Do You Know Me? (2009) Script

Are you proud?

I couldn't be prouder.

I just wish we didn't have to celebrate with what's his name..

Chris.. Chris.

Is a very nice boy, David. "Is a very nice boy, David."

Plus... He's hot.

So, I guess we're adults now.

I'm afraid so.

You ready to start our lives?


Except for the "Moving Back Home" bit.

Why don't you move in with me?

It's too soon.

But thanks.

"To have her home, graduated, educated, "So elated, "It does a father proud, And makes the sacrifices all worth while."

That's awesome, Dad.

The Gazette is lucky to have you, And so am I.


I spoke to the photo editor, And he says you can have an internship, if you want one.

Yes, and you can get some shifts back At the clinic, for the money, Until the Gazette's ready to pay.

Dr. Patel would be happy to see you there again.

Thanks, I appreciate it...

I'll take the shifts at the clinic Until I get a job at a paper...

But, uh, no Gazette, Dad.

I think I want to try for a bigger publication.

El doesn't need the clinic.

A week of pounding the pavement..

We know how good she is, Chris.

Sometimes a job in the hand means something To people who don't have a lot of money.

Gift time!

Thank you.


It's a sister bracelet.

Iz, it's beautiful.

One for you and one for me.

We can wear them tomorrow at the beach.

Dad made a reservation at the Dusk Motel, So we can spend the night.

Oh, God, Sweetie, I'm so sorry, I forgot.

Uh, I can't go, I have job interviews tomorrow.

Can't you just spend one day with your sister?

Dad, I will, I promise.

Just as soon as I get a job. Okay?

Yeah, you know, that really was An awesome article you wrote, Mr. Carter.

You could write at any paper.

I always tell him that.

Well, hey, Sir, My father's on the board of Hearst Publishing..

You know, Chris, it might surprise you, But I actually like writing for that paper.

I get to write what I want When I want.

You're so rude.

It's like you hate him.

I don't hate Chris.

I'd just wish he'd get his head out of his butt Every once in a while, that's all.

I'm sorry, El.

He's just so obsessed with you making it big.

You know, there's more to life than Just getting your name plastered in every paper Across the country.

Well, maybe I don't understand Your obsession with the status quo.

Meaning what?


You could work at any top paper, And yet you choose to slave at a local rag.

It's not a rag, El.

And I happen to like living here.

People are normal.

They remember what's important in life..

Like remembering The plans they make with their sister.

Dad, I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound...

It's just...

I want something bigger Than all this.

But all my friends are..


You're not your friends, El.


This is where you grew up.

It's where your family is, And it's good.

If you'd just look a little closer, You could see that, okay?

I'm glad you're home.

Quiet. Hurry!

You left the door open.

Sorry, El.

It's been so long since you slept here, I forgot.


I know you might not be, but I'm glad you're home.

Come here.

I love you, Iz.

I love you too.

Hey, Dad.

Got a job yet, Kiddo?

Uh... Ask me again in a couple of minutes.

All right, I will.

Dad, I'm sorry about..

Yeah. Me too, El.

Coming home?

Uh, no, I'm going to keep pounding the pavement, And then Chris and I are having a friend over, So I'll probably stay there.

You're sleeping over with him?

Dad, who do you think I've been with For the last year?


I'll be home by 10.

We'll have brunch, okay?

El, you be careful in the city.

Uh, gotta go!

Excuse me?

What's this?

I saw you interviewed.

You said Cafe Elene's crepes were your favorite.

I just graduated, and, uh...

Youthful exuberance...

No depth.

Thanks for the crepe.

Is that you, Babe? How'd it go?

Not one bite.

What can I say?

I'm attracted to older men.

And it's a two-way street.

I give them sex, they pay me with approval.

Okay... Hello, Dr. Freud.



Aw, hey, statistics say you date all different types, And no matter how hard you fight it, You end up marrying your father.

Oh, god. Oh, that is not going to be me.

I love my dad, But I like exciting, Driven...

And great bods, right?

How about Some 3:00 A.M. Java to sober us up?

Yes, ma'am.


Want to pour me another one?



Okay, no, pour. That's your mission.

No, pour me another shot!

Am I drunk, or is Elsa on this milk carton?

Hah! You're drunk.

El's on my lap.

Okay, El, never get a perm.


What are you guys talking about?

Oh, my God... That's me.

Creepy... It's your twin!

Or... It's you!

That what you looked like at three?

I don't know.

Haven't you seen pictures?

No, no, we lost all of our things In a fire when I was little.


Look, same eye color.

Same hair!

Please... Frizzier, tackier hair.

Born... California.

1987. Same year.

Yeah, but I was born in July.

Or so my kidnappers tell me.


Uh, what's that?

Last seen.. 1990.

Age three.

I think we need to report this.

What? No, no! Don't!

Why not? It's a 24-hour hotline.

What is she doing?!

What are you doing?

Oh, my God, is she calling?

"Do You Know Me?" Hotline.

Can I talk to someone about a...

A Sophie Marsaretti?

One moment, please.

What are you doing?

Come on, just for the fun of it.


You do it!

What? Um... Hello?

Yes, hello?

Um, I think I found me.

Ma'am, can I help you?

Um, yes, I look like the, um...

The "Older"..

I look like the "Older" picture on the milk carton.

Are you saying you think you've been kidnapped?

Uh... No.

I... I don't know.

Are you from the same area as the child in the picture?

Well, I've always wanted to go to california, Does that count?

Ma'am, is this a serious inquiry, Or are you wasting my time?

No, yes, I... Ahem.

I'm sorry.

Keep going.

Have you ever seen your birth certificate?


Have you ever met your grandparents?


Why not?

Um, because they all died when I was young.

All of them?


Do you know how old you were By the time they'd died?

Uh, almost four, I think?

Have you visited their graves?


Has it ever occurred to you How unusual it is To have lost all of your grandparents By that age?

Um... Not really. No.


Is there any way You can verify their deaths?

I... I... I could ask.

I'll ask my parents.

I'd like to take down your name.

Well.. Well, why?

If I could have your name, address, and phone number, Please?

You freaked out!

It's not funny.

We wasted that poor lady's time.

Hey, El...

I'm going to bed.

What a buzz-kill.

Come on, El. It was a joke.

I have to go, Baby.

I'm late for brunch.

Look at this.. Cheap golf balls.

Of course they're cheap.

The guys who play with good ones never lose them.

How did my grandparents die?

What kind of a question's that for a weekend morning?

I was just curious.

You know, because I never met them...

Any of them.

All right. Well, if you must know, It was a stroke, heart attack...

Heart attack, and Emphysema.

Nana smoked two packs a day Until she died.

Where did they die?

In a hospital.

I mean what state, city?

What, you think We murdered them or something?

I mean, granted, there have been moments I wanted to drive an ice-pick into your Nana's brain..

Okay, that's enough.

Okay, could you slice the bagels for me?

Thank you so much.


Can I see my birth certificate?


I was just wondering if you had it...

If I could see it.

Elsa, what's going on here?


I know this is totally silly...

Let's see.

Oh, Boy.

We have to have a talk, Elsa.


No, let me handle this.

We've known this moment was coming For a long time now.


You were kidnapped.

Dad! That's not even funny!

You are a cruel man, David Carter!


Come on, we love this girl for 22 years, And she gives us the third-degree Like we're a bunch of criminals.

I know, okay? I-I-I just...

It was weird, because when we called in...

Called in?

We called in. The...

Milk carton people.

Elsa, w..

I know, I know it was stupid, But we called it in as a joke and...

What on earth were you thinking?

These people have a hard enough job to..

Did you tell them anything?

No! Nothing.

I mean, I didn't give them my name or anything.

Just promise me You're not going to call them again.

I promise.

Dad... I do.


This poor girl.

Can we at least check it out?


Do we have to?


"From White Rock, California.

Last seen outside her home wearing a sundress."

Huh. "Sophie has

"A strawberry-shaped birthmark On her right shoulder."

My baby doesn't have a birthmark at all, Does she? Hmm?



Your birth certificate.

And all of our names are on it.


Pretty stupid, huh?

Yes... Ahem.

And no.

Thanks, Dad.


Just a couple of months..

You said we were not..

No! We're not going to..


Chris? What are you talking about?

I know you think I'm paranoid..

No, you know what? I have to go to work.


Okay. The doctor will be with you in a minute.

Have a seat.

Uh, Dr. Patel?

Can I ask you something?

For you? Anything, Miss New Graduate.


This kind of thing...

That's, like, from a vaccine or something, right?

Well, vaccines are usually done lower on the shoulder, but...

I mean, did you ever have stitches, or...

It could be a bug bite, or an acne scar.

Could be anything, really.

Nice shoulder, by the way.

What if everything you've always known to be true Might not be?

I'd probably wig out.


Oh, close the door all the way, okay?

You with the door.

Hey, do not get me started on all your quirks, okay, Mr. Salt-And-Pepper-Shakers all-lined-up.

Yeah, but that makes sense.

This is nothing.


It's a little freaky.

Somebody called yesterday, from the missing kids' place.


Yeah, they were asking questions.

Wanted to know your name, your phone number.

They're going to call again.

You got to deal with this.

Oh, God...

Why don't you just have your parents Talk to these people?

No, I couldn't.

Well, then find out for sure yourself.

Do a dna test or something.

Chris, they're my parents!

This is ridiculous.


Look me in the eye.

Do you have any doubt?

Just talk to your dad.

And, besides...

I'm going to need to know your lineage If you're going to be my wife someday.

Oh, ho! Did somebody just say "Wife Someday"?

Yeah, maybe somebody did.


Maybe somebody liked hearing it.


Come here, you.

I cannot believe what you are getting us into.

Chris said all I have to do Is show them my birth certificate, and..

Your birth certificate?

Yeah, it'll only take a second, And Chris says..

Chris! Chris does not tell me what I do and what I do not do!

Well, are you going to give it to me?

Are you kidding me?


Now, you can go.

Chris may have time for this nonsense, But I don't.

I have work to do.

Iz, one more time with my CDs..

Sorry, El.

I hate it when you and dad fight.

Makes me think you'll move away.


You can't get rid of me that easily.

Cross your heart?

Hope to croak..

And may my iPod...

Never be broke.

Now, pick up my CDs!

Hey. Whatcha doing?

Uh, just borrowing a scrunchie?

Okay. Oh, and you found one. Good.

I got to go.

Got to go to work.

Dr. Dobson to Radiology.

Dr. Dobson to Radiology.

Anyone want to do me a favor?

I thought you'd never ask!

Do you know anyone who could tell me If this person is related to these two people?

The lab we use could do a DNA test.

What is this?

Paternity suit?

No. No baby.

Just a friend's biology project.

Friend, huh?

How accurate is the test?

The one-day test will prove With 100% exclusion If the people are not related, And 99% if they are.

Uh, great!

And when can I get the results?

Well, usually it would take 24 hours, But I could put it in with tonight's lab run, So, if you check with me Before you leave in the morning...

Maybe it'll be ready.

Thank you.

You owe me one!


"You Owe Me One"?


Did you get those results?

Well, that depends.

On what?

On whether you go out for coffee with me.

Dr. Patel...


I'm really busy this week, too.


These two... Uh, they are not the biological parents Of this individual.


Yeah, they're not related in any way.


And you're absolutely sure?

Yeah. 100%.

Are you okay?

Hey! Sorry, but you're not a resident.

My boyfriend, Chris Mayfield, he's in 203.

I just need to..

Ohh... You're the ones making all that racket The other night.

Yeah. Sorry about that.

Look, I know he's home, he's probably just In the shower or something, and can't hear the buzzer.

Okay, but just this once.



You left the door open.

Chris, wake up.

Chris? My dad lied.

They're not really my..

Oh, my God! Oh...

Oh, oh...

Oh... I'm here.

Oh, my God.

Your father...



Your father... Wants...



I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!


Morning, Kiddo. How was work?


Oh, my God... Oh, my God...

Elsa, what's wrong?

El, what is it?

Chris is dead!


What happened? Where are you?

You lied to me!

You're not my father!

Elsa? El, we have to talk.

I'm calling 911.

No, don't. Don't talk to the police.

If you do, you'll end up dead.

Isabel will end up dead, I promise.


Look, you will both be killed.

Now, meet me at the Dusk Motel in two hours.

11:00, El. If you don't do it..

Looks like you're having a bad day.


Really bad.

I didn't do anything, I swear!

Hey! I believe you.

I do... Sophie.

Who are you?

I'm Agent Jake Farber, D.E.A.

All right?

All right, I got Chris's number off the hotline.

I've been waiting for you all morning.

What do you want from me?

Your father...

Jerry Fontaine.

That's his real name. All right?

You didn't touch anything in there, did you?

I.. I only..

Look, I'm not asking what happened, all right?

But you got blood all over your hands, You got fingerprints all over the apartment..

Your only choice is going to be Either going to jail, or coming with me.

All right? Let's go.

Get in.

Keep your head down.

After everything I've told you, Why not just take me in now?

Let the police decide?

Because I know you didn't kill him.

How do you know?

Come on, do you really think I'd be sitting here with you If I thought you had?

You forced David Carter's hand When you responded To our "Do You Know Me?" ad.

Your ad?

Yeah, the D.E.A. Put it out there.

But why would my dad kill Chris?

Was he curious?

Was he asking a lot of questions?

That's all it takes.

Could've blown his cover.

I want you to take me to Jerry Fontaine..

"David Carter."

But he's the prime suspect In a case that we've been trying to crack For almost 20 years.

A case that involves A lot of money that doesn't belong to him.

I can't go to the police.

He said that if I do, I'll end up dead, Isabel will end up dead.

Well, that's assuming she's still alive.

Or we can just cut straight to the emotional blackmail.

Who do you care most about?

Your so-called "Dad", David Carter, Or little Isabel in the hands of a guy That you and I are both pretty sure Murdered your boyfriend?

Shift that pretty little brain of yours into gear and give it some thought.

I'm supposed to meet him at 11:00...

At a motel we always go to, The Dusk Motel.

Roger, dispatch.

The other driver is in critical condition.

What's the status on the emergency personnel? Over.

What kind of place is this?

We used to call it our "Summer Secret."

Always a vacancy.

Call him. See if he's still there.

Went straight to voicemail.

Call his motel.


Dusk Motel.

Yeah. Hi.

This is Agent Jake Farber.

Has a David Carter checked in?

Your old man already checked out.

She said he seemed really nervous.

He didn't wait for me?

Where else would he have gone?


I don't know, I don't know!

Bull. Come on, think!

I don't know.

I don't know where they could have gone.

Maybe I should just Turn you over to the cops up there, huh?

Do you remember what David Carter said He'd do to Isabel If you got a hold of the police?

You should believe him.

Ocean Shore.

What's in Ocean Shore?

Friend of my dad's has a sort of cabin there.

Find it.

Put your seatbelt on.

I have to pee.

Hold it.


Look, we either stop, Or I'm pissing in your car.

It's your choice.

Okay, okay, okay.

I'm coming with you.

Suit yourself.


What, are you going to watch?

Okay, okay.

Make it quick.

Hey! Hurry up in there.

I'm going as fast as I can!






Forecast.. Showers, heavy at times, With occasional thunder storms today, And a high of 89 degrees...

California it is.

In a downtown loft, Where Elsa Carter was last spotted Fleeing the scene, Her hands covered in blood.

Now, the victim here was Chris Mayfield, Son of Publishing Magnate Franz Mayfield.

The police suspect that David Carter, Elsa's father, Might be meeting up with his daughter to help her.

The neighbors confirmed that, before the police arrived, they saw David Carter pull the younger sister into the car and speed away. Oh, my God, Iz...

The police also said that David Carter accessed a safety deposit box At a Tukwila Bank before he fled.

Well, the assumption here is that, he's getting the money to help his daughter elude justice.

Elsa Carter and her rich boyfriend...

A Prince-And-The-Pauper fairy-tale that ended in a brutal murder.

The 11:00 P.M. bus to White Rock, Carlsbad, Encinitas, and San Diego is now boarding.

Screw the other case. You're down there.

I'm not going after her alone.

We had an agreement.

Lashley... Lashley!

This is the break we've been waiting for, man, Since Tijuana.

Meet me in San Diego.

Call me when you're close.

The little snot.


I'm Alec Rooker.

David Carter sent me.

Iz, where are you?


Look, Rooker, what are you saying?

You got there too late?

Yeah, I missed her.

Dammit. Then you gotta go to San Francisco.

I got the address and the article you faxed me.

She's going to try to find Joe.

You'd better get to her first.


Going there next.

Oh, my God.

Is that a Rosetta?

Welcome to Rosetta.

May the light engulf you.

Hi, uh, same to you.

Um, I was wondering if you, um, knew, Or if you knew anyone named Marsaretti?


Do you mean Tina?

Yes! Uh, Tina Marsaretti.

She's Tina Basile now.

She took back her maiden name After the divorce.

Tina was one we couldn't heal.

D-did she die?

No, no, no.

She just never found the light.

Ah... Thanks.

Any idea where I could find her?

Last I heard, she moved north of here, to Gilroy.


City and state, please.

Gilroy, California.

Tina Basile.

The number is... 932-555-6217.

Hi. It's Tina.

I'm not home, But you can leave a message and I'll call you back.

So what's her next move?

Mommy or daddy?

What do you got?

Joe Marsaretti's info.

This is a man that did not want to be found.

Hidden under a slew of aliases.

He's Joe Drescott now.

Chief Of Staff for the Kentor-Senator Campaign In San Fran.

Joe Marsaretti.

From drug trafficking to politics, huh?

I bet the future senator wouldn't be too happy If he found out about his Chief Of Staff's past.

Why don't we tip off the press?

Consider it done.

That'll make him sweat. So we can go after Joe, even with all of the aliases?

Daddy it is.

The door's open.

I'm so tired, Frank...

Uh... It's not Frank.


I'm Sophie.


I don't have much in the way of breakfast.



Uh, no, no.

No, it's great.

I don't eat much myself.

Do you mind if I...

I just...

You were raised nice.




Yeah, I was.

You would've been all I had...

After your brothers were gone.

My brothers?





What happened?

Joe happened...

This happened...

Took 'em both.

Dead and in jail.

Both gone.

This... This is, um...

This is...


This is Joe.

Your father.


And our crew, Jerry and Angela Fontaine.

Jerry was Joe's partner.

Some damn partner...

Did they raise you?


Why did they take me?


I need to know what happened all those years ago.

Oh, God, I need to know what happened All those years ago.

You were there.

Your father was there.

Why did the Fontaines take me?

Your father knows.

Which father?

Yeah, that's a good question.

Which one of those...

Has the right to call himself..

You know, he tries... He tries to buy me.

He thinks he's god because he has all this money...

That you're looking at.

I know it's blood money, so I don't take it.

I won't... Take it.




Everyone's listening to everything we say, Watching us...

Day and night.


I won't.

Somebody that I love...

Is in trouble.

And, to find her, You have to tell me what happened..

Tell me about the Fontaines.

The eggs are cracking! Look!

Look over there.

There, there!

There, and over there!

Right over there.

Is this the same Joe?

Is he my father?

Don't.. Don't touch that!

Don't touch that!

That is blood money!

That is the Devil's money!

He's listening!

Oh, my God!


Oh, my God!

He's here...

He's here...

Get out. Get out.

Get out!

Get out!

Get out!



If you touch anything, He'll get you!

He'll get you!

He'll kill you!

Stop! He'll kill you!

I'm looking for Joe Drescott.

Mr. Drescott isn't here today.

Can you tell me where I can find him?

Before you blow me off, I think it's only fair I tell you that I'm family, that I've recently graduated, and that an entry-level position at a company like this...

Say as a receptionist like yourself...

Might be ideal.

Uh, vacancies permitting, Of course.

Don't run away.

I'm here to help, but I'll hurt you if I have to.

Get off of me!

Hey, Man!

Mr. Kentor!

A couple of quick questions..

Will you stay on in light of these charges?

These allegations...

A couple of questions, Sir.

Mr. Kentor.. A couple of questions, please?

About a member of your staff.


Are you aware that Mr. Drescott bought favors From law enforcement officials in Mexico To get off drug charges?

Those accusations are completely groundless, And I'll have a statement tomorrow.

Sir! Come November, I'll be steering This great state of ours into a new era of prosperity.

In the meantime, I've got to get upstairs to the banquet to bore the people who forked over $2,000 a plate for a piece of fish.

Now, that's a genuine scandal.

Thank you.




It's me... Sophie.


I need to talk to you.

Come up to the banquet with us.

It's all right.

Mr. Drescott!

Sorry, Guys, she's part of the campaign.

I'll be up In one second.

You can't be here. What?

You have to go now.

Nice to meet you too, Dad.

How did you find me? Did Jerry send you?


Then how did you find me?

Look, I found you, okay?

My dad... He took my sister, Isabel.

She's in trouble. I need your help.

I can't help you.

I'm sure you know more than I do.

The D.E.A. Put it out.

The D.E.A.?

A guy called Farber.

Agent Jake Farber?

I'm wanted for a murder in Seattle.

My boyfriend.

Chris Mayfield.

What do you want from me?

I need your help to find my sister.

I can't go to the police.

I have nowhere else to turn.

I can't get involved in this.

I am in the middle of the biggest thing that..

I've been out of your life for 19 years, And as far as I know, You never came looking.

If that's how you want it, fine.

I've met some great reporters who would take me in.

Maybe while I'm with them, I could tell them all about my amazing dad.


But only one night.

And you have to lay low, stay off the press's radar.

Here's my address.

I'll be there in a couple of hours.

I can't go outside.

There's a guy following me.

I'll call down to our driver.

Meet him in the VIP garage.

Remember... One night.

"I'd like to thank all of you for coming this evening..."

Why now?

Who's putting them up to this?

It's okay, Donald. It's nothing.

Nothing is "Nothing" to them right now.

Let me tell you something.

They're going to look under every rock and try to find a way to screw me.

Donald, they won't find anything.

You going to tell me who that was?

She and I, we, um..

Last year, She was the "Distraction" I told you about.

She didn't even look old enough To vote this year.

And now, the man who this great state has been waiting for...

Anything that attracts attention to us Is a problem.

I don't care who she is.

I want her gone by tonight.

Donald Kentor!

Ahh, very sexy!

Nice hair.


It's all, uh, very impressive, huh?

But, uh, like my mom used to say, Where there's money, there's blood.

What do you mean?

Look, Joe started his career off By smuggling dope in from Mexico.

The public's just now finding out about it.

All right? So you need to come with me.

Because nothing good's going to come out of hanging with daddy.

It's you or daddy, And the last I saw you, You were going to dump me with the cops And I was going to spend about a lifetime in jail.

So, no offense, But I think Joe Is my best shot For finding Isabel at the moment.

Don't be stupid!

All right?

Now, he's not going to help you.

Only I can do that, But I need you to work with me.

I already told you, I don't know where they are.

And you're hurting me!


Are you Sophie?

Everything okay?

Just... Dandy.

You've got till tomorrow.

All right?

So put your thinking cap on.

I'm doing you a favor.

All right?

Call me.

Leave me alone! Stop it! No!



His protection?

Yeah, right.

You've got to..


Yeah, I know, you made that Perfectly clear yesterday.

You should get dressed.

I'll be right back.

You idiot!

The feds want this girl For killing her damn boyfriend.

Who is she?

Why did she show up at one of my fundraisers On the day all this comes down?

I know, Donald... I..

She's my daughter.

What are you thinking?

Are you nuts?

Donald, please.

Who are you, Joe? All these rumors.

Somebody wants to drive a stake through your heart and I am not going to be brought down with you!

She's my daughter, Donald.

What do you expect me to do?

You make her go way.

You understand me?

Or I will.

I'll take care of it.



I'm going to have a quick bite.

Why don't you fill up before you leave?


I make the best eggs this side of San Francisco.

You must be starving after all you've been through.

Yeah, I am kind of hungry.

You want to grab a couple of plates?

They're up top here.


"Strawberry Shortcake..."


I used to call you my little Strawberry Shortcake Because...

Your birthmark looked like a strawberry.


Get out, get as far away from here As possible.


You heard me. I'm sorry, but..

But I thought you were going to help me.

You have to leave now.

There are a lot of people after you.

It's too risky.

But you haven't told me anything!

There are woods beyond the vineyards.

Just go, don't come back.

I'm helping you, I promise.

I need to make a call.

Take my cell.

Destroy it when you're finished.

Too many numbers. Now go!

I need your help.

Uh, Fred Lashley, San Diego D.E.A.

Sorry about all the drama in your life.

I guess it's going to get worse Before it gets better, huh?

Chip? No?

Well, misery loves company.

I mean, my wife is totally taking me To the cleaners right now.

Shut the hell up.

Somebody you know back there?

Yeah, it's Rooker.

Said David Carter sent him.

Well, isn't that perfect.

You're sure it's one of Carter's guys?

That's what he said.

Come on.

How else am I going to find Isabel?

Got it.

Alec Rooker.

He's got a sheet a mile long.

If Rooker takes the bait, Then.. Then he can lead us straight to Carter.

Are you really up for this?

I want my sister.

And we want Carter.


Emits a GPS signal.

Not going to lose you, so don't worry.

I'm going to turn in.

You look out for her on the night shift.

I will take over in the A.M.

Then it's all systems go.

Sleep well, Kittens.

Daddy's in the next room.

Where am I sleeping?

He really didn't fight to be with me, did he?



I thought That when I found him That it would fix everything.

Me and my long-lost father Would walk off happily into the sunset.

Yeah, well, from my experience...

Family never has a happy ending.

I mean, my step-dad...

He's the same as your dad.

He wouldn't fight for me if his life depended on it.


But you turned out okay.

You think?



I'm going to go have the first shower.

We still got her.

We're lucky he didn't zap our GPS, man.

It'll be over soon.

Hold on.


We still got her. Go around.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go. Come on.

Now, you just lie still.

I'm going to make a phone call, And it's all going to be worked out, okay?

There's nothing to worry about, I swear.


Carter, I have her.


She's not coming easily.

Why not?

I had to sedate her a little.

Why on earth..

She's afraid of you, okay?

You've got to talk to her, calm her down, Man.

Make her trust me.

Yeah! All right.

Call the D.E.A. and get the address, all right.

Your sister's getting on.

What? Hey!

El! Iz!

El, I know you didn't kill Chris.

You couldn't.

You've got to come with this man.


Rooker. He's trying to bring you to us.

Sweetie, how do I know...

He's not making you say that?

Who is it?

Motel management!

I saw you bring somebody in.

Now this is a single occupation there, Fella.

How about I make it up to you?

Say, 50 bucks?


It's got to be right now, though.

Yeah, hold on.


El, are you okay?

Why did you do that?

He was going to take me to Isabel.

He was lying to you.

Carter's going to have you killed.

Come on, you've got to come with me.

Come on.

Look, we, uh, we tracked Carter's number.

We're just waiting for his address, all right.

So we can find Isabel?

That's the plan, Senorita.

Why don't you just lie back there and get yourself some sleep?

You look like you could use some.

I got to stop and make another call.

Why are we stopping?

This is where we're meeting Jerry..

I mean, uh, David Carter.


Yeah, we'll go check it out.

You stay put.

Come on. Let's go.



Oh, thank God.

Thank God.

What are you doing here?

Agent Farber called, Said you needed my help.

I'm not going to let you down again.

God, I am so sorry.

I wouldn't have put money on you actually showing up.

Are you actually doing something For one of your kids for once?

Who is that?

Yeah, a man's voice changes a lot after 19 years.

19 years as a Gringo In a Mexican lock-up.

A hole that your own step-dad put you into!

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

You don't have to do this.

Hi, Sis.

They raped me the first day I was in there.

But you knew that would happen, didn't you, Dad?

When you made your deal with the federales!

I was 18 years old, and you sold me out!

I was a kid! I was your kid, you scum!

Luke, I-I-I know..

No! No.

You don't get to explain!


It was your fault that Nick died!


Shut up, you liar!



No! No!

What the hell are you doing?

This was about the money!

No one was supposed to get hurt.

Give me the damn gun, okay?

I'm god now.


Are you crazy?

Come on!

Did you get Carter's address?

Yeah... Man. Uh.. Uh...

20 Bay... Bay Creek Road.

Hailey, Idaho.

Jeez, give me the damn gun, Man.

I don't need you anymore.


Look, I appreciate the D.E.A. I.D.

But there's no way I'm splitting my money with anybody 50-50.



Doing all right back there, Muchacha?

You look kind of hot all tied up like that.

Oh, come on. You'll learn to like me, I swear.

Especially after tomorrow, When I've got all that disposable income.

Yeah, I knew your so-called father Carter wouldn't touch a penny of that money Unless he thought it was an emergency.

I guess his little trip to the bank proved that, huh?

Well, that's payday for me, And payback time for everybody else.

The second I was released, I had Lashley put out that ad.

Been thinking about this day for the last 20 years, And so far...

It's turned out a little bit better Than I expected it to.

Do you know, I think that's because of you, sweet little thing.

Oh, come on, don't be creeped out.

Probably not your type anyway.

Probably like those preppy boys, huh?


You're going to have to start over now, Now that Chris is history, huh?


Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy.

But I had to kill him.

Help draw you to me.

Too much caffeine.

I'll be back in about three minutes.

Be a good girl.


Somebody help me!

Somebody help me!

Get out of the car!

D.E.A. She's a felon.

Stop the car, David! Get her!

Elsa! Elsa!



Oh... Oh, god.


How's Izzie? She's fine.

Sweetheart! Mom!

We have to get out of here now. All of us.

He's here, my brother.

He killed Chris!

Luke? What happened to Rooker, the guy I sent to get you?

He killed him too, Dad. I'm so sorry.

It's okay, it's okay. Get in the car. Let's go!

I was young and stupid.

It was just supposed to be a money-laundering thing in Mexico.

I had no idea about the drug sideline that Joe and Luke had going...

Until that day at the border, anyway.

There were more cops and dogs than usual.

Joe panicked, He wanted Luke to force you and your brother to carry it, swallow the bags... Cocaine.


One of the bags burst inside him..

He ODed.

I got you out of there before Luke could do the same thing to you.

When Chris was killed, We panicked, we just assumed it was Luke.

We just did what we had to do To make us all safe.

We've got to get Izzie and Nana and then we're going to go to Chicago.

I know some people..


My mother. Your grandmother.

They would have found us through her, So we had to leave.

Oh, my God.

You both gave up so much for me.

Well, you're our daughter, so...


I love you, Baby.


Up the stairs, first door on the left.



We're here!

Don't say a word.

Please don't hurt us.

David? She's not here...


David, be careful.


Oh, my God!

Oh, my God.

Long time no see, Angie.

Hi, Jerry.

You know, we would've been perfectly fine At the Mexican Border If you'd just left me alone.

Screw you!

Where is it, Jerry?

Where is Isabel? Where's Anna's mom?

You're lucky.

I didn't have the heart To kill a defenseless old lady.

And the girl?

She's okay...

For now.

She's my insurance for your good behavior.

But if you don't tell me where it is..

I swear to God, I'm going to let her have it now.

For god's sake, tell him!

It's in the kitchen, under the sink.

Near the pantry.


Oh, shut up.

You guys stay right there.

I've killed a kid before.

I'll do it again.

Now, get it!

Get.. Ow! Ow! Ohh!

Come on.

I've got to get the gun. No, don't. He'll shoot her.

Do it!

Open it.

Open it!

Give it to me.

Give it to me!


Run, Baby! Run!


No! No, God, no!

Oh... Oh... No!

That's my money. No, no, no!

You crazy bitch!





Iz, I'm coming!


Swallow it!

Get your hands off her!

Iz, I got you.



I'm your brother!

Iz! Iz...

I got you, Baby. I got you.

Come on, Iz.

Come on, stay with me. I've got you.

Oh, god. Oh, Iz.

Come on.

Come on, Sweetie.

Oh, my God, Sweetie.


Oh, my God. Is she okay?

Breathe, Sweetie. Come on, breathe. Mommy's here.


The thought of losing you...

You're never going to lose me, Dad.

You're my family.