Dilan 1990 (2018) Script

[woman in Indonesian] My name is Milea. Milea Adnan Hussein.

Born in Jakarta.

My mother from Bandung, who used to be known as a band vocalist.

My father is an Army. West Sumatra people.

After marriage, they moved to the Slipi area in Jakarta.

In 1990, my father moved to Bandung.

In Bandung, I went to a high school in Buahbatu.

And this is where my story begins.

About him who taught me how important it is to say good night.

[song "We Are Teenagers" by Pidi Baiq]

♪ We were teenagers before

♪ Age of high school kids ♪ Good morning. Morning.

Are you Milea?


Can I predict? Ramal?

Yes. I predict this afternoon we will meet in the canteen.

Want to come along? No, thank you.

But one day you will definitely ride my bike.

Trust me.

I'll leave first.

♪ How are you ... ♪

[happy conversation]

You know what?

This morning I was foretold by a child on a motorcycle.

Guess what?

He said he would meet him in the cafeteria.

Who? Do not know her.

So, to the cafeteria no?


Lia, it doesn't feel like you've been in school for two weeks .

[chuckles] Yes.

Lia, I want to offer to be class secretary.

Secretary? Class leader.

Yes, I know, but why me?

Already, want it.

Want some?

Yes, it is okay.

[male] Excuse me.

Milea, ya? Ya.

There is a letter. Letters?

From my friend.

Where's Wati? Already to the canteen.

Yes. I'll leave first.

He is Piyan Physics 1 grader.

You know? Not.

"Milea, I thought we were going to meet in the cafeteria wrong."

"Sorry, but I want to predict again."

"Tomorrow we will meet."

Isn't tomorrow Sunday? What, Lia?

No it's ok. So what are my duties as secretaries?

[happy music]

Non, there is a guest. Find me?

Ya, laki-laki.

There's an invitation. What invitation?

Read it, but later. OK

[English] Piyan, in Arabic? [in English] What?


[Indonesian] Iqro, Milea. I go home first.

How do you know my house? I also know your birthday.

I also know who your God is. God.

Same. Goodbye first.

Peace be with you or not?

Assalamualaikum. Waalaikumsalam.


[soft music]

[Dilan] Bismillahirrahmanirahim. By the name of Allah.

Most Merciful and Merciful.

With this, heartily , invited Milea Adnan to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

[telephone ringing]

[happy music]

[Milea's little sister] Sis, a call from Beni.



[Milea] That day I was very busy. Wash shoes ... chatting by phone with my boyfriend in Jakarta.

In fact, what I want to do is smile to myself ... contemplated a magical invitation from the fortune teller.

[man] Rest in place, move!

Announcement for children who have not paid tuition fees in September please pay it off immediately.

[man] Come on! Up!

The clothes are put in. Come on The next announcement will be made by Mr. Suripto.

Row, row.

Neat clothes.

He again. Who is he?


The flag ceremony is our way of giving thanks to the fallen heroes.

This country needs disciplined students .

[Milea] That morning I finally found out, the name of the Astrologer was Dilan.

... this nation. Ceremony, not even entered.

[Milea] Said Rani, Dilan Grade 2 Physics 1 child.

[dramatic music]

Famous motorcycle gang member in Bandung.

His position in the motorcycle gang is quite scary.

Commander in Chief

[all screaming] Attack!

You go home by public transportation? Can I come with you?

Where? Take an angkot.

No need. But public transportation for anyone.

You ride a motorcycle. easy.

This is the first day I sat with you.

Milea ...

You are beautiful.


But I have not loved you.

Do not know if this afternoon.

Just wait.

[happy music]

I predict, you'll know my name soon.

[Milea] Hearing him say that, man , I want to say, "already know".

"No need to predict. You better get down."

[upbeat music continues]


You know, all students are arrogant?

Who wants to go to BP's room to meet Mr. Suripto?

Who? Only me!


Sorry if I bothered you.

That's your public transportation.

I was just delivering. I was afraid that someone would be bothered.


[denting piano]


[tells a story] After he left, I felt strangely guilty about being rude.

He must be upset.

Basically he is quite fun compared to Beni, my boyfriend in Jakarta who is monotonous which when giving poetry, plagiarized from the book Khalil Gibran or teen magazine.

Strange. Why should I compare the Fortuneteller to Beni?

[Nandan] That's Ridwan, beside him Hanafi.

Well, if this one is Jenar, then it's Revi.

Lia, there is a letter.

Letter from whom?

Who's sitting here, who?

Already, later will continue to want the bell.

Oh, nevermind.

[Dilan] Notice!

"Since yesterday afternoon, I've loved you."

[soft music]

What letter, Lia? Not. It is okay.

You're hungry, Ran? Want to be treated Nandan.

Is our canteen only this one?

Some are here, some are at the Bi Eem shop.

What is that? Warung Bi Eem.

It's behind the school. Yes, so you can smoke.

Many other high school kids are there too.

His name is also headquarters.

Hai, Lia. Hai.

I want to say hello.

You know what? What?

I like Lia.

But ashamed to say. That said.

Tell you, not to Milea.

But he can hear, right?



[soft music]

[Milea] I can read it from Nandan's eyes.

He was disturbed by Dilan's words.

I'm no expert in reading body language.

But said Rani, he was assessing me.

But many women like him.

He is quite handsome and good at playing basketball.

[bell rings]

Dilan, what are you doing?


Rani, can you sit down? What?

Sit down?

May I have a paper?


[soft music]

Why is everything crossed out except for your name?

Everything will fail.

Except you?

Yes. Pray for.

Good afternoon. [all] Afternoon, sir.

Children, today we will learn about morphology.

Does anyone already know what morphology is?

[all] Not yet. Very nice.

Because if you already know, I'm not going to teach morphology.

Hey! You're not a class here, right?


[upbeat music]

Why are you here? Incorrect class entry, sir.

Exit. Excuse me, Sir.

Tidy up the clothes.

Children, you have to eat a lot of fish, to be smart and don't forget the memory.

Like Abdul. He forgot the class by himself.

[all] Dilan, sir!

Abdul Dilan, right? [everyone laughs]

I was going to take you home on a motorcycle. No need.

But not so. Because I know, you must say "no need".


Tonight I want to go to your house. No, my father is fierce.

Did you bite? Seriously, no.

I'm not afraid of your father. He is nice.

What do you want? Want to come.


[soft music]

Thank you mom. You're welcome, Dad.

[motorcycle sound]

[doorbell rings]

Bi, please open the door, Bi. Aunt is at the shop.


Already, Father alone.

Assalamualaikum, sir. Waalaikumsalam.

[upbeat music]

Who are you? Strange people.


Assalamualaikum. Waalaikumsalam.

Who is this? Seriously.

There is Lia's schoolboy.

Claiming to be his canteen messenger.

The envoy? Is he a Prophet, sent?

He said that he wanted to offer a new menu. "Three Taste Batagor."

Three Taste Batagor? Children these days.

[Sundanese] Maybe he's crazy.

[phone rings]

Hello. [Dilan] Good night.

Night. - Can you talk to Milea?

Yes, me.

I'm Dilan. What?


Milea, I went to your house earlier.

Yes. You disguised yourself as a canteen messenger.

Because you like to eat.


- Do you know why I came? Why?

If I didn't come because I was afraid of your father that means I'm a loser. So I came.

But if your dad scolded, that's good.

Why is it good? You will be sorry for me later.

Did you get angry?

No, but your father said you were sleeping, why now can chat?

- Are you delirious? [chuckle]

Where? Who?

- you. Who are you?


[soft music]

I am in...

I'm on Mars.

[chuckles] Laugh or not?

I'm on Mars Street, Margahayu Raya.

Can I predict? What?

I predict, later you will be my girlfriend.

Do you believe me? Music.

Milea? - Already?

When you want to sleep later, believe me I say good night from afar.

You will not hear.

Good night, Dilan.

Afternoon newspaper!

Non Lia, there's a deposit. Deposit?

From the newsboy.

[phone rings]

Hello. [Dilan] Already received?

Accept what?

Chocolate, from the newsboy.

[soft music]

I have. thanks.

Thanks to the newsboy.


You know, last night I caught two mosquitoes.

I give the name Boni to Kinkan.

[clock ticking]

[door opens]

Lia, wake up, kid.

Why, ma'am? Wake up, honey.

There are friends outside waiting for you.


[English] ♪ Happy birthday ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ For you ♪

[Indonesian] Blow the candle.


Hold on.

[English] Lia, happy 17th birthday.

[Indonesian] This is for you.

[men cheering]


Already, eat more.

Good thing you bought a little expensive.

Yes, if it's for Milea it has to be special.

[male, English] Big boss.

[Indonesian] Like it or not? I like it.

[phone rings]

[Milea mother] Hello?

Incorrect number.

Who, ma'am? Do not know.

The girl called this late at the wrong time.

Who are you waiting for a call from?

No, I guess you slept. So I want to lift.

Eat more.

I'll leave first, okay? Greetings to father, mother and Airin.


You're fine here, don't be close to other men.


Okay, bye. Bye.

Bye. Bye!

Thank you for bothering to Bandung. Be Careful!

[soft music]

[student] Are you ready, Rev? I did.

Lia is coming!

♪ Happy birthday, we say ♪

[Ambient music]


This is for you. My goodness, Nandan!

A gift doll, what for?


So if you sleep, you can hug him.

[students chuckle]

[Milea] Honestly, I'm disappointed, on my birthday he didn't give me a birthday greeting.

Even though all night I waited for his call.

This is copied. [student] Yes, sir!

Excuse me, Sir. [teacher] Yes?

There is important deposit for Lia. Alright.

Thank you sir.

Happy birthday, Milea.


[soft music]

Thank you sir. Ouch! Yes yes

[soft music continues]

Do not see.

[Dilan] Milea, there is a birthday greeting from Dilan.

Longevity he said. She loves you.


[happy music]

[Dilan] Happy birthday, Milea. This is a present for you.

It's just TTS, but I've filled it all up.

I love you. I don't want you dizzy because you have to fill it. Dilan

[phone rings]

[soft music]

Hello. [Dilan] Hello, Milea.

Dilan, I've opened a gift from you.

Thank God. Love?

Like it! Funny, weird.


Milea? - Already, Dilan?

Don't ever tell me someone hurt you.


Later that person will disappear.

[students chatting]

Why is it so noisy next door? There are no teachers, Ma'am.


What happen?

[tense music]

[loud impact] [student screams]

[indistinct conversation]

[Sundanese] Dilan! You again!

[upbeat music]

You brat!

[Indonesian] Turns out you guys are causing trouble!

Mr. Suripto! Mr. Suripto!

Already, you two come with Mother!

Wati, have you been dating Piyan?


How about Dilan? Are you close to him?

Why was it when he fell in class, how dare you hit him with a book?

She's my cousin. Are you brothers?

My mother is Dilan's father's sister.

Oh. That's a bad boy.

Remember Sunday night, I forgot when.

Si Dilan cut my mother's chicken. Chicken?

Taken from the cage quietly. Gosh.

When he reprimanded my mother, he said it was dark.

Wrong take he said. [laugh]

Even though Dilan's father is fierce. Soldiers like him.

Army? What branch?

Do not know. You only know about the army.

Why suddenly talking about Dilan?

No it's ok.

[denting piano]

Lia. Eh, Nandan.

Tumben to the road, usually picked up by a car?

Yes, you took an angkot, and then you will go home too.

[Milea] The following days there was something strange about Dilan.

I feel her change.

I felt him move away. Do not know why.

[Pidi Baiq's "Later" song]

♪ Then this is how I feel ♪

♪ No need for wind ♪

♪ No need for flowers ♪

♪ No need for a moon, no need for it ♪

♪ I say from me

♪ To you ♪


Definitely Piyan! Hey, Milea.

Hey, Dilan, how are you?

Good. Don't you still call often?

Long time no. Even though I used to call almost every night.

Talking about unnecessary things. Dilan really likes the unimportant ones.

But why is he being arrogant now, Piyan, so far away.

I don't know. But when it comes to that, he once said not to disturb Milea.

Milea is Nandan's girlfriend. Ouch, you please tell him.

Say what? I'm not dating Nandan.

Yes please. Yes, I will say later.


[Rani] Lia, let's go to the canteen. Lia, let's go to the canteen.

No, I'm here first. Come on, Nan.

Me neither. Yes, we will go first.

Yeah. Can I go with you?

According to Lia ... Oh!

I want to go to the toilet first. Excuse me, dan.


♪ Believe in me ♪

♪ Obviously, definitely ♪

♪ I want to be with you ♪ Rani!

Rani, what's going on here?

Didn't you hear the announcement at the last hour?

What announcement? You daydream, Lia.

This afternoon there is a Smart Careful selection in the hall.

Quiz? Yup. Come on You first. Bye.

Piyan! Milea.

Did you tell Dilan yesterday? I did.

What did he say? He said, "Oh", and "Yes".

Very? Where is he now?

He is taking part in the Smart Careful selection.

Dilan? Yup. Representing Class 2 Physics 1.

It's Lia, I go to the toilet first. Yup.

[all clap]

Alright, we are going into the fight round.

All hands are ready above the bell.

[Sundanese] Trust me. First question.

Who is the Minister of Religious Affairs of the Five Development Ministries?

[bell rings]

[moderator] Team B. [Indonesian] Mahatma Gandhi, sir.

[students laughing]

The answer is wrong. The truth is, Munawir Sjadzali.

Continue to the second question.

Explain the background of power shifts who made the Law of the President the authority of the House?

[bell rings]

Regu B.

[tense music]

Don't know, sir. [students laughing]

Too difficult the question.

Team B is reduced by 200.

[upbeat music]


Relax, I paste it first, then you read.

God willing, all the names are there.

Wait a minute.

List of names of students going to TVRI, Jakarta.

Yeah, sir, how come I don't go to Jakarta?

Relax, it's better in Bandung. Bandung is cold.

[Sundanese] Jakarta is too hot.

[student] Yes, sir.

[Indonesian] There will be more programs later.

[teacher] Udin, Lestari, and who else? Ravi and Rudi.

Everyone get into the bus, we leave immediately.

Rani, you guys go first. Who are you waiting for?

No, just a moment. Go ahead. Come on, quickly.

[soft music]

Milea! Quick, I want to walk!


[Milea] I actually like being able to go to Jakarta.

But I was disappointed because Dilan did not participate.

I called Beni last night, but not because I wanted to meet him.

I'm just afraid that if you don't go to Jakarta , Beni will be angry.

[Milea] We are disappointed, in Jakarta, the Intelligent Quiz team must return home.

I went to the toilet first, while looking for Wati.


Ran. Wait, wait a minute.

Lia, why are you silent just now?

It is okay.

Milea. Beni.

Wanted apparently here.

Yesterday on the phone you said you couldn't come.

So if I'm here now why? You don't like it when I come?

Just the two of you? Not much.

But everyone else was told to ...

What are you doing? Pair?

Ben, what the heck? Then who is this?

Hello, I'm Nandan. This is Beni, Nan.

Lia's boyfriend, who are you?

Just friends, Mas.

Here you are, your girlfriend in Bandung? Beni, what the heck?

Here! Fight me! Beni, stop!

Get up here! Fight me! Beni, already!

Come here, fight me!

What do you mean? Why defend him?

Nandan is not wrong! I do not believe. You are fooled.

You're flirty, weird, itchy. Everyone already knows, Lia.

If you want, Lia, say, here say!

We broke up!

Damn you whore!

[melancholy piano chink]

Lia, why?

[student] Lia!

[Milea] That's the real Beni, if you want to know.

You can judge for yourself the man who could scold his girlfriend in public.


Why isn't Dilan coming?


[Milea] Beni's voice saying "whore" kept ringing in my ear.

In reply to the voice Dilan had said

[Dilan] "Don't ever tell me someone hurt you.

Later that person will disappear. "

[melancholy music continues]

[Ms. Milea] Lia. Lia.

Wake up, kid.

There are your school friends coming.

Come on? Yes ma'am.

[Milea laughs]

Continue, continue? [Nandan] Yes, about sports and art I was chosen to be the captain of the basketball team.

Congratulations! That's great.

Later if I win, I will compete in Jakarta.

Non, there is a call from Beni.


Two more weeks. Just say I'm sleeping, Bi.

If you win.

Sorry, Lia is sleeping.

So pray, if you win I treat.

What treat? [Wati] Most batagor too.

But the batagor is delicious. Batagor Mang Ihsan.

It's delicious, just try it.

That's right.

There is a telephone. Who else, Bi?

Dilan. What? Yours sincerely?

Friends, I'll pick up the phone first.


[Dilan on the phone] Are you sick? Yes, but that's okay.

Why? What's wrong?

Why sick? No, the doctor said just tired.

I should have eaten with you and been visited by that person.


I'm sorry yesterday did not come.

Don't regret it. Yes, where are you?

A handful.

Here, Dilan. Ada Wati.

What is wrong with him? visiting me. With other friends.

Yes, I'm going there now.


[soft music]

Sorry, it takes a long time. I change clothes.

It is okay.

Assalamualaikum. Waalaikumsalam.

Hey, Bi Asih? Neng Wati.

What's wrong, Bi? You told me to come here.

Said someone wanted a massage. Massage? Who wants a massage?

His name is, Neng Melia. Milea?

Yes, Milea. Whose message is it, Bi?

Den Dilan. [laughter]

It was before Dilan took Aunt here.

But he went to the stall first, he said he would buy crickets.


Sit down, Bi. Yes, thank you.

[Milea] Hold on, then, Bi?

Yes, and Auntie was invited to stop by the stall, meet with her friends.

He said, "Bi, tell me when Aunt was dating young."

[everyone laughs]

Late afternoon. Let us go home?

Come on Assalamualaikum. Waalaikumsalam.

The sound of Den Dilan. Yes, Bi. Just a moment, yes.

Wow, a lot.

I want to go home. Why? Still drizzle.

We've been from noon. Come on Pamit, ya Lia. Ya.

Farewell, yes, Lia. Bi [Sundanese] Yes, please.

Thank you for coming. Be Careful!

I'm here first. Yup.

Thank you for Bi Asih. You're welcome.

Where are you going? Going forward, dropping off friends.

Want to make me happy? What?

Do not get out. Drizzle.

You're just here with Bi Asih.

I'll send the friends out.

Yeah. Hold on, Bi.


Miss, are you going to continue?

Ya, Bi.

[sad music]

Let's put the warm one back.

Excuse me, Bi. [Sundanese] Yes, please.

[Milea] Thank you very much, Bi Asih. [Indonesian] You're welcome, Neng.

Get well soon, Neng. Yes, Bi.

Thank you, Dilan.

Assalamualaikum. Waalaikumsalam.

As with the husband, kiss the hands.

Pray, Bi. [laughter]

Excuse me, Neng. Yes, be careful, Bi.

Ayo, Bi.

Now Bi Asih first. One day, you Is that a prediction? That's an offer.

I have.

Come on, Neng. Be careful, Bi.

[sad music]

[male] Events in Jakarta, that was a normal event.

And Beni is also a normal human being, not to be mistaken.

So, it is true what Bang Haji Rhoma Irama said.

"Young blood, the blood of teenagers who don't want to feel wrong and don't want to budge. "


Beni also pleaded guilty.

So, Lia also wants to forgive Beni, right?

And Beni has promised never to do that again.

Can I think about it first?

Why think about it? Why not settle it now?

Ben, be patient. This Lia needs time to think.

[mother mumbles]

Mom. Hi, Li.


There was Dilan, ma'am, here.

Why? He came again, gave TTS?

No, ma'am. He brought a masseuse then I got a massage then he went home.

What do you mean, he brought in a masseuse. you get a massage, then he comes home?

Yup. Very funny, Dilan.

I'm curious, what kind of Dilan, Li?

If you are young, don't you like someone like him?


Maybe. Why is that possible?

Yes maybe Li, because if he is jealous for example, likes to be angry I'm sure you don't like it.

[soft music]

[phone rings]


[Dilan on the phone] Lia, I'm resting. Cape.

What are you doing? Learn.

[Milea laughs]

Why are you laughing? It's okay, why is that?

I'm glad to hear your laugh.


You have eaten? Have you eaten yet?

[Sundanese] Wait a minute. Ma'am, excuse me. Who are you talking to?

[Indonesian] Here, it's the mother who is in the line.

Ma'am, want to get to know Milea?

Not he said. Arrogant. Say, sorry later.

Ma'am, sorry later. This beautiful, ma'am. All the phone numbers, huh?

Do not. Don't, ma'am.

Why? The mother will love later.

Ma'am, but I'm feeling sad. Lia has been absent for three days.

Tomorrow go to school, say. To whom?

To you!


Lia, it was done before. Yup.

Don't forget what.

Don't forget what? Memory.


Kiss away or not? Um ...

You can.

- Don't. Why?

Don't kiss far, later close.

[happy music]

Yes, done. Good luck learning more, Dilan.

Okay, bye.

[phone rings]

Hello? [Beni on the phone] How is it, honey?

It's not a pity! Yes, Lia.

I'm not Lia.

Then who? Whore.

Lia, I'm sorry. I plead wrong.

No need to discuss anymore. It's forgiven.

So, are we still dating? Not.

Lia, I am nothing without you.

I no longer want with you.

Please, Lia.

I want a man who can help me, not someone who asks me for help.

Yes, you accept me as I am. I like men in Bandung.

My guess is right. You're already dating Who is he?

The ones on TVRI. - No.

Then who? You don't need to know who he is.

All you need to know now, we broke up.

Devil! Basic...

[happy music]

Are you Milea?

I want to predict you again. What forecast? We meet again at the canteen?

Not. We will meet, but not in the canteen.

Then, where? Here.

[laughing slowly]

Lan. [Sundanese] Agus, sorry.

[Sundanese] What? Bring a motorcycle?

Why? Here, so I can invite Ravi.

Yes can. Here.

Bye. Be careful, thank you.

[Indonesian] Why was the motorbike given to Agus?

[Indonesian] I want to go with you, come on?

[soft music]

You know, I've changed the name of this street ?

What is the name? Milea Road.

More precisely Jalan Milea and Dilan.

Milea Road and Dilan the fortune teller.

Milea Road and Dilan the Forecasters Who Always Think of Milea.

Why think of me? Yes, the thought of you makes me happy.

You like thinking about me? Happy and confused.

Confused how to stop.

You want to stop thinking about me? Yup.


You want to keep you close, if it's close you don't have to think about it.

[happy music]

[teacher] Besides being noted, memorized and memorized.

[student] Yes, ma'am.

Lia, when you didn't come in, I saw Dilan walking with Susi.

Ride a motorcycle, pillion.


Ya, Susiana.

Do you know?

No, just know.

Class 2 Social 2. The gang leader of rich girls.

His father also has a gold shop.

[bell rings]

Okay, everyone, take a break now. We will continue after the break.

[student] Yes, ma'am.

BI EEM Lia. Piyan, Dilan mana?

Not here. Where is he going?

Just wait.

Do not know. Why did you come here?

It is okay. I just want to go back to class.

Please tell him later, if I was here.

Lia, come here first.

Eat, I feed.

Eh, Lia!

Lia? Eh, honey!

[motorcycle noise]

[tense music]

[gang screams]

[Nandan] Our school was attacked. Don't come out! Stay here.

Get out you guys!

Wedding! Lia!

[screams of anger continue]

[students shout]


[angry scream]

[angry shout continues]

[sad music]

[stone thrown]

[students shout]

[siren police]

[Dilan] Lia!

Where were you? Are you okay?

Where did you go? There is.

Yes, where to? Behind the Church, Lia.

You, huh? Not me. Anhar.

You too. No, Lia.

Anhar hits another schoolboy.

Why did you leave the classroom?


Looking for you!

You jerk.

[dramatic music]

[teacher] So, suddenly there was an attack, We don't know where it comes from.

[police] What's the amount? Very much, sir.

[police] Okay, who do you think you can be?

Wait a minute.


It is okay.

You have to go to the police station to be a witness, huh?

What did the police say? [Dilan on the phone] Said I was cute.

Seriously. He said not to be too serious.

Dilan, I think you will be arrested.

Don't hold back.

Can I ask you something? - What?

Susi who?


Your boyfriend? He wants to be my girlfriend.

I'm the only one who doesn't want to.

Never home, I hid in a large closet.

So what? Hold on.

Chat with Mother, help cook.

Yes, want to take heart Mother. Continue?

Then I'm stuffy in the closet. [laughter]

Continue? I want to pee.

Pee in the closet?

Now I want to poop. Yes, there.

Wait, don't hang up.


Already? - I did.

Continue? He once invited me to watch a movie.

You want? Yup.

Both? Yeah.

Then in the middle of the film, I said goodbye to the toilet.

Then I go home. Is he angry?

Angry. Good riddance. Why is it good?

He doesn't like me.

If I'm the one who's mad at you, is that good?

Very nice. That's a test for me.

Can I make you not angry. You can do it.

My job makes you happy, Lia. You made it.

He said, yesterday you were riding a motorcycle with Susi.

Yes, hurry to the hospital. His father is ill.


Not to love does not mean to hate, right?

Yup. - Alright.

You sleep, don't stay up.

Can you make me sleep?

You can. How?

Absent names of animals. Try.

One. Lizard. Two. Bear.

Three. Giraffe. Four. Tiger.

Five. Donkeys.

Six. Butterfly. Seven. Monkey. [snoring]

Eight. Monkey.

Nine. You. Hey!


Haven't slept yet. Not yet.

Ten. Koala. Eleven. Brat

- Twelve. I. [laughter]

Don't say anything until I hang up.

Yup. Sleep, Milea?

Sorry I made you worry.

You have to know, I don't want to worry you.

I'll worry about you.

[happy music]

Good night, Dilan.

[speaker] Student Promise. [all students] Student Promises.

In the name of the Almighty.

In the name of the Almighty.

We promise. We promise.

One. One.

Pray to the One True God.

Pray to the One True God. two. two.

Faithful to Pancasila.

Faithful to Pancasila.

And the 1945 Constitution.

And the 1945 Constitution. three. three.

Obey all the rules Obey all the rules and school rules. and school rules.

Four. Four.

Obey and obey Obey and obey to teachers and parents. to teachers and parents. five. five.

What's the matter, sir? It's wrong, use ask.

You fight? I ask, sir.

Want to fight?

[tense music]


Dilan! [man screaming] Ma'am, this is Ma'am.



Coward, you!

I'm waiting in the BP room!

[soft ambiens music]

I'm not against the teacher, ma'am. I'm against Suripto.

You have to understand, Dilan. Pak Suripto is like that.

I can't understand a teacher like that, ma'am.

My mother is a teacher, my sister is also a teacher, ma'am.

Whoever he is, if you don't want to respect people, can never be appreciated by people.

[woman] Yes, Dilan.

Who is not interested, can be outside.

Lia is out, I'm out, sir.

Already, you're there.


He pulled my shirt, sir. Like there is no other way.

He also slapped me. Yes, maybe Mr Suripto has the intention.

The teacher was digugu and imitated.

If Suripto dares to slap his student, sir we as students are also entitled to slap back, sir.

[moving mouth]

Never mind then, we'll finish it later.

But for your actions, you must be sanctioned.

We will give you a suspension letter.

[dramatic music]

I'm not the hero, Lia, just fight.

Ya, Dilan.


[soft music]

Wati! Ya, Lia?

There is Dilan's mother, huh? This is meeting.

Can I come with you? Sure.

There she is. Mother!

Uh, Wati. Mother.

Who is this? Milea, ma'am.

Is this Milea?

Oops! So pretty.

Dilan often stories about you.


Where is Milea going?

To Batan, ma'am.

Ride? Angkot.

Today, Nak Milea will come with Mother, okay?

You too, Wati. Come on Mother, but Wati has an appointment with Piyan.

With your girlfriend? Yes, Mother.

Alright. But you still come with Mother, huh?

It is okay now. Come on?


Bye, Lia. Bye, Watch out.

[Milea] About Dilan, her mother says we cannot judge a teenager without understanding his life.

Dilan said, you like to eat dolphins. He lied, right?

Yes. Not. [chuckle]

Then, what did he say again?

Yes, he said you have a mustache.


This beautiful person.

He said the mustache. How dare he.

Where is Dilan, ma'am? House.


Did you call me "Mother"?

Unless I'm asking for money again.

What's the call, ma'am? It's okay.

[both laugh]

I call you, "Mother", can I? Sure.

[soft music]

Said Dilan, are you his girlfriend?

Oh? He said like that, Mother?

Maybe he claimed it. [chuckle]

It's OK, Mother.

The native mother of Bandung?

Mother was born in Aceh, followed her husband to Indonesia.

Aceh instead of Indonesia, Mother?


Kidding. [laughter]

[Milea] I'm glad that day I met Dilan's Bunda.

It was nice to be able to chat with him, happy millions of times.

[happy music]

[Milea] Enter, Mother. Yup.

-Bu! -Lia.


-Bu! -Ya?

What is wrong?

Mother, this is Madam Lia. So pretty.

Ah, it could be. I'm the Dilan bundle.

I am Milea's mother. Ma'am is also beautiful.

And this? I'm Adi, Lia's supervisor.

[phone rings]

Lia pick up the phone first, Mother.

Ma'am, come on in. I make a drink.

Ouch, don't bother, I'm just a moment.

[Milea Mother] It's alright.

You know what, who I was taken home with?

[Dilan on the phone] Angkot? No.

I was escorted home by someone I love.

Mr. Suripto? No.

I was taken home by your mother. Your moon. How can?

I'll tell you later.

Lia, you told Mother, don't gossip about me.

- I did. What are you doing? talking about you. - What did he say?

You said you said I like to eat dolphins.


Then he said you said, Lia mustache.

Said you ...


You said you said, I'm your girlfriend.


Dilan, I miss you.

I miss you too.

Missing who? Dilan.

I guess to Lia!

Miss prematurely.

Mature before its time. [laughter]

Yes, like that. Shot immediately.

I know which story it is! [mothers laugh]

Can I kiss you? You can.

May I? Sure.

[soft music]

This beautiful kid. Thank you, Ma'am.

Thank you, mother.

Why are you crying, kid?

Lia was very happy to meet Mother.

Here, honey.

Hi. Afternoon.

Who is this? Airin.

Sister Lia, Mother. It's fine.

Why are the contents of this house all beautiful?

Can be. Say thank you Thank you.

Yes, Mother goodbye, yes. Assalamualaikum!

[happy music]

Thank you, Mother. Bye, honey.

Who the heck, Sis?

My future in-laws. [both laugh]

[happy music]

[deru sepeda motor]

Left, Mang.


I went to school. Why? looking for you. Why didn't I know?

Now you know, right?

I once predicted you would ride my motorcycle.

Remember? Remember.

Help me, please? What kind of help? make it happen. [chuckle]

Want some? I want to.

Up by yourself or am I telling you? told to.

Come with me, Milea. If you don't want to?

Yes means you broke your promise. I told you I wanted to help.

Alright. Come on

[motor on]

Go for a walk. Where?

No need to know. The two of them are important.

Yes, so the way is not? So.

Uh, but don't hug. Not.

Unless you want.


[Milea] That was the first time I rode a combat commander's motorcycle.

Not knowing where to go, it's up to him.

It's a tree.

[song "We Are Teenagers" by Pidi Baiq]

That one is the sky.

If it's Mang Jajang.

You know? No, just call it Mang Jajang.


[Milea] That afternoon with Dilan, if there is a measuring tool counting happiness I must be the happiest person in the world.

♪ Where is it ♪

♪ And now miss ♪

♪ How are you ♪

♪ And want more ... ♪

[both] Thank you, sir.

I like those who remember the heroes by the name of meatballs.

This is Yamin meatballs. Remembering Muhammad Yamin.

How about the meatball soup? If the soup meatball remembers ...

Remembering who? reminiscing today.


Look at that man.

Don't look.

He continued to hold his girlfriend's hand.

Fear of missing. [laughter]

Do not laugh. Why?

Your laughter is good. Later he will like you.

I want to laugh, let him like it.

Whatever. I will fight with him the most later.

Because? Scramble.

I want you to win.

♪ I love you always ♪

♪ On the motorcycle together ♪ For you. Thank you. saved. See you tomorrow?

Until the night.

Some eat here, half you bring home for dinner.

Seriously? Yup.

Yes, I'll cut it.

Sir, ask for one plastic bag.

Thank you.

Which car? Kang Adi.

Kang Adi? Private tutor.

Yes, I will.

Lia, late at night.

Kang Adi has something for Lia.

[Milea Mother] Where is this from?

That Kang Adi waited a long time.

After a walk with Dilan, Ma'am.

If you want to be late, first give word to the house.

Yes ma'am, sorry. Yeah, eat now and keep showering.

Continue to study with Kang Adi, huh?

[happy music]

Lia, do you hear me? Hear what?

Dilan's gang will attack another school.


They want to reply to the incident Anhar yesterday.

Come on, hurry up, before you look for Mr. Ruslan.



[both] Wati.

Can you accompany me to Bi Eem's shop?

Rest? Yup.

[dramatic music]

[Dilan] Here the battle commander. We must defeat this.

[Milea] Dilan. Lia?

Can I sit here? Yeah.

Did you fall here?

I want to go out with you.

When? right now. right now? Yup.

What do you want to go to class for later? We can get permission.

Tomorrow, okay? I want now.

I can not. I have business.

I want to go on a trip with you now.

Yup. Yes, I take the bag, you wait here.

[Milea] It's no good fighting, Dilan. Lose to ashes, win to charcoal.

Where are we going? To your house, I want to meet Mother.

Mother returned just in the afternoon. Okay, just go for a walk.


[soft music]

This is Kang Atep's territory. I know him.

If you want to scream now, you can. Do not want.

Or, if you want to say, "I love you", that's fine too.

To whom? to me.

You first. To whom? me. Say what?

I love you. Yes, first.

[Sundanese] Ma'am, excuse me. [seller] Yes?

How many kilos? [seller] Five hundred.

Five hundred? Wait a minute.

Buy one pound, ma'am. One kilo.

For his girlfriend Nandan. thanks.

[Indonesian] What? [Indonesian] Greetings to Nandan.


Lia, later when you ask Mother, where are we from?

You answered from Egypt, yes.

What for? Let me not believe.

[laughter] You don't forget to play dumb either.


Later, Mother will ask, "Why mute?"

Continue? I said, "Yes, I told him to be mute".

And Mother will say, "Why are you being told?"

Yes, all I have to say is "Forced, Mother."

Yes I answered again, "I'm sorry, Mother."

Mother said, "cannot be forgiven."

Cursed me into stone.

The stone was thrown into the river.

Continue to disappear. Then I'm sad.

Then you look for the stone.

Continue to meet. Then you carry the stone everywhere.

Why? So you don't get a stomachache.


[dog howling]

Mother, there's a debt collector.

Come in.


There's a pretty lady.

Assalamualaikum, Mother. Good morning, of course.

Miss, Mother. Yes beauty. You miss you too.

[both laugh]

What is that? Food ingredients, Mother.

Then, we go to the kitchen.

[In this] Bi. What is this?

[Mother] Please wash this first.

What kind of food do you like, Mother?


What does he like?

Likes you [chuckle]

[phone rings]

Bi, please pick up the phone first. Yes ma'am.

Hello? There is. Wait a minute.

Dilan, there is a telephone.

[Dilan] Who? Anhar!

[tense music]

Hello? Yes. Okay.

Bun, I'm going to leave for a moment Lia, you accompany Mother first.

Where to? Something's off.

I'm coming!

You are here first, accompany Mother.

I'm coming.

Well, then later.

Later if you want to go, I'm coming.

Ya, Lia.

Assalamualaikum. Waalaikumsalam. my sister. Introduce, Disa.


Do you know my full name? What?

Disaaa! [laughter]

Do you want to go longer? Can I?



Already, I'm tired after school. I'll go in first Ass!

[soft music]


[Mother] Which banar? In his room, Mother.

The caller, or Disa?

That's it, Mother.

Thank you. Let's eat.

Yes, Lia is waiting for Dilan. Dilan!

[Dilan] Hold on.

Let's eat. Ouch!

[man] Have eaten earlier. [Mother] Come on, so it's crowded.

Just a little but, Bun. Yup.

You must know.

This is called Banar. Dilan's older sister.

Then there's Banar's older brother. His name is Landin.

He hasn't come home yet. Aren't there five, Mother?

The biggest, women. He is a teacher. Taken by her husband.

Thank you, Mother. Sambal.

Thank you, Bi.

[soft music]

Eat the chicken, Lia. Yes, Mother.

[Milea] Dilan may not be a good guy. But he's not rude.

He always makes me laugh, smile, and makes me want to wake up early just to make sure he is still on Earth.



[whispering] You want to not see Dilan's room?

[whispering] Wanna go, okay?

You can.

[soft music]

There are so many books, Mother.

[Mother] What a mess.

Shall we fix this, mother?

Come on

Lia. Yes, Mother?

Dilan likes to write poetry.

Do you want to see?

Can you, Mother?

You can.

But don't tell Dilan, yes.


Oh, at that.


There is a title "Milea".

Where, Mother?


[soft music]

Lia likes, Mother.

Mother. Dilan have a girlfriend?

Like you?

Never like you.

If you become Lia, if you are given poetry like this, What's it like, Mother?

Mother will say thank you to her mother, for telling his poems.


Mother, thank you!

Already Night. Is your mother okay?

You called my mother earlier, while you were sleeping.


Dilan. Hmm?

Have you ever cried?

Ever. Baby time, want to drink.

No, when I grow up. Have you ever?

Easy Lia wants to make me cry. How?

Disappear you from Earth.

Dilan was about to attack the motorcycle gang? I've been with you all day, Lia.

If not with me, you attack?

I don't like it, you fight. Yes, Lia.

Promise won't come if someone attacks again?

Promise me.

If you attack, do you know what will happen?


I will disappear from Earth.

[romantic music]

Kang Adi.

Go home first.

Kang, already.

I have.

Lia, so when do you want to go to Kang Adi's campus?

He said he wanted to see ITB.

Ya, Kang, nanti.

Lia, here.

What is this, Kang? Just open it first.

This is expensive, Lia.

There are lots of cheap ones, but for Lia, it's impossible for you to buy cheap ones.



So, when to ITB? How about tomorrow?


Kang, this doesn't want to be checked? Is it all right?

[phone rings]


Non Lia, phone call. From?

From Dilan.

Wait, pick up the phone.


Hello? [Dilan on the phone] Hello, Lia.

Already arrived at home? - Not yet.

Is there still Kang Adi at home?

Yes. He invited me to ITB tomorrow.

Like I left with Susi? What? What do you mean?

Yes, I'm leaving with Susi, and you're jealous.

Are you jealous of me leaving with Kang Adi?

Jealousy is for the insecure. So?

Yes and now I'm not confident.

Maybe until tomorrow.

Then, I will not go with him.

Yes, I don't forbid you.

But you're not confident anymore.

I will not go, promise.

Now sleep first, don't stay up. You too.

And don't miss it. Why?

Weight. You will not be strong.

Let me.

[soft music]

I'll leave a stamp tomorrow, okay? Two.

What for? - Already, just buy it.

OK Good night, Lia.

Do you know what this is for?

What for? For shooting street mice.

I'm awake.

I'm coming!

This. Your order meatballs. Come on, eat it inside, kid.



What time did you go home last night, Dad? At 12 o'clock.

Assalamualaikum. Waalaikumsalam.

Lia. About. Kang.

Adi wants to invite Lia to campus, Om. Look around ITB.

Yes can. Let's go.

But it seems like Lia can't, Kang.

Why didn't Kang Adi call first? I called, you were not there.

You said you could.

Already, just go there, get ready.

But don't stay long, Kang? Come on, Lia.

[soft music]

[Milea] I feel trapped by a situation where I have no other choice besides going with Kang Adi.

And I hope Dilan won't know.

I was afraid that Dilan was angry, because I had lied.

Thank you, Kang. Yes, Lia.

Non Lia. Why Bi?

There was a telephone call. Of whom?

Dilan. What did Aunt say?

Aunt said, Non Lia went with Kang Adi.


[phone rings]

Hello? Afternoon, Mother.

This is Lia. Dilan is there?

[Mother] Dilan is leaving, Lia. Where to, Mother?

It doesn't say where Mother went either.

Later when Dilan comes home, Mother will let you know if you call.

- Let him call you again. Yes, thank you, Mother.

You're welcome, Pretty.

[sad music]

[Dilan] "Milea 1."

May I have an opinion? It's about him who is on Earth.

When God created himself I thought He meant to show off.

Dilan, Bandung, 1990.

"Milea 2."

Tell me now, what do you think of cake ?

Chocolate bread?

Cheese bread?

Martabak? Croquette? Bakwan?

Come on, I want to order it for tonight.

I want you Dilan, Bandung, 1990.


[romantic music]

[Milea] I'm not leaving, promise.

I'm sorry, Dilan.

[Milea] The building that began to be built together by my hand and Dilan's hand suddenly collapsed in an instant.

All day long I just read Dilan's poems that I used to secretly read when Mother showed me.

Dilan didn't call me until night I feel ashamed of myself for lying to Dilan.

I have to meet Dilan and explain everything.

Lia. Piyan.

[in Sundanese] Are you in control of Dilan's life now?

[tense music]

Do you have to be with Dilan all the time?

[Sundanese] Always together, to the point of being annoyed. [laugh]

[Indonesian] What do you want?

[Sundanese] Hey! How dare you! I'm talking to Anhar, yes!

[Sundanese] What? Talk to me?

[Indonesian] Lia, let's go.

Lia, get out. Wait a minute.

Yes, just take it out. Look for problems here.

Do not fight!



[Piyan] Lia.

[dramatic music]

[female student] Come on. Har

[female student laughing]

[Rani] Why?

[student] Lia. Lia?

Why, Lia? [Wati] Piyan, why him?

You, huh? Not.

He ... Why?

Just now...

Lia, I want to apologize.


What did you do to him? [Anhar] Accidentally.

[Sundanese] Don't lie. I didn't mean it.

Lia, I want to apologize. I have no intention of slapping you.

[Wati] What? You slapped him?

Not intentionally, Wati! Why?

Lia. [Rani Sundanese] Watch out for you?

[crying] Lia, I'm sorry.

Go away! There!

[dramatic music]

Yes, Lia.

[Milea] That day I felt very chaotic.

I don't like Susi, I hate Anhar.

[boxing punch]

[dramatic music]

[students shout]

[fist fight] [Anhar whimpering]

[Anhar] Let go!

[loud impact] [high pitched ringing]

Sorry, Dilan.

[dramatic music]

[Sundanese] Someone's fighting!

[Dilan, Indonesian] Your dog!


[Dilan growls]

Dilan, Anhar! I did!

He is first, sir! Anhar, shut up!

[Milea] Dilan! I have, Dilan. Already!

I did! Already! Dilan!


I have, Dilan. Dilan, you calm down. What is this?

Let alone Anhar, the Principal slapped Lia I burnt this school!

It's quiet, Dilan. Sit down.

Calm down, can you calm down?

[soft music]

What's this?


Geez, why Dilan? Fight, huh?

A little.

Do you have a drink, Bi? What should I order for a drink?

Just plain water. White water

this. Drink first.

Aunt looking for red medicine first in the front stall.

No, Bi. Nothing.

Let there be red medicine. Wait a minute.

Just a moment, yes.


Have eaten? Not yet.

I asked yesterday. You have eaten?

Not yet. Not hungry?


Where were you this morning? Wake up late.

Continue? Yup. Continue to fight with Anhar.

Here, Neng. Yes, thank you, Bi.

You're welcome.

Auntie go in first, want to pray. Be careful, Bi.

Only inside. [chuckle]




Not cured just using red medicine. Instead of being treated at all.

Unless you kiss.

Want some? Sure.

[soft music]

Already recovered? Live.


This morning I looked for you here.

Want to explain yesterday I went with Kang Adi.

Do not talk about it. I lied, Dilan.

I'm afraid you're angry. Nobody likes to be lied to, Lia.

Yes, sorry Dilan.

Do you want to walk? What do you mean?

Do you want to go out now? Where?

To KUA? [laughing] Why KUA?

Just go to the yard, warm up.


You have my stamp duty? Bring, what are you doing?

Already here. Is there a book?

There is.

Come on read Already, just when you wrote I read.

Read again. You read it.



Today, in Bandung, December 22, 1990.

Dilan and Milea, passionately, have officially dated.

Matters regarding perfection and intimacy will be maintained in perpetuity.

[song "You're the Expert to Me" by Pidi Baiq]

You also sign. Yup.

♪ Where are you ♪ Simpan, already.

♪ When I want ♪

♪ Were you also when ... ♪ So, no way?

[shouting excitedly]

What does it mean? Come on


♪ Listen to my silence ♪

♪ And miss ... ♪

[Milea] That is the love story with Dilan when he lived in Bandung years ago.

And tonight at my place, is a quiet night in Jakarta.

Longing, the longing of the individual on my chest inside me is a sea of ​​longing.

It is a river that keeps flowing, it is a sea that continues to float.

No force can resist.

So powerful as life, and active.

[thunder booms]

On Buahbatu Street, I felt I was at the top of the world.

With Dilan, who taught me a lesson that true love is comfort.

Trust, and also support.

If you don't agree, I don't care.

That's Dilan.

My step.


And already. I'm not asking for anything more.

[the song "You're the Expert to Me" by Pidi Baiq continues]