Diverge (2016) Script

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It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay.

What do you want?

There's no food here.


It's just the two of you?

We had a son.

He didn't make it.

I'm sorry.

What you doing this far out of the quarantine?

We heard it hadn't traveled this far.

You heard wrong.

I'd like to run some tests.

What for?

It's nothing to be afraid of.


Report to nearest quarantine zone immediately.

It needs to be treated as soon as it appears.

It is the only way to keep it from spreading.

Subject clear.

I need you to come with me.

I have food and water.

We can't travel far in the dark.

Just you.

Trust me. You will see her again.

Please, we only want to help.

You've helped enough.

You won't survive out here.

None of us will.

You stay away from us.




You think you're any different?

They're trying to survive just like you.

You want to see your wife again?

What are you doing to me?

This didn't have to happen.

You can stop it.

Find Dimitri tarkov. He'll help.

His daughter's name is Daisy.

But he wanted to call her Violet.

Let me out of here!

Let me out!

You are the way out.

Are you gonna get him?

It's your turn.

Bullshit, it's yours.


Come on, come on.

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

What's wrong? You have a nightmare?

Me, too.

It's okay. It's okay.

...it's killing livestock at an alarming rate.

I'm standing just 15 miles south of Albany, near a farm that lost hundreds of cattle overnight, shortly after the animals developed sores along their necks.

This month along, more than 10,000 similar cases have been reported in the U.S.

In Albany, I'm Amber thomson for krny news.

And over the vveekend, it looks perfect.

A couple of showers upstate New York, otherwise it's just been sunny, cool, and crisp.

Cleveland 62, buffalo 61 on Saturday.

Sunday, another day complete with sunshine.

Temperatures a little bit warmer, but still running somewhere about 70 to 75...

These from your plants?

From the compound inside.

I'd like to take a closer look.

There's nothing worth looking at.

You have other priorities.

It's properties are almost identical to the anti-viral Tyrell released last month.

If you'd be willing just to have it profiled to satisfy my curiosity. Please.

That article you wrote caused quite a stir at the department last week. Yeah, I didn't mean to-- vve're here to DC the research they fund, not satisfy your curiosity.

Stay focused on the work in front of you, all right?

I don't need you getting sidetracked.

Sorry. Yeah.

Hey there.

I need to submit this for profile.

Okay. I'll have the results in a few days.


We really appreciate you guys watching him so much.

Oh, please. Say no more. We love him.

And it's really good practice for us, you know?

Mm-hmm. -0000.

Brad likes babysitting so much he wants to open his own little day-care. Don't lie. Don't lie!

Oh, god no.

So, how's the research going? Mm. Good.

You still, uh, tinkering with that plant?

Hey, have you ever tried to smoke it?

Brad! What? It's a valid question.


It wouldn't do much for ya. There ya go.

Well, you never know until you try.

Ol-|, mo you tell them? Un-uh.

We finally closed the deal on the montauk house.

Ah, congratulations, that's great.

Well, it took long enough to close.

Vve're actually going up this vveekend. You guys should come.

0l-|, that's a great idea.

We shouldn't come bother you before you're all settled.

Yeah. Vvhy? Vvhat good is an empty house?

Seriously. Just pack a bag and the three of you, come on up.

What do you think? We could bring Dylan.

And he's never seen the ocean. Ah, so cute.

This weekend is supposed to be raining, isn't it?

Is it? - Vve'll just light a fire in the fireplace, maybe grab a few bottles of wine, maybe smoke some of that plant of yours...

Speaking of which, I have a lot of work at the lab.

Over the weekend?

It's gonna be the end of the month, and...

We're behind. Hmm.

But we'll come out soon. I promise.

Yeah. Yeah.

Listen, the house isn't going anywhere and you two are always welcome, okay? Thank you.

Absolutely. And pretty soon Dylan's gonna have a little buddy to come svvimming vvith.

Countin' the days.

Already countin' the days.

Me, too.

Shut it.


Chris towne?

Yes. My name is Jim eldon.

I work for Tyrell pharmaceuticals.

Ls there something I can help you with?

Actually I was hoping lcoul_l:> Help you.

We noticed the article you recently published.

I was hoping I could buy you a drink?

Ask you a couple of questions?

Uh, I'm sorry. Lt's-- it's late.

And I've got work to do.

They don't understand the importance 0f your discovery.

What do you mean by that? Meet me for one drink.

I promise you'll be happy you did.

...the next stop ls Broadway.

It's spreading to humans.

That's why I'm here.

We want you to come work for us.

Why me?

The compound from your plants is an alternative way to fight the infection.

It naturally produces what we've been trying to chemically synthesize for years.

University will need to know about this.

Their involvement won't be necessary.

The last thing we want to do is cause a panic.

The more people that know about this, the better.

If this thing-- if this thing were to get out of control?

Look, my company has spent more time and money studying this virus than anybody else has bothered.

We're the single reason that this outbreak has not become bigger at this point.

With your help...

We work together, we can stop this thing.

What do you say?

I'll need to think about it.

I didn't realize there'd be anything to think about.


I know your salary.

We can pay you ten times that at Tyrell.

Thanks for the drink.

Where you going?

Home. Oh, that's right...

You've got a family to think about.

And what's that supposed to mean?

Only that you'd be able to take better care of them vvorking for us.

Call me when you're ready.

Dmitri tarkov.

Do I know you?

You sent me here.

That's funny.

Who put you up to this, huh?


You tell him I'm sick of his jokes.

He's a fucking asshole.

Wait, wait. No, he told me to find you.

He said you'd be a-- -lt's not funny, man.

No. No, please. Please leave me alone.

You don't understand. Get out of my way.

He doesn't know what they're going to do with it.

There's going to be a pandemic and he's going to give them the compound. There's a virus, okay?

Come on. I don't have time for this. Look, look, you have to believe me. Please, please.

People are going to die. Touch me, I'll call security.

You-- you-- you have a daughter.

And her name is Daisy.

But you wanted to call her Violet.

So, tell me...

Who told you about my daughter?

You did.

You really expect me to believe this.

I don't know what to tell you.

You wrote a book saying time travel's possible.

It's a theory. We would never test it.

The amount of energy required, if one thing went wrong, you create nuclear implosion. You would never risk it.

You will.

If I had the ability to go back, why would I send you? Why not myself?

Because I can stop it. Oh, stop what?

There's going to be a pandemic.

I have a cure.

But I'm going to give it to the wrong people.

I see. So I sent you back to help you stop yourself, hmm?


You can already see the first signs.

You're gonna start noticing people vvith a rash on their neck.

And there's a very short window--

I don't have time for this. I have to pick up my daughter.

She will die.

You're sick. You need help.

Reports are comma m from China that an unknovvn virus has infected thousands of people in the city of Shanghai.

Doctors are still unsure as to the origin of the virus that begins when victims develop a rash along their neck.

Now, the ambulance team are taking as many precautions as they can.

They're getting into these white plastic suits, the hoods up.

...vvorld health organization is holding an emergency meeting.

It could declare a global health emergency, imposing travel bans and border controls all--

hey... yo.

Got those results back.


We treated human cells infected with a pathogen.

The compound reduced cell death by 20%.

You show this to anyone else?

Not yet.

I'll have them moved to the chamber so we can better monitor them.

And, uh, I can start growing more.

Oh, that won't be necessary.

I'll need more time to verify the results before jumping to any conclusions, so...

This is my research.

Not anymore.

You can't do this.

I'll go to the chair of the department.

He'll vvant tc knovv hovv you got these through testing vvithout my approval.

Forgery's a serious offense, Chris.

I had to prove to you. You didn't even believe me that the compound-- you haven't proved anything.

If anyone found out about this, you'd lose your job.

I'm doing you a favor.

I'll take over from here.

If I need your help, I'll ask for it.

We'll give you your own lab.

Entire staff. Everything you need to continue your research.

The team is so excited to see vvhat you're going to be able to do.

I'd like to get started as soon as possible.

Just a few details we need to get straightened out first.

Your plans for the compound?

I'd like you to move those to our lab.

I can't do that. The university owns them.

I don't care about the university. It's yqur vvork.

You don't need to ask them.

You want me to steal them.

You're the one that's being robbed 0f your own discovery.

And you know the codes to their lab.

You can go in anytime. I don't understand the problem.

I'm just asking for you to take what's already yours.

It's not worth the risk. I can replicate them for you.

Your job, Chris, at Tyrell depends entirely on our exclusive access to the research and those plans.

Anything other than that, this deal is over.

L-- I'm just trying to help you get credit for your own work.

All these years, your discovery.

But the only way I can help you is if you help us.


He loves his paper crane.

Susan was saying that he started to say l-lls first word today.

He said "bird."


This cures it?

If it's treated early enough.

So why wasn't it stopped?


The more it spread, the more valuable the compound became.

They never had any intention of stopping it.

What is that?

A warning.

Are you okay? What ls it?

Tell me, what is it? Tell me!

What's wrong?

Your leg.

Oh, sorry. I vvas trying to find light svvitch for corner hall.

Who are you?

Uh, my name is Ivan.

I'm sent here to, uh, to clean floors.

They tell me no one is allowed here at this hour.

I was just leaving.

Not-- not that way.

Uh, you'll slip.

Please, this way.

How's your leg?

That was causing the pain.

It was tracking you.

What for?

To follow you.

That's why I disconnected it.

There's something I would like you to look at.

It's okay, Daisy.

It's okay.

Let him see.

Darling, I think you'll have to stay home from school today.

It's Mary Anne's birthday today.

She'll be fine.

Where's her mom?

She's gone.


I'm sorry.

That's how all of this got started.

Trying to find a way back to her.

My wife...

She's here.

It is not your wife.

You must stay away from her.

How can you expect me to do that?

By coming back here, you've changed everything.

There is no way for you to know what happens next.

If you want to protect her, you will stay away.

No, please.


No, no, no, no!


It's okay. We made it.

We made it.

He's dead.

And you're still alive.

Thanks to you.

How is that possible?

The second you interacted with him, you changed his course.

You created a new past.

You separated us... From them.

I'm not supposed to be here.

We are survivors.

We have earned the right to be here.

You grab his feet.

Do you want her to see him like this?

Here, take this.

You will need it.

Where are you going?

To see my daughter.

You want to see them again, don't you?

Your family?

You don't have to lose them again.

This is your life.

All you have to do...

Is take it.

Your son?

He's beautiful.

You didn't show up last night.

I had people waiting for you.

Something's not right.

What do you mean, "something's not right"?

There was someone at the lab.

At 2:00 in the morning?

You have to try again.

I'm sorry, I ca-- i can't be involved in this.

You don't have a choice, Chris. You already are.

Find someone else.

It's too late. We already released it.

Released what?

If you don't want to do it, i will.

Just give me the codes to the lab.

Next time I see you, this will all be taken care of.

If I see you again...

I'll call the police.

Beautiful boy.

You look nice.

Where's Dylan?

With Susan.

Is everything all right?

Everything's fine.

Vvhat's vvrong? Honey, I need you to come vvith me.

I want to go home to Dylan.

He's going to get it from you.

You're scaring me.

You don't have to be scared.

I need you to trust me.

{Susan]Hello? Susan, hi. Uh, it's Chris.

Um, listen, something came up at work and, uh, I hate to ask this of you again, but is there any way you could come and watch Dylan for me?

You're gonna be okay.

Ha. Am I, uh, interrupting?

We watched you come in on the security cameras.

We, uh, wanted to see how far you'd go.

This must be your wife.

You didn't tell me how pretty she was.

What are you doing here?

What you were supposed to.

| can't let you take them.

What are you doing?

This isn't his fault.

You said find someone else, we did.

They're using a compound to save people.

From a virus they created.

Supply and demand.

Tyrell controls both.

What's he talking about?

What are you gonna do?

Now that he knows the truth.

You'll have to shoot us both.

No, Chris, I'm not aiming at you.

You have three seconds to drop the gun or I shoot your wife.



Chris-- stop!



Don't look at me.

Close your eyes.

Please, don't.

Close your eyes!

Take care of them.