Doctor Who: Shada (2017) Script

But, first on BBC1, a little later than the originally builded, we rejoin the TARDIS with another adventure in time and space with Doctor Who.

This is a recorded message:

The Foundation for the Advanced Science Study is under strict quarantine.

Do not approach. Do not approach.

Everything is under our control.

This is a recorded message:

The Foundation for the Advanced Sciences is under strict quarantine.

Do not approach. Do not approach.

Everything is under our control.

This is a recorded message:

The Foundation for the Advanced Sciences is under strict quarantine.

Do not approach. Do not approach.

Everything is under our control.

The Foundation for the Advanced Sciences is under strict quarantine.

Do not approach. Do not approach.

Excuse me. Yeah?

Do you know where P14 is? Yes, it's over there.


Come in.

Excuse the muddle. Creative disarray, you know.

Professor Chronotis? Tea?

Oh thanks.

Just the kettle on.

Professor Chronotis, I do not know if you remember me.

We met at a faculty party A few weeks ago.

It's a, Chris Parsons. Oh yes of course.

Enjoy these faculty dues, do you? Well, you know it's...

A lot of boring old dunces talking away to each other, never listened to a word anyone else says.

No, well, you said that... Talk talk talk. Never listen.

No, well... Look, I hope I'm not taking up any of your valuable...

Time? Oh no.

When you get to my age, you will find that time does not matter too much.

Not that I expect you to reach my age.

Oh really? Oh yes.

I remember the last Master of College, but one, or was it the last Master, but two?

May have been three. Three?

Yes, my young chap.

Died rathe tragically at the age of... Run over by a couche...

What was it you said to him?

Oh, I do not know. A long time ago, you now.

Yes· Professor, when we met, You were kind enough to say that if I dropped by, you'd lend me some of your books on carbon dating.

Oh yes of course, happy to.

Ah! There's the kettle.


Find the books you want at farther end of this book shelf.

Third shelf down. Thanks.

Or is the second shelf down? Second, I think.

Anyway, take what you want.

Milk? Oh, yes please.

One lump or two? Two please.


Ah, here we are.

Oh, actually, professor, I've just realized!

I'm going to be very late for a seminar. Look, I'm terribly sorry...

Look, I'll bring this back to you the next week, alright?

Yes, of course. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Actually, Professor, could I just ask you?

Where did you get that? Oh, I don't know· I think someone must have left it there when I was away.

Yes, well I'll... bring these back as soon as I can.

Wordsworth, Rutherford,

Christopher Smart, Andrew Marvell,

Judge Jeffreys, Owen Chadwick. Who?

Owen Chadwick. Oh yes.

Some of the greatest laborers in the history of the Earth have thought here.

Newton, of course. Oh, definitely Newton.

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction".

That's right.

So Newton invented the punting. Oh yes.

There's no limit to Isaac's genius.

Isn't it wonderful how something so primitive can be so...

Preston? No. Simple.

You just push in one direction, the boat goes in the other Yes, genius.

Oh, I do love the spring. All the leaves, the colors.

It's October.

I thought you said we would come here for a week in May.

I did it. May Week's in October.

I'm confused. So is the TARDIS.

Oh, I do love Autumn. All the leaves, the colors.

Yes· Well, at least with something as simple as a punt, nothing can go wrong.

No coordinates, no dimensional stabilizers, nothing.

Just the water, a punt, a strong pair of hands and a poll.

The poll.

Ah, I think it's about time we went to see if the professor is back in his room Ask me how. How?

For each reaction, there is an opposite and equal reaction.

Did you just hear voices? What?

Here we are, at St. Cedd's College, Cambridge.

Founded in the year something or alibi, by someone someone or in honor of someone someone someone.

In honor of someone whose name escapes me completely.

St. Cedd?

You know, I think you are probably are right?

You must have been a historian. I am a historian.

Good afternoon, Wilkin. Good afternoon Doctor.

Wilkin! You remembered me.

Why yes, of course, Sir. An honorary degree in 1960.

Yes, but what kind of your part remember me.

That's my job, sir. And you do it splendidly.

Now... Professor Chronotis, Sir?

He returned to his room a few minutes ago.

Oh, Good. Good. Good.

Wilkin, how do you know you wanted to talk to Professor Chronotis?

Because that's who you asked for when you were here in 1964, 1960 and 1955, Sir.

Did I, really?

I was here in 1958.

Really, Sir? Yes, but in a different body.

Yes, Sir. Come on, Doctor.

Nice to meet you, Wilkin. Bye bye.


Come in.

He will ask us if we want tea.


Yes please. Two cups.

Milk? Yes, please.

One lump, or two? Two please, and two sugars.

Oh, Doctor!

Oh, Doctor! How splendid to see you.

To you too, professor. This is Romana Oh, delighted, delighted. I've heard a lot about you.

Really? Well, not yet, but I will at done.

When Time Lords get to my age, they tend to get their tenses muddled up.

Will like some biscuits too? Well, I wouldn't have said no.

Crackers? Oh, sometimes.

Three hundred years? Yes my dear.

And in the same set of rooms? Ever since I retired from Gallifrey.

Doesn't anybody notice?

Another delight of the older Cambridge Colleges.

Everyone is so discreet.

Now, Doctor, young fellow, what can I do for you?

What can you do for me?

You mean, what can I do for you? You sent for me.

Sent for you? Yes we git your signal.

Signal? What signal? Yes.

Romana, didn't we get a signal from the Professor, we were to come as soon as possible? Yes, we same straight away.

I never sent you a signal, but it is splendid to see you.

Have another cracker. I will.

Professor, if you didn't send the signal, who did?



You were addressing me? I want Chronotis.

Professor Chronotis. Where is he?

He will not wish to be disturbed.

He is with the Doctor. A very old... A very old friend

Wait. What for?

I've had an idea of who sent that message.

Who? Me.

But I thought you said you didn't.

Yes, I know. My memory's getting a bit touchy of late.

Doesn't like to be prodded about too much.

But my dear old things, it must be ages since I sent it.

I told you got the time wrong, Doctor.

Yes but you're always saying that. And you're always getting the time wrong.

Professor? Yes?

What was it about? What was what about?

The message. I do not know.

You've received it more recently than I have.

Was it to do with the voices? What voices?

Well, when I was on the river, I heard the strange babble of inhuman voices.

Didn't you, Romana? Yes.

Oh, undergraduate talking to each other, I expect.

I'm trying to have it banned. No no no no!

It wasn't like that at all. It was the sound of humans or...

Or ghosts, very quietly.

Screaming. Yes.

Over ought imaginings, Doctor. No, I remember what it was.

What? Delicate matter, slightly.

It's a... It's... It was a book.

I say. Yes, can I help you?

Yes, perhaps you can.

Did you hear voices? Professor, I think that...

I just heard voices, Romana. Did you just hear voices?

Yes, very faint this time.

Anything to do with that book, Professor?

What? Oh, no, no, no.

It's just a book I, accidentally brought back with me from Gallifrey.

From Gallifrey?

You brought a book from Gallifrey to Cambridge?

Well, just a few knick-knacks. You know how I love my books, Doctor.

Professor, you said you brought it back by accident.

An oversight. I overlooked the fact that I had decided to bring it.

Just for study, you know. As I'm, now I'm getting very old...

You thought that perhaps I'd take it straight back to Gallifrey for you.

Well, as I'm retired, I'm not allowed to have a TARDIS.

Professor, I don't want to be a critical, but I will.

It is very risky bringing books back of Gallifrey. Isn't it?

I mean, they could be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Mmm?

Keightley, hi, eh, yeah, it's me.

What? Yes, I'm fine.

Listen, the most amazing...

Well, it just stopped being busy. This is important.

There's this book, it's got a molecular structure unlike aything I've seen before.

Yes, I said "book".

It's like nothing on Earth.

Extraterrestrial No, I'm not mad.

Listen, I've done everything, X-rays, microscope, you name it.

Look, you do not have to believe anything until you've seen it yourself.

Yeah, come on over.

No, not in two hours, now!


"On Some nights, New York is as hot as Bangkok." I've read that.

Saul Bellow.

"Once Upon a Time" Yep.

"And in the Ancient Days of Rassilon, Five great principles were laid down...

"Can you remember what they were, my children? "

It is just a Gallifreyan Nursery book. I know it is, it was very good.

I heard when I was a time tot. Yes it was good.

Oh, that's just a momentum. Not the right book at all.

Where is it? Is this the one? Oh dear, no.

No, I know it's here somewhere!

Professor? Professor? How many books have you brought back, for Heavens sake?

Oh, just the odd two or seven, but there was only one that was in any way...


What does it look like? What's it called?

The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey.

The Worshipful and Ancient Lord of Gallifrey?

Yes, a Red book, about five by seven.

Professor, how did that book get out of the Panoptical archives?

Well, what I did, you see, was, I... I just took it.

Took it ?!!! Yes.

There's no one interested in ancient history on Gallifrey any longer, and I thought that certain things will be safer with me.

And were they? Yes, in principle.

Pleasantly, excuse me. Delicate matter, Professor, slightly.

That book dates to the days of Rassilon.

Does it? Yes, indeed, they w...

It's one of the artifacts. Is it, indeed?

Professor, you know that perfectly well.

Rassilon had powers and secrets that even we don't fully understand.

You have no idea what might have been hidden in that book.

Well, then there's no chance of anyone else's understanding it then, is there?

I only hope you're right, but we'd better find it.

Romana? Yes?

Little red book. Five by seven.

Good. Good. Good. Could be green.

I have confirmed the location of the book.

It shall soon be mine.

Congratulations, my Lord.

Tell me of the one call of, the Doctor.

He has no more power than the others.

Only one has the power I need.

And when I have the book, that power shall be mine.

Get me the carrier ship.

I shall be with you very soon.

And then, let the universe prepare itself.

British book of the wild birds in color.

Alternative Betelgeuse. Time Machine.

Wuthering Heights.

Tandoori chicken for Starters?

Sweeney Todd.

Yeah, there's no signs of The Worshipful and Ancient Wisdom of Gallifrey.

Do you really think it's important? Of course. It is one of the artifacts.

Other than it's historical value. Yes Yes.

Each of the artifacts was imbued with stupendous power.

Well, the meaning of most of them has been lost by now, but the powers remain. And the rituals.

I just mouth the words like everybody else.

What words?

At the Time Academy Induction Ceremony.

You know, "I swear to protect the ancient law of Gallifrey with all my might and bane".

"I will do it until the end of my days, with justice, and with honor temper my actions and my thoughts".

Yes, pompous lot. All words and no action.

Oh, that's not true. What about Salyavin?

Salyavin? Hmm...

Oh yes, Salyavin. He was a boy old hero of mine.

Really, Doctor? A great criminal, your hero?

Yeah, well, a criminal, yes, but he had such style, such flare, such...

Panache? Yes!

He was a bit like me in that respect.

Sis you ever met him? I Certainly did not!

What? He was imprisoned before I was born.

Where? Ah...

You know, I cannot remember.

Professor? Yes?


He was a contemporary of yours, wasn't he? Where was he imprisoned?

I've just remembered. Well, I just asked you.

What? Where Salyavin was imprisoned.

Salyavin? I'm not talking about Salyavin.

Good riddance to him. We must find the book.

Professor, what do you think we're doing?

I've just remembered. What?

There was a young man here earlier. Came to borrow some books.

He might've taken it while I was out in the kitchen making tea...

What was your name, Professor? What was his name?

Oh, if only I could remember. Oh, dear, I've got a memory like a...

Oh dear, what is it I've got a memory like?

What is that thing you strain the rice with?

What was his name, Professor? Was he old? Young? Tall? Short?

I remember! What?

A sieve! That's what it is. I've got a memory like a sieve.

Professor, what was his name?

Oh, I can't remember his name. Oh, do please try.

A... A... No, it doesn't begin with A.

B... B... B-B-and... C?


What's it called?

Called? How should I know.

Keightley, this book... Clare.

This book will do for science as what the Japanese did to Pearl Harbor.

What, bomb it? What?

It feels like paper, it smells like paper, but it doesn't behave like paper.

Plastic? Not a single polymer in sight.

Metal? No crystalline structure.

A single crystal, then.

Well, whatever it is Mr. Dalton's got a lot of explainning to do.

Half of it stable all the time, half of it stable none of the time There is absolutely no way to tell what it is made of.

X-ray tomography Oh yeah, I got a positive result in the X-ray.

A what? It blew up· Not only can't I tell what the structure is, it actually doesn't seem to have a structure.

Pure matter, non-atomic matter.

You cann't have matter without atomic structure.

It's fundamental.

I cann't explain it.

What's it about? What?

The book, Chris, what is it about?

Well, I don't know, do I?

It reads like a cross between Chinese and Algebra.

Why don't you ask old what's his name?

Chronotis? Well, yes, u...

That's the obvious thing to do, I suppose.

Is that why you haven't done it yet?

If you're at home, Keightley.

It's Clare.

P, Q, R... X, X, Y?

Young! Yes! Young Parsons.

Born in 1956, graduated in 1978, honors degree in chemistry. Currently engaged sigma particles.

Where would he be now, Professor?

Physics lab, I should think. First left!

Yes Yes, I'll be back in two minutes.

If I'm not back in two hours, You and the Professor lock yourselves in the TARDIS, send an all frequency alert and wait. Wait!


More tea my dear? Lovely. Two lumps, no sugar.

Is the Proffesor alone now?

Oh, Yes Sir. The Doctor left a few minutes ago.

Oh dear. What the matter?

We've run out of milk.

Oh, I should think that is the least of our problems.

I do feel so stupid losing that book.

Don't worry, we'll find it.

I hope so. I do hope that so.

You're shivering. Are you cold?

No, it's just a feeling. Those voices unnerve me.

A cup of hot tea will do you good.

Ah, no milk. I'll just pop out and get some.

I do not think that's an awfully good idea, Professor.

Why not? It's the only way I know of getting milk short of having a cow. We've got plenty.

. Oh, splendid!

Type Forty, isn't it?

Yes, came out when I was a boy. That shows you how old I am.

I shant be a moment. -Oh, yes you will.

Kitchens are too far away from the control chamber.

I've never known the Doctor used them anyway.

Salyavin! Good riddance to him, Salyavin. Good riddance. Bah!

. Undergraduates!

. Come in!

I'm afraid I only have Lemon tea Without milk.

The girl's gone out to get some.

How many are you, for heaven's sake?

I've only got seven cups.

Professor Chronotis. Where are the others?

Professor Chronotis.

Who are you? I have come for the book.

Book? What book? You know what book.

I don't know what you're talking about. I haven't got any books.

That's to say, I've got plenty of books. What book would you like?

The book you took from the Panopticon Archive.

What do you know about the Panopticon?

The book, Professor. You are to give it to me.

By whose instructions? Mine, Professor.

Who are you? My name does not concern you.

Give me the book. I don't know where it is·

If you will not give me the information voluntarily, I will, deduct it from you.

I'm sure there's much else in your mind, that will interest me.

Oh! No! No!

Do not fight it, Professor.

Do not fight it, or you will die.

Hello. Oh, hello.

Ah, you've just missed him, I'm afraid. Sorry?

Chris Parsons, you've just missed him. Can I give you some message?

This is not yours? Ah, no, is it yours?

Belongs to some friends of mine.

Odd book. Odd friends.

And careless, oddly careless.

Why did you take it? I diddn't.

I know.

Look, what is all this about? What's what about?

This book. Have you read it?

No, I can't. What, can't read?

No. I mean yes, I can't read, I...

Where does it come from? What is it made of, and why did the X-ray machine explode?

It did that? Yes.

Hello, I'm the Doctor. And you? Clare. Clare Keightley Clare, Clare Keightley, Can I have a look at your X-ray machine?

I've got the milk. Professor?

Coming, Mistress.


. Professor!

Who is it?

It's me, Professor. I just got back to...

What's happened? Is he alright? I do not know. I think he's dead.

Negative, Mistress. He is alive, but he is in a deep coma.

What's happened to him? Processing data.

Do you know him? Hardly at all. He just lent me a book.

A book? We've been looking for a book.

Chris Parsons? Chris Parsons? Well, yes.

Well have you got it? No. I left it in back at the lab.

See, I couldn't understand... Wasn't the Doctor with you?

Well, how would I know?

I mean, how would I know that the Professor was ill?

No, no, no. The Doctor. What?

Mistress, the Professor has been subjected to psychoactive extraction.

Will he be alright?

The physical prognosis is fair, psychological prognosis, uncertain.

It's a robot. Of course.

A robot dog. Yes.

. Neat!

K9, did you said psychoactive extraction?

Affirmative, Mistress. Someone has stolen part of his mind.

What did your dog say?

Someone has stolen part of his mind.

His attempts to resist have caused severe cerebral trauma.

He is weakening fast. Is this is all for real?

You want to make yourself useful? Well, if I can.

Go and get the medical kit from the TARDIS.

The what? Over there, First door on the left, down the corridor, second door on the right, down the corridor, 3rd door on the left, down the corridor, fourth door on the right... down the corridor?

No, white cabinet opposite the door, of the top shelf.

For a minute I thought you were pointing at that police box.

I was. But...

Please, get it.

Hurry up!

Professor, can you or hear me?

Professor? Professor?

Mistress, his mind has gone. You just said part of it, K9.

Affirmative. The part that is left, is totally inert.


No response, Mistress.

Thank you.

What are you doing to him?

He's breathing and his hearts are beating, so his autonomic brain is functioning.

This collar will take of those functions and leave his autonomic brain free.

What good'll that do? Well, hw should be able to, to think with it.

Think with his autonomic brain? Do not be silly!

The human brain doesn't work like that. The different functions are separated...

The Professor isn't human.

I had no detectable atomic structure.

Well, the book must have stored vast amounts of subatomic energy and suddenly released it when the machine was activated.

Does anything strike you about that? What?

It's a very strange way for a book to behave.

I would have thought that was obvious. Never underestimate the obvious.

But what does that tell us?

Nothing, obviously. Well?

So, obviously it was meant to tell us nothing, exactly the opposite function of a book, therefore... It isn't a book.

Then what is it?

What was that?

Oh, should be the results of the carbon dating test I ran.

It's 20,000 years old, Doctor.

Look at that.

A minus sign?

Minus 20,000 years?

Not only this book is not a book, but time is running backwards already.

I think I'd better return it as soon as possible.

Don't you?


The book, Professor. You are to give it to me.

You know what book... Further back.

"... New York is as hot as Bangkok". I've read that.

"Once upon a time..." Trace memories.

I don't even remember, Professor. We met at a faculty meeting only a few weeks ago I'm Chris Parsons...

The collar is functioning.

K9, is there any trace of conscious thought?

Processing data, Mistress.

Far too early to tell.

Good. What do you mean, good?

Well, don't you see?

When one works as a scientist, one... doesn't always know where one's going, or if there's anywhere for one to go.

That there are going to be big doors that they, stay permanently shut to one.

Alright, look at all these, marvels. and I know that a lot of things that seem impossible are possible, So, good.

I take that you're... Romana.

No, I mean you are... Well, you are not from Earth.

Mistress, the Professor's condition is rapidly deteriorating.

Is there anthing we can do?

Negative, Mistress. The condition is terminal.

But is he thinking? Can he hear us?

Minimal cerebral impulses detectable, Mistress.

Can he talk? Negative The speech centers of the brain are completely inoperative.

Well, your collar's a nice idea, but...


Wait a minute.

K9, can you amplify his heart beat?

Affirmative, Mistress.

Brilliant What?

The Professor is a brave and clever man. Listen.

I don't understand.

He's beating his heart in Gallifreyan Morse.

Professpr, I can or hear you. What do you want to tell us?

Beware... the... sphere...


Skagra. Skagra?

Beware... Shada.

The... secret... is .. in... the...

He's dying, Mistress. Professor!

All life function has ceased, Mistress. The Professor, is dead.

Doctor? Yes?

I'm Skagra. I want the book.

Well, I'm the Doctor and you can't have it.

You attempt to hide it from me?

Yes, it'll be taken to a place of safety.

Where? Oh, a little place that I have in mind.

Doctor, you will give to me everything that you have in your mind.

Your mind shall be mine.

I'm not mad about your tailor.

# Satin and lace #

# A place to call funny place #

# She's gonna cry #

# Till I tell her that I'll never get home #

# Never home #

# So, Chattanooga choo choo #

# Why don't you choo-choo me home #

# We leave the Pennsylvania Station about a quarter to four #

# We read a magazine and then you're in Baltimore #

# Dinner in the diner nothing could be finer #

# Than to have your ham and eggs in Carolina #

# When you hear the whistle boy enter the bar #

# Then you know that Tennessee is not very far #

I beg your pardon.

Doctor! Yes?

Shh! Hurry! Coming.


Who are you?

Chris Parsons, Bristol Grammar's School and Johns.

Never heard of you. You're the one causing all the problems.

Me? Well, where's the book? Where's the Professor?

Well, he just, just, just... He just what?

Well, I just don't know. His body just disappeared into thin air.

Where was the body?

There, it disappeared just before of you arrived.

Here? Yes.

It's gone.

He must've been on his last regeneration.

Did you say someone had stolen his mind?


That's funny, Skagra threatened me to do that to me, too.

Skagra? You know the name?

Just before the Professor died, He said three things.

What? Beware the sphere, beware Skagra.

And beware Shada. Shada?

Do you know the name? Shada? No, you?

Doesn't mean anything to me.

Well, Mr. Skagra, or whatever it is you call yourself, You've killed a Lord of Time, and an very old friend of mine.

It's time you and I had a little chat.

K9? Master?

K9, can you find any trace of that sphere?

Affirmative, Master, but it is far, far too weak to take a bearing.

We'll have to wait till it's active again.

Now, listen, K9, the moment when the signal becomes clear...

Affirmative, Master. Good! Good!

Alright, we'll wait in the TARDIS. Excellent thought.

Come on. You too, "Bristol".

ソ Hello?



Did you just see what I didn't see? No.

Neither did I. It just vanished.

That's what I said. What's that cow pack.

Come on, K9. Coming, Mistress.



What is that machine?

It displays the characteristics of a Gallifreyan Time Capsule, My Lord, type 39, possibly type 40.

Present whereabout?

It is currently in close proximity, my Lord.

Warning, my Lord,. Intruders are approaching the ship!

Show me.

Admit them.

Oh! Do not move.

K9, there's something here · Affirmative, Master.

Then why didn't you tell me, you stupid animal?

I assumed you could see it, Master.

What is it, K9?

A spaceship, Mistress, of very advanced design.

Many of its functions are beyond my capacity to analyze.

If I'd build something that clever, I'd want people to see it.

K9, what's it powered by?

Insufficient data.

Aren't we all? Where does it come from?

Insufficient data.

What does it looklike? Very large, Mistress.

How large? One hundred meters long.

One hundred meters? That should keep the cows guessing.

There must be an entrance somewhere.

What's that carpet doing there?

There gotta be an entrance. What's that carpet doing here?

A door is opening, Master. Affirmative, K9, affirmative.

Come on, K9, heel. Affirmative, Master, affirmative.

Chris?ソ Chris Parsons? Professor Chronotis?


Better than an odd police box.

K9, any sign of that deranged billiard ball?

ソ Master? The Gyroback, the beasty.

The sphere, K9. Negative, Mistress.

Romana, I'd feel much happier if you three waited outside, No point is all of us walking into the spider's web.

I will stay, you might need help.

Well, if it's... Ughk, OK.

I wondered if...


They will not be harmed, Doctor.

For the moment.

These small party tricks are purely functional.

Their purpose is precisely defined.

As is mine.

Where have you taken them?

Come with me.

Skagra, what have you done with the Professor's mind?

It is to be put to a more useful purpose.

I was serving a perfectly useful purpose where it was.

Not to me. You realize he died.

Only his mind was of use to me, not his life You take a very proprietorial attitude to other people's brains.

It seems to me that the Time Lords take a very proprietorial view of the universe.

Just exactly who are you, Skagra?

That knowledge will be of no use to you.

Then you may as well tell me. I may as well not.

Besides, we have other matters to discuss.

This book, Doctor. Which book, this book?

Ah, I read it, it's rubbish.

Then, perhaps, you's be good enough to read it to me.

Oh, I have a very monotonous reading voice, really.

By the time I've to the bottom of the first page, you'd be asleep and I'd escape, and then, where would you be?

Read it to me.

I presume you can't read Gallifreyan, then.

Like a native. Read it!

Alright, are you stopped comfortably?

Yes. Then I'll sit down


I'm paraphrasing, of course. Doctor...

This is good... You'll like this...

Skagra, do you realize this book doesn't make one bit of sense?

A fool would realize it was written in code.

Skagra? What This is written in code! How am I doing?

I believe you know the code? Who, me?

Yes. Oh, no, no, no, no.

I'm afraid I'm very stupid, very stupid, I'm very, very... stupid!

Doctor, I believe you, as a Time Lord, you know this code and you will give that knowledge to me.

But there's no point in giving me orders, I'm very stupid.

It was not an order. It wasn't?

It was a statement of fact.

Ah, how stupid of me.

You have no choice, you will give that knowledge to me.

Ah, well, I do not know about that, I don't know about anything, in fact, I'm a really a poor, stupid creature.

You will be.

There's no door.

We must have got here by some sort of, matter transference.

Very clever.

Oh, I suppose you do this sort of thing the whole time.

Yes, actually.

K9, can't you pick up any trace of the Doctor?

Negative, Mistress. Every signal is shielded.

I was meant to be delivering a pane to the Astronomical Society tonight.

Oh, yes. Can you pick up anything now, K9?

Negative, Mistress.

Yes, I finally disproved the u.., possibility of life on other planets.

Oh, Yes. Well, I can deliver it next month.

Now try. It''ll have to a complete rewrite then.

Triple negative.

A curious substance, this wall.

Oh, blast it!

Please duck.

Apoligies, Mistress. Not at all.

The wall is blast proof.

It was a good try, K9.

Mistress, Iam now picking up faint signals.

What is it? Can you let us hear it? Affirmative, Mistress.

It sounds different this time. A new voice has been added.

A new voice? Affirmative.

It is the Doctor.

Oh! My, where're you going?

You don't know where Professor Chronotis has gone, do you?

Calm down. Is he in his room? No, I've just come from there.

Well, that's funny, he didn't come out this way.

I will tell you what. If you'd like to leave a message, I'll see he gets it.

Well, look, it's terribly urgent.

A book, a friend of mine was taking to him, well, I think it's very dangerous.

Well, what I'd say is people shouldn't write things that they don't want people to read'em.

No, you don't understand. The book itself, it's atomically unstable.

It seems to be absorbing radioactivity. I think it's very, very dangerous.

Are the books doing that? Yes, we must find the Professor.

Alright, Miss, I'll tell you what, You go back to his room and I'll ring around the college, and see if I can't find out where he's got to.


But wait. Look it's...

Alright, I'll go back.

I have no doubt those'll publish anything.

Are you positive, K9? Absolutely negative?

Affirmative. no signals on any frequency, Mistress.

Oh, I wish I could get out of here.

That's it!

Please explain. Well, that's what you have to say.

I wish we could get out of here.

I wish we could get out of here.

Oh, I wish I could get out of here Oh, blast!

No! No, no, no, no, K9. No.

Good dog.

Where are you taking me?

Where are you taking me? Quiet!

Or I'll use the sphere with you as well.

How did she get out and not me?

Insufficient data.

Insufficient data!

Insufficient data.

Oh, why did I let myself get involved in this?

Insufficient data?

Where are you taking me? Your traveling capsule.

If you think I'm going to open the door, You're going to be extremely disappointed.

Just as well, I have the Doctor's key.

Very stupid...

Very stupid.

Oh, very stupid. Skagra?

My Lord has departed.

Who is that? My Lord, Skagra.

No, who's speaking?

I am the servant of Skagra, I am the ship.

The ship? A talking ship?


Skagra must be a hard off for friends.

Will you tell me where my companions are?

I will not. You are an enemy of Skagra.

Any orders you give me are hostile to my Lord.

Oh, I do not mean any.

Why are you moving? I sorry?

You're dead. I am?

Your entire mind was drained by the sphere.

Oh well... It wasn't, was it?

The trick on those occasions is not to resist I just let the thing believe it was stupid so it didn't nearly hard enough.

It got a copy of my mind, but he left me with the original intact.

Understand? No, I do not.

No more do I. But, perhaps I really am stupid.

No, got it! I know, I'm dead!

That does compute to my Lord's actions.

Ah, well, it must be true then.

Will you tell me where my companions are now?

I cannot accept your orders.

You are an enemy of Skagra.

An enemy? Me? Not true!

If I'm dead, then, I'm an ex-enemy of Skagra, correct?


And a dead man can hardly be a threat to anyone, correct?


Then, if I'm dead, I can't possibly give orders that will be any kind of threat to Skagra.


Then, will you please arrange the release of my companions?

I have orders not to.

Their release would constitute a threat to Skagra.

But I'm ordering to.

And as we have established the fact that I am dead, that I'm incapable of ordering anything that would threaten Skagra, So, if I were to order you to release them, it can't threaten him.

Will you release them now?

They will be released. Excellent.

Thank you.

It's getting stuffy in here.

You are dead. Yes, I thought we'd sorted that out.

I am programmed to conserve resources.

Sice there are no live beings in this area, I have shut down the oxygen supply.


Dead men do not require oxygen.

Not a clue.


Are you in there, Miss?

Hey, we did it.

Danger, Doctor, danger!


Oxygen levels returning to normal.

Who said that? I'm a ship.

I am the servant of my Lord, Skagra.

Where's that voice coming from? Master?

Do not worry, K9, he's alright.

No, I'm not, I'm dead. Pardon?

I've been nearly too clever by three quarters.

You never seem to do anything by halves.

I persuaded the ship that it was dead and, it cut my oxygen supply. You what?

It won't take orders from an enemy of Skagra, but since it believed I'm dead, since I am dead, the ship has no reason not to accept my orders.

What? It only resumed the oxygen supply When you came in, you're still alive.

Officially. That's reassuring.

Where's Romana? I thought that she was with you.

Whatever took us off, came back for her.


He must have her.

K9, is the TARDIS still where we left her outside?

Negative, Master.


Where are we? On my command ship.

And what do you hoping to command?

More than you can possibly imagine.

I have a very vivid imagination.

So have I.

Welcome back, my Lord.

So, where's he taking your TARDIS? Or when?

What? Time Machine.

Ah, yes.

He took Romana because she can operate it for him?

So can he! He's got a copy of my mind in that sphere of his.

Everything I know is at his disposal.

Then, why did he take her with him?

Well, he probably wants someone to show off to.

There's one thing he doesn't know. What?

You're still alive.

I'm dead, remember?

Doctor, why doesn't the ship, know that?

It's only programmed to obey instructions, not to think about them.

Blind logic, it serves Skagra and doesn't think beyond that.

Does it know where Skagra's gone?

Ship, speaking to you as the late lamented enemy of your Lord Skagra, I command you to tell me where he has gone.

I do not have that information.

Why don't you tell me?

Why won't you just say what you're trying to do?

Tell me what you see.


What are they doing?



Well, they're just there. They're...

Exactly, spinning uselessly through the void.

And around them?

Billions of people spinning uselessly through their lives.

Says who? I say.

And who, are you?

Who I am now, is not important.

But, what I... What we all shall become.

What do you...? Shhh.



What do you see? Nothing.

Billions of atoms, spinning at random, expanding energy, running down, achieving nothing.

Entropy, like the stars.

But, what is the one thing that that stands against entropy, against random decay?


See how the atoms are aranged here?

They have meaning, purpose.

And what more meaning and purpose than in here?

You do not understand me, your mind is yoo limited.

My Krargs, they shall be the servants of the new generation.

New generation?

New people? Not new people.

A new person.


What is your command, Master?

So, it's back to square one then.

That's it! Ouch, uhh! What?

Square pne, that's where we've got to go if we want to find out what Skagra's up to.

Once we know that, we'll know where to find him.

Ship, I order you to take us to where your Lord Skagra last came before arriving here.

The order does not conflict with my programmed instructions.

O will activate launch procedures.

Launch procedures activated.

Launch procedures activated.

Launch procedures activated.

Launch procedures activated.

Launch procedures activated.

Ship, how long will the journey take?

39 astro sidereal days.

What? That's nearly three months.

At maximum drive. We have many hundreds of light years to cover.

Hundreds of light years, in three months?

That's incredible.

Yes, incredibly slow. Stop!

Repeat please? I said high! Halt!

What are you doing?

Ship, I'm now going to introduce you to a few new concepts, now, listen very carefully.

Reverse the polarity of your main drive feed. Alright?


Regrade your de-oscillation diode-getic synthesizers by 10 points.

Warning! drive will explode in 12 seconds.

11, 10, 9... Did I say 10 points? I'm sorry.

Minus 10 points. Accomplished.

Now, realign your maxi-vectometer on drag so they cross connect with you radio-biosentry cathodes.

Accomplished. Good.

Now, this is the easy part.

What have you done?

I'veconstructed a primitive dimensional stabilizer by remote control.

The journey will now only take a couple of minutes to anywhere.

Doctor, you are extremely ingenious for a dead man.

Oh, well, let's not hop on that aspect too much, sheall we.

What have you done to my machine?


May I ask who are you?

I am, I was, I will be Professor Chronotis.

Oh dear, we Gallifreans have never managed to come up with a satisfactory form of grammar to cover these situations.

Look, I, I do not understand what's happening. What situation?

Timelessness, standing obliquely to the time fields.

Is that what we are doing?

Oh yes, and very grateful I am to you, for arranging it.

Me? But all I did was just press a button and...

Yes, I know, a very ancient TARDIS, this.

I rescued it, literally, from the scrap heeps.

I'm not allowed to have one, really, you know.

Still, just as well, though, isn't it? Otherwise, I'd be dead, still.

Still dead? Oh yes.

Yes I've been killed. Only your timely mishandling, of this machine, meant that you tangled with my time fields at the critical moment.

You're not following me, are you?

Um... no. Good.

Think of, me, as a paradox in an anomaly and get on with your tea.

Oh, yes.

We must find Skagra.

Yes. He has the book.

--Ah! You know about?

Well, I sort of... It's a very dangerous book. and I have been very careless.

It's the key to Shada. Oh.

The ancient prison planet of the Time Lords.

They have been induced to forget about it.

I see.

If Skagra, is meddling with mind transference, mind control, he's only going to Shada for, one particular reason.

And it is imperative that he be stopped.


Ah, why? What on Earth's there?

It is not matter of what, it's a matter of who.

What's so important about the book?

It is the Ancient Law of Gallifrey.


So, what does a Gallifreyan judge say when passing sentence?

Um... " We, but administer.

You are imprisoned, not by this court, nut by the power of the law. " " It is not...

The power of law...

It used to be quite literally true.


You think that book is some sort of of key to...

The key with which the Time Lords used to imprison it's most feared criminals Criminals such as...

He doesn't know. He doesn't know the code.

I'm glad you realized that. It was about time.


Time? About time...

Yes, of course, I should have seen that.

A Gallifreyan code would have to include the dimension of time.


Find the Doctor's last reference to time.

Oh, come on, Ship, what's taking you so long?

Estimated docking time, two minutes.

Hurry up!

Who are you?

Doctor?! Ah! Hello!

What is it? I don't know.

You are intruders.

Well, actually, I'm dead, and this is Bristol. Chris.

You trespassed on my Lord's ship.

You shall die.


What the Earth is it? What's Earth got to do with it?

It looks like some sort of crystaline structure.

Preparing to dock. You go ahead, don't mind us.

Where is this place? How should I know?

It's big, isn't it?

I wonder where everybody's gone to.

I do not know · Neither do I.

I don't belive that we traveled hundreds of light years.

Why not?

You cannot travel fster than light, Einstein.


You understand Einstein? Yes.

What? And the quantum theory?

Yes What?

And Planck? Yes What? And Newton?

Yes What?

And Schoenberg? Of course.

You've got a lot to unlearn.

Institute for Advanced Science Studies.

ASD. Advanced state of decay?


Shh. Did you hear something? No.

Think tank.

Quite interesting. Quite interesting?

This is fascinating.

Absolutely fascinating.

Do you mean to say that all this means something to you?

Oh yes. It's all terribly simple. You see, what happ...

Keep back!

Exactly! Time runs backwards over the book.

As I turn the pages within the time field of this machine, the machine operates.

And turning the last page, will take us to Shada.

I have broken the code!

We can repair it, my Lord.


Make all the preparations for the entry into Shada.

You are about to meet one of the greatest, and most powerful criminals in all history.


A man the Time Lords chose to forget.

Who are they?

What are you, Doctor?

Victims of Skagra's brain drain.

Their intellectual powers have been stolen.

But their memory patterns might remain.


But if only they could tell us what happened to them.

Yes What?

If only they could tell us what happened to them.

Bristol? Yes.

Bristol, I'd like you to do something for me.

Certainly. It won't be pleasant.

Easy, easy...

There, there...

Bristol? Yes?

I'm going to allow this man access your intelligence reserves.

It's alright, it's only temporary.

It might just allows him to function.

I just hope you know what you're doing. So do I.

So do I.

Now, take a deep breath.


Who are you? The Doctor.

What are you doing here?

Who are you?

My name is Caldera.

What? Not be a St. John D. Caldera?

The same. The neurologist?

Yes It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.

One of the great intellects of your generation.

So, are we all, would have been. What?

This, A.S.T. Thira, the psychologist.

G.V. Santori, the parametricist.

L.D. Ia, the bioligist.

R.F. Akrotiri.

Some of the greatest intellects in the universe.

And Dr. Skagra.


Geneticist, and astro-engineer and cyberneticist, and neuro-structuralist and moral theologian.

Yes and too clever by seven eigths.

Who is he?

Where does he come from?

We don't know. What?

But he was very impressive.

He offered very handsome fees, so we agreed.

To do what?

Don't you see? No.

The Think Tank was his idea. He set it up.

He did?

T do what?

The pooling of intellectual resources by the electronic mind transference.


He conceived it on the grand scale. But just how grand, we didn't realize.

Not at first, not until after we had built the sphere, and by then it was too late.

Why? What happened?

He stole our brains!

He stole our brains...

Easy, easy. Stole...

Quiet. Shh...

The whole of humanity.


The whole of humanity? The Whole...

But, he needed...

What did he need?

One mind.

You read his mind? One, unique, mind.

What mind?

A man called... What was he called?

A man called... What was he called?




Bristol? Are you alright?

I feel marvelous!

Good, good, it'll pass you off it.

What did you find out? Not much.

Not enough to locate Skagra, just enough to frighten me out my wits.


K9! Why aren't you back at...?

K9, try and keep it back.

My supply at danger level.

Doctor, look out!

Bristol? Yes?

Are you still feel marvelous? Yes.


Give me 10 seconds. What?

Well, come on, then!

Well, come on!

Doctor, it's going to blow up!

No, Doctor.

It's jammed! What?

Good ship, good ship! Good! You're learning.

Which is more than we're doing.

What do you mean? Well...

We're still no nearer to findong Skagra, or Romana.

What do you think we should do? I do not know.

Well, try looking on the bright side, at least... I'm looking on the bright side! But...

And it's dark, very dark.

Now listen to me, Ship, I'm going to ask you once agaim, Where is your Lord, Skagra?

He did not reveal his destination.

But you must have some idea.

I am a computer, I do not have ideas, I obey instructions.

So, you have no idea where he's gone?

I do not.

Bah,, doesn't he have a home to go to?

Yes He has? = Correct.

But, why didn't you tell me? I have orders not to.

Will you please take us there.

Your order conflicts with my programmed instructions Well, just do tell it not to worry.

I'm sure your Lord Skagra will be very anxious to pay his last respects to me.

I obey.

I si hate computers, they are so literal minded.

Aren't you, K9?

Affirmative, Master.


Look, I don't even know what I'm meant to be doing.

We must get this old perambulator moving again.

Well, it certainly moved when I touched it.

Oh! A spasm, a mere spasm.

I just hope it wasnt a dying spasm, because it has left us jammed between two irrational time interfaces.

Time is moving away from us.

If we do manage to disentangle ourselves, I'll just have to be careful, otherwise, I shall cease to exist again.

Oh! Really?

Now, do as I do. What that?

Forget about it.

Oh, Prodessor, that's that's easier said than done.

Who is this u... Salyavin person?

Salyavin? He was a criminal.

His exploits have been wildly exaggerated.

He was a hot headed, brilliant young man with a peculiar talent.

Eh, I cannot fix this. Can I help?

Difficult, very difficult.

To repair an interfacial resonator requires two operations which must be performed absolutely simultaneously.

And to be honest, my dear, I don't think you have the knowledge.

So we're stuck? Yes.

Well, I can learn, you know. I'm very quick.

What the matter?

Listen to me. Listen to me very carefully.

What I'm about to do, you are never to speak of, and this is the only time I will ever do it.

What are you talking about? Do I have your promise?

Well, what are you going to do to me...? Do I have your promise?

Yes, it's alright.

What is that piece of equipment you have in your hand?

I have absolutely no idea. Good.


What is that piece of equipment?


It's a conceptual geometric relay, with an agronic trigger, a totally defunct field separator.

But it doesn't matter. We can dispense with it, if we can make that interfacial resonator working again.

Splendid! Well, let's do that then, shall we?


We have full complement, My Lord.


Then we can begin.

I Wish you wouldn't do that.

How did you get here? These kind people brought me.


Ah, hello there.

I am, a little surprised to find you here Your ship was a bit surprised... Oh, you stole my ship?

Only after you stole the mine!

Ah, there she is.

I hope you've been looking after her. I'll check...

If you've been over-revving her...

I'm curious to know how you survived the intentions of my sphere.

Well, it only looks for it expects to find.

I made it look for the wrong things.

If you've come here in the hope of interfering with my great purpose...

Great purpose!? Great purpose!? Hah!

The very greatest purpose, Doctor.

You want to take over the universe, don't you? I've met your sort before.

Any moment now, a mad bleen will come into one of your eyes. and you'll start shouting, "The universe, shall be mine!"

How naive, Doctor. How, pathetically limited your vision must be.


Take over the universe? How childish!

Who could possibly want to take over the universe?

Exactly, that's what I keep telling people.

It is troublesome place, difficult to administer.

And, as a piece of real estate, it's worthless, because, by definition, there'd be no one to sell it to.

Such visions are for infants.

My purpose, will fulfill the natural evolutionary goal of all life.

Oh, yes...

With the aid of these spheres, I shall make the whole of creation merge into one, single mind, one, godlike entity.

You will?

The universe, Doctor, shall not, as you so crudly put it, be mine.

The universe, shall be me.

Ah, have you discussed this with anyone?

I mean, why don't you send one of your rocky pals off to make some tea, and we can sit down and chew on a macaroon?

Doctor, his inane wutherings do not interest me.

This will happen, it will start within hours.

And once it has started, nothing you or anyone else can do will stop it.

Take them away, they bore me.


Kill them!

What's a jink?

Clever jink there, don't you think?

I made him think I was trying to get to the TARDIS.

What were you trying to do? Get to the TARDIS.

Doctor, that man must be mad, wasn't he?

0h, madness, sanity, it's all a matter of opinion.

And what's your opinion? He's as mas as a hatter.

They're gone. Right, back by the way we came, quietly!

What? That!

Your TARDIS! Surprised we can hear it from here.

There's something odd about it, come on!


It's a dead end! And We're trapped.

Huh? This was not here before.

Get in!

Keightley! Chris?

A cup of tea?

Oh? Tea?

Doctor, how do you like my TARDIS? Oh, Ace. Ace.

It strictly unofficial. I'm not really allowed to have one.

Yes and what better way to hide it than living in it, you old sly boot.

Well, what are you doing here? How am I supposed to know?

Yeah, and what's the Professor's room doing here?

Oh, you may well ask. But ask the Professor.

Doctor, where is Skagra? Shh! Not so loud.

He's just outside. Oh.

He's got Romana, he's got the TARDIS, he's got the book.

I thought you were dead, Professor. Yeah, so did I.

Did you, really? Listen, Doctor, If Skagra has the TARDIS and the book, he can get to Shada.

Shada? Shada? Yes, the Time Lords' prison planet.

You've probably forgotten about it. I never forget anything.

I never forget... Well, that's right. I had forgotten.

The Time Lords' prison planet. Now, why would I have forgotten?

Got it! Of course!

Salyavin was imprisoned on Shada!

Ask me who Salyavin is. Oh ah, he was a criminal imprisoned centuries ago by the Time Lords.

A great criminal, unique mental powers.

He had the ability to project his mind into other minds, completely take them over. Didn't he, Professor?

Well, that's what Skagra is doing?

No, no, no, no, no, no. Quite the opposite.

Skagra has the power to take minds out of people, but he can't put minds back into them.

That's why he needs Salyavin in the sphere and that's why he's going to Shada. Of course!

Doctor! What?

He must not get there.

The key turns slowly in the lock.

The door to Shada, opens.

With Skagra's mind and Salyavin in the sphere, Skagra will be omnipotent.

What do you mean? He could just, just move himself into every mind in the universe?

Yes, eventually.

Might take thousands of years, but that wouldn't matter.

His mind's immortal. It would spread like a disease.

Well, it's quite a thought load, isn't it?

I mean, every mind working together as a single organism, a single mind?

Skagra's mind, not a pleasant thought.

Doctor, we've got to stop him from getting to Shada.

Yes, but how? He's got a start on us and we don't know where it is.

Then we must follow him. But how?

The same way we arrived.

You followed the TARDIS's space-time track. Of course!

Of course.

Let's go!


It looks horrid. It was built by your race.

A prison, planet.

Oh, I hope you feel at home. Keep her silent.

The Index!

Chamber T, Cabinet 9.

Two of you, guard this machine. You, bring the girl.


This is where your people used to put the criminals they wanted to forget.

I've never even heard of it. Obviously, you forgot.

This way.

Doctor, we've arrived!

Good! Good! Now, you two... Yes?

Stay here. Oh, but...

Ah, no, no, no, Shh! I'm not at liberty to explain.


You can come along, but no tangling with any Krargs, Unless, of course, you have to tango with any Krargs.

Hurry! Skagra will be gere already! Come on.

Come on, K9.

Come! Come on boy.

The prisoners of Shada.

Each in their own cryogenic cell.

Alive, but frozen, in perpetual imprisonment.

Very humane.

Well, don't look at me, I'm not answerable for the Time Lords.

You are a Time Lord! Yes, but I...

No matter, the Time Lords will soon be irrelevant.

Before I find Salyavin, I think shall release some of these.

They can be the first to participate in the new universal mind.

Oh, it's odd the way some days work out, isn't it?

Chris, I mean, there I was, just cycling on King's Parade and...

Chris, there's something very odd about the Professor.

Why single out the Professor? Well, because when I was...

I want to know what is going on out there.

Chris, you're not listening to me. I just don't like getting left behind.

I mean, just because we come from Earth, it doesn't give everybody the right to be patronizing towards us.

Well, I admit, to me, all this does make us look a bit primitive.

I mean, I don't have the faintest idea how it all works.

I have.

Cabinet 9, there he is.

The man I've spent my whole life searching for, the man whose mind will reshape the entire universe, the great Salyavin.

Let us realease him.

Skagra, stop! Doctor?!

Keep away from here!

You're too late!

Salyavin is released!

I don't understand. Salyavin...

Where is Salyavin?


Now, just let me get this right.

You say he... He just walked into your mind?

Well, sort of.

It was as if he just, barged in the front door, and started shuffling all my thoughts about.

But the Doctor said that, that ability was unique to the guy...

Well, the guy that Skagra was coming here to find...

On your feet, Keightley.

Come on, let's see what's happening.

You're Salyavin? Well guessed, Doctor.

Salyavin, I have you here at last!

We have everything we need.

K9, the sphere! Shoot the sphere!

Now, Doctor, stay very, very still.

You are about to see the beginning of the universal mind.

Quietly, Chris.

Come on!



Now, Doctor, we will deal with you.


K9! Master?

I told you to stay in the room!

Yes, but... Come on!

But, Chris! Come on! To the TARDIS!

Quick, come on, come in.

Come on, K9!

Sit down!

I've got it!

Well, what are we going to do?

So far he's beaten us on every point.

Yes he's even got Chris.

Shh, Shh! Quiet, I'm thinking.

I'm thinking, and it depresses me.

Skagra's little zombie gang, have got the brain power of the greatest intellects in the universe shared all around them.

A Think Tank. Who?

Never mind about that. Just believe me.

All the minds that Skagra's stolen are now in a melting pot along with his own and operating as one.

And with the Professor's, I mean to Salyavin's mind in there too.

They can now control anyone.

They can control everyone.

They'll be invincible.

Doctor? Yes?

May I just remid you of something? Yes?

All the minds that Skagra's stolen are in the melting pot?


That means yours is in there too. Yes.

Romana? Yes Doctor?

Romana, I want you to do something for me.

Stand here.

Romana, I want you to wear this.

Well, now I can think.

We will return to the carrier ship.

From there, a fleet of small craft will take each one of you to the selected centers of population and then the great mental revolution shall begin.

It'll be tricky. And dangerous.

Well, a touch.

Doctor, it will be terribly, terribly dangerous for you.

You'll stand about as much chance... As what?

As a, well, there isn't anything that stands as little chance as you will out there.

Well, I, I just have to be...

I'll just have to be very brave, won't I?

Doctor, it's isn't funny. Listen, I can do your part if you can do the mine.

I'll try.

You're a hero. Remember?

Clare? Yes Doctor?

Hold on very tight.

Ready? Yes.

Clare? Ready, Doctor.

Hold tight.


Haham got them. Well done, Romana.

We haven't got to the hard bit yet. No, we haven't got long.

Clare? Yes Doctor, I'm holding on.

Come over here and and hold on to this end.

Now, whatever you do, don't let go, Because we're in for a very, very rough ride.

And twenty thirdly, out there in the space-time Vortex, Time and distance have no meaning.

But here, in this little, little room... Oh, get on with it, Doctor!

Romana? Yes Doctor?

I want you to switch off the vortex shields in this small area here.

Come on, you can do it. I showed you how to do it.

Just, just one little bit of timelessness and in space it is.

Over there, behind the tea trolley.

I said behind the tea trolley not in the middle of it!

I'm sorry, but it's very difficult.

Focus it!

Now just one steady line, eh.

Steady, hold it.

Hold it! I'm trying, Doctor. I'm trying!


Now, this is a little trick I learned from a space-time mystic in the Quantocks He made it seem terribly... terribly easy.

Ah, he did it!

Hold that switch down!

It won't hold much longer.

It is fading even faster than the Doctor said it would.

K9, K9, wake up and come here.

Check out subneutron circuits.

Detect circuit malfunction, Mistress.

Impossible to effect repair in time available, Mistress.

Well, hold it, K9. Stop the deteriorating.

Impossible to stop it, Mistress.

I can only slow down circuit deterioration.

The Doctor needs every second we can give him.

This switch is getting very hot. You must hold it down.

But I can't. It's getting hotter.

It's burning me.

Oh! Hold it down with a pencil.

But I haven't got one.

I can't reach it.

Well, here.

It's broken!

What about the Doctor? I do not know.

It was a very dangerous idea, trying to make that crossing.

He didn't get as much time as he wanted.

I just don't know · What should we do?

Well, we'll just go ahead as planned.

Now, how's that?

Oh, it's fine, thank you. It wasn't a bad burn.

Well, do you think the Doctor will be alright?

We'll just go ahead as planned.

Repairs completed, Mistress. Let me see.

Good boy, K9.

Now we can go.

Though, I dread to think what we're walking into...

Let's just do it.




And soon, an infinite concert of the mind.

Hello, old girl, how have you been keeping?

Sorry I had to barge in through your back door like that but, if you had any idea what it's to travel through the space-time vortex...

Of course you do, silly me. You do it all the time.

But, at least, you're built for it. Now, let's see what's happening outside, shall we?

Look out behind you!

Let's go and say hello.

Out you come, Doctor, out you come.

He send his dog out to face me.

Stop hiding in there, Doctor. Come out and meet your fate.

Hello. Doctor! How did you get in there?

What do you mean, "How did I get in there?".

It's mine, I belong in there.

As of now, Doctor, you don't belong anywhere at all.

There is no place for you in my universe.

You shall die.

Well, Skagra, that's a very interesting theory.

Let's try to putting it to the test, Shall we?

Doctor, what have you done?

No! What have you done?

You've used that deranged billiard ball once too often, you forget, there's a copy of my brain too in there, eh?

Think about it.

But not too hard, old chap. You might strain yourself.

A new universe? A new single mind? Ah!

I think your little bunch are in two minds about that one already.

K9! Master?


Now, play on, Skagra, let's see the quality of your mind.

A little warm for this time of the year, wouldn't you say, Skagra?

Off, K9.

Not that way. The other way, you fool!

The other way, back!


Clare! Clare!

K9, stop firing!


Do you want call half-time, Skagra?

You can have a short break, if you like, suck a lemon.

In fact, you outblew it!

Ship! Take take off, instantly!

Instantly, do you hear?


Doctor! Look out!


Where am I? It's alright, it's alright, Chris.

It's over, everything's going to be alright.


How are the others?

They're all in shock, but there's is no serious damage.

I hate to think what would have happened to them if that tug-of-war would have carried on much longer.

They wouldn't have been the only ones in trouble. This is a fearful mess.

Can you unscramble them all?

Oh, yes. It'll take a few hours, but they'll all get their own minds back.

What will you do with them then?

Take them back with dear old Shada.

Put them back, in a forgotten prison?

Let the Time Lords sort it out.

I'm not going to play judge and jury.

It was only forgotten about because the Professor made us forget.

He didn't want his escape to be discovered.

That must be why he stole the book when he left Gallifrey.

Do you suppose he's still alive?

Well, we'll find out.


Let me out of here!

I am your Lord Skagra. Let me out!

I am afraid I can no longer accept your orders.

You are an enemy of my Lord, the Doctor.

I am, your Lord! I built you!

Release me, I command you!

And a,a,a and launch instantly!

Do you know the Doctor well? He's a wonderful man.

He has done the most extraordinary things to my circuitry.

Release me!

Truly wonderful.

If like, I will tell you all about him.

Let me out!

Let me out!

Stolen, the room? That is the only way I can describe it.

Well, you see, Sir, in my experience, people don't usually steal rooms very much.

They may steal from the rooms. But steal the rooms themselves? Very rarely.

In fact, I think, u, "never" is probably the word I'm looking for, Sir. I mean, where's the advantage in it?

Not unless you've got black market in rooms, is there?

Wouldn't get much for it.

I know it's very difficult to understand, it's also very easy to be sarcastic.

Sarcastic, Sir? I don't know that word.

Now, why don't run over the asailent points again?

Oh... When I got to the door of the room and I opened it, beyond it, there was nothing.

Nothing at all Sir? Absolutely nothing at all.

Well, nothing except for this sort of, blue haze.

Ah, well, a blue haze, Sir, might be the vital clue we are searching for.

And I was not, drinking.

So, this here is the famous door, is it, Sir? Yes.

Behind which you saw your u... blue haze?


Come in!

Well, whoever took, Sir, seems to have brought it back, don't they?

" Her little homemade dress, her favorite ", cried the old man, "press it to his breast and patting it with his shriveled hand".

"She'll miss it when she wakes."

Hello. Can I help you?

Routine inquiry, Sir.

A report that this room u... has been stolen.


I don't think so, Officer.

Ah, here you are. A cup of tea and some aspirin.

Thanks Professor. Aspirin, Sir?

Ah, yes, a headache.

Bad night last night, Sir? Yes, you could say that.

A lot of celebrating going on in College, was there Sir, last night?

Nothing out of the ordinary.

The, normal hijinks that would be there, Sir, would it?

Students roaming the streets stealing policemen's helmets, bollards and...

Might I ask, u, where you got that, Sir?

Yes, it's mine.

Oh ho! Really, Sir? Yes, really.

Come on, Romana.

Bye, Wilkin, Bristol, Keightley.

Good bye rofessor, we'll keep your secret.

Bye everybody. Bye.

Secret, Sir? And what secret would that be?

A cup of tea?

Where did that police box go?

What police box would that be, officer?

Right. Right.

Coats on, everyone.

You're all taking a little walk with me, down to the bridewell.

Where was Skagra from, anyway?

K9's metabolic analysis, says he was from the planet Dronid.

Remember your Time Lord history?

There was a schism, in the college of the Cardinals.

The rival president, set up shop on Dronid.

They forced to come back by totally ignoring him.

It seems difficult to believe that Professor was the great Salyavin.

He's such a nice old man.

I wonder if the stories of Salyavin's were exaggerated.

More than likely, Time Lords overreact to everything.

Look at the way they treat me.

I expected, some time, in the future, in about 200 years time, someone meet me and say:

"Is that really the Doctor?