Dog Day Afternoon (1975) Script

Song dedication to the greatest of men/actors - Mr. Al Pacino (moviesbyrizzo)

Boz Scaggs sings "We're all alone..."



MULVANEY: It has to be from downtown.

It's handled through this office, but it requires downtown approval.

I don't know.

It has been submitted.

WOMAN 1: Sylvia, can you help me with this?

WOMAN 2: Coming.

Closing time. Going in?

Yes, sir. Okay.

MULVANEY: I couldn't say.

You the manager? It's a matter of policy.

It... It looks...

Keep talking like nothing was wrong.

Listen, let me call you back.

Sonny, I'm getting really bad vibes.

What are you talking about?

Maybe we should take something smaller, Sonny.

You crazy? He started already. He's got the gun out.

Go on, go over by the door.

Get over by the door.


Nobody move. SAL: Get over there!

Okay. All right, get away from those alarms. Come on!

Come on, get in the center.

He moves, take his head off.

Put the gun on him! Get out of the center.

STEVIE: Sonny.

I can't do it, Sonny.

What? I'm not gonna make it.

What? Put it on him. I can't do it, Sonny.

Oh, fuck me. Sal.

Sal. SAL: What?

Where are you? He can't make it.

Fuck him. Let him go!

Come on, Sonny!

All right, let him out.

Let him out! Do what the gentleman says, Howard.

Let him out!

I'm sorry, Sonny.

Oh, shit.

Stevie, don't take the car. How do I get home?

Take the subway. We need the car.

Stevie, the keys.

I'm sorry, Sonny. Right.

All right, lock it.


What do you want'? Sonny, there's a girl under that desk.

All right, go.

We got rid of him. So now we just move it along.

Sal, you got them? I got them.

Okay. What'd he say to me? Wait a minute.

Anybody here? What's this, a squirrel?

Hey, you. Come on. Go ahead.

In the back there. No one's gonna hurt you.

Go ahead, get to the back.

Pull the drapes! MULVANEY: Howard.

Now, you, to the back there.

Go to him, right there.

Okay. We're gonna move this now. Just moving along.

Come on. Gotcha. Gotcha.

We're moving right along, folks. Gonna get this thing done in half an hour.

We just gotta block...

Oh, shit.


Knock out the TV. There we go.

See? No replay, folks. No alarms.

Let's get you all fixed up and on your way.

Right. ls the vault open? MULVANEY: I can take care of that.

SONNY: That's good. Let's go. Take care of it.

Hey, wait a minute. What are you trying to do?

Trip the alarm? Use the spot key?

I must've been out of my mind. You get your mind right!

I'm a Catholic. I don't wanna hurt anybody, understand?

Yes, sir. No alarms.

No alarms! Okay.

No games, all right?

Use the other one.

Miriam... open the safe.

It's all right. It's all right.

Here. Put it in this.


That's all there is.

What are you talking about?

They picked it up today. There's only $1100.

MULVANEY: It's true. MIRIAM: He's gonna shoot me.

I can't believe it.

I can't believe it.

There's no money here.

SAL: Come on, Sonny, let's do it! I'm doing it!

Too much. This is too much. This is too much.

All right, come on. Let's go.


Somebody... You answer it.

Watch him, Sal. You, come with me. Watch him.

SAL: Sit down. Who's the head teller here?

I am. Come here.

All right, open it up.

Nope, not all of it.

Look, I worked in a bank. I know the alarms. All right?

Don't play games with me. See.

You take one of these, go like this... in here, and out it comes.

You got your 100.

I'll call you back.

SONNY: No, it's decoy money. It's marked.

It's shit.


Cheer up, you'll be the veterans of a robbery.

You know the bank sends you a dozen red roses?


Sal, let him answer it.

Hey, you. Manager. Fucker! Don't get ideas.

I bark, that man there, he bites.

Believe me, I'm on your side. On my side, shit.

Listen, we got young girls here. You could watch your language.

I speak what I feel.

"Watch my language." Empty the drawer out.

I don't know. You'd have to find out from him.

Traveler's checks... and the register.

The register.

You've got it. All right, let's go.

I'll take that from you.

All right, Sal, here we go.


Come on.

Shit. Sonny, what the hell are you doing?

I'm burning the register here.

Moving right along, folks.

All right. Okay.

We're leaving. Let me have the keys.

Howard, give him the keys.

Come on. MULVANEY: Howard.

Nobody's gonna hurt you. We're gonna leave.

Sonny. Who's that?

MULVANEY: It's the insurance guy from across the street.

He probably saw the smoke.

Please, put out the fire.

I'll get some water. Stay right there!

No, no, please, don't...! Don't do it!

MULVANEY: I'll call you back later. SAL: Get rid of him.

Come on, get rid of him! Howard.


Hey. Hey. Use your head. MULVANEY: I can handle it.


Everything's all right? Cigarette butt got in the wastebasket.

Well, then you're okay. Yeah. Thanks for keeping an eye out.


SONNY: Good. Go now. We gave you all we've got.

SONNY: Okay, we're going.


Answer the phone. Sal, get them in the vault.

SAL: Come on, in the vault.

Where's the money? I'm getting it. Got it.

He's gonna come with us. Okay.

No, please don't close that door. How can we breathe?

MULVANEY: I can't explain. I'll call... Right.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute. Listen. What?

I'll never make this. I'll have to go to the toilet.

Honey, it's no joke.

I got a terrible fear of being locked in.

Who has to go to the bathroom? I do too.

See, now they all wanna go. SYLVIA: Look, do you wanna check it out?

It's the first door on your right.

All right, Mouth, let's go.

First door on my right.

It's Maria!


Listen, I... I forgot she's in there. It's not her fault.

She's always pulling this. She's supposed to have 10 minutes...

...she takes 15... Shut up! Nobody goes to the bathroom.

Let's go, out. We're having a bank robbery.


Mulvaney speaking.

All right, Mouth. Mouth.

Here's your toilet. MULVANEY: It's for you.

What? Telephone call.

For you.


MAN: What are you doing in there? Who's this?

Detective Sergeant Eugene Moretti, asshole. We got you by the balls.

I'm looking you right in the eye. Right now I can see you.

SAL: Who is it? Cops.


You come to the front door...

Hang it UP-

COP: Get on the side of the street.

Come on, let's go.

How'd that happen?

Did I do anything to hurt you? Did I treat you badly?

MULVANEY: Look at my salary. I won't be a hero.

Did you have a plan or what?

What did you do, just barge in on a whim?

Why'd you have to light a fire? MULVANEY: I told you to get out... when you could, but you had to hang around.

He don't have a plan. It's all a whim.

Rob a bank, right? I had it planned!


Only the money should have been delivered, not taken away.

That fucking Jack, downtown, he gave me the wrong information. That fuck!

SYLVIA: What is this Jack supposed to be? A mastermind or what?

I wouldn't be arguing with me.

We're all in a barrel together and we wanna get out of it.


All right, I gotta have time to think. I gotta think.

Oh, shit.


Listen, bastards. You keep away, or we'll start throwing bodies out... one at a time. Got that?

Who is this?

There a Jenny here?

Who's Jenny here? That's me.

It's the squirrel. You got a husband?


Yeah? Well, he's on the phone. Go ahead.

Well, What could I tell him?

I don't know, tell him whatever. Tell him the truth.

What a fucking comedy. W-N-E-W, plays all the hits.

MORETH". Listen. Now, don't hang up.

First off, is anybody hurt in there? No.

Keep away, or we'll start throwing bodies out, one at a time. You got that?

Don't do that. Let me talk to you for a while. How many people you got?

No, call me back.

Call me back. Excuse me.

He said he wants to know what time you'll be through.

What? Oh, girlie, please.


Come on. Let's go.


Where's the back door? MULVANEY: It's locked on the inside.

Where is it?

MULVANEY: Through the passageway to the right.

Sal, cover them, cover them.

You could just go ahead and cook whatever's there.

MAN 1 [OVER RADIO]: Ready for riot gang. 3-4, sergeant.

MAN 2: 3-4, sergeant. Is that roof...?


MAN 1: Negative. MAN 2: Tell units preset.

JENNY: Oh, yes, I will. Yes, I will.

Let's go, come on. Honey, I've gotta go now.

I gotta go.

I love you too.

All right, inside here.

Sal, I don't know what happened.

Maybe somebody tripped an alarm or something. I don't know.

But there's a way out of this. Listen.

Were you serious about what you said? About what?

About throwing...


[WHISPERING] About throwing those bodies out the door?

[WHISPERING] That's what I want him to think.

I wanna know what you think.

Because I'll tell you right now, I'm ready to do it.

Right. Okay.

I mean it. I mean it. I know.

[IN NORMAL VOICE] All right.

Listen, everybody. I know we got a problem here, right?

But there's a way out of this thing. I'm telling you.

All you gotta do is cooperate with me.

Stay cool, and we'll get out of this, all right?

Nobody gets hurt if you listen to me.

First, we'll do things a step at a time. You gotta go to the bathroom, right?

She'll get to go to the bathroom.

Everybody who has to go will get to go to the bathroom.

We'll do things together.

Now, stay cool... What's the matter with him?


MARIA: He's got asthma.

Asthma? MARIA: Yeah, asthma.

Asthma. Shit.

Um... All right, I'll take care of that.

You, what's your name? MULVANEY: Mulvaney.

Mulvaney? Come with me.

He's got asthma and he's a guard? They go to guard school.

To learn what, how to shoot? He doesn't have a gun.

They earn a $105 a week to fold the flag in the morning... straighten up. I don't know what they learn.

All right, I wanna block that door. In case they try coming in, I can hear it.

All right. Let's move this.

Wait a minute. Hold it, hold it.

Let's get rid of this.

You got kids?

I got two kids and I'd like to see them again.

You'll see them again. You're being cooperative with me.

I got no complaints against you, whatsoever.

Whatsoever. You got bank insurance?

You know I do. You seem to know a lot about bank procedure.

I know a lot about a lot of things.

MULVANEY: I just wanna get you out of here safe, right?

What if I take you with me?

MULVANEY: If you take anybody... please take me.

They'll shoot you, you know?

The cops... don't care about bank insurance. See what they did in Attica?

Forty-two people, they killed. The innocent with the guilty.


I won't take you. I'll take one of them girls, a married one with kids.

Cops don't like it in the papers when they shoot a married woman with kids.

You're all right.

You won't fuck with me, will you?

COP 1: Come on, set a car.

Help with those barricades. COP 2: Move them back.

MORETTI: There's the FBI.

CARMINE: How you doing, Sheldon?


Why didn't you wait and try to take them outside?

I made an error in judgment.

Thought the S.O.B.s would be remorseful at the sight of a policeman.

And you know something? Nobody said "hostage" yet, understand?

MAN 1: We have a bank robbery here. MAN 2: Yeah.

MORETTI: How did the press guys get through the barrier?


MORETTI: We don't know what's up yet. We're setting up communications.

This is Ron Cummins from CBS. Can you tell me the situation?

We got the... We're setting up communications now.

The perpetrators are in the bank.

That's all I can say now.

When I get it, you'll get it. That's all. Okay.

What are you doing on the fire escape?

I said on the roof. Now, get up on the roof, will you?

Get the phone company? It's being set up now.

This phone is gonna be a direct line into the bank.


Mulvaney speaking. MORETTI: Moretti here. Let me talk to him.

Yeah. Detective Sergeant Eugene Moretti.

Yeah. Okay... you're in there, we're out here. What do we do?

I don't know. What do we do? Listen.

Are the people in the bank okay? They're okay.

You alone or you got Confederates? I'm not alone.

I got Sal. Sal, what's that for, Salvatore?

Yeah. Sal, he's a killer.

We're Vietnam veterans so killing don't mean anything to us.

In the Army? In the Army, yeah.

So there's you, what's your name? Why do you wanna know my name?

Give me any name. Just so I got something to call you.

Let's be reasonable, okay? Just give me your name.

Uh... Call me Sonny.

Sonny? Yeah.

Okay. Now listen, Sonny.

I wanna see if the people are okay.

Right. Yeah.

Then I wanna work out a way to get them out of there.

I wanna come over without a gun.

You can frisk me so you can trust me. We'll find a way out of this.


I just wanna find some way that I can trust you too.

Not be on the street where you could just shoot me.

Some sign, right? Right. Like what?

How about letting the people out?

Come on, now. Who do you think you're dealing with? A fucking idiot here?

They're keeping me alive. I'm gonna let them out?

Talk to me. Just talk to me straight. I'm ready to talk.

Okay, okay. How about giving us the women?

No, I've got women. That's all I've got here.

Okay. Give me something. Give me one of them.

Why do you want one? It's like a fair exchange.

I'll come over. I won't pack nothing. Yeah?

I don't know if you'll take me hostage. It's a sign of trust.

How do I call you back? We got a direct line here.

Pick up the receiver and I'm here.

He wants one.

Him, right? Right.

Right? Right.

Okay? He goes. Okay.

Can you get UP?


What are we dealing with here?

Hey, you have to keep checking me out all the time?


Here you are. Your stomach okay? It's all right.

He'll need the keys.

Got the keys?

Just the one, Sonny! SONNY: Right.

Hey, don't fire! Don't fire! What are you doing?

MORETTI: Get away from him! That's a hostage!

MAN: Don't fire, don't fire. Hold your fire. MORETTI: Hold your fire!

We voted to send him out!

He's one of the hostages! Get away from him!

What's the matter with you? He's a hostage!

He's one of the hostages. What the hell's the matter with you?

I don't give a fuck, goddamn it! Get away. Get out of here.

Hey, Sonny! Wait a minute, Sonny.

That was your fault, Sonny.

You know we had the communications set up here.

We're not set up properly. We've got 250 cops here.

We don't know what's going on in there.

You almost killed him! Are you crazy? That was smart.

You say you got nothing but women, and throw out a guy. What's going on'?

You wanted a hostage, I gave you one.

You gonna deal with us or not? I gave you one.

You did, but you should have picked up the phone. Come on out.

Look. I ain't packing nothing, see?

I ain't packing nothing.

You can come out and frisk me. You can tell.

SONNY: Why you want me to come out? To look at something.

To see what you're up against. I can see it. Why come out?

Come out and see it all, all right? Come on.

All right?

Sal is in there with the other people. Anything happens to me, they'll get it.

I don't forget about Sal. Come out and look. Okay?

Come on. Okay?

I gotta check with him first.

MORETTI: All right. You don't need that artillery.


Sonny, five minutes. You tell him that.

Take it easy.

MORETTI: Get them back. He's got a white flag.

All right. Okay. Everything's all right.

See that? MORETTI: Right, yeah. Okay.

Come on out, Sonny. He's too close here.

Get back! What the fuck are you doing?

SONNY: Get them back. MORETTI: Get back!

All right. MORETTI: Okay. Come on out.

Take a look at this. Come on.

Here, look. Look up here. Look.


Look over here, huh?

Over there, right? We got everything here, okay?

You got the militia out here, huh?

Let Sal come look. What hope have you got? Huh?

Come on. Quit while you're ahead.

It's only attempted robbery. Armed robbery.

All right, armed, then. Nobody's been hurt.

Release the hostages. No one will worry over kidnapping charges.

The most you'll get is 5 years.

You'll get out in one year. Kiss me.

What? Kiss me.

When I'm being fucked, I like to get kissed on the mouth.

You're a city cop, right? Bank robbery's a federal offense.

They got me on kidnapping, armed robbery. They're gonna bury me.

I won't talk to somebody trying to con me.

Get someone in charge. I am in charge.

I won't talk to some flunky pig trying to con me. What's he doing?

Get back! Why are they moving in?

Will you get the fuck back there? Get back there. Get over there!

Go on back there, man! Get over there!

He wants to kill me so bad, he can taste it.

No one's gonna kill anybody. Attica! Attica! Attica!


SONNY: Attica! Attica! Attica!

Attica! Attica!

Attica! Attica! Attica!


Attica! Remember Attica!

Go ahead. Go ahead. Your word don't fucking matter!

Come on, calm down.


To put their guns down!

Put your guns down!

Wasn't for the TV guys, they'd kill us all.


Tell them to put their guns down! Get back!

Put those guns down! Put the guns down!

Get back! Put those fucking guns down!

Put those guns down!

Put them down! Put them down!

Put those fucking guns down.

Put those guns down.


Attica! Attica!

You got it, man! You got it, man!

You got it, man!

You got it! You got it!

You got it, man! You got it, right? You got it, right?

You got it. You got it. You got it, right?

ANCHORMAN [ON TV]: ...Headquarters in Washington...

Robbing a bank? What was...? What?

As to the identity of one of the men.

Why didn't he tell me he needed money?

He should've come to me if he needed money.

I can't believe it.

We know that eight people are still being held in the bank.

The situation inside the bank is totally unknown to us other than... descriptions that have been obtained from Howard Calvin.

Why steal when your mom's a sucker?

We'll switch you now to Ron Cummins at the bank in Brooklyn.

REPORTER". Miss Benson, what's it like inside?

SYLVIA: They're holding up, what can you say?

The guy with the gun on us... MORETTI: Got a deal?

...he's a quiet type. Any confidence in Detective Moretti?

They don't know Detective Moretti yet. I gotta go now.

What's this with the hands?

She's out, let her stay out.

They're my girls. I'm going back in there.



MULVANEY: Howard, how is he? Howard's all right.

Put the TV on. SYLVIA: Girls, I was interviewed.


Sal, looks good.

Everybody's out there. They got the whole media.

Television people. Television people... they wanna talk to you. They're out there.


Hello, Sonny. Sonny, you're on the air.

Would you answer a few questions? Yeah.

Why are you doing this?

Hello? See, now...

I just saw myself there. What'd you...?

Why am I doing it? Yes.

Doing what? Robbing a bank.



What? I don't know what you mean by that.

I'm robbing a bank because they got money here.

I mean, why do you feel you have to steal for money?

Couldn't you get a job?

No. Doing what?

You know... You know, if you want a job, you gotta be a member of a union.

See. If you got no union card, you don't get a job.

What about non-union jobs?

What's wrong with this guy?

What do you mean, non-union? Like what, a bank teller?

Know how much a bank teller makes? Not much.

Not much. $115 to start, right? You gonna live on that?

I got a wife and kids. How am I gonna live on that? What do you make a week?

I'm here to talk to you, Sonny. No, well, I'm... I'm talking to you.

We're entertainment, right? What do you...? What do you got for us?

What do you want to get for it?

Do you expect to be paid? I don't need to be paid. Look.

I'm here with my partner and nine other people, see, and we're dying.

You're gonna see our brains on the sidewalk. They'll spill our guts out.

Gonna show that on television?

Have housewives see that? Instead of As the World Turns?

What do you got for me? I want something for that.

Sonny. Yeah.

You could give up. Give up?

Right. You ever been in prison? No.

No. Let's talk about something you fucking know about, okay?

How much you make a week? Transmission has been interrupted.

Please stand by, we will return to our special newscast very soon.

Hello? What the fuck happened?


Guess he didn't appreciate your language.


Fuck him.




I don't know, they might deal with us.

You know? I mean, I don't know about that guy out there.

But if I get the FBI involved in this, they might deal.

What do you think?


Sal... No!

What's the matter with you? You made a promise, didn't you?

Did you promise me something? Yeah.

Did you say either we get away clean or we kill ourselves?

Did you? I'm not talking about that.

You believe in keeping your promises? Yeah.

Then does it still go? Yeah.

Well, what are you talking about? I'm trying to...


I ain't going back to that prison, Sonny.

Yeah. MAN: Kill them all. Now.

Take your bayonet, jam it into their... Fuck you, you tucker.


We ask for a jet. What do you think?

We get a helicopter.

We get a helicopter here, it lands on the roof... and takes us to a jet. And we fly the fuck out of the country.

Sal. Sal... we can do it.

Sal. Sal, look.

We got them. We don't even know it. We got the hostages.

We've been looking at this the wrong way. We make the demands.

They're gonna give us anything we want.

I'm flying to the tropics. Fuck the snow.

Hey, where's the Mouth?

You ready to go to Algeria? Algeria? Yeah, sure.

We're all going to sunny climes!

Sal, I can make it happen! I can make it happen!

I made it happen so far, right? I can make it happen.


Yeah. Give me Moretti.

COP: Sarge.

All of you, go ahead, make phone calls. Call home or whatever.

We're all going on a trip.

MORETTI: Yeah, Sonny. Yeah. I wanna talk to you.

And I'm coming out. Good, I'll be there.

Let's go. Come on, he's coming out.


Now, you gotta understand something.

If we leave the country, there's no coming back here.

There's no coming back.

If there's anyone you wanna talk to... you wanna say goodbye to, do it now.



Is there any special country you wanna go to?


No, Wyoming... That's not a country.

That's all right. I'll take care of it.


All right, put them down!

Put them down. You need a gun? What do I have?

See this here, look. I got nothing up my sleeve.

I got nothing here either. Wanna see my pockets? Here.

You need that gun, right? Yeah.

Moretti, tell them to put their guns down!

Hey, you, see that? Put it in your holster.


Put the guns down!

You know what it means to put a gun down? What's this?

What's this? Put them down.

Right. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

You got it, right?


You got it, baby! Hey, Moretti!

You ready to let these...?

You got Maria in there!


He's got a gun in there! Maria!

Maria! Maria!

Get him the fuck out of here!

SONNY: How the hell did that happen?

I got Sal in there! Take it easy.

Notify the precinct, all right? Who the fuck is that?

No, no, no. He's one of them Spanish kids.

Who's Maria? She's inside.

Sal wants to see Sonny, says he'll shoot unless he does.

Sal. Sal. He's serious. Sonny, he means it!

He means it. It's all right. It's all right.

It's all right.

Hey, man, I'm sorry. How'd that happen?

You got his girlfriend. You know the Spanish. You okay?

That fuck tried to kill me.

You look all squeezed out. Squeezed out, I'm squeezed out.

Yeah, yeah. Okay. Wait, let me see. Let me see your head.

I'm bleeding. Let me see it.

Let me see it.

Oh, Jesus. Oh, Jesus.

It's all right. You want to talk to me about something?

You should've heard that phone call.

Calls up, some creep, says, "Kill everybody."

Everybody wants to kill everybody.

You're gonna get assholes like that anyhow, right?


Yeah, I wanna talk to you. I got an offer.

I want a helicopter out of here.

And a jet to go wherever I wanna go.

So I don't want a little jet, I want a big one.

One with a bar, a piano. Maybe I wanna go out of the country.

I don't know, Sonny. I don't know whether a helicopter'll fit in here or not.

I'll Check it out.

It could land on the roof. No, that's asphalt.

You know what'll happen, it'll break through.

I'll call my superiors, you understand?

Why don't you bring your superiors here?

Why am I talking to you if you gotta call your superiors?

We don't always see eye-to-eye. Yeah, so I'll talk to them.

I'll see what they say.

I talk to them and I ask them, all right? Then we'll see.

Anything else I can give you?

Yeah, I want you to bring my wife down here.

What do you give us? What do you want'?

The women hostages.

Oh, man. You know, there's no talking to you.

That's all I got in there, I told you, is women.

You gonna talk to me or what?

I'll give you one hostage for each thing you give me, see?

Give me the helicopter, I give you a hostage.

Give me the jet, I give you a hostage.

You give me my wife, I give you a hostage.

Then the rest come home on the jet.

I'll see what they'll do, all right?

In the meantime, you pick out who you wanna give us.

And you tell me where your wife is, all right?

ANGIE: I'm here minding my own business, I hear the transistor, go, "Sonny what?"

I can't believe my ears. I grab the kids.

I'm telling you, Sonny didn't do it. It ain't him to rob a bank!

It ain't him to steal or hurt anybody or do nothing wrong!

He's never done wrong since the day I know him.

Night before last we're at Coney Island. I'm looking in the glove compartment.

He's got a gun with bullets in it.

Things are adding up how crazy he's acting lately... and in with a bad crowd. Sol look at him.

Go on, get in bed. He's yelling at the kids like a madman.

Then he wants me to go on a kiddie ride. I don't wanna go.

He starts screaming at me. Shh. Sweetheart, shh, shh.

He's screaming and screaming.

I say, "What are you gonna do with the gun?

Shoot me and dump me in the river?"

I mean, I was scared of him. I never been scared of him.

His mother says we was always fighting, the cops was always at our house.

I hit him with a jack handle once in the car.

Only I didn't even hit him, I hit myself.

You should've seen the bruise on my leg, from here to here.

He'd put on his hat and coat, he goes out the door. Shh!

So they tell me he did it. But I don't believe it.

COP: Mrs. Wortzik, please, listen to me. They want you down at the bank.

His body functions might've done it, but he himself, he didn't do it!


JENNY: "Dear Abby: Lately I've been dreaming about falling into water... and not being able to reach the surface.

I begin to breathe heavily and I wake up in a cold sweat.

A friend tells me that my problem is one of sexual repression."


Margaret, are you all right? No.

MAN 1 [ON TV]: What are you, a renegade, a bandit? What kind of man are you... siding with the Indians against his own people?

What's your grudge against me? MAN 2: I'm taking you in for murder, Kilgore.



MAN [OVER PHONE]: Are you doing anything to any of those girls in there?

He's back again.


Who is this?


Sonny. Look at Margaret.


What's the matter with her?


There's no air in here.

What happened to the air conditioning?

I'm sorry, Syl. It's all right.

Where's the air conditioning? MULVANEY: The basement.

SONNY: Sal, I'm gonna go check the air conditioning.

I'll be right back. Sonny.


I never been up in an airplane before.

So? I mean...

I mean, it's safe. It's like a car. It's safer than a car.


It's all right, Sal.

I'm gonna go check it now. SYLVIA: Okay.

Sal! SAL: What?

They're coming in the back! In the vault! Come on.

Goddamn it, move! Back, get back.

No, don't shoot!


That's it, Sonny! Get her in there! Do it!

Get her in there!

Who fired that shot?

MULVANEY: Pick her up by the legs.

MORETTI: Who fired the shot?

SAL: Come on! Move!

MULVANEY: Okay, legs. I'll bring her.

MAN: They're moving good. CARMINE: What's that?


Sonny! Get me a bullhorn.


You got that bullhorn? Right. Here.

Hey, Sonny.

Come on out, Sonny.

Sonny. CROWD: Sonny!

That's all I need.

Sonny? CROWD: Sonny!

Come on, take care of that, will you?

Sonny, come on out. CROWD: Sonny, come on out.

Go straighten that out, will you, Carmine? Sonny!

Sonny, come on out.


MORETTI: Sonny? MULVANEY: You did fine.



CARMINE: You son of a bitch, you wanna get those people killed?

MORETTI: Come on out, Sonny.

Sonny, come on out.

Come on out here, now.

Come on out, Sonny. Sonny!


Come on out here, Sonny.

All right, I see it, Sonny. Come on.

Come on. All right, get back.

MAN 1: Wait, wait. People, wait.

MAN 2: Keep going.

What's the matter with you?

What? What're you firing that shot for?

We got 250 cops here!

Fuck you! What were they doing back there?

What the hell's the matter with you? Huh?

Are we dealing?

They were trying to get in, right? Who?

Come on, don't give me that shit. You know who.

What's going on? You're full of shit!

Find out what's going on there!

Honest to God, Sonny, I don't know... Bullshit!

Communications aren't set up yet.

Get someone to talk to me! Goddamn it.

I'm not talking to you anymore.

Let me talk to you. You say this, you do that.

Why were they back there?!

I don't know! You're full of shit.

That's another force, a tactical force!

They like to shoot, climb through windows!

They like that, right? Without your orders, right?

No. Yes! Without my orders!

You're not coming through the roof? I tell you we won't.

You're telling me a lot of things, but you're not doing them.

What were they doing?!

I don't know! You can't answer me, right?

You can't answer me. What?

You can't answer me. Yes, I can.

So tell me what they were doing.

No communications! I sent someone back there.

I got a guy in there who's gonna kill somebody. That's your responsibility.

Not mine, that's yours. Wait a minute, hold on. Let's...

We got everything you wanted. Oh, yeah?

Yeah. We can't get a helicopter in here, but a bus is coming.

We got a jet coming into Kennedy, all right?

Okay? All right?

Now, we got ahold of your wife.

Your wife is coming.

We reached her and she's coming here, all right?

"Qkay? QOln? 9 Where you going?

I'm right here. I thought we were gonna talk.

I thought so too. But we're not talking.

We're trying to get in the back door.

Your wife will be here in about a half-hour. Okay?

They're still pointing. They love to point.

Holster that weapon! Holster it!

Holster that weapon!

You too!

All right, come on.

What? What else do you want me to do?

How could you do any better?

We got everything you wanted.

I'll do anything I can to stop anything I can.

Anything else?

Yeah. What?

I got some people in there that are hungry.

Can you get some food? No problem. What do you want?

Want some pizzas? Yeah, all right.


Hey, Carmine, get some food, some pizzas.

Can we get some beer, you think?

No beer. Let's keep it to soft drinks, all right?

Come on. All right? Carmine... some soft drinks too, okay? Cokes.

What else? I need some aspirin too.

Some lady's not feeling well.

You got it. Anything else?

Just don't fucking con me. I'm not. Why would I wanna do that?

I'm in trouble enough as it is. I'm not trying to create any trouble.

All right?

SONNY: It's okay.

They can't... They can't bring a helicopter in here, Sal.

Because they can't land it here.

But they're gonna get us a limo bus... A big bus so we can all get in.

And that's how we get to the airport.

It's good. It looks good.

You people, I just ordered you some food, so...

I even got her some aspirins.

Okay? So we're moving it along now.

I gotta pay for the food. Where's the marked fives?

That was a foolish thing you did back there.

Yeah? Foolish thing.

We gonna get the ball rolling?

Yeah, what do you think I'm doing?

I'm working on it, right? What's it look like?

You think it's easy? I gotta keep them cool.

I gotta keep all you people happy.

I gotta have all the ideas and do it all alone.

I'm working on it. You wanna try it?

MORETTI: Your food is here, Sonny.

You're starting to get on my nerves.

MORETTI: All right. Go on with him there. You'll be all right. Go right here.

What do I owe you? It's all paid for.

It's paid for. MORETTI: I paid for it.

No, I got it. I got it.

Here. Keep the change.



You want this? CROWD: Yeah!

You like it?

Moretti, could you use five?

I got a lot for you.


COP: Get back!

Get back, goddamn it! Get back!

MAN: Let him go. Let him go.

CROWD [CHANTING]: More! More! More!

More! More! More!


Could you open it?

Thank you, man.

See you later.

I'm a fucking star!


MIRIAM: Okay, kick... SONNY: Right.

...out, turn. Around.

No, just pick her up and hold her. She'll be okay.

SONNY: You're getting your kick good. Here.

Kick, out...

This is where it gets stuck.


MIRIAM: Is that it? SONNY: Yeah.


MARGARET: Miriam's making a fool of herself.


Anybody got a cigarette? Yeah, I do.

Sylvia, you don't smoke.


You don't smoke?


Why...? Why do you wanna start now?

I'm scared to death, that's why. What, you don't smoke?

No. How come?

I don't want the cancer. Oh, my God.

Give me the cigarette. SAL: Go ahead, do what you want.

I just think you ought to take care of your body.

MY body? What for?

The body is the temple of the Lord.

You're serious.

So you rob a bank... but you keep your body pure. Is that it?

You gonna smoke or what?


If I die of cancer, it'll be half your fault.

No, it's because you're weak. Right, I'm weak.


MIRIAM: One, two, three... Where's your bullets?

MULVANEY: Mulvaney speaking.

It's Moretti.

Wants to talk to you.


MORETH: Will you guys hold it down back there?

Sonny, they're bringing in your wife.



Step back. Stay back.

Where's Moretti? COP: Probably in the bar.

In the barbershop.

What's that?

We went to Bellevue where you told us... said he was his wife.

They were married in a church.

Jesus Christ!



Hey, Leon, over here!

Leon! Hey, Leon!

COP: Now move it back. SONNY: Leon, over here!

Leon! Happy birthday!

CARMINE: Hey, give us some room, huh? MORETTI: Watch his head.


He's a queer?

COP: Sarge. Sarge, he wants you!

Come on, get the shield out of here. I don't need it now.

Where were you four hours ago, when I needed it?

He's not gonna shoot. Yeah, Sonny, what?

What happened? Is he all right?

He's a little groggy right now, okay? No, let me talk to him.

Let me get him on his feet and call you back. Shut the fucking door.


Stop the noise in here. I don't wanna hear a fucking sound! Typewriter!

Get off the fucking phone! Sarge.


Give me some water, all right?

Leon? Leon.

You all right, Leon? They give you a shot down at the hospital or something?

Oh, God. They shot me with, like, unreal!

You gotta get ahold of yourself... so you can talk to him, see if he'll come out of the bank.

Oh, no.

He's got eight people, and a kid named Sal. You know him?

No, not really. Says he's gonna shoot these eight people.

I can't help it. I can't stop him from anything.

Who will he listen to, then?

I can't... I can't talk to him. He won't listen to anybody.

He's been... He's been crazy all summer.

He's tried to kill me since June.

Yeah. Put a gun to my head. And he cut me with a knife.

He beat up my friends. Did you contact the police?

Well... What good would that do?

It'd just make him mad. They don't know him. And it wouldn't stop him.

Somebody's gotta stop him. You don't understand. He's crazy.

He's got a wife, children.

He's a wonderful father.

His mother... you should see her. Together with his father, they're like a car wreck.

It just... It just rolls off his back.

He sees them. He pays the rent. Unbelievable.

I was the one who wanted to get married. He didn't really want it... but he did it. I don't know why.

Why did you wanna get married?

I thought it would help me.

But, uh... But it didn't.

L... I was so confused. I was doing... insane things.

What sort of things, Leon?

After the wedding...

I ran off for 10 days to Atlantic City.

Sonny was frantic.

He knew I'd been drinking. He didn't know where I was, who I was with.

I couldn't explain the things I did.

So I went to a psychiatrist... who told me... that I was a woman trapped in a man's body.


So right away Sonny wanted to give me money for the sex-change operation.

But where was he gonna get it?


My God, he was in hock up to his ears already.

He needed the money for your operation?

It drove him crazy. He...

He would fly into these rages.

And I got more depressed than ever.

I knew I'd never get my operation.

Sol, uh...

I tried to kill myself. I took about a half a pound of pills.

Blues, reds, yellows, screamers, uppers, downers, you name it.

And I wound up in a hospital.

And, uh...

Sonny comes there... and he just looks at me.

And he says:

"Why, Leon?

When things were going so good?"

Don't you think...?

Leon, don't you think he sort of did it for you?

Yeah, I guess so.

Don't you think you owe it to him to try to get him out?

I can't talk to him.

You're up to your neck in it, Leon. You're an accessory.

No, no. They can't hold me responsible. Wait, you could help us a little.

I'm afraid.

Just talk to him for a minute. How can he hurt you on the phone?

All you're gonna be is on the phone. I can't. I don't know what to...

Just talk with him on the phone. I can't. No.


I can't.

You think about it, Leon.



He doesn't wanna talk to you. What do you mean, won't talk to me?

Let me work on it. I thought you were doing that.

He don't wanna talk to me.

ANCHORMAN [ON TV]: Police are questioning Leon Shermer... a 26-year-old admitted homosexual... who claims to have married one of the bank robbers last November.

According to sources in the barbershop where Leon is being held...

Leon has reportedly said... they were married in an official ceremony by a Father Burke.

Leon's story has been confirmed.

Seven bridesmaids, all male, Sonny's mother and 70 other guests... all members of the gay community, were present.

We've been able to obtain a still photograph of Leon in his gown.

Leon has confirmed... that the gowns for himself and his bridesmaids cost $700.

We have not confirmed the story... with the priest. But we are told that he was subsequently defrocked.

Phone calls have arrived from various factions of the gay community.

Some in support of Sonny and his actions, others totally condemning... the present events and calling the marriage a farce... and, quote, "A case of sheer exhibitionism." End quote.

Our coverage of the Brooklyn robbery where two homosexuals hold hostages... for their demands of a helicopter, a jet...

Sonny. Sonny, they said, "Two homosexuals in the bank."

Right on TV. You hear? What difference does it make?

They're gonna say anything they want. Let them say it.


Well, I'm not a homosexual.

Tell them to get that right. That's going out on the TV.

Sal, what am I supposed to do? I can't control what they say on television.

What should I do? I'm doing everything I can. I can't do that.

I mean, they're...

Look, Sal.

Forget about it. It's just a freak show to them, anyway. It don't matter.

Whatever they say, it don't matter.

It'll be all right.

What's the matter with you?

You shouldn't let something like that spoil your fun, you know?

You gotta get fun out of life.


Where's the goddamn jet?

They're always screaming overhead, going somewhere... when you don't need them, you know?

What are you gonna tell the pilot when you get on the plane?

WOMAN: You have to know, right?

Did you know Holland's pretty good? Use this.

SONNY: Holland? They sheltered people during the war.

They're good peOPle-

SONNY: Where's Holland?

It's right up... SONNY: It's over there.


WOMAN 1: She doesn't have a map.

WOMAN 2: It's got good chocolate.

SAL: Come on, get in the vault. Get in the vault. Come on.


[WHISPERING] They're waiting for us to do something, I think.


Come on out for a second, please. It's him, Sonny.

MORETTI: Come on out here. I wanna talk to you a second.

Come on, Sonny. MORETTI: Sonny.



Come on out, Sonny.


Come on out a minute.

That's it, Sonny.

MAN: Hey, Sonny!



What the fuck is going on? Get the lights back on.


Who are you?

FBI, Sheldon.

Oh, good.

About time. Maybe we can get this thing started, huh?

Look, get the lights back on... and the air conditioner. We got no air conditioning.

No more favors. That's all over, Sonny. SONNY: Favors?

You been doing me favors all night?

I have a jet, limo will be here in a half hour.

I want the hostages.

No, no, no. Bullshit.

I'd like to work with you on this, not against you.

The hostages are what's keeping me alive.

When do I get them?

Didn't they tell you anything?

I'd like to hear it from you.

You get one hostage for the limousine that you bring me in.

One hos... One hostage for the jet.

Then I get to the airport. I go into the plane, check it all out.

And if it's okay, then they all come out.

I wanna go inside. Why?

To see if everybody's all right. They're all right.

No, I have to see.


You got guts.

Think if we slit their throats, we're gonna let you out?

I have to see.

I gotta check with my partner.

The FBI, Sal. They're coming in.

MAN: Hey, pussycat. There you go.


You'd like to kill me? Bet you would.

SHELDON: I wouldn't like to kill you. I will if I have to.

It's your job, right?

The guy who kills me...

I hope he does it because he hates my guts, not because it's his job.


Nobody give your right name. It's the FBI.

SHELDON: Just wanna make sure all you young ladies are all right in here.

Look". We're all right.

They asked for the jet hours ago. Now, what are you doing?

That's being set up. We'll have you out in a couple of hours.

A couple of hours? SYLVIA: Why not give them what they want?

SHELDON: They'll get what they want. We wanna be sure we get what we want.

That's to get you all out of here safe.

You two boys too.

That's close enough.

Tell the TV to stop saying there's two homosexuals in here.

I Will, Sal.

Outside for a minute, Sonny?

You handle yourself well, Sonny.

A lot of men would have choked. We might have had a death on our hands.

But you handled it. I respect that.

Now, don't you try to take Sal. We'll handle him.

Just sit tight and you won't get hurt. Wait. What are you talking about?

You just sit quiet.

We'll handle Sal.

You think I'd sell him out, you fuck?

What'd he say'?

He was just talking about arrangements.

I talked to him about the TV, Sal. It's gonna be all right.

That's all?


Why couldn't he say that in here?

I don't know. He wanted to show me how the bus is coming in.



What's the matter?

SYLVIA: Somebody get a glass of water.


SYLVIA: Got a hankie?

They poisoned the pizza.

SYLVIA: It's not the pizza. He's got diabetes.

He had some Coke before. Don't give him anything. I'll hold it.

What can we do for you, Mr. Mulvaney? Tell us.

Is there a doctor out here?

We need a doctor in here.

We need a doctor.

What's wrong? The manager, he's diabetic.

He don't look good.



SONNY: I gotta search you.

MAN 1: Watch out he don't kiss you, doc.

MAN 2: Looking for an antonym.

SONNY: Okay.

Just him.


I've convinced Leon to talk to you. He's on the phone now.


He's coming on.

MORETTI: Shh, Shh, shh.




Hello, Leon?

Hello. Hello, Sonny.

What happened?

How you...? How you doing?

Well, I'm out of the hospital.

Yeah, I know. You know, I thought you'd never get out.

Hot. I never thought I'd get out this way, I'll tell you.


So how you doing?

Uh, I'm a little shaky. Oh, yeah?

Moretti told me that you were all drugged up... so I figured that's why you didn't talk to me. I was wondering why.

It was really terrible, you know?

I mean, you walk in, and right away they say you're crazy.

And then they start sticking things in your arm.

I mean, how do they expect you to get uncrazy if you're asleep all the time?

I'm... I'm just starting to come out of it now.

So... So how are you?

I'm fine.

This is something, huh?


Yeah, yeah.

I don't know, Leon, you know? I'm dying here.

I'm dying.

Don't you ever listen to yourself when you say you're dying?

Did you ever listen to yourself? What are you talking...?

What do you mean, what am I talking about? You're dying.

Do you know that you say that to me every day? "I'm dying."

You're not dying. You're killing the people around you.

Leon, don't give me that shit. I don't need the deep shit now!

You don't realize what the things you do mean.

Yeah? I know what I do.

You stick a gun to somebody's head.

I don't know what I'm doing sometimes. Obviously, you don't.

"Go to sleep so it won't hurt when I shoot."

What do you think I've been doing in the hospital?

I take a handful of pills to get away from you.

Right? Yeah.

So now I'm talking to you on the phone again, right?

L... I... I got no job. I don't have friends.

I can't live. I have to live with people.

This death business, I'm sorry.

I don't know what I'm getting here with that shit.

You know, what am I supposed to say to that shit? This is going on.

And you're giving me that shit. I'm sorry.

You know what's happening with me.

You know the pressures I've been having, right?

I got all these pressures. You know it. You're in that hospital... with them tubes coming out and want that operation, right?

You're giving me that shit. Everybody's giving me shit.

Everybody needs money. So you needed money? I got you money.

I didn't ask you to rob a bank! I know you didn't ask me.

Look, I'm not putting this on anybody, you know?

Nothing on nobody. I did this on my own. You see?

All on my own, I did it. But I just want you to know something.

I want you to know that I'm getting out of here.

I'm getting a plane out of here... and I just wanted you to know it. And I wanted you to come down... and I wanted to just say goodbye to you.

Or, if you wanted to, you can come with me.

You're free to do what you want. That's just what...

I wanted to say to you, that's all.

I'm... I'm free to do what I want, huh? Right.

I been trying to get away from you for months and I'm going with you on a trip?

Where? Where are you going?

I don't know where yet. We said Algeria. I don't know.

So I'll go to Algeria. I don't know yet.

Why are you going to Algeria?

I don't know why. They got a Howard Johnson's there.

Howard Johnson's. You're warped, you know? You're really warped.

I'm warped. I know I'm warped.

God, Algeria. it's...


You know, they walk around with masks on, things on their heads.

They're a bunch of crazy people. What am I supposed to do?

You could have picked a better place. Like where?

Sweden? Denmark?


Yeah, I like that. Yeah.

You know what? Sal wanted to go to Wyoming.

I had to tell him it's not a country. He don't know where Wyoming is.

I'm with a guy who don't know where Wyoming is. Think you got problems?


So, uh...

So Sal is with you?

Oh, boy. You'd be better off giving up.

I'm not giving up, because why have I done this so far?

I've gone so far with this, and why should I give up now?

I can't give up.

Would you do me a favor then? Yeah, what?

These guys that have me down here, you know... they think I'm part of the plot to rob the bank.

That's crazy, Leon. That's crazy.

They're bullshitting you, giving you a snow job.

They told me I was an accessory. No.

That's just a con job on you. Don't listen to that.

I have to listen to it. I can't survive in prison, Sonny.

Leon, you're not going to prison. How do you know?

Because I know. Believe me.

Look, please, just tell them. Please what?

Tell them what?

That you didn't do it? Are they on the phone now?

Are they on the phone now? Yeah.

That's great, Leon. That's really terrific.

You talk to me with them on the phone. Really smart.

I have no choice! What do you mean?

What am I supposed to do? There's 7000 fucking cops all around me.

Who's on now? Look, don't lay it on me!

I'm not, but you knew that was going on, right?

You knew what was happening, right?


I wanna know who's on the phone now.

Moretti. Moretti, is that you?


Will somebody talk to me? Somebody gonna talk to me or what?

They on the phone now? They won't talk to you.

All right. He didn't do it, okay? He had nothing to do with it.

All right. Now, will you get the fuck off the phone?

Are they off the phone?


Terrific. That really convinced them. That's what they wanted to know.

Did I do it for you? Yeah, thank...

Thank you very much. Okay.

So now what? What are you gonna do?

Well, I thought... that I would go back to the hospital.

They're really nice there. They seem like they're trying to help me.

That's good, then. You found something.

Yeah, I don't know if I have or not.

So are you gonna still have the operation?

Yeah. Yeah.

So then, what am I supposed to say to you?

Thanks a lot... and bon voyage.

Yeah, right. See you sometime.

Yeah. I'll see you in my dreams, huh?

Right, I'll write a song.


I don't know. Life's so funny. You said a mouthful, sweetheart.

Well... Goodbye, huh?


COP: Yeah. Give me... Can I have...?

COP: Moretti. Moretti. Hey. Hey.

You cut off the incoming calls. Can I have a line'?

I wanna talk to my wife and to my kids.

COP". He wants an outside line, is it all right?

Hey. I want a line. MORETTI: Yeah, Sonny, I'm getting it.


I could call anybody, they'd put them on the phone.

The pope, an astronaut... the wisest of the wise.

Who do I have to call?


I just don't know what to do.

Hello. SONNY: Angie.

Sonny, Jesus! I was watching it on TV.

Yeah. So where are the kids? I sent them to the neighbors.

I can't believe. I can't believe. I mean, it ain't like you.

I know.

You've never done anything like it before in your life.

I'm dying, you know that? I'm dying here.

I blame myself. I notice you been tense, like something is happening.

Like that night you're yelling at the kids like a madman.

Then you want me to go... on that ride, here to there, full of those kids.

It's ridiculous. I'm not about to go, so you yell at me:

"You pig, get on the fucking ride!" Everything fell out of me.

My heart, my liver just fell to the floor. I mean, everything.

You know what it felt like? You yelling at me in front of all those people?

You never talked to me like that before, Sonny.

I think, "He's gonna shoot me, dump my body in the river."

Will you just shut up? I was scared of you!

Will you shut the fuck up and listen to me?! Just listen to me!

You see that? With the language and everything.

I'm trying to talk to you, and you...

A person can't communicate with you!

I mean, what am I here? I'm your wife. I'm your wife!

You know something? You hurt me.

You hurt me, you know that? Can you imagine, marrying another man?

Did I ever do anything to make you do that?

Did I ever turn you down or anything?

I know I let myself get fat.

Don't call yourself fat. You can't stand me to say it.

Like I can't stand you being a bank robber. That's what love is.

Yeah? You know what love is, right?

If you know what love is so much, why didn't you come down here?

Well... Talk to me about love, go ahead.

Sonny, I'm scared.

I'm scared. Are they gonna shoot me or something?

They're not gonna shoot you!

You should see it on the TV. They got cannons, machine guns.

They're after me, Angie, not you.

It's late already by the time I find out... it's just you and Sal. I can't get a babysitter! What'll I do?

Listen, I think I better take him back for a cardiac check.

So, what's the matter? What, he gonna die or what?

No, no. It's just a precautionary measure. It's awfully warm in here.

All right, then. Let's go, let him out.

I'm not going. I'm okay.

I just needed the injection.

What, you trying to be a hero? You don't look good. We'll let you out.

I'm not trying to be anything.

I just wanna be left alone.


No one's bothering you. I wish to fuck you never came.

That's all.

Don't try to act like you're some angel of human kindness.

CROWD [CHANTING]: Out of the closets and into the streets!

Out of the closets and into the streets!

Out of the closets and into the streets! Out of the closets and into the streets!



Sonny all the way! Sonny all the way!

Sonny all the way! Sonny all the way!

Sonny all the way! Sonny all the way!




I wanna apologize for my use of language back there.

Why? What did you say, Mr. Mulvaney?

What did he say? JENNY: He said the F-word.

What? What did he say?

He said the F-word.


Fuck. I know, Miriam.


But I'm a Christian and my ears are not garbage cans.

Come on.

Oh, Edna.

Then we shouldn't go after them. Then we won't.

What's that? SHELDON: Sonny.

Could you come out, please? Sonny?

Shit. What?

It's my mother. SHELDON: Sonny.

Someone here to see you. Sonny...

...could you come out, please? Oh, who needs this shit?

SHELDON: Sonny. Sonny, could you come out, please?


Mom, what are you doing down here?

I don't need you down here. Oh, Sonny.

All of Brooklyn is out here. Three networks of television.

I got it all worked out, Ma. I talked to the man from the FBI.

Who? No, don't talk to anybody.

He says if you come out now, everything is gonna be all right.

I'm trying to get you out of this. Don't talk to the FBI.

I told them everything... how you were in the war in Vietnam, I told them you always had good jobs.

I told them you were with Goldwater in '64 in the convention and...

Listen, I'm getting a plane and I'm going to Algeria.

I'll write you from there. Algeria?

I gotta get out of here. I don't understand.

If I stay and talk to you, they won't send the limousine.

They'll think I'll come outwith you. What's the matter with that?

Because I'm not coming with you.

The FBI understands everything, that it is not you that is doing this.

It's the pressures from your home life!

Don't get on Angie now. Did I say one word against her?

You were going to. She has nothing to do with it, it's me!

Your life was sweetness and roses. And you...

You wouldn't need Leon if Angie was treating you right, you know that!

I don't understand why you wanna sleep with her anyway.

You got two kids on welfare now.

You want three kids on welfare? I can't talk to you about this now.

What are you gonna do? All right, come out.

I can't come out. I can't. Sal is in there with the people.

If I come out, he's gonna kill them. Oh, my God.

Run. Run.

Run? Where am I gonna run? Ma, I can't run.

Maybe... There's no maybe. No maybes.

You gotta go home. Where's Pop? He didn't come, did he?

Is he pissed off at you! He says he doesn't have a son.

He says you're dead. He's right.

No. No. Look, Ma...

I'm a fuck-up and an outcast and that's it.

You come near me, you're gonna get fucked over and fucked out!

Now, I gotta go, Ma. Get her home, okay?

Just take her home.

How beautiful you were when you were a baby.

Go home now. Get her home now.


All right.

[MOUTHS] Ten minutes.


SONNY: Uh...

Being of sound mind... and body...

You know, what they...

To my darling wife...

. "Leon".

Whom I love...

more than any man... has loved another man... in all eternity.


$2700... from my $10,000 life-insurance policy...

to be used... for your sex-change operation.

If there is any money leftover...

I want it to go to you...

at my first...

At the first anniversary of my death... at my grave.

To my wife... to my sweet wife...


5000 from the same policy.

You are the only woman... that I ever loved.

And I repledge my love to you...

in this sad moment.


To little Kimmy... and Timmy.

I hope you remember me, Timmy.

You are the little man of the family now...

and I hope you look after them for me.

To my mother...

I ask forgiveness.

You... You don't understand...

the things I said... and did.

But I'm me and I'm different.


I want a military funeral...

and I'm entitled to have one, free of charge.

God... God bless you... and watch over you...

till we are joined in the hereafter.

Here, I'll sign. I'll spell that last name.

COP 1: Watch out! COP 2: Watch out over here.

Look out over here. Watch it.

Come on, sarge, just one picture?


SHELDON: Back, back!

COP 3: All you guys, back up!

You're the driver? Yeah.

All right. I wanna check it out.

These seats come out? No, they're bolted.

All right, here. Light me on that side.

Give me light over there.

All right.

DRIVER: Jesus, you're the man, huh?

I was watching. I saw you, man.

You should see yourself, you wouldn't believe it.

I believe it. Goddamn, Sheila won't believe it.

Who's Sheila? My old lady.

They said, "Gas up a stretch...

...go to 285 Prospect Park West." Give me some light over here.

I said, "Shit, another load for the massage parlors."

It's okay.

My man, I'm gonna remember you.

This is Agent Murphy. He'll be your driver.

No, I want him.

Give me the black guy. Hey, man, I ain't into that shit.

SONNY: Nobody'll hurt you.

If they would've shot, they would've shot already.

I can't allow that, Sonny. You can't allow?

What makes you think you can say shit to me? I'm running this.

I'll pay you. What do you want? A hundred? Two hundred?

A thousand? Come on.

Don't look at him, I'm running this.

Come on.

Look, it'll be an adventure.

You men that shoot, aim for white meat.


Take a walk.

Give me him.

You think you're dealing with a fucking idiot?

Take a walk, cop!

Everybody is a con man. Come on.

I want everyone across the street.

I want them all back, on the sidewalk!

Let's go!

At least I know who I'm dealing with now.

Here's a pen for you. Come on.


Don't move, okay?

Sonny, here's your document.

Right. Oh, you gotta sign it. Here.

We're taking off. We're going now.

Okay, Sal. Where is he? Sal?


That's it, we're going.

Here, people, let's go. We're going.

Can I get my sweater?

SONNY: Get what you had when you came in.



How you doing? Good.

Good? We're gonna do it, right? Yeah.

We're gonna do it. Sal, see... you gotta keep your eye on him. He's the driver.

Ineedit No, it's mine.

You gotta keep your eye on him, Sal, see?

All right, where am I now?


SONNY: All right, hold it. Hold it.

All right, let's go.

Swing around now. Swing around.

Just keep holding hands.

Hold it.

Break it on "three." Not yet, don't break yet.

One... two...

...three. Go. Go.

Oh, fuck. We did it.

We did it. SYLVIA: Wish us luck.


Okay, you got your one. Follow my car.

Sheldon here, get me Kennedy.

Sal, we did it. Huh? Yeah.

I'll be a son of a bitch, we did it.

Okay, let's move. Come on, honk the horn.


Hey, Sal, do me a favor, will you?

Keep the gun pointed up. We hit a bump, the gun'll go off.


All right. You set out there?

We're leaving now.

We want no trouble en route.

Intersection check? MAN: Check.

All right. We'll be starting up right now. - 10-4.




It's gonna be all right.


Sal, you just gotta remember to keep the gun pointed up.





You fucking scumbags-


Hey, let him go!






What's he doing?

MURPHY: He's still got some arrangements to make.

That's it? MURPHY: That's it.

Sal, see it'? There it is.

Oh, I forgot.

I forgot to ask if they got food on board.

They gonna have food on board?

There's yourjet. We get one more now. That's the deal.

Right. Okay, who goes?




I'll pray for you.

Sal... because this is your first plane trip... don't be scared, okay?

I didn't eat all day. Will there be any food on board?

There'll be hamburgers. Ready?

Sal. What?

Ready to go?


Okay. Let's move it.

Sal... we don't want any accidents at this point, right?

You keep your gun pointed up.

You ready to get out first?

I'm ready.


Don't shoot me.

MAN 1: Wait, hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it, please.

Okay, it's safe. Come on.

Put him away, put him away.


MAN 2: All right, guys, move back. Come on, back up.

MURPHY: Now spread them!

No. No, we're all secure here.

Murphy will report from the car.

You make the report.

Put the gun down.

Back off.

Get up now, Sonny. You're under arrest.

You have the right to remain silent.

You have the right to an attorney during your interrogation.


Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer... one will be appointed to represent you if you wish one.


MAN [OVER SPEAKER]: Agent Sheldon, would you please remain on the apron... until the hostages are well inside the terminal?


Agent Sheldon, would you please remain on the apron... until the hostages are well inside the terminal?

Yeah, I got you. We'll hold here.


Matt Munro with one minute of "Yesterday" (all my troubles seemed so far away)

[English - US - SDH]