'Doc' (1971) Script


We ain't got no whiskey.

Cold beer.

We ain't got no cold beer.

What are they drinking?

Warm beer.

Give me a warm beer.

How far is it to Tombstone?

Hey, cowboy, how far to Tombstone?

Who wants to know?

Bartender: This gentleman here.

He want to know how far to Tombstone.

Depends Whether he can ride or not.

Maybe a day, maybe three days.

For a dude, maybe a month.

You a gambler, cowboy?


I gamble, dude.

Play you for the lady.

I ain't gonna play for the lady.

Why not?

'cause me and her's in love.

I'm gonna take her out to the ranch. Have a big wedding.

Raise cattle. Live happy ever after.

You're talking cow shit, Ike Clanton.

Let's play one hand. Five-card stud.

My horse against your, uh, Lady.

You don't own me, Ike.

Then let's say I done rented you. yeah.

Why don't you play the gentleman for the rent?

Sit down, dude.

Hey, bring us some cards.

Bartender: We ain't got no cards.

I got some cards. you don't think I'd play with your cards, do you?

Look them over.

I guess they look okay.

Let's let the lady cut for deal.

She cut for you first, then for me.

Pair of tens.

You can reach for it if you want to, cowboy.

But if you do, you're gonna end up with two assholes, And one of them is gonna be right between your eyes.

Now, get the hell out of here.

I'll see you in Tombstone, dude.

Could be.

Got a room?

In there.

Let's go.

The name's John Holliday. Doc, some people call me.

Kate Elder.

I'm gonna need a tub of hot water.

We ain't got no hot water.

God damn it, build a fire and heat some water!

I gotta wash this bitch.

Where are you going, dude?

Tombstone. I gotta see somebody there.


No. A friend.

I'm ready.

This is the ass end of the west, Doc.

It ain't even got a name.

I had a ride to Tombstone with that Clanton. At least that far.

You busted that up. You won me.

Look, lady, where I go, I go alone. I don't travel with anybody.


Let's go.

That's $3.50 you owe me for the food and the room.

Doc: 3.50?

Here's four. Keep the change.

Doc, when are we gonna get some water?

Not till we see the mountains. We got a long ride yet.

Now we can have some water.

Thank jesus.

Son of a bitch.

It's vinegar. Mexican greaser.


Oh, Doc.

Come on now, we got to save our energy.

We got a long ride to those mountains.

Kate: Bastard. Still fighting the mexican war.



it's you.

Where are we?


We should be in Tombstone tomorrow afternoon, If we are where I think we are.

We got something to eat?

Well, there's some salt beef and beans right there next to the fire.

Beans make you fart. well, just stay away from me.




What do you mean, "killer"?

I figured you for a gunfighter The minute you walked into that pigsty back there.

The way you walked with your right hand hanging loose.

The way you looked around the room lIke there was A rattler hiding in the pickle barrel.

A little baby gun you keep in your vest.

Been on the line four years, Doc.

Gotta learn something.

I ain't killed a man in a long time.

I ain't screwed a man since I was 12.

You cleaned me up. You got real Doctor's hands.



Yeah. I was a dentist once.

What do you think of that?

Any good?

Well, it's not bad.



I ain't never done it in the mountains before.

Now, look, we gotta start early in the morning.

Good night.

Mean, Rat-livered, Heartless, lonesome creature.

Listen, Katie Elder...


If you're gonna break wind, would you turn the other way?

'cause you're aimed right at the fire, and you might blow us both up, And I've got to get to Tombstone.

Suck grass.

"lonesome. "

Straighten up, woman.

You gonna get your picture took, Doc?

Could be.

Is that your friend, the one you're looking for?

That's probably the mayor.

Some of your friends?

Oh, just a few working girls, Doc.

Servants for the lIkes of you.

She looks lIke she does most of her serving with her mouth.

End of the line, kate.

Much obliged.

See you around, dude.

Hey, curly. Howdy, pretty lady.

You a prospector? That's right.

Why don't you stick with me? I'll bring you luck.

Man: New girl in town!

the name's kate.

Man: Hey, you staying for a while?

Well, if this town's got any action, I'm staying.

Man: Where are you going?

Kate: Right across the square. Come round, the name is kate.

Open up, sisters!

Back to work.

I'll need a bottle of whiskey, a bath And a place to put my horse.

I'll have a boy take care of that.

Do you know Wyatt Earp?

The marshal?

Tell him Doc's in town.

Hello, Wyatt.

Hello, John.

Let's go get a drink.

Five whiskeys here.

Tonight's the night we teach the kid how to drink some rye whiskey.

Oh, leave the kid alone, Ike. He don't drink whiskey. He don't even lIke beer.

Johnny ringo.

Oh, concha!

Maybe what the kid really needs Is to get his pole greased.

Me, oh, my! Fresh meat!

That's something concha knows how to treat good, huh?

Come on, let me see it. Let me see it!

No, concha's not gonna hurt you, baby. concha...

Well, well, well. Look who's here.

Hello, cowboy.

Hello, dude.

Play some cards?

Excuse me, gentlemen.



Ike: Son of a bitch!

Forget it, Ike! He's packing and you ain't!

I see you've met Ike.

I ran into him.

What's that all about?

Ike, his brother Billy.

Frank mclowery, his kid brother.

Little guy's Johnny ringo. Troublemakers.

They trying to make trouble for you?

For anybody. They're bad people, John.

Well, if it weren't for bad people, What would you do for a living, marshal?

Tell me about Tombstone. I mean, more than what you said in the letter.

It's wide open.

The sheriff here, Johnny Behan, Doesn't know how to organize a town.

So I'm going to run against him in the election.

The sheriff's got all the power here.

The marshal's got a badge, he's got some territory, But he's got no jurisdiction in the town.

Gambling's heavy.

There's a lot of money around. It's wide open.

So you organize the gambling. Start right here.

I run the law, you run the gambling.

We'll both end up rich.

Very rich.

We sound lIke bad people, Wyatt.

We are, John.

A little game, companero?

And 10 more.

Man: Whoo!

Ike: Puta! Puta! My little fort griffin puta!

Hello, Ike.

Come back to see old Ike, did you?

Well, not quite.

Let me see those cheetahs, lovebird.

You better get a note from your ma first, burro brain.

Come here, bitch!

You stay out of this.


You take off them guns, get rid of that badge, And I'll see if you're man enough To take me outside, Earp!

Another time, Ike. Move!

Come on! I'm gonna stay a while, ringo.

Okay, but you watch your ass, Because that Wyatt Earp ain't right in his head.

Your five, And 20 more.

Very impressive.

Plays a nice game.

Nice to see you, miss kate.

Hello, kid. How are you?

Mr. Earp?

Mr. Holliday.

I'll be right back.

Get him, Virgil! Come on! Get in there!

You got him, boy. Come on.

Come on. Come on, we've got people coming in an hour.

Push it. Push it. You got him.

Come on, let's straighten up.

Just a little bit more.

James, Virgil, Morgan.

Howdy, brother.

We got people coming in an hour.

You know, maybe we should've put the pigs somewhere else for the day.

You mean Virgil and Morgan?

Let's go get a drink.

Hi, mark, how you doing?

Hi, how are you? Nice to see you.

I'm gonna try. Thank you.

It's not an easy thing to ask a man who's carried a gun all his life to give it up.

That's pretty much it. Pretty much, I guess, the way we'll conduct it, Just getting everybody around, talking to them.

Excuse my hand.

Thank you very much.

He's the fastest, and I'd say he's the deadliest, And I'd say he's about the best.

Boy: All dressed in black, pa. All in black.

That's really Doc Holliday?

Man 1: That's him, son. Take a good look and remember.

James, say hello to John.

Hello, james.

Bless you, Doc.

Man 2: I see Earp has brought in the artillery.

He sure must want them Clantons bad.

Man 3: What do you mean?

Man 2: I encountered him in dodge.

Him and Wyatt killed a lot of people.

He's Wyatt's heavy guns.

Man 3: If Holliday's as good as I hear, The Clantons better start thinking about moving on.


Hello, mattie.

Doc Holliday!

Man 4: How old a man is he?

Man 5: Hard telling.

Talk says he's got the consumption, had it for years.

Talk says he's already dying.

Fears no one in a fight 'cause he's got nothing to lose.

Man 4: Do you believe the talk?

Till I see otherwise.

Wyatt: My friend, John Holliday. Sheriff Johnny Behan.

Doc. Sheriff.

When you leaving town?

But try some of this.

Here's the man who supplied the whiskey.

Owner of the alhambra. Bartlett, John Holliday.

Nice to meet you, Doc.

Just a small campaign contribution, Wyatt.

Mattie: Wyatt!

Well, I'll leave you in his hands for just a second.

Mattie is calling me. I'll be right back.

Mattie: Thank you, dear.

Doc, say hello to Mr. Clum, The editor of the local newspaper, the Tombstone epitaph.

How long you planning to stay in town?

Well, that depends.

On what?

Excuse me, now.

James. son of a bitch.

Is there a chinaman in town?

Yeah, at the end of allen street.


Good night, sir.

Good night, wong.

Go with god, as mexicans say.

I will. I will.

Kid: Mr. Holliday. Hey!

It's me, Mr. Holliday.

Jesus christ, kid!

You almost got your head blown off.

Listen, if you're gonna call a man from the dark lIke that, You better plan on killing him.

Sorry, Mr. Holliday.

My uncles would go crazy if they saw me talking to you.


Ike and Billy Clanton.

They think Wyatt Earp brought you into town to kill them.

Listen, kid, you go tell your uncles That Doc Holliday is a gambler.

I don't kill people for other people.

There's gonna be trouble, Mr. Holliday.

Not with me there isn't.

Lots of trouble.

Wyatt don't lIke Ike Clanton, or us.

I ain't sure why, but there's gonna be bad trouble.

And that's why I came to see you, Mr. Holliday.

I want you to teach me how to shoot.


So you and your uncles can kill Wyatt better?


Or me?

Oh, no, Mr. Holliday. I'd never kill you.

Forget about guns.

Ike promised my mother before she died That he'd never let me be a gunfighter.

So if drinking's all right, And punching cattle's all right, But shooting ain't...

I gotta learn, Mr. Holliday.

Why'd you come after me, and not somebody else?

'cause they say you're the best there is.

'cause I read all about you in them dime novels, Mr. Holliday.


'cause you're a legend.

All right, kid.

Now, wait... Hold it, now.

Kid, you'd be dead by now.

I mean, fanning's all right. It's very fast, But it's not very accurate.

And accuracy is much more important than speed.

You see, the important thing is To get your arm all the way out, So you have the target right in your sights.

That's important.

And the other important thing is to relax, so you can concentrate.


Take your time.

That's good! That's real good!

Nice shot.

Let's go home.

You know, sometimes I feel lIke a goddamn school teacher.

Who taught you, Mr. Holliday?

My daddy.

Is he still alive?

No, no.

He went off to fight in the war.

When they lost, that just about killed him.

By the time he got home, everything he knew was gone, Including me.

Where did you go?

Oh, I went up to richmond first.

Then to baltimore.

My mother sent me up there to get an education.

Do you, uh...


Yeah, I studied dentistry up there.

And then they told me that I had to come to the west.

The Doctors. For my health.

After that, I ended up at fort griffin, Then went to dodge.

I've been all over.

D'you ever go home? every night.

Pistol-whip anybody today, marshal?

Don't try me, Ike.

One of these days, I'm gonna have to try Mr. Earp.

Well, hello, dude. You want to dance?

Man: Let's go.


What time you got, Bartlett?

Just after 2:00.

Doc: Kate! Where the hell is kate?

She's working.

Kate! Quiet! You'll wake the dead!

Kate! excuse me, sir.

Come on, bitch, get off your back.

What the hell are you doing, You son of a bitch? You're coming with me!

You crazy son of a bitch! You put me down!

Take it easy. Take it easy, now.

You... You crazy son of a bitch!

That's right. Come on, old girl.

No... I ain't got no clothes on! I can't go...

Can't go down the street with no clothes on!

Concha! Concha, get the law after this...

You crazy son of a bitch, put me down!

Concha, I love you! Good luck, darling.

Doc Holliday, you bastard!

What the hell is this?

You're off the line, kate. I just retired you.

I'll see you in the morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.

This is for you.

What's... What's the matter? Don't you lIke it?

It's beautiful.

it's beautiful.

You lIke it? You really lIke it?

I love it.

Come on, put it on.


Um, I better take a bath first.

Well, hurry up, though, 'cause

We got places to go.

Wyatt: What do you think?

I lIke it.

Okay, take it over to the printer.

Morning. Morning, Wyatt.

Katie. Morning, Wyatt.

Come on.


Here it is.

Territorial prison in yuma wouldn't suit us better.

Now, listen, a man's home is his castle.

Shit. Come on.

Let's go inside.

Wait a minute.


Uh, no, no.

Katie, wait, wait... We got to do this right.

Somebody's going to see us, kate! Wait... that's for backing out!

What if somebody would have seen us? What...


That son of a bitch.


What's the matter, Doc?

The man who rented this place to me Promised he'd have it cleaned before we moved in.

Well, clean, that's the least of our...

We can have this place cleaned in an hour, Doc, I mean, that's not a problem. How's the bed?


It's a good bed.

Yeah. Sturdy. Yeah.

It's big enough for a midget. you're pretty skinny, dude.

Look at this place. It's a mess!

Get some curtains up here, get this window fixed, It's all right.

And we got a table.

I'm sorry, kate.

I should have looked at the place before I signed the deal.


It's gonna be fine.

Wyatt: John? he's asleep.

Will you wake him up, please? It's important.

Doc Holliday?


Your friend Wyatt's at the door.

I know.

Get up.

Just a second, Wyatt, be right there.


Someone held up the stage. Got the gold shipment.



Want to go after them?

I'll be right with you.

Darling? Yeah?

Can you give me a hand?


I've got to go.


You don't mind, do you?

No. I...

Tracks southwest, toward the Clanton spread.

Ike Clanton?

It wouldn't be Ike Clanton.

More lIkely Johnny ringo.

Billy: What the hell's happening, kid?

Trouble, by the look of it.


God damn it, Ike, what'd you do that for?


Where is that half-breed son of a bitch?

Ain't seen him in a couple of days.

Might be down in the valley with the herd. Why?

'cause somebody held up the gold shipment, that's why.

For $80,000, that's why!

And sure as shit the law's gonna be coming out here looking for us!

That's why!

Well, get off your asses and find him!

Hey, Ike?

Got a couple of visitors, way down in the draw.

Well, get out of sight!

Get guns. Get hid. Give me your gun.

I don't lIke it. Mmm-hmm.

I'm gonna give you fair warning, marshal.

Get off of my ranch.

Looking for some wells fargo gold, And the man who stole it.

Nobody here had anything to do with that gold.

Now, we don't steal money.

Where's Johnny ringo?

I ain't seen him.

You're a liar, Ike.

A little different, ain't it?


I'm gonna try you.

you ain't so much without them guns, Are you, Earp?

You ain't shit.

That's enough, Ike!

I ain't finished!

He is.

Get him the hell out of here.

I'm gonna kill him.

Let it go, Wyatt.

I'm gonna have to kill him.

Forget it, Wyatt, it's over.

I'm gonna kill him, John.

Where in the hell you been, brother?

We thought you was bushwhacked.

Morgan: Glad you're back, Wyatt.

Wells fargo offered a $20,000 reward for the holdup men.

Is that right? Morgan: $20,000.


You go in and get us something to eat.

I'm hungry.

Want something to eat?

I better go home To kate.




Is Ike Clanton in town?

He's down at alhambra right this minute.

Tell him I want to see him.

Tell him I want to make a deal with him.

What kind of deal?

Ike didn't hold up the stage.

It's Johnny ringo.

I want him.

You tell Ike if he can lead us to where ringo is, He can have the reward.

What the hell for?

Ike gets the money, We get the credit, We get the election.

Then we'll clean up Tombstone.

You mean clean out Tombstone.

Go see Clanton.


My god.

You lIke it, flat ass?

Yes. I lIke it.

I got you a present.

For me?

It's a nightshirt.

What's it...

Um, special occasions? you sweet bitch.

Come on, break it up.

Man: Who the hell are you?

I'm the marshal. You boys are going to jail.

Hell we are!

Pick up your friend. Let's go.

Wyatt. Starting to take the easy ones?

Kate: How did you get to be a gambler, Doc?

Just something I picked up along the way, LIke everything else.

How did you end up on the line?

I was born to it.

You mean, working girls are born, not made? no.

Nothing fancy. My ma was a whore, is all.

Did you ever meet your father?

I don't think so.

You don't think so?

No, my ma said before she died he was a cowboy.

I rolled around with a lot of cowboys.

Afternoon, Doc.

Afternoon, Mr. Clum.

Going to the big debate tonight?

I haven't really thought about it.

Tell me, uh, Why do you think Wyatt wants to be sheriff of Tombstone?

He's already deputy marshal of the whole territory.

You tell me.


How come Johnny Behan isn't a rich man?

He's dumb.

He's honest.

You don't think Wyatt's honest?


Oh, no.

What are you doing? He was pushing me around!

What are you doing?

Give me that gun, boy.

Tim mccoy, marshal. He drew on the kid.

We'll let a jury decide that. Now, move.

Come on, move! Easy, Wyatt!

All right, marshal, I'll...

I'll take care of it.

I'll take his gun.

Miss Elder?

Hello, alley.

Um, come on in.

No, thank you.

What can I do for you, then?

Have you ever thought of going to church?

Not lately. Why?

Well, we would lIke to see you go to church At least once, miss Elder.

To get married.

Alley, When I want preaching, I'll go to church.

But for the moment, When I'm on my knees, It ain't in prayer.

We've all got stakes in Tombstone.

We'll be here when all the others have gone on through.

So it's up to us to work together for a better town, And a better future.

Thank you.

Good evening, Bartlett.

Hi, Doc.

All this politicking's gonna ruin my business.

Now, I guess I've got to make something very clear.

And that is that I'm in Tombstone to stay.

I think all of us here want to stay.

I think we all want the town to have a future.

But it can't have a future unless it prospers.

And it can't prosper with gunplay in the streets.

Now, there's only one way to get rid of the gun.

And that's to use the gun.

The law's gotta be enforced.

But I hope you'll let me get the job done for us, For all our families.

That's all.

I hope you all get home safe.

Wyatt: Thank you.

What did you think of the speaking, Mr. Clum?

Not bad, For patent medicine.

You know, Mr. Clum, I'm not a politician.

I'm a peace officer.

I think I know what Doc's after, marshal.

What do you want?

I want to win, Mr. Clum.

Good night, marshal.

Mr. Clum? Yes?

What do you think it is The Doc's after?

I'd say, uh, Size, Some, uh, Wild and permanent gesture of, uh, Size.

Wyatt: You're taking too long, Ike.

I need ringo before the election.

Suppose I change my mind?

You made a deal, Ike.

That's right. I get 20,000, you get ringo, you get to be sheriff,

And I get to be dead?

You want my ass all the way, Earp, And I don't figure it's worth 20,000 for me to help you.

You've gotta deliver, Ike.

I ain't gotta do shit.

I've got the kid in jail.

He killed a man this afternoon.

You're a liar!


Where's the kid?


I don't know.

You miserable son of a bitch.

You deliver ringo, Ike.

Before the election.

You'll get him.

It sure makes you sleep good at night, Knowing Wyatt Earp's upholding the law, don't it?

Gotta put at least 1,000 on him, Doc.

I think I can cover that.

What do you want to bail him out for?

Oh, just a sense of civic responsibility.

I want him back in three weeks for the trial.

Now, level with me, kid.

Why'd you kill him?

He drew on me.

He had a wife and two kids. Did you know that?


How old are you?

I'm 18.

What are you gonna do with your life?

Don't you have any ambition?

Yes, Mr. Holliday.

What is it?

I want to be lIke you.

Get the hell out of here, kid.

Hello, bones.

Hello, bitch.

Did you have a good day?

I had a visitor.


Mrs. Alley Earp.

We had a talk about, um, The respectable people of Tombstone, About how you and me are living in a state of sin. you should have been here.

You know,

I sat around here after she left, Thinking about what we're doing together, Where we're going.

See, Doc, I never was ashamed of what I was before.

My life then.

I lIked it, Doc.

I lIked the money first.

But I lIked the life most.

I didn't want to be some Nester's wife stuck out on the goddamn prairie.

Coming in at night smelling of sheep, reading the bible, I...

What are you driving at?

I wanted the towns, Doc.

I wanted lights, Music, Dancing.

On the line, I got 'em.

And I got a lot of other things. A lot of 'em was bad.

But what was good...

After I met you,

I didn't want that life.

What do you want now?

I want to go away With you.

Away from this place,

For however many years you got left.

I want to have a child.


Nothing fancy, Doc.


what do you want?

I don't know.

Part of me wants the same things, And part of me wants

Something else.


What "something else"?


Doc, I don't care for however many years you've got left.

Take now.

Take me! Take love For as long as you've got.

Doc, wait a... Please don't.

Please don't go, Doc. Please. Doc!

What is it, Virgil?

Doc Holliday bailed out the kid, Wyatt.

Put up $1,000 cash money.


Last night.


That ruins the deal, Virgil.

I know.

What we gonna do, Wyatt?

Kill the Clantons.

Katie, where's John?

He ain't home.

Tell him I want to see him.

Why should I, Wyatt?

Look, we better get something straight, Katie.

You don't own John Holliday.

You got no rights whatever when it comes to him.

And I'll tell you something, Ever since you hooked on to him, He ain't been himself.

Maybe he grew up.

Yeah, maybe.

Maybe the tricks you learned on the line got him so tired That he can't think straight.

All night?

You bailed out the kid.


Caused some trouble.

Trouble with the Clantons.

Trouble with the Clantons Is your trouble, Not mine.

You know, you've changed, Wyatt.

I don't understand you anymore.

You don't understand me?

I've changed.

I don't understand you.

You know, there was a time When my trouble was your trouble, And yours was mine.

Times have changed.

It's different.

It's different, Wyatt. And I'll tell you why.

Because I got to learn something.

I got to learn that I'm not going to live forever.

And I got to learn that I...

I'm sick and tired of killing.

I'm sick of it.

I'm sick of seeing young kids gun down old men for bullshit reasons.

I don't want that anymore, Wyatt.

It doesn't make any sense to me. I don't understand it.

And I wanna...

I wanna leave something behind, Wyatt.

I want to live.


You're sure Billy Clanton's in the oriental?


All right.

All right.

I'd lIke you to go down and talk to Billy.

Real calm-lIke.

Tell him that the deal with Ike is off.

Tell him I know that Ike's been talking about the deal, So I'm gonna have to teach him a lesson.

That I'm gonna bring charges against Ike And the kid For the stagecoach holdup.

And I'm gonna charge Ike

With trying to bribe a territorial officer.

Ike'll blow his stack, brother.

I mean, When Billy tells him, Ike'll be coming after us.

That's right.

Where is Doc?

I looked everywhere.

I tried every saloon in town.

I can't find him.

You better have a drink.

I don't want a drink!

I want to find Doc.

Now, please, have you seen him?

You must have seen him Sometime today.

I haven't seen him since this morning, Katie.

Why'd he leave?

We had some words.

Well, everybody has words.

This was about places we've been,

And places we're going.

He never took anybody anyplace before.

Maybe he never loved

Anyone before.

You should try the chinaman.

The chinaman?

Wong: the palace of mirrors in shanghai.

I'd lIke you to see that.

Manila. manila.



Across the seas, Where spices grow.


Doc: Across the seas where spices grow.

You son of a bitch.

Jesus christ! Get up, god damn it! Get up!

Wait a minute. Wait a minute! Look at yourself.

Dirtier than a quarter horse's butt!

Wait now. Just wait a minute.

Wong and I are going to the palace of mirrors. Get up!

Oh, well, go on, then, god damn it, go!

Burn! Burn, you...

Man: Everybody out!

Man: It's too late!

Man: Buckets! Get the buckets going!

Maybe we can go away. California.



"soon" ain't soon enough.

Kid, go on in there, see what's going on.

We'll see you at the corral.

Be careful.

Earp sees you, he'll kill you.

"I swear to uphold the law

"of the territory of arizona

"and of the United States, "so help me god. "

So help me god. So help me god.

Mr. Holliday.

Hello, kid.

Sit down.


Would you, uh...

Would you lIke a drink?

No, thanks, Mr. Holliday.

They're coming into town, Mr. Holliday.

Who's coming into town?

The Clantons and the mclowerys.


The marshal made a deal with Ike.

Ike was supposed to turn in ringo for the stage job.

Wyatt would give Ike the reward money, And keep the glory for himself.

And now the marshal says the deal's off.

He's gonna hold Ike and me for the stage job.

How many are coming in?

Seven, Counting me.

Why are you telling me this?

'cause I don't want you to die, Mr. Holliday.

Into the camera.

They're here.

How many?


How many? Three Earps.

And maybe Doc Holliday.

Behan: Ike!


Now, damn it, Ike, I don't want no shooting in the town limits.

Now, you all give me your guns!

You're gonna have to take 'em away from us, Johnny.

Ike, I don't want no trouble.

You'd better tell that to the goddamn marshal!

Can't do it, Wyatt.

The town's my jurisdiction.

We'll settle it in court, Johnny.

You're not going to solve anything with a gun.

Oh, you'd be surprised the things you can solve with a gun.


They got shotguns.

Spread out. spread out!

Ike: Spread out!

Ike: Holliday, this ain't none of your affair.

We're here to talk to Earp.

To talk!

God damn you...

Morgan's dead.

They killed Morgan.

Wyatt: They killed my brother.

They came into this town,

They came in here, looking for trouble.

They came in here to destroy everything that we've been trying to build together.

But I'm telling you, I swear to you, That my brother's death is not gonna be in vain.

'cause from this, We're gonna build a better town.

We're gonna build a better Tombstone.

I swear that to you.

That's all.

So long, Doc.

Why the kid?

I guess he reminded me of too many things.