Djinn (2013) Script

When Allah created the heavens and the earth, he created Humans from clay and Angels from light But he created another being from fire. Djinn Allah has separated Man from Djinn But sometimes, their worlds come together, and this always causes great suffering

There's nothing more painful than the loss of a child It's been a year... And I'm worried She doesn't eat She sleeps all the time We hardly talk She thinks she's to blame but it's not your fault, Salama You must see that Grief can lead to depression Even to guilt But life must go on Kahalid's right I think I'm to blame because I am to blame

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is far more common than you might imagine

Have you spoken to your family recently?

No-one understand us, forgives us...

...or helps us forgive ourselves More than family I agree Salama's family's very close She and her sister are best friends They're also 7,000 miles away How about Khalid's family?

Khalis never knew his parents They died when he was very young

I'm sorry

I've been thinking about family a lot recently And I feel it would be good for Salama If we went back to the Yemen I don't want to go back We've talked about this The company I work for has offered me a job in the U.A.E.

I think it would be good for Salama, for both of us...

To be near family again I think it's the right thing to do What about my job?

And our life here?

Salama, I know you're reluctant to do this Khalid needs to be close to his family.

He knows how this will make you stronger.

It's time. Listen to him.

You must return.

For a year you've been telling me to move on and now you're telling me to go back?

You can't deny the past.

It's what makes us who we are.

If you won't accept it.. will we have a future?

You must go back. It's time.

You're not thinking clearly. It is time.

Khalid must return.

You will not stand in my way.

In your way?

She meant in my way Look, it's a good job opportunity for me and the change will help us forget what happened Forget I don't mean forget I just mean start again How can you reject a request from the man you love?

I really do love you Salama We'll be happy there, I promise

Alright Really?

Do you mean it?

This'll be good for both of us I know it Thank you Doctor - You're welcome I had my reservations about Salama seeing a counsellor but this has been very helpful I'm glad to have helped

We won!

We beat you You idiots. You drive like maniacs I almost threw up back there

So this is what you guys do for fun on weekends This location is prime real estate Perfect for a luxury high rise This used to be a beautiful fishing village

But the Djinn drove all the people out Djinn? What the fuck are you talking about?

It's written in the holy Koran When Allah created this world He created two creatures with free will One was man...

And unfortunately the other one was chicks The other one was Djinn And when they come into our world they are invisible And they can even shape-shift And then they put on tights and they dance in a Broadway musical Stop it Tell your American friend not to make fun of this matter.

I only came here for you.

If this continues, I swear I'm leaving.

English English I'm starving. Let's get the dinner ready?

What is that?

It's for protection My protection

Is that one of your boogeymen? Djinn?

They are all around us now Watching... and waiting Look, I don't believe in demons and ghosts and all that shit So I don't mean to seem rude, but...

I just don't believe in your little invisible friends Look, they nothing to do with your demons but they do have something in common They can...and will possess if you are guilty of sin Then you are weak and then they may take control and drive you into doing horrible things Bullshit

My grandmother used to tell me when I was little And it's about...

Omiduris Oma Who?

She's one of the worst the most evil She's a hard chick.. .. who lures you into the dark With her incredible perfume And when she get's you there alone then... Agh!

You've got to do better than that One of the worst things she ever did

Happened right there

Omaduras came to house of a young fisherman and his family She had loved the man and bore him a child An abomination... half Djinn... and half human

She killed his human child And replaced it with her own For it could not survive in her hidden world

The next morning..

The fisherman's family saw the Djinn child in their house And realised the misfortune that had befallen them An exorcist was called Who performed ceremonies to suppress the Djinn spirit in the child

A spell was cat to lock the baby in human form So that he would never know his true identity

The child was taken away to a distant land Where he would grow up as a man Without being aware of the evil he carried within him Omaduras was mad with despair Driving out of this village She continues to search for her lost child to this day Walking the ends of the earth hoping to find him And bring him back


And what?

That's where it ends Sorry boys...

Time to drain the snake Or more likely to change his diaper.

Watch out... they drink urine And they eat bone Yeah, I got a bone they can choke on

Ah, boy

Don't mess with me Sa'id

She said they won't hurt me But you...

They are going to hurt you

Sa'id.. aaagh

There they are

We thought you'd never get here.

Welcome home Khalid.

Thank you, sir.

It was a long flight.

Well, you're back in civilization now.

Salama... Salama Welcome home sweetie.

My baby sister All grown up Come. the car is right outside.

So happy you're back

Truth Are you happy to be home?

Of course

So did you hear? Yasmin had a baby?


So did Afra.

And Maitha.

All your old friends.


I just want to be a grandmother.


Now that you're back... it wouldn't hurt to go for an Umrah... so God will bless your new life here.

God willing.

Is it always this foggy here?

Yes I remember this Nasser, don't drive so fast.

I'm going five miles an hour.

Any slower and we'll stop.

So how did you find the place?

My company found it.

They got it all set up.

But why Al Hamra?

They just tore down the old village.

How fast were they able to build a new tower here?

Yes, can you believe it?

They built it right on the djinn village.

They have no respect.


It's a new building... on the beach.

A great place for a vacation.

Khalid Are you going to make that long drive everyday?

I don't get it.

Why didn't they put you in the city?

They said it's nice.

The Palm is nice.

Abu Dhabi is nice.

But this?

Daddy! What are you doing?

Someone was standing in the middle of the road!

I could have killed him.

He looked...

Don't get out!

He might be hurt.

Stay here, sir. I'll look.


Is that it?

That's Al Hamra?

Home sweet home

How is anyone supposed to find this place, Khalid?

Does anyone else live here It's new.

It's probably like every other project built out here, all bought up by the Gulf Arabs.

And they're not here but in winter.

Then you'll wish it was deserted.

Good morning You must be Sammy I'm Khalid Of course The company told me you would arrive So very very pleased to have you with us here at Al Hamra Mr Khalid It's a pleasure to be here This is my wife, Salama It is nice to meet you, Miss Salama

Guess it's time to check out our new home


The far end of the hall Have a nice day I shall bring your bags up shortly Mr Khalid

I don't trust that Sammy guy.

Why not?

He's too friendly. He wants something.

You watch out, Salama.


They've put a lot of effort into this place.



Oh my...

What a beautiful place.

You'll have a nice view of the sea...

...if the fog ever clears.

You know I'm afraid of heights.

You know what this place need?

It needs this.

You never know who might visit.


It wards off envy.

It can't hurt, right?

Thank you. Mamma.

It's... very nice of you.

And this...

..will help ward off evil.

Hang it over the entrance.

Yes, Momma.

Come on...

...let's see the rest.

They sure pulled out all the stops.

Looks like a lot of effort.

They did a nice job.

There's more down here!

For my grandchildren.

What happened?

There was a bird.

But I thought it was something else.


On the sixth floor?

Probably one of those window washers.

I know their kind...

They're perverts.

Peeking in when I take a bath.

Don't you wish.

Come on. It's time to go.

Why don't you stay a little longer?

At least until the fog clears.

We have to go.

You two must rest.

I have some work at the office.

We'll be back tomorrow.

Enjoy your new home.

Welcome back, Khalid.

I don't know how you convinced her to return. Thank you so much.

It wasn't easy sir.

I'm so exhausted I'm seeing things Yeah

That flight is brutal.

I was only speaking Arabic for my parents, you know?

Why are we back here?

You needed to get away from there

I needed to get away?

I never wanted to leave

I've brought your luggage, Mr Khalid Thank you Sammy you can just leave it there

Your car has arrived downstairs Mr Khalid

Thank you Sammy

I have to get ready

Now what? What is wrong with you?

We're going to die!


That's the spirit.

Always optimistic.

Come on! Start, you piece of...

Daddy, I'm calling Salama and Khalid.

Okay. Call them.

That's weird.

I'll call a tow truck.

We're in the middle of the desert!

The phones won't work!

Of course they'll work.

We just left the building.

And anyway, this is satellite...

What? What? What is it Well? What's the problem?

What is wrong with you?

There' someone out there.

There is no one outside.

Don't be like your sister.


Daddy! Please don't!

What? What's the problem?

Don't go out there.

We are in the middle of the dessert.

What could possibly be there?


I will not have my family treated like this!


Daddy! Don't!

Let me go!

Where are you?

Where are you, you cowards?

You want Nasser?

Come get me!

Come on! You got Nasser to deal with now!

Where are you, you cowards?

Where are you?

This is bullshit!


I'm not going to discuss this with you right now I have to go to the office Khalid there is no discussion I just hate being back here And that won't change This is our home Not America.

America, America?

At least, try.

We made our home in America, Khalid We had a life there And that didn't work out too well, did it?

look Forget I said that The important thing is...

This job is an incredible opportunity For you For me it means going back from a job I was good at to being stuck at home Once we have children you won't be...

We've already tried that Haven't we?

There's no reason why we can't have another You're going to be late

I won't be long

Good luck to you

a long ride to the ofice from here?

Two hours sir


Sammy Miss Salama How good to see you Someone is in my apartment What do you mean?

I just saw someone enter my apartment on your security camera Perhaps you were looking at another floor They all look exactly the same No, it was clearly my floor... the sixth floor

Everything seems to be fine Sammy Someone is in my apartment Right now

Wait here Miss Salama

Is anybody here?

Wait outside Miss Salama I shall search the entire apartment

Nobody there Miss Salama All is well Yes, of course. I'm sorry I bothered you No problem. No problem at all

Sammy A package will be delivered for me at the front door soon I'm returning to my post right now, Miss Sarah Fine, thank you

Hi there You must be my new neighbour

Hello I'm Salama I'm Sarah Are you from the States?

No I'm from everywhere Where are you from?

I grew up here And my husband and I were living in America for several years New York's great isn't it?

How did you know we were living in New York?

Isn't that where everybody goes when they move to America?

I suppose so Oh, the food there I'd always go to Sacred Chow on Sullivan and Momma's over on Avenue A And oh, this great Thai shack on Bleaker and Cherry What's it called? - LemonGrass I thought I was the only one who knew about those places I guess we have the same tastes Then I'm looking forward to meeting your husband

It was nice to meet you

Oh Salama Come by for a coffee anytime I love to talk


Hey Leave a message and I'll call you right back Hey it's me I just wanted to hear a friendly voice Six hours back here and I am losing it And I guess our Mom, She'll say that America ruined me I just need to get back on track with Khalid We hardly talk about what happened I should have never come back It's so hard being lonely after working all day I had a pefect... I felt needed Now I'm just a housewife With shitty naighbours!

I just met one of them. She's a bitch Please call me

Thanks for listening

Khalid, I'm going crazy.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but..

I'm beginning to believe the stories.


In the name of God, the most gracious, the merciful...

Praise be to God...

...the Cherisher ...and...and...

I ask for God's forgiveness.

In the name of God, the most gracious, the merciful, I seek refuge in the Lord of...

I seek refuge in the Lord of Mankind...

...the King of mankind, the true God of mankind, from the evil of the sneaking whisperer, who whispereth in the hearts of mankind, of the djinn and mankind.

God is the greatest.

Glorified is my lord, the almighty God listens to those who are grateful.

God is the greatest.

Glory be to God exalted.

God is the greatest.

How did you get in here?

Your door was open.

It has been a long time since I've seen you pray Salama.

Where's Daddy?


There is something important I needed to tell you. I couldn't wait.

It's about the child.

Many couples have suffered the loss of an infant child, Salama.

I know.

And of course you want kids.

Why haven't you tried again?

I'm just not ready.

Not ready... see another child that looks like your previous baby?

Murder is a sin, Salama.

How did you know?

I didn't mean to hurt him.

Then what did you mean?

Go clean yourself.


Hello. I need to speak to Salama Zakaria Salama speaking...

This is the police. I am sorry to report ...there has been a terrible accident.

I can't talk about it now.

I need to be alone.

Then walk me to the car.

And come say bye to your family.

I love you.

Your parents seem like very good people Miss Salama They are Sammy I hope you're not a disappointment to them

Wel I try not...

Not to what, Miss Salama?

Khalid, it's Salama




Murder is a sin.

Murder is a sin

Hi.. it's me... I'm leaving now We'l talk when I get home, or call me in the car

I'm sorry we fought.

I love you

Hello Where are you?

I'm on my way home Aren't you here already?


Salama what are you talking about?

I'm in the car... On my way right now

What did you tell her?


My mother... about the baby. What did you tell her?

The baby? - What did you tell her?

Nothing. Why would I tell her anything?

I never even talk to her

Look... I'm getting to the building right now Night already That's what usually follows day Salama I lost track of time Can you please just come up As quickly as you can I'll be right there Thank you See you tomorrow

Sammy Anybody in there?

How's it feel to be home Khalid?

Excuse me?

I didn't say anything.

You just moved in here today, didn't you?


How did you know?

There aren't many people living in this building.

I've never met you before.

Are you from Ras Al Khaima?

Yes, I am.

How did you know?

We used to live here.

But my parents moved when the village was torn down.


...they couldn't get rid of me.

Well, I'm glad.

I must have forgotten to press my floor...

More time to chat.

What a coincidence.

I'm on the sixth floor too.

I met your wife today.

She told me about you.

There's not much to tell.

Oh come on...

I'll have to find out some other way.

You do that...

If you have to.

I'll help you.

Where were you?

What were you doing?

What are you talking about?

You were in the elevator I saw you on the TV screens... downstairs Whoever you saw, it wasn't me

I don't like this place Khalid There...I.. I.. don't feel like myself I'm hearing voices I'm seeing things

And why not?

Hi again!


What a pleasant surprise.

You two have met?

Oh, Yes. And you were right about us having the same taste

I'm kidding Listen. I was wondering if I could ask you and Salama over to my place for a moment Now is not really a good... Oh Please It's only for a moment You'd really be helping me out in a pinch

We'd love to Excellent

Can we at least discuss this?

You need distraction Come

It's just that I needed you two over here so that you could meet your new neighbours Welcome home So, this is Khalid You know him?

All about him And his charming wife

So how are you liking it here?

Well we've only been here a few hours Barely settled in Thank you Andy was just telling us about the rich history of the region Oh yes?

And this spot in particular You mean the Djinn?


Forgive me. Djinn are all my mother can talk about in al Hameda I admit she even got me scared Are you?

What's the matter Salama? Don't like my food?


Khalid... Help me

I'm so sorry

What are you doing?

I felt a bit dizzy Yeah... well, I have to change now I'll be back in a sec I'll come with you No, no. Just stay there

Clumsy, clumsy. Nervous Salama?

Who's there?

Who are you?


Did you forget me, Khalid?

What are you doing here?

What do you think?

Work godammit, work, work, work

Sammy... the elevator's stuck... Sammy

Sammy! work, work, work, work Sammy! Sammy! Hey Sammy. Sammy!


Police. How can we help you?

Look, I know this sounds crazy but...

I can't find my wife.

I think something bad has happened.

Where are you calling from, sir?

The Al Hamra.

We just moved into the new building.

I am here.

I told you that call was nothing.

This place won't be open for months.

Can't you hear me?

I am here.

I am here.

Well, we had to check it. You heard the screams from the call.

And now that we checked it, can we please go?

This place gives me the creeps.

I'm here right in front of you!

Come back!

What's your problem?

Don't tell me you never heard any stories about Al Hamra...

Help me! Help me please!

It's time.

Salama . It's me Khalid

What happened?

She told me everything What did she say?

I know.

Why our baby wasn't human

I'm Adrah.

I Killed it

You... You killed it?

You killed it?

You told me it was an accident I saw it. It couldn't live

It was indecent

How could you Salama?

She's inside me, Khalid.


Who is she?

She's making me do this.

She's coming.

Khalid, save me!

You were taken away from me once.

But I never gave up on you.

I kept looking for you.

Come back to me.

Didn't she kill your son?

She deserves to die.


You know what to do.

You killed my son!

You are one of them.

Please God, save me.

Don't say god's name.

He was our son!

And you killed him!

Feed your anger.

Feed on your hatred.

Embrace your true nature.

You took him away from me.

As I was taken away from my mother.

But she kept looking for me.

Unlike you..

A mother sacrifices for her child.

You're not a mother!

You're a monster.

Blood for blood.

A life for a life.

This is my home, I'm back.

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