Disco Raja (2020) Script

I killed him? -Just take him.

Game over.

The game has just begun.

Four years ago, you borrow money from my master.

And now, the premium together with interest for four years, it is 25 lakhs.

You can only afford to pay back if you sell the house.

Sir, I'm begging you.



Sir, sir ... sir. Sir, my brother Vasu was going to get the money.

Please believe me, sir. He will definitely come.

How can I trust you?

We have children and parents in the home.

If we leave the house now, where we can go?

People who have taken out a loan is displaced.

Vasu your friends, who assured us that he would clear the loan, You can not be sure if he was alive or dead.


Vasu uncle is the one who will explain your debt.

That's because he promised in my life that he will definitely be back.

If you do not pay the debt off in 10 days, there is no question of forgiving you all.

I will drag you down to the streets.

No matter how many times I tell you, you do not understand.

It's in his blood to fool those who believed in him.

No matter how much time you wait, he will not be back.

Forget her.

He'll be back.

I will return to my Vasu.

Please eat something.

No, I do not want to.

It's been two days since you eat.

If you do not eat, you'll die.

How can I eat after witnessing all this?

I wonder what happened to Vasu, where he is and what he is doing.

Oh my god!

♪ If not you, who else? ♪

♪ Oh protector and defender, sir Krishna! ♪

♪ You are the one who saves people in need. Please come to help me, Oh lord Krishna! ♪

♪ While we're drowning in sadness, we not your eye lashes? ♪

♪ Please send your mercy and compassion. ♪

♪ Herder animals, which meet the requirements of your devotees. ♪ Guys, we finally reached ...

Krthik ... Krthik ...

Karthik ...

Are you ok? Say something, Man.

Can you hear me.

Hello Hello..

♪ Please come to help me, Oh lord Krishna! ♪

♪ Please come to help me, Oh lord Krishna! ♪

♪ If not you, who else? ♪

♪ Oh protector and defender, sir Krishna! ♪

What ...

♪ You are the one who saves people in need. Please come to help me, Oh lord Krishna! ♪ Guys ...

You do not see anything here.

You do not know anything.

Forget all.

Got it?

Let me honor, doctor.

Come at. Fast. Fast.

Work. Work. Work.

Good morning, Parineeti.

Sir, we keep advising patients that they need at least 6 hours of sleep.

And you are here, in the middle of the night ...

Please calm down, Parineeti.

We're human now.

We are gods.


Are we Gods, brother-in-law?

We will become gods.

This is not right, doctor.

Indian Council of Medical Research have warned us not to proceed with this project.

They will revoke our license as well.

Frineti ... we do not make nuclear or atomic bombs.

We only find a solution to death.

We try to keep them alive.

However, it is not master ethical.

You do not understand, Parineeti.

If the experiment is a success ...

It will be a medical miracle mind-blowing.


What confidence, brother-in-law!

Despite the failed 172 times, your belief system is still alive.

Brother in law?

If you look at the body, of course you will believe too.

He was in Ladakh.

No records were not relevant and no reports.

So, there is no way anyone would know about this. zero risk.

And this body has been frozen in a deep freezer at minus 75 degrees centigrade.

Miraculously, no organ of his body decayed.


Pari, do you have a boyfriend?

Almost. -Sir?

No, you have a choice now. He's not bad.


Wait ... Sir ...

What ..? He is the choice?

What he and I do not?


Brother? How have you been? Yeah, fine.

I will keep.

Doctor! I was thinking of calling you. -Why?

One of the hands of my colleagues have been cut during the recent fighting. so what?

If I send him to you, you will attach to it? -Attach?

Do not worry.

I cleaned her hands thoroughly and put it in the fridge.

He did not have to have your hand cut. He should have cut your neck.


Stupid .. -What are you talking?

Vamsi ... What are you up to?

How are you?

What about your brother?

You need to take care of my sister well.

What shall we do?

He was 60 years old now ...

Which should be very careful now.

Goodness, brother! You've got too many messages.

Here. ex-girlfriend sent a message too.

Stay happy for a hundred years, with a large family and happiness in your eyes.

He needs me big time.

In return, sent him six flowers.

As if that would cost money!

You are brothers too generous.

I will send them.


All people have sent flowers for free on the phone. Why did you get them in person?

Happy ...

Happy birthday, sir. thanks.

He has a disease.

It is a disease associated with advising people. this guy!

What advice did he give?

Apparently, the reduction will not be able to do certain things now.

Since the brother was sixty-five now, doctors advise caution.

He is 60 now, she should be careful.

Please. Please. Please. Do not tell him.


You set a lot of drugs for me.

But did you ever give me advice?

No no no.

I hate people who give advice and those who take advice.

Advisors are detrimental to health.

Doctor, when someone mentions Sethu, age should not be the first thing on their minds.


They should remember the fear.

Not? -Yes sir.

Post-war stress disorder.

Did you know that? -What is that?

When a soldier who has fought for years, heard bombs exploding and bullets fired continuously, After retiring, the silence that surrounds him, is more dangerous to them than the violence that they were used to.

Some of them even committed suicide.

The silence in the life of your brother may be the result of witnessing violence.

She bought-murder.

What medications will help her doctor?

None of the drugs or injection that will give him will help him.

She needs a challenge. your brother desperately needs a new challenge in his life.


For people who are brain dead, who was in a coma, and a life is lost, This project will give them back their lives.


It is ... but not after this Amulet understood science.

Do you remember this? our elders, when a child is born ... they will take a bit of cord and tie it around their head as a mascot.

They are of the strong belief that no matter what kind of disease it comes to them, they will be able to handle it.

Science today has proven the belief that it is true.

Stem cells regenerate any damaged organ.

And you know ...

Medical research has confirmed that umbilical cord contains stem cells.

When the baby was born, we store the stem cells in a stem cell bank, is not it?


I was of the belief that stem cells not only repair damaged cells.

They also bring a person back to die.

I will make my faith a reality.

Such is in extracardiac. wander towards the right side of the chest instead of the left.

In the 6th Century BC, father of surgery - Sushrutha, plastic surgery done in India.

The world today has grown from transplants to transfer body.

Reanimates ... it also brings back the dead.

Starting cannulation of the carotids.

Replace blood now.

status kidneys - Negative. follow-back brain - Negative.

When the arrows piercing Ravana Lakshman and he fell, Hanuman crossed the seven seas brought Sanjeevani herb and Lakshmana brought back to life.

In the same way, Grandpa busy in creating herb Sanjeevani and bring people back to life.

Pari, start CPR robotics now.

Sir, 220 joules willing to shoot.


cardiac activity is still negative.

Increase it to 270 joules.

270 joules willing to shoot.


cardiac activity is still negative, the brother-in-law.

Increase to 360 joules.

360 joule?

Sir, 360 joules of energy is very high.

The tissue will be damaged, sir.

Do as I say.

360 joules willing to shoot.

Negative, brother-in-law.

Brother in law...

Activities on.

Sir, BP is stable.

He is still alive.

No ... he is alive.

For the first time in human history ... the dead are still alive.


When he would wake up, brother-in-law? the subject is in a coma.

Thing when he would get up, depends entirely on the will power to survive.

Ten days ... a week ... a month ...

We have to wait and watch.

I highly doubt it.

He appeared calm when someone in a massage parlor.

When will he wake up?!

Leave him.

Someone hit the emergency clock.

Doctor calm him.

No ...


No ...


Help me ... help.


Please leave them.

Just let ... We did not harm you.

-Please pulled his hand .. .. please ... leave them.

We will help you.

Vasu called.

Subba Rao Hey! Vasu called. -Is it?

Mother, called Vasu.

How is he?

When is he coming?

He said he was doing well. And he will come here in a week to ten days.


When she came down, she said she wanted to eat oranges that you make.


Vasu can call us, sister, right?

Hello! Brother.

I am your sister in law.

Do not mix up the relationship.

Apparently, he was quite busy.

And when he got free, he said he would call and talk to everyone.

Apparently, he did not forget the promise he made you.

You will have to do all the work for this week.


Me? Yes you!


Put bread here.

[Less clear voice]

Have some biryani ... -Enough.

This chutney is very tasty. food was good, too.


You will give me that number, right? I'll talk to him.

He has not called.

With the presence of Vasu, family, celebrate every day.

My family...

I'm afraid of what will happen to them, if they know that Vasu no.

That is the reason why I lied.

That you?

What is your name?

You can ...

Can you tell me where you are from?

That you?

What is your name?

Where do you come from?

What do you do in Ladakh?

Can you say something?

Can you talk to me?

Say anything!

Whatever comes just said!

That you?

Say something.

What is your name? What is happening in Ladakh?

I do not remember anything!

I do not remember my name or where I am from.

Good. Good.




Just relax.


We expected this.

But it's not a bad start.

We got to know two things about you today.

You do not know your name ...

You do not know where you come from.

You do not remember a thing about you.

But you do not forget your native language, Telugu.

I can see it in your eyes ... The fear of something or other will happen.

We do not know why you are afraid of and who is the recipient of your anger.

We'll find out soon.

Phalguni, when we found him in Ladakh ...

Pari ... Please come to my cabin.

You too.

What are you doing?

We ... ... memories ...

Subject only to respond to our experiments He did not have to start thinking.

Does that mean, sir?

Is it just enough to give him life? That poor thing ...

Stop, Parineeti!

You just connect emotionally.

He only lab rat experiment.

Only until the time he did not realize his identity ... he will be in our control.

So, never.

You ...?

Saya Patabandala Kukkuteshwara Rao.

I'm from HDFC bank. -Do we take a loan?


Vasu apply for a loan. -Please come.

Is that all?

How much more do you want?

Tick-tock, huh?

Do Vasu doing?

He was a full-time employee for a lot of part-time work, What do you mean?

Vasu us, in the morning, between 6: 00-08: 00, he is a good coach.


11:00 am- 9, she was a librarian.


12: 00-05: 00 he worked in a star hotel.


6 pm to 8 pm he was tutor Telugu.

10 pm to 1 am, he was controller of traffic.

Why are you reading this as one would read a menu in a restaurant?

No one can do all this work?

On Sunday and Monday, he did acupressure too, uncle.

Is it so?

What is this new character?

Do you see that red Vespa?

I was the one who helped get a loan for it.

But I do not get surprised as you are.

Really? What are you doing?

I am asking.

ALL INDIA RADIO ... Delhi Early morning 6 o'clock 'O' ...

And we are going to program these days ...

♫ He is my inexhaustible good quality ♫

♫ He was a man of great compassion to many lovelies. ♫

♫ She cloud in a crowded room. ♫

♫ He is a movement that never leave anyone behind. ♫

♫ He is like us; just like in life. ♫ ♫ She was a human being. ♫ Excuse me, do you have any books on dream?

Sigmund Freud Interpretation of dreams.

Dream Dictionary by Stearn Robinson, Tom Corbett

12,000 Dreams Interpreted by Miller There are books by Indian authors?

India is busy making dreams become reality.

How they would have time to write a book?

♫ He Delhiite. He is Delhiite. ♫

♫ He was a happy-go-lucky. ♫

♫ He Delhiite. He is Delhiite. ♫

♫ He was a happy-go-lucky. ♫

♫ He Delhiite. He is Delhiite. ♫ Hello Hello.

I've been watching you since morning. There are lots of people around.

Why are you following me?

I'm not that type.


You are not eligible for it. I do not follow you.

I am following Vasu.

Following me?

Why are you following me, miss?

You apply for a loan to buy a Vespa.

It is for verification.

For verification?

Then come together ... And personally do it.

Anyways, what kind of work you do here?

scarecrow man What?

In the area there is a scarecrow.

But because this is a five star hotel, They gave us 6,000 bucks a month and keep us working.

So that the birds do not come here.

Can I also try? -Sure.

Brother ... he waved good, is not it?


What bad luck!

Go inside and change your clothes.

Hello ... ICICI NABA loan ... ...

ICICI loan.

♫ He is a young man whose happy-go-lucky, floating on a cloud of happiness. ♫

♫ He is a lover really in love with life. ♫ Do you not eaten anything since morning? Eat. Eat all.

Aurora. -Yes brother.

If you have clothes to spare, give.

♫ He is my inexhaustible good quality ♫

♫ He was a man of great compassion to many lovelies. ♫

Six suffix in Telugu ... -Yes. Yes. Write.

[Telugu infleksi]

♫ She works every time as the hour hand. ♫

♫ it at Buddha of our age; he gives so much security. ♫

♫ He knows the value of time and the value of this ♫

♫ He knows the course load. ♫

♫ She was a dream that never rests ♫ ♫ and knows no fatigue or tiredness. ♫

♫ Oh, Delhiite. He is Delhiite. ♫

♫ He was a happy-go-lucky. ♫

♫ Oh, Delhiite. He is Delhiite. ♫

♫ He was a happy-go-lucky. ♫

♫ Oh, Delhiite. He is Delhiite. ♫

♫ He was a happy-go-lucky. ♫

Are you in love with him?

If he becomes a part of our family. It was ok.

If not, it's not ok.

Put the money in there.

Not that, dear ... -Leave him alone.

♫ He was not that great for computing in life. ♫

♫ He did not pursue the matter unnecessary or hurries after things vain. ♫

♫ He celebrated only with a pocket full of happiness. ♫

♫ He worked with the efficiency and speed of a rocket. ♫

♫ Is there any kind of magic elicited types gasps? ♫

♫ Even when I smile, the magic will not give me a look. ♫

♫ I met and I have understood. ♫

♫ I have understood what you, in your heart of hearts. ♫

♫ It's proven and it is in the open, ♫

♫ My life is filled, the direction it will take. ♫

♫ argument sugar and sweet words you. ♫

♫ Can I ever let you go even for a second? ♫

♫ The one closest to my heart and unbreakable bond of my fate ♫

♫ been tied to you. ♫

♫ He Delhiite. He is Delhiite. ♫

♫ has become my home. ♫

♫ He Delhiite. He is Delhiite. ♫

♫ has become my home. ♫

♫ He Delhiite. He is Delhiite. ♫

♫ has become my home. ♫

So much work ... of any responsibility ...

He does not seem to be a man of this generation ...

How irresponsible!

It is all because of the way his father brought him, sir. his father's discipline?

Yes, sir ... Ramakrishna uncle.

Oh? Father who raised him?!

Do not share her father's blood ...

Sir, how do you know?

For even a small loan, we will not ask even like this?

Not only Vasu. Every one here is an orphan. Except for Kaushik.

You mean to say that a family like this exist?

Why they should not exist, sir?

Does family mean?

He did not live with one another. He lives for one another.

Its okay. Where is Vasu this?

Four years ago, Nani lost his leg in an accident.

They are borrowing from money lenders for operation.

In four years, Vasu and parents work hard and earn 25 lakhs ready.

But, on that day, when the father went to the bank to withdraw the money ...

Let ... let it go ...

Let ... let it go ...

Let it ...

Kaushik? Is that you?

Yes. I ni. So what?

Are you not ashamed to rob your own father?


If you think that I am your very own, would you have raised me with those nobodies?

Let's go.

That Vasu and other kids' hard earned money. Giving back.

Hey! moved.

You do not know how to raise your own children ... -Kaushik!

But you want to talk about the principles!

More than robbed ... he can not control anger and pain Kaushik resort to such methods.

When parents no longer need to leave the hospital and go home, Vasu found where Kaushik was and went there to bring home Kaushik.

It seems nobody knows where Vasu is.

I may look like human beings But I kind of sniffer dogs.

And because I smell, I would know where he was and arrested him.


I love.

Too early?

Nope ... Not now.

I remember now.

Oh, you remember now? Keep thinking. Keep thinking.

I see a garden ... -Park ...

A girl who entered - (Women included)

He looked at me. - (he looks)

He came towards me. -What happened after that?

He gave me his hand. (He gave his hand)

And then ... I can not remember what happened next.

He stopped with his hand.

Do not worry man. I'm brilliant.

You want your hands, right? Take my hand, man. a very brilliant idea.

But, not this hand.

Can I? Yeah of course. beautiful hands.

Now, I am able to recollect things one by one.

My idea by the way.

I drew her close to me.

I stared into her eyes.

I can feel her warmth breath caressing me.

Only her breath?

She wanted to tell me something...

After that...

Then, I hugged her.

The relationship between the patient and the doctor should not be like an injection and a bottle.

Injection is for doctors only.


What happens next?

Next? I am a bit stuck there.

It's just a hug, right?



I can recollect things.

I'll turn off the lights? Maybe you'll remember something different?

He said something in my ear.

What is it?

I can not hear anything.

I can see everything.

What happens next?

Now, directly ... between the lips ...

Doctor! -Thank you.

That's good. offer for sale.

Chief doctor called him.

I'll be back, right?

Go. Go ...

Please come soon ... I will wait for you.


Hey! Subject.

Hey! Switching.

Pari is me.

He does not belong to you.

You do not know my background. -Aren't you a doctor?

If I hit you, your head will be destroyed.

Are you a seller of oil?


I will cut you and put the chili on your wound.

goreng who?

How much of each plate? -Diam!

You only doctor. My subject.

Give some respect.

Yes sir. You are a doctor and my subject.

That's what I was told.



What happen?

Sir, the subject fled.

Subject mistake?

These are from the syllabus.

Ask Pari to come here. -Those go to the subject.

It's a multimillion-dollar project Parineeti.

Once the subject to remember the past, he would try to escape.

That is the reason why I put a GPS chip in his body.

He can not escape from me.

Where Kaushik?

That Kaushik?

Friends same that ran away from home and came to Goa with 25 lakhs.

That Kaushik.

That Kaushik?

I do not know Him.

I do not know anyone with the name Kaushik.

Do you know who came looking Kaushik Vasu?


Kaushik who is and who Vasu this?

And who are you?

Which you? Who am I?

Who is he?

Chicken, please.

You are stupid.

I do not find Kaushik But I found his phone.

And I found information in his phone but I could not find Vasu.

Tell me what happened.

Vasu came here to Kaushik.

Have you come to me or did you come for the money I get here?

If we do not pay the money, our family will be dragged into the street.


Do not joke, bro.

Anyways, the money ...

I lost it.


Chill, bro. Chill.

I will tell you a new way to make money.


Hey! How are you?

You say you want two new woman, right? My men here have them.

Bring it on, man. Spot payment. Spot payment.

You have two lovely sisters at home, right? Bring them here to Goa.

You can do business with them and make buckets loads of money.

Hey, you!


Let’s go!

You should have told me before I forked you.

Anyways, it’s a good thing you told me before I wasted a bullet.

Are you mad?

Don’t you understand the condition that you are in?

You do not know your name you do not know where you come from.

Where would you like to go?

Just because you can talk, you think you are normal now?


If you do not receive injections every four hours, you would faint.

And then you will slip into Goma.

Why does not she understand the seriousness?

It's not safe.

It's really dangerous for you to move around the outside.

You know what, someone has killed you.

Someone kill you.

We found this in our medical investigation.

A man was brutally beaten, bruised and kill you.

Please do not try to escape again.


That kills me?

That kills me?

Only your memory containing information about who killed you and why you killed.

You must give an answer. That kills you?

Brother, Vamshi want to talk to you.

Let me know.

Brother, I'm in a crystal.

Do you want me to go there and pay the bills?

If I told you that I have in front of me, you'd be surprised.

By who?


Does closing time?

No sir. There is still time again.

Hello, Bharani! How are you?

my friend of 30 years. how are you?

We have a lot of secrets between us.

Yes, please. A little privacy.

Hey, come.

Bharani ...

I have met with you after a long time.

How are you?

What are you up to?

How are you living?

I stopped business forgot about everything ... and I still live by honest work.

How Bharani?

How can you forget about everything, Bharani?

What good will come to remember all Sethu?

Life is about to forget the past and move forward into the future. who gets hurt will know what pain means. incorrect, Bharani?

I kill everyone in the group.

Only your stay.

If you have a desire to die, he said. Let's make met.

Brother, give me a scotch 90ml.


Anything else?

Let us listen to the song?


Brother, Play the first song in this.

Play it brother.

I wanted to kill you with a bullet, Bharani But you irritated me a lot.

I am not afraid of death, Sethu.

But my goodness.

Even after 35 years, after listening to a disco song, your every nerve stood in attention, hasn’t it?

I saw that.

That’s enough.

This is enough for me.

Can the body.


Does all of this?

I did not shower again.

When we found her in Ladakh, we found this to him.

If we show this to him, perhaps he will remember something.

Everyone has a trigger point, is not it?


The ... every time you call me stupid, I still remember childhood my social studies teacher.

He is my trigger points.

But, we have to give to him after getting it serviced.

Yes, let's get it done and give it to him.

But, brother-in-law asked us not indulge in things like this.

Did not you also do this much for me?

I know a shopkeeper from Kaala Market.

He does not have any trigger point.

However, no one may know this. brother-in-law I do not need to know about our relationship.

He had a sense of caste.


It was as if she was in love with me.

Like you, too.

For parties Looking back Biolab, I welcome our honorable Minister of the union ...

Shri. Rajesh Bajaj International Conference on Bio Chemistry.

Everyone has trigger points ...

I will shoot you with the trigger point.

Come on .. do.

Sir, you do not get out.

As chief physician recommendation, the subject in need of fresh air.

Can not you understand this emotion?

You want to call the doctor?

Calling. -No sir. No.

Sir, facilitate master.

Please go.

Subject here. Give some respect.

Phalguni, how is it that you have warmed up to me suddenly?

I did not warm up to you.

My feelings just to Parineeti.

Since when?

331 days, 41 hours, 18 minutes and 3 times.

Parineeti, I will not back down ... -Phalguni, what happened?

The blue sky. It's very high.

Is it so?

The other day you said that women were raped because they were not dressed properly.

Why do you say that?

Phalguni, whether all of this?

The International Conference on Bio-Chemistry.

Chief guest of the conference was a minister.

And journalists here to corner him.

Why do they buy it?

If he pointed the finger at women's clothing, so they remain silent?

State demanded an apology.

Everyone will be glued to the television to watch the live broadcast to see if he would apologize or not.

That's not our focus, you know.

Every person has a trigger point to relive the memory.

And this is the trigger point for you.



Meeting ends. Thank you.

Sir ... Sir ... -Hello ... hello .. stop.

Do you take back to your comments?

Do you apologize or not? -Why should I apologize?

Is it wrong for me to advise them to wear the right clothes?

I'm not going to apologize. Do you understand?

Go and do as they please.

I will not waste my breath on issues that are not useful.

Is this the way you interact with the media?

Sorry. You think we can not do anything.

Say sorry ... sorry to say ...

We can not do anything! Say sorry.

Say sorry.

Why subject?


Why do you involve me in this matter?

My doctor and I'm your subject.

No ...

You are my doctor and my subject.

This is okay.

Why are you so angry, subject?

Do you know how bad you thrashed that MPs?

Do you remember anything?

I hit it so I can remember things.

Which makes a lot of sense, actually.

I do not understand the subject.

I do not remember anything about myself.

But if I became famous on TV, people who know me will all come flocking to me.

You seem to have a problem with your memory but your brain works well, subject.

That's when.

I will have an answer to who I am, that kills me, why I died.

He looks like his father, is not he?

blood was still flowing on the surface of the earth.

Calling minister.

Who the hell are you?

What actually happens is ... He does not remember anything.

What is your background?

I want to know my background as well. -That is the reason why he hits the MP.

I am a doctor, sir.


Why do you keep the answer when we asked him questions?

What is your background?

You do not know his background, sir.

So, you're not a doctor?

I swear on my mother, I'm a doctor.

Subject, what are you talking about?

He can not be trifled with. He will not leave anyone.

Is it so?

Coconut ... coconut.

He said he would reduce the people and put the chili powder on their wounds.

No no no.

Chili fries, sir.

What do you mean fried Chilli? Fritters -Chilli, sir.

Hello ...

Sir ...

Sir ...

They concentrate on my back, sir.

Even after you have severe beatings inspector, you get the assurance that publication.

There's something very fishy here, subject.

I must come from a very strong background. this way.

They called me.

You want to go, subject?

People come looking for me.

Did you all come to meet me?


Seeing that, Phalguni.

Look at how many people came to me.

How are you related to me?


Brother in law? younger brother-in-law? uncle of the father? subject, None of their faces look like your brother.

As genetic scientific comparison, the faces do not match.

They're not your family My trust.

Oh, shut up!

What if they were not my family!

They must my college-mate or my classmates.

The college conducted by both of us learn in?

Brother has retake the exam for four subjects that he failed to pass in the fifth standard.

How would he go to college?

Yes, how would he go to college?



Neighbors of the colony?

Neighbors of the next street?

From the street the other?

What colony? Shut up!

Brother has ordered us to take you to him.


Phalguni, I have an older brother.

Oh, you all work for my brother?

Where is my brother? What did he make?

Does your background? Who am I?

Do not you know who you are?

Buddy, I've already told you, not involved with the southern India.

We came here to take him.

But he instead, kept asking, 'Who am I?' 'Who am I?!'

And try to trip us up.

Do not you know who you are?

Do not you know who you are?

Do not you know who you are?

Brother in law...

He's right!

Hi Pari ...

He had an accident because the brain goes into shock.

He does not remember anything.

Who the hell are you?

And do you English teachers? -What ?!

I Sharma was the chief doctor of the city.

He is my brother-in-law.

He's my subject.

He's my doctor.

That ambulance.

And he Pari. my favorite subject.

Pari, this is some thug with a metal object.

This is Lalu Sastry.

Subject smallest.

This is Ali.

He still has to complete four subjects.

This is Mohammad.

This is Yadav and met him, Kalia.

This is a matador - no subject.


You all have names to tell.

Is my name? -Vasu?


The Vasu?

Kiddo, you called.


Vasu? Why are you here?

How can you come here without informing any of us? our whole family was waiting at Delhi.

Let's go.

Delhi? Vasu?


That you?

Who am I?

Vasu? What happened to you?

Actually, he ... -He's right.

He met with an accident. his brain gets a surprise. memory completely deleted.

He does not remember anything.

Am I right, doctor?

Watch the fun!

You have dark skin but a bright future.

I recommend him for the post-duty doctor, brother-in-law.

Enough with this nonsense. Let's go now, Vasu.

If you sit down with everyone in the house and invites you to be able to look back everything.

Let's go.

No no no.

He can not be outside.

We will discuss in the laboratory.

At the dinner table, we will discuss. In the laboratory.

What do you mean lab? Vasu?

Doctor, please. nothing wrong with our Vasu.

Vasu, come on. Let's go to Delhi.

No. No. No. Listen to me.

He can not be outside. He has to go to the lab.

Mother is waiting, sir. If Vasu was not there ...


He said the laboratory. You said Delhi.

Do you think people are stupid red sending?


Not so, buddy. You have to say no.


You all shut and the van.

What do you have?

I think you can take me to a five-star hotel. Instead, you got me into this dilapidated church.

Doctor, your hospital is better than ...

Where are they?

Bro, in which my people?

Brother asked me to deal with you personally.

Have fun!


Did my brother love me so much?

Anyways, that I am bro?

You laugh very well. laughter is really good, is not it?

He is a child.

Keep moving.

Where Vasu?

Pari ... be careful.

Sir ... Vasu brother.


She's a woman. Quiet.

Vasu is safe, is not it?

Phone ... Take your phone out.

What do you say? Let me know.

Take it easy, brother. poor children. Be it said.

Please tell. -Do I need to?

You ...

You ...

You are Shahrukh Khan.

Shahrukh Khan?

Hearing of power whose name has.

Did you know that your mother? -Mother? Who?

Kareena Kapoor.

Kareena Kapoor.

How a mother can become Kapoor Khan Bebo does not know who you are?


Your father and Saif Ali Khan.

Oh, it happens!

Do you see?

Bro, who else is there in our families?

You forgot your grandfather?

I have a grandfather?

Rao Ramesh.

You have the characteristics of your grandfather.

Rao ... Ramesh.

You have a girl too. Did you know that?

My girl?

My girl?

Leone Sunny.

Sunny ... Leone.

There are so many videos. Have fun!

Is he a singer?

Kp ॊ r, Khan, Hriao, Leon.

Is this my family or north Indian Thali?


What happened, man?

I think we might have to threaten him.

But her work and came to us.

Bro, madman.

He is definitely crazy friends.

He is the son of the King of Disco.

He could not take him much effort to kill you all.

It does not matter what happens or how many of you dying in the process.

So I went there, he must stay there.

You tie me, right? Are you satisfied now?

At least now, tell me who I am.

Let’s go.

Let’s go.

Brother...Brother... please...

Have fun, brother-in-law! -Please tell me who I am.

Please brother.

Please tell me who I am.

Please brother.

Hey! It’s an iPhone.

That’s a one plus, sir.

Shut up! -one plus, sir.

Bloody brainless morons!

They took everything and left the bag here.

I have phone ready, brother-in-law.

Oh, yes.

Calling. Calling. Call the police.

Obviously. -Fast. Fast.

Phalguni, whether the package?

No package here.


This is Parineeti. No. No.

It was theirs.

Sir, this is yours.

Sorry .. Brother in law.

Handle your fights later. Sir, what are you doing to my brother?

Please call the police, sir.

They will kill our brother, sir.

Brother? that person is your older brother?

Although we are not born together, we grew up next to each other for 35 years.

It is impossible.

What's impossible?! First, call the police ...


He's not an older brother who was born 35 years ago.

He is a man who died 35 years ago.

I gave him life and saved him after death.

When we found her in Ladakh, we conducted the first test on her was the test of time.

He died in 1985.

But he was born in 1949.

actual age is 70.

But it is similar to the 35.

Because he was buried in the ice for 35 years.

You have come from several corners of the world and you want to rule this Chennai?

I like your courage.

But, I do not like it. Not at all.





the seed of the devil!

My Disco Raja (king)!

I like freaking fear in your eyes.

Is this?


Who untied you?

Let me know!


Who hit you, brother? Who?

Who hit you, brother?

Khan ... -Popcorn?

No, brother. Shah Rukh Khan.

Shahrukh Khan?

you idiot ... not Shahrukh Khan.

Raj ...

Secret disco!

Have fun.

Hey! Killing fellow!

He undertook in speed battle MJ Bruce Lee.

Jet Li and throwing punches in Jackson.

What's the time?

If he thrashed them in this way, he is not our Vasu.

He seems different.

Kill him. Kill that fellow!

What did you say, brother-in-law?

You said that we were not preparing a nuclear bomb or an atom bomb.

Instead, we are giving life to a person.

Look at him.

He looks like a dancing monster.

Very dangerous looking fellow!

Shut up!

Brother! He is not Disco Raja’s son.

What nonsense are you spewing?

He is Disco Raja.


He is the Disco King 30 years ago. He comes again.

Be careful ...

Brother in law ... -Doctor!

Brother in law...

Are you ok?

Call an ambulance.


Brother ...

Apparently, he was not the son of the King of Disco.

He is Disco raja.

Other people want to dance with me?

♪ I am a disco dancer! ♪

♪ I am a disco dancer! ♪ Hey! medical store! Out.

I was hiding in fear.

How do you know I'm out, sir?

The smell of the hospital that you take, it will not come off even if you wash yourself with Nirma washing detergent.

Come forward.

Sorry for the bad smell.

What do you mean Nirma detergent?

If you want to wash with detergent, you must use the Surf Excel.

If you want to flounder, it should be Kohli.

You must update yourself.

That is the reason why we will.

Where? bar Madras Metro.

If we go there we can figure out my original background.

Madras ..?

Oh my God!

Sir, please stop here ... I'll go to my house.

Then, that would give me a shot?

Sir, my people will be up somehow or the other, sir.

There is a chip in your body.

So, wherever you go, we will know the address.

And they will give the delivery ... such as Zomato and Twiggy.

GPS shoes?

Why are you crying when I'm bleeding?

This is because you do not cry.

Because she was frozen in the ice, his body did not rot.

And I brought him back to life.

You mean it's the same as getting the chicken, put it in the fridge and cook after two to three days.

How you can revive him without knowing who or what kind of person is he?

Which is the host's body.

It can not communicate personality or any other cause of death, sir. Not?

Mr. Gangster ...

I'll give you a contract.

Getting him and deliver him to me at any cost.

I will give you a blank check. Write whatever you want.


Scientific formula that has been used to bring him back to life ... are you the only one who knows about it? Or is there someone else?

It's a trade secret.

No one other than I know.


Doctor .. -Yeah.

If you die, who will restore you?

It is all very confusing.

If people who are not our Vasu, Vasu Where can we?

Bhangra ...!

That you?

I am a big con!

Hello ... Vasu.

Call home and tell them that we will be back in a day or two.

When the work we do, we'll send him back with 25 lakhs.

What do you want, sir?

You have to kill someone.

Thank you very much for saving me.

Father displaced, A girl in a wheelchair, Female friends are waiting for you.

My men surrounded the house in Delhi. If I do not call them every hour, They will kill your family.

My shirt ...

My clothes ... It will wrinkle.

It's not because I do not get the network.

I do.

But I want you to be the one to kill him.

See ...

Actually, I come to you.

But, when I found out after I watched the video, I was surprised.

He is the first of its kind.

In fact, one of its kind.

Kids science.

And your Father.

Do you think he like you?

Hello ...

Have you seen a caterpillar?

As soon as I saw that, I'm allergic.

It builds nests resemble fruit and die in disgust.

We thought it was good riddance.

But ... Oh, Butterfly!

That's how it came about.


That is how your father was born too.

But the difference between him and butterfly is that ...

Although it has the same soul, the body is changing.

For him, it is the same soul it is the same body.

He's a bad, bad, bad man.

Anyways, where friends are good-for-nothing? Utha Hey Kumar.

Oh! Your Brother?

No, I'm not good-for-nothing fellow. I Uttar Kumar.

Really? Not much difference.

Why do you need that mask?

We came here to rob, right? If we get caught, we are going to be thrashed.

If you get caught robbing, wearing a great man's mask, They won’t just thrash you. They will kill you.

If you are that scared, Why bother coming?

The thing is...

If I sat in the house, I might be scared And so, I got scared and came here, bro.

If you don’t stop, I am scared that I will kill you.

Sir, cut the crap and get back to what you came here for.

It's almost time for the bank is closed.

Why are you afraid?

Is it because you have seen the weapon? There are no bullets in it.

Good kid!

If you move, I will shoot you.

Locker key?

If you move, I will shoot you.

Hey boy. Come here.

Go out and play.

Thank you, uncle.

Say that to my uncle's.

Thank you, uncle.

Raise your hand!

Are you from Nepal?

Hello, is that the police station? I call on the Bank of Madras.

There are three robbers in the bank and they seized the entire bank.

Please come quickly ...

Not three, sir. There were five.

Sub Inspector Sir, when you come, please select pack of 555 cigarettes.

What do you mean? There were only three of you?

One of them is outside.

What about the fifth?

Do not talk casually about him.

He is my boss. Salute.

Yes, your boss.

He fell between Sholay buy cassette tapes because he was worn down.

He'll be back.

beautiful women and men just below the average.

I hate men.

You must not have heard about it so far.

But from now on, you're always going to keep hearing about me.

Is that?

I Kgs.

Disco Raj.

Subject to the terms and conditions.


That means all of the terms and conditions to be imposed.

Terms means we will not touch the money in your hands. And we will not trouble you.

We will just do our work in a neat and quiet and leave from here.

Please cooperate.

Until then ... -Another gun.


Oh dear, dear.

Oh dear, dear.

Oh dear, dear.

Flowers bloom in the garden when we meet in the morning, Flowers bloom in the garden when we meet in the morning, 303 ... MLA Kuppuswami

305 Counselors Iyengar.

311 Minister Sokalingam.

What is all this?

This is a locker Bank. We will spoil them.

Why should we do this?

Because it is money Locker Black.

If the black money, the police will take it, is not it?

It is precisely because the police would take it that we took it.

Who the hell quit music?

Hello, Mr. Madras Police.

It became known that the police do not have your thief suit to challenge you.

From now on, we can play them a cat and mouse game.

I put a picture of high quality.

We need to put it in the paper, right?

It should come in the evening paper today.

I can not wait until tomorrow.

Because I freaking hate waiting.

♫ ♫ ♫ The time needed to stop pirate Looking speed. ♫

♫ ♫ ♫ World must stop on the instructions of my finger. ♫

♫ ♫ ♫ The time needed to stop pirate Looking speed. ♫

♫ ♫ ♫ World must stop on the instructions of my finger. ♫ Although the mountain should shake ♫ ♫ ♫ Because my passion. ♫ Hey ... ♫ ♫ ♫ In the colorful fields, ♫

♫ my flag swaying in earnest. ♫ ♫ It touched the sky people. ♫

♫ ♫ ♫ The time needed to stop pirate Looking speed. ♫

♫ ♫ ♫ World must stop on the instructions of my finger. ♫

♫ Wherever I set my feet, ♫ ♫ I will build my stronghold. ♫

♫ If anyone comes forward to dispute my claim, ♫ ♫ I'll take care of them. ♫

♫ can each village has a prince? ♫

♫ Come and beg me for mercy, I will give you my protection. ♫

♫ People will get fever and fear when they hear my name. ♫

♫ There is only one kind of like me in this world. ♫

♫ They either have to bang their heads in frustration or shout praises Today ... For us ♫

He was a popular guy. And many women fall into the trap.

But there is one woman who deceived him - your mother.

To be brutally honest, you are not the result of love between mother and father.

You were born because you cheated my father.

Where is he now?

Do you remember anything to see that Nandi idol?

This means that you flash back.

It should be on the gangsters.

I mean to say that obedience, in the morning, fasting prayer.

You bring me along for company. and now, I am used for other purposes. This is unethical, sir.

I am a doctor, sir.

Dug ... you get what you want.



Sir, I've found it.

Harta karun.

It looks like it has changed 35 years ago, for you.

Use it for your needs.

What do you mean it?

It is because of people like you ... it left the currency of this three years ago and gained new currency.

What ...

This unauthorized photo shoot also for the purpose as well.

So what about it?

No matter what kind of kingdom come. It still does work But is here to work?

Try it.


Cash or card


Fill the tank completely.

Sir, it worked.

Anything else?

It is effective ..

I know baby.

If such an overused, this is what happens.

You'll get a kick up the ass you, Phalguni. -No sir. I'm not referring to you.

But do not worry.

I have the solution.

What are you going to do with it?

I would book a Ola.

Ola! What is your name.

It is good?

New brand. one order for each of us so we do not fight over it.

What do you mean?

A woman?

My goodness!

I'm talking about drivers.



Taxi! your actual age is 60 years old and you look like 30 years and you feel like 20 years. you will not leave anything to young boys?

Each of us has a talent, a child.

How do you book a taxi?


I do not have a habit of standing in line. -No straight line, sir.

I'm talking about online. When we booked here, we get the car here.

The car is here.



[Song Humming]


What happened, sir?

Look here.

Film 'Khaidi' released in 1983, still playing here.

Look at my hero Chiranjeevi stamina.

Yes, your stamina is ok ...

But it's not a film that was released in 1983.

It is 'Khaidi 150' was released three years ago.

I spent 30 years in the ice and I like this.

How is it that he still looks young?

He was not in the ice, sir. It is in the hearts of his fans.

Hey, you said correctly. -Yeah, sir!

Boss! You are great.

Only members are allowed.


He is the founder here.

People who go to this bar is my boss.

It's been 35 years since the bar opened.

Does this mean you're going to the bar when you're in your mother's womb?

Sir, it thinks you are aged 35 years.

Actually, it was 35 years ago, in Ladakh. -Hey! First aid kit.

It seems he was very sincere.

Hey, just look there.

Yes, I do ... what is there?

Look ...

Sir, that he opened his mouth It's a jaw dropping moments.

I know I know.

I know.

Can we go now?

Yeah of course.

Who is that?!

Who claimed to be a Disco King and entered the bar?

Hey, Giri! How do you go?

You have to be old.

You ... Do not you recognize me?

My Disco. face and mustache changed.

You're looking good.

Hug me.

In this way, there is a girl looking for a girl at the reception .. Who is he?

Is he from Assam, Meghalaya or Kashmir?

There is no doubt. You are our King Disco.

Yes, he knows me.

That way you age, you will change and the attitude, He asked me.


Although, in the case related to me, just as I did you a small favor, you helped me establish this Metro bar and helped me settle in life.

I’ve renovated the entire bar but in your memory, I have left your room untouched.

Sorry, Raja.

We thought that you died...

Two of them.

It’s because of the two of them, that your fate changed.

I get it recently Two tickets are containing the same number.

One is an original and the other is a duplicate.

We gave the prize to the both of them.

If people found out about this, they will lose faith in us.

My entire business will collapse.

Not only that.

If we find out who this print duplicate tickets and release them on the market, and somebody stops them, I would give them a share in the profits.

One Lakh per month. One lakh!

Do not move ... I'll kill you.

Expression. -I do not know, sir.

Expression. -I do not know, sir.

Sir ... sir ...

The one with the kind of intelligence Sethu.

Burma Sethu.

Wait ... I'm coming there.

Are we going to kill him?

I can not believe, Bharani.

Meenakshi, do you see?

We have been very lucky, is not it?

The issue went to the Disco King.

Sethu, Disco Raja likes your intelligence.

In fact, she used to scold us for not having this idea first.

This stupid friends!

He did not know what to talk.

What do you mean lottery tickets, Bharani?

From soap to shampoo, tooth paste, powdered milk for, all of them being repeated.

We did not leave anything.

Brother! When once Sethu hear your name, he panicked.

Just cause we said you'd give him a job, he got super excited!

It was the first time meeting him, is not it? He beautifies himself.

Hi ...

What's the delay?

You stop to have some biryani?

I dropped my girlfriend and came here directly.

I was a moody, right? I'm afraid I might change my mind.

He looked like some weird.



When I was young, I worked at a tea stall.

I used to wash the dishes.

Once, I broke the glass.

That's when I got really angry.

On my side, there is a tea master.

He poured kerosene and lit the stove.

I got up and hit him once.

He burned himself right in front of me.

I did the last rites.

After all, he was my father.

From the day that I took the decision ...

That I will not work under anyone.

King, you can take me either from the left or right.

No problem.

But if you come up behind me and nag me by honking your horn, I tell you, is not it?

I have mood swings.

They are very ferocious.

Seeing you.

If you want to quit the job, come to me.

I pay twice as much here.

What happened to you?

Sethu, we can not work with you.

we want to work with Disco King.

Sethu ...

He did not wait for Biryani.

He has been suspended because of them.

You may have mood swings.

But I do not have them.

I do not honk my horn.

I would bulldoze people and move forward.

Rajesh Khanna in the film 'Anand', said one of the all time favorite of mine.

Life has been great. Not long. alteration Disco King sounds like this - Someone needs to talk less, It will not sound as long as autobiographical.

Do you understand?

If not, I will make you understand.

He understood.

beautiful Super.


If someone like Disco King offers you a job, you should join her.

You make a mistake, Sethu.




Every Tom, Dick and Harry wanted advice.

Does anyone want to advise me?

Sethu ... please spare me.

We ... we ...

Brother, last night, Sethu brutally killed those who join us.

I think there will be no one to go to the Disco King.

But you're here now.

Whatever you want.

I am here for you.

With the support of Sethu Kuppuswamy MLA threatens everyone who approached us.

SP, Sethu is our guy.

Do not pay too much attention to what he was doing.

If we need to deal with Disco, He is the one who.

No Sethu ... please leave me.

Dude, wrong behavior Sethu increasingly out of hand.

And now, he was magnificent around he will offer you a job.

Let us kill him,

I'm done with crap!

Hey ... -Ya.

Disco said he would make Biryani.

He asks you to get Biryani willing?

It's been so long since we had basically done by the brethren.

Boys! Get at least ten chicken.

Get them!

Where business Sethu duplicate this? Where are they? I give full details!

I do not know anything.

I will not tell you.

What happened, Disco? You want to eat us Biryani after so long? biryani brother would be great!

And finally, when he hands over the bag, which is just excellent.

Is it!

However, what the occasion.

This is Burma Sethu.

And this is the one.

This is the SI Ramesh Yudu This is the MLA Kuppaswamy.

This is the greeting of the President of the party, Paneer Selvam.

Each photo has two main headings.

According to the offers that we provide to them, as well as the reply, we will make a decision on the title to be used.

But, now, who is the first candidate?

Keep it .. keep it.

You still use this weapon?

Meet me once before you depart.

No. 36B No .. I will give you a 0.45 caliber Italian made gun.


Dolly ... Get some chili. Let's put it on the fellow.

What Mr. Gangster? You suddenly called us for lunch?

I want to play with your police and thieves.

That's something we play every day This time, you are still police.

But, I am not a thief.

That can be a bigger thief than you, Disco?


This penis look very well fed. It looks like a game of penis. He refused to comply with the directive.

If they do not listen to you, their weapons Break!

Some chickens do not listen even if you break their hands, Disco.

They still do not listen, brother.

If they do not listen to you ...

Cut their throats!

Cut their throats!

Notify me of ITA.

I must catch the thief ...

Brother, they began to listen.

Which should!

They definitely need!

Counterfeiting business grow in Madras has come under the scanner of the authorities.

Based on information given by Shri Raja Channam Venkatanarayana ...

The warehouse business operations in Chennai seized counterfeits.

Hey, polis.

Run away...

Police have shut down our stores, brother.

You are the president of Parti Makkal it.

You said that the police are in the pocket.

What crap is that? What is going on?

Sethu! I'll take care of it.

Hey, SP ... I told you not to interfere in the business of Sethu, is not it?

What happen?

It was found that the person behind all this business is Mr.Burma Duplicate Sethu.

Oh, my goodness!

You make it sound so real, sir.

Disco ... what is this?

What is this paper? And what was the title?

That paper tomorrow.

I just give you a sample. That all.


Why are you worried?

Uttam Kumar, what do you write? celebration greeting party for the party leaders who, along with food and alcohol ... and entertainment with movie stars.

What rhymes?! -What is the proof?



I had a whole album so you can print pictures as well, right?

Sorry, brother.

Because it is only a sample ...

Sir, tomorrow, in the works, the pictures will be printed.

Do not feel bad.

Disco, the party will lose its face.

If the party wants to keep its face, there are other titles.


Brother .. is well written.

Party MLA Mr. Kuppaswamy had embezzled party funds.

Only when he was removed from the party ...


Next! Next! Next! This is next level stuff.

Honor or property? The choice is yours.

Sethu, I spoke to the manager.

Sir ...

Sir ... Sir ...

Mr. Kuppaswamy been removed from the party.

The indictment against him was that he embezzled party funds.

What happen?

Meenakshi ... you go from here.

Where would I go?



Hey, if you tell me how you make biryani, I will make all the other arrangements.

Not you.

You tell me.

You feel it.

Come on, Spot.


Good kid.

How is it?

It's good, sir.

It's good?

Are you sure?

Then, why do I feel about this? -It is missing some salt, sir.

What did you say?

I said that it did not have a bit of salt.

No. No. I heard something else.

I said that it did not have a bit of salt.

No. No. I heard something else.

Just because Sethu ordered, we killed another, and contractors, sir.

Please leave me, sir.

Sir them.

I will obey your commands.

That's what I thought.

That's the only thing I thought was lost.

We will set everything right.

Because Biryani was missing salt, Burma Sethu's right hand man, the grief spilled.

The main suspect in the murder of midnight - It Sethu Burma.

Cheers! -Cheers!

Burma! What you have bad karma.

Blessed are you!

I give you a job offer. But you hurt my ego.

Now, you will be imprisoned for life.

In this way, you will not be able to continue your evil activities in prison, is not it?

You will be restricted to the stones burst!

Do you know something?

That contract to break the stones are ours too.

So, while you are in prison, you will work for me.




Uttar Kumar ... Have you given them everything? Or there is something left? noon lunch box.

Sethu, you are a lucky man.

Together with getting orders that appointment, you will definitely feel the food I cook.

Eat well. Eat!

Chapter meeting. leg.

Do not throw.

[ "Laila Laila songs play"]

You love him.

It seems that the girl does not know who I am.

He did not pay me any attention.

Already?! You already have your eye on him!

I only see the front page and want to buy it But, you also wont leave him alone!

Do you compete with world-class lover?

Should I ask her for her account number?

Can we never read a new book?

We better with video.

You keep watching a video. I will read the front page carefully.

Rasna baby .... I'm coming. the baby ..?

Again with this hand ...

Change your hand.

Hey, come on ...

[ "Laila Laila" playing song.]

Hey, give me that.

Rasna Hey baby, Rasna Hey baby,

Key ... main ...

Key ... main ...

Here, take this ...

Do not keywords ... key. You say the car. Stupid.

Uttama kumar.

(Sings a tune)

(Sings a tune)

Rasna Hey baby, On the balcony, Just you and me, Dance, dancing Mithun Chakravarthy.

What's the word?

Hey, Rasna baby!

Where are they? -Stop ... stop .. he is there.

Why is he here?

Stop ... stop.

Brother, are you okay?

Are you okay?

How arrogant is he?

Hit it.

Hey, stop.

Brother, it may only be a minor accident.

Leaving here.

There are so many girls who look for attention.

He did not just like any other girl, buddy.

Something special about her.

Follow him.

Apparently, the girl who came to the bus stop so every day.

Hey, Pushpa ...

Gosh! Those eyes ...

Youth should not be young without a story to tell.

You do not understand?

If you do not have a story to tell about your youth and the youth was not at all.

That '70s style Rakesh Khanna will not do the trick style Follow Amitabh Bachchan who is now a day.

He easily fall for you.

Changing your style. Change it.

Ice cream ... ice cream ...

Vendor, can you give me ice cream on a stick?

Do not you just have it?

No. parents No. I have it.

You, messiah my love to hear your name and come to you Give me drugs or toxins, for your gathering, heart burn is coming.

Do you know who I am?

Secret. Disco Raj.

I think...

Now you do not need to feel embarrassed.

Tell me sweet names you please, Baby.

He gave this Disco Raj some chump change and turned him into a beggar.

Normally, a woman takes lot of time to buy clothes for themselves.

And here she is, tight skirt.

If he had fallen for her, we need to wait any longer.

But I do not like to wait.

Moving ...

Let this step.

What should we do?

I'm not used to it.

Regards ...

Brother ...

What are you doing? was it for the Dussehra festival, right.

We are ready to perform pooja for our weapons.

This is our weapon, red, right?

Oh, is it?

Go on ahead.

Sila ... Go.

See how big it is his nose ...

Hey, Sathi.

Brother, he did not listen to us ...

We can deal with that later.

Ey, you also ..

First, you all go ahead.

I do not think we will find a better place than this to speak.

Now tell me. -What is your name?

Muralitharan Muttiah.

My son Govinda gold shop owner Rami Reddy correspondence, Hopscotch, playing with marbles are part of my hobbies.

Shut it.

Because you're a woman, you must fear.

I thought it was strong that if someone is afraid, their life is a disaster.

Looks like you do not know much about me. I have been very patient ...

You have to eat for some time. Are you a food lover?


You have eaten for some time.

Are you a food lover?

Let it be, sir. The girl was emaciated.

Just eat honey. Eat. Do not think.

If you speak another word, I'll clear all this with you.

Very quiet.

Speaking. Say something.


Oh God! He began to eat again.

So, you can not hear anything.

Okay ... okay ... okay ...

So ... you can not hear my word.

So, you can not hear the music.

So, you must have at least seen my dance moves, is not it?

Imagine your dance moves without music.

I would also imagine.

Oh, my goodness.

He must have felt the same thing there.

No no no ..

A gun was aimed against Disco King?

You must have a lot of women succumb to your spelling.

♫ I wonder what you told me. ♫ ♫ I wonder what I heard. ♫

♫ I wonder how I would respond. ♫

♫ emotions that language escape, I have to read it in your eyes. ♫

♫ Music that has no rhyme, has touched your heart. ♫

♫ This wind does not know what direction to blow, ♫

♫ He did not know when to reduce its speed. ♫

♫ emotions that language escape, I have to read it in your eyes. ♫

♫ Music that has no rhyme, has touched your heart. ♫ Same for the same.

What did he say?

He read me the news yesterday.

I wonder, how did he know that I do not watch the news today?


I wonder whether you see. I do not understand a thing about this.



If my mother had that kind of courage, she will not give birth to me, threw me in the trash and suicide.

My girl is a lioness.

Forgive me.

♫ I wonder what kind of messages stored in your eye lashes. ♫

♫ Today, it has given the company. ♫

♫ Love song is not specifically addressed, ♫ ♫ Does he come to you after all these years? ♫

♫ That I have little doubt - whether you like it or not, please explain today. ♫

♫ The air is usually filled with lively sound waves with songs silent. ♫

♫ emotions that language escape, I have to read it in your eyes. ♫

♫ Music that has no rhyme, has touched your heart. ♫

Music is in his heart.

Yeah right! What game do you do!

He was an orphan like you.

Apparently, his mother gave birth to him and commit suicide.

He loves you because he feels that you have the power, with her mother's shortcomings.

♫ I smell your hair braided with you. ♫

♫ electricity coursing through my body made me forget myself. ♫

♫ our bodies that can turn into wings. Let them float and spread in all directions. ♫

♫ With desires that spring from our eyes, let us give birth and nurture many of our dreams. ♫

♫ Let glide on steam from their melting mountain snow. ♫

♫ emotions that language escape, I have to read it in your eyes. ♫

♫ Music that has no rhyme, has touched your heart. ♫

♫ I wonder what you told me. ♫ ♫ I wonder what I heard. ♫

♫ I wonder how I would respond. ♫

You said you wanted to say something.

What happen?

You said you wanted to say something.

What is it? Let me know.

Why are you going to share this news so sad?


But he does not want. He wanted to abort the baby.

What did you say?

He wanted to abort the baby.

I will shoot! If you are talking nonsense.

What's the problem? What did he say?

He was afraid that something might happen to you in this line of work ..

And that he is the unborn child will be left orphans.



Come on, let's go and get it done.

Will not you listen to him? -What else is there to hear?

She has decided that she wants an abortion. Just shut up and in.


I'm just going back.

Welcome. Down from the vehicle and come.

Come quickly.

I know what people say and do when an unmarried woman came to get an abortion.

I get so many women here.

From now on, you are Puan Disco King.

I will deal with anyone who spoke.

Come, let's go inside.

What else?

Why did you make this decision?

You pack all your bags.

I will come in tomorrow morning and take you with me.

Madam, please deliver him ....

You leave behind your entire empire to one that you like.

You have to kill yourself to people who believe in you.

My mother did not have the courage then And so, I became an orphan.

I worry that if I do not do this, I would be an orphan again.

You scared?


Now you see, brother. Even if you're scared.

There are concerns behind every emotion.

Brother, a new path in your life is Helen.

I am not sad that you're leaving.


Do you think I can not start a restaurant and accommodation biryani happy?

Hey, Philip, how do you see when you cry?

I did not know you were this emotionally.

Brother ...


He seemed disappointed.

You leave everything behind and go.

It seems that politicians and big businessmen who lost their right hand.

Sethu they get out of prison and give him a throne.

Sethu, with support found new, more aggressive.

He began to kill anyone associated with the Disco King.

He knows that you are in Ladakh ... When he came to Ladakh.

What is really happening in Ladakh?






Subject, do not take the pressure.

Helen must be in a fine or the other.

Now, she must have given birth to a boy or a girl and they must grow up with your features.

Actually, it's a medical miracle.

No no no important coincidence.

If you really have a child, father and son will be the same age, you know?

Ms. Helen will be surprised.

What do you say?



Vasu ...

Vasu ...?

Vasu? Why are you here?

How can you come here without informing any of us?

Our family is waiting for you in Delhi. -Let's go.

Vasu ... This means that people who come to the station on that day they kept calling you Vasu.


That way you both not only the same age, subjects. Both look the same as well.

Hello ...


Sethu ...

Do you remember me?

Sethu, Do you want to know where I or do you want to tell me where you are?

The choice is yours.

Because I do not like to wait.

Only need to target only Vasu.

Vasu will be targeting a Disco (Raj). And Disco (Raj) will target Sethu.

Three birds with one stone.

That's my game plan.

Your mother birthed you really like me.

Is he the same passionate woman I know?

I was your father.

It is quite natural to be upset to leave them behind for this.

When I get back, we'll talk about it.

Keep waiting.


I do not need to say about him, is not it?

Take care.

Why did you kill my mother?

What did you say?

Why do you rob and kill my mother?

What do you mean I killed your mother? What do you mean?

When he was unconscious, was orphaned and on the road, some type of join her in the hospital.

Nine months ...

He was in a coma and fighting for his life.

He survived only until she gave birth to me.


Come at! My magical King.

You just the way I see you 30 years ago.

Just as fresh.

But ... I'm a little old.

But ...

I have the same anger. the same spirit and the same rancor.

By the time I get back, you're supposed to be dead, Sethu.

Maybe your death will be safe. bad luck.

I took the pin from a grenade and put it in my back pocket.


Your mother asked her unborn child can not be branded as a child of this crime.

He soon say goodbye old life.

Why is he going to kill your mother, then?

You make sure that the life that I did not get a chance to live the life I want to live.

I want you to know a person experiences pain when they lose that kind of opportunity.


As if!

Do not I have a gun?

Not having a bullet?

And do not be a prick their bodies?

I will kill both of them and be in His abundant grace.

You make a mistake, Sethu.

If you want to kill me, you must make sure that you shred me to pieces.

I will rest in peace.

You probably already have a good life.

If I had come so far, I swear on my mother, I'll be chopped up into pieces.

But you escape.

You lie.

Meenakshi When you kill me, I lost half my life there.

To lie for half a miserable life, I do not need it!

What do you mean I killed your woman?

Just for the sake of winning, I do not use a woman's life as a pawn.

I'm not the kind of person.

Then, the Meenakshi kill me?

You do not come to Ladakh and I did not kill your wife.

But it happened?




Do you really love my mother?

I also love you!

Why did you kill?

If you do not call once every hour, people are going to kill my family.


That does not work.

Just talk to him.


Tell Bro.

How much do you negotiate agreements to?

I will not tell you. income tax issues.

How much in advance do you take from him?

25% cash, 75% after work. With a 5% commission So, there should be 75% left.

We will rest after we kill them.

If the customer dies, who will give the money?

If off customers?

Sir ... Tell them I sent you a picture What'sApp.

What's that vulgar language?

No. No, sir. What I mean is ... what app ...

Just tell them that I send pictures. Is that all?

Is it?

Check your phone.

What ...

What is interesting is the other strap.

Antony Das.

Great father ...


Daddy ...

Agency travel.

I want to meet das Antony.

Sorry sir. You can not see him without an appointment.

Please go.

Let me handle this.

You're a doctor. -I'm not a doctor anymore.

I was getting tired of being a good boy. So please.

Do not stop me.

Brother ... -Tell me.

Is that a CCTV camera work?

It is effective. -Unlucky you!



You, sir?

Sir! Sir! Sir!

Why did you hit me?

Hey! Make it man fast! Because I do not like to wait!

Welcome back Mr. King.

Your time is up.

I already know. Stupid!


Disco Raj.

Hey, Antony Pillai, Call your father.

Is not she Antony?

That's what I have told you from the beginning.

That's why I do not like him from the start itself.

One should always speak to at the time and circumstances of.

Uttara Kumar.

You can not believe, is not it?

That's my game plan.

Its only when you get the trust of someone, you can pierce them.


How long can I be your servant?

I also want to be rich and have a luxury car, is not it?

But Uttara Kumar. You are scaredy-cat, right?

That's what I invest.

Afraid you applied in your enemies is your investment.

Afraid that I show in front of you is my investment.

At that time, I was really scared.

I worry about you think of me!

When I was looking for an opportunity, you got married and left.

That's when I started the game.

I killed his wife this Sethu.

He was brutally killed your wife.

He did not care that she was pregnant.

Men's Disco King is an idiot.

Why are you laughing?

Wealth which should belong to the killing goon Sethu ...

... is now going to be in my control.

And you as the only one left.

When Disco King were here, we ask you to cooperate with us, right?

I was afraid he would kill me if she knew.

Now, I am afraid he will kill me when he came.

Why did you tell us about Disco King instead of Sethu?

Sethu just angry with him.

But you guys ... have money.

Where Disco King?


Hey ... -Shh.

Stop ... stop ...

I spent 35 happy years.

One day, I saw your son on the phone.

Kaushik, a bit depressed that she lost 25 lakh and forgot her phone with us.

After that, I also set up the story with Kukkuteshwara Rao.

He died in action against her.

Anyways, how Helen is left there?

I will send to him as well. He has a fine body!

Just because you grabbed my collar, I'm not afraid. I do not Uttara Kumar.

Yippee! Disco King back again.

Are you surprised?

In general, be leaning slightly to the left and leaning at the center.

But my subject, Disco King has his heart in the right side.


That's a medical term. You do not know clear.

Hey, hold me tight.

Good vodka ..

If I leave my stethoscope, I goon bigger than you.

Kill me, brother.

Kill Antony Das, brother.

I do not know when he comes and how it comes about.

He was killing people in my Uttara Kumar and out.

Please kill this Antony.

Although the Uttara Kumar died, it was ok.

But, please kill this Antony.

Kill me. brother please. Please kill him.

The. Antony Das.

Game over.

Do you see that, brother? How to Antony friends come back?

I do not even Uttara Kumar. My good-for-nothing now.

My trust. relative truth.

You can deliver excellent performance throughout your life.

Go and collect the best actor award when you meet your maker!

crap Freaking!

Which is yours.

Where do you get such a lot of money?

Who is the father else? My sister did.

I'm sorry about your father.

Where is your father now?