Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975) Script

This is...

This is Doc's Fortress of Solitude in the arctic circle, where he retreats every so often from the grueling pressure of routine to concentrate and further develop his wide knowledge.

To study astronomy...

The planets...

The stars...

The universe.

Or work to invent something that one day might be useful to mankind.

When Doc is in action, his brain trust, the fabulous five, are never far behind.

One of these intrepid men is Ham, a legal genius, graduate magna cum laude of Harvard.

Not only justice for the rich, but justice for the poor.

Another member of the group is Monk, the world's greatest chemist, winner of the Blanding prize, discoverer of the fraxoning formula.

He named his pet Habeas Corpus.

The third member is Renny, globe-hopping engineer-- builder of great bridges, dams, and skyscrapers.

Next is Johnny, erudite geologist and archeologist.

Famed for deciphering the hieroglyphics of the teutonic stone, as well as for his monumental studies of prehistoric man in central Africa.

Completing the quintet is Long Tom, an electrical wizard.

Hi, Doc.

Something's wrong.

What is it?

But how did you know?

I sensed it.

I picked up your thought waves, came as fast as I could.

Doc, it's in regard to your father.

Last week he passed away down in South America in a little place called Hidalgo.

Apparently, he contracted some rare tropical disease.

We're sorry, Doc.

We all know how close you and your father were.

This morning a large Manila envelope arrived.

It was from your father.

As far as we could determine, he mailed it on the very day he died.

Where is it?

He wrote on the envelope that its contents were for your eyes alone, so I locked it in your safe.

Shut up. You want to get yourself killed?

750 grains.

577 caliber, nitro express.

An elephant rifle.


I don't see a thing.

An absolute absence of ambulation.

Registering heat from a gun barrel...

From the top of that building right over there.

That's the old Eastman Cranmoor building.

Renny, we'll take the whizzer.

Go get it warmed up.



You and the rest take the Cord, get over there as fast as you can.

To the garage.

To the garage!

It's a good thing Doc had those refractive glass windows installed.

Saved his life.


From the outside everything appears to be

5 inches to the left of where it actually is.

A most fragmistatic invention.

That tower, Renny.

Up there!

Watch what you're doing, stupid!

Watch out, Doc.

The back door, let's try the back door.

Invidiously obstructed.

This one's locked, too.

Here, hold him for me.

How many times do I have to tell you?

Get that revolting beast away from me.

Look here, you 5th Avenue fashion plate--

I'll take him.


Out of my way, shyster.

It doesn't work. There's no juice!

The stairs, let's take the stairs!

Hey, hey, wait a minute, fellas.

Hey, fellas, I can fix this in a minute.

Hey, hey, fellas!

Hey, I got the elevator working.

Come on.



One thing for sure-- he ain't no native New Yorker.

The word is isn't.

Isn't, ain't, what's the difference?

Fingers look like they've been dipped in blood.

Somebody help me turn him over.

Well, I'll be superamalgamated.

I thought I knew the markings of every tribe on earth, but I've never seen anything like this before.

What do you make of it, Doc?

There's someone in the penthouse.

Johnny, you stay with the body.

Come on.

Johnny, you going to be all right?



Do a Barney Oldfield, Long Tom.

Long Tom, get the lights.

Stand by, Monk.

We'll use the extinguisher globes.

What is it, Doc?

We know that sound by now.

It means you figured out something.

My father did not die of a tropical disease.

He was murdered.

What happened to you?

I'm... quite copacetic.


Holy cow, what happened here?

Oh, nothing.

Just some vipers snuck in, blew up the safe, and burnt the papers.


Thank you.


I was examining the strange markings on the dead man...

When a wall of bricks fell on me.

At least, that's what it felt like.

When I woke up...

The body was gone.

But I did find one thing.

Solid gold.

Think it has something to do with your father's death?

I intend to find out.

I'm leaving for Hidalgo in the morning.

If you're going, I'm going, too.

So am I. Me, too.

That's why we all came in the first place-- in case you needed us.

I wish I could join you.

My company just started a new turnpike.

I'm in the middle of a trial.

That's just what I expect from you, you pompous peacock.

Now, hold on, Monk.

None of you are obligated to go with me.

This is my problem.

But, Doc, remember when we were all buddies fighting in the trenches?

Remember what we agreed?

I, for one, recall it perfectly.

If we ever got out alive, we'd help each other in peace as we did in war.

Look, I appreciate your support, believe me, but now each of you has a career.

You've all risen to World-Wide eminence in your chosen fields.

I can't expect you to put aside what you worked so hard for all these years.

That's precisely the point.

Here's an indefectable opportunity to use our skills for something more important than just our own selfish gain.

Yeah. Count us in.

Thank you, Monk.


I'll see you in the morning, chief.

All right, Johnny.

Oh, Johnny...

You sure you're all right?

Oh... supercradofolous...

Except for this goose egg on the top of my noggin.

I'll bring Johnny with me.

OK, Long Tom.


I wish I could go with you, Doc.

Good luck.

Thank you.

Yes. Good luck to you all.

Anyway, you won't need a lawyer down there, will you?

No, I wouldn't think so, Ham.

Uh, we'll, uh...

We'll look after the store.


A glorious good morning, gentlemen.

Hi, guys.

Sure gave me a scare.

Almost dropped this box.

Well, I didn't expect you, but welcome.

Thinking it over, I came to the conclusion you might need a lawyer after all.

And an engineer, too.

What about that trial of yours, Ham?

Oh, the heck with the trial.

I'll let my partner worry about it.

To heck with the turnpike, too, okay?


Let's go.

After you, gentlemen.

Let me take that.

It worked, Doc!

It worked!

Well, that's that.

Sure was an expensive way to throw those mugs off our tail.

Oh, not really, Monk.

Actually, that robot airplane was only made of fabric and plywood.

The dummies...

Simply dummies.

Besides, we've wanted to test this remote control system for some time, right, Tom?

And we sure did.

Well, gentlemen, let's be on our way.

Yeah. I want to see what that Hidalgo place looks like.

Before we go...

Let us remember our code-- let us strive every moment of our lives to make ourselves better and better to the best of our ability so that all may profit by it.

Let us think of the right and lend our assistance to all who may need it, with no regard for anything but justice.

Let us take what comes with a smile without loss of courage.

Let us be considerate of our country, our fellow citizens, and our associates in everything we say and do.

Let us do right to all...

And wrong no man.

Good evening.

Ah, to your health, Captain Seas.

Everything worked out just the way you planned it.

I wish I could believe you, Borden.

I didn't think Doc Savage would be that easy to eliminate.

I tell you he's dead, and his gang are dead.

I blasted them out of the sky into a million bits.

You saw no parachutes, no survivors?

Aye. Not a one.

Believe me, the papers are burned, and Savage and his crummy five are finished.

And, uh, Molo's body?

Ah, me and Cheelok, we snatched him from where he fell and dumped him into the East River.

Oh, have a drink, captain.

To poor, departed souls.

May they rest in pieces.

Heh. Ha ha ha ha...

He is telling the truth?


And perhaps now we will share a bit of the wealth, won't we, sir?

You bet your life, Kulkan.

Both of you.

You like money, eh?

Oh, sure, poopsie.

Well, you listen to me.

I started out in a sideshow, got into the swing of things, and made millions, but it's nothing, nothing compared to what's ahead.

Oh, ha ha ha...

Yes, I knew your father, Professor Savage, senior, very well.

He was a good man.

We were very close friends, and his death was a personal tragedy for me.

I'm told he died of a rare tropical disease.

Yeah. The professor contracted it during his last trip into the jungles of the interior.

By the time he returned to Hidalgo, red and green blotches had broken out on his skin.

Do you know of anyone who might have had reason to...

Murder my father?

On the contrary, the professor was loved and respected by the people of Hidalgo.

He set up a hospital here in the capital city, established schools in rural villages, and even taught first aid and sanitation to remote tribes.

In fact, one of the tribes, out of gratitude, gave him several kilometers of their hereditary land.

Undoubtedly, the land is mosquito and snake infested jungle-- worthless.

But it was a sincere gesture.

May I ask a question, Doc, if you don't mind?

Why, of course, Ham. Go ahead.


Mr. President...

Was the grant to Professor Savage officially recorded?

The transfer was registered with the land recorder's office.

I remember directing him there.

May we, then, see the deed?

Of course.

Colonel Ramirez, see that the deed is brought over here at once.

Señorita Flores.

This is the way my secretary found it, Señor Presidente-- empty.

The documents are gone.

Perhaps it will show up.

No, it will not.

I'm not surprised the deed is missing.

In fact, I rather expected it.

But we will not turn around and fly back to New York.

We are going to visit that tribe who so graciously gave that land to my father.

Now, if someone will be kind enough to explain how we get there...

Oh, well, uh...

Well, unfortunately, señor, we do not know the name of the tribe.

Uh, it could be any one of hundreds of tribes isolated in the jungle.

Of course...

I could try to locate a guide.

Uh, maybe a native who traveled with your father.

I think Don Rubio has a good idea.

Let him find a guide.

It, uh, it may take a few days.

We'll wait.


In that case, I invite you all to stay at the government's residence as our most honored guests.

Thank you.

We appreciate your generosity.

This way, please.

Oh, there's just one more thing.

May I respectfully request an autopsy be performed upon my father?

Of course. If you wish.

Gracias, Señor Presidente.

No hay de qué, Caballero.

Yes, I am positive.

Doc Savage and his men are alive.

I was with them less than an hour ago in the office of El Presidente.

No, I am not dreaming!

Their photograph will be in the newspaper tomorrow.

Yes, but fortunat-- yes, but for-- fortunately, I think quickly!

Will you listen to me?

They are not leaving Hidalgo for a few days, understand?

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. Yeah.

I guarantee it.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.


What's the matter, honey?


That no-good pilot Borden.









Come on! Come--


Oh. Oh!







Ay, que guapo

¿te Mira?

Sí, bien.

Oye, que estan mi-- oye!


Que chulo.

Old Doc gets the girls every time.


That is one good reason not to neglect daily exercise, my friends.

Singularly remarkable.

No matter where he is, no matter what he's doing, two hours of exercise every day.

Now, if you'd follow Doc's good example, you might lose some of that ugly fat and start to resemble a human being instead of a clumsy baboon.

Stop where you are, you swine, or you'll be crisp bacon for breakfast tomorrow morning.

You touch one hair on that piglet, and I'll crisp your bacon!

Hold him!

Monk. Huh?

You know Ham wouldn't hurt a fly.

His sword will only put you to sleep for awhile.

Come on.

May I?


Thank you.

Juan Lopez Morales is my name.

I am the coroner of Hidalgo.

Oh, I see.

Let me get a towel.


Hey, fellas, look.

Could be trouble.

And the autopsy disclosed a residue of some strange substance.

Ah, Mr. Mayfair.

I recognize you from the picture in time magazine.

Very happy to meet you-- such a famous authority in the field of analytic chemistry.

Everything all right?


Señor Morales here is the coroner of Hidalgo.


So, you liked my picture, huh?

He didn't say he liked it.

He said he saw it.

Señor Morales was just giving me the report on the autopsy.

Yes, I was saying that in the skin tissue of Professor Savage's hands and face a residue of some foreign substance was detected.

And I must confess, I have not been able to identify it.

Did you bring the slides?


I anticipated you and Mr. Savage might want to study them yourselves.


Doc, what's going on?

Don't come in here. Stay where you are.

Shh. Doc's inside.

I thought I heard-- shh. We all did.

Hey, Doc.


Everything OK, Doc?

Hey, Doc!

Is anything wrong, Doc?

Doc! Doc?

We'll come in, Doc, all right?

Doc, is everything all right?


I heard a shot.

What happened, Doc?

I don't know.

I really don't know.


How do you do, Mr. Savage?

Oh, I'm not Doc.

My name's Monk.

Uh, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Blodgett Mayfair at your service.

I'm one of Doc Savage's assistants.

Is there anything I can do to help, miss, uh...


I'm Karen and she's Adriana.

Well, lovely ladies, what can I do to help you?

We're friends of Captain Seas.

He read in the newspapers about Mr. Savage and his friends staying in Hidalgo for a few days.

So, he asked us to personally invite all of you to dinner on his yacht.


That's very nice.

But who's Captain Seas?

He's a very rich man.

He owns that big yacht just outside the bay.

Boy. Wait till you see it.

The captain would be extremely honored.

He's most anxious to meet the famous Doc Savage and his amazing men.

Well, I'm sorry.

I'm very sorry, but Doc ain't got no free time at the moment.

Why don't you come back in a week or so, okay?

Captain Seas will be so disappointed.

Ah, I'm sorry.

Maybe then-- in a couple weeks.

Please tell Captain Seas we'd be delighted.


I presume you lovely ladies will be present also.

Oh, swell.

Welcome, Savage.

Proud to have you aboard.

Good evening, Captain Seas.

Good evening, ladies.

Hello, Mr. Savage.

Hello, Colonel Mayfair.

So nice to see both of you.

Oh. So many of you...

And all so handsome.

Hot sarsaparilla.


This way, please.

Thank you.

I've heard a great deal about you.

Scientist, explorer, inventor, criminologist.

Some people even say you're a magician-- at least when it comes to remarkable escapes.

Holy cow.

What a plum-dingy yacht this is.

A necessity...

Uh, not a luxury.


Oh, please, make yourself comfortable.

Sit down, gentlemen.

Thank you.

It serves as my permanent home as well as my business headquarters.

Just what is your business, Captain Seas?

It changes from day to day...

But basically, what I do is recognize opportunities and seize them.

That why they call you Captain Seas?

Ha ha ha ha.

Very good. Very good.

Ha ha ha ha.


I've made so many voyages to all corners of the world, that I adopted the name seas.





My real name is absolutely unpronounceable.


No, thank you.

Perhaps something a bit more potent-- scotch, vodka, bourbon?

I'll have a coke, please.

And, uh, you gentlemen?

Same for me.

I think I'd prefer a lemonade.

Yeah, me, too.

Yeah, make mine a...

Root beer.

Uh, if it's not too exiguous a request...

Could I have a glass of milk?


Tell me, Savage, what brings you and your friends to the republic of Hidalgo?

Very few people even know of its existence.

My father passed away in Hidalgo.

We came to pay our last respects.

I'm truly sorry.

My deepest sympathies.


I mean...

Dinner is served.

What a meal.

You mind if I loosen my belt?

You'll have to forgive my friend.

As a child, he was so busy studying chemistry, he never learned any manners.

Please, please. I'm sure my chef would take it as a compliment.

Uh, cigar?

No, thank you.


Thank you, no.

Oh, I should've guessed.

You and your friends don't smoke either.

I'll have one, if I may.

Why, yes, of course.

Thank you.

Uh, light?

Oh, no thanks. I...

I have one of my own.

Uh, Karen...


If you'll excuse us, gentlemen.

So nice to have made your acquaintance.

Oh. You men-- always talking business.



To tell the truth...

I didn't think we'd ever meet.

I rather assumed we would.

Ha ha ha.

You are indeed a most unusual man.

You know...

Under different circumstances, we possibly could've become friends, since we're both adventurers-- each in our own way.

But circumstances are not different.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed your dinner.

Because it was your last.

And you, sir.

Enjoy your last cigarette.



Come on!

Come on!

Let's get out.


Come on. This way.

Holy cow. Into the drink!


Hold your fire!

What happened to them?

Move out the ship.

I am sorry, Señor Savage, but there is no yacht such as the one you have described.

You, yourself, heard what the harbor master said.

My patrol boats, too, searched the bay-- the whole area-- for hours...

And found nothing.

But we don't give up.

Our men are still out there...


To the residence.

Can't we have lunch first in a nice little cantina?

Do what you like, Monk.

Take me to the land recorder's office, if you will.

But señor...

Yes, señor.


No, no.

If you behave like a pig, no lunch.

May I help you?

Why, I believe so.

My name is Clark Savage junior, and I was hoping-- yes, I recognize you.

You are the son of Professor Savage.

That's right.

I am sorry.

He was a very fine man.

Thank you.

Um, is Señor Gorro in?

No, he is out for lunch, but he will be back soon if you would like to wait.

Uh, señorita, may I ask you a question?

Yes, of course.

Well, now, would you have any idea of what might have happened to the, uh, deed my father registered at this office?

It's a complete mystery, señor.

I met your father when he came here with the deed and a map.

We made copies of these documents, and we sent them to you in New York.

Didn't you receive them?

There was a fire.

They were destroyed before I had a chance to read them.

But if there are no records, that is terrible.

Well, now, you handled the documents.


Is there anything you can remember about them?

Oh, yes.

It is very strange, señor.

The deed was signed by the chief of the Quetzamal tribe, but there is no Quetzamal tribe.

According to the history books, it became extinct 500 years ago, disappearing into the jungle without a trace.

But the deed is a trace.

The map is a trace.

I said according to the history books.

When I was a child, I lived in a small village far away in the mountains.

The old people there used to tell strange stories of the Quetzamals.

They said they still existed not very far away, but we could never go to their place because it was over the edge of the world.

Can you believe this?


Yes, I think I can.

My father got there.

Somehow, I must get there, too.

You know, I was planning on returning to my village in a few months...

But perhaps I can leave now and guide you there.

Do you mean that?

Yes, absolutely.

When would you like to go?

Well, do you think you could be ready to leave...

In the morning?


Miss, uh...

My name is Mona Flores.

You may call me Mona.

You may call me Doc.


Uh, Señor Savage.

Señor Gorro.

Uh, are you all right?

Shouldn't I be?

Yes, uh, of--of course, of course.

It's just that I heard there was some kind of problem last night.


No problem whatsoever.

Adios, Don Rubio.


I've taken care of everything...



I can't understand it.

You had 'em right in your hands, and you let 'em escape.

I mean, I thought you said you had everything taken--

Shut up!

Ye-yes, sir.

They--they'll never find the place.

Only those two know the way.

That dirty little tramp in my office, she could never lead them to Quetzamal.

That's what I'm counting on.

Lots of money is at stake.

Uh, talking about lots of money, I could use a little money.

Maybe a small advance on my share, por favor?

Don't bother me now.

Uh, but sir, don't I deserve a little consideration?

I mean, after all now, I was the one who brought the deed and the map to your attention.

Uh, we are partners, are we not?

When Savage is out of the way, that's when we'll settle accounts.

Any objections?

No, sir.

Little touch there.

Little stir.

No two ways about it, I am a great cook.

Super chef.

Here we go.

Boy, I'm hungry as a bear.

You mean ape, hungry as an ape.

One of these days, that two-bit clotheshorse is gonna go too far.


Needs a little agua, I think.

Would you, uh...

I will get it.


It's all right. It's all right.


Take her.

Monk, bring me a vial.

Right away, Doc.

Jumping jellybeans.

That snake is the spitting image of the one painted on the native's chest at the Eastern Cranmoor building.

Doc, don't worry.

My village is just around the bend.

I'm gonna get some more water.

Muchas gracias, señorita.

Moocho Garcia, me, too.

Delicious, delicious.

No, no, no.

It is only a story, a legend.

There is no such a place as Quetzamal.

But Don Jose, my grandfather once told me that you and he made a trip there when you were very young boys.

I never been to Quetzamal, only to the edge of the world.

Don Jose...

Do you think you could lead us there?

It's very important.

Por favor. Please.

Very well, but only as a favor to Mona because I know her since she was such a little señorita.

Ah, thank you.

Come back here tomorrow at dawn.

Gracias, señor.




We need more horses, and we must have food from the village.

That's all been taken care of.

But it may take days to get there.

You've brought us this far, Mona, and I thank you, but it would be wrong to expose you to any more danger on our account.

But I want to go with you.

I'm not afraid, Doc.

Well, I know you're not...

But for your own safety, I think it's best you remain here, this village with your own people.


I love you.

Ah, there's no room in my life for love, Mona.

But why, Doc?

There was a girl once.

We were to be married.

She was kidnapped by the men I had been pursuing.

They threatened to kill her if I didn't drop the chase.

I gave in. I had to.

Later, when she was returned safely to me, I realized there could never be a future for us.

I realized if I were to do what I had chosen with my life, there could never be a loved one who could be used against me...

Or harmed because of me.

Do you understand?

I suppose so.


You're a brick.

I'm gonna watch the horses.

Yeah. Okay.

Here it is, the edge of the world.

Below in the valley of the vanished, live the Quetzamals.

There is no way down.

And now adios, amigos.

I must return.

Vaya con dios!

Remember me to Mona!

I will!

There must be a way down.

My father found it.

Well, let's look for it.


These rocks.

Unordinary divarication.


What is it, Doc?

It's a message...

From my father.




Who's he?

He ain't a he. It's an it, Harvard man, a rare semi-tropical bush, see?


Gentlemen, my father was right.

Bring the horses.


You all right, Monk?

Yeah, I'm OK.


Jupiter, what a phenomenosity!

It's gold.

A pool of gold.

Gentlemen, I think I'll go scout around.

You remain here.

Sure thing, Doc.

Take care.

Don't worry.


Those are Captain Seas' men storing gold in that hut.

Get in there. Keep quiet.

Put your hands up!

Up! Up!

Get moving!

I say! It's deplorable!

Hurry up.

I'm a lawyer. I'll sue you for this.

Simply deplorable. Horrible.

I followed you.

I wanted to be with...

I'm sorry.

Get moving.

My compliments, gentlemen.

You have eluded me at every turn.

You have even managed to find the pool of gold, but this time, there is no escape.

Mr. Seas...

As the representative of Clark Savage Jr., I must vehemently protest in his absence and warn you that your actions are contradictory to the existing laws of the United States, as well as the republic of Hidalgo.

Heh heh heh! You don't say?

You are not only trespassing on my client's legal property, duly registered with the land recorder's office of Hidalgo, but you are also unlawfully exploiting his inheritance, as well as the labor of the natives of this tribe.

This is the law here, Harvard man.

The law of the jungle.

You dirty skunk!


Yes! Get him!


Get rid of them right now!

Get rid of them, I said!

I will prepare the potion.

No, Kulkan.

The green death is a heritage from our ancestors, only to defend ourselves against our enemies.

It has not been used for hundreds of years.

You do not understand.

Captain seas is our friend.

His enemies are our enemies.

You are deserting your own people.

You are joining with strangers who have taken away our freedom.

Shut up, you old fool.

I told you I'd make you rich, didn't I?

Wealth means nothing to us.

Put him with the others.

Take them away!

Now get Savage.

He can't be far away.





That was truly noble of you, Monk, what you did.

I want you to know that I appreciate it.

That's okay.


You could have been killed, you know.

Oh, uh, well, anything for a pal.

Say, chief, how come you speak such good English?

Professor Savage saw to that.


What happens now?

We're all doomed to die...

A horrible death.

This place gives me the heebie-jeebies.

We got to bust out of here.

An unconfuted veracity, but how, may I ask, with our hands tied behind our backs and locked in this-- that's it!

That's it! Untie me.

If only they hadn't taken my sword cane away.

If I had my thingamajig...

An unravelable configuration of knots.

Hey! Hey, wait a minute!

I got a idea!

Habeas Corpus!

Sorry, Ham. I know you don't like that name.

Oh, that's all right...


H.C., you still in my pocket?

Well, get out and do that trick I taught you.

Good boy, Habeas!

Well done!

Well, come on, Monk.

Hurry up and untie me.

Come on, fellas.

Let's move that rock and fight our way out.

Yeah. Fight our way out!



Heh heh heh!

Perfect, Kulkan. Perfect.

They're finished, just like that old professor and that liar of a pilot.

Heh heh heh heh!



And we have the papers, the deed, and the pool of gold.

Right. Now only Savage remains.


Tell your men to stand back, drop their guns.

Have no fear!

Doc Savage is here!

Now tell your men to open this cave.

Tell them to open the cave, or you're a dead man in five seconds.

Open the cave!


Hypodermic. Antidote.

Inject yourself, then inject the others.

Hyah! Uhh!

The--the green death!


Oh! Uhh! Aah!









Heh heh heh heh!

Ah! Ah! Ow!

Ow! Ow!


No! Stop!



You won't get away with this!

It belongs to me and the captain!

It's my gold!

It's mine!

Come back, I say!



You won't get away with this!

Come back!

Come back!

Come back, you!


Everyone all right?

You're a sight for sore eyes.

It's my gold!

The gold is mine!

What the devil's going on?

That dynamite must have triggered an eruption.

Mother nature aroused, seeking revenge.

Come back!

Sure you're okay?

Yes, I'm fine, Doc, but--

Marks on your face are going away.

How do you feel?

I feel better.

Thanks, Monk.


How about you?


The epicenter is quite near.

There should be one more brief disturbance about...



Habeas! Come back here!

Habeas Corpus, come back here!

You son of a pig!

Come back, I tell ya!

Good boy.

Good piggy.

Nice piggy.

May I?

Cute piggie.



Strange how history repeats itself.

First, your father saved us against the plague.

Then you came, my son, to save us from slavery.

We gave him, as an expression of gratitude, the pool of gold.

Now the land and the gold belong to you, Doc Savage.

Thank you, Chief Chaac.

I promise to continue my father's work...

His ideals.

With this limitless wealth at my disposal, I shall be able to devote my life to the cause of justice.


Goodbye, Doc.

I will stay here, and then I will return to my village to help my people.

Will you come back...


I'm sure I will...


Are you going to kill me now?

No. Doc don't believe in killing, not even crooks like you.

He's got his own methods of dealing with them.

What methods?

Well, first we're going to take you to a place in upper New York state, where Doc has his own rehabilitation center.

There, Doc will perform a special kind of acupuncture surgery on your brain, which will help rid you of your evil nature.

He learned about this kind of stuff in a remote monastery on his last trip to China, you see.

You're also going to be taught good citizenship and an honest trade, then one day, you'll leave the center completely well and become a respectable member of society.


Thank you, young man.

Merry Christmas to you!

God bless you, madam.

This is Clark Savage, Jr.

I am not currently available.

However, if you wish to leave a message, it will be recorded.

You may speak now.

Doc, hey, Doc, listen.

This is an emergency.

I'm at the Warfield drugstore.

Doc, hey, Doc, listen.

This is an emergency.

I'm at the Warfield drugstore.

I just learned something, something terrible.

Millions of people are going to get killed.

You're the only one who-- ah!

Argh! Ugh!