right, write up the vehicle damage report.

Why did we pass by there?

We're here. The chief's office or the command center?

Be right there. Why the fuck did we go there?

You need to take it down a notch.

Here, eat this sandwich.

Know our colleague's rank? No.

She's your superior. So?

So don't ask questions, be polite, eat your sandwich, and be quiet.

Look at that...

It's pointless making arrests if the judge won't uphold them.

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear, I want 10 vehicles.

I want 100 men here in 30 minutes, got it?


We had to run, they threw things at us and shouted: "Four, only four!"

And: "Killers, killers!"

All right, thanks.

We'll be in touch.

Excellent, so we can intervene?

I'd say yes. Good.

We'll take action tomorrow. No, now.

Why? Because now is the time!

They attacked a patrol unit, we can employ article 41, no judge necessary, a statement will suffice.

It's an emergency. Next time they might be armed!

Isn't that where the black bloc were hiding out? Yes or no?

No doubt, it's full of kids in hoods drinking beer.

Then what are we waiting for?

Where there are anarchists there are weapons and Molotovs.

A statement to the judge will suffice.

It's a matter of public safety.

All right...

Pasticci call Vittorio Donati and see who's available.

Don't worry, I'll reconnoiter once more, so we can all rest assured.

Urgent operation in the works. I need 100-120 men.

If they'd thrown that at us today, it would've hurt.

Hello? We need your men.

What a pain in the ass!

We need to clear a hideout occupied by "anarcho-insurrectionists" or black bloc, if you prefer.

With what men? Half are sleeping, the rest are unreachable.

Get whoever you can, the more the better.

Meet outside HQ at 22:45, all right?

Actually, make that 22:44.

We'll have fun tonight...

As long as we don't get cold feet.

Bisiach, Vivaldi here. I need information on Diaz.

Hear about the attack on the patrol unit?

Can you be sure there are no black bloc there?

No, I can't be sure. We can't check everyone's credentials.

It's not written on their foreheads!

No, I can't be sure.

Okay, but don't do anything stupid. Relax.

This is the media center, and this here is Diaz.

We'll approach from both sides.

Half go to Piazza dei Merani and go down here, half go to Via Trieste and go up here.

The military police seal off the area, we go in and make the arrests.

Once the building is secure, the criminal police can enter.

Excuse me... why not use tear gas instead of going in?

Then nobody will get hurt and you can still search the premises.

Out of the question.

Vivaldi, carry on.

I've already told Donati, but I'll repeat it for you all.

I can't hold my men back.


Reconnaissance done, everything seems fine.

There are approximately 150 kids moving around in the schools, causing a ruckus...

Be at Diaz in an hour, then we'll hold the press conference.

You're not in Genoa? Who's my "Repubblica" news contact?

Split them into two groups.

What the fuck does that mean?

Simple: Three units on one side, four on the other.

Four plus three, seven.

We're forming two columns, one headed by Vivaldi, and one by Farro.

Units two, four, and six, line up on my right!

Everything okay?

Enough, stop it!

Seventh, ton fas down and evacuate the building immediately.

I repeat, ton fas down and evacuate the building immediately.

On the double!

Move it!

First unit is out.


Come on.

Unit four is out.


Quickly! Line up!

Calm down, Alain!

Calm down.

Don't move, everything'll be okay.

Hey ho, police must go!

Killers! Killers!

I won't work with these butchers anymore.

Prepare the vans to take away the detainees.

The vans are filled with equipment.

Empty them and put the detainees inside!

Shall we go?

I need fifteen medical reports for my men.

Various contusions: Legs, arms, wrists, feet...

Prepare the vans. Move it, come on!

Quit fucking moaning! Shut up!

Don't worry, it's nothing.

Pull down that banner.

Bring it here.

Search everywhere thoroughly.

Especially the backpacks.

Put everything here.


How's it going down there?

Look. What is it?



All right. We're finishing, we'll be at HQ soon.

Hi, honey.

What's going on?

Not much here. I'm boiling hot and we're almost done.

No, I have a better idea...

I'll come over and wake you with a kiss.

All right, bye.

Yes? Wake up, get over here!

All right, be right there.

You'll never believe what we've found at Diaz.

All sorts of things. Two Molotovs were just discovered.

Publish it tomorrow morning. The world is watching, I don't want them to think we're nuts.

Okay, bye.

Killers! Killers!

Don't clear this stuff out. We'll hold the press conference here.

Better not, I'll go and talk to the press.

Put the Molotovs on the banner with the other evidence.

Yes, Vivaldi. Still here? We're out of here in 10 minutes.

Hey, baby!

Let the reporters through.

Good evening. Mr. Serpieri, what happened?

What's the reason for the raid?

Well... we encountered fierce resistance in the school, which was being used as a makeshift hospital.

There were many demonstrators with pre-existing wounds.

We found weapons, blunt objects, and we found black bloc uniforms.

Complete uniforms:

Shirts, tops, pants, ski masks...

...now that the G8 is over?

Thanks, that'll be all.

Hurry up.

You killed him!

It's nota corpse, morons! It's evidence!

All this chaos over a silly bottle. What?


I'm a reporter.

What happened? They beat us with their batons.

What's your name?

Luca Gualtieri.


Give me a hand!

Please, let us through.

This way. Cover us.

Cover us.

Give me your shirt.


It's her, stop!

She's nuts... I told her to stay at home.

Good evening! Where are you going?

I need to be at Kennedy in an hour, my group wants to leave.

Are you sure?


Let's go to Carlini stadium first.

Where are you going? To the station.

Brignole? Yes.

It's been cleared out. Let's take her to Kennedy.

Let's go.


Maria! Let's go.

Come on!

Move it!

Hands on your heads.

Come on!

Since you're here, help out with the reports.

Get up!

There, good girl.

Where are you going? I need to pee.

Forget it, let's get some breakfast.

Time for bed, kids.

This is a hospital, nota police station!

Leave, please. Only those who should be here can stay.

Hey, grandpa!

What were you doing with those people?

I just needed a place to sleep.

What do you mean "those people"? You know...

Commies, black bloc... whatever you call those scumbags.

You know, that guy is a journalist for Bologna's Gazette.

It's not even a left-wing paper. Actually I believe... it's rather right-wing, or am I mistaken?

You're not mistaken.


You fucked up, you really fucked up.

Wait here for me.

Can you believe this?

Get up, you're fine. Let's go.

Move it.

Shut up and stop moaning.

Move it, bastard.

Treat them well.

Move it!

Open up.

Shut up and face the wall!

Face the wall!

What's your problem?

She didn't like the nightstick.

Nightstick... nightstick...

much more effective than a kick.

The hammer and sickle will never be as quick.

Take off your clothes.



Down the hatch.

Take her away.


What's with you?

What's wrong? They have it in for us.

What are you saying? They have it in for us.

What are you saying?

Stand up.

Stand up. Stand up!

I told you to stand up!

Found them. Great!

I have to go to the courthouse in 10 minutes.

Now? 10-15 minutes...

Take a photo of those bloodstains.

Good job.

Tell the news desk we have a report on Diaz.

Call you later.

I'm his boss, let me in!




How's your arm, is it broken?

I don't know what's happening.

They won't tell us a thing.

Did you find out anything... what they were looking for?

We didn't do anything, I swear.

It's still unclear. Are we under arrest?

I'm not sure but don't worry, I've already spoken to a lawyer.

I'll go sort it out with the prosecuting attorney.

Luca... we're here if you need anything.

You can't stay here.

Just concentrate on getting some rest.

Don't worry! Sir?


For what?

Hang in there, see you soon.

Come along, please.

The magistrate's waiting for us.

Let's hurry. We'll take Nick to the hospital after.

My client wants to give an unsolicited deposition on the raid that happened last night at Diaz school.

We request the assistance of an interpreter, Mr. Janssen doesn't speak Italian.

You'll have to wait, we don't have in-house interpreters.

After our patrol unit was attacked on Via Battisti, we then searched the Genoa Social Forum's HQ...

Is it a crime to have a camera?

...which was sheltering many youths, including those who hurled rocks and bottles at patrol units.

The police were met with fierce resistance by the occupants.

One agent was stabbed several times in the chest.

Fortunately, he was not seriously injured.

93 members of the so-called black bloc were arrested.

Some of them, who were promptly taken to the hospital, bore pre-existing wounds...

People are seriously injured. They're in wheelchairs!

...caused by the previous days' clashes.

My country wants to know how many Greeks were arrested and how many were taken to the hospital?

Inside the building we found sharp weapons, bats...

Is there an Italian journalist amongst the detainees?

As a journalist, I insist on my right to be informed!

I'm talking about a colleague.

His name is Luca.

Make way, please.

This is the most important discovery.

What the fuck did you say? Speak Italian, bitch!

Don't look at me.

Use this.

Good morning.

Good morning, my ass!

What the hell did you and that Genoa Social Forum do?

You destroyed the city.

I didn't destroy anything, nota single thing.

Our job was to go in, conquer, and get out quickly.

If someone happened to get hurt in there... it certainly wasn't our doing.

I've said this before, I don't feel like a hero.

Being stabbed during an operation of that sort... unfortunately, it happens in our line of work.

I consider myself lucky...

The finding of illegal weapons inside the Global Forum's HQ and the identification of 60 people belonging to the violent gangs who were hiding there with the Global Forum's assistance...


Am I speaking to Marco from the Genoa Social Forum?