DOA: Dead or Alive (2006) Script

Princess Kasumi.

Your brother is dead. Your destiny is to lead your people.

I will not believe he is dead until I see his body.

There is no body.

Then he is not dead.

I am going to find him. The guards won't let you leave.

I am not a cricket in a box. I alone determine my destiny.

But, Princess, as your brother's best friend you must let me help you.

If my brother is really dead then you are no longer his best friend.

Princess Kasumi, if you leave you suffer the same fate as your brother.

You will become an outcast, a shinobi.

So be it.

Princess, the guards will kill you.

Ayane, I know of your love for my brother.

I will find Hayate and bring him home.

Princess Kasumi, I beg you, do not leave the clan.

I am your servant. But if you leave, I am honor-bound to kill you.

Miss Armstrong, I am sorry to interrupt, but it's your father again.

I told you I am busy.

But, Miss Armstrong, he just... Okay, put him on speaker. Very good.

Hi, Dad, what's up?

Sweetheart, I just hope you know what you're giving up.

Dad, we already talked about this.

But if you get the afternoon flight, you can still make it to the Tag Team Championship in Des Moines.

Dad, I already told you, I am done wrestling. I am done being fake. I am done.


Are you there?

Hey, Dad. I am going to have to call you back in a minute, okay?

Miss Armstrong.

Miss Armstrong!

Here's the deal, lady. We want the yacht.

If you do exactly as we say, you will live.

If you don't, then you will pay with excruciating... No deal, boys.

You boys get off my yacht now, and y'all will avoid excruciating pain.

You need some help, buddy?

It's okay. Come on. Come on. It's okay.

I will give you a hand. Yeah.


What do you know? Looks like I am going to the ball after all.

May I help you? You're under arrest.

Someone broke into the safe at the Hotel Peking last night.

Stole cash and diamonds. We received an anonymous tip it was you.

It was Max. He said it was you.

You just said your tip was anonymous.

Tell me about the diamonds.

Well, they're a girl's best friend.

Made from carbon subjected to high pressure. Traditionally a 60th wedding anniversary gift.

And they're forever.

Well, perhaps spending a few hours in a cold cell under some hot lights will make you a little more agreeable.

Could I at least get dressed first? Be my guest.

Would you hand me my bra, please?

Do me up.


Hey, you okay?

Kasumi has abandoned the temple.

She has become shinobi, an outcast.

A disgrace to the clan like her brother before her.

You must follow her.

Find her and kill her.

Welcome to the world's greatest martial arts tournament, DOA.

I am Helena Douglas and I want to thank you for accepting our invitation.

Each of you has been individually selected because you represent the best fighting style in your specialized field.

Soon you will get a chance to prove that you are the best fighter in the world.

And at the same time, pick up a $10 million prize.

In the meantime, relax before the real fun begins.

God, this is so embarrassing, Dad. I cannot believe you're here.

What? I got an invitation just like you.

Tina Armstrong. Baby.

So, how come you're here?

That lady just said, "The best in your fighting style."

Now if I recall, you're a wrestler. Wrestling ain't really fighting, now is it?

Don't worry, Tina, he's beneath you. I sure would like to be.

Son of a... Dad.


God, I cannot wait to kick his ass.

Why do you follow me? I was invited to DOA.

I promise not to harm you. Unless we meet in a match.

Max. Oh, no.


Listen, I don't know who you're pretending to be or how you got yourself invited to DOA, but what I do know is you left me alone in my Hong Kong hotel room.

I would never leave such a woman as you alone.

Especially not in a hotel room.

I am winning the $10 million prize money.

And if I get to put your double-dealing arse in the "D" column of "Dead or Alive", so much the better.

Let me help you with that.

Hey, everybody. I hope you're enjoying the flight.

My welcome gift to you is this.

To get to DOA Island you have to bail out now.

Parachutes are under your seats.

Just aim for the Buddha on your left. Have fun.

Oh, and one more thing.

Whoever doesn't make it to the compound by sundown is disqualified.

Princess, allow me to go first.

Looks like we landed off target.

How in hell are we supposed to get up there?

We'd better get going.

Well, you're both on your own. I don't do teams.

That's fine with me. Any team you're part of is bound to lose anyway.

Well, I will remember that when I am collecting the $10 million.

Okay. Here goes.

Race you.

If we're going to make it, we need to work together.



Oh, God, what are you doing down there? Jesus, hurry up.

We have got to go.

Thanks, guys.

Hey, what took you guys so long?

Who the hell is that?

Trust me, you don't want to know.

Welcome to DOA. Glad you made it.

I am afraid you guys were the last to arrive.

Now, if you will all follow me, I will conduct you to the others.

DOA combatants, your host, Dr. Victor Donovan.

Welcome to you all.

Dead or Alive was created by the late great Fame Douglas, Helena's father and my very good friend.

Fame's will decreed this tournament, and as of this year, marking her 21st birthday, Helena's participation.

My assistants will escort you to the lab where you will now undergo a complete physical.

Once you pass your physicals, DOA begins.

Hey, this thing kind of reminds me of a disco.

Zack. Yo. May I please remind you of the importance of this procedure?

It's important, I know. But you can't stop Zack, man.

You can only hope to contain him a little bit.

So, what do you got there, some modern kind of dentistry chair?

I am sorry, sweetheart. It's okay.

Weatherby, have you got those diagnostic reports I requested?

Thank you. And how do our contestants look?

We got a strong group, sir. They look really good.

Bring up Tina Armstrong. I was impressed with her musculature.

Oh, God, this is going to hurt.

Standard procedure, Miss Armstrong. Everyone's going through this.

Are the nanobots broadcasting? Perfectly. All contestants are online.

All metabolic functions and muscle movements are being broadcast and ready to download to computer.

Good. Start a contestant database.

We are up and recording.

This is Donovan to all combatants. Welcome to DOA.

Fights can happen anytime, anyplace, against anyone.

I select match-ups based on computer analyses of the most competitive scenarios.

The computer will broadcast your opponent's image to your ID bracelet.

No weapons are allowed in a DOA fight, except the human weapon. Get ready.

To win, you must knock out your opponent. Losers will be sent home.


Bayman wins.


Christie wins.

Hey, Helena.


Helena wins.

KO. Hayabusa wins.

KO. Gen Fu wins.

Princess Kasumi, sister of Hayate.

It is an honor to meet you.

I came to find my brother. I have been told he died last year at DOA.

I want to know what happened.

Your brother was a great and noble fighter. He met his end with dignity.

Hayate was matched against Leon.

Hayate fell from this very balcony. We never found his body.

I hope you would choose to stay with us at the tournament and fight in the same spirit that made your brother so great.

You will win DOA. You're the best in the world.

Thank you, little sister.

When I leave, I will be a shinobi. But I must accept this challenge.

I wish I could go with you. No.

You have to stay and lead the clan.

Farewell, Kasumi. Hayabusa will protect you.

Hayabusa, why do you invade my privacy this way?

She is here. I know. I have seen her.

I beg you once again, Princess. Go home. Ask for forgiveness.

You have a responsibility to your people.

But I also have a responsibility to my brother.

Donavan is lying. He says Leon killed Hayate above the Buddha head.

Why would he lie? I am convinced he is hiding the truth.

What do you propose to do?

Find my brother.

Then I will help you. Hayate was like a brother to me, too.

Be careful, Kasumi.

I knew you'd miss me. That's presumptuous.

No, it's Perrier Jouet Belle Epoch '88. Your favorite.

So how did you survive the first round?

I feigned an injury so Zack went through.

You know I set you up in Hong Kong on purpose.

You'd never have come here if you'd gotten away with all that money.

And you wouldn't have been invited to DOA without demolishing the pride of the Hong Kong police.

Don't tell me you want me to help you steal the $10 million prize money.

Try $100 million.

Just waiting for us in a vault on the island.

What's the catch?

Well, we have to find the vault and we have to crack the code. The usual.

Shall I tell you more? Later.

Right now I'd prefer you do something else with your mouth.

Well, well, well. Don't you just love this place?

Know what I especially love?

The view.

Want some? I will pass.

It's been quite a day, sir. I want to see Kasumi in action.

Her data is stronger than I expected. Let's match her against Leon.

Leon? That's harsh.

Now that she's decided to stay, let's see how she compares to her brother.

All right.

Before I take your life, will you repent for leaving the clan?

My only goal is to find out what happened to my brother.


Room service.

You want to play, little girl?

So, according to my source, Helena is the key.

Helena is the key?

I felt the earth move. Yeah, that's the desired effect.

No, really, I felt the earth move.

Come on, loosen up. You're way too beautiful to be this tense.

Maybe a little quality time with Zack will loosen you up.

You couldn't have killed my brother.

Close your eyes.

Keep them closed. Okay. You're wearing way too much clothing. Hey, now.

Come to daddy. Lay it on me.

Oh, shit!


Quite a fight.

Kasumi lives up to her brother's reputation.

One quarter final spot left.

Looks like a father-daughter grudge match. Yeah.

Thanks for letting me sleep here. My room is an absolute wreck.

Tina! It's show time!

Dad! Not now. I am in my underwear.

Which I hate. Why you can't just sleep in the nude like me, I will never know.

Oh, my God. No. Dad, she's just another fighter.

We're just sleeping together. Yeah, I can see that.

No, no. I mean, we're not sleeping together, we're just sleeping.

It seems to be like my baby girl's found herself a special friend.

We will settle up tomorrow, sweetie. Nice to meet you, miss. Oh, it's Christie.

Tina's real name is Christina. Dad!

Thanks a lot, bitch.

Save your strength, sweetheart. Big day tomorrow fighting Daddy.

Dr. Donovan, you should take a look at this.

Have you seen this Max character? A DOA fighter. Yeah, right.

This guy's a total fake. We should kick him off the island.

You're just worried this phony's making the moves on your dream girl.

I can have him removed from DOA island, or I can have some fun.

Punch up Bayman. Good call, sir.

Hey, buddy, your time's up.

You know, that was an accident. I...


I had the worst sleep ever last night. Christie kept stealing all the blankets.

You know, are you sure this is such a good idea?

Because those things look really sharp.

Acupuncture has many medicinal qualities.

But in a ninja's hands, it can be lethal.

That actually feels better.


Careful, baby.

Sweetie? I have come at a bad time again, haven't I?

Does Christie know about you two? Dad!

You know what? Let's just go ahead and get this over with.

My raft, my rules. Whoever falls in the water first loses.

Fair enough, Tina.

No! Dad, you bit me! Sorry. Old wrestling reflex.

Dad, you have to understand. I am here to prove that I am not a fake.

Even if that means I have to hurt you.

Nice try, sweetie.

Dad, you're not taking this seriously.



That's ticklish! Seriously, I am an expert... Stop it. Trust me.

I have a question.

Do you do squats?

Sorry. Just slipped right out of my hands.

We're playing volleyball, you want in? Yeah, let's play.

If you must know, I was working.

"Working it" seemed a better description.

Helena and I take on all comers!

Hey, Kasumi, come on, let's go kick some ass.

I just hope you're better at volleyball than you are at seduction.

Fifty says that Tina gets her little ass stomped.

You know, on second thought, why don't we just go ahead and make it a whole dollar?

Hayabusa, are you all right?


Do you think you can manage to keep them occupied?

I'd like to explore his lab. Search for signs of Hayate.

I can try.

Hey, Kasumi, come on!

Party people gather around! I hope you're enjoying the fun in the sun, but before the day is done we got some hot action.

Just in time.

Now without further ado, let's get this game started for all of you!

DOA style! Bring it on!

First to five wins, folks.

Oh! This action is hot!


Oh, Christie with a monster smash! You go, girl.

Yes! Kasumi and Tina making a comeback with that shot.

I must go.

Ayane, I don't want to fight you!

You are a shinobi.

So was Hayate when he came here, yet you did not pursue him.

Hayate was different.

Because you loved him?

Hayate is in both our hearts. Help me find out what happened to him.

He's dead. Prepare to join him.

Kasumi! Kasumi!

The tattoo she has is on her lower back, right?

Well, I have just deciphered it and it means "Helena". Get it?

Helena is the key. Helena must be the code. Max, it's brilliant.

Except she had it done last year in Paris. She's been showing it off to us.

I am Weatherby. What are you doing?

I work in the lab. I am Weatherby.

Helena. I know.

Would you like another drink? I will get you another drink.

I will get you another drink, yeah. Thanks, Wellington.

Actually, it's Weatherby. It's a pretty funny story.

My grandfather came over with his horse...

Hey, Wallaby! Yes?

What are you doing?

My grandfather came over...

Hey, baby, come on, loosen up. It's a party.

Come on, you know you want to dance with me.

Well, see, I'd love to.

But I don't know how good you're going to be on the dance floor with two broken legs.

So, what, you're just going to ruin this party for everybody?

Fine. Sunrise tomorrow morning.

Forbidden Square? Fine.

You want to play?

Boy, am I sorry I messed with you so much.

From now on, I tell you, my money is on you to win.

I appreciate that.

Our nanobots were working overtime on that fight, but you were right about Tina.

I have to say I did not see it coming.

That leaves a showdown between Helena and Christie.

And who's your favorite to win, Mr. Weatherby?

My money's on Helena. She rocks.

You were right. She does have another tattoo.

First I want a deal.

Okay. I want half.

And if I win, I get to keep the prize money.

Of course.

Let me show you something.

Very smart.

The vault's in the Buddha head. So now we just need to find a way in.

So, it's down to the four of us. But where's Hayabusa?

I haven't seen him since yesterday. Well, let's go find him.

No. I go alone. Well, I am going to come, too.

I said no. He means nothing to you. Well, now, that's not entirely true.

You know, he and I... You mean...

Just once. He was so persistent, you know.

I am just kidding.

Come on, Christie.

Second floor. Follow me.

Weatherby, take the rest of the day off.

I have got some unfinished business to attend to.

Holy shit!

See, when I win the money, this is exactly the kind of office I am going to build.

I know you. But why are you facing that way?

Well done. Yeah, what did you say your day job was?

That's a lot of steps. My legs are on fire.

I guess you had a pretty rough day. You could say that.

I lost to Christie.

Yeah, I saw that. But it was a close fight.

You almost made it to the semi-finals of DOA, Helena.

Your father would have been very proud.

Thanks, Weatherby. It's Weatherby, but you don't...


This looks homey.

Look at this. They have been monitoring everything we do.

Bunch of pervs.


Hayabusa. What happened?


I mean, it was amazing. Your father recruited me straight out of college.

I had no idea.

That's great. Your father was a great man.

Helena, there's something I should tell you.

Donovan wanted to take my research into a different direction.

It's never going to happen, I can guarantee you. I did not set up DOA for this purpose.

I want to know what happened... He and your father got into this big argument about it.

You're not going to get away with this, Donovan.

Your father was so against this, he decided to shut down the whole thing.

So why didn't he? He never got a chance to.

He died that night.

This is Donovan to all units.

Proceed immediately to the Great Steps and eliminate Weatherby and Helena.

No one is to enter the lab complex for the rest of the day.

And I mean no one.

What are you going to do? I am going to go see Donovan.

My father didn't want him to get away with it so neither can I. Come on.

Well, what do you want me to do? Protect me.

That's funny. I was just about to make the same suggestion.

What the...

I have got your back, Helena!

That hurt. That didn't feel good.

Whoa! Okay. Well, I am never going to mess with you.


Well, maybe in a controlled environment.

There's got to be another way into the lab.

Well, that's where I come in. Come on.


Now that I have your attention, let me introduce you to the future.

This is amazing. I can't believe my father never told me about this.

Well, I am afraid that's not the only thing you don't know.

Donovan has taken my concept and used it for his own ends.

So stupid. I should have done something earlier.

Now it's time to harvest.

Okay, now what? Donovan has begun the download. We got to go!

Do you think it will really work? Of course! I created it!


Help them. I am on it. I am on it.

Come on. Come on.

I have got to bypass four security protocols to free them.

Not easy.

Now for the ultimate test. The moment I have had to wait a year for.

I have kept him in superb fighting condition.

Send him in.

Hayate! My brother.

Hayate. Kasumi.


Kasumi, I was afraid you would come looking for me.


How could you let this happen?

Your sister has the same strong will as you. Yes, she does.

But she lacks that perfect blend of skills, timing and strength.....

....that set you apart as the world's greatest warrior.

You have me. Let them go.

First things first. I challenge you to a fight.

You win, they all go free.

If you refuse my simple request, they die.

Your choice.

So be it.


No! Hayate!


I thought you were dead.

I will never leave your side.

Come on. We're almost there.

Buyers from around the world, I hope you have enjoyed this live demonstration of the sheer power of this new technology.

Thank you for your down payments.

Transmission to you of the download program will begin immediately.

What's going on? Oh, no.

This is not good. What's not good?

Donovan's transmitting the program to buyers across the world.

I have to stop him.


That was close.

Okay, time to call the cavalry.

Donavan needs to know this is over.

What now?

Bayman, grab the money from the vault. Meet me outside the lab.

Look! He's headed this way.

I need more time to free the others.

Show me the money.

Oh, no, no, listen. I can explain. Look, just...

You're not going to get away with this, Donovan.

That's exactly what your father said right before I had him killed.

What a shame. You didn't download my moves.

I think I underestimated you, Helena.

You believe the CIA will stop me? I don't think so.

I will take this. All your hard work right here.

By the time they get here, this place will be dust.

Warning. Self destruct activated.

Enjoy your life with your new girlfriend. All three minutes of it.

Warning. Self destruct activated. Please evacuate immediately.

Follow me.

Warning. Self destruct activated. Please evacuate immediately.

Warning. Self destruct activated. Please evacuate immediately.

Take care of this.

Warning. Self destruct activated. Come on. Follow me. Donovan's getting away.

Please evacuate immediately.

Go! I will handle him.

Warning. Two minutes.

Oh, no.

Come on.

Tina! Kasumi!

Warning. Self destruct in...

Come on. We got to get out of here.

Oh, no.

Warning. Self destruct in... Some thief you are! The lab is going to explode!

Forget the money! No, I am not leaving the money.

We got to go now! No!

Ten seconds! Oh, no.

Oh, my God. Max. The money. Weatherby.

Get out of here! It's going to blow!

Come on. There's another way out. We got to go now!

What about the money? Get in. It leads to the ocean.

Wallaby, the money. The money! This whole place is going to explode!

Let's go! Come on, let's go!

Forget the money. I don't swim!

Go! Go!


Oh....... shit......


Hey! Boys!

What about the money? Well, it was either me or the money.

And Wallaby chose me. My name is Weatherby. Weatherby.

Oh, for God's sakes, get a room!

Don't you think that guy in the second row is cute?

Is there a guy in this world you don't have a crush on?

You can have him, but what about the other 300?

Why don't we just split them up evenly?