Die Hohle des gelben Hundes (2005) Script

Dad, what are you doing with his tail?

I'm putting it under his head... so he'll be reborn as a person with a ponytail... and not as a dog with a tail.

Oh, really?

Everyone dies, but no one is ever truly dead.

Let's go.


Now the ladle is broken, too.

Chuluna, come here.

Hurry up!

Come on. You're home.


My daughter, look how you've grown.


My big girl! Did you have a good trip?

Yes. How did you get here?

The driver brought me.

Did you miss us? Yes, very much.

Did you learn a lot? Yes.

The school uniform looks so good on her.

It really does.

But the collar is too tight.

It's meant to be like that.

Here's your deel.


What is it, my child? What were you doing outside?

I was watching the sheep.

Did the wolf come back?


Did you learn many new songs?


Teach them to your sister, okay?

Let me help you.

Dad, do you want to see my school books?


You've grown so much!

Let's have a look then.


Is this your math book?

What nice writing.

Look, I got a star.

Let's see.


Another star!

Mum, can I have some dung?

Go ahead and take some.

Come on, let's play with it!

We'll build the yurts on top of each other, like in the city.


If we were in the city, I'd like to live at the very top.

It's much too dark down below.

Like this.

There we are.

Nansal, instead of playing... could you collect some dung to cure the meat?

But I've never collected dung before.

Then just give it a try.

Come on, little one, I need the basket.

Nansal, please don't go too far away! All right!

Those two vultures are still circling.

Greetings. Greetings.

Is your herd grazing well? Yes, everything's fine.

Has it been a good summer?

Yes, and for you? For us, too.

Good hunting? Yes, the hunting is good.

Where're you coming from? We were at Baruun Gol.

We were hunting wolves there.

Is it peaceful in your area?

No, it's not very peaceful around here.

There are more and more wolves.

Yes, there are lots of them.

That's true.

Almost fell and died.

Who's there?

Many people are selling their livestock and moving to the city.

That's true. Right.

Times are changing.

Yes, only stray dogs are left behind.

The bad part is that they're mixing with the wolves.

They got two more of my sheep last night!

Oh, my!

It's been happening everywhere lately.

Something ought to be done.


When I was young, everyone used to fight the wolves together.

But now, fewer and fewer people live here.

This is true. I have to go and check on my sheep.

Do you get around much?

Not really, but tomorrow I'm off to sell the skins of the sheep that were killed.

I ordered some ammunition with Badam.

Could you pick it up for me if you get the chance?

Sure, I can do that.

I'm taking you home.

Wait for me. Here you go.

Come on, let's go, little one.

Come here, little one.

Here you go!

So where's your mother?

Where is she? Where is she?

Dear, where did you get that dog?

I found him. I want to play with him.

You were to collect dung, but decided to play instead.

What if his owner wants him back?

I won't give him back!

You think so? What a cutie.

Maybe he got lost.

He's so cute!

Maybe someone left him behind when they moved on.

Let me. I'll give him mine, too.

I named him Zochor. See the spots?

Listen, Nansal!

You must bring him back. No!

What do you mean, "No"? Bring him back!


He probably lived with wolves.

There were no wolves where I found him.

Oh, really?

Only wolves live in caves.

I found him.

Now he belongs to me.

Why weren't you more strict from the start?

If you had said no immediately, it would be easier now.

It could be fate that he came to us.

Go away!

Get going! Go!

After you come back tomorrow, we'll make preparations to move on.

All right.

Do you need anything? Flour? Rice?

That can wait until we've moved on, but I do need a new ladle.


And have Nansal send the dog away.

Take care of yourselves! Yes. Drive carefully.

You sure are beastly!

Nansal, would you give me a hand with the cheese?

I'll lift, and you pull it out.

Come on.

A little more.


Bring me the wooden board, please.

Be careful not to fall.

Put it here.

Hold it like that.

Wait, don't let go.

Shouldn't you cut it in half first?

The cheese turned out nicely. That's true.

Mum, I hid Zochor between the sheep so Dad wouldn't find him.

That won't help. Please take him back.

You're mean! He's so cute.

I don't see why you don't want him.

It's not about wanting him or not.

Let's put this aside.

Stretch your hand, like I'm doing.

Now try to bite the palm of your hand.

I can't!

You can't? Try it again.

And now?

It doesn't work.

You see? Although it seems so close, it's still too far away to bite.

You can't have everything that you see.

I just can't do it!

Nansal, please don't leave any young animals behind.

Always keep that mountain in sight. And don't get lost.

Dad already taught me.

The tip of the mountain is my landmark.

What a smart girl!

Off you go, then. And ride carefully.

Zochor, come on! Zochor, come on! Zochor, come on!

Mum, why didn't you wake me?

Why did you want to get up so early?

I wanted... to go to town with Dad.


To look at all the houses.

Why's that?

People can pee inside their houses there.

Is that so? People can pee inside their houses?

Nansal said so.

Nansal said that? Yes.

Zochor, can you bite it?


Just try it!

Here, Zochor.

You can't do it either.

Zochor! Zochor!

Zochor, do you want to go back to your cave or stay with me?


That tastes good, doesn't it?

Mum, can I wear the deel that you're sewing?

It won't fit you. It's for your sister.

She has to go back to school soon.

Will she be gone for so long again?

Yes, for a long time.

I'll miss her.

Will you miss her?

Go and get your brother. He's crying.

Where did he go?


Where are you?

Zochor! Zochor!

Stay here.






Wait, wait.

I'll feed you.

Come on.

Fine. You can eat on your own. You eat, too.

The herd came back on its own. I have to go and look for your sister.

Can you take care of your brother? Yes, I can.

Do you want more?



Zochor! Hello, Zochor.

What are you doing here?

I was so afraid that you'd left me!

You just sleep wherever you want, don't you?

We have to go home.

Wake up, Zochor.

Stop it. You can't play with Buddha.

You can't play with Buddha.

I'm telling Mum!

It'll dry nicely here.

Take a big sip.

You're lucky the dog didn't end up in the Cave of the Yellow Dog.

What's the Cave of the Yellow Dog?

I'll tell you the story.

Long ago, a rich family lived in these lands.

They had a beautiful daughter.

One day, the daughter became very ill.

No medicine could help...

so the father decided to ask a wise man for advice.

The wise man said, "Your yellow dog is angry. You must send him away."

The father asked, "But why? He protects us and our herd."

The man replied, "That's what I have to say and what you wanted to know."

The father didn't have the heart to kill the yellow dog... but for his daughter's sake, he had to do something.

So he hid the dog in a cave from which it was impossible to escape.

He brought it food every day. One day, the dog was gone.

But the daughter really did get better.

The reason being... that the daughter was in love with a young man.

And with the yellow dog gone... the couple could meet without being disturbed.

I think it's stopped raining.

My daughter took over for her father today, and look what happened.

Oh, well. Many thanks!

Goodbye. Travel safely.

Zochor, let's go.

Stay healthy.

Have a good trip home.

My two little dwarfs.

Come on, let's put them to bed.

You get ready for bed, too.

What is it this time?

Mum, do you remember your previous lives?

I don't think so.

Why not?

Only little children can do that. They often tell colorful stories.

People say they're talking about previous lives.

Did I talk about those things?

Of course. You talked quite a lot.

What kind of stories did I tell?

Go to sleep, or your siblings will wake up.

Grandma... what happened to the yellow dog?

The young couple got married, and then they had a child.

Perhaps the dog was reborn with a ponytail.


Will I be reborn as a person in my next life?

Come here. I'll show you something.

Tell me when a grain of rice balances on the tip of the needle.

That's impossible!

See, my child? That's how hard it is to be born again as a person.

That's why a human life is so valuable.

I see a child on a camel.

Yes, you're right. Or on a horse.


Look there! Oh, that.

I see lots of animals at once.

I found an elephant.

Yes, I see him!

I see a giraffe.

What's a giraffe?

Look! What does he look like?

I don't know. See?

I'd say that's a giraffe!

Not so close.

Come out of the smoke.

I'll sing to you, and you dance.

Mum, I have to tell you something.

What is it?

Nansalmaa's lying.

How's that?

What did she say?

That she saw a giraffe and stuff.

Let her be, and don't laugh at her.


she's talking about a previous life, just like you said.

Yes, maybe.

If it's true...


It's so funny.

Now we'll dance.






I'm home. So good to have you back!


Did you get everything done? Are you tired?

The trip wasn't too bad.

I sold the sheepskins.

Did you see Uncle Dorj? Yes, I visited him.

Did you talk to him about Nansal?

Yes, he agreed to let her live with him while she's at school.

But we don't know if that's all right with Nansal.

I could also get a job in town, at a department store, for example.

A salary like that wouldn't be enough for us to live on.

Where are the children? They're playing outside.

Just like I promised.

How nice.

Can this resist heat? What a color.

This is also for us. Small and light.

A torch. How practical.

I figured we could use one.

How did the elections turn out?

They say they'll be repeated.

Why is that?

I don't know.


Come now, do as I say.

Come to me, my little ones.

I missed you so much.

Come here.

Here, little one. Here, little one.

Here, for you.


Here we go. Here we go.

Here. That's for you.

Wow, so many...

Wait, I'll show you how it works.

Like this.

Let me see.

Wait, wait.

He'll come to you all by himself.

That's how it works.

That's how it works.


Listen, Nansal! Didn't I tell you to send the dog away?

Did you pack your ammunition? Yes. Thank you.

This is the dog I was telling you about.

The dog looks healthy.

He'll surely make a good hunting dog.

His color is good for hunting. That's true.

Is your hunting dog getting too old?

Yes, he won't be able to help for much longer.

Where did you get him? Is he a hunting breed?

My daughter found him.

I found him in a cave.

In a cave?

I told you often enough that we can't keep him.

Here's your deel.

Wasn't the last wolf attack bad enough?

What does that have to do with the dog?

I'm worried about our future.

If he lived with wolves, they'll follow his trail and decimate our herd.

We don't know where he comes from.

Mum, come quick! What happened?

Mum, come quick!

Get back, children. Water, quick!

Careful! Don't get burnt!

What bad luck.

Such a pity.

Let's see.

Too bad about your dad's present.

Mum, can I play with the torch?

Yes, but be careful. Okay.


Nansal, look at me! Nansal, look at me!

Get up.

Come on, let's play!

Nansal, come and help us!

What a good job you're doing!

Look at the little one!

Careful that you don't fall! Get down.

Come on, don't fall.


Nansal, come and clean up!

What would we do without you, great livestock herder?

Nansal, please stay with your brother.

Watch him.

Don't let him get out.

Beautiful country of Khangai, thank you for letting us spend the summer here.

Yes, you are right.

Nansal, get back on the cart!

I was just picking up Batbayar's belt!

Chuluna, stop!

The child is gone!

Nansal, where's your brother? Have you seen him?

He's not here! Wasn't he there?

He's gone!

Where's my boy? He's not here!

Stay with the children. I'll ride back.

Mum, what's wrong?

My son.

Let's have a look at you.

Little one.


Okay. Over here.

Here we go.

Look how comfortable it is.

Keep an eye on your brother. Watch your brother and hold onto him.

You have to hold him if he tries to climb out.

I had better tie you down.

Hold on to him.

I'll take your horse.

Nansal, hold on!

We remind you to vote... in the upcoming elections.

We hope you'll make the right decision.


You're always asleep when I want to play.


you were a real lazybones in a previous life.