Dil Ka Rishta (2003) Script

These ties of the heart... are oh so LovabLe

And yet, L have such a crazy heart

No, not a word! L've won the round today L've got to Bombay before Jai! Sushma...

You're Late again, dad. Who's that...?

My fLight got deLayed in London by 2 hours

0r L wouLd sureLy have beaten you at it this time That's aLL right. Try next time So... where is she? Ln the room?

Who? The girL Where is my daughter-in-Law to be? You've returned empty-handed again?

You're the one the girLs are crazy about, dad

We can aLways taLk about the girL. How about wishing Mom first?

Have you met her?

L'm the first to arrive, but it's your right to greet her first

L'm Late. Lt's my mistake And your son wouLdn't meet you because he wanted me... to wish you a happy birthday first

You've given me a great son. But there's one hitch He hasn't brought me a daughter-in-Law yet A daughter-in-Law isn't everything... aLL right, she is L promise, L'LL bring one by the next year But you're with me, aren't you?

He's stiLL not wiLLing to beLieve that the pLane-crash...

he stiLL thinks that you wiLL return some day

L mean, L'LL get a wrong shot

0ne moment

Give me the camera and stand with Jai. L'LL take the pictures

Say paneer (cottage cheese Lt's cheese, dad Cheese is too EngLish, son. Paneer brings out the Lndianness in you Say paneer

Wow! God has given you your souLmate...

What's happening, dad? L sometimes think... you do make a great coupLe. CoupLe...?

L'm Jai's best friend. Not girLfriend No marriage for Anita. 0nLy sociaL-service, right?

SociaL-service...? You mean you do sociaL service in those cLothes?

Lt isn't necessary to wear hand-spun cLothes for sociaL service What is necessary is to make peopLe Like you doLe out the money L get it! L was onLy taking a picture of yours... and you're getting me on fiLm! Sit down and chat You may Leave, uncLe. But you're coming with me tomorrow, Jai

Apart from earning money, you must aLso do some charity in Life Lt's good for the souL. But dad's waiting for me Lt's onLy for ten minutes, Jai! Now Look, Anita You spoke about charity, L agreed. You wanted a Lift, and L gave it And now... Give me ten minutes L want you to the meet the principaL

You haven't taken an appointment? No. She's here at 10 every day L'm not meeting her without an appointment You stiLL have 9 minutes. Go and take the appointment You're giving haLf a miLLion in charity, Jai

8 minutes... 7 minutes


5,4,3,2,1... time out!

What do L see...? You're studying?

You passed out of schooL because L bribed them... and bought the coLLege you studied in. And you're now studying?

You've fractured your finger? No?

Know what? L bribed my way through education too L don't have the brains to understand that. What are you saying?

Not you, dad. So?

So there's a girL...

My son's in Love! Fantastic!

And you've been scanning the books for romantic Lines?

L'LL give you the best possibLe Line they've used in Love. Say...

L know That's exactLy what L'm trying to memorise L Love you isn't something you got to memorise But if you stiLL must, repeat it after me

L'd teLL her, if she couLd Listen. What does that mean?

She can neither hear nor speak

Now pLease don't pLay the viLLain between us, okay?

Ln your happiness Lies mine, my son. And it's good too She can't hear, nor speak. She won't know when we fight!

Let's go... Where to?

You're the groom, L'm the guest. Let's go and bring her No, dad. L don't know anything about her yet You drive your car at the speed of a jet... but you move at snaiL's pace in Love? Find out about her foLks L'LL prepare for the wedding

WouLd you know of the beautifuL teacher...?

Where's the PrincipaL's office? 0ver there

L'm going to have word with her...

You went away yesterday!

Mr Jai... who wanted to see you yesterday

Have you brought your cheque today? 0h yes Your cheque. You can speak!

You can even hear! You can hear and speak too!

What did you think? That everyone here can neither hear nor speak?

Happens, you know. PeopLe often mistake me for a deaf and dumb L don't want to give you this money Not just this money. L want to sponsor the whoLe show

L have a condition. What?

L want to heLp in organising the show. You won't be abLe to do it L mean... what wiLL you do? L can do just about anything Dusting the chairs, perhaps. 0r hammering in a naiL... or just gaping at you. What?

L mean, you can hear and speak. So can L... it's these kids who need to be Looked after

Who's there...? Who is it?

Me. 0nLy me What are you doing up there?

FoLLowing you... L mean, with Lights That isn't your job. PLease come down L toLd you L couLd do just about anything, L...

Are you aLL right?

The sand saved me

You asked me to come down... L took the shortcut

Ever since L feLL in Love with you...

L can't go to sLeep, nor do L have any peace

Your choice. How did you know?

When one gets cLose to someone... go on one gets to know about her Likes and disLikes

L aLways thought L'd have to be very formaL with the sponsor But you... No formaLities

No formaLities.


You've become a part of our Lives so soon... you don't seem to be an outsider at aLL

Like it? 0h yes And Mr Sponsor wants me to wear it during the show?

0h no. ActuaLLy...

L'm Lucky to have the opportunity to wear such a beautifuL neckLace

Watch it

What are you doing? For memory

0ne day to go for the show. After that...

After that it'LL aLL be over. This tension and stuff And our reLationship, too. Jai... reLationships are made. They never end

What are you doing here? Won't you say something to her?

Are you crazy? L was just... TeLL her how you feeL

Put some sincerity into it. Lt must Look as if you can't Live without her

No, it's not happening

0h go away... you're ruining aLL my confidence Dad, pLease pLay Tia for a whiLe Come aLong, dad

Shut that mouth... pLease

Tia, there's something L want to teLL you

Ever since L have seen you...

why're you gLaring at me Like that, dad?

Forget it, Jai. Lt's not your cup of tea Looks Like L'LL have to do something. L'LL teLL her Don't you dare say a word to her. L wiLL too!


Goodness me...

my Love, you are the one L have faLLen in Love with


With my eyes, L have secretLy toLd you that L yieLd

How wiLL L meet your gaze? L feeL so very shy How wiLL L Live without seeing you?

Lt aLmost kiLLs me

Lt goes berserk in Love with you... my ankLets won't Listen to me Pining torments me. Love has been my undoing


With your name on my Lips, L spend my days...

L spend my nights pining L remember every moment the naughty things you did

My Lips thirst for Love. The fire rages on How wiLL L reason with my heart? Lt's so crazy


You are the one L have Loved


You are my beLoved. You are the one L Love

Thanks for saying yes

This humbLe gift... for you To the beginning of our new reLationship To the beginning of our new reLationship

L'LL first have to say L Love you L've had it!

Whom are you taLking to?

L'm gLad L met you. L personaLLy wanted to thank you Lt's because of you that this charity show is a success

0h no, L onLy put in some money. Not just the money You have put your heart in it too ActuaLLy, you're right And L'm aLso gLad L've met you. Because L too...

Yes? Go on. What is it?

May L say it? 0f course, go ahead

That's aLL L've Learnt... for you The first time L saw you, L thought you were...

L've been aLL over the worLd But no girL has ever made a pLace in my heart

And L think you too...

Here's your beLoved, Tia!

Sorry to have kept you waiting. But my pLane Let me down again

What are you doing out here? There's no one around... has the show-time changed? The show is over, Raj ShaLL we go? Looks Like L'm in for troubLe Sure, Let's go

Tia, when is this programme of yours going to be teLecast again?

After aLL, L'LL have to watch your programme too

PLease tighten your seat-beLt. We're ready for take-off

Say something, Tia... pLease TeLL me something. Lf you were angry with me, why did you hug me?

And since you have hugged me, why are you angry with me?

Say something, pLease Lf not anything something good, you may even scoLd me

You're not going to find a Lover Like me, Tia...

L'm begging to be scoLded!

L can make you open your mouth. Which ice-cream wiLL you have?

Give me an ice-cream that wiLL change the Lady's mood Be ready. The moment they waLk in, switch that on And you... shower rose-petaLs the moment he arrives Astride the mare goes the bridegroom... with the sword tied to his waist

He Looks so proud to have found a beautifuL bride... they do make a great coupLe

Raj... At Last, she speaks!

Looks Like the ice-cream has worked its magic

Yes? Do you Love me?


That's a very crooked question. TeLL me Tia, we've known each other for four years The first time L met you, L feLt a sense of beLonging Yours is the face that Lingers before my eyes aLL day and night Whether L'm busy or far away... you're aLways cLose to my heart You're the one L wiLL Live and die for

What L actuaLLy mean to say is that...

L want to grow oLd with you

And some day, on this very bench, L want to Lie in your Lap... and have an ice-cream Ls this what they caLL Love?

Why don't we get married then? Married...?

There's a probLem. What?

TeLL me, Raj Lt's Like this, Tia. The two of us do want to get married

But who wiLL marry us?

L had decided to bring your daughter-in-Law home today L even proposed to her. But at the Last moment...

L'LL do my best, Ma. L'LL do what L can God... why does this happen onLy to my son?

He couLdn't forget his mother... how wiLL he ever forget his Love?

Who's caLLing? L'm her friend Tia, caLL for you

Who is it? Your friend

L have a request, Tia. L want to meet you Jai, if there's something you want to say, teLL me now...

No, Tia. L've got to taLk to you in person L'm sorry, Jai. L won't be abLe to come

0nce... onLy once. Remember what you said?

ReLationships are born. They never end Do come for whatever reLationship you think we share Cafe Bistro, at 5 this evening. L'LL wait for you

You wiLL come, won't you?


What is the matter, Jai? There are no peopLe in your restaurant...?

There wiLL be no one. Lt's booked onLy for you

Your choice

Tia, after the show got over, when you were no Longer with me...

L feLt as if there was a huge void in my Life Jai, you know L... L know everything, Tia What you perhaps don't know is that L run a huge business empire M.D.'s and CE0's the worLd over Long to spend time with me and L...

L Long for you, Tia You have the whoLe worLd to get on with your business, Jai So why must you want to make my LittLe worLd your business?

Because L'm in Love with you, Tia

L want to marry you You can't turn an acquaintance of a few days into such a reLationship Why not? Ties of the heart... that you want to forge with me, L aLready share with Raj So why are you... Now Look, Tia... if you wish, we couLd right now... Excuse me Lf you've caLLed me here to seek an answer to your proposaL... my answer is No, Mr Jai Mehta

Thank you very much. L'm getting Late

L was so sure that Tia Loves you. She Looked so happy with you How couLd she refuse you and go away with that guy on the mobike?

Cheer up, my son

Now Listen to this! There was this boy Like you... who went crazy Looking for his girL And someone gave him the idea of advertising in the newspapers Wanted wife The boy agreed He issued an ad... Wanted Wife He got thousands of Letters in a week. 0ne thing was common in aLL of them Guess what...? Take my wife away any time you want to they said!

L'm onLy trying to change your mood She came there, didn't she? That's it, she's interested then Her parents couLd have made a commitment eLsewhere But she need not necessariLy agree with it She isn't married yet, my son. You stiLL have a chance Don't Lose hope

Keep trying, your appeaL for Love wiLL be upheLd some day

WeLcome, Mr Late Latif. Me...?

Who are you?

The master has sent these fLowers and a Letter for you He has aLso asked for a repLy RoyaL styLe, aLL right!

These fLowers are testimony of my Love for you And L wait for the day when you wiLL Love me too The dust and poLLution of this city couLd make your beauty wither away This is the key to the car at your door-step. Your birthday gift From me. Yours, Jai

Give this back to him

Tia, teLL Raj L'LL be there in a moment Raj hasn't arrived yet, Mother. Someone rang the beLL by mistake...

You're back again?

L Love you so much, L keep coming back to get a scoLding This bouquet? Where did you find it?

A gift of nature. Nature?

Yes. We were brought up on wind, dust and water... so nature obviousLy gave it... Where did you find it?

L found it Lying outside and Liked it. L thought L'd pick it up for you Lsn't it nice? Can't you even buy a bouquet?

So you're Late again?

How are you? Not nice at aLL Nice fLowers. He's brought someone eLse's bouquet He can't even remember to buy fLowers! Your Love makes me forget everything Why don't you forget coming here? 0r where L Live? 0r me instead?

L forgot that too, but L had Left my Licence here L saw a cop and remembered. So where's my Licence?

Which means... he doesn't even remember my birthday!

My God! Ls it your birthday?

No wonder you're Looking so good today. For the first time ever Look at him, Mother!

You know how Raj Loves to tease you He can't digest his food tiLL he puLLs your Leg Why did you do that...? You couLd've spared her at Least today Lt's her birthday. Now go and pLacate her

You Look very beautifuL today... reaLLy

0n this auspicious occasion of her birthday...

L think L'd rather marry Tia and take her away... instead of giving her something What say?

You're right. L think it's time the two of you got married But are you going to bother Tia even after the wedding?

AbsoLuteLy. This fun and Laughter is what Life is aLL about

So Let's decide the rest of the things too The rest of the things...? L have no one of my own So L'LL myseLf have to taLk about the dowry, right?


As you know, Raj... everything L possess, beLongs to Tia What eLse do you want? TeLL me Think it over, mother. Raj, what are you...?

L've thought it over. What do you want, teLL me You, mother

L want a mother in dowry

L don't want to be orphaned aLL over again But a mother does not Live in her daughter's house She Lives in her son's house, doesn't she?

Even if you don't caLL me your son, treat me Like one, mother

Say yes mother

L have everything today, Mother. Everything

Take your girLfriend to a seven-star and she says she Loves you Here's the seven-star Wait... where are we going?

Get down Here? Where eLse?

But you said... Seven-star. This is the one Even if it's a smaLL pLace, one must have a Large-heart You got to be hungry to eat. Are you hungry?

Come on

Do something speciaL today... it's Tia's birthday WiLL be done, sir PLease sit down L'LL be back in a moment, sir What do you think of the pLace?

Why've you kept the pLant here? Lt's the Lady's birthday, sir

0h yes, it is

You've changed the whoLe scene. Why did you have to spend so much?

L have... so it's aLL right

Such a huge cake... for me? No. Lt's not our cake Mister... pLease take the cake away. Lt's not ours Stop kidding, Raj. Lt even has my name written on it

0ne moment... Let me confirm Any girL by the name Tia in here? You, perhaps...?

L think you're the onLy one who's Tia May L cut the cake then? No Aren't you supposed to cLose your eyes and make a wish first?

L've done it. Raj, what are you...?

Nothing. Just cut the cake

Where are you taking it? Let me serve dinner, sir What for? We're going to be happy with the cake L'LL have the upper-deck, Tia'LL have the Lower one Nice joke... L'm not joking!

Raj, L'LL never forget this LoveLy evening!

Neither wiLL L. After aLL those dishes...

L mean, we have yet to eat

PLease get me the biLL. Your biLL has been paid, sir Paid?

But pLease give me the biLL. As L said, sir...

Maybe L Look Like a tramp, but L'm a decent guy You can adjust with me, if L'm short of dough. You can keep my watch Sir, you do crack nice jokes. L don't crack jokes at aLL L'm a serious man. So am L... and L teLL you seriousLy that your biLL has been paid

This is strange! Who couLd have paid the biLL?

L know who paid it. Who?

Was it fun?

Jai, L've toLd you in pLain terms that there is no pLace for you in my Life So why did you...? So you're the one who sent... those fLowers and the cake...? L'm very happy to meet you What makes me more happy is that you have changed the coLour of our evening Not at aLL. Such a big day in Tia's Life and this dingy pLace...?

L thought L'd make it worthy of Tia Mr Jai Mehta, maybe you're a big man... but you have no right to caLL someone smaLL

And who gave you the right to do that? Who...?

And you caLL Raj... Not me, Tia... he caLLed the eatery smaLL. You don't understand, Raj He sponsored the show at our schooL He even proposed to me... but L turned him down Ever since, he has been trying to impress me. He's trying to... create misunderstandings between us. Tia, is there room... for misunderstanding between us?

Jai-saheb, we aren't married yet But we've divorced each other severaL times Just think what a deep reLationship we must share Lt's not your mistake, L must say. Tia is indeed very beautifuL L caLL it my good-fortune that Tia's in Love with me ActuaLLy, intimacy between hearts can never be forced Lt happens on its own Now for the biLL you paid...

PLease keep it. For Tia's sake Your arrangements were exceLLent. The food and especiaLLy the music

See? This is how my Raj is Lf you're so fond of making arrangements... my wedding is coming up next week. With Raj

This reLationship of hearts is so LoveabLe

And yet, we are so crazed at heart We are madLy in Love with each other...

the whoLe worLd knows that This reLationship of hearts is so LoveabLe

Your kiss on my eyes, my Love... your kiss on my eyes, my Love...

has made me bLossom You have made me bLossom And yet, we are so crazy at heart This reLationship of hearts is so LoveabLe

Ln LoneLiness, my Love... in LoneLiness, my Love...

L have caLLed out to you very often

We sure are crazy at heart This reLationship of hearts is so LoveabLe

Jai...? Raj?

What a co-incidence! My motorbike has staLLed Come, L'LL give you a ride

So where wiLL you go? The hospitaL Bikes are repaired in a garage, not hospitaLs Tia's in hospitaL Which hospitaL? Avon

What happened to Tia? That which happens after marriage Tia's becoming a mother

L don't drink Jai, my famiLy wiLL be compLete today Tia wiLL be a mother and L - a father This is the biggest joy in the Lives of those in Love, isn't it?

0h yes, L guess so L forgot to ask about you You've grown a stubbLe... no probLems, L hope?

Forget about me. You're becoming a father and... starting a famiLy. How does it feeL? Fantastic ShouLd L sing, dance, go berserk...? L don't know what to do Because L'm an orphan, L know how precious the Love of parents is

But my chiLd isn't destined to Lead the Life of an orphan He'LL get Love from his mother, his grandmother... and what is most important... the name of his father. My name When someone asks him what his Papa's name is...

he'LL say in his babyish way, Laj My papa's name is Laj The happiness shows in your eyes. Yes, L've found aLL reLationships ReLationships of the heart

Aren't you coming in?

You ought to spend this time with Tia aLone

And Raj... shouLd you ever need something...

Tia, here comes your beLoved The nurse toLd me it's a baby-boy!

Here he comes. Late, as usuaL L'm not Late...

CarefuL! So sweet! My LittLe boy!

He's taken after me, hasn't he? Yes But his eyes are Like Tia's His eyes, nose, cheeks, ears, mouth... are aLL Like Tia's. The rest is aLL Like you See? Your mother and my mother have ganged up together But that's aLL right. You're going to be my darLing boy L'LL give you aLL the Love...

L never had in my chiLdhood

You have given me the reLationship L probabLy wasn't destined to have

You have given me the cheerfuLness of the Sun You have given me the caLmness of the Moon You have given me every happiness You are very kind, my dear Lady You are very kind, my dear Lady We are so crazy at heart We are madLy in Love with each other... that we are madLy in Love with each other... the whoLe worLd knows This reLationship of hearts is so LoveabLe This intimacy between our hearts is so LoveabLe

Don't cry, Anshu... Look, Papa's here

What happened, Raj? L'm tired, mother

L'm tired of Life, Tia. L have the same rickety motorbike... the same irritating Life... shut up!

L thought my Life wouLd change after you came... but nothing happened The same oLd mobike! Am L...?

And L thought Anshu wouLd be bring me a stroke of good Luck But it's the same oLd motorbike! When you can't get your motorbike... serviced properLy, how is my son to bLame?

Who's bLaming him? L ask, when Anshu grows up... how wiLL the three of us go on the motorcycLe?

0n the rickety motorcycLe! Yes! How wiLL we move on it?

Like everyone eLse does!

Raj, we are happy. Even if we're making Less money... we are at Least happy, aren't we? But L'm not happy!

L think L'LL give up... L can't take the nagging!

What? Why think? L give up!

Right now, L give up! What's gotten into him?

Go and find out. Go What's gotten into you, Raj? L said, L give up!

L toLd you, L give up! L give up this rickety motorbike!

For you, a new car!

A new car and an oLd driver You don't want a new driver, do you?

What happened? Raj has got a new car. Look The office gave it to me. And a promotion too The post of branch manager. Why did you tease Tia?

For fun, mother As compensation, Let's aLL dine at a 5-star this evening

5-star or 7-star? L toLd you The two of you may go. No, Mother. You must join us There are times the husband and wife must go out on their own We'LL can aLways do that, mother. L toLd you!

Hear that...? That's what Anshu wants too

Tia, here comes your beLoved

Where are you going? L'm your husband L've got mother's permission

Park it carefuLLy, pLease

L couLd onLy dream of such 5-star hoteLs Give up these dreams. They're part of someone's Life now You're right, Anita. But how wiLL L reason with my heart?

Lt stiLL dreams of Tia What eLse do you dream of?

Another promotion, another car and another visit to this 5-star That's not what we are here for. What eLse?

We are here onLy for your smiLe

Your smiLe, the dot on your forehead, and those eyes...

what happened?

She's my first and Last Love

How wiLL L forget her? Who's asking you to forget her Jai?

L'm onLy asking you to take courage from her memories That's easier said, Anita. Lt's easier said

This much wouLd've paid the grocer's biLL for a month!

Do you now understand what a 5-star is?

Lt's aLL right. For the sake or our happiness We don't come here every day

ShaLL we Leave? The change...?

Lt's a tip. So much...?

20 rupees shouLd be enough

May L say something, sir? Go ahead Lf your Love is true, God wiLL aLways brings hearts together

See? He's right Lf Love is true. L understand So you mean L'm not reaLLy in Love with Tia?

You are. But have you thought of how much Raj Loves her?

Have you thought that Tia's happiness Lies in Raj?

Have you ever considered that if your Love for Tia is true... in her happiness must Lie your own joy But why wouLd you think Like that?


No more booze for me!

Here's my car You won't forget your promise after you sober down, wiLL you?

So you don't trust me? L do So your trust is perfectLy in pLace. Give me the keys L'LL drive the car tonight. PLease! 0nLy tonight

Here you are

Jai Mehta's starting a new Life. Papa wiLL be very happy ALL thanks to you Watch out!

What are you doing...?

You're in the wrong Lane, Jai!

You've saved a jiLted Lover from dying

Nothing wiLL happen to you

Nothing's happening to you

Go to sLeep... go back to sLeep Raj and Anita... L know, my son And Tia? The doctors are trying to revive her Hasn't she regained consciousness? PLease take me to her

Tia, my chiLd...

Tia, Look at me...

Doctor... what's happened to Tia? Everything wiLL be aLL right Why doesn't she speak? PLease don't worry... we are doing our best Doctor, what's happened to her?

Nothing can be said about a case Like this

PLease arrange for the money. We might need an operation...

You needn't worry about the money. L'LL meet aLL the expenses, doctor But you must save this girL's Life Who's he...? Mr Mehta Lt's his son's car your daughter had an accident with PLease come with me, Mr Mehta. We have many formaLities to compLete

We'LL keep the patient under observation aLL 24 hours


L'm your cuLprit, mother

L've made this mistake, mother L wasn't in my senses L was drunk. So when Raj's car...

You can hit me as much as you want to. Give me any punishment you wish to

Because of my negLigence, my friend Anita...

she had toLd me that she wanted to drive the car Had L Listened to her, Raj wouLdn't have died...

Not Raj aLone

Under the wheeLs of your car, it isn't just Raj... you have crushed my entire famiLy

My daughter... she had just begun a new Life And you've turned her into a widow, in just a moment You have!

Her son is Longing for his mother He hadn't even heLd his father's hand and Learnt to waLk yet. And you... you have orphaned him! You have!

And you come seeking pardon after committing a crime?

What can you do...? What?

Can you bring Raj back to Life?

Can you return him aLive to me? Can you...?

You can't do a thing Nothing!

Accidents some time affect a patient's mind so much... that they either Lose their memory or remember things very faintLy MedicaLLy, this state is caLLed retrograde amnesia Patients Like them Lead a normaL Life... but they can't remember their past That's just what has happened to your daughter SimpLy put, she has Lost her memory

With great difficuLty we have convinced her that you are her mother

Doctor, when wiLL she regain her memory?

Lt might take days, months or even years

0r maybe she wiLL never regain her memory at aLL She might have to spend a Lifetime in this state Nothing can be said for sure. We do try to make patients... regain their memory by reminding them of past incidents... but that's not how Tia's condition is The sLightest bit of pressure on her mind can drive her insane She couLd suffer a brain hemorrhage. She couLd even die

This is why you must hide from her... the truth of her husband's death and her son's identity

That's not aLL. You must destroy aLL things that remind Tia of her past

Lf possibLe, take her to a pLace where no one recognises her... but do not try to remind her of any oLd incident Destroy aLL oLd memories

0n this auspicious occasion of her birthday...

L think L'd rather marry Tia and take her away... instead of giving her a present But are you going to bother Tia even after the wedding?

AbsoLuteLy. This fun and Laughter is what Life is aLL about

Lt's great fun to be in a hospitaL. Keep Lying down Like a Queen... everyone runs around to serve you, but L've never been iLL!

Mother... pLease Listen to me

That which is destined, is what aLways happens Good things and bad things But L was terribLy upset to hear of your Loss Loss...?

This is the first time L've seen death at such cLose quarters This accident is going to drive me mad, mother Give me one chance, pLease!

Madam, the doctor has forbidden you from disturbing the patient You're the one who's disturbing us She's Like my own daughter. We're very cLose to each other Aren't we, Tia?

But... who are you?

What? Haven't you recognised me? Mrs Bharucha...

Tia, this is Mrs Bharucha

But you... Mrs Bharucha...

Doctor Modi wants to meet you. What for?

He wants to ask you something. Ask me...? Let's go He's in his office. Let's go Don't ever crack such jokes again, Tia

PLease have your medicine What was she taLking about? L don't know what she was saying PLease take your medicine

What if L had said more...?

Someone or the other is sureLy going to remind her of the past What are you thinking about? Mrs Bharucha speaks of one probLem There are going to be many more. L know, mother... you hate the sight of me. L'm responsibLe for whatever has happened But L want to stand by you in this hour of crisis L want to devote my entire Life in the service of your famiLy Sister... wounds heaL with treatment And grief is aLLeviated when you share it What do you want me to do? To forget everything and forgive him?


0nLy tiLL Tia regains her memory. After that...

L'LL accept any decision the two of you take PLease give me one opportunity to make up for my bLunder

ALL right. So you don't want to give my son this opportunity Don't forgive him. Do as you wish... teLL your daughter the truth and kiLL her!

L'm trying to reason with her, but she...

Madam, in a car accident, peopLe pay money to hush up matters No one comes forward to take responsibiLity for the dead or aiLing But my son has taken this step. 0n his own responsibiLity... he wants to take you foLks far away from this pLace... so that no acquaintance wiLL rake up the past... and become the reason for her death But you aren't Letting that happen. Because you own their Lives, you see!

Because of my son's mistake, Raj Lost his Life. But you... you wiLL Lose your daughter because of your arrogance and stubbornness Whether you forgive my son or not, you must at Least think... of your daughter and your grandson's future

We were going to South Africa, to your best friend Anita's house When the car met with an accident...

Anita and Jai were aLso there with you in the car You Lost your memory in the accident and Anita Lost her Life Anshu is Anita and Jai's son... he Loves you very much You're his aunt, after aLL Lf you stay with him, he won't feeL the absence of a mother As the doctors have said...

there wiLL be an improvement in your heaLth, if you go to a new pLace That is why Jai is taking us with him Don't cry, Anshu... enough, my chiLd...

Give him to me Come to me, my son... come to your aunt

You're doing so much for us... mother has toLd me

Don't say thanks, pLease L'm the one responsibLe for whatever has happened to you The truth is that when L think of your Loss...

L find my own grief to be so very LittLe

My P.A., Swami How's the LittLe boss..? Anuj!

You haven't recognised UncLe Swami? His name is Anshu, not Anuj Sorry. Faux pas. You must think before you speak

She's stern. Bring the Luggage in your car, Swami They'LL come in my car. Take the baby, Tia Give him to me

Greetings, sir. Greetings Get their Luggage from the car and show them to their room Lf there is anything you need, pLease Let me know

Anshu's crying

Swami, why's he crying?

Looks Like he needs servicing We'LL have to change his nappies You mean me? L'm his dad, after aLL

When you grow up... join the fire brigade!

Sir, here L go for a dry-cLeaning

You don't know how to take care of a chiLd L'LL Learn. Why haven't you yet?

L didn't have a chiLd...

L mean, he aLways cLung to his mother Henceforth, he'LL cLing to his aunt. Right, Anshu?

By the way, who has he taken after?

He's exactLy Like his mother. The same LoveLy eyes, the smiLe... the beautifuL moon-Like face

Come, steaL my heart... my sweet LittLe angeL Give me a smiLe... my sweet LittLe angeL L have aLways been in Love with you... but how do L teLL you?

You do not understand how L pine Come, steaL my heart... my sweet LittLe angeL Give me a smiLe... my sweet LittLe angeL

My Life now revoLves around you My hopes are aLL pinned on you The sight of you makes me reaLise... you are the one my breath is tied to Make me forget my woes... my sweet LittLe chiLd Do smiLe, my sweet LittLe angeL Come, steaL my heart

L Live in a worLd of your memories Never can my heart ever forget you You mean the Life to me. Come, Let me show you... every time my heart beats, it craves for you Put me to a test, 0 sweet LittLe angeL...

Do smiLe...

0 sweet LittLe chiLd L have aLways been in Love with you... but how do L teLL you?

You do not understand how L pine Come, steaL my heart... my sweet LittLe angeL Give me a smiLe... my sweet LittLe chiLd

L've brought tea for you

Tea. No, L've aLready drunk some Have it. L don't make a bad cuppa

Lt's so hot... and you drank it aLL in one guLp?

Yes, actuaLLy L'm getting Late for my office Sit down... whiLe L finish my tea

So how did you find Cape Town? L have a Long List... how many things wiLL L teLL you about? There are trees that remain standing Mountains that don't budge an inch And the Sun... it rises and sets at its own time The atmosphere is pretty heaLthy and cooperative out here L've seen the morning, evening and night...

L can see it aLL from your terrace. Come over, if you have the time L'LL show you Cape Town too. Ln that case, get ready... to take you around Cape Town is my responsibiLity

This is Cape Town's most interesting pLace This is where the AtLantic 0cean and the Lndian 0cean... after miLes of journey, Leaving everything eLse... merge together. From here begins a new identity for them... a new journey. And a new story Like mine. After Losing my memory...

L am aLso moving in a new direction L some times wonder what my past was Like Was it better than what L have now? 0r did L Lose something precious?

And then, L Laugh it off What is Lost, is not coming back And what L have, L don't want to Lose You have come to terms with yourseLf in this situation, Tia But there are peopLe in the worLd who wouLd want to Live their Lives again... if they are given the opportunity Jai, do you aLso Look forward to starting a new journey... giving up the past Like these oceans? Yes. L'm one of them too But Life doesn't give everyone the opportunity The past never returns... memories are aLL we have

ShaLL we go?

Know what, Jai? L wondered how L'd adjust Life in this aLien city But you've made everything so easy for me Ln you, L've found a friend L can be angry with, fight with... and aLso Love

How about an ice-cream?

Let's have our paLms read Sit down. L've shown many peopLe the right path

What are you getting into, Tia? Come on

0ne moment... Let's see what he's going to say Suspicions are but naturaL. You can't controL your mind Extend your paLm without any hesitation, Lady

Your nice times are about to begin A very bright future! Forget about the future Can you teLL me something about my past?

About the days gone by? The days gone by...?

So you want to test my prowess, L see!

Ask what you want to! Without any hesitation Who am L...? A girL, a femaLe Let's go, Tia. 0ne second

Your past is aLL too cLear in your paLm

Your past speaks of a husband and a son

Let's go, Tia. PLease. However...

your past is ecLipsed

What does that Laughter mean? You're getting it aLL wrong!

That isn't my past, but it can very weLL be my future

L toLd you, they wiLL say anything for the money Here you are. Let's go. Lt's God who gives L'm onLy a medium! 0ne day, you wiLL get to know the truth!

My predicition is never wrong. Don't take him seriousLy, Tia They'LL speak any Lies for money His Lies couLd weLL prove to be the truth

The truth is that you were far away from me... and L wanted to get cLose to you. And now that you are cLose...

L must keep away from you You have Lost your memory. And L've Lost sight of my goaL

L waLk, but there is no path. L Live... but L'm not among the Living

Give me that photo. Can't L see Anita's picture?

0h my heart... this heart of mine... oh this heart of mine... when shaLL it be worthy of you?

My heart...

L hear the bridaL shehnai being pLayed at a distance... and L dream of a bridaL paLanquin That L wiLL be your bride... says the chiming of my ankLets Every step you take is towards me... for L am your goaL

0h my heart... this heart of mine... when shaLL it be worthy of you?

L shaLL Love you forever... you're the one L'm crazy about, my Love Ln what words wiLL L teLL you...? this heart of mine beats onLy for you Do pLease soLve this predicament for me, my Love

0h my heart... my heart... when shaLL it be worthy of you?

My heart... oh my heart

How did you find Cape Town? Lt's nice

L sLipped on the beach, Ma...

Tia, go to your room and change

ALL right

Tia's speaking the truth... L want no cLarification!

Lf L have agreed to stay with you... it's onLy to keep Anshu and Tia together Do not try to take advantage of my daughter's pLight... and drive her wayward. But mother...

L gave onLy Raj the right to caLL me mother You mustn't even dream of taking his pLace Not in my Life, not in Tia's

The father won't teLephone and the son shows airs!

Come, mother Anshu's so cute, isn't he? Do you Like him?

Very much. Me too How about everything eLse? Everything eLse?


And Jai?

What is the matter, mother? You don't ever taLk about Jai Don't you approve of me taLking and joking with him?

Every reLationship has its Limits, Tia But a reLationship of the heart knows no Limits, mother Which is why, despite Losing everything, L have a mother Like you... a son Like Anshu and a friend Like Jai

Jai has defined his own Limits, mother Lt wouLd be good for every one, if he keeps to his Limits The girL L wanted to make your daughter-in-Law... is in your house today, Ma But L stiLL can't make her your daughter-in-Law

ALL L'm destined to have is Tia's company, Ma. 0nLy her company

Not her Love

You thought you'd give me a surprise But L found the opportunity first. Right?

L have another surprise. Come on

Your jacket, sir You may keep your bag at your side. As for the food...

Chef Tia has personaLLy cooked your favourite dishes How do you know these are my favourite dishes?

When hearts meet, one gets to know of the other's Likes and disLikes

Like you found out that bLue is my favourite coLour

Let's make a wish today

Maybe this is the moment that wiLL bring Light into our Lives

And what wiLL L have to do?

CLose your eyes and make a wish

What happened, Jai? L'm very tired At Least have your food. L'm not hungry Listen, Jai...

How heLpLess am L?

L'm a shattered man

My heart is sinking... and the shores are cLose by

What do You want...?

What do You want after aLL?

You took away my memories. But L didn't compLain L thought whatever You did, was for the better But why are You distancing Jai from me?

Why don't You awaken Love for me in his heart?

CompLaint aren't the soLution to your probLems Every setback ought to be your Ladder to move forth Your determination wiLL get stronger and you'LL get what you wouLdn't have That's easier said than done. Mere words of courage that don't heLp They do heLp, my chiLd. ChiLd...?

Who are you and how did you get into the house?

L waLked in through the door. The door...?

ALL right, but what are you doing in this house?

L'm here to meet Jai. Do you know him?

L've heard of him, but we've never done business together You mustn't. He can't respect a girL. What business wiLL he do?

He can't concentrate on his work. He'LL ruin the whoLe business... and bring the oLd man on the streets! 0Ld man?

His dad His dad, the oLd man! Thanks for giving me the inside stuff

Can L soLve any probLem for you?

Weren't you taLking about a probLem just now...?

WeLL, to my misfortune, L've faLLen in Love with him With Jai

But he won't even Look at me. The sonofagun!

UseLess chap! He's earning curses for his father!

There isn't another girL, is there?

L've been toLd that Jai Mehta is a pLayboy What...?

Get up! Up! What happened?

You don't even know Jai and you're aLready bad-mouthing him?

Get out! Strange!

Lf L say something about him, it's a bad thing You weren't singing praises for him just now, were you?

L'LL go and teLL Jai Mehta what sort of peopLe Live in his house!

Who are you to interfere in our famiLy affairs?

Who...? L'm the gun, and he's my son You're his...? Father

Swami toLd me that you've arrived

You weren't even attending the hoteL's anniversary. L was...

The anniversary was just an excuse

TeLL me something, my chiLd Are you convinced that Jai is not in Love with you?

AbsoLuteLy. There are onLy two peopLe who matter in his Life Anshu. And Anshu's mother

You're so right, my dear But that which has gone away, never comes back. Does it?

No So Jai must aLso try to start Life afresh, mustn't he?

Yes, he must After aLL, one accident isn't bigger than Life itseLf Lt is. Some times, an accident is so big...

Life itseLf is dwarfed in front of it. May L say something?

Despite a journey of mishaps, Life stiLL goes on AbsoLuteLy right. Yesterday is past-tense Lt can't be changed. You're right Nobody can change yesterday. Lt's better to forget what has happened Lt's time for Anshu's meaL. L'LL attend to it

Whatever anyone says, my chiLd, L accept you as my daughter-in-Law You wiLL have my support in anything you do to win over Jai's heart There's a party to ceLebrate the anniversary of our hoteL tomorrow So...

L admit, there is a Limit to which Love can go...

L do agree, there is a Limit to one's patience

L agree, my heart beats onLy for my beLoved L agree, there is a Limit to which L can yieLd

My Love, 0 my Love...

0 my Love...

Ln Love, when fear gripped my heart... this distance between us, my heart couLd not take

L went so crazy, L couLd understand nothing... in Love, when fear gripped my heart... this distance between us, my heart couLd not take

0h my Love... my Love...

0 my Love, my Love...

Ln Love, L must Live and die

Without Love, L have nothing eLse to do

L'm not going to fear the worLd anymore

Love possesses every heartbeat of mine Ln Love, when fear gripped my heart... this distance between us, my heart couLd not take

0 my Love, my Love...

To faLL in Love, isn't easy. Lt's very difficuLt

Those that tread the path of Love, never find their goaLs

Ln Love, you gain nothing

What is Love...? Nobody couLd ever understand

Ln Love, when fear gripped my heart... this distance between us, my heart couLd not take L went so crazy, L couLd figure out nothing

0 my Love, my Love...

my Love, my darLing

L know how it feeLs when your Love is reciprocated with indifference But L aLso know that you are the onLy one Jai Loves L mean, you are the onLy one Jai wiLL Love We must find a way to make Jai promise... to make you my daughter-in-Law in the next 24 hours Promise, my foot

He Loves you very much, doesn't he? 0h yes, so...?

So...? So...!

Tia, why are you crying?

Jai, your dad has had a heart attack!

Come home immediateLy!

Are these cLothes okay for the death scene?

She's taLking to him! Any cLothes are okay for a death scene Jai has Left the office. Get on with the preparations

L'm so nervous, L hope L don't reaLLy have a heart attack We'LL handLe it, if you do The whoLe game depends on you! You remember the Lines...?

My son... Wrong!

Your heart is on the Left. ALL right Jai, after you are dead... Speak the Lines properLy!

Lt's your death scene. Not Jai's!

Jai, my son... after L'm dead... ExactLy! Get that!

My son, after L'm dead, buy a new house for yourseLf Make a new house, L say! SettLe down! Not make a house L see, so it's settLe down! May L pLay the roLe?

L remember aLL the Lines. Here comes another actor!

But this is an originaL pLay. We can't change fathers!

May L say something, if you don't mind?

You're a very bad actor. You can't remember your Lines!

Bring out the pain...? L'm trying...

L'm squeezing my sides, but L feeL no pain Bring it out from the insides. L see, aLL right Where are you going? You said inside, didn't you?

L mean, feeLings from inside your heart

Master Jai is here! Ls he...?

Look, son. L've had a heart-attack... Go on inside!

What happened to dad? Ln your room upstairs

Have some hoLy water

Swami, what happened to him? He's going away Tia, did you teLephone a doctor? The doctor was here He said it's too Late. There are no chances of survivaL Hasn't Jai come as yet...? L'm right here, dad What happened to you? Heart attack You used to take such good care of yourseLf. How did...

QuickLy say what you've got to. You don't have much time, uncLe That's right. We can't see you suffering

My son, you'LL have to do what L ask of you today

0f course, L wiLL. Promise me, Jai... after L die... Keep taLking. Don't stop Lt'LL reLieve you of the burden. Say it After L'm dead, make a house... settLe down But dad... Don't refuse, Jai You've given me your word. You'LL do as L say

Anshu needs a mother for his upbringing L want you to settLe down with Tia With me...? Anshu won't caLL you aunt He'LL caLL you mother. Mother!

Lf you wish, for Anshu's sake, L wiLL...

Tia has agreed to the wedding

And Anshu's so happy with the deveLopment Promise me... that you wiLL marry Tia aLone But you know...

He's gasping for breath! Say yes!

L promise... WiLL you marry me?

What are you staring at? Nothing's wrong with me!

L'm fit as a fiddLe!

The heart-attack...? There was nothing! Nothing!

L wanted you to promise that you Love Tia and that you'LL marry her And you said it!

Does anyone joke around with death?

Perhaps you forget. Tia's is the mother of Raj's chiLd Perhaps you even forget that it is your son... who has brought Tia to this state You aLso forget that Tia is Leading a Life of iLLusions The day she gets to know the truth... she wiLL start hating you and your son You seem to have forgotten everything ALL right But you must not forget, Tia's mother is stiLL aLive Lt wouLd be better if you kept onLy your duties in mind... and Left my daughter's and my grandson's future to me

L seek your forgiveness for whatever happened today But if you couLd forgive Jai...

L understand your feeLings. But before you make any decision... about your daughter's and grandson's future... pLease open this boxes and take a Look After that, L wiLL respect whatever you decision you take

Good bye

Red; BridaL Wear

White; For widows

Come to your aunt

Tia, Jai's father came to me to ask for your hand in marriage L have agreed You were against it tiLL Last night. So what happened?

ALL of Last night, your words echoed in my mind... that reLationships of the heart know no Limits L can't Live with Anshu And Anshu cannot Live without you And you... without Jai This is why L have accepted the proposaL

But Jai aLways keeps a distance from me...

L know. He stays aLoof, onLy because of me When you teLL him that L have consented... he'LL sureLy agree

Do you want me to have a word with him?

No, mother. The past is sure behind me But L want to see my future bright and cLear L want to know what's in Jai's mind L'LL break the news to him

Anshu, you wiLL caLL me mother, won't you?

0nce he starts, you're the onLy one he'LL caLL mother

You have found your mother

You have found your mother, Anshu

Tia's Life isn't Like a piece of bLank paper, Ma Lt's stained with bLood. Because of me

She's in Love with me today. But what if she gets to know the truth?

For my happiness, L can't forget the past L can't forget it. L can't You had once forgotten everything and prayed for a new Life, Jai Tia...?

God has today heard your prayers and mine, Jai You don't understand My mother has consented to our wedding

My paLms wiLL now be adorned with bridaL henna for you L shaLL appLy the bridaL vermiLLion for you

That's not possibLe. Not possibLe?

Man doesn't stop Living when he Loses his dear ones, does he?

Both of us have had to go through the accident, Jai Lt's just that L didn't express the anguish L feLt L'm fumbLing in darkness, Jai. With just a Lamp of hope You are my Lamp of hope, Jai You... you won't understand my compuLsions Nobody understands it. What compuLsion is that?

My conscience is stopping me, Tia. Conscience...?

So why did you buy that gift for me? Why did you write my name on it?

Why can't you teLL me how you feeL? Why don't you admit that you Love me?

Because L can't forget my past. You wiLL have to forget it!

Tia... what happened? Why are you crying?

We are not staying here anymore. What's wrong?

Where is the need to teLL Tia? What has happened is in the past!

You forgot the doctor's words?

She couLd have a brain hemorrhage! She couLd go mad!

Yes, L've gone mad! L don't want to Live with Jai!

And what happens of Anshu...? Lt's Jai's duty to think of him When he won't take me as his wife, how can L be his chiLd's mother?

Anshu is Tia and Raj's son When she gets to know that, what wiLL she think of me?

Are you then waiting for her to regain her memory?

So that she becomes a widow and starts hating you?

No! But L know what L'm doing!

You're giving her more troubLe by spurning her You're snatching away from her the joys of her future

CaLm down, my chiLd. L'LL make Jai see reason No, you are not doing that. L don't want any pity!

But my chiLd... You caLLed me your chiLd, right?

So come with me. Right now! We can't go away, Tia

You can't be my mother!

Tia! Listen to me!

Where are you going?

Jai! Tia has sped away in the car! Stop her!

Ln Love, L must Live and die

Without Love, L have nothing eLse to do

Love is the intoxication cLouds my eyes in Love, when fear gripped my heart... this distance between us, my heart couLd not take

0h my Love...

my Love...

Tia! Stop there!

What's gotten into you? Have you gone mad?

L'LL do what L want to. Who are you to stop me?

Let me die! WiLL death set everything right?

Yes, it wiLL. Leave me aLone! You're thinking onLy about yourseLf You don't care for others. There is no one!

That's not true, Tia. That is the truth too!

Every reLationship is fake... Nothing is fake Lt's just that you don't understand. L don't want to understand!

Whatever we are doing is onLy for your weLfare L don't want anyone's sympathies! L don't need anyone!

L don't want to Live anymore! You wiLL have to Live!

For your mother. For your son Anshu...

What did you say...? Anshu... my son?

Ls Anshu my son?

Wasn't he born to you and Anita...? TeLL me the truth, Jai

0r eLse... Anita was onLy my friend

L was never married

The accident in which you Lost your memory...

kiLLed not just Anita... it kiLLed Raj too. Raj...? Who's Raj?

Your husband

My husband...?

Yes, Tia. You were married to Raj You and Raj were in your car when it coLLided with mine L'm your cuLprit L'm the one because of whom this accident took pLace L'm the one because of whom Anshu Lost his papa

Anshu is your son and Raj's... not mine Anshu... my son!

Because of what the doctor said... No, mother...

L had to Lie to you To keep you aLive, Tia

L did whatever L had to, for the sake of my daughter and my grandson But it's Jai who has made the biggest sacrifice

He has done more than his bit And stiLL, he mustn't have spoken his heart No, Let me taLk today Know what, Tia? You are the onLy girL he has ever Loved in his Life

0nLy you. Not just now... from even before you got married

But he Lives with a guiLt compLex. He hopes for your memory to return... so you wiLL pronounce a punishment for what he did

That accident was part of my destiny, Jai Lf not you, someone eLse wouLd have coLLided into us Lf my words wiLL heLp taking the burden off your chest...

L do forgive you

Where are you going?

UncLe, despite being toLd everything and getting to know the truth... why don't L recaLL my past?

But L know today that L'm a mother, L'm a widow But Tia... No, Jai You've toLerated me enough. Not anymore Not anymore Wait, Tia. For my sake You're onLy thinking about yourseLf and your chiLd, Tia For you, L was a married man and a father tiLL yesterday So why didn't aLL this occur to you then?

You know why, Tia? Because you're in Love with me

What if L teLL you today that L Love you more than L ever did... and that L won't be abLe to Live without you?

Lf L teLL you today that L want to give Anshu the Love of a father... and my name... what wiLL you do?

WiLL you marry me?

My Ma has today found her daughter-in-Law And Anshu has found his father