Do the Right Thing (1989) Script




Wake up. Wake up, wake up, wake up.

Up you wake, up you wake, up you wake.

This is Mister Seņor Love Daddy, your voice of choice.

The world's only 1 2-hour strongman on the air, here on We Love Radio, 1 08 FM.

The last on your dial, but first in your hearts, and that's the truth, Ruth.

Here l am. Am l here?

You know it. lt you know.

This is Mister Seņor Love Daddy doing the nasty to your ears, your ears to the nasty. l's only play the platters that matter.

The matters they platter, and that's the truth, Ruth.

RECORDED VOICE: From the heart of Bed-Stuy, you're Iistening to We Love Radio.

Doing the yin and the yang, the hip and the hop, the stupid, fresh thing, the flippity-flop.

(HOWLlNG) l have today's forecast for you. Hot!


The color for today is black. That's right, black.

So you can absorb some of these rays and save that heat for winter.

So you wanna get on out there and wear that black and be involved !

Also, today's temperature's gonna rise up over 1 00 degrees.

So that's a Jheri curl alert.

That's right, Jheri curl alert. lf you have Jheri curl, stay in the house, or you'll end up with a permanent plastic helmet on your head forever.

All right, we're going to say hello to Mr. and Mrs., any Mr. and Mrs.

And happy birthday to Big Red, Little Red and Miss Annie Mae who's 1 00 today.

And if you're careful to stay out of this heat you might live to be that old yourself.

There's also a water shortage, so keep those showers down to one minute.

Two minutes, if you're showering with a friend.

You better get on out there...

Damn. lt is hot!

...and get that pink slip, so get up, get up, get up and get on out there.

That's what l'm talking about.

We don't wanna see anybody losing their jobs

'cause ain't nobody got no money as it is...


All right. Now we're going to talk about it.

We're going to rock 'n' roll...

(STUTTERlNG) Good morning. My name is Smiley.

This is Malcolm X.

And this is Martin King.

Now they are dead,

but we still have to fight against apartheid.

1 0, 1 5, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 1 00.

20, 40, 60, shit!

80. . . 300.


20, 40, 60, 80. . . Wait, that's 300.

300, 350, 450. . . Cash dollar bills.

Mookie. Why are you always bothering me when l'm sleeping?

Wake up, wake up.

Stop breathing down my neck!

(COUGHlNG) lt's going to be hot today, Jade.

Saturday's the only day l get to sleep late. Damn.


(SNlCKERS) Stop, Mookie. That's not funny.

Why don't you leave me alone when l'm sleeping?

What's the matter? You don't love your brother Mookie anymore? l loves you, Jade. l'll get a lock on my door and keep your ass out of here, Mookie.

Why don't you go to work, man?

Leave me alone for once.

Later, got to get paid.

Yeah, brush your teeth. l brushed my teeth.

Your breath stinks. lt's your upper lip.

lt's hot.

Sonny, how's the vegetables, huh?

Hey, Pop, you talk to that air-condition guy? l been calling him all week.

He won't come around here unless he has a police escort.

Pino, get a broom and sweep up front.


Vito, get a broom and sweep out front. Huh?

Get a broom and sweep out front.

What? Get a broom and sweep out front!

See, Pop, it's just what l was telling you.

Every time you tell Pino what to do, he tells me to do what you told him what to do.

He's brain-dead, Pop, he is.

Both of you, shut up. Tell Pino!

What, am l talking to myself here? ls that what l'm doing? l didn't want to come to work, anyway. l hate this frigging place. l detest it like a sickness.

You detest this place like a sickness?

That's, like, really hate, you know? That's hate.

Oh, no, no. l didn't say that.

Oh, you didn't say that?

Well, l just heard it. Am l going crazy? l could have. . .

Did l just hear that? Did l hear that, Vito? l mean, do you think you can do better?

No, l didn't think so. You see, Pino, this is a respectable business and there's nothing wrong with that. l mean, if there's something wrong with that, l want you to tell me.

You can. . . No. You can. . . No. You can tell me right now. ls there something wrong with that?

There's nothing wrong. All right? Okay?

Look, do me a favor. Get a broom and sweep up.

Tell Vito. What are you, deaf or what? Pop asked you. l'm gonna kill somebody today.

PlNO: l can't believe it, you know. VlTO: What?

That you like her. l don't like her.

Yeah? Yeah, l don't like her.

Hell, no!

Hey. Hi, Mookie.


Hey, Mook.

Morning, Mookie.

Morning, Miss Mother Sister.

Now, Mookie, don't work too hard today.

The man says it's going to be hot as the devil. l don't want you falling out from the heat, you hear me, son? l hear you, Mother Sister. l hear you. Good.

All right. l'll be watching you, son.

Mother Sister always watches!

PlNO: Mookie.

You're late again.

You live up the block.

What, your Cadillac broke?

Hello, Sal, Vito.

Yo, Mook, what up?

Just cooling.

Just cooling. You're still late.

Why don't you relax, Pino? Take it easy, you'll live longer.

Here, take the broom, the front needs sweeping.

Wait a minute, l just got here. You sweep. l bet you Sal asked you first anyway.

That's right. PlNO: Vito, stop that.

You know, just fuck that shit. l deliver pizzas, that's what l get paid for.

You get paid to do what we say.

"What we say"? Did you hear Sal? l didn't hear Sal say nothing.

All right, who's working for who, huh?

Come on in, Mayor.

Morning, gentlemen. Pino, Mookie, Vito, Sal.

How are you?

(EXCLAlMS) lt's going to be a scorcher today. That's for sure.

Need any work done around here?


Why don't you leave him alone, huh?

He's a good man. Leave him alone.

Choose your weapon, Mayor.

You dropped something, Mayor.


You are going to have the cleanest sidewalk in Brooklyn.

Clean as the Board of Health.

All right, Mayor.

Pop, l don't believe this shit.

You running welfare or something?

Every day you give this azupep a dollar.

What's azupep? What is azupep? Are you ltalian?

Da Mayor ain't no azupep.

Every day, you give this azupep a dollar for sweeping our sidewalk.

What do we pay Mookie for? He don't even work. l work harder than him and l'm your own son.

Pino, let's see you carry six large pies up six flights of stairs, no elevator either and shit.

Why don't you both shut up?

Yeah, tell them, Pop.

And why don't you shut up, too, Vito?

Me and you are gonna have a talk.

Says who? Says who?

Says who? Says me.

Who are you? Hey! Hey! Now, what did l just say?

Don't start that "Mookie don't work" shit, all right?

Yo, Ahmad ! PUNCHY: l could've done that.

Man, shut up. Yo, Ahmad ! Shit. Look, stop.

Look, Punchy, if you wanna do any more screaming, be my guest 'cause l'm so through.

Yo, who's out here yelling my name?

Well, Punchy told me to. . .

(MlMlCS ELLA) "Punchy told me to."

Don't listen to this knothead. lt'll get you in trouble, girl.

Heard that, Punchy.

Yo, Ella? Ella?

What? You got a brain, right? Use it.


Peace, y'all.

Peace, Radio Raheem.

Peace, man. You the man, l'm just visiting.

AHMAD: lt's your world, G.

For real, in a big, motherfucking way.

So that boy's living very large.

Even walks in stereo.

Yo, PE's in full effect, boyee!

Radio Raheem like a motherfuck.


Radio Raheem, blasting that big box. Cold-rocking the scene.

Where's the Miller High Life? Where is the Miller High Life?

No more High Life. You look what we have and buy.

No more High Life?

What kind of a joint is this?

How come no more High Life?

Look, Doctor, this ain't Korea or China or wherever you come from.

You get some Miller High Life in this fucking joint.

You buy another beer.

Da Mayor don't drink this Lite shit. Tastes like cold pot liquor.

All right, all right, but you're asking a lot.

To make a man change his beer, you asking a lot, Doctor.

Hey! You old drunk! What did l tell you about drinking in front of my stoop?

Move on. You're blocking my view.

You are ugly enough. Don't stare at me.

The evil eye doesn't work on me.

Mother Sister, you been talking about me for 1 8 years.

What l ever done to you?

You a drunk fool. Besides that?

Da Mayor don't bother nobody, and nobody don't bother Da Mayor but you.

Da Mayor just tend to his own business. l love everybody. l even love you.

Hold your tongue. You don't have that much love.

One day you gonna be nice to me.

We may both be dead and buried, but you gonna be nice.

At least civil.

l told you, l'm not going to baby-sit for you and that's it!

What are you talking about?

Yesterday you said you were gonna do it, now today you're changing your mind?

No, l'm not changing. . .


Get off of me, Mommy! lt's like l can do everything for you but you can't do shit for me!


Yeah, right.

You know it's not like that, Mommy. l can do everything for you but you won't do shit for me!

(BANGS ON DOOR) Stop it!

That lady makes me sick.

Your father makes me sick, too. Everybody makes me sick.


Your father ain't no real father. He's a bum.

Chump change, to-the-curb, pulling-no-major-pub bum !

Mike. Fuck Mike Tyson !

Mike Tyson ain't shit. l remember when he mugged that woman right there on Lexington. l remember that shit. And you're gonna tell him that? l'll tell him that. l ain't. . . Fuck Mike Tyson !

To his face? That's it. You goddamn right!

Mike Tyson'll knock your. . . l ain't scared of no goddamn Mike Tyson.

Shit. You're talking shit now. l'll drop him like a bad habit.

ML, ML. You hear that?

Yeah. Yeah? What? lf Mike Tyson dream about whupping my ass he better wake up and apologize.

Well, gentlemen, the way l see it, if this hot weather continues, it's going to melt the polar caps and the whole, wide world.

And all those parts that ain't water already will surely be flooded.

(LAUGHlNG) You dumb ass, simple motherfucker.

Now where you read that shit, eh?

The polar caps.

Don't worry about it.

But when it happens, and l'm in my boat and you black asses are drowning, don't call for me to throw you no rope, no lifesaver, or no nothing. No nothing.

You fool, you 30 cent away from having a quarter.

How the fuck you gonna get a boat?


Yeah, boy. Don't worry about it.

Goddamn right, "Don't worry about it." Look at you.

You're raggedy as a roach, eat the holes out of donuts.

Raggedy motherfucker. Don't worry about it! l'm in good shape. l'm in good shape. l'll be back on my feet soon enough.

Not in those raggedy-ass shoes, look at you !

Shoes so run over, you gotta lay down to put them on.

So, ML, ML, ML, tell me.

So when is all this goddamn ice supposed to melt?

VlTO: Hello, Sal's Pizza. Yep.

Meatball hero, eggplant parmesan. You got it. Yep.

Yeah, we deliver. Of course, we deliver. All right.

Where is that?

You going to pay now or pay on layaway?

How much?

You've been coming in here at least three times a day.

What are you, a retard? lt's $1 .50.

Yo, Sal, put some cheese on that motherfucker, man !

Extra cheese is $2.00.

$2.00? Yeah, $2.00.

Hey, you can forget that shit.


Damn, Sal, you're cheap, man.



Yo, Mook!

Mookie! MOOKlE: What?

How come you got no brothers up on the wall?

Man, ask Sal, all right?

Hey, Sal, how come you got no brothers up on the wall here?

You want brothers on the wall?

Get your own place. You can do what you wanna do.

You can put your brothers and uncles and nieces and nephews, your stepfather, stepmother, whoever you want. See?

But this is my pizzeria.

American-ltalians on the wall only.

Take it easy, Pop. And you. Hey, don't start with me today.


Yeah, that might be fine, Sal, but you own this.

Rarely do l see any American-ltalians eating in here.

All l see is black folks.

So since we spend much money here, we do have some say.

You looking for trouble?

Are you a troublemaker, is that what you are? You making trouble?

Yeah, l'm a troublemaker. l'm making trouble.

You're a ball-breaker.

You're always coming in here looking for trouble, aren't you?

Suppose l busted your head. How would you. . .

Mookie. Mookie, you want to get your friend out of here?

What, you gonna kick me out now? You gonna kick me out? l'm not kicking you. You're kicking yourself out.

What? Look, we want some brothers up on the wall. You know?

Let's go. Malcolm X.

Nelson Mandela, you know, Michael Jordan. Tomorrow!

Come on, Mookie, get him out, all right? l'm trying to get him out.

Take your slice. l know you paid for it. Let's go.

Yeah. All right, all right. He's kicking me out.

Gonna beat me in the head, he gonna kick me out.

Come on, let's go. Yeah, okay. Yeah, all right. Yeah.

Look, l paid for my. . . Look, boycott Sal's!

All right? Yo, boycott Sal's. l got your boycott swinging.

Boycott Sal's. Yo, what you laughing at?


Mookie, l paid for my slice, man !

Yo, man, l spend much money in there.

What are you trying to do? What do you mean?

What are you trying to do? l want brothers up on the wall. l gotta work here, man. You're fucking my shit up, man ! lt's between me and Sal, man. You're fucking me up! l ain't trying to fuck you up, Mook.

You know l ain't trying to fuck you up. l'm sorry. You're sorry?

Look, come back in a week, it'll be squashed, all right?

A week? A week.

Yeah. Bet. All right? Bet.

Mook, stay black.

l mean, this guy's your friend, right? l mean, if l'm wrong, tell me l'm wrong. ls he your friend? He's my friend.

Okay. lf he don't behave, l don't want him in here anymore. He's out. l can't do nothing with him, Sal !

You talk some brother talk to him.

Brother talk?

Look, people are free to do the hell whatever they're wanting to do.

What, free? What the hell are you talking about, free?

Free? There's no free here. l'm the boss.

No freedom. l'm the boss.

You want freedom? There, that's free.

You take an order, and you take it out.

He's got an order there for you.

Come on, let's go, move. Come on ! Let's go to work here!

What are you laughing at? You're standing here doing nothing.

Him, you're afraid of the goddamn oven. Hit the oven ! ls this the address? That's the address.

"ls that the address?" ls that what he just asked me? "ls that the address?"

Mook. Come here, Doctor.

Mayor, l got to go. l'm working. Come here, Doctor. l'm working ! Doctor, this is Da Mayor talking.

All right, all right. Doctor?

Come on, what? What?

Always do the right thing.

That's it? That's it. l got it. l'm gone.

Mookie. . .

How you doing, Smiley?

Pay two. . . How much, Smiley? The other one.

The other one.

Two. . .

The other one, Smiley.

One. . . One dollar. That one. Tonight, when l get paid.

When. . . When you get. . .

Bye, Mookie.

Malcolm. Bye, Smiley!




l seen your brother this morning.

Yeah, on his way to work, l hope.

This might take a little bit of time, Mother Sister. l got nowhere to go.

We haven't had a good sit-down for a long while.

Tender-headed runs in my family. Are you tender-headed?

Yeah, me, too. l don't fool with it. That's why only you can touch it.

Ouch ! l'm sorry, Mother Sister.

The comb got caught.

Be gentle, child. Mother Sister's an old woman.

Yes, Mother Sister.

(EXCLAlMS) l didn't know you had such beautiful hair.

Fool, there's a lot in this world you don't know. l'm not stopping, l'm on my way.


Mother Sister, why are you so cruel to Da Mayor? lt isn't right. l ain't studying no Mayor. He reminds me of my least favorite peoples, my tenant and my ex-husband, goddamn.

Bless his soul.








What are you doing? Ahmad, put me down !

Oh, my God !





Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! lt's Radio. Radio, man.

Hey, what's up, Radio?


Don't! Stop!


Hey, yo!

Don't be fucking with the water now.

Oh, man, go ahead, man. Go ahead. You got it.

There's gonna be a lot of fucking trouble if you get this car wet.

Ain't nobody fucking around, man.

Why don't you just go ahead?

This is an antique here, hotshot.

Man, go ahead ! lt's water!

Hey, man, l'm serious, man.

All right. Okay, you won't get wet, man.

Yeah, well, make sure l don't.

Go ahead ! Go ahead ! Drive the car!

Just hurry up, man ! Damn !

All right, l'm driving it.

You need to come down and have some fun !

Come on, let's go. Get out, motherfucker!

Fuck you back!

MAN: Turn the fucking water off!


Those son of a bitches! They got me fucking soaked !

Officer! Officer! Wait a minute. Hold it. l want an arrest made right now. Right now.

What's the matter? Calm down. l'm fucking soaked !

Would you please calm down, sir, and tell us what happened?

Two black kids, they soaked me with the fire hydrant.

They ruined my car! Look. lt's an antique. They got me fucking soaked.

Sir, where are they? "Where are they?"

Brilliant fucking question !

Where are they? They ran away!

Where do you think they are?

Do you wish to file a complaint, sir?

Yeah, l wanna file a complaint. l want them locked under the fucking jail.

Hey, Marty, l'm going to turn off the water, okay? Yeah, yeah.

Where you going? Where's he going?

Did you happen to catch the name of the suspect, sir?

Officer, what the fuck are you doing?

You just calm down. Calm down, my ass!

Did you happen to catch the name of the suspects?

Fuck you, their names! Moe and Joe!

What do l know, their names?

Moe and Joe what, sir?

Moe and Joe what? Moe and Joe what?

Moe and Joe Black. How's that?

They're brothers, sir? Yeah, they're brothers.

Yeah, they're fucking brothers.

This hydrant better not come back on again, or there's going to be hell to pay!

Come and answer to me, God damn it.

Ask him. He knows.

He's a witness, he saw the whole fucking thing.

Go on, man, tell him what happened.

Would you let us do the questioning, sir?

Fucking bullshit.

You know anything about this?

Who were the punks?

Doctors, those that'll tell don't know, and those that know won't tell.

What the fuck is that, voodoo shit?

Wise guy.

Hey, Da Mayor don't know nothing, all right?

Hey! He's leaving?

Keep this hydrant off. You wanna swim? Go to Coney lsland. l'm talking to you. He's leaving? What about me? l suggest you get to your car quick before these people start to strip it clean.

Have a nice day, sir.

He left there about a half-hour ago? Oh, that's nice.

No! No, no problem. Thank you. Yeah. Half-hour. Right.

Mookie left. . . Where the hell you been, Mookie? l got a business to run, okay?

Run it, then, all right?

Take that to the radio station.

To Love Daddy?

Yeah, Love Daddy.


Hey, Pop, l'm gonna go with Mookie, okay?

Yeah. You make sure Mookie don't jerk around.

Wait up, Mook! Go where?

Where you going? You ain't going anywhere.

How you doing? Vito, l know Pino's your brother and shit, but you should kick his ass. The next time he touches you, you should kick his ass.

The next time he hits you, fuck him up.

Whoa, hey, yo, Mook. l mean, l appreciate this concern and all, but l don't think it's any of your business.

Look, l know it's none of my business, but you need to kick his ass.

Smiley, not now. lf l had a brother like him, we'd be fighting all the time.

Now look, first. . . Smiley!

First of all, Mook, you don't got a brother like him.

(WHlMPERlNG) Smiley, get out of here!

First of all, you don't got a brother like him, and if you did, you wouldn't know what to do with him because you never had a brother like him.

He's my brother, and l'm not going to hit him. l got a sister. l got a sister.

But you never clocked your sister. But l got a sister.

Does she bug you like Pino bugs me?

Yeah, but you know you're not supposed to hit a girl like you hit a guy.

Just fuck your brother up one time, it'll be over with.

We'll be out of this fucking conversation, all right?

You think it might do some good?

Yes, all right? A lot of good.

Let's give. . . Love Daddy!

Peoples, my stomach's been grumbling, but help has arrived.

My main man Mookie has saved the day!

Straight from Sal's Famous Pizzeria up the block.

Step up to the mike, Mookie. l don't know what to say. Come on, come on ! Don't be shy.

This smells good.

Go ahead. This is your Love Daddy talking, starving like Marvin.

Say something to the people. All right, Love Daddy. l'd like to dedicate this record with all my heart and soul to Tina.

All right! Let me put this song on while l go to work on this chicken parmesana hero with extra cheese and extra sauce.



Chill, man. Shut up. l'm trying to read.

Have some fucking respect, huh?



Not so loud ! l want to listen to my salsa music!

Chill, chill. Chill.

You think you got it like that, bro?



MAN 1 : Let's go, motherfucker!

MAN 2: Turn it up, Stevie!

MAN 3: Blow it away, man ! Blow it!

MAN 4: Yeah, blow it away!

MAN 2: Yeah ! Yeah !

Turn up the bongos!

ALL: Oh, yeah !



MAN 1 : Yo, Steve! Put it up louder, Steve!

MAN 2: Yeah, man !



You got it, bro.


MAN 2: Come on, Steve, man !


MAN 1 : Your turn, choco-man.

MAN 2: He's a punk anyway, man.

MAN 1 : Yo! Hey, pendejo!

MAN 3: Hey, pendejo!

What's up?

He's a sucker, man. A punk.

He's a sucker, man.

See that game last night? l saw it.

Best pitcher in the game, Dwight Gooden. l knew you'd bring that up, man. . . Who's better?

You know who's better. Roger Clemens is better.

Clemens sucks, man. He can't carry Dwight's jock.

Oh, man, how can you. . . Dwight's the best in the game.

Dwight's the best in the game.

What's up, Buggin Out?

Got you. What's happening?

You the man. No, you the man.

No, you the man. No, you the man.

No, you the man. No, l'm a struggling black man trying to keep my dick hard in a cruel and harsh world.

Yo, hey, what's up with the white boy?

Buggin Out, don't start no shit, all right?

Vito's down.

Vito's down, all right? All right?

Yeah, right. Vito's down.




Damn. Yo!

CLlFTON: Yeah?

Hey, you almost knocked me down, man. The word is "excuse me."

Excuse me. l'm sorry. Not only just knocked me down, you stepped on my brand new, white Air Jordans l just bought.

That's all you can say is "excuse me"?

Are you serious? Yeah, l'm serious. l'll fuck you up quick two times! Two times!

Who told you to step up on my sneakers?

Who told you to walk on my side of the block?

Who told you to be in my neighborhood? l own this brownstone.

Who told you to buy a brownstone on my block in my neighborhood on my side of the street?

Yo, what do you want to live in a black neighborhood for, anyway?

Man, motherfuck gentrification !

As l understand, this is a free country.

A man can live wherever he wants. MAN: Free country.

BUGGlN OUT: Free country?

Man, l should fuck you up for saying that stupid shit alone!

Yo, man, your Jordans are fucked up!

Damn, man, you might as well throw them shits out. Them shits is broke.

They looked really good before he messed them up.

He did this shit on purpose, man.

He was even talking about your mama!

ALL EXCLAlM) Shit, they used to be so fine!

Yo, man, how much you pay them for?

A hundred bucks!

American dollars! 1 08 with tax. l'd give him 1 00 headaches.

You're lucky a black man has a loving heart.

Next time you see me coming, man, you cross the street quick. l'm out of here. ELLA: Yo, man, break his feet!

My brand new Jordans! Take his bike! l should make him buy me another pair!

Black Panther whoop his ass!

Take his bike! ELLA: Man, kick his ass!

You're lucky l'm a righteous black man, or you'd be in serious trouble, man. Serious!

MAN: Fuck him up.

Let's fuck him up.

Why don't you go back to Massachusetts? l was born in Brooklyn.

No! Man ! ALL: Get out of here!

ALL CLAMORlNG) l should send Vito with you all the time.

Yeah. No more 90-minute deliveries around the corner.

Pino, l work hard like everybody else in here, all right?

You know that's true, Pino.

Vito, come here.

Come here.

What's going on between you two?

You guys boyfriend and girlfriend or something?

What did we just talk about? What?

What did we just talk about?

What are you talking about?

Smack him. SAL: Hey! Hey!

Any smacking around here is gonna be done by me.

Are you gonna listen to this shagamay, listen to him tell you to smack me, your older brother?

Just remember who you are, all right?

Your name is Vito Frangioni, not Vito Muhammad. Okay?

l would love for you to stay out of my business.

Stop putting these thoughts into my brother's head, okay?

Look, l don't play that Muhammad shit, all right?

What Muhammad shit?

Look, don't fuck with me, all right?

Oh, man.

Fuck, man.

(WHlSPERlNG) l hate this place. l hate this place.


What a waste.

As l was saying, before we were so rudely interrupted by New York City's finest. . .

What was you saying?

The motherfucker wasn't saying shit.

Yeah. Well, look at that.

Look at what? lt's a goddamn shame.

What's a goddamn shame?

Sweet Dick Willie.

That's my name.

Damn, man, do l have to spell it out?

Make it plain.

Okay, but listen up. l'm going to break it down.

Let it be broke, motherfucker.

Can you dig it? lt's dug.

Look at those Korean motherfuckers across the street. l bet you they haven't been off the boat a year before they opened up their own place.

That's right, man. lt's been about a year.

A motherfucking year off the motherfucking boat and they already got a business in our neighborhood, a good business.

Occupying a building that had been boarded up for longer than l care to remember.

And l've been here a long time.

Hear that, he been here a long time.

(LAUGHlNG) Hear, boy.

And now, for the life of me. . .

You know, l can't figure this out.

Either them Korean motherfuckers are geniuses, or you black asses are just plain dumb.

Fuck you. lt's got to be because we are black.

Ain't no other explanation. No, no, l know, man. You know it's true.

Ain't they always trying to keep the black man to be about shit?

You motherfuckers hold that shit down. l'm tired of hearing that old excuse, l'm tired of hearing that shit.

You know, l swear, man, l will be one happy fool when we open our own business right here in our neighborhood. l swear to God, l will be the first in line to spend what little money l got.

Be right there with you, man.

You motherfuckers are always talking that old Keith Sweat shit, "l'm gonna. l'm gonna do this, l'm gonna do that."

You ain't gonna do a goddamn thing, but sit your monkey ass on this corner.

Hey, ML, when you gonna get your business, huh?

Yeah, just like l thought. You ain't going to do a goddamn thing.

But l'll tell you what l'm going to do, hear me, l'm gonna go over there and give them Koreans more of my money.

Get the fuck out of my way. lt's Miller time, motherfuckers.

Old, moose head fuckers telling me what to do.

And, Coconut, you got a lot of damn nerve, you got off the boat, too. Leave me alone.

Hey, Kung Fu, go on give me one of them damn beers. Damn it!

What? No more free beer. Get your ass in here and serve me some. No more free beer.

Hey, man, no more free beer.

Don't start no shit with me.

Mr. Sweet Dick Willie. That's right. Sweet Dick Willie's my name.

That's my name. . . lt's a motherfucking shame.

Man, ain't that a bitch?

Hey, Doctor, what's your name? Eddie.

How old are you? Ten.

Question, what makes Sammy run? l said my name is Eddie.

What makes Sammy run?

My name is Eddie Lovell.

Relax. Eddie, l want you to go to the store for me.

Question. How much is it gonna cost?

How am l supposed to know how much it's gonna cost if l don't even know what l'm buying?

Eddie, you're too smart for your own britches.

Now, listen to me. How much do you want to go to the corner store for Da Mayor?

50 cents. You got a deal. Here. l want you to get me a quart of beer, Miller High Life. lf anybody bothers you, say it's for your bed-ridden, old granddaddy.

Now, go. Go.

What is wrong with him?

CEE: He ain't got no money to be giving nobody no money.

ELLA: Leave the man alone.

Look at this here, man.

You need to cut this shit out.

Come on, man, who told you you were the mayor of this block?

See, he's self-appointed. Man, you leave the man alone.

Shut up!

Yeah, yeah. Look, look, look.

Damn. You all leave me the hell alone. l ain't going out like that, man.

You walk up and down this block like you own it.

CEE: For real. His Honor.

AHMAD: You're so old, you're like a fossil.

Man, you a bum, man. You're an old, drunk zero, man.

(CHUCKLES) Now, what do you got to say for yourself?

What you know about me?

Can't even pee straight, nary a one of you. What you know about anything?

AHMAD: Man, peace.

Unless you. . . Unless you done stood in the door, listened to your five hungry children crying for bread, and you can't do a damn thing about it.

Your woman standing there, you can't even look her in the eye.

Unless you done that, you don't know me, my pain, my hurt, my feelings.

You don't know shit!

AHMAD: No, let him finish. Let the old man finish.

Don't call me bum. Don't call me a drunk.

You all ain't got the sense that God give a billy goat!

Don't call me nothing. lt's disrespectful. l know your mamas and your papas raised you better.

Yo, man, l hope you finished your little soliloquy, man.

'Cause first of all, l've been peeing straight for years, understand what l'm saying? And you're right, l wouldn't stand in the doorway and listen to my five children go hungry. l'd be out getting a job, doing something, anything to put food in their mouth.

And you're right. l don't want to know your pain. l don't care to know your pain.

You're the one who put yourself in this situation, man.

Every day, every day, every day, l see you walk up and down this block, inebriated.

CEE: Chill man. Never sober!

PUNCHY: He's an old man. AHMAD: But that's what DA stands for, Da Mayor, Drunk Ass.

Come on !

This man's getting me mad ! He don't get no respect here.

You'll never get respect here, boy.

How you gonna tell me how my parents raised me? l respect those who respect themselves.

PUNCHY: Come on, man ! Come on, that is an old man !

He's an old man.


Tina, l know l haven't seen you in four days. l'm a working man.

TINA: Oh, that's really nice. But, you know, I work, too, and l seem to make time.

What do you want me to do, huh? l want you to spend some time with me and Hector! l want you to try and make this relationship work.

If not, I'd rather not be bothered with your ass.

Mookie, you are too, too tired.

All right, all right, damn. l'll be over there sometime today.

You always say later!

Later, say, if l get off work.

Bring some ice cream, l'm burning up. Mookie, do you love me?

Do l love you? Mookie, get off the phone!

Be off in a second, all right, Sal?

Do l love you? l dedicated a record on Love Daddy's show to you.

So what? SAL: How's anybody gonna call in, Mookie?

All right!


You know, if that ain't love, you're crazy.

Are you deaf or what?

Pino, l'm talking on the phone. l can see that.

Tina, l got to go. Yeah, Pino's an asshole.

See you later today. Later! Everybody happy?


Sal's Famous. Yeah. Yeah, hold it.

You got two large anchovy and pepperoni.

Okay. Just hold on one second.

See, Daddy? Mookie's fucking talking on the phone, people are trying to call in orders. He's making us lose business.

SAL: Mookie! 20 minutes.

(MOUTHlNG WORDS) You're fucking up.

(WHlSPERlNG) How come niggers are so stupid? lf you see a nigger, kick his ass.

Fuck you and stay off the phone.

Hey, Mookie, forget about it.

Can l talk to you for a second?

What? Pino, who's your favorite basketball player?

Magic Johnson.

Who's your favorite movie star? Eddie Murphy.

And who's your favorite rock star? Prince.

You're a Prince freak. The Boss. Bruce!

Prince. Bruce!

Pino, all you ever talk about is nigger this and nigger that and all your favorite people are so-called niggers. lt's different. Magic, Eddie, Prince are not niggers. l mean, they're not black, l mean. . . Let me explain myself.

They're not really black. l mean, they're black, but they're not really black.

They're more than black. lt's different. lt's different? Yeah. To me, it's different.

Pino, deep down inside, l think you wish you were black.

(LAUGHlNG) Get the fuck out of here!

Laugh if you want to. You know, your hair is kinkier than mine.

What does that mean?

And you know what they say about dark ltalians.

You know, l been listening and reading. . .

You been reading now? l read. l've been reading about your leaders.

Reverend Al "Mister Do" Sharpton, Jesse "Keep Hope Alive."

That's fucked up. "Keep Hope Alive."

Hey, that's fucked. Don't talk about Jesse.

And even the other guy, what's his name? Faraman, Fairakan. . .

Minister Farrakhan.

Right. Sorry, Minister Farrakhan.

Anyway, Minister Farrakhan always talks about the so-called day when the black man will rise, "We will one day. . ." What does he say?

"We will one day rule the earth

"as we did in our glorious past?"

That's right.

What past are you talking about? l mean, what did l miss?

We started civilization.

Keep dreaming, man. Then you woke up!

Pino, fuck you, fuck your fucking pizza and fuck Frank Sinatra.

Yeah? Well, fuck you, too, and fuck Michael Jackson.

You dago, wop, guinea, garlic-breath, pizza-slinging, spaghetti-bending, Vic Damone, Perry Como, Luciano Pavarotti, solo mio, non-singing motherfucker.

You gold-teeth, gold-chain-wearing, fried-chicken and biscuit-eating monkey, ape, baboon, big-thigh, fast-running, high-jumping, spear-chucking, 360-degree basketball-dunking, tizzun, spade, mulignan.

Take your fucking pizza piece and go the fuck back to Africa.

You little, slanty-eyed, me-no-speaky-American, own every fruit and vegetable stand in New York, bullshit, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Summer Olympic '88, Korean, kick-boxing son of a bitch.

You Goya-bean-eating, 1 5-in-a-car, 30-in-an-apartment, pointy shoes, red-wearing, Menudo, mira-mira, Puerto Rican cocksucker, yeah, you ! lt's cheap. l got good price for you, Mayor Koch "How l'm Doing?" chocolate-egg-cream drinking, bagel and lox, B'nai B'rith, Jew asshole.

Yo! Hold up! Time out!

Time out!

Y'all take a chill. You need to cool that shit out.

And that's the double truth, Ruth.

Sal, can you do me a favor?

That depends, Mookie.

Can you pay me now?

l can't do that.

Sal, just this once. Can't you do me a solid, man?

Not till tonight when we close.

Sal, l want to get paid now.

Look, you know you get paid tonight when we close, all right?

We're still open.

And if l pay you now, l won't see you tonight.

That's a bet?

Yeah, that's a bet. l'm going to remember that stuff.

Well, you got to do what you got to do, you know.

Yeah. l'm going to remember that.

Well, l want you to remember that.

Please do me a favor, Mook? Remember that.

Come on, Sal. l can't.


Radio Raheem !


What's happening? lt's your world.

(RAP MUSlC PLAYlNG SOFTER) Where you headed to? l'm going to get a slice.

You going down to Sal's? Word. l got to make a few deliveries and l'll check you back there, all right?

On the rebound. Bet. All right.

Oh, shit! Let me check it out.

That's the hype!

Newest, latest.

Let me tell you the story of right hand, left hand. lt's a tale of good and evil. Hate! lt was with this hand that Cain iced his brother.


These five fingers, they go straight to the soul of man.

The right hand, the hand of love.

The story of life is this. . .


One hand is always fighting the other hand, and the left hand is kicking much ass. l mean, it looks like the right hand, love, is finished.

But hold on, stop the presses.

The right hand's coming back.

Yeah. He got the left hand on the ropes now.

That's right. Yeah. lt's a devastating right and hate is hurt. He's down !

Left hand, hate, KO'd by love.

lf l love you, l love you.

But if l hate you. . .

There it is, love and hate. l love you, brother. Bet.

Radio Raheem, check you later. Peace.


Two slices. No service till you turn that shit off!

Two slices.

Turn it off!

Mr. Radio Raheem, l can't even hear myself think!

You are disturbing me!

You are disturbing my customers!


Two slices.

You come into Sal's, there's no music.

No rap, no music, no music, no music, capisce?


RADlO RAHEEM: Yo, put some extra mozzarella on that motherfucker and shit.

Extra cheese is $2.00.


Pizza delivery!

All right. Later.

Mousie, what's up?

Watch out. Move!

Give me some of that! Get a job.

We don't need no job. Get a job, man.

ELLA: Shut up!

AHMAD: Red, black socks.

ELLA: Go change your diapers, Mookie.

AHMAD: Look at you, you breadstick with a flat top. Get out of here.


Where are the females?

You don't do nothing with them anyway.

Hey, l've got it like that.

SMlLEY: Mookie. Mookie.

All right. Here you go. Stop bothering me.

Thank you, black man.

All right. Leave me alone.




Mookie, how come you're not at Sal's? l'm working.

What is this, Mookie, another one of your patented two-hour lunch breaks?

Look, l wanted to come home and take a quick shower.

Hey, Sal's going to be mad. You know, later for Sal.

You know, sometimes l think you're more concerned about him than me, and l'm your own brother.

(LAUGHS) Yeah ! Yeah, Mookie, that's real smart.

You know, Sal pays you, Mookie, that's why you should work.

Did you ever think about that?

Yeah, l work. Slavery days are over.

My name ain't Kunta Kinte.

Yeah, Mookie, l just don't want you to lose the one job you've be able to keep for more than a month. That's all. Okay? l'm carrying you as it is.

Don't worry about me. l always get paid.

Yeah. You always get paid. What about your responsibilities?

Why don't you take better care of those?

What responsibilities?

What responsibilities? What, are you deaf, Mookie?

You know damn well what l'm talking about.

Take care of your responsibilities, all right?

And who are you yelling at, anyway? Who are you yelling at? l'm yelling at you. l'm going to take care of this shower. Yeah, take a shower. l'm your big brother. Don't be yelling at me now.

Get out of here. l mean, you're a bum.

Cut that shit out. Don't call me no bum.


Hey, Jade, if l want to take a shower in the middle of the day, it's all right. Fuck Sal.

We love roll call, y'all.

Boogie Down Productions, Rob Base, Dana Dane, Marley Marl, Olatunji, Chuck D, Ray Charles, EPMD, EU, AIberta Hunter, Run DMC, Stetsasonic, Sugar Bear, John CoItrane, Big Daddy Kane, Salt-n-Pepa, Luther Vandross, McCoy Tyner, Biz Markie, New Edition, Otis Redding, Anita Baker, TheIonious Monk, Marcus MiIIer, Branford MarsaIis, James Brown, Wayne Shorter, Tracy Chapman, MiIes Davis, Force MDs, OIiver NeIson, Fred Wesley, Maceo, Janet Jackson, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, George Clinton, Count Basie, Mtume, Stevie Wonder, Bobby McFerrin, Dexter Gordon, Sam Cooke, ParIiament FunkadeIic, AI Jarreau, Teddy Pendergrass, Joe WiIIiams, Wynton Marsalis, Phyllis Hyman, Sade, Sarah Vaughn, Roland Kirk, Keith Sweat, KooI Moe Dee, Prince, Ella Fitzgerald, Dianne Reeves, Aretha FrankIin, Bob Marley, Bessie Smith, Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, SteeI PuIse, LittIe Richard, MahaIia Jackson, Jackie WiIson, Cannonball and Nat Adderly, Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye, Charles Mingus and Mary Lou Williams.

We want to thank you all for making our lives just a little brighter, here on We Love Radio.

AHMAD: Yo, man, it's hot as a motherfucker.

Why don't you fan me with your ears?

Stop playing !

Leave it alone.

Man, shut up. AHMAD: Why don't y'all chill, man? lt's too hot for that.

MAN: That's why l asked you, "What you want to do?"

WOMAN: We don't have money to do anything.


l'm beat.

Daddy, you know, l've been thinking.

Maybe we should sell this place.

Get out while we're still ahead and alive.

You really think you know what's best for us, Pino?

Maybe, we could. . .

Couldn't we sell this and open up a new one in our own neighborhood?

There's too many pizzerias already there.

Then maybe we could try something different.

What am l going to do?

That's all l know. What am l doing? l been here 25 years. Where am l going?

l'm sick of niggers. lt's like l come to work, it's Planet of the Apes. l don't like being around them.

They're animals.

Why you got so much anger in you?

Why? l'll tell you why. My friends, they laugh at me.

They laugh right in my face.

They tell me, "Go. Go to Bed-Stuy. Go feed the moulies."

Do your friends put money in your pocket, Pino?

Food on your table? They pay your rent, the roof over your head? Huh?

They're not your friends. lf they were your friends, they wouldn't laugh at you.

Pop, what can l say? l don't want to be here.

They don't want us here.

We should stay in our own neighborhood, stay in Bensonhurst, and the niggers should stay in theirs. l never had no trouble with these people.

l sat in this window. l watched these little kids get old.

And l seen the old people get older.

Yeah, sure, some of them don't like us, but most of them do. l mean, for Christ's sake, Pino, they grew up on my food.

On my food. l'm very proud of that.

Now, you may think it's funny, but l'm very proud of that.

Look, what l'm trying to say, Son, is. . .

Sal's Famous Pizzeria is here to stay. l'm sorry. l'm your father and l love you. l'm sorry, but. . .

But that's the way it is.


Hey, Sal.

How you doing?

These are $2.

Get out.

Get the fuck out of here, man !

Get the fuck out of here.


Come on. Get out of here. Get the fuck out of here, man !

Every day it's the same shit. WlLLlE: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey what?

Get a fucking job, man. Why don't you get a fucking job, man?

Go to fucking work! Fuck you, man.

Sal. Get out. Get out!

See what l'm saying?

WlLLlE: Leave that boy alone. You know he ain't right!

Get a fucking job, man. l'm sick of this shit.

You get a job. l got a job. l got a job, man.

Bring your ass over here, punk.

No, l ain't going over there. l got no reason to go over there.

Fuck. . .

Fuck you.

Fuck you, man. Get the fuck out of here.

Fuck you !

Go inside. Go inside. Smiley, here. Smiley, here.

Here's a couple of dollars. Come on. Come on. Here. Here.

SMlLEY: Fuck you.

SAL: Hey, Willie, take it easy. He didn't mean nothing.


This is what l'm talking about.


Let's go, Jade!

Da Mayor, we need your leadership.

Doctor, what are you talking about? l'm organizing a boycott of Sal's Famous.

Shit. Now, keep walking, Doctor. l don't wanna hear none of your damn black foolishness.

Damn. No juice.

No, man, no.


Hell, no, God damn it.

Sal ain't never done nothing to you before, man, and me neither.

Hear me? What you ought to do is boycott that goddamn barber that fucked up your head.

(LAUGHlNG) Yeah ! Shit.

Hell, coming round here, fucking with Sweet Dick Willie.

Go on, man. Get out of here.

Get the fuck away, man. Go on. Beat it.

Would you like to sign a petition to boycott Sal's Famous Pizzeria?

What? ALL: What?

Man, l ain't boycotting jack, you string-cheese-head motherfucker. l'm about to go get a slice right now.

Shit, l was born and raised on Sal's pizza.

What the fuck you talking about?

Shit, you crazy, man?

ALL LAUGHlNG) As good as them motherfucking pizzas is?

Black Panther eat pizza, we eat pizza. Boyee! l'll do it without your help.

That's 75 cents.

Thanks. Thanks, honey.

Sal, we're going to boycott your fat pasta ass.

You're going to boycott me?

You haven't got the balls to boycott me.

He's going to boycott me. Are you kidding?

Here's your boycott! Up your ass. You're going to boycott.

Hey, where you going? Where you going? Oh ! Where you going? l'm talking to you, Pino! l'm right here.

All right. Go inside. l can take care of myself, all right?

Take it easy, all right? No. l want you to go inside.

Here's your boycott! Up here! Son of a bitch.

Messed up my Jordan with muck. Damn ! Look at this.

Get this thing straightened out, man.

White guy, black man. l can't believe this crap.

Ah, your Jordans are dogged.

Oh, man. What, you, too? What's up?

Yeah, me, too.

Oh, you hanging out with baby sis.

Look, Buggin Out, we're not hanging out.

She's escorting me back to Sal's.

Stop lying. That's not even true. l'm just gonna get a slice.

A slice! Yo, yo, Jade, you can't do that. Not today.

Look, you don't know this, but l'm organizing a boycott of Sal's Famous.

Why? What did he do?

You know them pictures he got hanging up on the Wall of Fame?

So? So?

You know, wake up. Didn't you notice something about it?

No, Buggin Out, l haven't.

You know, you're wasting my time. Just leave that shit alone.

You should. You really should.

Hey, yo, Mook. l'm gone. l'll see you there. Stay black, Mook.

So, Buggin Out, how you been?

How l been?

Every single one of them pictures is somebody ltalian.

And? And we want some black people up.

So, did you ask Sal?

(HUFFlNG) Yeah, l asked him.

We don't want nobody in there, nobody's spending good money in Sal's, until we get some black motherfucking pictures on the wall.

Buggin Out, what good is that gonna do, huh?

You know, if you really tried hard, Buggin Out, you could direct your energies in a more useful way, you know?

Jade, you got to be down. What, you ain't down?

Yeah, Buggin Out, l'm down, but l'm down for something positive in the community. Are you down for that?

Jade. . .


Jade, l still love you, anyway.

(GlGGLES) Yeah, l still love you, too, Buggin Out. l'll see you later.

Later. Damn.

Man !

You're pushing it, Mookie. You're really pushing it. l don't pay you good money to have you jerk me around.

Now, you keep it up, you're gonna end up on the street with the rest of your homeboys.


About time, Pop.



How you doing, Jade? JADE: Great.

Where you been? (EXHALES) Just working hard, keeping busy.

How's business going? Business is great.

You know, we were wondering when you were gonna stop by and pay us a visit.

How's my brother doing? Well, he's. . . Mookie is. . .

He's great. You know, he's a good kid.

Hey, Pop, stop lying.

SAL: He's only kidding, Jade. JADE: l know.

What can l fix you?

Regular slice.

No, no, l'm going to make you something special, something very special, if you don't mind.

JADE: Yeah, that'll be great. That'll be great.

SAL: Okay. What do you want to drink? JADE: Cream soda.

SAL: Changed. lt used to be root beer. lf l'm wrong, tell me l'm wrong.

JADE: l know. l want a change of pace, you know?

SAL: Hey, Vito, clean off the table for Jade. Okay?





RADlO RAHEEM: 20 D Energizers.

20 C Energizers?

D. Not C, D.

C Energizers?

D, motherfucker, D! Learn to speak English first, all right? D!

How many you say?

20, motherfucker. 20!


Motherfuck you !

(CHUCKLES) "Motherfuck."

"Motherfucka you." You all right, man. You all right.

Just give me the motherfucking batteries, all right?

20 D fucking batteries.

Hey, wait. Yo, wait, wait. What's the date on them, man? What's the date on them?

The date! The fucking date. What?

Can you fucking speak English? The date!

The date? Date? Date?

They Marcha! "Marcha"?

What the fuck you talking about, "Marcha"?

1 991 .

Oh, March. That's March, motherfucker, March.

Yo, man, you sure that's 20? 20.

No. No. No. Take them out, man. Count them again.


Count the shits again, man. Motherfucker.

May l help you? l want some flowers.

The whole thing?

The whole thing. lt's very expensive. l know. l'll pay.

l thought you might like these.

l guess not.

There is nothing like the smell of fresh flowers.

Don't you agree, Mother Sister?

Summertime, all you can smell is the garbage.

Smell overpowers everything, especially the soft, sweet smell of flowers. lf you don't mind, l'm gonna sit right here, catch myself a breeze or two, and then l'll be on my way.

Thank the Lord, the sun is going down. lt is hot as blazes.

Yes, Jesus.

Well, l guess l'll be on my way.


Oh ! Oh, goddamn, man !

Cut that shit down !

You should play some Bobby "Blue" Bland or something. Fucker!

What to say?

Man, l don't know how he does it.

Oh, man ! God damn.

Goddamn shit. Fuck.

ML. What?

Come hold this for me, baby.

Hold what, sucker?


You know what l'm talking about.

That's okay.

At least my moms didn't name me Sweet Dick Willie. l told you about that mama shit.

Hey, nobody talking about your moms. l ain't say nobody, motherfucker. l said you !

Come on, man, squash it, just squash that shit.

Dick, listen, you know, l didn't mean it like that.

You did, too. Shit. l just wanted to know who named you Sweet Dick Willie.

Man, it's just a name. God damn. Shit.

How you get the name ML? Yeah !

ML stands for ML.

Now, that's some stupid shit right here.

You hear me? That's some stupid shit.

'Cause everybody know why they call me Sweet Dick Willie.

(CHUCKLlNG) Everybody. Everybody.

Boy, l say, you negroes kill me.

Shit. Always holding on to, always talking about your dicks. l don't know about you, but it's too hot to fuck.

Man, you out your fucking mind? lt ain't never too hot or never too cold for fucking.

See, l had my best piece of woman on a humid day. Shit.

Over there in the projects, close to your woman.

Go on, get out of here, man !

Shit. Oh, Lord, have mercy.

God damn, l better not see her naked on payday. lCEE MAN: Everybody out! The lcee, lcee Man is here.

Hey, hey! Looking good, looking good.

Here we are. Look at these beautiful people, huh?

The lcee Man is here.

BOY: l want coconut. GlRL: Give me lemon. lCEE MAN: Tell me what you need.

There you go, my love. There you go.

That's your color, that's your flavor. Thank you.

BOY: l want more syrup on mine.

MAN: He's always drinking beer.

(BELLS CHlMlNG) lCEE MAN: Hey! Hey! Where's everybody going? lce cream !

(TlRES SCREECHlNG) lce cream ! Doctor!



Doctor, don't you know no better than to run out in that street in front of a car?

What you trying to do, kill yourself?

Come on, let's get up. Come on.

You gonna be all right.

You gonna be all right, my boy.

Eddie, you gonna be just fine.

Eddie, what's wrong?

Mayor knocked me down.

Well, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

(LAUGHS) Miss, that boy's just scared to death.

What happened, l was walking along the street, minding my own business, l looked out and l seen your son about to get hit by the car, so l dashed out to save him.

And l had to knock him down to keep us both from getting hit.

Matter of fact, l saved two lives today, his and mine.

Eddie, is that the truth?

Eddie, you hear me talking to you. l'm talking to you, boy.

He gonna be fine, miss, just fine.


Mommy, Mommy! l'm sorry! l'm sorry!

Get upstairs now!

And when your father come home, he gonna wear your little behind out, too!

Miss, you didn't have to hit your boy like that.

He's already scared to death. l appreciate you helping my Eddie, l truly do, but l'll have nobody question how l raise him, not even his daddy.

You're right, miss. You're right.

Excuse me. l don't want to sound like a jerk, but can l say something to you, Jade?

Yeah, Sal.

You got the biggest eyes l've ever seen in my life.

They, like, jump right out of your head. You know that? l feel embarrassed for even saying that. l feel like a jerk.

Thanks, Sal. Don't even mention it.

Thanks a lot. lt was delicious. Thanks a lot. l got to talk to you. Mookie. l got to talk to you. Come on. Come on. All right, Mookie.

Come on. Let's go.

Hey, Jade, don't forget to come back soon, okay?

Hey, Mookie, take it easy, will you?

Grabbing her arm, you're going to bust her arm.


Jade, l do not want you in Sal's no more, all right?

Mookie, what? Stop tripping. No, you're tripping.

Read my lips. Don't come to Sal's no more.

What are you so worked up about?

The way Sal looks at you, about the way he talks at you.

He's just being nice. Nice?

He's completely innocent. lnnocent? l didn't stutter. You heard me.

Look, all Sal wants to do is hide the salami.

You're really crude, Mookie. You know that? l admit it, l'm crude. Do not come in Sal's anymore. You are not welcome.

You got a lot of nerve. You know that? l'm gonna tell you something for the last time, Mookie, stop trying to play big brother to me, okay? l'm a grown woman !

You can hardly pay your rent and you're gonna tell me what to do?

Come off it! That makes no sense at all.

Oh, it doesn't, huh?

You got your little $250 a week plus tips. l'm getting paid.


You know, in a while, l'll be making a move, all right?

Yeah, when?

Don't worry about it.

When, Mookie? That's what l wanna know.

When? Don't worry about it!

Jade, don't come here no more. lt's got. . . We're not talking about that now.

Take your skinny butt around the corner and go back home. l'm tired of supporting a grown woman, okay? l'm tired of supporting a grown man, okay? l want to know when you're going to pack your bags and go, okay, Mookie?

Just don't come in Sal's no more, all right? l'll be back.

And no more pizza, either.

l don't care if you fire me this exact fucking moment.

lf you're saying what l'm thinking you're saying, you better not say it because l don't wanna hear it.

You hear this? Do me a favor, leave Jade alone.

You know, Mookie, not for nothing, but if you were just a little bit taller, l'd kick you right in the ass for what you're thinking.

As a matter of fact, l should kick your ass on principle alone.

Here. You got a delivery.

ls this the right address?

Yeah. . . What is this with the. . . Yeah, it's the right address.

Mook, that's the right address. Yeah, l wrote it myself. Why? l'm checking, you know, sometimes you make a mistake and l deliver the fucking pizzas to the wrong fucking address. All right? l don't make mistakes. l don't make. . .

You don't make mistakes? No.

Hey, hurry back, okay? Don't get lost. We're still open.

Do me a favor, make a pizza, huh?

Mr. Mayor.

l saw what you did. That was a foolish act, but it was brave.

That child owes you his life. l wasn't trying to be a hero. l just seen what was happening and l reacted. Didn't even think.

(CHUCKLlNG) Probably wouldn't have done it on second thought if l had thought.

Yeah, Da Mayor's getting to be an old man now. l ain't run like that in years. l went from first to home on a bunt single.

Scored the winning run. lt was two out, in bottom of the ninth. lt was August 1 , 1 939. Snow Hill, Alabama.

Ol' Mud Cat bunch-of-bones was the pitcher, now, he hated my guts.

He reared back, come down off that mound and l took off like white lightning up a black snake's ass, l. . .

(CHUCKLES) Maybe l ought to be a hero more often, huh?

Maybe you shouldn't. Don't get happy.

This changes nothing between you and me.

You did a good thing and Mother Sister just wanted to thank you for it. l wanna thank you.

You're welcome.

Delivery from Sal's Famous Pizzeria.

What the hell took you so long? ls it hot?

Lady, l've never delivered a cold pizza in my life.



Come here.


You know, you think you're slick, Tina. l know. How else was l gonna get you up here? l haven't seen you for a week. l'm working, you know. Making money, getting paid.

Yeah. l see you forgot the ice cream again.

Oh, shit, l forgot.

Yeah, you know, your memory's getting really ridiculous. lt's disgusting. l just forgot. l got a lot of things on my mind.

Yeah, and l really wanted some ice cream, too.

Look, if it makes you any happier, l'll run out and get some.

No, no. That's out.

You won't come back either.

You know l can't be staying long anyhow.

How long?

Long enough to do the nasty.

Oh, no, come on, Mookie. That's out.

Wait a minute. First of all, it is too hot. All right? lf you think l'm gonna let you get some, put your clothes on and leave here, and not see your black ass for another week, you must be bugging. l'll see you tomorrow.

Yeah, right. And my name is Boo Boo the Fool.

So, no nasty, huh?


Tina, let's do something else then.


Trust me. Trust you?

Mookie, the last time l trusted you, we ended up with a son.

Remember your son? l do remember my son. His name is Hector.

You know, what are you trying to say? l'm a bad father?

On the strength.

Let me talk to you for a second.

What? What?

Over here.

Tina, take your clothes off.

Mookie, l already told you it's too fucking hot to make love.

"lt's too fucking hot." Why are you always cursing? l don't fucking curse that much.

"l don't fucking curse that much."

What the hell are you talking about, Mookie?

All you do is curse. l do not.

Anyway, no rawness is jumping off tonight.

All right? And that's it.

No rawness? No. No rawness.

Anyway, why's it always gotta be like that when you come over here? lt's not always like that. lt always has to be fucking like that.

Mook, what are you doing? What are you doing? l'm not cursing. (SNlCKERS) Mookie. Come on. l mean it. l'm not playing.

(MlMlCS TlNA) "l'm not playing."


Damn, don't be so anxious.

That's right. Take it off.

You're sweating.

Of course l'm sweating, you moron. lt's only 1 00 degrees in here and shit.

Look, freeze. Don't move. l'll be right back, okay?

What do you mean you'll be back? Just stay there.

Where you going? l'll be right back.

What the hell you got me standing on the bed for? Where the hell you going?


How's my son Hector?

Honey, do you hear that? He wants to know how you are doing.

And he has the straight face of asking about it.


Good for nothing.



English ! English ! l want my son to speak English. All right?

WOMAN: Why don't you just get out of my kitchen?

Bad enough his name is Hector.

Get out of my kitchen. l don't want to hear anything.

Get out. Out, l said.

Yes, children, this is the cool-out corner.

We're slowing it down for all the lovers in the house.

(SLOW MUSlC PLAYlNG) l'll be giving you all the help you need.

Musically, that is.

This shit is cold. lt's supposed to be cold. lt's an ice cube.

Later for your shit.



Tina, you don't got a forehead, you got a eight-head.

(SNlCKERS) Mookie, you're funny as shit.

You got one of them Sade foreheads.

Fuck you !

God damn ! lt's a big-ass forehead. l need an iceberg, (LAUGHlNG) rather than this ice cube.

Thank God for lips.

Thank God for the neck.

Thank God for kneecaps.

Thank God for elbows.

Thank God for thighs.

Thank God for the right nipple.

Thank God for the left nipple.

Feels good.

You like, she likes, she likes.

Amen. l got to be going.

You better come back. l'll be back tonight. You better come back or else l'm gonna kick your ass.

Oops. Guess l got to be back, then.

All right.


All right.

Get out of here. l got to go.

Bye. Bye.

l'm not leaving yet.

(LAUGHlNG) Get out of here!

All right. Later.


So, just out of curiosity, how long are you gonna stick around here?

You mean tonight?

No, l mean, the neighborhood.

Well, l figure about 50 years.

Yeah, because l'm going into the real estate business, you know. l figured l'd build a big high-rise in the neighborhood.

Yeah. A lot of people want to move here.

Why not? You want a condominium?

You put a couple of straws in there, Mr. Trump?

But of course.

Mr. Trump's. Trump's Pizza. l heard of that place, man. No, it's Trump's Plaza.

Do me a favor, get out of here. See you, Sal.

Take care, Salvatore.

Pino, take the soft drinks out of the back and load up here, okay?

Okay, Pop.

Sal, if you want me to deliver any faster, you gotta give me a jet rocket or something

'cause l can't be running with pizzas.

The cheese ends up on one side.

Mookie, l didn't say nothing.

You must have a guilty conscience. You got a guilty conscience?

Sal, l'm not guilty of anything.

Come on, you gotta be guilty of something, otherwise you wouldn't come in here, saying the things you said.

Come on, Sal.

Where we going?

Oh, shit!

Vito, give me a hand, come on.

Come on. What? What the fuck's the matter?


Vito, l want you to listen to me. l'm your brother. l may smack you around every once in a while, but l'm still your brother.

So what, Pino? So fucking what?

l love you, man.

l'm listening. l'm listening.

Good, 'cause l want you to listen.

Jesus Christ, Pino, l said l'm fucking listening.

Good, Vito, black, white. No. No, no, no. No.

No? What the hell you talking about?

Are you listening to me?

Try to stop busting my balls, Pino, l said l'm fucking listening to you 1 0 fucking times already.

Mookie's not to be trusted. l trust him, Pino.

No. No mulignan can be trusted.

The first time you turn your back, boom !


The spear right here, man, in the back.

Yeah? How do you know this? l know.

How do you know, man? l know. l read.

Give me a break, Pino, l never seen you read nothing in your fucking life.

Read your history. lt's historical.

He, them, they're not to be trusted.

What do you want me to do about it? l want you to be on fucking guard, man. Fucking hit me?

You be on guard 'cause Mookie has Pop conned, so we got to look out for him.

You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

And that's exactly what l'm talking about.


We'll be right there, Pop, in one minute.

You better listen to what l say. l'll rip you. l'll fuck you up. You know l'll fuck you up.

You know something, Pino?


You don't know everything you think you know, man.

You think you know, but you don't know it, man.

Mookie, he listens to me. You don't, man.

He does and you fucking don't.

You're fucking stabbing me in the back, man.



Buggin, what's up?

How you been, man?

Living large, bro.

Yo, that the only tape you gots?

You don't like Public Enemy, man? That shit's dope. l'm down, but you don't be playing nothing else. l don't like nothing else.

Yo, check this, man. You know Sal?

Yeah, l know that motherfucker. l've been trying to organize a boycott of Sal's Famous, you know what l'm saying? l almost had to bust him in the head today, man.

He gonna tell me, tell me, Radio Raheem, to turn down my box and shit, man, and didn't even say please.

Who the fuck he think he is, Don Corleone and shit?

He make much money off us black people and all he got up there on the wall is ltalians.

You know, Sylvester Stallone, okey-doke-looking motherfuckers.

You know what l'm saying, homeboy? On the strength.

Yeah, we shouldn't buy one slice.

Not spending one red penny up in there till he put folks of color up on that wall.

That's what l'm talking. . . That's what l'm talking about, man !

Yo, you got my back? Your back is got.

My bro. My bro.

Yo, Smiley. Come here, man.

What you listening to?

Malcolm. . .

(STUTTERlNG) Malcolm, huh?

MAN: Cut off that damn music! l'm in here trying to get me some motherfucking. . .

Yo! l'll fuck you up, quick!

Two times!

Three times!

Sal, start counting my money tonight 'cause l gots to get paid.

Come on, Vito. Come on.

This is terrific. l mean we had a great, great day.

You know something?

There's nothing like a family in business, working together. l'm going to rename the place. l'm gonna call it "Sal and Sons Famous Pizzeria."

Why not? You guys are gonna take it over someday anyway, right?

And Mookie. . .

Mookie, l wanna tell you that there's always gonna be a place for you here, right here at Sal's, Sal's Famous Pizzeria, because you've always been like a son to me.

We're closed ! No, we're closed !

Shut up! ALL: You shut up!

Shut the fuck up, man !

All right, let them in. Let them in. They love my pizza.

Four slices and l'm out of here.

Sal, we're trying to go home!

Shut up! You ain't taking my delivery, boy. Bitch !

This is stupid !


MOOKlE: Sit your black ass down !

ELLA: Shut up! Fuck you !

Yo, Sal ! Sal, four slices, man, regular. To go, all right?

MOOKlE: Why you gotta curse? Don't tell. . .

Looking good. Looking real good, man !

Come on. Come on, move it, man !


(SHOUTlNG) What'd l tell you about that noise?

(SHOUTlNG) What'd l tell you about them pictures?

(SHOUTlNG) What the fuck, are you deaf?

No! Are you? Fuck you !

We want some black people on that motherfucking Wall of Fame now!

We're trying to go fucking home!

We've been here all fucking day, Buggin Out!

Turn that jungle music off! We ain't in Africa!

Why it got to be about jungle music?

Why it got to be about Africa? lt's about them fucking pictures! lt's about turning that shit off and getting the fuck out of my place!

Radio Raheem ! Fuck you.

And fuck you, too!

ALL SHOUTlNG) Kick some ass, Sal ! Get in there, Pino!

This is music. My music!

(SHOUTlNG) Fuck your music.

Turn it off, then.

Hey, man, get the fuck out of here! We're fucking closed !

Fuck you !

We're closing you guinea bastards for good !

For good, motherfucker!

Until you get some black people on that motherfucking Wall of Fame!

You're gonna fucking close me?

BUGGlN OUT: You're goddamn right!

You black cocksucker! l'll fucking tear your fucking nigger ass. . .

ALL: Oh, we're niggers now? We niggers now!

You fucking white trash ! l'll fuck you up!

Sal, put the fucking bat down !

Come on, man, you fucking guinea trash !

Jump over the motherfucking counter!

You black cocksucker!

You nigger motherfucker!


l just killed your fucking radio.

My music, you motherfucker!


Get off him ! Get the fuck off him !

PlNO: Get off him ! Get off!


You fucked up my eye!

Ahmad, stop! Please stop it!

You don't fuck with my box, man !

You don't fuck with my box!

Stop it!

Get the fuck up!

Come on, l'm gonna kick your ass some more. Come on.

RADlO RAHEEM: Come on !

MAN: Fight. A fight!



SAL: Goddamn kill you !

Hey! Break it up!

Hey! Hey! Break it up!

Break it up! PlNO: Hey, what are you doing?

You're gonna kill him !

PlNO: Stop it! DA MAYOR: Break it up!

PlNO: Stop it!

Break it up! Break it up!


MAN: Right here!

Get the fuck out of the way, man !

OFFlCER 1 : Break it up!

Get out, man ! Get out of the way!

OFFlCER 2: Let me through ! Let me through !

OFFlCER 1 : Gary, get the big guy.

MAN: Move.

OFFlCER 1 : Gary, the big guy. l'll kill you, you motherfucker!

OFFlCER 1 : Just take him off me!

What are you doing? Sal !

Get the fuck off me, man ! Get off of me!

BUGGlN OUT: Get off me! You're taking me down?

You're not taking Vito or Pino or Sal out!

Get the fuck off me!

Get his other arm !

Take him down ! Take him down !

Just take him down, man !

God damn it! You're killing him. Let him go!

Give it up, asshole. Give it up!

Just take him down ! OFFlCER 3: Come on !

Let him go. Stop it, God damn it!

Stop it!

Get his arm ! Get his arm !

Gary, that's enough !

Shut up.

OFFlCER 1 : Gary, that's enough, man !

Gary, that's enough !

OFFlCER 2: Shut the fuck up!

Radio Raheem ! Radio Raheem !


BUGGlN OUT: Radio!

Radio Raheem ! Radio Raheem !

Get the fuck up, you ain't dead !

Get up, asshole!

Quit faking it!

OFFlCER 3: Get up, asshole!

OFFlCER 2: Get up! Get the fuck up!

Let's get him out of here. l'm a black man, God damn it! l'm a black man !

You can't kill us all ! You can't kill us all !

You can't fucking kill us all, God damn it!


Let's get him out of here!

OFFlCER 3: Come on ! Shit.

OFFlCER 2: Get him to the car.

Get him to the car. Let's go.

Come on, man !


Back off, assholes!

You fucking pig, fucking murderers!

You can't kill us all, man !

You can't fucking kill us all !

Back off. Back off. Everybody, back off!

Get back!

Fucking bastards.

OFFlCER 1 : Shut up, you little nigger fucker! l told you to shut up!

MAN: Radio.


(CRYlNG) No!


Mookie, they killed him.

They killed Radio Raheem ! lt's murder. They did it again, just like Michael Stewart.

Murder. Eleanor Bumpers. Murder!

Damn man, it ain't safe in our own fucking neighborhood.

Never was. Never will be. l ain't gonna stand for this shit no more, Sal. You hear me?

Ain't gonna stand for them fucking police, punk. lt's as plain as day.

They didn't have to kill the boy.


MAN 1 : Shit, Sal.

MAN 2: Shit.

You do what you gotta do.

MAN 1 : Fuck that, man !

Listen, listen. Listen. Good people, please. Let's all go home.

Somebody's gonna get hurt.

Yeah, you, boy! lf we don't stop this and stop it now, we gonna do something we're gonna regret for the rest of our lives.

Sal and his boys had nothing to do with what the cops did.

One of the police was black!

Leave him alone.

We'll get you and them three stooges, Sal. You hear me? You hear me?

DA MAYOR: Go on, Mr. Sal.

Go on. You see how they had him in a choke hold, man? l know that choke hold kills people, man !

He had a radio! He had a radio!

A fucking radio!

He died because he had a radio!

All he wanted was pictures on the wall and he died.

MAN 1 : Sal, what you got to say to that, Sal?


MAN 2: Vito called the cops!

Your son called the cops, boy!

Man, get the fuck out of here, man.

Somebody's gonna get hurt.

Fuck that, man.


Let it go! Let it go! Sal's just a man.

PlNO: What are they doing? What are they doing?

What the fuck are they doing?

Sal, come on. Come on, quick.

Get them out of there. That's my place.

That's my fucking place! Stop. Sal.

Fucking niggers.

ALL: (CHANTlNG) Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio. . .

Burn it down ! Burn it down !

Come on, let's clean house. Shit. Come on.

l no white. l no white! lt's your turn, sucker. l no white! l no white! l no white! l'm black.

What? Black? Yes! l black!

Me black. Me black. Where you black at?

Me black! Me! l black! You, me, same!


We same.

Same? Me black.

Open your eyes, motherfucker.

Leave the Korean alone, man.

He's all right.

Yeah? He's all right. He's black.



Oh, fuck you, man !

MAN: Howard Beach, Howard Beach, Howard Beach, Howard Beach. . .

OFFlCER: Come on ! Let's go!

FlREMAN: Spread it out. Spread it out.

ALL: (CHANTlNG) Howard Beach, Howard Beach. . .

OFFlCER: Get them out of the way.

FlREMAN: Go! Go!

Good people, please disperse. Please disperse.

Howard Beach, Howard Beach, Howard Beach, Howard Beach. . .

Good people, we're giving you one more warning to please go home.

This our home!

Okay. You've had your warning.


Get off of me!

FlREMAN: Get them all down.

Yo! Yo! Yo! Well, come on ! Come on !

Get your fucking black hands off me.

OFFlCER: Come on, asshole. Come on, move it.

MAN 1 : Motherfucker.

MAN 2: What you doing? Think this is Birmingham?

Fucking Alabama. Yo, where's Bull Connor?

MAN 3: Son of a bitch !

MOTHER SlSTER: Oh, no! No!


Oh, no!


Oh, no! MAN 1 : Raheem.


MAN 4: Go, go, go.


LOVE DADDY: My people, my people. . . What can l say?

Say what l can. l saw it, but l didn't believe it. l didn't believe it, what l saw.

Are we going to live together?

Together, are we going to live?

This is your Mister Seņor Love Daddy talking to you from We Love Radio, 1 08 FM on your dial, and that's the triple truth, Ruth.

Today's weather? Hot!

Wake up!

Fuck! My money. Shit.

Where are you going?

To get my money.

Don't try that shit, okay? You're going to run out of here, and l ain't gonna see your black ass for another fucking week.

Tina, it's not even like that. lt is like that.

You know you don't give a fucking shit about me and you definitely don't give a shit about your son.

Look, l care about you. l care about my son and l'll be right back.

Oh, my God. Why don't you be a man? l am a man, all right?

Then act like a man. Why don't you be a fucking man, Mookie? l'm tired of your shit.

Why do we have to go over this shit again and again and again?

Because you don't fucking listen, Mookie! lf you'd listen to me, l wouldn't have to repeat myself like a fucking radio, all right?

What kind of mother you are, using fucking language like that?

What kind of mother am l? You need to. . .

Your ass isn't even here. . . You need to know. . .

. . .so don't be telling me. . .

Look, get a fucking vocabulary, all right?

Why don't you get a fucking life?

Yeah. Look. . . Look what? l'll be back. l'll be back.

Don't leave, Mookie. Don't leave.

'Cause l'm tired of this shit, all right?

You walk out that door, that's it, all right? l have to get my money from Sal. l'll be back, all right?

This shit is to the curb, Mookie, all right?

And l'm tired of it, all right?

'Cause you need to step off with your stupid-ass self. Okay?

And you need to get a fucking life, Mookie. All right?

Because the one you got, baby, is not working. Okay?

And l ain't going to deal with this shit no more.

Shit. Fucking ass, stupid ass, fucking pendejo.

Shit. Fuck. Fucking shit.

Good morning. ls it a good morning?

Yes, indeed.

You almost got yourself killed last night. l've done that before.

Where did you sleep? l didn't.

l hope the block is still standing.

We're still standing.

What do you want? l want my money. l wanna get paid.

You don't work here no more.

Sal, l want my money.

Your money couldn't begin to pay for the window you broke.

Motherfuck a window. Radio Raheem is dead. l know he's dead. l was here, you remember?

He's dead because of his buddy.

That cocksucker started all this shit.

He's responsible for that kid's death.

And he wanted to close me and you stood there like a fuck and you watched them burn me down. l watched it. l also watched the cops murder Radio Raheem.

You're gonna get it all from the fucking insurance anyway, Sal.

You know the deal.

What the fuck is wrong with you? This ain't about money. l couldn't give a fuck about money.

You see this fucking place? l built this fucking place!

With my bare fucking hands!

Every light socket, every piece of tile.

Me! With these fucking hands! You know what the fuck that means?

Yeah, it means pay me my motherfucking money. That's what it means, Sal.

Okay, Mookie.

How much do l owe you?

My salary's 250, 250 a week.

One, two, that's three, that's four, and that's five.

You got $500. You're a rich fucking man now, you happy?

You happy? He's got 500 fucking dollars!

He's a big man, he's a rich fucking man !

He's never gonna have any more trouble.

Not Mookie, he's fucking rich !

Who the fuck you yelling at? You're wealthy, Mookie.

You're a real fucking Rockefeller!

You got your fucking pay, now leave me alone, huh?

Sal, my salary's $250 a week, all right? l owe you 50 bucks.

Keep it. You keep it.

You keep it. You keep it.

No, you keep it. You keep it.

l don't believe this shit.

Believe it.

Are you sick? l'm hot as a motherfucker, l'm all right, though.

They say it's even gonna get hotter today.

What are you gonna do with yourself?

Make that money, get paid.

Sal, l gotta go see my son, if it's all right with you.

LOVE DADDY: Hey, Mook! lt's the Mook Man! l see you walking down the block.

Go on home to your kid.

Now, the news and weather.

Our mayor has commissioned a blue-ribbon panel and l quote, "To get to the bottom of last night's disturbance.

"The city of New York will not let property

"be destroyed by anyone," end quote.

His Honor plans to visit our block today.

Maybe he should hook up with our own Da Mayor, buy him a beer.

Your Love Daddy says, "Register to vote." The election is coming up.

There's no end in sight from this heat wave.

So today, the cash-money word is "chill." That's right, C-H-l-L-L.

When you hear "chill," call in at 555-LOVE and you'll win cash money, honey.

This is Mister Seņor Love Daddy coming at you from what's last on your dial but first in your hearts, and that's the quintessential truth, Ruth.

The next record goes out to Radio Raheem, we love you, brother.

(SlNGlNG) From the heart of Bed-Stuy W-E L-O-V-E