District B13 (2004) Script

Paris, 2010.

Faced with rampant crime... in certain suburbs, or barrios... the government authorized... the construction of an isolation wall... around cities classified as high risk.

Come on. Let's go. I'm starving.

They ain't ready yet.

OK, they're ready. Help yourself. Go on.

I must have an effect on you fags, huh?

I step out of my car... and you already have the trap.

We don't want no shit here, K2.

What are you talking about?

It's just a friendly visit.

That's all it is.

Ah, smells good here, too.



Want some?

So... is the boss around?

We ain't seen him today.

That's OK. I don't mind waiting.

Come on. Relax.

Go on. Search me. I ain't armed.

Clean as a choirboy.

Look, we don't want to shoot.

You better go back.

What's with you guys?

We're stuck in zones. We can't communicate.

For once we're together, and you get nervous and shy.

We don't feel like talking... so get moving, will ya?

The boss ain't here, and we told ya.

If you want, we'll tell him you were here.

It's really nice of you.

Anyone got a piece of paper?

I'll leave him a number where he can reach me.

No? I'll write it on the wall.

Won't get lost that way.

Nothing on the wall.

I forgot, this is Mr. Clean's apartment building.

Real fancy guy your boss is, huh?

Yeah. It hurts you to see a building's... still standing in this shithouse of a city.

Well, me, I think it's great.

Makes the city more lively.

So, where do I write the number?

Gimme your hand.

Gimme your hand, I said.

If I was going to cut ya...

I'd have done it a long time ago.

Look at him. Armed to the teeth... and he's scared of a pen.

OK. Don't worry, man.

I'm not going to press hard.

Why do you want to see Leito?

He's got some stuff I want.

Things that belong to me.

There we go.

Now you got a good reason not to wash.

That was a nice, friendly visit... don't you think so?

Why don't we shake on it, huh?

What's your name?

Tarik. Tarik. Let's shake.

That's better. Don't be afraid.

Ah, this is worth a picture.

I wish I had my camera.

Right, guys? Smile. Come on.

It's OK. They're with me.

Oh? So you feel like talking all of a sudden?

But it's too late.

You go up the stairs. I'll take the elevator.

For once, it's not broken.



Call downstairs. The elevator's coming.

You could do it yourself, you know.

Tarik, who's coming up?

Tarik? Fucking thing never works right.

Hey, move it, man. We got visitors.

Look, if I don't watch the end...

I won't be able to follow tomorrow.

Tarik, would you say something?


Tarik? Shit, the picture's gone.

Hurry. Fix the antenna.

Hey, I ain't your nigger.

You do it, man.

Tarik, will you answer me?

You're too worked up, man.

It's probably the food being delivered.

That's bullshit. Since when do they... deliver an hour early, huh?

You're such a pessimist.

Leito's apartment.

You wouldn't know the number, huh?

It's 14.


Son of a bitch.

There ain't no numbers on the doors.

Get 'em all open.

I'm looking for Leito.

It's not here. I swear.

Then tell me where it is, asshole.

Down the hall and left.

He's got his name on the door.

You're coming with me.

I don't trust signs. Come on.

Go right!


Through the door!

Whoa! What are you trying to do?

Get me killed? Alive, remember.

Taha wants 'em alive.


On three.

One, two...

Get the bastard!

Get it open.

Oh, no!

Come on! Move!

The roof! Hurry!

Stupid fuck.

There he is!


Stop me if I'm wrong.

At 8:00, you get ripped off.

Twenty kilos of powder.

At 9:00, you know who did it and you go get it back.

How many were you? Ten, twelve.

Ten, twelve, huh?

At about noon, seven of you come back empty-handed.

Anything else?

Well, we could've iced the guy... but you wanted him alive, sir.

Well, that's fantastic. Before long... it'll be my fault.

Oh, that's not what I wanted to say.

He's like, uh... like a bar of soap. He's...

Ah, is that so?

Well, yeah.

Let's see... fifty a gram, twenty kilos.

Don't bother counting. It's a million.

In Euros.

That's very expensive soap, huh?

So. Which one of you has a suggestion for me... so he doesn't slip away again?

Wait! I... I got an idea.

Ah, K2. That's great.

Go on.

Well, since it was Leito who dumped all the dope... then he's got to give us the cash for it.

That's just common sense. I asked you for an idea.

Wait! Hold on. Go on.

His sister Lola.

Leito's sister works at the supermarket.

If we've got her... he won't stay in hiding for long.

That's what I call an idea.

Go and get her.

We'll be right out.

Come on. Boss wants to see you.

The boss is waiting, I said, you heard, so get off your ass.

He never comes in on Tuesday.

I'm not talking about that scumbag.

I mean my boss and yours... Taha.

Taha can go fuck himself.

What the fuck is wrong with everyone today?

Get in there.

Hey, K2. Is she me birthday present?

Well, I'd love a piece of her.

She looks just my size.

Fuck off. Watch your hands.

Hey, we got to search her, huh?

We already did. She's clean.

Come on. Share the wealth. Leave us her panties.

When I come back, I'll bite your balls off.

I got other plans for your mouth.

You'll like it a lot more, huh?

That's for openers, slimeball.

Hands off her. I said she's with Taha.

And you cut that shit out, OK?

It's me.

As you can see, it's a real bargain.

It's simple to use and erotic...

K2 is here.

You can't beat it.

I know your face. Show me the girl.

OK. Bring her up here.

Make sure he knows we got his sister.

Spread the news.

Say, I wish I could see the cocksucker... when they tell him what happened.

You're not gonna ever know... you son of a bitch.

Why don't I cut you open now... and that'll be the end of it?

Cut me and there's a pack of wild dogs... that are going to be without a master... and they might not be too cool.

What are you after?

You see, Taha, that's the difference... between the two of us.

You never know what's in my head... but I know all the shit that's going on in yours.

I'm always one step ahead of you... because I know what you're thinking.

Hold it, K2. It's OK.

Stay nice and calm. We're just talking.

Yeah. Just talking.

Look, tell me what the fuck you want... and stop busting my balls and let's get this over with.

Two things.

Yeah? Go on.

You leave my building alone.

No dealer for 500 meters around it.

Yeah. OK. What else?

That's easy. Your life for my sister's.

I let you go, I walk outside with her... and if none of you guys move, we got a deal.

You know you should've gone into business?

Yes or no?

OK. It's a deal.

I got your word?

She ain't enough for you?

Give the order.

Yeah, K2, let her go. You heard me?

Wait downstairs.

K2, you stop your fuckin' thinking... and do what I'm telling you to do.

Get down now, or you'll never get up again.

Look. I kept my word. She's free... so now let go of me.

Patience, Taha.

You think you're going to get out of here in one piece?

You think everyone here's your buddy?

Listen. I got a deal with this guy, OK?

I said that he and his sister could go... and so make sure nobody moves... and everything'll be cool.

Hey, you.

Open your mouth.

Chew it, pig.

She's my kind of girl.

You can't have her. Go on.

Let's go! Move it! Let's go!

Get out of the way! Come on! Move it!

This way! Faster!

Let's get out of here.

Over here. Come on, man.


Hey, get that... rid of that fucking thing. Hurry.

Come on. Move it!

Stop your vehicle.

Stop your vehicle!

OK, hold it. Take it easy.

We brought you a customer.

We want the inspector!

Make way for us. We're coming in.

Son of a bitch.

Hey, can't you settle your score someplace else?

'Cause we're closing up here.

It's Taha. Taha Ben-Mahmoud.

Doesn't that name mean something to you?

I know him, but I told you.

We're closing up by orders of the government.

So if you can't show me some proof, I can't do anything.

Five kilos of heroin... taken from his desk with two witnesses.

How's that?

There are too many of them outside.

Grab them.

OK, OK. Since you insist.

But first, your weapons. Hand 'em over.

And you, men, keep your eye on Taha.

Poor, naive Leito.

I bet you really think... it's going to change something, don't you?

Maybe not much, but you got to start somewhere.

Now we're going to eliminate the paperwork, OK?

You go into the cell... and you pick up your dope and clear out.

Don't do that, for Christ's sake.

If you let him go, it'll be worse than before.

It won't be worse, 'cause we're getting out.

When the shit falls, we'll be far away.

You won't be here, but it's still going to go on... and you're the ones who are supposed to stop it.

I'll bet that you still believe that.

The barbed wire and the walls. Did you forget all that?

They're going to put a lid on it... and blow it all up.

That's what they'll do to make the shit disappear.

As for you, be grateful you're here... because there are some guys outside... ready to make dead meat out of you.

Why the hell are you still here?

Like you said, there are a lot of guys out there... who are ready to do what I tell 'em to.

Stop that shit, Taha.

You're free. You've got your dope.

What the hell more do you want?

The bitch.



Now get out.


I'm warning you. Touch me and you're...

Lola! Lola!

Don't worry. I'll take good care of her.

Gentlemen, it's always a pleasure... to do business with you.

So long.

No! No!

Take her to my office, tie her up... and give her two grams.

That'll calm her down.

OK, OK. Let's get back to work now.

I didn't have any choice, kid...

I've been in this area for fifteen years.

I'm retired as of tonight... and I'd like to take advantage of it.

It was her or me.

I'm sorry.

You should've chosen my sister. You're already dead.

Digame, Pedro, huh?

What you got against my car?

My name's not Pedro.

Who gives a fuck your name's not Pedro?

I'm talking about my car, cojone.

What if I crashed your head... every time I wanted you to keep quiet?

Hey, it's only a car.

No, it's not only a car.

It's my car, maricón.

I just had it overhauled and it cost me a fortune.

So I suggest you show... some fucking respect for my car... or you'll find yourself under the wheels.


Forget it, Carlos. He didn't do it on purpose.

Come on. What the fuck's... the matter with that guy, huh?

I'm sick of these kids.

They don't respect anything.

Anybody can close a door without slamming it.

It's OK. He's going to take... good care of your car from now on.

Right, Pedro? My name is not Pedro.

Once more, that door's got a squeak.

The garage takes a fortune... and gives me back the car with a squeaky fucking door.

I'll get rid of the squeaking, Carlos.

I-I promise you.

We got to recruit better, Benito.

It's getting bad.

Remind me to talk to Frank.

OK. Tired of getting all these...

Portuguese guys. Soldiers today.


I'll talk to Frank about it. Don't worry.

I want men with an education, damn it.

Hire good prospects as soon as they get out of school.

Guys who want to use their brains... instead of hanging out all day.

Benito, there are six million unemployed... in this fucking country.

Two or three shouldn't be so fucking hard to find, huh?

Yeah. Frank'll get us some good men, that's for sure.

Well, what are you staring at?

There we go.

Place your bets.

Twenty-seven. Don't forget me, Carlos.

Hey, no problem, Yeti.

I know you won't.

End of the week, as usual, huh?

Hey, puta... cojones... reminded me about a kickback... with all the money he owes us.

No education nowadays, huh, Benito?


Hola, ¿qué tal?

Everything's OK, Samy?

No. Things are pretty terrible.

Oh, yeah. What's wrong now?

Everyone you see is a cop?

One there. Two there.

They've already spent an hour... chasing a can of corn.

Ah. They're perverts.

Perverts? What are they doing... in the food section?

Nada. They're just waiting for 2 A.M... when the hookers use the coffee machine there. See?

You got here at 1:10... and outside, look what's happening now.

What's that? Perverts... and I don't think they're going to spend... hours looking for corn.

Anything else suspicious?

Yeah. Most of our regular players... didn't show up tonight.

It just happens to be the one day... we transfer our money.

Yeah? So you're saying?

That a real big transfer can be very tempting.

All you have to do is put the cops onto the deal... and you get ten percent of the money with no risk.

How do you know that, anyway?

'Cause I've already been offered it.

You must have been tempted.

How can you be sure... it was a real cop who approached you?

Uh-huh. You're pretty clever, huh?

It's the only way to stay alive.

That's for sure. You went to school, right?

Economics. Bachelor's degree.

Yeah, I was right. You see the difference, huh?

So, somebody's trying to rob us, huh?

And rob us big time, too.

Didn't I tell you that Pedro guy was pretty fuckin' weird?

He and the puta. - His name wasn't...

Oh, who cares what his name was?

I ain't putting up any monument, huh?

OK. Grab the money. Let's go.

No one's going anywhere. Sacks down, hands up, huh?

Benito, what are you doing?

I'm not Benito anymore. The name's Damien.

First attack division. Carlos Montoya... you are under arrest. Get it?

Benito, you gotta be...

You have the right to remain silent.

Whatever you say can be used against you.

Any threatening gesture or false movement... will be considered as a refusal to cooperate... thus putting my agents... in a position of self-defense. Clear?

What does all that shit mean?

It means one false move... and I'll paint the place red. Capito?

Yeah, yeah. And how do you think... you're going to get out of here in one piece?

We're going to stick around here some more.

Samy, you and your friends, clear out.

Why the hell did you let them go?

Because you're the big one.

Chameleon in place. Are you guys all set?

We are, Chameleon. Here it comes.

What do we do now?

What are you asking me for? You went to school.

Come on. Enough of that.

What's going on?

You OK? Nothing broken?

No, no. I'm OK. Good.

Chameleon to carrier. The delivery's ready.

Commencing operation.

OK. Come on out of there, sir, please.

What now, Einstein?

Hurry up! Things are getting hot here.

The wire, for fuck's sake.

Hey, you better send me some ammo, quick!

They didn't take the money! We'll split it!

Go on! Shut the door!

Go on. They're waiting for you.

What a great sense of timing you guys got.

OK, guys, go!

Go, go, go, come on!

This way. This way, please, everyone.

Come on, come on, man. Come on, you two.

Good job, man.

Calling all units. Operation terminated.


You're the fucking biggest son of a bitch...

I ever met, you scumbag!

That's the first compliment I've had all day.

When I think that I trusted you like a brother.

A brother? You mean like shining your car for 6 months... before giving me a real job?

Oh, that door of yours, the one that squeaks...

Doesn't squeak anymore.

Captain Commissar, Colonel.

Thank you. Show him in.

Hello, Damien.

I'd have much preferred simply to congratulate you... for last night's operation.

Unfortunately, however, we have a real emergency.

Sit down.

I'd rather stand if it's OK with you, sir.

As you like.

You know Mr. Krüger, the Secretary of State... for the Defense, and Mr. Corsini, his assistant?

They need a man of courage... for an extremely delicate mission.

Mr. Krüger, I'll let you explain the situation.

It happened yesterday.

In the afternoon, we were transferring... material in an armored vehicle... when we had what you might call a little incident.

No, no, no. I don't want your dirty sponge.

It'll scratch the window.


One day I'll get them for that.

The good news is that the vehicle... had a lot of tracers in it... so we know exactly where it's located... and we're asking you to get it back.

Where is it?

What's inside the truck?

What is this shit, anyway?

An experimental scatter-type bomb... sometimes known as a clean bomb.

It's a prototype based on neutron technology.

Medium range about 8 kilometers.

The waves are of short duration.

They're absorbed very fast.

The risk of polluting the atmosphere... is close to zero.

You're worried they'll move the bomb. Is that it?

It wouldn't be so clean in the center of town, would it?

Yes, and that's one of our primary concerns.

What's more, the bomb is equipped... with a timing mechanism set for 24 hours.

Unfortunately, it was triggered accidentally... and that was exactly one hour ago.

You mean in 23 hours, it'll...

It'll explode.



You got exactly 23 hours to sell this mother.

Can't be done. Too short.

Captain, we're not asking for your advice on this.

We're trying to explain your mission to you.

Colonel, you know the way I function.

I study the terrain for weeks and weeks... then it takes me months to infiltrate.

Damien, there are 2 million people living out there... and maybe half of them are scum of the earth... but the other half are entitled to our assistance.

So you're gonna change the way you operate... unless you don't care anymore about saving innocent people.

But accepting a mission that's a lost cause... is totally crazy.

You want me to defuse a bomb in the worst barrio... where I've never even been.

Couldn't be more attractive.

As far as the site goes, we found you a local guide.

Plus I've got to work with someone?

He's a young man who was born there.

He knows the barrio like a book.

So he'll save you a lot of precious time.

And this guy, did you force him to do it... or is he a volunteer? He doesn't know yet.

We're counting on you to convince him.

Leito. Transfer.

Where to? Shut up.

Let go of me!

Let go of me, for fuck's sake.

Come on, get up.

Prisoner 713 in the van!

He fuckin' bit me, the asshole.

You OK?

Never better.

The fucker thought I let him kick the shit out of me... without doing anything.

Well, I'm getting out of here.

You think playing around with the lock... is really gonna open the door?

You say that because you don't know who I am yet.

The name's Phantom Man.

And Phantom Man doesn't plan... spending eight years locked up.

What did they get you for?

Blew away five guys.

They weren't the right ones.

The guy I wanted got away.

What you want him for?

He murdered my father and my two brothers.

And it hurts to know this guy's still breathing.

So soon as I'm out of here...

I head for the Barrio 13... and finish the bastard off for good.

Does he live there?

Yeah, and he's gonna die there.

What's the guy's name?

Taha. You know him?

You're not missing much.

I made the big mistake of trying to do... some business with the guy.

He lives in a kind of hangar... with an army protecting him.

And he struts around the place... him and his human vegetable.

What human vegetable?

A junkie. He keeps her on a leash... like a dog or something.

I never saw anyone so doped up.

Lola's her name, I think.

I'll be back in two minutes flat, OK?

Hey, there's a space here in front.

Can I drop you somewhere?

Barrio 13 will be fine.

You got it.




They've left the prison.

The plan's going according to schedule.

Are they still together?

Yes. They're in front of the van.

Shouldn't be hard to spot them.


Congratulations, Colonel.

I wouldn't claim victory so quickly.

It's much easier to get out of prison... than it is to enter Barrio 13.

And that's when we're gonna see how good a guide... your Leito is, because without him...

Damien's gonna be out of luck.

Your captain can take care of himself.

I'm gonna need your help, 'cause I don't know the way.

Any idea how we can sneak in discreetly?

Yeah, go straight.

Hey, cut the shit out. What are you doing?

I won't lose you this way.

Take those fucking things off me.

You want to get inside?


Then from now on, asshole, I'm Phantom Man... and you're gonna do whatever I want.

Now floor it, huh?

And what the fuck we do now?

Go on, straight ahead.

OK, turn right now.

Turn right, I said!

Hey, I heard you the first time, but the wheels won't turn.

OK, stop the car.

The brakes are gone, too!

Then stop it against another car... but go easy.

I didn't say to smash the car.

OK, sorry. Did the best I could.

But no one's stopping you from getting a new driver.

Now let me go.

What's wrong? Should feel at home, man.

What are you talking about?

You're a cop.

And a cop who thinks I'm an idiot doesn't live long.

Come on, Leito, let me go.

This is where you wanted me to take you.

OK, so you're here.

Now take out your police manual... and look at the page that says "I'm up shit creek."

Leito, I'm not a cop, for Christ's sake.

It's true. Let me go, for fuck's sake.

It's thanks to me you're out of jail.

Yeah, I wonder why you did that.

Somebody needs me to be set free.

But whatever the reason, whatever the deal... count me out.

Even if it's to save your sister?

She doesn't need anyone except her brother.


Hey, you know that's my car you just fucking wrecked.

Sorry, man. I broke out of jail an hour ago.

This piece of shit didn't have any brakes... so I was coming here for a little shelter.

For shelter? Ha ha ha!

You got some bad directions, man...

'cause this ain't Monaco.

It's Baghdad.

Tell 'em to calm down.

Cool it.


Sorry about your car, but in exchange, take mine.

How's that for a deal?

Well, did you sell the bomb or not?

It ain't about that, Taha.

It's Leito. Leito?

He broke out an hour ago.

It won't be long before he starts... banging the door down.

Hey, wake up.

Your brother's on his way to rescue you.

Be careful.


First of all, how did you know I was a cop?

The way you move.

Nobody around here moves or fights like that.

It looks too clean.

When you come from the streets, you got one thing more.

Oh, yeah? What? Hate.

Right. Sorry to disappoint you.

Hate wasn't part of my education, like you.

They taught me liberty, equality, fraternity.

Water, gas, electricity.

You don't give a shit about laws, do you, wiseass?

Sure, I do, but I want them to be the same for everybody.

But they are, and I'm here to make sure that they're obeyed.

No, no, you're just a pit bull who bites for his master.

Yeah, when laws aren't obeyed, that's what I do.

This is where I was born.

It was already pretty bad news.

Then they built a wall around this when I was 18 years old.

Did I do anything to deserve that punishment?

No. I respected every fucking law to the letter.

And I didn't quit school in ninth grade to sell crack.

It's because they closed the school down.

The only thing I ever did wrong was getting born here.

And what the hell is burning people's cars gonna change?

You know any other way for us to get heard?

Not immediately, no.

Want me to tell you what's going on... and why I sprung you?

For a good cause I imagine, am I right?

Yeah, for a good cause.

There's a bomb here in this goddamn shithole of a barrio... and if I don't defuse it in two hours...

Barrio 13's population will be zero.

So if I... if I think the way you do...

I could say to myself, "What the fuck do I care...

"if two million losers get snuffed?"

But no, there's always an asshole who's willing... to fight for the idea that laws are made... for everybody.

And now you help me to locate that bomb... or you protect your own precious ass... like all the bourgeoisie you criticize.

There's really a bomb around here?

I don't even want to know why it turned up here.

Who's got it? Taha? That's right.

He's got your sister and my bomb.

That's two good reasons to work together.

If you're lying again, you're a dead man.


So what's your plan?

Tell me exactly what Taha's place is like.

I'll figure out how to sneak in.

I find the bomb, and once it's defused... we go after your sister.

Will I drink tea?

No, you got to create a diversion.

Taha's gonna make you his priority.

That way I'm sure not to be disturbed.

You think it'll work?

You got a telephone? Yeah.

Hand it over.

That's not Phantom Man. It's James Bond.

Oh, very funny.


It's Leito.

How'd you get my number?

You can buy anything in jail.

Yeah, I heard you were out.

I'm over at the factory opposite.

Hey, wait. Who are you talking to?

Well, what do you want?

Listen, I'm with a cop. He's got a deal for you.

I'll send K2 to get you.

What, are you out of your fucking mind?

The plan was to sneak in, for Christ's sake... not to advertise that we're coming.

Discreet in through the back door... meaning never in their face, playing it cooler than cool.

Forget your police manual.

You're in Barrio 13. It's different here... and I know Taha by heart.

Trust me, it's our only chance.

So what's your plan? We fight his 200 goons... and the winner's whoever's not dead?

No. No one's gonna die.

There's only one thing that works with Taha... and if we use it, it will give us time.

What's that? His curiosity.

Who's this cop he's talking about?


What is this? Whenever I ask a question...

I get a "Mm-mmm."

Hell of a vocabulary.

OK, find out everything about that guy.

I mean everything.

And I want him here, not at the morgue.

I'll be right back.

Count me out. Too risky.

You're dead if you do it alone.

I've always worked alone, and I'm still around... so fuck off, Jack.

I know Taha's place like the back of my hand... all the exits, even the one I dug out myself.

Dude, I'm very happy for you. I hope your hands didn't hurt.

I know where the bomb is!

You'll never find it without me.

A couple of minutes ago, you didn't even know... there was a bomb.

What is this bullshit?

Taha's got a safety vault for valuable things... and I know how to get in.

How do you know he put it in there?

Where's he gonna put it, in the kitchen?

OK, here's the deal.

I set you free, and you shut up and do what I say, OK?

No, I've got another deal.

You shut up, pray my sister's alive.

If you behave, I'll get your bomb.

Now uncuff me before we're in deep shit up to our necks.


Is this guy the cop?

Wow, what a sense of deduction, K2. I'm impressed.

That's very funny.

If Taha doesn't finish you off, the pleasure will be all mine.

Come on, let's go. Follow us.

And no bullshit. We're the nervous kind.


Guard duty isn't for sleeping.

Sorry, but I dozed off.

Where is he? In the back.

Did you feed him?

He eats all the time.

I got some work for you, so you can stretch your legs a bit.

They could wipe out a city with all this shit.

That's the van they transported the bomb in it.

At least we're sure it's here.

Stay here, I'll pick you up on the way out.

Very funny.

Seems you got a new pal, a fucking cop.

He's no friend of mine.

He's the only one that can defuse... the bomb you stole. The only one?

When the countdown ends, everything goes within 8 kilometers.

And you, of course, have come here to save us.

There's a code that will stop the timer.

It will save more than two million people.

The state sends us a brave cop... to save us from a nasty bomb... that without our pal here is gonna go boom.

Great story. Thanks, Superman.

But let me be honest with you.

You see, we weren't planning on hanging onto your bomb.

So you want it back?


How much?

If I don't punch in the code within an hour... the bomb will explode.

I know it will explode. So what?

It's no concern of mine... as long as it's not where I live.

But if you don't want it to blow up where you live... well, like they say, you better cough up a little...

It'll kill millions of innocent lives.

Ah, but they should have thought of that before... when they made it, for example, huh?

So, how much?

A million. Euros.

I have a million on my right for openers.

Do I hear a higher offer? K2?

Two million. I have a two million bid on my left.

So, who will double that?

Here. Nice kid. Four million.

Four million. Four million on my right.

How far you gonna go?

When you think our lives aren't worth the price... tell me, and I'll stop bidding.

Ten? Ten million on my left.

Good. Now things are getting a little lively.

Well, Blues Brothers, ten million.

There's only one of its kind. You want it or not?

Well, since you got no more to fork up... ten million's the price.

Ten million going once.

Ten million going twice.

Twenty. Whoa.

Handsome bid... in the eleventh hour, too.

K2? Hmm?

No, that's good. He can have it.

Twenty million. Wrap it up.

Twenty million for two million victims.

That's about ten Euros a head.

Price of a couple of burgers.

Cash or what?

Transfer. Forget cash.

There's not time to go to the bank and come back.

The bomb will explode before.

Jamel, give him our account number in the Bahamas.

First let me see the bomb.

Oh, that's funny. I was sure you were gonna ask me that.

Help yourself.

Your bomb didn't have a launcher.

It's lucky I always keep some equipment around here.

We found a Russian launcher. We sort of modified it.

Your baby's ready to go.

As for the direction I decide to point it, I'll let you guess.

You satisfied? You've seen your bomb?

Now make the transfer.

You see, Leito, I learned something from you.

Now it's me who's one step ahead.

Get me Krüger. It's urgent.


Zulu, Zulu, Fox, Delta, Charlie.

How much has to be transferred?

Twenty million Euros.

Are you sure the bomb is there?

It's right in front of me.

I can even read the 48 minutes left on the screen.

Captain, we don't have that kind of budget.

You've got to manage otherwise.

I'm sorry.

OK, I'll hold.

They're doing the transfer.

OK, thank you, Colonel.

It's done.

Twenty million Euros are in your account.

I'll get started on the bomb.

Our deal's not quite finished.

Jamel, call the Bahamas, make sure the money's arrived.

That's what I'm doing.

The bank doesn't open for a half an hour.

Let's hope it opens on time.

If you two don't mind, go wait in the next room.

Get over there. On your knees.

Face the wall. Hands behind your head.

Yoyo, watch these two until you hear from me.

What do we do now?

Hey, don't forget we did what you wanted.

If we'd have played it cool, we wouldn't be here.

Yeah, and if your buddies made the transfer... we'd already be out of here.

Already dead, you mean.

You don't suppose Taha would've let us out of here.

We'll never know, since your pals refused to pay up.

Now at least you know how much your life is worth.

Huh! Joking.

To them, I'm not worth anything at all.


There's something not right about this whole thing.

What do you mean?

Something, I don't know what.

They lose a bomb like we lose our keys.

They want to get it back, but they don't want to pay.

Look, when it comes to blackmail... they're very particular.

Hey, Supercop, why are you defending them?

I'm not, but there are values... real values.

The same ones I thought you defended, too.

How much time we got?

37 minutes.

Wouldn't hurt to have an idea.

Yeah, it wouldn't hurt.

Well, I think I've got one.


Remember the tunnel I told you about?

The one that you dug out with your teeth?

That's right.

It starts in the toilet... it's a left at the elevator.

And Yoyo, of course, is going to let us piss together.

No, but if you think of a good reason... to go and see Taha... he'll take us to the elevator.


And once we're at the elevator?

We improvise.

I've heard better plans, you know.

Got another one?


Then move it.

Get down right now.

We gotta see Taha. It's mega-urgent.

It is, huh?

Well, for now you're going to mega-get down... and mega-keep your mouth shut... got that?

You must be a mega-dickhead.

What's your name again? What the fuck do you care?

It's for Taha.

When he asks whose fault it was... that he lost twenty million Euros...

I don't want to get the name wrong.

Listen, if you're fucking with me... we're going to have to snuff you.


You three, come with me.

The rest of you, cover us.

I wish I knew what we were doing.

Stay loose and just let it happen.

Get ready to go.

Hey? Now!

It's down there!

That's the way out? Through there? Great!

Jesus! You should have been a cop!

They'd have loved you! Follow me!

What's going on down there?! What's happening?

Why don't you answer when I call you?

Uh, we were in a tunnel.

I would like to know what the fuck you're talking about!

Well, it was because of those two assholes... that got away through the tunnel.

We tried to catch up with them... but then the walkie-talkies... Hold on a second.

Repeat that once more.

Leito and the cop, they...

Jamel! What about the transfer?

We got problems, Taha.

He was bluffing. Yeah.

You know, I should have known!

You can't trust a cop never... even with a gun to his head.

But he'll pay for this, the bastard!

I'm going to detonate the bomb!

Taha... Taha, I think you had better sit down.

They used the Bahamas account number to move in... on all of the numbered bank accounts, and... they cleaned them all out.

What's our...

Bahamas, Riyadh, Karachi... all of them, even London.

Nothing. Zero. What?

But how's that possible?

If I ever learn that, I'll be the king of the world.

In the meantime... this dumb little accountant... is going back home.

Excuse me.

Hey, Taha, if you're broke... then how the fuck are you going to pay us this week?

I got cash in the safe downstairs.

No one's about to rip that off.

K2, your piece. Hand it over.

K2, give it to me, huh?

You are a bunch of fucking shitheads.

What do we do now, K2?

First, we better find Leito and that cop.

OK, move out, everyone.

We better separate!

Out of the way! Move!


How long before this bomb goes off?

Ten minutes.

And you're sure you can defuse it.

Yeah. What's more, I'm the only one.

Well, you go and stop it, and Leito stays with us.

No, I need him to come with me.

No can do.

OK. Leito and me will stay here... and you defuse the bomb. How's that?

You better go. You've only got nine minutes.

OK, you both go.

I'll wait for you down below.

You gotta come down sooner or later, huh?

If I do the job, I bet even you... will be glad to see a cop's face.


What the hell is that?

A present from Taha.

Let me handle this. I love presents.

Hey, Mongo! You ready now... for me to teach you a thing or two?

Hey! He's all yours.

Nice going! Where did you learn that?

In a cookbook or official manual...

I don't remember.

It's all over, Lola, It's all over.

No, sorry, but it's far from over.

Fuck it, I can't get through.

OK, got it.

Don't worry. He's an expert at the cuffs.

He'll get them off you.

Hello? Captain Tomaso.

I've got the bomb in front of me. I need the code.

Where are you now?

The bomb's in front of me with 31/2 minutes left.

Give me the code, and we'll talk later.

Where are you? The exact spot.

On the roof of a building in Barrio 13.

Do you want the weather forecast as well?!

Good work, Tomaso. We're all very proud of you.

Thanks, but time's running out.





I'll call you back if I'm still alive.

B-13? Like Barrio 13?

Yeah. Doesn't it seem strange... that the bomb's code is Barrio 13...

92, 93, the two zones we're in?

Just coincidence.

Damien, wait! Hold on.

If the bomb wasn't scheduled to come here... why the hell does it have the same number as this barrio?

Look, whatever it is, I've got to stop it, OK?

Damien, listen. What if it's the reverse?

The reverse of what?

You detonate the bomb with the code instead.

Why send me, then, if they wanted the fucking thing... to explode in the first place? Explain that!

So it blows up right here where they want... the center of Barrio 13.

"Give me the exact spot."

Wasn't that what your boss asked?

Yeah, but that's a security measure!

It's a trap, Damien, I'm sure!

Get off my back and let me work!

I've already saved your life once, so trust me!

I'm a soldier! I've got a mission to do!

Cut this shit out, Leito!

In one minute, we're all going to...

Open your eyes, Damien!

Nobody gives a shit about this barrio.

Twenty years, and they can't solve the problem.

They built a wall around us... now they're going to clean it out for good.

How come there are no civil servants here?

No post office or schools, and just by chance... the police station was shut down.

But the bomb was stolen, Leito. They didn't make that up.

Oh, yeah, the bomb was attacked by some bad guys, right?


That's the story they told you, huh?

Yeah. Then tell me why... just before we saw the van, it was intact.

Where were the signs of an explosion... of a smashed-in door?

Maybe it was a different one.

It was the same, and you know damn well.

And once they were sure... the bomb was on the inside of Barrio 13... and that it wasn't going anywhere... they got their best pit bull to set it in motion.

And you really accomplished that mission.

You stopped Taha from dumping it... so it's all for us.

It can't be possible, Leito!

You don't kill two million people...

'cause you can't solve their problems!

No? They murdered six million... because none of them were blond with blue eyes!

Sorry, Leito.


Get off me!

I prefer dying for my brother's dumb ideas than for yours.

It's over?

This time it really is over.

It's not over.

I told you that even you... would be glad to see my face.

You got five minutes to leave here.

Can I take a souvenir?

Yeah, be my guest.


Thank you. Nothing yet.

Jesus Christ, it's well over an hour that we've been waiting.

And if by tonight nothing happens, then what?

I've no idea, Corsini. For Christ's sake... it's supposed to explode and that's that.

What's going on?

Sounds like a fight.

Go and have a look!

There. Mission accomplished.

Well, not quite. At the last minute... we couldn't remember the code.

But we both tried, didn't we? Mm-hmm.

But it's my fault, totally.

It was me who forgot the numbers.

You remember yours, right? Oh, yeah.

Hey, he's incredible.

We made an absolutely fantastic team, you know?

And without Leito, I'd be dead now.

OK, let's have it.

92, 93.

Wow, like the two zone numbers. Yeah.

That's wild, eh?

A coincidence.

Now, we got 7-0-9.

Easy to remember, that's today's date.

7-0-9. September 7... end of the summer holidays.

Practical, eh? A bomb explodes on the day... you know everyone's around for sure... and you get rid of all the scum in one shot.

If I'm mistaken, please stop me.

Now then, the code.

I think that I've got the rest of it.

B13. Like Barrio 13.

How could I forget?

Why don't I give you the honor of finishing?

Are you telling me you plan on blowing up this bomb here in Paris?!

I'm sorry, but I thought the code was to defuse the bomb.

You mean that if I punch it in, it'll do the opposite...

Stop playing the fool, Tomaso! You know perfectly well!

No, I don't. Explain it to me. I want to know why...

Barrio 13 is uncontrollable. It costs a fortune to the state.

The taxpayers are worried.

Worried, frightened, and fed up with paying for such scum!

So we clean it out with a bomb?

Yes. It's not very democratic, but it solves all the problems.

Except one. Yours, sir.

No, I beg of you! Please!

Look, why don't we clean up everything?

Do you want us all killed?!

You should have thought of that when you built it!


You really thought I was going to go through with it.

Why? For revenge?

No, you don't always need violence to solve problems.

There are more democratic ways.

Look out of the window, and smile.

Was the sound OK?

What are you plotting, Tomaso?

I'm doing my job, sir. You know what my job is?

I see that laws are obeyed. Obeyed by everyone.

I make sure that no one forgets that.

That's my job... no more, no less.

Now, if you still don't understand... you can see it all on network TV.

As well as internet reservations.

You can also purchase your ticket... on the train from a conductor.

No tickets are as yet available at ticket windows and this may continue for some time.

For rail companies, it's impossible to estimate... when the computer breakdown will be repaired.

As you know, it has now been twenty-four hours...

Barrio 13 is uncontrollable. It costs a fortune to the state.

The taxpayers are worried. Worried, frightened... and fed up with paying for such scum!

So we clean it out with a bomb?

Yes. It's not very democratic, but it solves all the problems.

Barrio 13 is uncontrollable. It costs a fortune to the state.

The taxpayers are worried. Worried, frightened... and fed up with paying for such scum!

So we clean it out with a bomb?

Yes. It's not very democratic, but it solves all the problems.

Except one. Yours, sir.

You sure you don't want to stay on this side?

With the reward you're going to get... you could buy a real nice place.

I got a nice place.

Besides, this is where I live.

I was born here.

Now all I want to do is live here in peace.

But you will, Leito. They're going to be... demolishing the wall next week.

The police, the post office... and the school all open next month.

You know it's down to you, all of that.

Older brother, you're the greatest!

I've been saying that for years!

Come on, smile. Lighten up.

I hope things don't get messed up on the way... and that they keep their promises.

Hey, these things aren't words.

They were voted on.

And government decrees have to be applied.

It's the law.

And there's always an asshole like me around... to see that laws are obeyed.

Take care of yourself.

You make it sound as if I live in the barrio like you.

Your neighborhood's more dangerous than mine.

I'm not so sure.

Come and see us?

I can't promise.

He'll come, yeah.


Thank you.

Go on.