Die kommenden Tage (2010) Script


Today is November 13, 2020.

They say that the coming days will be very cold.

Especially where my son Johann and I are going.

In the Southern Alps.

Beyond the borders of what we now call "Europe".

Beyond what we call "civilization".

Chaos broke out after the collapse of the old European Union.

The rest of Europe became a fortress to ward off the African refugees.

You can leave whenever you want to, but we won't be able to protect you. We're responsible for the whole region.

How dangerous is it?

Every week hundreds of jigaboos cross the border.


I have to register you, then you can leave at your own risk.

I'm afraid to cross the border.

Ifea rfor my little boy.

I'm afraid of what awaits me.

But there's no choice.

8 YEARS AGO Oh well...

What can I tell you?

This is a dark day.

The new war in Saudi Arabia. What is it about?

Our insatiable hunger for fossil fuels can only be satisfied by science...

It all began with the war over the Saudi oil reserves.

Islamists tried to topple the reviled Saudi monarchy.

The Americans fulfilled their duty as allies, the 4th Gulf War began.

We were all against it.

But nobody was as opposed to it as my sister's boyfriend, Konstantin.

I wish you all the best.



What's wrong? There's a flash mob at one o' clock.

We're hunting the Saudi trade attaché. Are you game?

No way. You're hunting a human being.

Cecilia is coming along.

Are you coming, too? It's not funny. - See you.

Be careful, you two.

How could this war cut so deeply into the heart of our family?

Why didn't we take better care of one another?

What if nobody joins in?

Then we're really in for trouble.

Was it the baloney with the Australian lading port?

The reasons are personal. I don't hold anybody else responsible.

I said no disturbances. - I'm sorry, Mr. Kuper. She wouldn't wait.

Konstantin and Cecilia were arrested.

Thank you, Miss Ferber, you can go now.

"Personal reasons". You know you can become a partner here.

I appreciate that you want to keep me at the law firm.

What about switching from the regulatory practice group?

That wouldn't change anything. Sorry.

Papa, could I have a quick word?

Pardon me. Hans Krämer, my daughter, Laura.

Pleased to meet you. Farewell, Mr. Kuper.

In a huge global recession you want to quit. Can't we talk about this again?

Many thanks for everything, Mr. Kuper.

What happened?

They participated in a flash mob. Planned for the Saudi trade attaché.

It's about to run in your eye. Are you crazy?

I'm sorry.

It's okay. Don't apologize.

I didn't mean to hurt you. You keep apologizing for everything.

I'm sorry.



S - A - I - A. Vincent.

Are you French?

Are you German?

Are you with an organization or are you here alone?

Is an organization your justification?

Justification for what?

No organization will die for its ideas.

Now I understand why they arrested you.

Kuper, Cecilia. Your lawyers are here.

There you have your organization.

That's the last time. This is a conflict of interest.

We work for global energy firms and they arrest my daughter at the Saudi embassy.


Hello. Who is that?

A friend. How did it go?

Our housemates can do the shopping, too.

Are you in a bad mood, or what?

Did you start that routine again?

Forget a new job, if you tell the world the meaning of life is procreation.

Man, did you forget the yoghurt again?

Hands off, you parasite.

These are mine. Such wonderful grapes.

No. You're the only one who gets grapes?

No! No!

Something happened to Philip again.

How did that happen?

I drifted off for a moment.

The guys had a little fun with me.

Did you drink too much?

Sorry, I can't speak well right now.

I must have bitten my tongue.

Philip, we hardly see each other.

I don't even know how you're doing.

Okay. Only my tongue hurts like hell.

Three times this year Philip was drunk and fell. Something has to change.

They should finally get a divorce.

You can't be neutral any more. You have to speak up, too, Laura.

I don't believe it.

The bad thing is that Philip lies to us.

He said it was a brief blackout, but it must have taken ages to scribble that.

They have to do something. I'm telling them right now.

What did the doctor say? Philip is sleeping now.

His tongue will heal. He was only fatigued.

Fatigue? Mom, I don't think so.

It's my opinion and I've wanted to tell you for a long time now that I think you should probably change some things.

I mean, change the situation.

What situation do you mean exactly?

Philip isn't doing well right now. I know that.

Enough is enough.

We've decided to take control of the situation.

Fine. And how?

I prefer discussing personal matters alone with the family.

I'd tell him later anyway. But I wouldn't!

First, the doctor will change the prescription to get him off sedatives.

From one pill to the next? He needs his college qualification!

And then...

He can travel to Latin America with his friends.

It'll give him a new perspective.

He will get new drugs, too.

That's what I mean.

I'm going up to Philip. Good night. Don't forget to tell him that I'll pick him up from school.

Daddy, just explain who fathered him and he won't be confused.

Get out!

Cecilia, tell him to leave.

I won't visit until that's been cleared up. - What did you say?

You have to draw the consequences.

Nobody has a future without knowing the past.

I guess our college philosophy pays off.

You refuse to see the truth. You have to be clear.

"Be clear. Draw consequences." You can be so naive that it hurts.

Those are only excuses!

Konstantin. Thank you.

Yeah. No need for thanks.


I've tried before. This is my final attempt.

It's all about oil and water!

All the crap here!

Starbucks, Nike, Hennes and Auschwitz! It's all oil and water!

You wear oil and water!

You guzzle and feed on oil and water! You shit oil and water!

Here! There's your oil without water.

Who'll come over? There!

Oil! A little bit of oil? Why do you look so shocked?

Dear God, oil on the dago!

But the ground offensive in Saudi Arabia is okay, right?

What do you want? - Come on! Get lost, you loser!

A whole goddamned war so you can wear high heels!

No Santa Claus or Dalai Lama will come and bring you water!

Or oil!

Laura, right? Yes. Hello... l...

How are you doing? Great.

Are you interested in birds?

Yes. I've done bird-watching since childhood.

My father got me started. It's a little nerdy, but what the heck.

You're insane.

You follow an epistle of death that forces self-destruction upon you!

What a lunatic.

Yeah, but he's right.

Dad said you quit, because you refused to work for the energy industry.

That's not correct.

Though one has to say that most of his clients have a hotline to the devil.

So that's your reason for leaving. No. For entirely personal reasons.

What are you going to do now?

Now? Right now?

I don't know.


"Veccia Romana"'.

Excuse me. We'd like two "Veccia Romana"'.

What was that? Italian.

I can speak Danish.

That was French Danish. Exactly.

And what can you really speak?

Spanish. Say something.

What was it like working for my father?

My gosh!

I'm sorry. Now it's gone.

A mating pipe.



Take a look.

What about your eyes?

Macular dystrophy.

Little pimples on my optic nerve. They'll decrease my sharpness of vision.

Can't they do anything? Laser treatment?

You'd destroy the optic nerve.

And will you...

I mean... what is the worst possible case?

It can lead to blindness in my central vision.

I would recognize your head, but not your face.

That could happen in twenty years. They don't know.

That's why I gave up my profession.

To do bird-watching while I still can.

Do you like it?

What is all of this here?

His collection.

What kind of person is he? A fanatic?

Yes, among other things.

Are you ready?

I'll introduce you.

Cecilia Kuper.

It's a pleasure. Hello. - Hello.

Then we can begin.

As regards these meetings, you are sworn to absolute secrecy.

It's vital for Black Storms.


Let's assume you want to obliterate a large building.

You have to arrange the explosives so the building implodes, without causing damage in the surrounding area.

In the future we'll do the same thing: Place explosives so that our society implodes, but spares as much life as possible in its demise.

Should we fail, our civilization will soon destroy all life on earth.

Is everything okay? No.

What are the people talking about here?


What is that? "Terrorism"?

You're dodging the question.

All the people here want to change the way of thinking.

I want to know if they want to kill people.

No, but they're prepared for counter-aggression.

This is the movement I always hoped for.

I'm going to be part of it.

What do you want to do with your life?

Be a heiress?

Everyone should pursue seemingly normal professions.

You should cancel membership in every kind of organization.

Avoid all college friends who are politically active.

Above all, you need normal, inconspicuous jobs.

For Konstantin, I've arranged a job as business consultant in Paris.


My girlfriend needs a restaurant manager. Are you interested?

In Paris, right?

No. Here.

I don't know. I'd rather travel with Konstantin.

Show her the restaurant.

Irina is expecting you.

This is Cecilia.

Good morning. Morning.

Thank you.

Please let me go with you to Paris.

What? Nothing.

What's wrong?

Nothing. I was just wondering. About what?

Oh, I just asked myself where you got your Roman nose from.

I have to go.

I'll call you.

What's the matter? Nothing.

Trouble with Konstantin?

I don't know. So he'd rather move to Paris.

It doesn't matter, anyway.


I'm thinking about moving in with Hans.

Are you in love with him?

Yes. Very much so.

And if he goes blind?

We don't really know.

He has a macular disorder. it could stay this way.

I just want you to think about whether you really want to have children with a blind man.

Oh, I'm sorry, pumpkin!

But it's something we need to talk about, right?

I'm sorry.

Let me see.

Oh, my goodness. You'll have that for a while.

It looks good.

Now I can breathe freely again.

You just wanted a new nose.

How ridiculous! Please open the envelope.

Won't you join us? I'd prefer to sit here.

What do you want to prove? That you know the contents?

No fighting now.

I only want to say... that... I don't prove anything.

... whatever the envelope reveals, we're going to get divorced.



I told you so.

Show it to me. What's the result? Philip!

You can't make me responsible for everything.

... in the confusion caused by the fourth Gulf War.

Police are guarding gas stations due to the recent fuel raids among citizens.

We had to know who Philip's father is.

Nobody can live with this uncertainty. Then you can't live at all.

Life isn't consistent.

There's no clarity in life.

There's only solidarity, or nothing.

Couldn't you trust me just a little?

At least I know you're really my brother after all.

Sorry. That was a bad joke.

Get out of here!

We'll die together! On a Sunday when traffic is forbidden!

Lie down.

Come on, you coward.

Okay. Now the astronaut plan.

I'll study physics, work for the ESA, become an astronaut and fly to Mars.

Sounds terrific. Where do you want to study?

With the German military.

Are you serious?

But you have to become a soldier. That's logical, you super brain.

Left and right, turn!

Soldiers, repeat this solemn oath:

I swear to the Federal Republic of Germany to serve my country with loyalty and to defend the laws and freedom of the German people with courage.

A few months ago a rumor circulated among my parents' friends that Philip wasn't my father's son.

The DNA test proved that Philip is in fact my father's son.

Now, my father wants a divorce, but my mother won't give her consent.

Somehow she wants to keep us together, although everything is already ruined.

I want you to know this, because...

What's up?

You can tell me everything.

Is it ours?

Come on, pack your things. We're off.

What? Only two or three days.

I can't leave. I can't, either.

What is this here?

The cabin belonged to my grandfather. He left it to me.

I know, nothing great, but...

We can live here with our children.

Yeah, right.

Like Heidi and Peter the Goat Shepherd.

What do you mean, "live here"?

There's everything we need here.

Wood, water.

We can grow things here, keep animals.

We need a solar panel for the roof, so we have electricity.

You're joking, right?

Laura, you don't understand. Soon, the people we know won't exist.

The world we know will perish.

This war won't stay in the Gulf. There will be other wars over resources.

In Africa and Asia. Economic collapse. Hans, that's utter nonsense.

Pandemics like the Spanish flu. The prophecy about the Russians coming.

What Russians? What prophecies?

Hans, you're totally flipping out!

Do you really think I want to live with you in a hut underneath a solar panel?

I want to live in the city. And get my Ph.D.

Laura, your Ph.D. is meaningless in light of what is about to come.

I'm sorry... I didn't...

I'll be interested in your dissertation. No matter what.

You're out of your mind.

But I'm charming.

And spontaneous.

And handsome.

And vain.

We can go on holidays. ln your hut.

I'll plant a potato, if that's necessary.

Laura, I'm so happy about our baby.

Our love is the most important thing to me.

I'll always believe in us, no matter what happens.

I want your life to be a celebration.

Papa, watch the road!

Are you nervous?

Everything's okay. Fine.

If she doesn't come, take me!

What's wrong?

Hey there.


How are you?

They said it's okay, but suddenly blood came out.

I was so frightened.

I just spoke with the doctor. They'll be doing some more tests.

Those are his heart tones.

It's probably due to the wedding. The excitement and everything.

Yes, probably.

I'm so sorry. What nonsense.

It's only a ceremony. It can be later.

I can't hear any... What happened?

On your side.

We'll be back right away.

What's happening?

The brain hemorrhage of the child is problematical.

We can do an intrauterine operation.

That means we can operate on the child in the uterus.

Your wife survived the operation in good condition.

Unfortunately, our help came too late for your baby.

We're extremely sorry.

Please excuse the disturbance. That's okay. Please come in.

It's been our experience over the years that it's a great help to the parents, if they get the chance to say farewell to their child.

Did you have a name for your son?

We weren't sure, but...


Would you like to hold Louis?

Sit next to me.

... in Saudi Arabia the allied troops suffered numerous casualties...

I've got some bad news for you.

A rare phenomenon caused your child's death.

Alloimmume thrombocytopenia. That means the thombocytes, that regulate blood-clotting for the child, carry an antigen from the father. Mothers develop antibodies against it.

Put in simple terms, your organism rejected the organism of your child.

In later pregnancies such a phenomenon...

One second, wait a minute, so I understand.

Both of us can have children, but not with each other.

Exactly. It's a genetic disposition.

"Fate", if you will, that your bodies aren't compatible in this respect.

I'm afraid.

I once read something.

During the first three months of life, babies think they are their mothers.

They look at their mothers and think, "That's me."

I want to see your scar.

Say it.


You know already.

You once said that you wanted my life to be a celebration.

Half blind and no kids won't do for you. I would never think that way.

You've been thinking that all along.

Anyone would think the same.

What I can't stand is that you won't admit it.

What? It's no celebration for me, if...

if I can't have children with the man I love.




ATTENTION! For an important announcement.

This building must be evacuated immediately.

Please leave the library right away. -Please exit the building!

Please use the designated emergency routes.

I repeat: This building must be evacuated immediately.

Please leave the library right away.

Please use the designated emergency routes.

I repeat: This building must be evacuated immediately.

Please leave the library right away.



In a written message, the terror group Black Storms claimed responsibility for the cyber-terror attack on the Internet.

The terrorists lamed the world wide web for hours with a targeted manipulation, which led to chaos and unrest across the globe.

Experts estimate millions in damages. Shit!

Sespite the catastrophic results, sympathies are growing for Black Storms, especially among young people from industrialized countries.

Black Storms! -Turn off that goddamned camera!

Hello, Laura.

Konstantin. I heard that you...

How long have you been working here?

I'm only helping out. I'm working on my dissertation.

How are you?

Have you managed to deal with it all?

And how are you doing?

Fine. I'm living in Berlin again.

I'll take a five minute break, okay?

How was it in Paris?

I never really noticed. With clients abroad, I travelled a lot.

How many birds do you have here?

I have no idea. I think...

Around three million or so.

Really? Sure.


This falcon is already extinct, too?

Takhe. Takahe?

There's nothing here. Where does it come from?

From New Zealand.

Oh yes. I see it now.

I have to get back.

But it was nice that we met again. Yes. I think so, too.


Laura? When do you have your lunch break?

At about half past twelve. Then I'll pick you up tomorrow. Okay?

Tomorrow at half past twelve?

Okay? Okay.

See you tomorrow.

Are you a lady?


Let's go through the reservations.

Sven Bauer from Müngler &Werck. Yes, Sven handles East Europe.

Sven Bauer owes his career at the water supplier Müngler &Werck to his draconian price policies... He was somewhere else before... ln Sudan. - The stable prices of the corporation were criticized by a speaker of the African Union.

In an acute crisis like the present... Yes, of course. Okay.

How long will you stay?

I'll stay.


How are you doing?

Everything is fine.

You're incredibly beautiful.

An incredibly beautiful woman.


Hello. To the Thai Park, please.

That's really spicy!


Have you seen Konstantin again?

Have you seen him? He dropped by the museum.

I see.

We have a date for the cinema.

But I won't go, if you don't want me to. How ridiculous! Go ahead.

I'm not interested in him.

I'm not going. But not because of me.

Okay. Then I'll go out with him. Fine, okay.

"Fine, okay," means "Kiss my ass." Whatever.

My dissertation deals primarily with four of Darwin's illustrations.

They were published in his book and were key to his theory of evolution.

I thought we'd reached the end of evolution.

No, we're right in the middle. Procreation.

The meaning of life.

You're laughing, but as long as evolution continues, every new organic being will emerge as a unique life form.

You really believe that, right?

That really makes you happy?

Believing in happiness makes you happy.

The only innate error of mankind is believing we were born to be happy.



Thank you. The evening was wonderful. Yeah, I think so, too.

Very nice.

Good night.

It's remarkable how you've changed.

You used to be so...


Anxious? Yes. Filled with anger and rage.

As if you had... the feeling that there no place existed for you.

Now I've found my place in our little, declining welfare democracy.

All right.

Maybe you haven't changed all that much.

Just show me how anything ever really changes.

I don't know if I can.

Good night.

Do you think Cecilia can do it?

Does everyone know she's been selected?


Okay. Listen everybody.

The plan is very simple.

Vincent has already organized Paris. Plans for London, New York, Amsterdam.

Only Moscow, Rome and Berlin are missing.

We'll organize demonstrations against extending the war to Asia.

On August 1 in Berlin for the special summit on Turkmenistan.

When the demos escalate, a few young people will be shot dead by the police.


Martyrs move the hearts of the masses.

The time is ripe. People are ready to stand up.

Okay, we see things as they are.

The death of innocent people is cruel.

We're obviously talking about murder.

But this is also a historical chance.

We've never had so many people who are ready to oppose the system.

So we must accept the deaths of a few more innocent people, in order to end murder around the world.

And we need a death in Berlin.

Who is willing to do that?

In Paris we drew lots.

Everybody take one.

And whoever hits the jackpot should tell Konstantin later.

Calmly. Everybody doesn't have to know.


I can't do it, Konstantin.

I'm sorry. I can't.

I already said, stop your eternal apologies. Come here!

Okay. You don't have to do it.

Come here. Everything's fine.

It's okay, if I don't do it? Yes, of course.

Who'll do it then?

I will.

Doesn't it matter to you?

Killing innocent people, just like that? Of course.

I don't like to kill.

It will be very difficult for me.

But I kill, if it's necessary.

And I won't be scarred for life.

I know that, because I've often killed people.

And you, too. Cecilia...

You and l, all people kill others.

Whether we want to accept it or not.

Life feeds on life.

We kill plants, animals, people and nations.

We kill the whole damned planet in the name of our civilization.

We've found perfidious methods of separating our actions from their consequences.

We kill all the time.

I look at the world... It's just murder.

You pay that price to radicalize people. Yes.

That's correct.

That disturbs me, too.

But we want to abolish civilization. That's only possible with bloodshed.

We can't change the world by poisoning a few executives with salmonellae.

Or by paralyzing the Internet. Do you know how I know that?

Because despite climate change, people haven't changed in the least.

The end doesn't justify the means.


I don't know who taught us that, but it's simply not true.

In order to destroy civilization, before it destroys this planet, any means are justifiable. Any.

And if we succeed...


At some time perhaps, for a brief moment...

There will only be an empty space, where all the superfluous things stood.

And the whole time I thought you were on my side.


What about my sister?

So what?

She's the best bourgeois camouflage I can imagine.

She's everything I'm not interested in. Kiss me, Konstantin.

Sear customers, come closer and enjoy an entirely new auditory sensation.

Experience SC's, games and film trailers without headphones.

Here at our media terminal.

Hello? Hey!

I can't believe it! What happened?

Oh, nothing.

No more milk. Nothing's left. Crap.

1.59 euros.


The demonstration begins soon. Are you coming along?

The stationing of Germantroops in Turkmenistan was officially approved.

This means invading a sovereign state with the sole aim of securing the gas reserves located there.

This war cannot be justified by international law.

This war violates the sovereignty of Turkmenistan. We don't want war!

We don't want war!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm very sorry, but we cannot proceed.

I must ask you to leave the bus.


Hold on!

We can't stay here. Let's go.


It's crazy how the war makes Black Storms so powerful.


The test results are excellent. Which doctor treated you?

I've only consulted you.

No, I mean the thrombocytopenia.

I don't understand.

I'm sorry. I assumed that it was the same father as before.

No. But why?

In the meantime there is a treatment for thrombocytopoenia.

We mask the father's antigen and avoid the mother's antibody reaction.

There's no problem any more.

No, I didn't know that.

Good. ln any case, your child is healthy and happy.

Hello, pumpkin.

I hope they find out soon who shot that college girl.

Do you have marching orders?

Of course it'll be a grand disaster.

Let's go for a snack. - Maybe later. I want you to meet someone.

Really? Who? You'll see. Come.

What's going on here?


Please sit down.

At rest.

Hello, Miss Kuper.

I'm Gerd Melzer from the Office of Constitutional Protection in the FRG.

This is Major Gauss from the Military Defense Forces.

What do you want from me?

Sit down.

Konstantin Richter leads a double life.

He's a member of the Black Storms, like your sister.

Terrorists pretend to be normal citizens. They're not easy to identify.

You're his bourgeois disguise. He's using your sister for terrorism.

How advanced is the pregnancy? What?

Who do you think you are? Laura,

I swore an oath to our constitution.

The terror will continue and cost the lives of innocent people.

German will be sending new troops to the war in Asia.

The Black Storms are using the war to escalate their terrorism.

What am I supposed to do?

We offer Cecilia special witness status if she'll testify against Konstantin.

You have to convince your sister to get out, before it's too late.

What's wrong?

Nothing. What could be wrong?

I've been trying to reach you for days. You don't answer my messages.

What should I think?

I just have a lot to do right now. My dissertation.

Can I come in?

Just for a moment. Please.

I'm pregnant.

But you...

Laura, that's what you always wanted.

What's the matter?

If the two of us... have a baby, it's sure to be the sweetest little thing.

You've made me happy.



I need time. Please leave me alone. I have to think.

Yes, fine.

I'll give you a call.

Yes, Philip and his regiment are about to be deployed over there.

Major Brandt knows the region well.

But send my son back to me in good health.

Don't touch me!

Hey! Get lost!

What's wrong? Are you ill?


Come on.

That's enough. We don't need that now.

Enough is enough. What's got into you?

Why don't all of us tell the truth?

Come. You're drunk. Papa, why don't you start?

Why don't you take a nap? Tell the officers and soldiers here for what price you've already sold off the mining rights in Turkmenistan so that they can go and sacrifice their young asses.


Who talks such rubbish?



I have the rubbish from Konstantin and you have the baby from Konstantin.


Yes. Laura is expecting Konstantin's child.

Baby, what baby? Let us be. I don't want to talk.

Please leave me alone. I can't talk any more.

What do you want to talk about?

What do you have to tell me?

Your crap about evolution? ls that what you want to tell me?

How much you loved Konstantin from the start?

Couldn't you find someone else to have a baby with?

Did it have to be him?

I can't take it any more.


What will become of me now?



Good day, Miss Kuper.

Good day, Miss Kuper. Hello.

Good day, Miss Kuper. Thank you very much.

Laura, what are you doing here? -We have to talk.

Okay, but not here. Let's go somewhere else.


Laura, come with me.

Cecilia! Come on. Get in there.

Get in!

What's wrong? I'm sorry, Laura.

Help! Help me!

Keep on. Just a little longer, Laura.

That's right. Come. Just a little, just a little...

With all your might.

That's right. Exhale.

Now, press down hard. Come!

Really hard...That's right.

A little more... Good, good.

It's coming... Wonderful.

Good morning, Miss Kuper.

You can't refuse to testify.

Dear God!

Seven dead. Thirty-six injured.


I won't testify against my own daughter. Either way, she'll be condemned.

Our clients want to know your position.

Hello, August. Hello, Günter.

Hello, Martha.

Fine. To be blunt...

If you don't testify, the law firm will have to let you go.

You don't have to threaten me. Look...

My daughter... thinks it's necessary to kill people indiscriminately. My son is fighting in this damn war.


I'm not coming back to the office.

Right here there's... a dead man lying on the street.

Sear Philip, I no longer grasp the things around me.

The city and everyone living here have become absolute strangers to me.

I always believed that one can find away. if one is consistent, but that's not so.


One is only happy, if one can suppress and ignore problems.

That's how it is.

Consistency always leads to terror.

Chaos and confusion, that's what life is about.

I hope you'll be back soon.

It looks as if the war won't make any sense much longer.

They're building these solar energy plants everywhere.

They're building one in the middle of the Teufelsberg.

People are already moaning that you can see it everywhere in the city.

I love it, though.

Since it gives me hope that you'll be coming home soon.

You've got two minutes.

Where is Johann?

With Mama.

Do you have a photo with you?

He's cute.


Where is Konstantin?

I don't know.


I'm so very sorry.

The time is up.


Is anybody there?

I'm looking for Hans.

Hans. Hans Krämer.

Albert, it's okay.

I know her.

Hello, Hans.


Can I come closer? My eyes...


How are you? Fine.

You have a child.

What's its name?


And who's that?


Good evening.

Would you like some tea?


It's only herbal tea. That's fine.

Albert, one tea, please.

What do you want?

I don't know. You must know why you came here.

I wanted to see you again.

And l... wanted...

I wanted you to meet my son. Not...

And actually, l...

How old is he?

14 months.

And who's the father?



The oven heats through the night.

Are you hungry? Yes, a little bit.

There's food in the kitchen.

They aren't coming here.

That's good.

Are the refugees a problem?

Not for me. I have Albert.

He was a soldier for two years.

He protects me, so he can stay here.

Will you show me the birds?

That's a falcon couple.

I smuggled them out of Iran.

That's my most valuable bird.

A gyrfalcon from Afghanistan.

That's Sputnik. He's rather shy.

Do you want to try to let him perch on your arm? - How?

Put that on.

Just hold the glove under his tail.

This way? Yes, and then upwards. He'll climb on.

Slowly. Good.

Hello, Sputnik.

That was okay. I have to get to work. Put him down.

Laura, what do you really want from me?


I wanted to see you again.

And I...

I wanted to tell you that it was wrong to let you go.

You realized that after the father of your child went underground?

Families just aren't your thing, right?

You'll never learn.

You thought, I'll see what good old Hans is up to.


Yes. Yes!

I asked myself whether anyone mattered on this stupid planet, besides my son.

And I came looking for you.

But I guess I made a mistake. I'm sorry.

Yeah. You can get back to your work now.

He's asleep now.

You stood here and said that you'd always believe in us.

You stopped believing in us after things became difficult.

I'm sorry about that.

More than anything else I've done wrong in my life.

Hey, take a look.


I can't see clearly. Does it look terrible, or what?

Let's go!

It's okay, it's okay.

Yes, it's okay.

What do you want here?

Don't be afraid.

Hello, Laura.

How did you find me? Your telephone is on. - Stop!

What do you want?

To see my son. He certainly can't be yours.

Okay, clear that up with him, but that asshole isn't coming in my house.

Laura, could you come a little closer?

I want to see Johann. ls that okay? You're not going down there.

He won't do anything to us. Trust me.

Yes, hello.

So we finally meet.

I'm sorry I was away for so long.

He's cute.

What do you want?

Don't be so impolite.

I want you. I want my family.

I've come to fetch you. As simple as that?

No. Only if you want, of course.

But I have the time now.

At least, until they catch me. -Was it worth it?

I don't know.

Only time will tell, but it was worth the try.

Do you think Vincent would see it the same way?

You know that we all have to die, but at least his death had meaning.

We won't go with you. You know that.


Can I hold him just for a moment?


Is that okay?


Come here!

He's dying! Yeah, he's dying.

Pack a few things. We're leaving.

Do you need things for the baby?

Yes. Pack them.

Pack them!

Come on, we're leaving.



Goodbye. Goodbye.

Thank you.

Can you hold on?


Watch out! Watch out!


We need help!

Halt durch! Halt durch!

I'll never let you go again.