Django (1966) Script

We give the whip to wild animals when they try to rebel.

This way you'll learn not to try to escape again.

Take this.

You know what this cross means don't you? Mexican's bitch!

Let fire clean away your sins!

And you from what cemetery have you come from?

If you came here to bury these bastards... hurry up, and get it done without a word.

Instead, I like to talk.

From the way you're talking, it seems you're in a hurry... to end up in the coffin you've got behind you.


Are you from the North?

I fought for the North.

We don't like those who fought for the North. This is the South.

I see it, brother. I see it.

Enough! Who cares about this gravedigger.

Let's take care of the woman now.

It's not nice to take it out on women.

What did you say?

It doesn't matter.

What matters is that you're about to die.

My name is Django.

As long as you stay with me, nobody will harm you.

You wouldn't make it very far.

Besides, it's not yet time to cross that bridge.

For now, my path goes in the opposite direction.

What's your name?

Maria. Let's go.

A bed for the girl.

Anything for you, stranger. But the girl...

No, she can't stay here.

And there are no more rooms We're full.

Go and see.

The key to your room. Give it to me, come on.

Don't worry. I'll pay for the inconvenience.

I think that's enough.

Oh, well, thank you! Look at this!

Go to sleep. You've had quite an eventful day.

The room is upstairs, at the end.

Tomorrow morning the girl has to leave.

No later than tomorrow, I'm sorry. Understood?

There's no need to hurry, my friend.

Bring me something to eat.


If you work in the coffin business, you chose well.

There is plenty of work here.

So far, I've met only a few customers.

When the damn war started between... the Mexicans and Major Jackson's soldiers... they moved everybody out reducing the town to this.

A dead town.

And your women sleep with the ghosts?

We manage...

A bit with the Mexicans, and a bit with the Major's men.

We want to be at peace with everybody.

Without being unfair.

Well, we have an agreement... This is a neutral place...

We try very hard to stay alive.

You are new to this place, young man...

You don't know Major Jackson...

You don't know him, do you?

Stop trying to figure out who I know, old man.

Don't you want to offer me a drink?

You know, it takes guts to travel with that girl.

It means having to face both the racists and the Mexicans.

I like having to face people.

Oh, really? Well, so much the better.

You know, my colleagues are afraid of the coffin.

It doesn't scare me. It's just like any other job.

Is someone in there?

Someone called Django.

Good day, brother Jonathan.

This is all I was able to put together.

For this month's share... business isn't going well.

In that case it'll be better if you talk about this to the Major.

I'm getting a dress to change into.

You know, the Major's men should be here soon.

Maybe he'll come here himself.

The Major doesn't like green.

He's crazy about red.


I'll change here. I'm used to my mirror.

Don't be upset. Maybe you can save yourself... if you are nice to the Major.

Why don't you dress yourself in red? Go on.

Dress in red, and you'll be safe.

The Major isn't after you. It's the Mexicans he can't stand.

He says it's their skin color that bothers him.

Well, you're really asking for it. You could have stayed with us.

But you had to run away and ended up... right in the hands of Jackson's worst enemies, the Mexicans.

Why did you run away from them as well? But, what is it you want?

I don't know.

What do you mean, you don't know? Listen, are you kidding me?

Of course, they'll get rid of your man.

What a pity, he's such a good-looking guy.

A pack of cards, please.

He wants a pack of cards.

You like to play with the deadly Ace of Spade, uh?

Listen to me, and you'll manage to save yourself.

Make yourself as pretty as you can, it won't be hard.

Thanks, but it's pointless.


That's Jackson having fun.

Some Mexican must have refused to pay... and so, they make him run...


Go on!

Another one.

I'm bored now. You take care of it.

An interesting new arrival in town.

They'll be coming here now, and they'll want to have fun.

Come. Lock yourself in, and don't move.

Major Jackson and his men are coming!

Good day, Major Jackson.

Welcome! Make yourselves at home.


Unfortunately, it's not all of it, but, as soon as I am able to...

I believe you, Nathaniel. I believe you.

Cowards never lies I know that well.. especially when they're paying for their protection.

You'll pay me your share at the fort in a week.

In a week? As you wish. Thank you, Major, thank you.

Hey, you, come upstairs with me.

I don't want to. Come on, let's go.

I don't want to, it's not as if you'd bought me.

If you don't want to go with him, you come with me.

She told you she doesn't feel like it.

Let her go.

Stop it!

Send away all the girls, Nathaniel.

Let's go girls, go upstairs. You, too.

That's lucky.

One must be very brave to talk this way to Ringo.

Brave, or crazy.

Just like the dirty Northerner, who killed five of my men down by the river.

That must have been some smart guy.

Five men in one go? That's specialist' work.

The man also took a woman with him.

A whore who was sold to the Mexicans.

One who betrayed our race.

The war is over, and these things are outdated now.

I am sorry to contradict you, but my war never ends, my friend.

That's clever to bring a coffin with you.

You'll get a special favour treatment, you'll be... buried.

Usually we feed Northern bastards to vultures, to poison them.

I didn't know this racial matter also involved those poor vultures.

I thought it only concerned Southern pigs.

We can proceed, men.

We've talked for the day.

I've got one more shot left.

But, that would be too easy.

How many more men do you have... pig?

I asked, how many more men?


Good, pig. Bring all forty of them with you next time.

It will be more fun.

I'll still be here waiting for you.

Rest assured. We'll come.

You can put things back in order. But don't use my coffin.

I am taking a blanket.

Thank you.

For what?

For what you have done for me.

I didn't do it for you.

Well, then, thank you even if you didn't do it for me.

You thank too much. Who knows if was right to save you?

I thank you because, even if it was just for a few moments... you gave me the feeling of having a man at my side... who could protect me...

who could love me.

Then we must make sure that the illusion is complete.

Brief, but complete.

Why did you let Major Jackson go?

He'll return with his 40 thugs and he will kill us all.

I know him too well. Unfortunately.

What are you afraid of, old man? You pay to be protected by him.

I pay so that I won't be killed like those he calls inferior... because their skin's a bit darker.

The sun, also, darkens the skin.

Yes, but Jackson and his men don't want to admit that.

They have some sort of religion.

Did you see the red hoods they wear? They're fanatics! Crazy!

Sometimes, it's necessary to eliminate the fanatics, the madmen... for the good of everyone.

I know, but you can't do it alone.

I am not alone.

Leave. Take the girl with you and go far away.

You worry too much, old man. It could ruin your health.

Quickly, before Jackson arrives.

Go! You could try to get to the swamp and escape to the other side of it.

It's better if you go back inside. There's no change to my plan.

If he finds you here, he'll blame us, too! He'll kill us.

There is nothing to be afraid of, old man. I told you...

I am not alone.

If you could go to the Mexicans, maybe those two would be saved.

Great, but I wouldn't make it alive, not even to the cemetery.

With all those hooded men gathering, I have to be honest...

I am sorry, but I am forced to hope they'll kill him right away.

He'll suffer less, and I will lose less customers.

Mother of God!

It's over, old man. You won't have to pay anymore to stay alive.

Did you kill them all?

Almost all of them.

Don't worry. You'll still have the Mexicans as customers.

Get rid of those dead guys now.

And where will I put them? We'll have to open another cemetery.

Cemeteries are a good investment here... if you can get paid in advance.

And Major Jackson? Is he dead as well?

No, I let him go.


Because it wasn't his time yet. I need him alive for now.

If they had told me that I would end up as a gravedigger... and without pay.

Well, anyway... better above than under.

Someone you knew?

A part of my life.

Probably the only one that really mattered.

Did Jackson's men kill her?

They killed her.

And where were you when it happened?

Far away...

too far away, old man.

This damn woman is the incarnation of sin.

It's her who made blood rain on the town.

Yes, that's true. Because of you we'll have to leave.

Men won't come to this town anymore. We'll starve to death!

Don't be silly! Maria is not to blame for what happened.

No, it's the truth! Smash her, destroy her... if you don't want that creep to hurt you again.

Leave her alone! What has she done to you?

Why are you tormenting her?

Screw off, you bitch! We don't want you.

Go away from here!

Don't be stupid! It's her who's responsible!

I'll show you!

The Mexicans are coming!

You wanted to run, uh? But, you didn't make it in time?

You are Jackson's damn spy!

You tell them what you see and what you hear...

because you have big ears.

And we know what to do with big ears.

Right, muchachos?

No, no!


Hey, Yankee!

I thought there were no more bastards left in town.

Are you Hugo's men?


It's better to take him to the General. He might want him alive.

Escaping from us was a dangerous thing to do, Maria.

I could punish you harshly for what you did.

What would you say if I cut off one of your beautiful ears?

You had no right to keep me prisoner!

I had the right that every man has with all the women he likes!

You know, Hugo, you're talking just like one of Jackson's racists.


Careful Maria. I don't allow this from anyone.

Don't forget that you are half Yankee and half Mexican.

Don't let me remember the one half I hate.

Look who's here.

The most clever Gringo of the entire frontier.

Hombre! It has been so long since I last saw your dirty face!

This is Django.

A deserter, thief, and to me, more than a friend!

A brother.

Now we are even.

Calm down, Ricardo!

I owe Django a lot!

Only your life which I saved once in prison. And now your woman.

I brought her back to you, Hugo.

She is in good condition. Take her back.

She is not my woman. She is just one woman.

I'm thirsty. We have to celebrate our meeting!

To your health, Django!

To the death of Jackson's pigs!

Long live the revolution! Death to Jackson!

Those pigs aren't here anymore. He killed them all.

You were able to kill all those bastards by yourself?

That's impossible! How did you do that, Django?

It wasn't very difficult.

If you had been in my place, you would have done it too.

Of course.

But my men are tired. They'd all like to go home.

Me too, but in Mexico, the government men are waiting for us.

And we don't have enough weapons to fight against them.

Of course.

But I could help you, Hugo.

And how?


This toy is worth 150 guns in one go.

It's with this that I exterminated the Major's men.

What type of weapon is this?

Get out of the way, men. You could get hurt.

No! Don't do it, Django! I beg you!

These are the kind of weapons I would need!

With ten of these it would be easy to go back to Mexico. Right, Hugo?

Where are the other nine?

They are in Pecos waiting to be bought.

I know the man who sells them.

Thank you for the information, Django. But our's is a poor revolution.

If you are poor, you have to try to become rich.

That's the only way you can win.

Did you come here to pull my leg?

No, I came here to help you and to get help.

Well, explain yourself!

At the fort there is gold for you and for me.

The fort is very far from the border.

I can't return to Mexico...

at least not until I have the 10 machine guns.

Plus, those government dogs are many more than us.

The men of the fort every Saturday receive a visit from Nathaniel... who brings his... wagonload of women over the border.

Isn't that right, old man?

Uh, yeah.

Explain yourself better, Django.

This week Jackson will also go to the fort to stash his gold safely in Mexico.

That's why I kept him alive.

I want that gold even more than his death.

And that gold will be ours! Understood?


But how?

It will be difficult, that's for sure.

But with the help of my toy it will also be fun.

The women have arrived!

Finally, they have arrived! It's about time!

The women are here!

Hurray, the women!

Over here!



Let's go!

Come on! Get the horses!

Move it, Ricardo!


The machine gun is stuck!

Go on!

If we get across the border, we'll be safe!

Let's go then!

Come on. Why don't you carry on?

We have to stop. Otherwise, we'll enter American territory.

Hurray! General Hugo has arrived!

Men! We are back! It was a fantastic trip!

Django's action was a complete success!

With the gold we'll buy the weapons! Hurray!

We'll go back to Mexico.

We'll win the revolution!

Hurray the revolution!

You see Hugo, we made it.

Oh, yes!

All that's left is to divide the gold and say goodbye.

Give me my share.

Just like that? Do you really want to leave just now?

Well, I have nothing more to do in this town.

What do you mean, 'nothing more', brother?

Together we'll do great things!

I'll make you lieutenant of my revolution!

You already have many lieutenants, and I only want what I'm owed. Please.

Are you kidding?

You'll get double, double, you understand?

Once I am in power.


I want my gold.

Oh... Brother, you're obsessed. Nobody will take your gold.

Don't you trust me?

He doesn't trust me.

You know, we'll keep your gold in a safe place.

Let me show you where. Come.

There we are. There is only one door and many guards.

The gold for our revolution will be well guarded.

No one will be able to take it away.

It's a pile of gold, but in powder.

Take this. Drink.


What's the matter, bitch?

Are you in a bad mood because the American doesn't care about you?

Come, I'll comfort you!

Damn you!


Leave Maria alone.

And you would give her to that bastard American! It's better if I take her!

I decide who will take her!

You bastard!

Thank you, Django. You saved my life once more. I won't forget it.

Look at Maria. Look at her.

She can't take her eyes off you.

Take her! My gift to you.

You'll spend a wonderful night.

Thanks. But she's not my type.

I prefer this one.

You see, Maria? The Gringo prefers the dark one!

Don't be hurt. Come and drink with us! Tonight is a great night!

Come on, muchachos! Tequila for everyone!

Get undressed.

Carry on undressing.

Don't pay attention to what I'm doing.


My goodness! Look.


Beautiful, uh?

Just a minute!

The horses are fleeing! Quick let's catch them.

You have to take me with you, Django!

All right, as you wish.

Hurry up, Django, hurry!

Watch out!

Prepare the men, Miguel. We're going hunting!

Take the carriage. Go via the valley and you'll soon reach the pass.

You'll be safe there.

And you?

It's time for me to cross that bridge.

I waited an entire life waiting to bury Django in this coffin.

The gold will help me make him disappear forever.

Let go of that gold, Django! What do you care about it?

We'll start a new life together. I'll help you forget.

I love you, Django.

I left love behind many years ago.

Now it rests under one of the many crosses of the tombstone cemetery.

If I bring you with me, you'd risk ending up the same way.

And, maybe you wouldn't make me forget.


Oh, Django!

Now that we meet again, Django...

Where is the gold?

The mud swallowed it.

A horse stumbles, a coffin slips... it's fate, General.

It certainly won't be the lost gold, my friend, that will change my fate.

We'll go back to Mexico anyway, right? The decision has already been made.

Now we are even, Django.

You saved my life two times, and I did the same, back then and now.

I'm not going to kill you.

We don't kill thieves, not even when they betray a friend.

We punish thieves in a different manner. Right, Miguel?


This is for our revolution! And this is for the gold you stole!

Damn you!

Damn dog!


You disgusting coward!

It's your turn, men.

However good a gunman is, he still needs his hands, am I right Django?

Pray that Jackson doesn't find you. It would be embarrassing for you.

Goodbye now, Django. My men and I will go back to Mexico... to win or to die. Let's go, Companeros!

Bye, Gringo! We'll meet again in hell!

Let's go!


Help her, Nathaniel.

I think she can still be saved.

Alright. I'll do all that is possible. But you leave now, don't stay here.

Jackson could come back here any moment.

Django, leave! Save yourself, run away before it's too late.

Don't worry about me.

There is one more thing I have to do. I have to kill Jackson.

That's the only way for this town and I to get back to life.

One can't keep running away.

One has to stop and fight to the very end.

I understood that when I was squeezing your hand tightly... while the coffin was going down in the Savannah.

If I should fail, then at least I will have tried...

to redeem myself.

Django, your... your hands.

My hands will still be able to serve me.

Nathaniel, hide Maria, and tell Jackson that I'll wait for him... at the crosses of the tombstone cemetery... because his time has come.

Django is waiting for you at the crosses of the Tombstone cemetery.

But you have nothing to fear. They smashed his hands.

You thought you had won, right, Django?

Instead, here I am, to fight my war... a war that will never end.

Praying is the right thing to do when you're near death.

You can't make the sign of the cross with those hands!

I will help you make it!

In the name of the Father...

the Son...

and the Holy...