District 13: Ultimatum (2009) Script

Sure you won't stay this side?

They start demolishing the wall Monday.

Police stations and schools will reopen.

Smile. You don't seem very pleased.

I just hope they keep their promises.

It's the law. Idiots like me are here to enforce it.





Go left!

Get him!

There he is!

Why'd you bring the cops down here?


You're too pale for our hood.

I'm colour-blind. And a wise guy.


Chill out.

Cute name. Going to Gay Pride Day?

You look like you're in shape.

Gotta keep fit.


Get rid of the tourists.

Come with me.

Leito, stop blowing holes in the walls.

It ain't a Swiss cheese here.

Sorry, I can't get used to it.

I don't deserve a cage.

It ain't a cage, comrade. Look...

You go where you want here.

Molko, it's a farm.

Has been forever. They forgot their fine promises.

The government reneged on a promise?

That's a total outrage!

This is a ghetto. Look at history...

Warsaw, Soweto, always the same.

They're slowly drained of inhabitants and crushed.

That's way over my head.

All I see are walls that protect us like a fortress.

Society wants to exclude us? OK.

We've got our own. Tougher, stronger.

And it works just fine.

Straight up, better to be king here than a butthole over there.

So do us a favour, stop blowing holes in the wall.

Or I'll blow holes in you. Is it a deal?

From the Chink. He's ready to go.

You're never on time.

A gift.

OK, you're good.

Go through.

They're good, we said.

The goods have arrived.

Shall I call the first client?

Get the chicks out.

Except that one.

Everybody out!

You, over here.

Go and see the master.

Dance for me.

Mr Woo will see you soon.

Tell him to move his arse.

Tell him in person, sir.

On your knees.

If you wanna earn it, you gotta work for it.

You get on your knees, tubby. Hands on your head.

Tranny? Worse. A cop.

Mr Woo Yaw Tre, you're under arrest.

Remain silent until you're in custody.

If you think...

I said shut up. Got that?

That's a 12th-century Ming vase.

A fake. I took the original back.

And the rest? All fakes? Except the Van Gogh.

Dragonfly to Central. The Maggot's hooked.

Casting my line. Repeat, casting my line.

OK, Dragonfly. We're in position.

I'm the maggot?

I'd have gone for Rotten Dog, but a fishing term's more appropriate.


Don't worry, you'll soon see.

Chill, gentlemen.

Hygiene inspection.

We'd like to see the owner.

Sir, two cops at the door. And most likely others undercover.

Very probably. Put those on.


See? They're biting.

You're screwed. The building's booby-trapped.

If it was easy, they wouldn't send me.

What's that?

Yell and it rips your cheek off. Wanna try?

I'll mention in my report that you cooperated.

Dragonfly to Central. Going fishing.

Mr Woo's ready.

Just you. No witnesses.

Stay there, it's OK.

Good to see you again.


Hands up.


Gentlemen, after you.

They gonna call us last?

It's age before beauty.

Igor... Have we met?

I have your photo on my wall. Shit!


Look up.

What's that?

You know. You guys invented it.

Please follow me.

They're fucking with us now!

Cool, Seb. It's our turn next.

You know how much we buy every week from this douchebag?

Relax! There's no rush.

Here's your margarita.

Chill out.

Shove your margarita!

I want my dope! Got it?

Dragonfly, fish are jumping. Intercept.

Mr Seb, I was coming for you.

Is this how you treat your best customers?

Since when do I come last?

Last but not least. Hands out.

Who's this guy?

Who's the tranny?

What's this crap?

You're loaded like a missile.

No kidding!

I haven't slept for three years.

Let's see what we can do.

It's nothing. I dropped a vase.

Catch completed.

Send the dragnet. OK, Dragonfly. On our way.

Freeze! Flat on the ground!

Hands on your head!

In position!

Inside, guys!

Keep close together!

You'll never get out alive, scumbag!

There's no way out.

Are you sure?

Give me the code?

I'd sooner die!

Silly me! I have the key.


Did you net him? OK. Send more.

Number two, OK!


There's another door!


Cut the damn gas!

Found it!

Watch out! There are booby-traps.

Officers down! Rescue unit!

Clear 'em out!

What's going on? Bastard Chink and tranny!


Everything OK? Sure, I'll go another way.

Take it easy.

This is worth 200 million euros. It's a Van Gogh.

One scratch and it's worthless.

Bastard! Eat this!

I've got the keypad.

Have we met?

No time to get acquainted.

I have a bomb situation.

A bomb?

Got an idea?

Where are you?

In the lab. We'll send all you need.

Dragonfly, here it comes.


Friendly faces, at last.

No scratches? Don't think so.

I meant you.

I'm fine, thanks, Captain.

You feel it the next day.

Go and rest. Do your report tomorrow.

Now's better, with it fresh in my mind.

I'll sleep late tomorrow, if that's OK?

Don't let me see you before noon.

That's an order. Thanks.

Good job. Thanks.

Everything's OK.

All clear.

Show them in.


Nice piece of work.


How long to build a tower like that?

Depends on employment law.

In the Emirates, eight months. Here, eight years.


The briefcase.

Same again for the site.

Double when we get permission to build.

The operation starts tonight.


Thanks, guys. Later.

See you, Damien.

What's the code again?



You forgot me!


I was just winding down before coming to bed.

I've already had eight hours' rest.

I'm raring to go!

Be gentle.

I ache all over.

All over?


What's that? Make-up?

Yeah, it was for work.

I bet.

Since when do you work in a tranny joint?

Cut it out. It's work, honest.

You'd better take good care of me, or I'll get you a bad rep.

Yes, ma'am.

Suspicious white Peugeot. Shopping centre. District 7.

Got any better mood music?


I repeat, White Peugeot, shopping centre, D7.

134. We'll take it.

OK, 134.

That was The Soldier's Walk. We have a caller...

Samir? Is that right?

It's him!

Hey, Skyrock.

Where are you calling from? The living room.

In my penthouse near the Eiffel Tower.

Great view. So where is this palace?

On the Champs-Elysées.

Great address. I'll take it. OK, who's this one for?

It's for Safia.

I'm crazy about her. She just lights up the whole hood.

He is so sweet.

Shit. Put your belt on.

What are they doing here?

We haven't done anything.


The cops.

Turn it down. It's only music.

We're just hanging out. Change your tone!

Let's see your ID.

Here, my card. Take a look.

Whose car is it? My father's.

Driver's licence.

I'm not driving. You're behind the wheel!

I haven't got a licence!

We're just listening to music.

It's not against the law!

We're not drunk or high.

Get out of the car. Hurry up!

Shit. Another camera taken out.

Damn kids! Send the tape over to the Crime Squad.

What the hell's going on?

I dunno. Film it.

Is there a problem, officer?

Routine check.

Two girls listening to music? It's no big deal.

Round here, the girls transport dope.

Let's be magnanimous for once.

Can you drive? Yeah.

Beat it. No licence.

Beat it!

That's her dad's car and she has no licence.

Shall we follow them?

We don't move! Keep filming.

This stinks.

Who are you with? Special services.

Get back in your car.


Don't move! Film!

They smoked the cops!

I told you this stinks.

This is crazy!

The plates! Zoom in on the plates!

OK, I got it.

This'll make the evening news.

We're not on the news yet. Gimme the tape.


Cops smoking other cops. That's a bomb.

Yeah, but before we set it off, let's get the official version.

Yeah, right.

What? Cops here?

What are you talking about? You stupid?

They've got balls.

If one gets out, he's dead.

Hey, bro, you lost your way?

They're not local. You sure?

They must be totally wasted.

Got them framed?

Three of them. Perfect.

This is our land, got it?

What the fuck?

You bastards!

Look at those idiots!

Let it out, you chumps!

You got the time on screen?

4: 12.

Let's wrap it up and go.


Where you going?

Can't sleep. I'm going to watch a film.

Go back to sleep, angel.

Your gun! Drop your gun!

Wrong floor. I'm a cop.

On the floor!

Turn it down.

Who commands your unit? Let me talk to him.

I do.

You've got the wrong man.

Damien Tomasso.

Army captain assigned to special forces.

31 years old.

What are you looking for?

Captain? Found this in the kitchen.

That's what!

Get him some clothes. We're taking him in.

I can't watch it.

Georges, explain yourself.

For six months, you've boasted of great results.

Mr President, we can't have men in every parking lot.

Spare me the line about budget cuts.

We spent 500 million on the inner cities.

Surely we can expect some improvement.

How is such carnage possible?

This incident doesn't reflect our efforts on the ground.

What, then?

I think it's an isolated case. A score to settle maybe.

Let's hope so.

Get someone onto it. Someone thorough and efficient.

Tomasso, for example. It's a mission for him.

We thought so, but he was arrested by Narcotics.

Tomasso? Are you sure?


He was up for the Order of Merit.

Gassman maybe, the head of DISS. They know the projects.

Sure, fine.

Mr President...


I suppose you're aware of the situation.

I briefed the captain.

Of course.

If people see this film, they'll be up in arms.

The last thing we need is a civil war.

I'm leaving for Rio, the G10 summit.

For 48 hours.

Solve this case before I get back.

With the utmost discretion, of course.

You can rely on me, sir.

Post that on the web, to remind the prez that war has always been vital to democracy.

Newsflash. Last night in District 13, a clash between armed thugs and police ended in tragedy.

Three individuals shot at three officers killing them instantly.

We found the bullet-riddled car and footage of the incident.

It's a massacre!

Look. They didn't even fire back.

It's bullshit! The car's not local.

Can it!

It's a set-up. We don't do stuff like that.

So why're you here?

I hustle. Like everyone else.

Like your government sells horseshit.

Hot air! They sell us hot air!

Get out, then!

You haven't done anything? Out, then!

Get outta here!

Denis! What are you doing?

Move it!

Go back to your buddies! Fast!

Tell 'em it's not our fault either.

What's he doing?

Get lost! Go on!

Get outta here!

Which district?

D13. Perfect.

Boss, can I show you something?

Crime Squad sent it over.

The camera we took out.

When you rewind the tape, before the chicks arrive on foot, a beemer parks up, but no one gets out.

Fast forward.

It flashes its lights at them.

Probably guys hitting on the chicks.

They see the cops arrive.

I zoomed in to get a look at them... and I saw that...

Shit. He's filming.


Find that joker fast.

We're on it. Perfect.

Leito, I filmed it, but I didn't get to make a copy.

What do you mean?

It's a set-up, the cop car. Shit!



Stay there!

It's Samir! Let him go!

What are you doing to him?

You want us to eat you here or to go?

Let him go! What are you doing?

Where're they taking him?

Why're they arresting him? Come back!

Door 14. Open.

Lend me your phone? Is that all?

Your phone.


Pick up.

Leito? It's Damien. I'm in the shit. I need you to help.

Stay cool, I'm out.

If it can wait, leave a message.

Very funny.

Great joke.

It's Damien. I'm in the cells at Police HQ.

I got set up.

If you could come and get me, it'd be cool.

Two hours before I'm sent God knows where, a local Guantanamo, but less fun.

Drop the phone.

Hey, guys.

The blacks are prowling.

I know. Everyone's on edge.

Keep watch from the lobby.

Give me two minutes.


He made a call from the pen.

Who'd he call?

A guy called Leito in D13.

Is Section 1 out there?

Yeah, with Camera Kid.

Get Leito. We can't take any risks.

You have nine new messages.

Leito, Samir was looking for you. Give me a call back.

That's all. Big kiss.

Don't move.

Back off or we'll open fire.

Killing a cop on duty, that's 30 years.

Think it over.

Of course, when it's the other way round, we get a medal.

That's her dad's car. She has no licence.

Shall we follow them?

We don't move! Keep filming.

This stinks.

What the hell's going on?

They're some kind of supercops.

Keep filming!


Don't move! Film!

They smoked the cops!

I told you this stinks.

The plates! Zoom in on the plates!

OK, I got it.

This'll make the evening news.

We're not on the news yet. Gimme the tape.

Very funny.

Great joke. It's Damien.

I'm in the cells at Police HQ.

I got set up.

If you could come and get me, it'd be cool.

Two hours to get me out before I'm sent God knows where, a local Guantanamo, but less fun.

What are you doing?

Get back up there! Fast!

He's disappeared, 18th floor. Send back-up.

This way!

Down there!

Fifth floor!

He's over the other side.


Grab him!

Faster! We'll get him now! C'mon!


Have you got Alzheimer's?

No, sir.

You lost him with three units?

He's incredibly agile.


Next time, ask him for lessons.

Return to base.

I'm meeting the president. What's it like?

It's gonna blow out here.


The rookie's gonna be punished, I swear.

He lost it. The pressure got to him.

And his gun went off.

Tell his mother that.

Clear out!


Bull's eye!

Can I help you?

Can I see the chief?

Young kid wants a word.

Show him in.

Come on.

What do you want?

I'd like a room, please.

Wise guy! This isn't a hotel.

The sign says "Hotel de Police".

Beat it before I lose my temper. Get out!

I should be locked up. I'm a potential major criminal.

If I go free, I might mess up big time.

You commit a crime?


Know what? Come back when you have.

I'll give you a nice room.

The jerk! Get him on the floor!

Don't move!

Open Door 14.

You're lucky. There's one room left.

The view won't be an issue.

How'd you hurt your eye? Got hit by a door. Happy now?


Incident. Hall 3.

Freeze! You can't escape.

Security alert! The doors are jammed!

You took your time.

I'll come back later if you want.

No, it's fine.

Great to see you.

Same here.

It's hell out there. You really want out?

I've a score to settle.

You got a plan?

I should have?

You go in knowing how to get out.

By the way, how'd you get in?

Prison's easy to get in. Open Door 16.

Getting out's the hard part.

You're on form.

Yeah, I guess.

Let's take a short cut.

That's your short cut?

Damien's escaped.

He got out of the building?

Apparently he's still inside.

Find him.


In the last 24 hours, riots have erupted in D13.


It's started?

A gang destroyed the police station with a bazooka.

Since then, fighting has intensified.

Many officers have been wounded.

As we speak, the rioting continues.

Commissioner? Latest news?

D13 is out of control.

In the next few hours, other districts will blow up.

Unless we act, it'll be civil war.


Is a pre-emptive military strike possible?

Yes, but they're well armed.

Without time to prepare, we face heavy losses.

Unfortunately, time is a luxury we don't have.

Mr Gassman, what do you recommend?

When the gangrene spreads, amputate.


I didn't leave the G10 summit to hear medical cliches like that.

I asked what you recommend.

Fine, I'll be more direct.

We evacuate D13 in 12 hours.

We blow up the five high-rises awash with arms and drugs.

That calms the others.

It creates jobs.

We rebuild a neighbourhood for the middle classes, who'll vote for you next time.

That's honest, at least.


What do you say to that?

Politically, it's very extreme.

A better idea?


I see nobody can think of a way to defend our democracy. That's interesting.

Remember, we're here to protect the people and their interests, and to make sure our values of liberty, equality and fraternity are respected in this country.

It's what you might call the bottom line of our Republic.

Your proposal is to walk all over it. Is that the idea?

Thank you.

My idea's detestable and against our fundamental values, but what else can we do in 12 hours before the situation becomes unmanageable?

It may not be the best idea, but it's far from the worst.


Can we evacuate one million in 12 hours?

If you say so now, it's possible.

Some of these warlords won't evacuate without a fight.

Who'll mourn them?


Proceed with evacuation.

We'll decide tomorrow if we should demolish the high-rises.

Mr Gassman...

I demand that all inhabitants be treated with respect and dignity.

And I mean all of them.

I'll see to it personally.

You can go.

Look behind you.

Let's wait till it calms down.

Why were you in jail, supercop?

Three kilos of heroin in my kitchen.

That's very careless.

It wasn't mine.

The cops planted it there. Standard procedure.

Cops setting up a cop? That's new.

Yes, and I wonder why.

To stop you snooping somewhere.

It's your specialty. Explain.

When your corrupt government plans a low blow, they get rid of honest cops.

They could have given me leave.

In a crisis, you'd stay on leave?

No, I guess not.

Maybe it's linked.

To what?

Film number one shows a cop car being shot up in D13.

Film number two shows it two hours earlier.

Four cops shot by undercover guys, the car in a truck...

And dumped in D13.

You're as sharp as ever.

And then?

Light the powder keg, it explodes.

I got your message and men in black swarmed in.

The guys that killed the cops.

The guys that took the car...

And took Samir who filmed it all.

Who says they're cops? Please!

Could be a disguise.

What for? Fun?

No, only cops benefit from D13 blowing up.

Gives 'em an excuse to clean up.

So they got me out of the way?


What were the men in black driving?

Big SUVs. Black, armour-plated. Same plates. DISS.

DISS? No way! What's DISS?

Department of Internal State Security.


They report to no one.

Except a five-star general and the president.

They're run by a guy called Walter Gassman.

Friend of yours?

Not really.

He offered me a job. I refused.

That's it. We have the motive, crime and criminal.

Now we need proof.


Your video's not enough.

We need proof Gassman's involved.

What are you doing? Thinking.

I don't like it when you think.

We'll go to Walter's office.

I knew it! Where is it?

First floor. Room 1 17.

Just like old times?

OK, old times.

Isn't this a bit conspicuous?

More people, less conspicuous.

Now what do we do?

Let me think.

There! You think too much.

Got an idea? No thinking.

I'll distract 'em. You play Spider-Man.

His office is Room 1 17.

Grab anything we can use as proof.

Where do we meet?

I won't be going very far. Move it!

Just sit there and you'll be fine.

You have my word.

Where are his personal files?

Have you got the code?

Anyone's computer just go for a walk?

Yes, mine.

Technical support. I'll install your new server.

But first we lose the old one.

Found it.

Thanks, guys.

Just lie down and let the judges solve your problems, not your fists.

Roland, you know I'm innocent.

Yeah, I know.

Jails are full of innocent men.

Lie down and shut up.

Let's go.

Don't you like doors?

They slow you down. Find anything?

A hard drive. Cool.

Don't let them out!


Maybe we should walk?

Belt up!

That's his office. I know. Let's renovate.

Excuse me.

Damien escaped. How?

Leito came for him. They got away.

How'd they get out of HQ?

Through your office.

We call it off? Cover our tracks?

Too late. The military's moving in.

We'll cover up later.

In the meantime, find them and kill them, OK?

Got it.

Follow the instructions you were given.

Where are you taking us?


A warm welcome as always.

Didn't you promise change? Because idiots enforce the law.

Blame the guys who oversee the law.

It's like religion. What are you?

I was baptised, but my bible now is the Constitution.


"My bible's the Constitution"?

Lucky you didn't read cookbooks as a kid.

We moving or yakking? Moving.

What do you want? To see Tao.

What about?

Saving D13 and two million people.

He's joking. We've got a business proposal.

Let them through.

This isn't a flea market.

We stole it from a secret service honcho.

It's all his confidential files.

How much?

It's free. After we access the information we want.

Who's Doofus?

We met at Sunday school.

You noticed they're evacuating D13?

Then they'll destroy it.

Doofus needs proof so he can stop it.

Manuel? Make it talk.

It's all yours.

All of it?

All of it.

Where'd you learn your stuff?

From manuals.

Explains his name. Get to work.

Anything about China, I'll take.

Iran for now.

I'll take that, too.


The targets! Five high-rises. And the contractor.

Walter stirs up shit.

The prez demolishes, Harriburton rebuilds.

Like in Iraq.


Except they're French.

How'll they flatten the high-rises?

Target zone in sight.

Three choppers. One just overhead.

Laser markers to guide the missiles.

Fired when?

Tomorrow morning from Army Command.

Only the president can give the order.

How do we stop him?

Check in the manual.

Doofus is starting to feel tired.

You don't like "Doofus"?


What if I call you Cutie-pie?

How about my name?

What is it?

Damien Tomasso, Captain of French Elite Commandos.

A cop, if you prefer.

If we're a team, forget your prejudices... and shake my hand.


Nice to meet you.

Same here.

So what's the plan, Cutie-pie?

Thanks for coming. What's up?

We'll explain.


This way.


A slender natural born killer.


Specialist with a machete.

Karl the Skinhead...

Saw him smash up a car with his head.

Little Montana...

Got a gun where his heart should be.


Running late.

Nice class reunion.


Let's take a photo.


Thanks for coming.

Since 7PM, D13 has been evacuated.

They plan to blow it up tomorrow.

If they need ordnance...

The idea is to join forces to prevent it.

Who's for?

Over to...

Damien, who has a plan.

First, we evacuate anyone that's left.

In the five hours we have left.

Then I need 30 of your best fighters. But no guns.

We're not on a hunt.

We sneak in, neutralise... and take the operations room.

Any questions?

Where's the party?

There. Downtown Paris.

Mr President.

Reinforce security.

Tell Molko to be ready.

Over the target in under two minutes.

Morning, gentlemen.

Be seated.

General? Status report.

Two Jaguars await your order, 50 miles from target.

I meant the evacuation, not the demolition.

Isn't that the right order?

My apologies.

We've evacuated 1, 087, 310 people in under 12 hours.

Some zones were inaccessible, the five high-rise targets.

Snipers everywhere. I have 30 casualties.

Target number five is reported to be packed with explosives.

How many still haven't been evacuated?

There's been no recent census, but I'd guess around 1, 000.

That's still a lot.

Continue the evacuation.

We're back-up. Us too.


You put your key in the second lock.

Then you command the launch.

Five missiles. One per target.

You just press the red buttons.

To tell the truth, gentlemen...

I'm not comfortable with this.

May I make a comment?

Go ahead.

I know these vermin.

They're the worst. No respect for people or laws.

They kill and rob for the hell of it.

It's not your fault. They were there before you.

How do we make vermin go away? By talking?


Believe me, we have to exterminate them.

Red alert!

I find you frighteningly cynical.

No, simply pragmatic.

You promised to improve buying power.

It dropped because of this parallel economy that deprives the state of billions.

After this, the gangs will take five years to regain their strength.

You get breathing space and a second term to make a difference.

Destroy and rebuild?

The only solution?

That's the way of the world.

General, your choppers have new-generation thermal vision?

That's right. Send them up to scan those buildings.

I won't turn that key until I'm sure no civilian is left in the neighbourhood.

Got that? Yes, sir.

Trouble at the gates. A gang's got inside.

Capture them.

We're trying. There's a lot of them.

I'll take care of it.

Check it out.

I'll be right with you.

We said no guns.

No sweat. I just wanna alter the security system.

What's going on?

Don't worry, it's ultra-secure here.

Rest assured.

He... is mine.

How do you wanna play this?

How about by the rules?

Respect 'em from the start.

Not when it suits you.

I'll never share your pain.

Mine are reinforced concrete.

The ears and the castanets.

Don't feel too good?

Keep in touch.

The five towers have been totally evacuated.

An hour ago, you couldn't get people to leave.

Maybe they finally got the evacuation notices.

Anyway, all five are completely empty. You have my word.

In that case...

Command to Leader 1.

Over target in one minute.

They're in position.

Over there, everybody!

This is the Command Centre of the French Army. I order you...

And that's what you'll get if you say another word.

Gentlemen, I am the president.

We've got TV, y'know.

And internet even!

Captain Tomasso, can you explain?

Pictures often speak louder than words.

What's that?

DISS in action.

Killing cops to fan the flames.

Then flatten it all and bring in Harriburton.

For a tasty commission.

If pictures aren't enough... here's proof of Harriburton's links to DISS.

Your mistake was jailing me to have a free hand.

Should have given him leave.


Your key!

Get your key out.

Come on. Come on! Get your key out.

Put it in the lock!

What's going on?

Gonna be an election.

But the fireworks come first. Turn it.

Tomasso! One step and he's dead!

Turn the key, I said!

Signal received. Missiles primed.

Stop. You can't get away.

A soldier completes his mission, even if it kills him.

It's called honour.

A concept you've never heard of in your ratholes.


We prefer another concept.


That binds us.

Protects us.

Unites us.


I'll unite you!

And kill you together! Press the button!

Where are you going?

Nowhere. I was just wondering if...

I knew it! Cigars!

Drop that.

And one more for my collection.

A real Arabian carpet, Mr President.

For free!



I'm sorry.

I don't know what to say...

Except thank you. A big thank-you.

I owe you a lot.

I think the nation owes you a lot.

I know you've heard it all from politicians before, but I promise that within 48 hours, I'll release unprecedented funds so your neighbourhoods regain their dignity and their rightful place in our society.

Thank you.

I have a question.

Go ahead.

Instead of patching up what's rotten, why not start over?


A new neighbourhood.

A new district.

With parks and jobs.

I'll do it.

You'll head up the project until delivery.

Yes, sir.

You have my word as head of government.

And as a man?

And as a man.


Good enough for me.

Me too.




That's gotta be mine.

I'd like a little brandy.

You know Jean Nouvel?

He scored from me last week.

No, he's an architect.

Right, an architect...

Subtitles: Simon John Subtitling: L. V. T. Paris