Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin (1991) Script

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Since how many days has this girl not eaten?

Since yesterday, sir.

Then why don't you force in to her mouth?

It is not as easy as you think, sir.

Six of our waiters are injured and the stewards have a bad back.

There's no account of the amount of cutlery that has been broken, sir.

I think I'll have to do something.

Come with me. Yes, sir.

Where? Excuse me, sir. This way.

I am done for!

Sir. - Sir. What's happening?

Sir.. I think baby has refused to eat again.

All right. Serve it again. Okay, sir.

And.. Open the door. Yes, sir.

Sir, I shouldn't be opening it when you are around.


Sir, push it in. Okay.

What nonsense is this?! Are you crazy?!

Why haven't you eaten?

I don't want to eat! And neither do I want to see you!

All right. Then you will remain locked in here.

Because you very well know that I shall have my way.

You don't rule my life.

I can't lead my life the way you want me to.

Pooja, you know how much.. Yes, I know you love me.

Yes. - Because I am your daughter and you always wish well for me.

Undoubtedly. - Hence you don't want me to ever commit any mistake.

Yes. And hence..

And hence I say that don't marry that fool Deepak.

I will marry only Deepak.

Not until I am alive.

Why did you get the food?! Sir asked me to..

It is for me.

Put it there.

Good food.

'Parathas' made of radish.

Tandoori chicken.

This is 'palak paneer'.

And this is 'jal farezi'.

Pooja darling.

None of your stunts will make me eat.

Who is asking you to eat? You eat sorrow while I eat carrot.

Daddy, you're joking and I am so tensed.

Why don't you understand? I love Deepak.

Why do you love that idiot?!

Because he is very handsome and all the girls are in love with him.

But he is in love with me.

Foolish girl! He loves my wealth, not you.

You think that everyone loves your wealth, right?

For your kind information, he is quite wealthy himself.

Don't be silly, not as rich as I am.

Now, why don't you have this paratha? To hell with your paratha.

For your naughtiness, I'll eat a papad and you'll get a slap!



Pooja! No! No!

My daughter has run away!

Pooja! My daughter has run away!.. Pooja! Jump.

Catch her.

Jump! Take my boat and follow her!

Follow her. Okay. - Pooja!

Pooja! Pooja!

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"Her charms stole my heart."

"Whose daughter is she?"

"If we become friends.."

"If we unite, my life will become meaningful."

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"You are my beloved."

"I gave my heart to you."

"I gave my heart to you."

"I liked you too You seem a nice person."

"My heart is crazy for you."

"You are my dream, you are my beloved."

"Hope we never separate."

"You enlighten my life."

"Whose daughter is she?"

"Her charms stole my heart."

"Whose daughter is she?"

"You will get your beloved."

"That beautiful day will arrive."

"The love your eyes seek for, you will find it."

"You will find your beloved."

"We pray to God This is our blessing."

"Someone will become your companion."

"There's a smile on your lips."

"Whose daughter is she?"

"Her charms stole my heart."

"Whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"My beloved resides in my heart whom I wish to meet."

"He must be around."

"He must be around."

"Worried she seems."

"What's wrong with her."

"She seeks for the one she doesn't know."

"Very silent she is."

"Her life is in trouble."

"Whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

"The girl with a golden chain, whose daughter is she?"

I think baby has gone quite far. Nobody could get her.

You won't be able to. After all she's Mr. Dharamchand's daughter.

She can move faster than an airplane.

Nobody can get her. But don't worry..

..she'll be back as she doesn't have a single penny.

That's where you're mistaken, sir.

She's wearing a gold chain, ring and earrings.

Oh my God.

Call up the detective agency immediately.

Have her picture published in every newspaper.

Deploy our men at every railway station, Airport and bus stop.

Find out where that idiot Deepak is.

She will go only where that idiot Deepak is. Deepak.

Hello? Hello!

I want to talk to Deepak. He's at Bangalore for a shoot.

Bangalore? Yes.

When will he return? I can't say anything, madam.

Here. Thank you.


Yes, okay. - Indian airline announces the departure..

..of flight number IC142 to Goa. Passengers are requested..

Look, this is Pooja.

If she comes here, don't issue her a ticket.

Okay, sir.

What are you thinking? I am lamenting at my fate.

I had told boss that such a wealthy girl..

..is not going to travel in this horrible bus.

If she has to go, she will either take the train..

..airplane or a taxi.

But that idiot refuses to listen to us!

It's been four hours since we are getting bored out here.

But where do you think she is now?

Here's your ticket. You're very nice.

Here is the change. Please, keep it.

Really? Yes.

You're very nice. May God bless you!

When will the bus leave? In about 10-15 minutes.

Okay. Thank you. Okay.

I wonder who this man is?! He refuses to come out!

I have to make an urgent call.

He's a famous journalist, Raghu Jetley. Have you heard of him?

Any murder, rape, or scuffles in this area are reported by him.

What did you say? You won't print it?

You are a stooge of the first order!

Stooge?! Learn to write first! You think you're a journalist!

Learn to hold a pen first!

Is this some scoop you've got me?!

I don't want to humiliate myself by publishing this!

Mr. Sharma, you need guts to publish my reports.

And then you print 'The Daily Toofan(storm)'

You lack the courage!

Your newspaper is worth nothing!

You are lucky to have reporters like me.

You were nothing before I joined you.

Get one thing clear, Raghu Jetley!

I don't want to see your face ever again!

And if you step here even by mistake..

..I'll have you thrown out of my office!

What! Oh!

So now you want to apologize? So now you're talking sense.

When you realized that Raghu doesn't care..

..you decided to please him.

Have you forgotten that day when you came pleading to me?

'Son Raghu, please become a reporter for my newspaper.'

No, now it is too late.

No! I don't want your sorry!

Go to hell.

Sir, you gave it back to your boss?

Could you check if my bus has left or not?

What are you saying?

Mr. Raghu, no bus can leave this bus stop without you on board.

You're right. Let's go. Come.

These editors think no end of themselves. - Yes.

I know how to handle them. How?

Do you see this hand? Yes, I do.

If my hand and words are strong..

..nobody can stop me from penning the truth.

I can manage to eke out a living.

But never sell my words! Well said!

Well, let me say bye now. Bye.

God bless you! Thank you!

What a great man he is.

Come on, fast.

Where did the conductor go?

Hey conductor!

What's on the seat?!

It's for human beings to sit! Pick it up!

What's your problem?!

I said, Mister.. would you be kind enough to lift the precious objects..

..from the seat so as to enable me to sit on it.

No! That newspaper bundle will remain where it is!

Hey conductor! I am not used to sitting on newspapers!

Once I made the mistake of sitting on a newspaper.

All the newspaper print came onto my back.

And you know how people love to read newspapers for free.

And that day there was not a single paper around.

The whole town was following me.

Well conductor? So will you move this bundle or..

Don't act too smart! The bundle will remain there!

Hey! Hey!

He was trying to act very smart.

Mister, now either one of us will have to pick this bundle.

I suppose it has to be picked up.

Well, so pick it up. As long as I've got my seat.

Hey madam! This seat belongs to me. Get up.

Meaning? Look, I am very angry.

I have already picked up two fights.

Please, be kind enough to sit somewhere else.

Conductor? Yes.

Yes, madam?

Is this seat reserved? No. First come first basis.

Conductor! What?

Two people can sit on this seat. How should I know?

Ticket..- But I know.

Two! Move aside.

Wow! When God gives, He does so in bountiful!

Shut up.

"Don't pick me if I slip today."

"If you try picking me up..

..you too will slip."

What happened? Any news?

Now I can tell you where and what Deepak is doing at the moment.

Where is he and what is he doing?

He's in Bangalore for a shoot.

How did you come to know? By reading this newspaper.

You even read the newspaper? You aren't aware..

..but world over this is a medium of news.

If he is in Bangalore, Pooja will surely go there.

We must look for her on the Bombay-Bangalore road. - Correct.

I was wondering the same. Don't think. Just leave. Idiot.

Yes, sir. - Leave for the Bombay- Bangalore road.

Go, come on. Come on.

Your love makes people go crazy!

Mr. Dharamchand's daughter has escaped her father's chains..

..and you're having a good time in Bangalore.

Nothing new!

She's the third girl who has been entrapped in my love.

My name is Deepak Kumar.

The lady killer.

Oh yes! Everyone knows that!

Mr. Dharamchand is a very stubborn man.

This time you are playing with fire.

You don't expect me to play with water..

..if I have to acquire 7 billion!

You are very naïve!

Once I get married to Pooja..

..you can watch how I make Dharamchand dance to my tunes.

Are you sure Pooja will come to Bangalore?

She will come. She'll surely come.

And her father will follow on his knees!

He was standing here quietly and he suddenly started running.

What's wrong with him?

He got away! I followed him to quite a distance but he got away.

What nonsense are you talking?!

Oh God! Am I unfortunate?!

I went running like a fool and have come back huffing..

She doesn't even know what happened.

How should that concern me?

Madam, you'll be delighted to know..

..that your purse has been stolen.


My purse has been stolen! My purse has been stolen!

Now do you realize?

How did it happen? This man with a jacket..

..sitting next to our seat, ran off with your purse.

Now what will I do? Now..

Was your ticket also in it? No. The ticket is with me.

But it had all my money. I just have 10 rupees in this!

Now, how will I get to Bangalore?

Use this money to either call or send a telegram home.

They will send you the money. Send a telegram home..

I'll do it.

I'll ask the conductor to lodge a police complaint.

No! There is no need for that.

You sure are strange.

Your purse has been stolen. You must lodge a complaint.

But I don't want to lodge a police complaint.

So, I'll do it. You may just get your purse back.

Look mister! Do you understand the language? Then listen.

I don't want to lodge a police complaint.

Keep away from my matters.

Okay? Leave me alone.

Doesn't even acknowledge a favour!

It's been half an hour since the bus has been waiting here.

The fellow in the cap hasn't come as yet.

Here he comes! He rules this place.

He thinks he owns the bus! He'll come and go when he pleases!

Nothing can be done about our country!

I want action. We are trying our best.

Where are you? I want results.

We are doing as much as we can.

Look for her at every possible place.

Sir, I have deployed 200 men on the Bombay-Bangalore highway.

They are doing their best to locate her.

Are you sure she isn't with Deepak?

Yes, sir. I am sure she is not with Deepak.

Deepak is under strict watch ever since Pooja has run away.

Even his telephone lines are tapped.

I hope Pooja is alright. I too hope so, sir.

Sir I have an idea? What?

Let's give Pooja as missing..

..on radio, television and the newspaper along with her picture..

..and the finder shall be reward with Rs. 100,000.

A reward of Rs. 100,000!

Boss! You would have been very proud of me.

All right. Now leave. This purse has Rs. 4000!

We always get these paltry amounts.

Only the others get the bigger birds.

If only we can get her.

She is the daughter of a millionaire. Worth Rs. 500,000.

Boss, she is the same girl. Which girl?

The one whom I saw in the bus heading towards Bangalore.

All the girls look the same to you.

I am very sure that this is the same girl whose purse I pinched.

She is accompanied with a boy.

Is that the truth? I swear upon God Really? Let's go!

Tea! Snacks!

Whoever wants to have breakfast, can have it here.

The bus will wait here for only 20 minutes.


I am such a fool! Why didn't you move me?

I did try.

Will you have tea? No, thank you.

I'll go for a stroll. You'll miss the bus.

Listen. If I get late, wait for me.

Wait for you? Yes.

What's this girl? What is she?

"O man of my dreams."

"O man of my dreams."

"If you love me.."

"..then come with me."

"Come and sing with me."



"O man of my dreams, Take me to a place.."

"O man of my dreams, Take me to a place.."

"My love, I want you.."

"..to take me to paradise."

"Where there is only love."

"Show me such a world."

"O man of my dreams, Take me to a place.."

"The abode of angels, in the midst of stars."

"The song of love resounds here."

"Here everyone is obsessed by love."

"Love means everything to them."

"The abode of angels, in the midst of stars."

"The song of love resounds here."

"Here everyone is obsessed by love."

"Love means everything to them."

"You are the guest of paradise."

"Come, we'll take you around."

"Where is the man of your dreams."

"Let's find him."

"He will come riding on a moon."

"He will take me along with him."

"He bestow me all the happiness."

"He will make me his bride."

"He will come riding on a moon."

"He will take me along with him."

"He bestow me all the happiness."

"He will make me his bride."

"He will make me his bride."

"He will make me his bride."

Excuse me! Where did the bus go?

What bus? The one going to Bangalore.

That bus has left. Has left? How can it leave?

I had asked him to wait.


Have you forgotten me?

You rested your little head on these very shoulders.

Did you remember? - I think I've already thanked you for that.

Excuse me! When will the bus for Bangalore leave?

The next bus is only at eight in the evening.

After 12 hours?! Is there no bus in between?

No. There are only two buses. One in the morning and one at night.

Didn't the bus wait for you?! What an idiot!

It didn't wait in spite of your order?

That's the problem with these buses. They have fixed timings.

Did you also miss the bus? Yes. Just my luck.

Now don't try to tell me..

..that you missed your bus because of me.

I was about to say it. But then you stopped me from saying it.

I think you've begun to get some ideas just..

..because I rested my head on your shoulders in my sleep.

Get one thing clear. Stay away from me.

I don't need anybody's help.

I know how to take care of myself.

Ms. Pooja Dharamchand.

Your ticket. You left it on the seat.

I am not Pooja Dharamchand.

I am not an idiot, Miss Pooja Dharamchand.

Don't try to fool me.

All routes to Bangalore are closed for you.

Your father won't let you reach Bangalore.

Don't try to fool me!

Your picture has been published in all the newspapers.

And there is a reward of Rs. 100,000.

What is that actor? Deepak Kumar.

I think you've done just right by getting involved with him.

He is one sly man and you are a fool!

That's when they say, 'marriages are made in Heaven!'

Now only one home will be destroyed.

I would suggest..

..that you take the first bus home to your father.

Deepak is a fraud and sly man!

I don't need your advice.

But I am still giving it. Try paying heed.

Look, don't tell my father.

I'll give you as much reward as what my father is giving.

Just drop me to Bangalore.

Hey, you think everything can be bought?!

Can't you just request and say that you're in trouble..

..and need help?

Here's your ticket! Trying to lure me with the greed of money!

Listen, please!

I want to get to Bangalore at the earliest.

Please, help me! Please.

Now you're learning!

There is a bus stop about 25 kms from here.

We should get a bus from there.

25 kms? Yes.

Come along if you have the strength.

I am not walking. This is beyond me.

Hey Miss India, how'll you cross the distance without walking?

What if we miss that bus as well?

No way. We'll go only by car.

You expect a limousine!

The driver will salute and open the door for you!

Couldn't we get a lift?


Had it been that easy to get a lift all the people..

..with no money would have toured the world around!

Have you ever hitched a ride?

I have never felt the need to do so until now.

Madam, to hitch a ride is also an art.

Really? And what art is it?

One has to make gestures.

You can't just stand on the road and wave out your hands like a fool!

The cars just pass by at that.

Do you see this thumb? It is very helpful.

For instance, if it is a small car..

..this is how you must gesture. And the car stops immediately.

But if it is a big sports car..

..then this is how you must do it.. Bend a little.

And smile a little so that the driver has some pity.

Whereas if you see a big lorry approaching..

..these meek ways won't help at all.

This little thumb won't help in front of the big lorry.

This is what you must do.. This way.. Swing your arm.

It will go ahead and stop.. You must run to it.

'We need a lift to Bangalore.'

'Get in. It's no problem at all.'

Madam, I'm going to write a book on the art of hitching a ride.

There! We missed the car! You talk a lot.

Half the time is lost in talking to you.

There's another one coming.

Now watch me in action.

Learn the art from me. Learn it.

Your thumb is very small.

Madam, my thumb isn't small, his vision is poor!

I'm glad he didn't give us a lift. He'll surely bang somewhere.

I am lying down.

Wake me up if a car stops.

I think we'll have to walk it up.

Should I try?


Had I been in your place..

..I would have never got into that truck.

But I will surely sit because I am not in your place.


Welcome! 'A lovely journey and a beautiful weather.'

My life is made. Thank you.

I should be the one to say thank you.

I haven't seen a prettier face since morning. My life is made!

Make yourself comfortable. Come closer.

No. I am fine here.

A salesman leads a very lonely life.

Only a person with a heart can understand him.

A long and lonely journey.

The desires remain curbed!

But in the midst of the journey when one comes across..

..a beauty like you, the heart sings with joy and says..

'Your life is made! You won't this opportunity again.'

Why have you stopped the car? Because you're next to me.

Now this car will have many a stop overs until Bangalore.


"I want a beloved to love."

Leave me! My life is made!

My life is made! Let go of me!

Who are you?

Don't you know who I am?!

I rule this place till 55 kms!

I have committed 28 murders! And I desire to make it to 54!

My name is Raman Raghav.

I have always killed drivers and then set the car ablaze!

Now you can't get away from me, fatty!

Tell me, how do you want to die?

Do you want to be hanged or stabbed?!

I shall offer you to Mother Kali and have the offerings!

Offerings of these fair cheeks!

Even she's got good cheeks!

If not you, your wife will do.

One of you will have to be sacrificed.

It's a new moon night! I won't let goddess go hungry.

Tell me, who should I take?

Take her! Why not you?!

Who will drive the car?


Come O beauty! Your time has come. Get out of here.

My life is saved.

Shut up!

I had warned you not to sit in that truck!

How did I know he would..

How did I know.. shut up and come on!

The next time you had better listen to me!

Sir! What?

Sir, there's a telegram from Raghu Jetley.

Since how many years are you working here? - What?

Since how many years are you working here?!

Three years. Haven't you seen the bin until now?!

What's this? Sir, take care. - What's this?

A bin. Put it in there!

No.. Remove it out. Okay, sir.

Mister! Life has moved on!

Go! You may leave.

What! There's no bus leaving for Bangalore today? Why?

The bridge has collapsed ahead.

You'll have to stay here until morning.

Excuse me! Is there a place where we can stay?

There is a guest house close by. You can take this road.

Why are you staring at me?

The bridge didn't fall because of me!

Hey Dondu! Give the gentleman the keys of Room no. 106.

Okay, sir. - Sir, enter your name and address here.

Come, madam. We've got a room.

Madam, wish you and your husband a comfortable stay.

Listen! Don't you want to sleep?

You think you're very smart?!

It's obvious. One has to be smart these days.

What was the manager saying? What was he saying?

He said that I must have a good night's sleep with my husband.

That's because I entered us as a married couple in the register.

What's that for?! Be grateful that at least we got a room.

Instead of thanking me you're acting smart.

You think you're very smart?!

Talk about yourself! You also think no end of yourself!

You think I'll fall prey to your tricks?!

Hey, if you think I want to get involved with you..

..then you'd better clear the doubts!

You are only a sensational news for me!

News? Are you a reporter?

Yes, I am. Now listen to me.

You want to get to Deepak Kumar. Right?

I'll help you reach him.

I want a sensational piece of news to which I am the eye witness.

A story of a rich girl who runs from home to unite with her lover.

And this reporter is there with her every moment.

That is why I am tolerating your whims and fancies.

Have you brought a lone girl in a room to write a news article?!

Look, my money is getting over. Even you don't have any money.

And I can't afford the luxuries of separate rooms.

If you don't want to stay in this room..

..you're welcome to walk out.

Remember one thing. If you try to act smart..

..I'll go to your father and reveal everything. Understand?

I'll sleep here.

How do I sleep in these clothes?


You don't want them? No.. I do.

I've never been so troubled..

..for one single piece of news ever in my life.

"Very stylish and loving.."

"..mischievous is my beloved"

"That craziness, that killing looks.."

"..naughty is my beloved."

"Very stylish and loving.."

"..graceful is my beloved."

"That craziness, that innocence."

"..mischievous, is my beloved."

"I wonder where my heart is lost."

"Seeing you, it has become yours."

"You reside in my eyes and in my dreams."

"You are in the fragrance of my memories."

"That coy look, that young age."

"Affectionate, is my beloved."

"That craziness, that innocence."

"..mischievous, is my beloved."

"My heart skipped a beat."

"I lowered my eyes with coyness."

"I'm so close to him."

"I was nervous thinking about it."

"That smartness, that obsession."

"..gentle, is my beloved."

"That craziness, that innocence."

"..mischievous, is my beloved."

"I'm going to build a world of love."

"I'm ready to forget everything for your sake."

"Your talks are enthralling."

"Every decision is in his hands."

"That fragrant, that coy."

"Graceful, is my beloved."

"That craziness, that killing looks.."

"..naughty is my beloved."

"Very stylish and loving.."

"..graceful is my beloved."

Are you sleeping? Yes, I am sleeping.

I am in deep sleep right now.

Tell me something. What is your name?

Raghu Jetley.

First Raghu and then it is Jetley.

Jetley! I don't like this name.

It has been nice meeting you, Mr. Jetley.

Once it's morning, Pooja and Jetley will be far apart.

It has been nice meeting you, Mr. Jetley.

Same here.

What are you thinking of?

Nothing. Go to sleep.

Once you sleep you will get dreams.

What will I dream of? Bangalore, madam.

The place where you want to be.


Hey, you're still sleeping? Get up!

What's the time? It's eight.

What's this? Hurry.

Oh, toothbrush, thanks.

You got this ironed?

How sweet.

Breakfast is ready. Hurry.

Where did you get it ironed?

Another problem!

If you don't step out of bed until I count 10..

..I'll drag you out by your legs.

One.. two..

Three.. I won't get up.

Four.. five..

Six.. I want to sleep.

Seven.. eight.. nine..

Ten! I'll get up!

The bathroom is to your left on the outside. - Outside?!

Madam, we usually have bathrooms outside the house in India.

I won't go out this way. How?

Like this.. In these clothes.

Take this. But hurry.


Where did you say the bathroom is?

You look just like a doll.

I think I asked you, where is the bathroom?

You know, your hair looks nice this way. Keep it this way.

I'll look for it myself.

Where is she walking in!

Get out! They don't let you live in peace even here.

Mother! Doesn't she look like a clown!

Here's your breakfast. Three biscuits and a cup of tea.

This is your meal until the afternoon lunch.

Will that do? Will do just great.

I would have got bread, butter and jam too.

But it was a bit expensive and so..

You needn't be sorry about it, Mr. Jetley.

You don't know how grateful I am to you.

Aren't you being a bit too nice early in the morning?

Probably it's the weather. Quite possible.

Probably.. This is wrong!

You cannot get into every room and trouble our guests.

How many times do I tell you..

..that no girl by that name is staying in our hotel?

Why don't you believe me?

Shut up. Being a detective..

..doesn't give you the liberty to search the entire hotel?!

Yes, sir.


In search of you. My father must have sent them.

Now what do I do? Tell me, what should I do?

How do I know? I am not the one who is going to get married.

I'll jump out of the window and get away.

You're crazy! Sit down.

Sit down!

This room is empty. There's no one here.

There's no one here. Is this a guest house or a haunted place.

Move ahead. Who is in here?

No one over here too. They are out. Move ahead. - Sure?

I am very sure about it. I know who stays where in my hotel.

Nobody is here. Move ahead.

Sure? - Very sure.. how many times do I tell you?

Listen! I just got a letter from my aunt in Poona regarding you.

She says that since we are out on a holiday..

..we must visit Poona as well for a few days.

She says if you are pregnant you need to rest.

Look at this. Take that away.

I don't understand anything. What is..

How'll you understand?

Have you ever paid heed to your family?!

She loves us so much. She'll be hurt if we don't visit her.

Yes. You are right in a way.

Aunt has no one besides us.

Open the door.

Open the door.

Listen. There is someone to see you.

To meet me? Strange.

What's your name? Name? Did you ask me?

What is your name?

They are asking me my name.

Hey! What's the matter?!

Why are you concerned with my wife's name?!

How dare you ask my wife her name without my permission?!

You shy from talking to a man, is it?!

Why are you getting angry, dear?

They only asked me my name. They didn't misbehave with me.

Shut up! Don't you dare speak when I am talking! Understand?!

Go in!

I say, go inside!

What did I say? Why are you angry with me?

What did I say indeed! Go inside!

The day before also you did the same at the hotel.

What did I do? When I got up to..

..bash up that fat man who was staring away, you stopped me!

He would have smashed you! What nonsense!

You get drunk and then pick up a fight! Won't I stop you?!

So, was I drunk?! You had the whole bottle!

Don't lie to me! Am I lying!


What did you gain by causing a fight between husband and wife?!

I am leaving! I won't ever come back!

Where are you going?! To your father!

Sit right there or I'll beat you!

Just a minute, sir. Please. Please.

Sorry, we disturbed you.

Sir, the thing is, this is a typical case of mistaken identity. - Yes.

We're looking for Pooja, the daughter of a millionaire.

Your wife resembles her.

Hey.. We are leaving.

We are sorry. So go and look for her elsewhere!

Don't waste our time!

The face resembles. All right. Now leave.

Okay. Sorry. We are feeling sorry.

Now if we don't stay over at aunt's, she will feel very bad.

Mr. Jetley.


Your bus is about to leave in another 5 minutes.

Oh dear! I think we'll miss this bus as well. Come on.

We missed the bus. Now we'll have to hitch a ride.

You girls take so long to dress.

How is this? Does it look like 9 months?

You look 18 months pregnant. Reduce it.

Now this is fine.

What name have you decided? Name? Whose name?

Your child of course.

Aunt, everything happened in such a hurry..

..that if it is girl, I'll name her P.T. Usha.

Oh, very good.

And what if it is a boy? I'll name him Bholaprasad.

Very nice name!

Bholaprasad? What did you say?! Is that a name?!

My son and Bhola(naïve)? No way!

Aunt, no one in family has ever been born naïve.

Each single one of them has been smart.

Bholaprasad indeed! It's a silly name!

Your son will be as foolish as you.

Don't live under the misconception that since..

..I have married you you'll get sons like Sachin Tendulkar.

Very good. All right.

But he shouldn't be too naïve to be bowled out at zero!

You argue so cutely!

Sir.. What?

The gentleman in room no 106 has left his wallet here.

Oh, too bad! Bring it downstairs. Okay, sir.

Stop right here, aunt.

Take care. Thank you, aunt.

Do let me know if it is P.T. Usha or Sachin Tendulakar.

Okay, bye aunt. Bye-bye.

I am very hungry. Me too.

I'll have two 'parathas', a cheese omelette and an ice cream I'll have egg curry and biryani.

How can you forget your wallet?!

You think you're very intelligent!


I've been rather unlucky ever since I met you!

Stay hungry and walk.

Help me someone!

Don't destroy my daughter's life.

I lay my turban at your feet!

Please, forgive me! I beg at your feet!

I beg at your feet!

What happened, sir?

But what happened? I'm getting frightful dreams..

..that I am touching Deepak Kumar's dirty feet.

Sir, you're holding his feet?! I'll hold them instead.

All right. Why should I touch his feet?

Because I wonder what state my daughter is in.

Yes, sir. She must be in a terrible state.

So go and tell that foolish Deepak that I want to meet him.

Sir, me? Go.

Okay, sir. Okay.

Pooja, I have lost.

I am willing to make peace with that idiot..

..in order to bring you back home.

I can imagine my daughter sitting hungry on the streets. Pooja.

I am hungry.

Thank you.

I have a headache.

I am feeling cold.

I swallowed my chewing gum.


Have you ever learnt to do anything else besides complain in life?

Do I look like a complaint register?

Think good in life. If you think good, good shall happen.

Come on!

Raghu, I can't stay here.

Then go to hell! Get lost!

But I shall have a good sleep here.

Do you understand?!

Darn it! Shameless man! Doesn't know how to speak!

Hey, you wealthy girl! You needn't show off! Understood?

This bed that I just made is perfect for delicate people like you.

And as far as I am concerned I shall sleep here.

Raghu, how will I stay here?


Don't disturb me. I am sleeping.

No proper place to sleep and nothing to eat either.

And if I say anything, he scolds me.

If you don't like my company, you can leave.

Leave whenever you want.

I can live alone.



What happened? Why are you screaming?


Hey, what are you doing? I was afraid, Raghu.

Strange. At first you say you're hungry.

And when I get you this, you say you're afraid.

Have this. No. I won't have it.

Really? Why? But you were hungry, weren't you?

My hunger as well as my fear has vanished.

Oh God! This girl will drive me crazy!

"My heart just doesn't listen."

"My heart just doesn't listen."

"The problem is.."

"It doesn't understand the affairs of the heart."

"My heart just doesn't listen."

"My heart just doesn't listen."

"Why this restlessness.."

"..It doesn't know."

"My heart just doesn't listen."

"My heart just doesn't listen."

"My heart wishes.."

"..to see you always."

"Not even death can do us apart."

"Let's do something like that."

"Be one with me, come close to me."

"O my beloved."

"My heart just doesn't listen."

"My heart just doesn't listen."

"You are the one I love."

"That's all I know."

"It was difficult to live alone."

"Had I not met you."

"Pinning breaths, waiting eyes."

"This is what they say."

"My heart just doesn't listen."

"My heart just doesn't listen."

"Why this restlessness.."

"..It doesn't know."

"My heart just doesn't listen."

"My heart just doesn't listen."

What are you thinking of?

You'll be surprised to know. I was thinking of you.

About me? What?

What is the purpose of the life of you wealthy people.


You know everything about yourself.

That you're rich, where you want to go and whom you want to marry.

But do you know anything about the world?

About the people and life?

You're running after this man today.

You'll soon be trying to run away from him.

That's the problem with people like you. Always running.

Actually you're running away from yourself.

You don't even know what you want.

Do you know what you want?

Right now I want a lift in that car.

Boss, this is the same girl. The boy is also with her.


Come on!

Come on!

That way!

Javed, our parents were right when they said..

..it's difficult to eke out a living.

They are just running without a halt.

It isn't easy to become rich, brother.

I know! Come on! So, let's go.

Come on!

Who are these people? Why are they following us?

This is the same man in the yellow jacket..

..who stole your purse. Yes.

I think they are after you for the reward.

And I am the one who has got into trouble!

They even have a pistol.

I wonder what more will you get me into?!


Go away!


Go away.

I don't think we'll find them.

Let's go back. Let's go.

What else can we do?

Saw that? There was no need to scream.

Oh no!

What happened?


Cockroach! There it is!

Where did the cockroach go?

Shut up! You're afraid of a cockroach?!



I'll wave this cap on top.

They will shoot and I'll die.

Why should you die? Don't die?

I will only pretend.

And then you start screaming that I am dead.

And as they come towards you, I'll attack and snatch their gun.

Good idea.

Warn me when they are at a distance of 20 feet.


He's dead!

Is this fine? He's dead!

He's dead!

Very good! Stay that way.

He's dead!

40 feet. Raghu, the pistol is quite big!

30 feet. Stay ready.

Raghu, 20 feet. Raghu, are you listening?

Raghu 10 feet! Get up!

Raghu, get up.

Get up! Raghu, they are here. Get up!

Raghu, get up!

Raghu, get up!


Enough of your pretense. Get up!

Get her. Don't touch me.

Don't touch me!

Don't touch me!

Raghu, get up!

Let go off me! He's dead!

Get hold of her! Raghu!

Raghu, get up! What happened to your courage?!

You coward!

Duffer! Idiot!


Raghu! You coward!

Get up! Leave me!





Excuse me, mister! Just a minute!

You, here? Alone? Where is your wife?

I left her at my aunt's place. She was pregnant.

Really? What happened? A girl.

That's wonderful!


Have you seen her anywhere?

I just saw her. Some hooligans have taken her.

Hooligans? What?

I'll show you. Come on!

No, no..

Come on!

Move ahead.

Ahead! Move ahead!

I won't call up my father! I won't call him!

Miss Pooja, please don't scream.

We aren't bad by character.

You are being troubled because we have kidnapped you.

We don't even touch a girl.

Don't even touch a girl!

My foot!

You're a thief and vile man! No!

Shut up!

Why do you scream so loudly?

If a millionaire leaves his daughter on the run..

..he is sure to lose a couple of thousands.

Hence, tell me your father's number soon.

So that our trouble comes to an end.

Tell me, what is your father's number?

You want his number, do you? Yes. - I'll tell you.. Come closer.

Shut her mouth, not mine!



Come on!

Get him! Not I..

Your father!

Hit him! Hit him more.

Now you can't get away! Tell me.

There.. not here..

Lower it!

What do I do?

No. no, you can't. you can't.

Good, very good.

Save me. Save me.

Raghu, don't.


Raghu, idiot, duffer. No!


Now you can't get away!

You gave us quite a sound thrashing.

Very good! Very good.

What's in my hand? A bomb!

I'll shatter you to pieces with this!




Please save me. I'm afraid. Leave me!

Let me get away! Leave me.

I am very scared.

Hey, save me!

Leave me or I'll die!

Come on. Get in.

What? My cap! I'll just come.

No! Don't! be silly! Leave me!

"I've fallen in love with you."

"What an intoxication this is?"

"I've fallen in love with you."

"What an intoxication this is?"

"You are my love, life, and my desire."

"It's only you."

"I've fallen in love with you."

"What an intoxication this is?"

"You are my love, life, and my desire."

"It's only you."

"I've fallen in love with you."

"What an intoxication this is?"

"Since I've seen you, my heart is restless."

"Since I've seen you, my heart is restless."

"What do you know how much I love you?"

"What do you know how much I love you?"

"I'll tell you the story of our love."

"I'll tell you what's in my heart."

"I'll tell you what's in my heart."

"I've fallen in love with you."

"What an intoxication this is?"

"I've fallen in love with you."

"What an intoxication this is?"

"You know what condition I am in."

"You know what condition I am in."

"I loved you, what's my fault in it?"

"I loved you, what's my fault in it?"

"You are a traveler and I am your destination."

"You are a sonnet and I am your gathering."

"You are a sonnet and I am your gathering."

"I've fallen in love with you."

"What an intoxication this is?"

"I've fallen in love with you."

"What an intoxication this is?"

"You are my love, life, and my desire."

"It's only you."

"It's only you."


The car.

It was fun! We made such fools out of them! But you're so silly!

You stroked your life for me. What if you would've got killed?

Had I not risked my life, you would have died.

What happened to the car? I don't know.

Come. He's sitting here.

Hi, Dad!

Aren't you ashamed of calling..

..someone else's father as father?!

Shut up!

Come with me.

Get one thing very clear.

You may be great actor and your face shine on all posters..

..and foolish girls may fall head over heels for you..

But I always hated you, I still do, and will always do so!

You told me this even before.

And will continue to do so all my life. Sit down.

I don't care about what you think.

Pooja loves me and wants to marry me.

You can't stop us.

Mr. Actor, these dialogues will have no affect on me!

Pooja has left you..

..and all your efforts to get her back have failed.

Hero, I have spent sleepless nights without my daughter.

I want to meet her and see her.


I have lost. Hence I have called you here.

Tell the reporters that are sitting outside..

..that I am willing to wed my daughter to Deepak.

Go and get my daughter back. Go.

I wonder what it will be. Here comes Mr. Dharamchand.

Ladies and Gentlemen..

..Mr. Dharamchand wants to say a few words to you.

I want to tell all of you..

..that Deepak and I have decided to make peace.

Okay. Photo. - With a smile.

Sir, the strip on the dynamo has snapped.

I'll have to weld it.

Now where do I get the money for the welding?

Sir, you're going to pay the charges..

..for the repairs later, right?

Pay the money for welding also later.

I'll go and get it fixed. All right.

How long will it take? I'll be back soon.

It's a lovely song. Increase the volume.

"I tread the path of love, don't taunt me."

"I tread the path of love, don't taunt me."

"I tread the path of love, don't taunt me."

"Whoever met me lovingly, I became friends with him."

"Whoever met me lovingly, I became friends with him."

"I accept pain without complain, I accept peace without complain."

"I accept pain without complain, I accept peace without complain."

"I accepted everything that came my way with a smile."

"I accepted everything that came my way with a smile."

"Whoever met me lovingly, I became friends with him."

"Whoever met me lovingly, I became friends with him."

"I was destined for troubles, I've accepted my destiny."

"I was destined for troubles, I've accepted my destiny."

Madam! Your picture is in the newspaper!

Look at what it says.

Mr. Dharamchand and Deepak Kumar make peace.

Pooja, please come back home. I have agreed to your marriage.

Look at it, madam.

Madam, we knew that you are no ordinary people.

Madam, are you going to get married? Congratulations!

Hurry, please!


Did you get a room? With great difficulty.

Did you speak about the money?

I've told him that we'll stay for a week.

We'll have to think what to do when..

..we're leaving in the morning.

You're amazing!

Yes, but I don't understand one thing.

Why are you insisting on spending the night here?

If we leave now, we'll be in Bangalore in three hours.

Until yesterday you were in such a rush to reach Bangalore.

We won't get anyone at night.

Everyone will be sleeping, isn't it?

All right. Come.

Once again you've given the room without taking an advance!

I've told you so often not to trust anyone.

He's decent and married. He even owns a car. He'll give it.

Decent men like him are the ones who deceive you!

The final destination.

Tomorrow you will be at your destination.

In your future husband's arms.

And you'll have a story for your newspaper.


A strange story.

Will you come to meet me at Bangalore?

No. Why?

I don't have the habit of meeting married woman.

You can at least come to enquire about me.


That means, we will never meet again?

What is the need to meet me?! Your work is done!

You wanted to go to Deepak! And that's where you are!

This is what you wanted from me, right?

You're talking nonsense! What's the matter with you?!

"I am love sick."

"I am love sick."

"I'm not going to survive."

"I am love sick."

"I'm not going to survive."

"People have begun telling me."

"People have begun telling me."

"That I'm not going to survive."

"I am love sick."

"I'm not going to survive."

"Love has overwhelmed me, made me forget everything."

"Look what love has done to me."

"What intense feeling is this, what fire is this."

"The world seems new since I have fallen in love."

"My heart is not in my control."

"The crazy one doesn't realize anything."

"I'm love sick.."

"I'm love sick.."

"I'm not going to survive."

"I'm not going to survive."

"Love builds, love destroys."

"Forget you and me, love can bring the world on its knees."

"Let's die in love, let's do something unusual."

"Let's fill our lives with love."

"For you, my love."

"I have given up the whole world."

"I am love sick.."

"I am love sick.."

"I'm not going to survive."

"I'm not going to survive."

"People have begun telling me."

"People have begun telling me."

"That I'm not going to survive."

"I am love sick.."

"I'm not going to survive."

"I'm not going to survive."

I love you, Raghu.

I love you.

I have realized that only now.

Don't ever leave me.

I can't live without you.

I know what you're thinking.

Don't think about anything, Raghu.

Let's run away.

Everything will be all right, Raghu.

Everything will be all right, Raghu.

Don't be crazy! Go to sleep!

Please, Raghu. Pooja!

I love you! Pooja!


Pooja, what you just told me outside..

Do you actually..

Will you marry me?


Pooja, I am going to Bangalore. I'll return by morning.

I'll have to arrange for money if we have to get married.

Even I love you and want to marry you.

Pooja, wait for me. I'll be back soon with the money.

Yours, Raghu.

I don't have the money. Please, keep my bag.

What will I do with your bag? Even I have a bag.

Do you know the price of petrol?

Keep my spare tyre as well.

I'll tip you with Rs. 50 when I return.


I don't have a cap.

Now at least fill it. Right away.


You?! Here?!

I don't want to see your face?! Get out!

At least listen to me. Is someone there! - Yes sir!

Take him out of here or take me some other place.

My sweet Mr. Sharma, calm down.

Don't touch me.

And I am not sweet!

Please, do not snatch my right of speech from me.

Tell me. Tell me.

Sir, I respect you.

There are so many newspapers in this city.

Whenever I have some sensational piece of news..

..I come straight to you.

And today when I have the most sensational news..

..wouldn't I come here with it?

Look at me, Mr. Sharma.

What you want to tell me..

..is that Pooja is going to marry Deepak. Right?

I know.

Mister, this is where you are making a mistake..

..in understanding what a genius Raghu Jetley is.


What if I drop a bombshell..

..that Pooja is not marrying Deepak?

Everything is settled and you're saying she isn't marrying him.

She is marrying someone else, not Deepak.

Are you drunk?

Isn't this news about Pooja not marrying Deepak..

..a sensational news or not?

Yes, it is. So?

Then give me Rs. 10,000 and this news is yours.

You are a cheat and rogue!

I don't trust you one bit.

I'll be ruined if this isn't true.

Use your brains, Mr. Sharma.

What kind of a repute will I've in the world of journalism..

..if I give such kind of false news!

Who will employ me?

In fact I could be sued and imprisoned.

And I'll be the first one to send you to prison.

All right. I agree.

Whom is she marrying? My 10,000 first.

First the news and then the money!

Whom is she marrying?


Anna, get the car out. I'll go home.

Mr. Sharma, I am speaking the truth. Please.

For the love of God, step down from the position of a editor..

..and look into my eyes. Am I lying to you?!

I met Pooja in a bus.

We were together all the while.

I have begun to love her. Oh..

I love her.

And she loves me too.

Mr. Sharma, I am in a hurry. She will be waiting for me.

She doesn't even know that I am here to give you this news.

Every minute is precious.

And I don't have a single penny on me.

In this condition, how can I ask her to marry me?

Well, it does make a story.

The story has something in it!

Pooja, the daughter of millionaire Dharmachand..

..is angry with her father.

She runs from home to meet her lover.

And on the way she meets this roadside Romeo.

And she falls in love with him.

The story is good!

Where is the story?


Get up! My prediction turned out true!

The boy has taken the car and left without paying.

I didn't come to know. - How will you know, you keep dozing all the time?

Strange. Strange indeed!

Let's go to their room and have a look.

I hope he hasn't taken the fan and other things!

What? What's the matter?

Where's your husband with whom you came last night?

What? The one who got you in the car.

He should be around.

He's taken all the luggage too. There's nothing in the room.

What? Who will pay the rent?

She will pay!

If she does business she will have to pay!

What nonsense are you talking about?!

Give the rent for the room!

I don't have money. Then get out of here!

Get out of here!

But where do I go? We don't care about that!

But listen! We don't care!

Go drown yourself if you want!

But get out of here!

Did you find only this hotel for your business!

Hey, don't touch the telephone!

And don't ever show your face here ever again!

This hotel is for decent people! Get out of here!


What's news? What's happened to your voice?

Pooja? Dear Pooja, where are you? Why are you crying?

I'll come and fetch you. Tell me where you are.

Yes.. Yes. Stay right there. I'll be there.

You've made my life, sir! What are you saying?

There is strength in your pen!

You write such news!

You are a bit greedy though.

But there is no one who can write like you.

Okay. Best of luck.

Where were you! No, don't publish that story.

This will be published.

I want a beautiful picture of Pooja.

And where is that cartoon? Send the cartoonist here.

I want him to make a comic strip.

Where Deepak is standing with the wedding garland..

..while Pooja walks away with someone else.

It's nice, right?

Send someone here and have this composed.

That news won't be published.

Just a minute.

Please, don't disturb me I am very busy.

I don't want to hear anything.

Pooja has spoken to Mr. Dharamchand.

What?! Pooja spoke to Mr. Dharamchand.

Pooja has come back home. What?!.. Wha..

He's cheated me of Rs. 10,000.

I won't spare you, Raghu.

Call the police and have him arrested.


"You be the bride, and I your groom."

"You be the bride, and I your groom."

"Wait for me, I'll make all the marriage arrangements."

"You be the bride, and I your groom."

"You be the bride, and I your groom."

"The band will play, the guests will lead the procession."

"The band will play, the guests will lead the procession."

"I will take your beautiful body in my arms."

"When the night of our union will arrive."

"I'll say something romantic."

"And keep you awake all night."

"You be the bride, and I your groom."

"You be the groom, and I your bride."

"You be the groom, and I your bride."

"Don't delay, or I'll die in your love."

"You be the groom, and I your bride."

"O my life mate, since you have come into my life."

"O my life mate, since you have come into my life."

"You have filled my life with love."

"Since I have seen you."

"I asked for you from God."

"I will not be able to live without you."

"You be the groom, and I your bride.."

"You be the groom, and I your bride.."

"Don't delay, or I'll die in your love."

"You be the bride, and I your groom."

"You be the bride, and I your groom."

"Wait for me, I'll make all the marriage arrangements."

Not there. The file is in that drawer.

Yes, Dharamchand Shipping corporation.

Raghu, did you hear this?! Pooja has gone back to her father.

Deepak is a lucky guy! Amazing girl! Listen Raghu.

Give this money to Mr. Sharma And tell him that I was joking.

There was no such news.

Even the flush doesn't work. Everyone swindles me of my money.

This money? Raghu Jetley has returned it.

Why? Sir, he said that he was lying.

Where is he?



Hey Raghu!

What's this? What is this?

I thought I'd play a small joke on you.

The story wasn't bad, was it?

It happens. This is happens in life.

Man proposes and God deposes.

Take this. Come back if you're in the mood. We'll talk.



Hi, dad.

I knocked at the door a couple of times but you..

Yes. I was thinking.

All the preparations are done.

Your wedding is being talked about everywhere.

I've heard that Deepak is coming in a helicopter for the wedding.

Yes. I heard the same.

I think it is a crazy idea, but it is all right.

He can do as he deems best.

I love you.

I love you, Pooja.

What's the matter, Pooja?

What's happened to you? Nothing.

You look upset ever since you've returned.

I am worried for you.

Are all the wedding arrangements fine?

Have you and Deepak.. No.

If there is any such thing..

..it is not too late.

You know my real feelings for Deepak.

Pooja, I want to see you happy.

I want to give you all the happiness in the world.

What's the matter?

My baby. No..

Oh, my little baby..

Well, have you fallen in love with someone else?




Love? You love someone else and not Deepak? Fantastic.

Where did you meet him? In the bus.

In the bus? Is he a bus conductor?


Who is he?

I don't know much about him.

I just like him.

You like him or the bus?

I like him. So, why are you so serious?

If you say..

It's no point, father. He hates me.

He hates you?

According to him I am a rich and spoilt child.

A rich spoilt child. Good.

He thinks the same for you too. Very good.

He says that you have spoilt me..

..and haven't brought me up properly.

Where is he? I want to meet him.

Where is he? I want to meet him. I don't know.

It's very important that I meet this boy. He's the right boy!

This marriage will have to be stopped! Wait! Wait!

This wedding can't take place! Listen, father!

Send everyone back! This wedding can't take place!

I want the boy..! Daddy, stop it now.

Dad, relax.. Boy..

Dad, relax. Okay? Relax.

Okay. Okay.

I don't want to trouble you any further.

That boy was right.

I kept running around without even thinking about what I want.

Now I will have to stop somewhere.

I have to marry someone.

You've changed, my child.

When you ran from here, you were an insensible child.

And now you've returned a woman.

I am sure that boy has a hand in this.

Boy! I want the boy! You won't find Raghu now.

Who did you say? Raghu.


What's his full name?

Raghu Jetley.

Raghu Jetley?

What's this? Nothing.

It's nothing..- Daddy.

Mr. Dharamchand, I want to talk to you about some money..

..which concerns your daughter.

Raghu Jetley.

Are you going to meet him?

I will have to meet him.

He has found you and will have to be given the reward money.

Do meet him and don't forget to reward him.

He was good company throughout the journey.

Do tip him.

I hate him.

I hate him.

Pooja! Pooja!

Hi Dad. Hi.


Where is Pooja? Upstairs.

Pooja. Yes.

I have come take you.

Get dressed soon. We have to go to a grand party.

You will come, won't you? Yes, I will.

Congratulations, sir. Thank you.

Hello, how are you?

Enjoying yourselves? Yes.

Good party. Thank you.

Come. Come.

Why are you standing so glum in the corner?

You're the life of the party always. What's the matter today?

I am not in the mood. Not in the mood?!

Hey, forget it all! Girls keep coming and going!

You can't sit with a glum face all your life over one girl.

Come on, cheer up!

Stand at the door and bring the guests in.

Okay? Come on. Come on.

"You belong to someone else, but somebody else loves you."

"You belong to someone else, but somebody else loves you."

"You are someone else's love."

"You are someone else's love."

"But somebody else desires you."

"You belong to someone else, but somebody else loves you."

"Who is dear to you, who is a stranger?"

"What is a fact, what is fiction?"

"Who is dear to you, who is a stranger?"

"What is a fact, what is fiction?"

"Who has known this for sure in this world?"

"Who has known this for sure in this world?"

"Someone else beholds you in his eyes."

"But somebody else sees you."

"Someone else beholds you in his eyes."

"But somebody else sees you."

"You are someone else's love.."

"But somebody else desires you."

"You belong to someone else, but somebody else loves you."

"This often happens in love."

"Some laugh, while some cry."

"This often happens in love."

"Some laugh, while some cry."

"Some get, while some lose."

"Some get, while some lose."

"You are someone else's life."

"But somebody else dies for you."

"You are someone else's life."

"But somebody else dies for you."

"You are someone else's love.."

"But somebody else desires you."

"You belong to someone else, but somebody else loves you."

"I am thinking how I should keep quiet."

"How do I bear this pain in my heart?"

"I am thinking how I should keep quiet."

"How do I bear this pain in my heart?"

"I am in a dilemma, how do I say?"

"I am in a dilemma, how do I say?"

"I love only you."

"And nobody else."

"I love only you."

"And nobody else."

"You are someone else's love.."

"But somebody else desires you."

"You belong to someone else, but somebody else loves you."


Yes, I am Raghu Jetley speaking.

No, I won't come to your place.

I want to meet you at your office.

Look, I am going to Bombay the day-after-tomorrow.

And I may go to the USA for a few weeks.

Hence, I would like to clear your accounts before leaving.

I don't want to come amongst the wedding chaos at your place.

That should not concern you.

Come straight to my personal room upstairs.

All right.

Let me watch whether your future son-in-law..

..comes to get married or perform an act at the circus!

He's coming in a helicopter. Right.

We'll watch this as well.

Let's see what the victory of love is like.

Who is it? Mr. Dharamchand?

Mr. Jetley? Yes.

Come in.

Hello, please sit down.

I got your letter.

My daughter didn't tell me..


She didn't tell me in what way you helped her in her journey.

Your daughter specializes in the art of forgetting favors.

Don't get me wrong.

I meant to say that she didn't tell me until a few days ago.

According to her, you ought to get your right.

Really? I should get my right?

I am glad to know that.

What is it according to you?

I don't know.

I'll have too see how much right you have over the money.

I wouldn't be here if I didn't have a right over it.

Here. The accounts are written.

Is it in English?

You're holding it upside down.

Oh! It's upside down!

Sorry. Once again, sorry.

Rs. 35 for the Hotel, Rs. 2 for ironing.

Toothpaste is Rs. 9.50, and toothbrush is Rs. 3.25.

Rs. 75 for the car and Rs. 35 for a cap.

Rs. 45 for 2 shirts and Rs. 235 for two pants.

A bag for Rs. 130 and kurta Rs. 45.

One girl.. One lungi for Rs. 35.

Total is Rs. 699.55.

You need a total of Rs. 699.55?

I haven't included some socks..

..and shaving kit that I had to sell.

Yes, but.. This is quite less.

Such trips cost you nothing less than 2000-4000.

Wait a minute. Explain this to me.

Besides the 100,000, you need Rs. 699.55 ?

What 100,000?

The reward money?

Reward? When did I speak about the reward?

I am confused. Haven't you come to collect Rs. 100,000?

I've come for just Rs. 699.55.

And could you please hurry. I feel suffocated here.

You're a different man.

We'll discuss this some other time.

Any other man would have surely come for the reward.

It's a matter of principles. You won't understand.

When someone makes me a fool..

..I am not willing to pay a price for that.

Has some one fooled you?

I have been made a fool!

Are you giving me the money or should I leave?


One minute.

Rs. 700.

What's this? 45 paise.

Wait a minute.

If you don't mind, may I ask you a question?

Ask me.

Do you love my daughter?

Mr. Dharamchand, he who falls in love with your daughter..

..ought to get his head examined.

This is not an answer to my question.

Your daughter has chosen a nice husband for herself, Deepak Kumar.

A funny person!

Your child needs someone who can..

..give her a sound thrashing every day.

Had you been a bit sensible, you would have done this earlier.

Do you love my daughter?

Any man would go crazy living with her!

I have nothing to do with her!

Do you love her? Yes.

But I am not at fault for that.

Even I am a bit crazy!

I hope you've got the money?


Congratulations! To you too!

Won't you stay for the wedding? It will be fun.

You must have never seen such a wedding.

I am not interested in watching a play!

Pooja, I have spoken to Raghu.

I don't want to hear anything. Listen, Pooja.

I told you, I don't want to hear a word.


The groom has come.

Hi, everybody! Hi.

Come, my child.

Very good.

Hello. Gredetings. - Greetings.

You're being very foolish by marrying Deepak.

Greetings. Hello.

Raghu is a very nice boy.

He hadn't come for the reward money.

He came for the money he had spent on you.

Hello. Is that clear.

Pooja, leave this wedding and run away!

I must be the only father who is asking his daughter..

..run away from the wedding hall.

So before Raghu runs away from your life..

..get away in the car that I've arranged for.

It's a question of your father's honor.

Hello. Hello.

Pooja, how can you marry such a fool?

No. No. Oh no.

The bride has come. No. No. - Pooja..

"My heart just doesn't listen."

"My heart just doesn't listen."

"Why is it feeling so restless."

"It just doesn't know."

Go around the sacred fire.

What happened, Pooja? How can I marry a fool like you?!

What are you doing?


Pooja! - Pooja, run! I love you, dear. I love you!

My daughter has run away!

Pooja, wait. What's happened to you?

Where are you going?

Pooja, come back. Pooja!

Run away, Pooja! My daughter has run away!

My daughter has gone!

Dad.. Where did she go? How do I know?

She has the habit of running away. And she's run away!

Headlines! Headlines!

I want to go to Bombay. Will you please help me?

God can get very generous!

"I love you."

"That is all I know."

"I would not have been able to live alone."

"Had I not met you."

"Pinning breaths, waiting eyes."

"Say only this.."

"The heart just doesn't listen."

"The heart just doesn't listen."