Divya Shakti (1993) Script

Who is he?

He dropped out of the ninth. This is a case of drug overdose.

What was his age? 21 Treat the case as an accident. Not a serious case.

Lift it up. Prepare for the funeral.

A moment.

From the press.


Everything we need to know about Sunil Gupta's death ...

He earned a lot of medals at this college.

Had he not touched the drug, he could have been a great man out of it.

I saw tremendous confidence in him.

Today, I view Sunil as a criminal.

He had no right to end his life like this.

With your life, you don't just belong to your family, ...

... but also to this society.

You all need to become doctors, teachers, or engineers in the future.

... to fill positions of responsibility ...

... in this society and in this country.

Sir, this is not a tribute to Sunil Gupta.

The people who got the drugs ...

... they should be punished.

We want an explanation for Sunil Gupta's death.

We will show.

Until the culprits are found, close the college!

We will not close the college. Strike is not the answer.

... punishing criminals is not your business but ....

... the job of the law and the police.

Who is the traitor among us?

Who was the one who got the drugs out of here?

I need to know now. Tell me ... if they reveal the truth ...

... I promise the case will not, go on ...

... but we bury him here and now. Tell me.

I already have a Joker, I'm starting.

Leave them, Uncle Monto, these people are loyal to us.

If one of them were a thief, there would be a fear of death on his face.

Cheating villain ...

You were like a thrown-out dog when my uncle and I picked him up ...

... and that's how you thank me. I didn't do it for the money.

Game over, Narayan.

You know very well what we do with traitors.

Send it to Tavu to the "Godfather."

He will punish him.

She has a young sister, send me here.

I will take care of it.

Why did you stop? A cat crossed the road.

So what? That's not a good sign, sir.

It's all right, go. Start the car.


Look back.

What are you watching?

The cat is dead, sir.

No one crosses the path of a snake.

The cat did not dare to cross the path of the Godfather either .

And whoever does it comes close to death. Start.

Where's Seth? Stop!

Tell us, what do you have to do with it?

My husband works for Seth and I live here in Rajawadi.

My husband hadn't come home in two days.

What kind of story is this? What's your husband's name?

Narayan, are you tired of living that you betrayed me so soon?

Is Tavut the godfather? No.

I swear, sir, I didn't do it for the money.

My child ... -How long will you mention your child?

What did we ask about your child?

Leave her, Lalla.

Your soul is tired of the burden of your body.

That is why you need a new body.

I will release your soul.

Please forgive me.

My child ....

Lalla - Yes, sir.

Let's cut off his head and show everyone that ...

"... no one should dare to do something like Narayan."

Did you talk to Masood? I gave him a lot of advice, but ... can't go over 20 ....

As long as you catch the bull's horn, you can't go.

Make an appointment with Masood. Yes.

Enough God. I caused it again ...

... the death of someone, my God.

I can no longer live with this sin in this world.

You take care of everyone’s well-being and salvation.

Please give me salvation. Sir, punish me. Punish me.

Sir ...

... this revolver and this bullet ...

... and this is my head.

I'll pull the trigger, sir ...

... the rest is your business.

You saved me again.

How long are you going to connect me to this shadow world.

I understand everything, sir. You want me to live on ...

... and you give even more salvation than before.

All right, sir. But remember one thing.

This Ramayani Kaliyug will only be a Ravan in your realm.

No, Ram will be born from Kaushalya.

Did you understand?

22.23,24.25 ...

26,27,28,29 ...

29? - 30. 30?

What are you doing? Do you think my back is a table?

Since you can't understand these with your mind, books ...

... I thought maybe your back would bear it.


You exercise every morning, you don’t even have muscles.

Tell me one thing. Do you want to fight with these arms?

Naughty kid.

Brother let me go, I have to go to school.

But your school is closed. Then where are you going?

Let go of my hair, I'll tell you. I let you go.

We are all taking part in an anti-drug parade.

Do you know who's driving? Who?

- Bharat Acharya , President of the Youth Club - Bharat Acharya?

Long live Bharat Acharya!

Good afternoon .. - Bharatji, the college students want to give you flowers.



Our college will be with you every step of the way .

I expected that from you.

How can you do so many good deeds at such a young age?

Where did you get the idea for the Women’s Welfare Society?

From a servant in my house.

Here you go?

I do not understand.

He became a widow at a young age and became the first member of the company.

From then on, it occurred to me to take care of women’s well-being.

Once this building was completed, my biggest dream came true.

Here I will be able to provide prosperity for even more women.

In my country, I don’t want to see tears on women’s faces.

No ... I don't want to go. I already told you I wasn't going.

Why don't you want to go? All the women are gone.

I would send my own sister here as well.

Back! None of you can touch it. Our special guest is coming.

Bathe, feed and dress up!

They want a new girl.

How do you massage my neck?

That way it won't be straight. When a foreign doctor ...

... he couldn't, how could you?

My nephew had a nice job. Nice work!

Now the ministerial chair is waiting for you.

"Isn't that right, Mr. Deshmukht?" Why not Godfather?

There is no one to challenge Bharat’s public performances.

It has the qualities to become a leader.

He is my heir, and Mr. Deshmukht was born a very leader.

He was born in a public hospital on August 15th.

Independence Day was celebrated with great splendor.

They applauded outside, and he cried inside.

He raised his right hand, I knew right away that he would become a leader.

Now Delhi is not that far. Soon I will be my favorite minister.

Real prosperity will greet the citizens when I sit in that chair ...

I will wipe out my life so far from the public, Godfather.

My nephew, your victory is already decided before you ...

... you would face the election. You are my strength.

I'll send the photo to Pandey now.

It will appear in the newspapers tomorrow.

Hello ... Greetings Godfather.

The Godfather.

Yes the pictures are in my hands. Very good.

Brother Bharat's face shines like that of the great saints.

Yes. I'm sure I'll print it on the front page .

Don't embarrass.

The newspaper is yours, and so am I.

It will be ... welcome.

The Godfather.

Then I'm going now , Mr. Pandey.

I'll order you a cold drink, then go.

I will be back in a minute. I will be back in a minute.

The work is done.

We have high hopes for you, Mr. Pandey.

How great that our hopes have met.

These hopes are the foundation of building relationships.

A sweet will be added to the relationship . Do you understand what I say.

You have to understand. Your sir?

What did you do? Did you print the deaths of 7 people in 15 lines?

Who are we, accident report?

These are college students who died from drugs in a week .

Should we write an entire newspaper full of the deaths of seven people?

Seven people died today, 15 tomorrow, and if ...

... a building collapses then they forget about it.

About the death of a man, there is no point in printing a newspaper article.

Do you know anything else? Says.

That's not a big deal, sir. With this new news, I'll teach you ... for making the editorial. Print the deaths of seven people ...

... in three lines and put a photo of Bharat Acharya on the cover.

He is the benefactor of our society. Go and print quickly.

Nav-kranti’s words about the revolution have now become a joke.

Didn't the death of seven people value them?

Don't print these ... Leave it, my friend.

Don’t worry about who is being killed and what needs to be printed.

Let things go their own way.

If you only think about the problems, it will only increase.

Just think of yourself.

What are you doing, you don't have enough space?

What? What's wrong? Why are you holding me?

Why are you shouting? Do you think you are Sridevi?

He blames you unnecessarily. -Sister, the lady is right.

Stand a little further away from him. She is a lady.

Hey, old man, are you your father?

What happened?

Now you burn your hand. Can't I make any tea?

You know nothing, but you want everything for yourself.

Don't teach, it was just a little warm water.

I don't want to hear anything. Come in.

Sit down.

Brother, what's been wrong with you lately?

Sometimes you bite your fingers or burn your hands and ...

... yet you always quarrel with me.

Instead of Prashant's name, Gusant should call you.

Get married, then your wife will lead and take care of you.

Pooja, happy birthday! Thank you Priya.

Sorry I'm late. It's okay, it's important that you're here.

Happy Birthday. Thank you.

I'm sorry I'm so late, As you know, I arrived a month ago.

Oh my God. God. I'm so sorry.

I’ve been here for the first time in a month, but now I have to go. I'll call you later. I promise.

You are leaving already? You know, I'm meeting Prasaht.

Do not worry. I will definitely call you. Happy Birthday to You.

Please forgive me.

Just tell me my love, how much do you like me?

Just tell me my love, how much do you like me?

You are the only one for me, only we count.

Do you love me?

I love you.

Do you love me?

I love you.

Just tell me my love, how much do you like me?

Just tell me my love, how much do you like me?

You are the only one for me.

Do you love me?

I love you.

Do you love me?

I love you.

In front of you, I have not loved anyone like this in my life, my love.

I will not let anyone else into my heart, I swear to God, darling.

In front of you, I have not loved anyone like this in my life, my love.

I will not let anyone else into my heart, I swear to God, darling.

I can not live without you.

That's what the whole world has to say, I say.

What? That you're the only one for me.

Do you love me?

I love you.

Do you love me?

I love you.

I have never seen such a youthful beauty as you.

It's a magic, it's my magic to always see you.

I have never seen such a youthful beauty as you.

It's a magic, it's my magic to always see you.

You always enchant me.

That's what people have to say, ....

What? That you're the only one for me.

Do you love me?

I love you.

Do you love me?

I love you.

Just tell me my love, how much do you like me?

Just tell me my love, how much do you like me?

You are the only one for me, only we count.

Do you love me?

I love you.

Do you love me?

I love you.

Do you love me?

I love you.

Do you love me?

I love you.

"How could you be so late, Prashan?" My bus is late.

You haven't seen me in a month ... What do I look like?

What do you mean by that? You are as always.

Did you bring me this flower?

Yes, when I got off the bus, I saw a florist ...

I thought I'd bring it for you ....

Do you know that this girl is from the Women’s Welfare Society?

Didn't you have a bracelet? One in your hand, sir.

Mangalsutra, sandals ... No sandals , sir.

Is this a Mangalsutra? - No. Then give it to me.

Send the body to the morgue. Yes sir.

Why are you standing here in the middle?

Has no one died with you yet? Have you never seen a corpse before?

Get out of here.

What is he doing? You have no right to hit anyone.

What is your problem? Who are you?

I'm the editor-in-chief of Nav-kranti, Prashant Verma.

Whoever you are, we have to do our thing.

If people are crowded here, how do we do it?

Do you think this is a show? Yes, this is the one. This is a cabaret.

This whole police report is a comedy. What will be the result?

In his office, just another document, nothing else.

Brother, come home. For my sake, come on.

What is this grouping? Everyone go home.

Guruji, my sister, Shalu. Good afternoon. - Good afternoon.

Come to my house sometime with your sister.

I am here in Bharatnagar. I teach here at school.

You've always been shy at school. Do you remember ...

... a fat boy always ate biscuits and you never ..

... you didn't dare tell me about this ..

Prashan, I recognized you from your eyes.

It cannot be forgotten. Fear is still visible in your eyes.

But there is already a lot of aggression in these eyes.

Don’t let death leave a visible mark on them.

Give way to a flood of emotions, because otherwise when ...

... that bridge collapses, leaving only floods .

Shantidevi, as these women work hard , I opened a savings ...

... account in the bank. If you want to donate money to them ...

... if necessary, give my name to the head of the Bank.

All right? Please go.

You? Welcome.

Stay seated.

The body they found is not the Kalayani ...

... Was the Women's Welfare Society a member of the association?

That was. There has been a recent medical examination.

All women undergo a medical examination.

Her caregivers took action on her mental state, but ...

He left us here and left.

Was he so crazy that he could have hurt himself?

I don't understand you.

I saw the body.

There were traces of injuries on his face and neck .

It will be best if you ask the police.

Of course, signs of injury were not included in the report.

What do you mean by that? - Like the other deaths in town ...

... the police, to get rid of his duty, called it an accident.

The truth will never be revealed, because the girl is her ...

... was a member of his welfare society.

I'm sorry ... I'm sorry.

The one thing is that the vase was here and fell ...

.... I just touched it. That's okay. But who are you?

I ... I ... Is Priya Prashant inside?

We work together in the office.

Oh, of course. Please sit down. Of course.

I'm sorry ... then I'll sit down now.

What kind of work do you do?

Only this. So you're smashing things?

This doesn’t always happen to me, only sometimes.

Just sit still and don't get up.

What broke Shalu?



She works in the office. Yes, I told you ...

... that three girls work in the office.

Nita, Rajni and Rosy ... She's Nita ...

She’s not Nita, she’s fourth, my brother, because she’s Priya.

Priya, how could I forget? How are you Priya?

You change clothes and I come.

I could go in, we should discuss things at work .


Why did you come here? Since you've had three days ...

... because you didn't call three days ago and we didn't meet.

I am very busy.

There's nothing to do waiting for you at the restaurant at 4 p.m.

If you don't come, then ... Then?

Then I will tell Shalu that we love each other.

Shall I tell you? Wait. No ... no ... no.

Four o'clock. All right, four o'clock.

You are very stubborn. Is this the way we meet?

And you even laugh at that.

Didn't I say Prashant would be here sooner than coffee?

And he came.

It must have been a full moon when he was born.

Look at it. My child broke it. These are my children.

Even if the whole restaurant is smashed, I will compensate.

I order. - What are you eating? Everything, just bring it.

You have to move slowly in love and cross the boundaries.

You're still shy. That's why I love you so much.

Why does it sound like a horse?

Can't be here? All right, I'll sing later.

Let's eat now. Come on, kids eat.

Everyone can eat except your mother.

The kid is crying, give him milk. How can I do this?

Give him. - All right, I'll give it. You don't understand anything.

Son, I'm having a hard time cheating on your mother here and you're crying.

Look at them and see for yourself, you fool.

You always run away from me. Yes, I play this every day.

Looks like I need to move.

What? - I have to teach you. What? - For love.


Oh, my little son, how can I teach you about love?

Oh, my little son, how can I teach you about love?

Either when you grow up or when I become a baby.

Either when you grow up or when I become a baby.

Love disease is bad. How do I explain it to you?

Love disease is bad. How do I explain it to you?

I don’t die unnecessarily in love.

I don’t die unnecessarily in love.

Oh, my little son, ...

Why are you avoiding me?

Why did you hide love in your shyness?

I am naive and innocent, I know these things.

I am innocent, I have in my heart ..

Either when you grow up or when I become a baby.

Either when you grow up or when I become a baby.

Oh, my little son, how can I teach you about love?

Where would you run away from me?

... and would you get rid of me?

Why are you standing in front of me? Come after me.

Let me awaken the thirst in your sleeping heart.

Either when you grow up or when I become a baby.

Love disease is bad. How do I explain it to you?

I don’t die unnecessarily in love.

Either when you grow up or when I become a baby.

How enjoyable it was.

I was the same in my dreams.

You, on the other hand, were boring and even dumber.

You were just starting to change, you woke up to that.

Don't talk nonsense.

I'm saying well. And now you will meet my father.

If I get permission, we'll visit.

What kind of license? Marriage.

Priya, I have to marry Shalu first.

After she finishes her studies, I look for a nice groom for her.

I understand you, Prasant.

But you have to meet my dad to discuss marriage.

Maybe you're marrying someone else ...

... and then you fall behind.

Your father, a famous lawyer.

I don't know how to talk to him.

When Dad comes to meet you, you don’t have to be afraid at all.

And tell her ... Lawyer, I love your daughter.

I like.


Is this the Prashant house? Yes.

Prashant's house? Yes.

Please, sit down. Welcome.


Come, sit down.


No hospitality required.

Because this house is also mine.

Priya never gets tired of praising you.

Is she your sister? Yes.

What is the name? Shalini ...

It is not enough that without parents you had to grow up alone ...

... but she even raised her sister.

People who grow up in the midst of life's difficulties ...

... set an example for society.

I like this house as it is maintained by hard work.

You have qualities I dreamed of my son-in-law ...

... like you, Prasath.

Hi Daddy. Prashant can't be my son-in-law.

I just met him.

An ordinary person working for a newspaper ...

Dad, you're comparing Prashan to your status ...

I see Prashan with my heart.

I really love him.


Did you recite a poem?

The love you are talking about is nothing but a passion ...

... which often occurs at a young age.

You can't force your decisions on me. I'm only going to Prashant for her husband.

Stop this chatter. It is not emotions that decide life.

You grew up in luxury. I'm not satisfying your stubbornness.

You gave so much love and happiness , but I didn’t give anything.

I can't live with anything but Prashant.

No dad, you can't be like that.

You can't take life away from me.

I'm going to die, Dad. I die.

Just look what your eyes are like when you cry.

I just tested your love.

I actually liked Prashan.

I would just add it to your husband.

No ... no ... I never leave my partner.

Whatever I promised you ...

... I never break it.

No ... no ... I never leave my partner.

No ... no ... I never leave my partner.

Whatever I promised you ...

... I never break it.

No ... no ... I never leave my partner.

I came and decorated your tangled hair.

After much thought, I locked my love in my heart .

I came and decorated your tangled hair.

After much thought, I locked my love in my heart .

Let the time go by and let me hold it in my heart.

... Don't stop my love.

No ... no ... I never leave my partner.

My thirst for others had subsided.

Take me in your arms and fulfill my desire.

My thirst for others had subsided.

Take me in your arms and fulfill my desire.

We have to live together, not to be separate ...

... as ordered.

No ... no ... I never leave my partner.

No ... no ... I never leave my partner.

No ... no ... I never leave my partner.

No ... no ... I never leave my partner.

Where did you come from so late at night?

What is this new habit that sometimes you come during the day ...

... sometimes at night, without any announcement?

They also said in the garage you didn't go there.

Where did you stay? Just tell me.

What did you take?

What intoxicants do you take?

This, what is this?

Do you even know what this is?

It's a poison that will kill you. Did you understand?

You die from him!

Yes. I want to die.

You know very well that this poison killed a man today.

But you sell the same poison with Tavu.

I'm sure I'm going to die. I want to die.

Open the door, Ramsingh!

Please open the door!

You sell the same poison with Tavu.

I'm sure I'm going to die. I die. -No!

My God ...

You opened Monto's eyes today.

My child shed light on the truth, my God.

I'm guilty. Very guilty!

Atonement for your sins by punishing Tavu ...

... thus protecting the other houses from destruction.

Welcome, sir. Is your wife born?

Not yet. Bring it one day.

If something bad happens to him, then I will help.

Yes sir.

On what occasion do you hand out candy?

Kranti worked with us for years. He retired last year.

I gave him two acres of land in Junagadh.

He lives happily there with his family.

A letter came from him that a grandson had been born.

Brother Kranti's grandson is also mine, and ..

... so we celebrate this joy with sweets .

You are making a big mistake.


Speak. "Your brother Kranti has learned our secrets."

And he will be the reason if we are hanged.

And you give him land in Junagadh.

Do I look like he's out of his mind?

You fool, my brother Kranti is not in Junagadh, but in Muktigarh.


This is Muktigarh.

When I retire someone, he gets here right away.

His soul mixes with the universe and receives salvation.

This is Brother Kranti Junagarhja.

Not two acres of land, but two yards of boxes.

He started allied against me, so he got here.

This is Munna ... Munna Kalia He was born with a knife in his hand, he was an expert ...

... the way he cut people.

He was once under the influence of Saturn and I killed him.

This is Ramnik Lal.

He was a man of the law and wore a hardened coat.

He fought me in a high-profile case.

He ended up under a car.

And this is our Narayan.

He doesn't have a head here.

You cut it off, Lalla.

And this is here ... someone will be here in a few days .

Monto is retiring, isn't he?

But Monto is your oldest employee.

He has great respect for you.

Monto is no longer useful to us.

His hand was already shaking.

Hello, this is the police. Sir, it's Monto ...

What kind of Monto? -You man.

I have to tell you something about Tavu.

Where are you talking from? About the gas station.

Please save me. Those people want to kill me.

Please save me. Do something.

Good evening, Uncle Monto.

Even though Tavu has given you a job for so many years ...

... you didn't understand him.

But we recognized you.

We know every step of the way.

These people here are not going to kill you ...

We just need to show you what the result is if Tavu ...

..or you are going against us.

How much you are late. You scared me a lot.

The power has gone three times since this morning.

Can I heat the food? No. - Why?

I'm not hungry. Are you hungry? You didn't even have breakfast.

I'm warming up. I said no.

How is this possible? You need something to eat.

What are you having problems with? You are very stubborn.

It's late, go and sleep.

Go to sleep!

I'm sorry. No, brother. I'm sorry.

You were already upset, and I did it.

What bothered you? Nothing.

He wanted to report it to the police, about me.

He attacked me as if he had lost his mind.

I'm done with the whole traitorous family.

Your father did a great job ....

... that he only has one son.

Nowadays, bullets are also a very expensive thing.

Just give it here, Lalla.

You see, sir. He was only 22 years old.

He hadn't even seen his life begin.

I shot him and he died.

How many more sins should I commit, God?

This is too much. Take me, my God. This is too much.

Lord, your miracles are incomprehensible to me.

Many came and left, just like you.

Talk about the rights of the owners and not the workers!

Now go. Sir, Monto's murder ...

Sir, about Monto's accident ....

Until the final police report comes, we don't know ...

... an accident and we can't print either.

A police investigation is underway, sir.

I hear nothing and understand nothing!

The police investigation ... Monto's case ... Come out.

Sir, this is Monto, who was killed at Ballatper.

The investigation is still ongoing, so how do they know it's an accident?

We are only telling the truth. He was drunk and ended up under a car.

What else? It was a murder, sir.

That is, while the investigation is in progress, we do not know ...

Why are you skinning this thing so much?

I spoke to Commissioner Deshmukh in person ...

... what you yourself are talking about is inability.

What do you mean? "I mean, who is the head of the newspaper or you?"

Go and do your job! Do you understand?

Why don't you listen? Where are you thinking?

I've been talking to you for a long time and you don't even look at me.

Go, I don't want to talk to you.

Why don't you listen? Why don't you tell me what's wrong?

You're always gloomy lately. If you're already like that ...

... God knows what happens next.

All right, then listen to me ...

What legs! If even the tailor had cut the skirt shorter ...

... that would be just fun.

Do not worry about it.

Please save me, Superintendent.

Leave him!

Let it go!

What is going on here?

What's going on?

I've seen people complain , but that's the problem ...

..is brought in, this is the first time I've seen it.

What's wrong with him? Ask him.

These people enjoy your support!

Behind bars! After sitting in jail, his mind comes.

What is the use of my imprisonment? Grow up to your responsibilities and notice.

Dancing to death is due to people like you.

It can't go on like this! Hello?

Superintendent harassed the girl and Prashan hit him.

Superintendent, you harassed me. I'll let you go, at your word ...

I warn you if you repeat it you can go to jail for 3-4 months.

Sign here.

At your age, you're not mature enough ...

... to think about the consequences. You will understand.

I don't care, sir. I saw Monto die with my own eyes, He was killed by Bharat Acharya, cruelly without any pity.

I can't forget, sir.

I can't face my conscience.

It kills me. Police said it was an accident and closed the case.

If I don’t speak, Monto’s death will remain an accident.

I'm revealing the truth to the police, sir.

The truth will be yours, the curse will be yours , Prashant.

I also loved the truth and the ideas.

I was like you. My eyes shone as I spoke of the truth.

One day I caught four boys, copied the college exam.

I was told to let go of one of them because ...

... was the son of the chairman of the college committee .

I protested because all four students were the same to me.

They wanted to pay me down, I refused.

My wife greeted me at the gate. My same wife ...

... who suffered so much for my ideas and the search for truth.

In that body, there lies the truth.

And do you see that?

I went to sell these.

To buy medications that reduce my wife’s pain.

Nothing could be a greater truth than this.

Are you giving me the identity of truth now , sir?

So what was the point of the lessons he taught me?

You have laid the foundations of our culture in me.

If everything was just a loss of eyesight and a lie, then why did he teach ...

... tell us the truth, he says!

He recognized me from my eyes. Then look into it now . Take a look, sir.

You have lost the power of your tolerance, Prashan.

But if you set out on this path, it will be the path of fire.

Where are you going? I'll meet Mr. Deshmukht.

"The gentleman has lunch, you can't meet him." He'll meet me.

Get out! My name is Prashant Verma.

I am the editor-in-chief of Nav-rakanti.

I want to talk to you about a murder.

Mhatre, go out.

What kind of murder do you want to talk about?

About Monto, whose body was found at the Ballatser.

He was killed by Bharat Acharya.

I was on the scene, sir. Yes, but you know ...

... to witness a murder case? Do you understand?

I understood everything and was talking in court.

I have nothing to worry about. -Prashant, makes the mind happy ....

... that there are more young people in town like you.

Let us do our thing ...

We will hold an investigation and then call you if you need to testify.

Tavu, Deshmukh is on the phone.

Yes, sir, Deshmukh.

Deshmukh, what kind of bad news do you have?

I call him myself and talk to him.

If you meet me, you will understand everything.

What happened?

There is no shortage of fools in the city.

Poor thing, Prashant.

Who are you?

Let go.

So you don't accept our control.

Tell me, Brother Masood ...

So you're showing your back to us.

But accept what I'm saying now.

Never point your back at the bullet.

Because it will kill you.

In a game , you must also see your opponent's moves.

... because you lose your attention and the game.

Prashant .... Prashant úr ...

How old are you?

23 or 24?

So you saw Monto murder that day?

This city is not good for you, Prashant.

You should not walk alone late at night.

Why did you bring it here?

You went to Deshmuk.

Do you want to testify?

Bharat Acharya is my nephew.

Your nephew.

You must have heard my name.

Yes, I've heard a lot about you.

The people of the city respect their name, but ...

... the day will come when honesty will take off the veil of falsehood .

I know who you really are. The devil itself,...

... whom God sent to earth as a human being for his sins.

And who sent you? What nonsense are you talking about?

Is that how you talk to an ordinary person?

"When the whole city loves this man, tell me!" - Not the whole ...

... city, only those who are accomplices, they worship him.

Don't shout, Tavu!

I will decide your domination and honesty ....

... I will pull a false veil off your face, Tavu!

So much heat in such a young man ....

As long as a bull has a hoop in his nose, he knows no one else ....

.... control like the master's whip.

Innocent youth.

You don't know me yet.

I stand at such heights, even if you see me ....

..you must rise so high that your spine breaks.

Have you seen this, Tavu?

It broke into so many pieces when I dropped it ...

... from this height.

And you stand too high. Too high.

What do you do? What can you do?

I’ve said it so many times that you’re not related to this newspaper.

I didn’t come to get the job.

My own conscience drove me here.

Maybe God will forgive His sins.

But I will never forgive myself for working here ...

... to a man who defiles the truth.

What kind of impossibility is this? What do you think of yourself?

I'm trying to introduce the riot. Many thieves have begged here. Do you understand?

He has defeated me to this day with his strong voice.

Do you see this? Every person who sits here has a dying conscience.

They submit to this situation and therefore ...

... your voice is high against them.

But now that is changing.

Because these hands are not feathers to dance the way you whistle.

These hands are completely empty.

When these hands rise, they destroy the evil, and your ...

..catches his neck first.

Where is Mr. Prashant? What happened?

Didn't you just lose your job?

Leave this city as fast as you can, otherwise you will die.

Don't worry about my life, Tavu Just count your sins. The game will be over soon.

Prashant fiam ...

When deciduous teeth come, you should only eat soft things.

If you eat hard, it can damage your teeth.

Valuable advice. Take it.

Get out of the driver.

Don't get excited. Everything will be fine.

You'll find another job ... It's not about the job, Priya.

Today, when I faced myself, the questions rushed.

Who am I? What is the identity of this Prashant Vermah?

I have nurtured fear in myself since I was a child .

After my mother died, this fear completely overwhelmed me.

I owed responsibility for Shalu.

I had a goal in life, Shalu.

I killed my conscience. Like all people in this city ...

I saw the devil's cruel dance ...

My blood boiled and I saw Shalu's face in front of me again.

I have to take care of Shalu's wedding ...

... like a father.

My brain is dealing with this issue.

I am not worthy to see or hear anything.

Today I understood that anger grew in my head together ...

... with fear.

To sell the newspaper, only it employed me.

I did my job every day and sold the horrible news.

And I used my lawsuit to buy food for Shalu ...

I tried to forget what I sold in exchange for the food.

That’s when I became an editor-in-chief of the newspaper.

I started printing anything that could be sold.

There I began to see that the colors of truth began to change.

I saw that Nav-Kranti is proud of the news in the newspaper ...

... which Tavu approves.

Only his rules mattered there.

I just watched in silence like the others.

I looked at everything out of habit, but when ...

... I saw Monto murder that night ...

He was brutally killed before me, without mercy .

He looked at me and wanted my help, but I ...

I can't forget your eyes, Priya. I can't.

And then at my newspaper, I reported the murder ...

It was printed out like an accident. Because he is a murderer of Bharat Acharya ...

... Your nephew.

I'm ashamed.

I decided to make the truth public.

That’s too much Priya for me, I can’t keep quiet.

I will not leave this matter to that extent and I will not leave the city. No.

Only if I ca n't do anything for good.

I'm trying to wake the man up inside.

It may be in one of the corners.

He can only testify if he survives.

I'm going to kill him. "Don't you think of anything but murder?"

Especially if it doesn't cause a problem. The Kalyani case ...

... not forgotten yet. Do you want to kill a journalist now ?

I'm being chased to another city.

Deshmukh is right. This could affect Bharat’s political career.

We'd better get Prashant involved in certain legal cases .

What have you done?

How dare you put your hand on my neck?

Lalla, throw this guy out.

My blood also boils from showing off his courage here with me.

If I can’t kill you, you scare me into having a fear of death.

If you see your own blood, your aggression will decrease.

I know you are Tavu's people!

Why am I running away? Come on, stand before me!

Too late. Come tomorrow.

I can't wait until tomorrow morning.

Why don't you understand? I said the gentleman was sleeping.

Then wake me up or I'll wake you up.

ACP Deshmukh, come out!

What happened? Why are you shouting?

Look at this, look. This is a reward for helping the police!

Tavu’s people are so cowardly that they only dare to attack in the dark.

Come to my office tomorrow. Then we'll talk.

What is he talking about? I already know your true face Deshmukh.

You wear your own bracelets like the others.

Yes, you are. Look at this blood.

This is not blood, but acid. Every drop that falls to the ground ...

... fall, start a revolution!

I got this injury from your own people.

This blood is the blood of an average man Desmukh, who, however ....

... it will change the fate of many people.

It was like you were coming home from the office earlier .

It's ... Yes, your office and your job ...

Listen, you have to finish the game before you eat.

I left the game as it was. Come on, take a look.

No. I do not accept objections today.

Now I understand why I always lose.

Once we’re there to win, you leave the game here.

Do you think you're going to win? Definitely.

Think about it. - At least come play. - Let's go.

Did you do something tricky? No.

Who came next? Me.

Me. If you remember, play.

What is this?


What happened? An angle has been scratched on the bus.

I was at the doctor's and then I came. -Are you telling the truth? - Yes.

I swear you were injured on the bus.

You're crazy. Leave this insignificant thing.

Blood is not an insignificant thing to me.

Come on, I'm hungry. Heat the food.

I forgot to say something. I went shopping today.

Look at this. How does he look like?


That's it? Just fine?

Why are you upset, Prashant? Smile a little.

And say a few words of love.

What should I say?

The problems in Prashant, in life come and go.

And when I sit so close to you, you don't even touch me?

Don't you feel like you should do something?

What should I do? Well, this.

What are you doing? Let me go.

It looks like I have to steal your feelings to finally do something.

Close your eyes and don’t open them until I say so.

You can open it now.

Seeing you ....

Seeing you, I feel like I have been given a new life.

What more could I ask for, God. When you have the world ...

... all the happiness that you are to me.

Seeing you ....

Seeing you, I feel like I have been given a new life.

What more could I ask for, God. When you have the world ...

... all the happiness that you are to me.

Seeing you ...

I have never seen such beauty in my life .

Your style and loyalty have already conquered me.

... time early.

I have never seen such beauty in my life .

Your style and loyalty have already conquered me.

... time early.

My love, please don't leave me.

Seeing you ...

Seeing you, I feel like I have been given a new life.

What more could I ask for, God. When you have the world ...

... all the happiness that you are to me.

Seeing you ...

How to thank God? I will never leave him.

I will not break my promise to my love now ...

... and I will fulfill our love.

How to thank God? I will never leave him.

I will not break my promise to my love now ...

... and I will fulfill our love.

I learned loyalty after I saw you darling.

Seeing you, ...

Seeing you, I feel like I have been given a new life.

What more could I ask for, God. When you have the world ...

... all the happiness that you are to me.

Seeing you, ...

Seeing you, ...

Give me some time, I'll arrange everything. What do you want to do?

That ordinary worthless young man, Prashant, dares to face ...

-... with me and your police. What do you want? What to do?

My job too ... - It's not a job you do Deshmukh.

Prashant has a sister, she's everything.

Then we will show her whether we are more valuable to her sister's life.

.... or the truth you are looking for.

You're right, my nephew.

My grandfather used to say that a snake should be caught at his mouth ...

... and not at his tail.

My aunt open the door.

What is my son? Didn't you see Shalu?

No, I didn't see anything.

"Brother, did you see Shalu?" -No, I just came back from duty.

I know nothing.

Did you see my Shalom? No, I didn't see him.

My house was completely looted and no one saw it?

I have not seen anything. Why don't you let me sleep?

These people sleep and die. Tavu's people came ...

... and they took your sister.

Glory to the Lake!

I do not feel appropriate to praise.

I am a simple, humble person.

You all know the miracles of God.

All I'm saying is that these miracles are not a joke category.

It is necessary for God to see that we are trying to become like Him.

We need to follow his principles in our lives.

Then let's show Ram Lila our point.

Otherwise, everything else is just rubbish.

Nowadays, we hear that certain things come from abroad.

And some things go out of here.

Does anyone notice where India is going?

Where is the kingdom of God?

The rules of Shri Ram’s speech sound bad from his mouth.

Even Ravan can hide behind him with his evil deeds.

Tell me, where is my sister? You kidnapped him!

Stop that guy!

Stop that young man.

Tell me where is my sister ?! Tell me!

Otherwise, I'll take you. Give my sister back.

Give me back my sister, Tavu!

Get this Ravant out of here!

Let go and give my sister back, Tavu!

Where's my sister? ... She's kidnapped by her thugs!

Let go! Superintendent she kidnapped my sister!

I will not leave this evil man.

Take him to jail!

Have you recognized Prashan now, the truth of the law?

The law is a game for me.

Your account has not yet been settled.

You put me to shame in front of a thousand people. You shamed Tavu.

You have to pay for it.

Your sister ...

I'm not going to kill you, but I'm making you so unhappy ...

... that he'll be sick all his life.

And then he himself wishes death.

And I arranged your bail.

You want to see your sister, right?

Please let me go.

Let me go.

How can I let go? I see your state sadly.

What can I do? You are the brother of the evil Prashant who ...

... insult me ​​in front of a thousand people.

He tried to tarnish the light of my respect.

I mostly want to cut it into pieces and throw it in the sewer ...

But that punishment would be too little for him.

You are his life.

He really loves you.

That is why I will decorate you and give it to you as a gift.

From your sight, your whole body will tremble.

Gunghru, responds to Prashant's impudence ...

... a to testeddel.

She dreams of becoming a bride ...

... but we make you a prostitute.

I threw it on the market.

I sold it.

She became my prostitute.

He played with me.

Her body was ruined by so much intolerant violence ...

... that he's completely burned out.

He can no longer hear or speak.

It does not show any reaction.

Look at this.

What happened, Shalu?

Doctor, what happened to my sister?

Say something, Shalu.

Priya, why don't you talk? Say something, Shalu.

Say something, Shalu.

Doctor ... She was in terrible shock.

He completely lost touch with the outside world.

His brother himself, perhaps hearing his own voice.

Everything will be fine. I'll make amends.

Don't worry, I'm here now.

Here is your brother.

Say something, Shalu. Why do not you talk?

Say something.

Shalu, say something. Why don't you talk, Shalu?

Shalu, say something.

Shalu, say something.

I was punished for my actions.

My sister became a living dead man.

You were right, sir.

The truth became a curse to my sister.

That's what it became.

I sided with the truth.

And my sister bears the punishment.

I can't fight anymore.

I'll take Shalu and we 'll leave this city.

I'll leave everything here.

No matter how he lives, but at least he lives.

Try to calm down, Prashan.

Please, here are the medicines.

Not my brother, you have to take part in this fight.

Do not stray from the path of truth for my sake.

The truth has not become a curse to me, brother.

I will not be your weak point.

I will not curse your truth by staying alive.

I won't let my brother. I can not do.

Here you go.

He was only 18 years old. I caused him too much suffering.

I caused his death, my God.

The death of a girl is equal to the death of 100 mothers.

I must die now, my God.

Now I understand why you didn't want to kill me.

I'm not guilty at all.

Everything is in your hands. You are the reason for everything ...

..what happened and what will happen. So how could I be the culprit?

Glory to Dinanath God.

Tavu, why are you holding the gun to your head?

If one day finally ...

My grandfather used to say whatever soap they use ...

.... for dog bathing, it won't make it a goat yet .

Lalla, you're still just a fool.

I'm not that crazy.

The revolver is real, but the bullet is a copy.

Your sister burned for a long time. He was of divine origin.

The fire fought the deity all night.

Take it.

The man is in you, you have achieved salvation.

You are free now.

Kalpurush, you have become a god of decay and destruction!

I see the power of destruction in your eyes.

The flames of divine power are blazing in your eyes.

My eyes saw them.

I see those flames ...

... I see the flames the way I have seen the flames of the bonfire all night.

Destroy the sinners, burn them to ashes. You are the god of destruction!

Vidwansh is the god of destruction.

Tavu, congratulations on your birthday.

Welcome, Tavu.

Tell me, what did Panditji see in my horoscope?

What awaits me this year?

This year will not be good for you.

Mangal has moved to seventh place in your horoscope.

This direction can be fatal to your life.

And it can cause your death.

Did you see your horoscope too, Panditji?

How many years have you written of your life?

He wrote that I would live for 90 years.

I am 53 years old and I will live another 37 years.

Add ide, Lalla.

He wanted to live 37 years longer.

Something wrong was calculated by the God of Death, ...

... that's why he spent 37 years on my account.

Swamiji, I'm going for you myself.

Come and see what a colorful place we have created for you.

Swamiji called. He's coming to the party too.

Come and love me my love.

Don't let me get so upset, my love.

Just wait a minute, my master.

Come and love me my love.

If you stay away. I will be restless.

My heart, which is full of love, remains thirsty.

If you stay away. I will be restless.

My heart, which is full of love, remains thirsty.

You quench my thirst from my lips and excite me.

Love me, at least once, my love.

Love me, at least once, my love.

Your lips are fragrant from your breath.

Something has to happen on a night like this.

Your lips are fragrant from your breath.

Something has to happen on a night like this.

Don't torture me so much.

Come a little closer.

Don't torture me so much.

Come a little closer.

Give yourself to me, my love.

Come and love me my love.

Don't let me get so upset, my love.

Just wait a minute, my master.

My master ...

Are n't you surprised I'm here?

This is a modified form of greeting, Tavu.

You should notice the weapon you created ....

... by throwing it into the fire.


For the first time in his life, he raises his head against someone at Tavu.

Let people know what happens to the one who dares the lion ...

... into his cave and making noise. What would happen...

Before you die, I'll show people ...

... who you really are ...

... to find out that the dead Tavu is none other than the devil ..

Just laugh, Tavu. Nevess.

You laugh last. Because in life you will have no more opportunities to laugh.

I promise you that.

It hurts, doesn't it?

This is the fire you recognize as you touch it.

You gave me so much pain that I no longer feel it.

You now get the first feeling of pain.

Everyone leaves the room immediately .

Prashant, what are you doing?

Are you crazy?

What do you want to do?

Son, what are you doing?

Today is the 25th anniversary of the Nav-Kranti newspaper ...

I'm celebrating.

This newspaper has been lying for 25 years ...

This newspaper praised many thieves on the black market ...

Pandey, remember what I told you?

On the day this hand rises against the sinners ...

... he gets his neck first.

What do you want to do? If you want, you can come to work tomorrow .

If you want this newspaper yours will be my son.

You can get this chair if you want.

Get it. I don't need this chair.

What are you doing? You can't do that, son.

You have tremendous intelligence.

What are you doing, son?

Where is he, Lalla? On the floor.

You're unnecessarily scared, I'm just preparing ...

... for the Women's Welfare Society.

Brother Bharat sent me to train you.

What are you doing?

Let me go.

Let me go.

Let me go.

Congratulations on Lalla's death, Tavu.

What are you talking about? About your total destruction.

I destroyed Pandey and Lalla. Now it is your turn...

... I will destroy your entire empire.

There are many people by your side, but when the hour of your death comes ...

... no one will be by your side.

Now you can only go to the governor.

He attacked Prashan and killed Lalla.

He also wants to destroy my empire.

Tavu wants to destroy his entire empire .

Tavu, don't worry about it.

By killing Lalla, Prashant received an invitation from death.

I arrange this work with a foreign villain.

He is a deadly machine.

This is a special feature of white skin.

Foreign things have great value in India which is why ...

... we import.

It won't be hard to calm Prashant now.

Why don't you understand, Priya?

With me there is no life or happiness just death.

I’m not turning back from the path I started.

But Prashant, finding out the truth is the duty of the police.

If the truth existed, I would n't need me ...

... and what I do.

Whatever I have to do, I will do it.

You become like them. Your soul...

Priya my soul is already dead.

Priya, this is a war. I have to take revenge on my sister.

That is the purpose of my life.

I can’t understand all of this, but I can’t live without you.

Why do you long for a Prashant whose soul is dead.

I saw total destruction with these eyes.

Now I have to kill the people in charge ...

... for this destruction.

Many of these Shalu died like my sister.

But there is no one to take up the fight for these women.

Look at this city.

Look at this city, carefully.

I'm going to fight for every ruined house in town ...

.... which cannot be rebuilt.

That's enough. Leave the tears, Priya.

There must be a strong man next to a woman .

Then what do you need, my weakness, Priya?

Forget even a dream. Forget me.

I'm with you ...

... the spring wind will accompany us.

I'm with you ...

... the spring wind will accompany us.

Share your grief with me, oh, my dear love.

... oh, my dear love.

I'm with you ...

... the spring wind will accompany us.

Share your grief with me, oh, my dear love.

... oh, my dear love.

I'm with you ...

He's not the one to calm the storm ...

..or stop halfway if the destination is not visible.

Life is made up of so much happiness and sadness.

Come on, let me make your heart happy with my love.

I'm with you ...

... the spring wind will accompany us.

I'm with you ...

... the spring wind will accompany us.

Share your grief with me, oh my dear love.

... oh my dear love.

... oh my dear love.

Sir, we pay for everything. Maniya Seth gives money to all of us.

Sir, and he also said that we will get a permanent permit.

Then go and ask permission from Maniya Sethed.

Help your business partner.

Don't dare your eyes, because I'll squeeze you out!

Look at this picture. Do you recognize this?

What do you mean by that?

This is our mother ... India is our mother.

Just look.

How much you curse yourself.

How ashamed of yourself!

Do you know why?

Because it feeds devils like you.

Look ... let the police do their job.

He no longer needs his job, so he retires.

You have no right to touch an idol.

He doesn't even have the right to touch the earth.

You killed the authority of this land .

Please don't beat my father!

Your own child has become your shield.

I don't want you to be an orphan.

Because I know the fate of orphans.

If you still have a conscience for the rest of your life ...

... atone for your sins.

At least pay back a few drops of the breast milk you got.

Are you that bad, Dad?

I said I'd be a soldier like you.

But if you are soldiers, they are like you. Then I don't want to be a soldier.

I will never be a soldier.

I'm arresting Prashan, in the name of the law .

What's my sin? He set fire to the Nav-Kranti office.

... and killed Lalla.

Do you have any evidence?


Today, he prevented a police officer from performing his duties.

You hit him. They'll catch you.

No, sir. You can't arrest Prashant.

Until I report the matter to you, you cannot take action yourself.

What are you talking about? -Prashant didn't hit me.

I just fell.

In fact, you brought Prashant to mind today, sir.

This man committed crimes in the city.

His own statement could help arrest him.

You can't arrest me, Deshmukht.

Until I completely destroy Tavu, no one can arrest him.

It makes a big mistake to legislate on your own.

I saw how the law works on the matter.

The question is, is Tavu standing next to the police or next to me.

Tavu is not a criminal, it is our duty to protect him as a citizen.

He builds as many obstacles and walls around Tavu ...

... his life is in my hands, that's for sure.

After I destroy Tavu, I report to the police myself.

Because of your own lies, we let a criminal run.

Shame on you, Tavade. No, sir...

... Whatever has happened so far is that shameful ...

... that in this uniform, he serves a man like Tavu.

This is an abuse of the uniform.

From the world of the Women's Welfare Society , my little black one ...

... you're a fair beauty to me.

What do you want?

Catch that guy!

Look at these eyes, how much hatred and anger there is in them.

You have not only sinned against society or me ...

... but for these women.

Don't be afraid of me, but of these women ....

... who have fallen victim to your animal nature.

You get the punishment from them.

Beat him.


Forgive me.

Forgive me.

Who is?

Congratulations on your nephew's death, Tavu.

He bought his leave and escaped ...

... from the law to this day.

But the final decision will be made in my court ....

... where I will be the lawyer, the witness, and the judge ...

... and it will hang there.

My case and his court ....?

He's crazy. He's going to kill me, it looks like ... He's killing Tavut.

He was born under the wrong star, so death floats above his head.

Poor Prashant's horoscope ... He doesn't dare come here either.

Incorrect ....

He will come here.

You have to come here.

Because you can only die here.

It's here, sir.

Who's here?

The British are sleeping in the hotel, he said, and will come later.

Bring it here now!

I have to explain to him how Prashan would die.

Kill him, kill him.

Arrange for him to die!

Watch out for Prashan, don't come close.

I'm going to shoot you.

Don't come close, Prashant. It's loaded!

As I straightened your neck Tavu ....

... I'm going to crush it that way.

Take stock of your sins, Tavu, because you have very little time left.

Someone, please open the gate!

Sir Deshmukht, I am Tavu!

What do you want so late?

What is he looking at? Open the gates!

The gentleman is asleep. I need to talk to him urgently!

You yourself are not properly dressed so I cannot open the gate.

Open! I said I couldn't open it.

Bahadur, who's there?

Sir, he says he's Tavu. He came here to fight.

She's not even properly dressed.

Sir Deshmukht, I am Tavu.

Bahadur, let me in.

Open the door, quickly.

Please save me, Mr. Deshmukht!

Sir Deshmukh, that man is a dagger in my life .

Prashan also straightened my neck. Look...

Arrest me, it will save my life.

I can handle my case in court . Save me.

Come on, Prashant did what neither the national forces nor the ...

... international doctors could not do it.

At least his neck straightened.


Go after Tavu!

Come here, Abhay.

Tear gas ... All right, sir.

Get it!

I will be waiting for you.