Divine Love (2019) Script

It was 2027 Brazil had changed

The country's most important festival was no longer carnival

It was the festival of supreme love

The redemption of the body

The purest feeling

the vow of eternal love

The great wait for the messiah


Genetic code archived Is it missing something?

Everything's okay

Just thinking of going to the notary I get nervous already No need for getting nervous.

God forbid that I forget one of these documents Are you a first-time parent, sir?

Born today? Just a moment ago Oh, congratulations

Uncontested divorce After being married for 5 years, if there's no children or real property, Every legal connection between both parties are to be broken definitely And here the procedure of uncontested divorce is required but assuming the intention of reconciling According to Brazilian law

May I say something?

I think you and your wife Need to revive that feeling

No sender address

Must've been some kind of mistake I don't think so, the notary's address is written there That's weird I'm sorry, can you open it?

Right here?

Yes, it's the rule We're not allowed to receive private correspondence Yeah, I know. But... it's so weird

Who are these people?

It's a couple that came here to have a divorce but ended up changing their minds Look, I'd avoid this kind of gesture here Okay, but... it's difficult to control that kind of thing I mean, gratitude...

Brazil was still supposedly a secular state But Joana wanted to transform the government Into a matter of faith

She worked for God serving others Bureaucracy was her hope

Hi Isaac

isn't "singela" spelled with a "g"?

Oh, you're right Can you a bring me a "g"?

Isaac! Isaac! Get out of her Come back here She's in heat

Naughty boy

go, go

love is not jealous does not act unbecomingly it does not seek its own is not provoked does not take into account a wrong suffered does not rejoice in unrighteousness but rejoices with the truth bears all things believes all things hopes all things endures all things Love

Brothers, look at each other

Any long time member of Divine Love would like to share their history?

And the importance of the group in recovering a marriage in crisis?


Me, sister Please

Me and Joana, we became members of Divine Love About two years ago

And we suffered with relationship problems like many of you

Now, change

Now the husband

That's it!

The other husband

Anyone could fall into the abyss someday But there'll always be a brother or sister to hold you by the arm Hallelujah Oh, glory

Blessed be this encounter, my Lord That in the presence of these purified bodies You allow this couple to have a new life and follow Your hand, Lord we obey Your holy words and all of Your rules Because we walk in search of Your light And only to You, oh Lord we offer our love This encounter won't repeat itself, because it is unique It's an offer to You, oh Almighty Lord!

Allow me to expand your kingdom, oh Father Hallelujah

Divine love family above all things

Radical Free and secret

The offering of the body Was the promise of eternal glory

We are a single voice, and we'll echo our truth We preach the freedom through Christ And for Him, we have no limits We are the soldiers of the good and the witnesses of victory Nobody can jail our ideals Because there were born free In our thoughts Everything is possible We can be anything For God, nothing is impossible

The Brazil of Joana had faith in the future There was no need for closed temples Spoke directly to God while looking at the sky

Joana sang for the coming of the offspring But the long awaited son didn't come

It's too big, we better put it up there Okay

Joana Martins? Yes?

Right thumb, please Thank you

Look at this Thank you, now we have a divine plan in our lives Oh, I'm happy it went well

Second position There It think it's ready now

Got it?

Like this? Yeah

Can I turn it on? Yes

More hormones, more fertility Leave me by myself here I'll do this alone


Grace and light, sister Amen, pastor Glory

I don't even know if I can ask you that Have you received any sign yet?

Sister, all the signs are already there

He seems so silent, pastor God's wisdom allows Him to answer even while in silence

I just wanted to know when I'll get an answer If you want answers, God will give you a question

But I...

Something happened?

I've tried everything

To no avail

Sister, He sends messages when we last expect Keep doing your part and the long awaited day will come

Believe it Thank you, pastor Glory to God Amen

Would you have time to listen to a worship song tonight?

Yes So be it

I hope to keep following your teachings

So be it The promises are going to be fulfilled, sister It'll be fulfilled have faith, believe it God will do that for you the only thing that matters is living here the only thing that matters is singing here Sing, sister, with your heart and your faith the light of life that clears our paths yours, mine Jesus will do that for you Won't let you stop believing in this day, because it'll come

it'll come, sister Believe Him, sister Believe in God Keep doing your work with faith, happiness, love

Be sure that the promise will be fulfilled Oh, Father, it will be fulfilled it will be fulfilled the only thing that matters is living here the only thing that matters is singing loud sing louder, sister sing louder, sister, louder Sing with your heart, with your faith. God is listening He's here It's His home. Sing loudly, He's listening.

He's gonna show you the way, He will guide you, by the hand.

Having faith that the day will come It'll come, sister

-Glory to God -Amen, pastor Go in peace. God's in your heart Amen

Blue flowers seem unreal. Don't look like anything

In this case, I'm afraid I can't help you, sir.

Have a good day Some old geezer, wanted to put a blue crown on a stray dog

-To each his own -No! A blue flower?

A plastic one, for a funeral No way These people think they could buy even something like that I find them pretty

blue flowers

My ex-husband came here before but my DNA document ended up being left out What's your ex-husband's name? Rodrigo Araújo Souza

Here's my pending genetic code

Genetic code archived successfully What did he say about me?

He told me he talked to you for quite a while

He said he still loves you Just that?

He'd be up to give another chance for the two of you He said he talked to you a lot

Every marriage can get a bit worn-out Me and my husband have also gone through many difficulties We struggled together We managed to get over it, and I think you both can too No, Rodrigo's different

Is it an uncontested divorce?

What did Rodrigo say?

We wrote this document together For your appreciation But he didn't want to sign it

Because he loves you

Now, if you want to throw away all of your history Everything you've lived together with your husband

You may, sign these two copies, okay?

And if you need any help, I'm here

You can't prove it's me even though I'm right in front of you?

If we were certifying a likeness, we'd make a comparison Correct But to notarize a signature, the signer must be present And it isn't me who's right here in front of you, ready to sign it?

Ma'am, you to be present to sign before the Notary That's what I'm trying to explain. Look at my signature, it's the same.

I know, but it doesn't matter, ma'am What are you trying to say?

Are you saying I'm not me?

I'm trying to say there are legal rituals and norms that must be followed, ma'am Great, rituals, that's all I needed Ma'am, you have to provide a copy of the document To be signed here, in person I want to talk to your superior My superior is not from this world So where's your superior from?

You there all day with your ass on that chair doing nothing I can't believe it You make things harder than they have to be, for you own pleasure Look, ma'am, you don't understand the legal norms I don't understand legal norms because that's not my job it's YOUR job I can also tell you know nothing about having good manners

What "good manners" means to you? Lowering my voice?

Because I believe good manners should mean helping people Explaining things, being understanding, facilitating. That's what it should be.

It's what I try to do every single day. But you're the one who's not letting me.

Love's rule was to love without limits

The will to keep fighting, was the hope that it could be won

Good evening Divine Love is here?

Yes, is the couple's first time here?

-Yes -Marriage certificate, please

Ms. Ligia, your ID, please.

You too, sir.

Good evening Good evening. They're our guests.


Timothy chapter 1 verse 7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power

Sorry, I haven't brought anything Me neither, we came together There's no problem, you're new here. Your time will come soon.

Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Jeremiah chapter 17 verse 14 Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved for you are the one I praise This is the shield that will guard your love for eternity Nothing can break the barrier that you're creating now Your marriage is shielded from any difficulty that may appear The ultimate pleasure comes from the divine wish of procreating life inside the family When the man finds himself immersed in pleasure and the divine delight reaches his body You'll search the wife, brother to pour the seed of eternal life The husband must return to the wife's womb To inseminate her with his act of supreme love

Those who love do not betray Those who love, share

Divine Love had rules The seed of live could only be placed on mother earth

Seeds to plant Flowers to harvest Love to live

It's gonna be alright

Mr. Danilo Fernandes de Lima, room no.3 Come with me

Well, based on what I can see here Your sperm production is normal

But the problem isn't about the spermatozoon It's the semen That is the liquid that keeps the sperm cells alive inside your wife But what about the treatment, the vitamins, the medication?

Unfortunately, we couldn't achieve the desired effect I'm sorry Is there any alternative treatment?

That depends on what one believes in



Could it be that God can't see what I've been doing for Him?

God knows everything, sees everything

I've saved more than eleven marriages Glory!

The Heavens are in celebration in honor of your efforts but God commemorates in silence

Then why do I have to go through such a probation?

For those who believe, nothing is impossible, sister.

I asked for a signal

And this is what I get...


Do you love God?

Of course I do So...

Could it be that my sin is loving too much?

No act in favor of God could be called a sin

I'll play a hymn so you can pray.

Excuse me.

She was the one.

Instead of doing her job, she kept meddling in my divorce

Didn't you have pending documentation?

I did, ma'am, but that doesn't give you the right to meddle in my personal life I had no intention of doing so

I don't know why do notaries still even exist.

Public faith.

The Notary provides services of public faith So ask your employee to give me my document and stop making things complicated.

Working at the notary office We see that many couples that come looking for a divorce end up regretting it.

Ma'am, if I'm going to feel regret, I'm going to feel at my church Talking to my pastor, not to you Suelly, calm down. I am calm.

Sometimes in life we just want to help and end being misunderstood

I apologise.

Happiness to both of you

For Joana, bureaucracy was equality Love for the common good Transparency Discipline And faith.

Joana had love for the others, just as much as she had for herself.

But not everyone knows what is love

You may sign this form.

And you must also bring the community property agreement

How long were you married?

31 33

When we fell for each other he was already married to another woman I don't count those years, he does I see.

So that would make it your second divorce, right?

Yes, but none of them was my fault Oh, nothing's his fault, it never is.

Never at fault.

Any children? Two.

But they're already married, and have kids Congratulations. Thanks.

I have one more from my first marriage Ok, sou you got three.

Two grandparents divorcing.

Your love is an ocean.

The sea waves come to save us Everything is washed by these waters In density, praising You.

The sacred outpouring, overflowing Seeds of the human plantation Praised be You, forever, my Lord.

In every flower that emanates from life.

Glory to You, my Lord.

My sacrifice praises You Take my body in Your hand Take me to the intangible In body, heart and soul.

The sacred outpouring, overflowing Seeds of the human plantation Praised be You, forever, my Lord.

In every flower that emanates from life.

There was a place to store the sour fruit

Bastard children, unregistered, and without a name.

Joana wanted to defeat uncertainty, and change her own destiny.

The tears of abandonment were her promise of faith

But faith and uncertainty can't fit in the same heart

Why didn't you give the group another go?

We'd rather settle it between ourselves

It's so beautiful seeing you together But now we're just friends.

After all you've lived.

Edvaldo is too thick-headed.

There's no reasoning with him I did the best I could.

I never imagined you'd go through with this divorce Please, I'm in a hurry. Got work to do.

Can we get over with our business here?

I've worked here for such a long time, I...

I love what I do.

You'll keep doing what you do, but in a different environment.


Am I being transferred because I tried to help a couple that loved each other?

No, Joana, you'll work now with property, it's different.

Adverse possession, selling— I'll punished...

for trying to make bureaucracy more humane?

Is that it? There's no humane bureaucracy.

That's called privilege.

You'll continue being a bureaucrat, just in a different area.

Same thing.



JOANA M. LIMA - PREGNANCY DETECTED Congrats, you can take the shopping cart.

Unregistered fetus.

The chance to dream starts with the chance of being born


Government of Brazil, the greatest work is caring for life.

Father, oh father

My King, Lord of the heavens How could I thank you enough?

How many times did I doubt? How many times I thought it wouldn't happen?

And you covered me in your celestial mantle, Lord.

Oh Father.

You've guided me to the way of the light, my Lord.

I don't even know how could I thank you enough.

I thank you, I thank you at every moment for being allowed By your divine goodness, my Lord

That my body could be an instrument for your wisdom Thank You for the message You've sent me I thought it would never come.

Joana didn't have to thank.

Everything God gives is by His grace Uncertainty isn't defeated by promises of faith.

Faith is every certainty that needs no proof

I think I have a miracle inside my womb


I think I'm pregnant.

How come?

How do you know that?

At the store,

Are you really sure?

When I went through the detector,


I did it!

I did it.


The results of your examination.

Thank you.

Genetic markers of Danilo Fernandes C. Lima incompatible with the DNA of the fetus.

Genetic markers of Rodrigo Souza incompatible with the DNA of the fetus.

Genetic markers of Frederico Cunha Dias incompa...

Genetic markers of Edivaldo Ferreira incompatible with the D...

Genetic markers of Jamerson Silva Santos incompatible with the DNA of the fetus.


Are you asleep?

I wanted to talk so bad

Wake up, please.

What is it?

You got a strong scent of flowers there

Do I smell?

How about you take a shower and then we talk?

I had to make a crown of jasmines

I won't be able to sleep with that smell Don't be dramatic.

It's not like I smell of cigarettes or alcohol

Grace and light, sister Amen, pastor

I came yesterday, but there wasn't anybody here Yeah, I did everything I could, but God didn't let me come.

I was in so much need.

What happened?

I'm pregnant Praised be God, sister!

Such good news!

Praised be, congratulations!

But there's something really strange about all of this, pastor.

What could be strange about that, sister?

I don't know who's the father

That is not good.

Not good at all.

And your husband?

He's not the father of my son.

Would you like to ask for forgiveness?

There's something left unexplained, pastor But there must be an explanation.

What are you going to tell your son?

Sister, there's not much I can do.

Right here, I can only facilitate your repentance.

There must be some message from God in all of this that I'm not understanding.

I need help, Pastor.

Is your body is pure?

I give my body to God.

Do you want to listen to some hymn to help with your repentance?

There's nothing to regret.

Sister, God's listening.

If you didn't sin and yet your son has no father, then what are you trying to say?

I think God touched me.

The only sin that can't be forgiven is blasphemy Be careful with what you say. Really careful.

And what if it's true?

What if God really touched my body?

As per protocol, I'll have to report your case to the help center.

You'll have to talk to them?

It's not a simple case.

Will I have to go there?

If I go they'll say I'm lying.

If I lie, they'll say I'm sinning.

Every child is God's child, but be careful with what you say.

I don't know if...

If they're prepared to hear what you have to say.

Strengthen me with raisins, refresh me with apples, for I am faint with love.

His left arm is under my head, and his right arm embraces me.

Master, Excuse me, May I read the the passage I brought specially for today?

You may, brother.

But it's from another book, is that okay?

Samuel, Chapter 1

Verse 11.

If you will indeed look on the affliction of your servant and remember me and not forget your servant, but will give to your servant a son, then I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life

Me and Joana are gonna be father and mother.


Congratulations! Thank you.

Thank you very much.



Congratulations, sister. Hallelujah, sister.


Thank you.

Glory. Thank you.

Congratulations, sister.

I wish you happiness.

What's up with you, huh?

I didn't like how you told everyone that I'm pregnant.

What's the difference?

The detector is gonna show that anyway and everybody will know just the same

And what's the problem with sharing it with our group?

After everything we've went through, to have this child.

Aren't you happy?

Of course I am.

I just wished you'd ask me before telling.

What's going on?

What happened?

This child is not ours.

Not ours?

I don't know how to explain, Danilo.

If it's not ours, whose child is it then?

I don't know.

Aren't you the mother?

I am.

If you're the mother then I'm the father.


Who's the father?

Someone from Divine Love? No.

I did the paternity test, It's not you nor any of them.

Danilo Danilo. Who's the father?

There's no father If there's no father then what is it?

Nobody needs to know We can keep it among ourselves Only you and me will know Look here, This is YOUR child.

Brought them all for you.

Shouldn't they be having their mother's milk?

No, they're fine.

They drink regular milk now.

Won't you keep any with you? I can't Because of the pedigree thing.

Want to come in? No, thanks. I'm on my way.


Judging must be left to the judges.

The notary mustn't judge anyone You can refer this to the tribunal and they'll handle the process Joana, your husband has just filled for a divorce He's right there.

Danilo, stop that.

Listen to me, why are you doing this?

Why do you want to destroy our family?

This child right here is a miracle.

Our marriage is a lie.

Don't talk like this, God's listening.

If he's listening, tell him it's over.

It's over.

You don't love me anymore?

This has nothing to do with love.

It does.

Because those who love, believe.

And those who believe, have faith, Danilo.


What faith? Look at what happened.

Faith? Have you lost your faith?

Your faith won't fool me anymore.

You get it?

You don't believe in my faith anymore?

Go away, then.

Get out.

Good evening, brother. Good evening, sister.

Where's Danilo?

Danilo couldn't come, I'm just here to talk to Master Dalva really quick.

You know the rules, ma'am.

It's only for today.

Please, sister, you know I can't do that.


Not by yourself.

I'm really sorry, if I could...

But I can't.

Pastor, you gotta help me.

I can't be treated like this, I'm not some loose woman.

You didn't go to the help center, sister.

But didn't you say yourself that they wouldn't believe me?

I'm not authorized to handle your case.

I love God.

I'm a completely dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Is that my sin? Loving too much?

Are you doubting me, pastor? Who I am to doubt or to judge anyone?

What do I have to do to prove that I love God?

Listen to God from the inside of your heart Help me, pastor, please.

Go in peace, sister.

I'm gonna prove that I'm telling the truth

Those who love, do not betray Those who love, share

Joana said she did everything out of love And would do it all again.

More than two thousand years of waiting.

Everyone was waiting for the return of the messiah.

But nobody was prepared to receive him.

The white mantle of light Covered her face It was a woman

My mother

I was her nameless offspring The great happening The secret pride The divine love

I'm not registered I don't have a name No documents

Those who are born without a name, can grow without fear