Dog Soldiers (2002) Script

You were right.

This is definitely better than being at work.

One thing you didn't warn us about though, bloody midges.

You are a big girl's blouse.

Anyway, now that you've mentioned work, and seeing that I bullied you to come all the way out here to celebrate the fact,



No knight should be without his sword.

I don't know what to say.

My writer lost for words?

It's perfect.

Yeah, and it's also solid silver, so don't lose it.

Nice try, Private Cooper.

You evaded capture for 22 hours and 47 minutes.

You're straight to the head of the class.

Of course the real trick to survival lies not from running and hiding, but in removing your enemy's capacity to hunt you down.

Here. Shoot the dog.

I'm sorry, sir, what?

Take the weapon and use it.

During the selection process, you are under my command.

That's a direct order, Cooper.

You're taking a piss, right?

He thinks I'm pulling his leg. Do I look like a sodding comedian, shit?

No, sir.

I still won't do it.

You don't have a choice. Finish the job. Shoot the dog.

Shoot it!

No, sir!

What use are you to my team if you can't even kill a dog?

I didn't say I couldn't kill a dog, sir.

I just will not kill that dog for no reason.

You're bent, Cooper. I don't need a man of conscience.

You're failing me for this?

You failed yourself.

We're on a different level here, Cooper.

For that, I need men of action.

Not deeds.


You sick fucking bastard.

It was just a dog. That's all.

Maybe one day when that's sunk into your thick skull, you'll be ready for us.

Until then, you live and learn.

Yeah. You don't.

I don't do second chances, Cooper.

And I never forget.

Owe to you this pathetic piece of shit.

Send him back to his squad.

I want a good clean dispersal and a secure landing zone.

Go, go, go, go, go.

Joe, get out of the chopper.

I'm not missing the footy for this, it's totally bone!

I'm not going.

They're up.

Cooper. I want a position and bearing. Wanna move in three minutes.

On it.

Spoon, Terry, you're on stag.

Joe, for fuck sake.

Get off your big fat lardy ass and make like a soldier.

Right then. Time sync.

I've got 07:30. Coming up in three, two, one. Check.

Bollocks. I don't believe this.

What is it now, Witherspoon?

Left me watch at the barracks, Sarge.

Take a breather every once in a while.

Nice work, Spoon, you tosser.

Took the words right off my mouth.

You will take my boot out of your mouth, Joe, you twat.

Piss now.

This shit is totally bone.

The most important football match of my life is playing tonight and I'm stuck at the back side of beyond without a six pack or a telly.

That's the army for you.

It's England v. Germany, man. Full on footy war.

Well, it's nothing like this at all, isn't, Joe?

It's just an exercise. Hardly life or death.

Don't bet on it, Joe. You're fucking slaying me.

If you'd paid any attention at all during the briefing, Kirkley, you'd know exactly who we're up against on this harmless exercise.

Who's that then?

Special Forces, you plunker.

Bollocks to them.

All right. All right. Listen up.

I'm gonna make this quick and to the point.

All I wanna do is get home, jump into a warm bed with a nice hot woman and watch the footy.

Planning on scoring, Sarge?

Mind you don't foul her in the penalty box.

All right. Ban it, private parts.

As for this moment as far as we're concerned, we are 50k behind enemy lines. Now, if we do happen to make a contact, I expect nothing less than gratuitous violence from the lot of you.

As we're firing blanks, it doesn't mean we have to be thinking nice thoughts.

So, you remember, you put five down.

You get stuck in, you kick their fucking teeth out or I guarantee you, Joe, they will be having your bollocks for breakfast.

Hard boiled or fried, Sarge?


Here, Spoonie.

Oh, smart.

That's nice and new and shinny doesn't mean it's worth shit. Remember I want that back.

What about you, Sarge?

Well, I'll count.

Right then, Coop, what we got?

We're here. The front line is here.

AWAK reports enemy positions here, here and here, with sweeping patrols between each of these bunkers.

Have all the whole sector wrapped tighter than an Eskimo's nutsack.

With one exception right here.

A river crosses the line through a gorge 30 or 40 feet deep.

It's certain to have a patrol on it but if we go at night, tread careful and don't mind getting our feet wet, I reckon we can make it through.

What the fuck is all this about then?

More likely I'll need all the help I can get.

Hey, listen. I know you think it was a piss pool cooled you.

Failing selection and all that, but I got to say I'm not sorry.

This squad would be a lot worse without you.

Something I had to do, you know.

For myself, get it out the system.

The only people going into trouble are Kamikazes.

Glory boys and full on fucking fatwits.

Take my advice, son. Be patient.

Right then, ladies. Pack up your troubles, put your brains in first gear and start tabbing.

Spoonie, you're on point. Terry, Joe, tail in Charlie.

Over here, Cooper. On me head.


I can't believe I'm missing the footy for this party.

Joe, if you don't shut up, I swear to God I'm gonna shut you myself. Now, move.

Didn't say a word, Sarge.

Where the hell are we now?

I heard a cracking story about this place.

You what?

People disappear out here. It happens all the time.

Come on, Cooper. Give it some bollocks.

It's true. Just last month a young couple were hiking through these woods.

They set up camp somewhere near here. During the night, something happened.

A rescue team found the remains of the camp a couple of days later.

The tent was ripped to threads and there was blood everywhere.

The papers said it was a monster, like the beast of Bodmin Moor.

The locals claimed it was an escaped lunatic.

But no one's been caught, so nothing could be proved either way.

Every year, more and more people come through here.

Every once in a while they don't come back. No trace, no bodies.

Just disappear and never seen again.


Contact camp.

Tell them the flock is heading for the fold.

Then, Bruce, what scares you?

The self-destructive nature of the human condition.

Just taking a piss now.

You think so?

What about you, Spoon?


There's no argument there. Joe?

Only one thing that puts the shit at me. A penalty shoot-out.

That figures. Terry?

Watching a penalty shoot-out... with Joe.

What about you, Coop?

Spiders. And women.

And, uh, spider women.

I want to know what scares the Sarge.

Piss of, man. Nothing scares the Sarge.

I don't know about that.

The thought of never seeing my wife again scares the shit out of me.

That and those little things that make your skin crawl and the hairs stand up at the back of your neck.

You mean like Spoon?

There's one thing actually in particular that I'll remember until the day I die.

It's back in '91, just before my unit was flying out to Kuwait to mop up the last pockets of resistance.

Me and this young fellow called Eddie Oswald decided to go and get a tattoo done to commemorate our first trip into the desert.

I remember Ed. He was a stocky hard case with a broken nose and a bone eye, eh?

Yeah, that's him. Good-looking fellow. Big hit with the ladies.

Anyway, me and Eddie, we had a few drinks. We had a lot of drinks.

And we went down to the tattoo parlor, and I got a desert rat done.

And Eddie being Eddie wanted something a bit more meaning.

And being a bit of a believer, he said that his soul still belonged to God.

But his flesh was way beyond redemption.

It was up to Satan to save his skin.

So he got this fucking great laughing devil tattoo right on his ass.

Anyway, about six days later, we were making a regular sweep along the, uh, Iraqi border.

And, uh, Eddie, poor fucker, triggered an antitank mine.

Yeah. We all saw it happen. He was on point.

A white, blinding lightning flash and a fucking deafening crack. By the time we picked ourselves up of the deck, Eddie was-

He was gone.

Just bits and pieces of him.

It's all that remained. This big fucking red circle a hundred meters.

I'll tell you something, lads. It really puts things in perspective when you have to scoop your mate up with a shovel and stick him in a bin bag.

Anyway, the thing that really did our nuts in that day was when you, uh, came across the bit you recognized.

A bit of an ear, a toe, a nose, a tooth.

The thing that really freaked us out that day was when left-hand Charlie found a bit of Eddie with the tattoo on.

I mean, everything else was burned to a crisp covered in claret.

All mushed up, pocked up.

Not this bit. This bit was perfect.

And there's old Nick chalking his fucking ass all over us.

So you could say that Eddie was right.

That Satan did indeed save his skin, just not all of it.

Or you could say that Eddie was just unlucky.

Either way.

It taught me to keep a very open mind.

Boom, boom.


Eddie Oswald.

To Eddie.

So, this bloke walks into a pub with a dog under his arm. Puts his arm on the bar, goes and sits down.

The bartender is looking and thinking, "What is going on here?"

He looks back at the dog and the dog turns on-

Fucking cow!

Ceasefire, Terry. Ceasefire.

Terry, what the hell are you doing?

You're firing blanks, man.

Is everyone all right? Is everyone okay?

No. I think I've shit meself.

Is it dead?

Oh, yeah, it's dead.

Look at the state of it.

Look at the state of Terry.

These aren't entry wounds. More like teeth marks.

What are you saying, Cooper?

What he's saying, Terry, is that it died of natural causes.

Don't you think we should call this in, Sarge?

Aye. Go on the radio, Bruce.

There's no way I'm about to break radio silence

'cause you lot got spooked by a dead flying fucking cow.

We have this position. We keep it secure 'til the morning.

Then we reassess the situation.

Right. I want a watch posted.

Two on. Four off. Brucie, Spoon. You're up first.

Cooper an I relieve at 0100 hours.

I n the meantime, Terry, sort your kit out.

The rest of you get your edge done.



Cow came in from this direction, straight off the edge.

From the frying pan into the fire.

Bleeding to death, it could've wandered around for miles before it got here.

It's good of it to leave some breadcrumbs for us to follow.

Looking for trouble?

No, Cooper. Just looking.

Sarge, shouldn't we report this when we get back?

You're right, Terry, but in the meantime I'm curious, and it's on the way.

Come on, lads.

Natural causes my ass.

Oh, now what?


What the fucking hell happened here, Sarge?

This is getting all bone by the minute.

Jesus Christ, Sarge.

All right, lads. Get a grip.

We've got casualties.

Ditch your bargains.

Salvage whatever weapons you can find, and stand to.

We are now up against live, hostile targets.

If Little Red Riding Hood should show up with a bazooka and a bad attitude, I'd expect you to chin the bitch.

Looks like they got hit hard. Every magazine is full. Nobody got up a single round.

If they're lost, then where are the bodies?

Yeah. All right, Corporal. Get on the net. Call in.

I want an emergency air lift immediately.

Help me.


Ryan? What happened here?

Do not tell me you know him.

Captain Ryan, Special Ops.

No fucking dog lover.

Spearhead patrol. This is spearhead patrol. Receiving?

He looks like he took on Jack the Ripper and came last.

I can patch him up, but he needs a medic right now.

This is an emergency. Code 64.

You gotta get me out of here. Do you understand?

There was only supposed to be one.

We're working on it, Captain.


Not now, Spoon.

You're receiving?


What's wrong, Bruce?

I can't find a signal.

Did you check it?

Of course, and I double checked it and it worked fine!

All right, Bruce, stay on it. See what you can do.

Terry? They must've had their own comms kit.

Have a look round. See if you can find it. Go.


Spoon, have a shift on the camp. See if you can find anything else.

Not now, Spoon.

This is spearhead patrol, are you receiving me?

There was only supposed to be one.

Jesus! Charnel House is compromised to fuck!

How is he doing here?

All I know is he's special forces.

If this is part of our exercise, it's been not advertised.

No cap badge, no insignia. Just tags.

Some kind of a covert action?

Covert action or not, they're packing all kinds of weird shit.

Tranquilizer darts, nets, you name it.

It's a special ops mission, not a fucking safari.

Sarge? We found that radio.

Shit, I don't believe it.

There was only supposed to be one!

What's he on about?

Terry, get back on stag now.

You got to get me out of here before they come back.

Who, Captain? Who is going to come back?

They tore them to pieces in front of my eyes.

If we don't get him somewhere warm soon, he's gonna die of hypothermia.

Stay with me, Captain. Captain Ryan, stay with me.


Not now, Spoon.

I n about half an hour it's gonna be dark.

Does anybody copy?

Any joy?

The fuses are blown.

Can you fix it?

Maybe it was faulty or maybe some damp got in the casing, but it's fried the circuits.

Well, if it's useless, bin it.

I also found this.

It's attached inside. Not part of the radio. Looks like a transmitter.

Why would they put a bug in our radio?

It's the Kobayashi Maru test. They fixed it so we can't fucking win.

Ban it, Spoon. Terry, it's probably some joke.

He didn't want Joe to hear the footy results.

An early shot.

Anything useful?

Weapons, ammunition. A couple of magnesium flares.

That's about it.

All right, lads. Ditch your ITs. From here on in the exercise is well and truly over.

Anyone not carrying life rounds, better do.


It won't make any difference.

They won't die.

This gives me a better peace of mind, sir.

You want peace of mind? Run for your lives before they tear your legs.

You just shut up like a good gentleman.

You are scaring my lads.

Oh, shit.

All right, lads, grab what you can.

Head to the tree line. We're moving. Let's go.

Right. I need a volunteer for rear guard action.

I'll do it.

When we clear, you fall back. We're gonna be there to cover you.

Off you go. Bruce, no heroics.

Spoonie, you're on point. Joe, help Ryan. Terry, you're up next.

Coop, you and me. All right, lads, in front the long grass.

Double time. Go!

Come on, sunshine, fucking shift it.

Come on!

Bruce. Bruce!


Cooper, get out of here! Jesus, I'm bit, mate.

You said no heroics, you bloody hypocrite. Where's Bruce?

He's all over there. They fucking tore him apart.

You piss off. That is an order!

They're coming!

Fuck off.

You can take your orders and shovel them up your ass.

Oh, Jesus, my guts are out.

We'll just put them back in again.

They're not gonna fucking fit!

Of course they'll fit, man.


Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Come out of the fog.


To your rear!

A target!


Keep moving.

Covering fire.

Backing guard.

Covering fire.

Coming through!



Bloody hell!

Just fucking lie down!


On me. On me!


Get in.

Everybody on me!



Oh, shit!

Just drive.


They're fucking coming!

Come on, stab it!

Go reverse.

Stab it!

Go forward.


Everything okay back there? Any more casualties? Spoon?

No, I'm all right. What about Bruce? Where's Bruce?

Bruce is, Bruce is gone. He's gone.

Fuck it!

Just hang on back there.

Thank you.

It's okay. What happened?

What happened? We were attacked by huge fucking howling things. That's what.

You were lucky I found you. I was about to give up hope.

And you were here?

I heard gunfire last night. I knew someone was out there.

If you weren't already in trouble, then you soon would be.

We are. Two men are down. Both need medical attention.

We need to dress the Sergeant's wounds before we can take him too far.

There's only one farm in this glen.

The owners are friends. We can take him in there.


Nobody home?

I don't know where they could be.


Stand back.

Little pigs. Little pigs. We've come to nick your video.

Hey. Sit.

Hey. Sit, sit.

You stay. Hm?

All clear.

What the fuck happened back there, Cooper?

I don't know, mate.

She might have some answers.

All clear upstairs.

Where the hell are we now?

Home sweet home.

Sit him down.

Spoon, get a field dressing on that wound.

Terry, keep an eye out front.

Is there a telephone here?

What? No.

It's still hot, lads.

You can't just help yourself!

I'm chinstrapped and I'm bloody starving. I can't help meself.

It's the training, miss. Never waits an opportunity to eat. Come on.

Now look what I'm doing.

Get it down your necks, lads.

Hold it, hold it.

Top grub. What is it?

Don't know, mate. Looks like pork.

Leave some for us, you greedy mongrels.

Miss, where is the nearest phone?

Fifty miles as a crow flies.

What about the nearest population center?

You mean a town? Well, Fort William, but it's at least a four-hour drive back the way we just came.

Do you think your wounded can make it?

The Sarge is in serious trouble if we don't.

You seem to know these roads. Will you take us?

Right now?

Unless your friends are just gone. This place may be compromised.

Fine. The sooner the better. Let's go.

All right. Spoon, on me.

Everyone else hang by until we bring the car about.

Joe, help the Sarge. Terry, watch him.

The safeties off.


Don't stare back.

I can't help it.


Move on!

That puts a kibosh on that plan.

That was my car!

Sam, no!


Piss off.

Fuck that!

Step back!

Bloody hell!

Get the dog off me.


Pull the dog off me.


Shut the dog up!

Sam, come here.

Terry, right flank. Cover the window.


That's bloody charming, that is.

You incompetent moron!

Do you wanna have a fucking go like?


Upstairs. Far end of passage.

We need to talk, Ryan.

It doesn't look like I'm going anywhere.

Joe, Spoon. Looks like we're staying. You know what to do.

I want a secure perimeter with a clear field of fire.

We'll give them something inviting, right?

I'm on it.

Terry, are you okay?

I'm real craving for a kebab.

I'll take that as a yes.

We've got limited ammunition. I want you to get as many pots and pan as you can.

Fill them with water and keep them on the boil, all right?

Terry, set the kettle on.

We'll all do with a brew.

Terry, give us a hand with this.

To the side.

You fool.

You came here because of them, right?

I don't have a clue what they are, and right now I don't really care.

What are you doing here?

This was supposed to be a routine training exercise, and that's all.

So this wasn't a rescue mission? No, I guess not.

Back door is secure.

What's happening here, Spoon?

They're still moving around out there. They're keeping their distance.

Maybe they've had enough for one night.

Not likely. They're smart. You've seen what they can do.

My guess is they're doing exactly what you'd be doing in their shoes.

Working as a team. Looking for a weakness. A way in.

I'm not about to second-guess these things. They're the enemy. As simple as that.

This is no ordinary enemy.

You know what this reminds me of? Rorke's Drift.

A hundred men of Harlech making a desperate stand against ten thousand Zulu warriors.

Outnumbered, surrounded.

Staring death in the face. No flinching for a moment.

Balls of British steel.

You're bloody loving this, aren't you?

It's totally bone.

That's all there is to say.

What are we talking about here? Wolves?

Not entirely wolf, nor human, but something in between.

Wolf men? And a laugh, right?

I may be nuts but I'm no fruitcake.

Fine. Stay here and drink tea.

I thought you might be here because of them. But I guess not.

Just don't be an asshole.

I like your new girlfriend, Coop.

How're you feeling?

A touch of gas.

And the fact the various body parts are trying to evacuate the premises.

Fucking awful.




For crying out loud, man.

Short, controlled bursts.

Do you have a name, soldier?


Gonna need your help here, miss.

My name is Megan.

And I know how to kill-

Shit, Sarge, you're leaking like a sieve.

I need you to get some Superglue and some whiskey.

I'll see what I can do.

Come on.

I'm sorry about the asshole thing. I've got a mean streak of mine across.

It's all right. It's the least of my worries right now.

Can you pass me my gun, please?

Thank you.

Come on, Coop. Up the wooden hill.

Where are we going, Coop?

You don't want to know, mate.

What's the glue for?

Never wondered why the best thing that Superglue sticks together is your fingers?

Give it. Give it.

Forget your grandma's China cups.

This stuff was developed for the Vietnam war to patch up broken soldiers.

How are you feeling, Sarge?

Absolutely fucking top, fucking bollocks.

Give us. Give, give, give.

Are you sure he should be chasing painkillers with whiskey?

He's earned it.

Is it your birthday, Coop?

No, mate.

Is it my birthday? Hey!

No. You're gonna thank us for this in the morning.

I'll tell you something. I'm gonna fucking thank you.

Right now I'm gonna thank you because you saved my life. You got me out of there.

You would've done the same.

If I'd done the same fucking thing, I would've saved Bruce, wouldn't I?

Yeah! Fuck!




I'll tell you something, miss.

This guy here is my best mate.

He's the salt of the fucking Earth.

Don't get me wrong. The rest of the guys in the squad are lovely fellows.

Anyone of them could marry my- marry my sister if I had one.

I'll tell you what. I love him I love you.

Like the mate that I, that I love.

Would you like to be alone?

You fucker!


It's the adrenaline.

I'll stick and you bond.

I'll tell you something. Something better get fucking stuck

'cause this is really starting to hurt.


Knock me out. Hit me!

You fucking pussy. Hit me!

How long have you lived around here?

Two years. Came here for the wildlife.

I'm a zoologist.

So you've heard those stories as well then.

Yeah. I heard the stories. I went looking. I found evidence.

I was fascinated by the possibility-

You can't seriously believe in werewolves.

Straight out of college, I'd have loved to the suggestion, but now I know they are as real as you and me.

Before tonight is over, you will, too.


I think that'll hold.

You've done this before?

Oh, yeah. We glue people's guts together all the time out here.

Everyone tooled up?

To the nines.

Keep a fucking eye over that one.

Right, Terry, you look sharp.

The rest of you.

We know things are going from shit to bone to worse in the last 24 hours.

But if we pull our way and do the job, we still have a fighting chance.

No more running. We stand here. We fight.

Right? Any questions?

Just one, Coop. Exactly, what is it we're fighting against?

Megan, you wanna run it pass the boys?


That's werewolves to you and me.

Are you taking a piss?

Makes perfect sense to me.

Full moons, silver bullets and eyebrows that join in the middle?

Before you dismiss it off hand, think about what you've seen and heard.

The full moon, the teeth, the claws, the howling.

Is it so difficult to believe?

For a whole year now I've tracked these things.

I've studied them. Try to understand them.

Every month when the moon is full, they hunt as a team dedicated to the kill.

During that time at least 15 people have vanished.

Hikers mostly, in small groups or alone.

They're caught out in the open, hunted down, torn apart, and devoured.

I've never witnessed the actual slaughter, but the next day no bodies, no werewolves.

Just blood.

The eyebrows thing is nonsense. It's just Dark Age paranoia.

And silver bullets, no one's ever got close enough to try.

I'm sold.

Slow down, Spoon. Megan might have a point.

I'm still not convinced that these things didn't escape from the local nuthouse and forget to shave or trim their nails. But they're out there and we're in here.

What they may or may not be does not affect our immediate situation one bit.

This is bone. This is so fucking bone!

Anything else?

Yeah. What does "bone" mean?

Bone. Bollocks.

Not very good.

Right. Anything else I should know?

Call signs. You need to be specific.

Upstairs you've got Sergeant Wells, who you seem to know inside and out.

You got Spoon over there. The vomiting cavalier, Terry.

The big guy with the ax is Joe.

Didn't you forget someone?


Captain Ryan is not one of our team.

His being here is hazy at best.

If I could tell you, I would.

But I'm just a soldier like you.

No stripes. No insignia.

A suit and a uniform does not make a soldier. He's with Special Ops.

His team were wiped out last night. He was the only survivor.

I'd advise you against pursuing the line of questioning, Private Cooper.

You're pulling rank on me now, Captain.

You can shove that right up your arse.

I'm saying my being here is a moot point since I'm now in as much shit as you are.

We're on the same fucking shit. And we need each other.

I doubt I need you.

You bloody did two hours ago.

The Uaths.

Crying like a baby you were.

That was then. Circumstances change.


Uath is Celtic. The family's lived in this glen for centuries.

So, what was he doing out there?

I have an idea.

I wanna hear it from the horse's mouth.

Think of it Ryan. How are you feeling?

I'm fine.

When we found you, you could barely open your eyes, let alone walk.

And then later you manage to run. And now look at you.

Fine and fit and sitting pretty.

Hardly the behavior of a man who until recently was knocking on death's door.

I have a strong constitution.

You bloody kidding.

You won't mind if I have a look at that wound of yours.

I just assumed you didn't.

I have a responsibility to my patient.

I'm warning you, Cooper, don't touch me.

Get back!

Tie him up. I want him to talk.

What are you gonna do? Torture him?

I don't know.

What would you do?

I'd torture him.

What now?

They shut down the generator.

Why would they do that?

Because they can see in the dark.

And you're all afraid of it.

This is a pile of rancid shit!

Now what do you believe?

I'm beginning to believe you. I think Joe might've worded it better.

They're on the move.

All right. This is it.

Mark your targets and preserve your ammo.

Three-round busts.

We only got one stun grenade apiece.

So only use them if absolutely necessary.

Stand to.

What can I do?

What do you want to do?

Run and hide. I know what's coming.

Take care of Sam. Keep an eye on Ryan.

If he tries anything, pan him.

Chasing that first kiss, are we, Cooper?

It's as simple as this.

You're not there for us, we're not here for you.



Spoon, get down.


Fire in the hole!




Cheers, mate.

The Sarge.


Sarge? Sarge!

Sarge? Sarge, wake up. Wake up, you fuck.


You fucker. Wake up.


Fuck off!


More like pussies.

You all right?

Oh, yeah, yeah. I'm peachy, mate.


The squad's yours, mate.

They took Terry.

Then we go and get him back.

You're right.

Forget about him.

What did you say?

He's dead, Cooper, and you know it.


Somebody must've heard some gunfire.

Somebody must've heard something.

Who? The only other house within 50 miles of here is mine, and I'm not there.

What about the road, passers by?

Do you have any idea what kind of luck you had running into me tonight?

I thought you ran into us.

Joe, check upstairs.

Even if anyone did come by, they'd only end up with a slaughter like you.

Our really hope is daylight.

Sunrise is in six hours.

We did the best we could.

But if the Sarge's condition deteriorates, he'll have less than four.

And the only thing holding them back, is they don't know how much ammunition we have left.

Let's give it a look.

Tell me, honestly, what are our chances?

The morale seems good, considering.

It'll only last as long as the ammunition holds it.

High spirits it's no substitute for 800 rounds a minute, but I don't think that's what you want to hear.

Think about it, Cooper.

Up until today you believed there was a line between myth and reality.

A very fine line sometimes, but at least it was a line.

Those things out there are real.

If they're real, what else is real?

You know what lives in the shadows now.

You may never get another night sleep as long as you live.

So why worry, Cooper? You may not live that long.

Shut your mouth.

I'm gonna make it through this. You know why?

I don't scare that easy.


It's supposed to be lucky.

For me or the rest of the rabbit?

You'll need a lot more than luck this time.

Shut up, Ryan.

Listen to me, Cooper. Ignore him.

We can survive 'til sunrise. That's all that matters. It's just a few more hours.

Wait a minute. Am I missing something here?

I know him.

I was seconded to his team during their first visit here.

First visit? What first visit? What the fuck are you talking about?

They came to check out the stories. They needed an expert.

It's just a few more hours, Cooper. That's all there is.

All clear?


You wanna kill them all?


Good. Keep it up.

What's the damage, Spoon?

We might've pissed on our chips.

We've only got two full mags for the MP5, six rounds for the shotgun, and one spare. Just in case.

Stay sharp, everyone.

We're putting fire down all over.

We fill those things with lead, and they just kept coming back at us.

Sixty rounds won't last two minutes.

So, either we all fight our way clear, or the rest of us keep them occupied but one of us goes for help.

By the time the cavalry get here, they'll have what's left of us between their teeth.

Fucking brilliant.

We either stay and snuff it, or we all go.

And snuff it.

Decisions, decisions.


I nearly died.

Who stopped you?

That's it! We'll fucking have him!

Take it easy, big man. Calm down.

Do any of you know how to hot-wire a car?

They keep an old Land Rover in the barn.

I don't know where the keys are, but if one of you could break in and start it.

I can do that.

Are you sure?

A piece of piss.

The further I am from this wanker, the happier I'll be.

All right. You're gonna need a decoy.

Something fast and loud.

What? You what?

You, sit. Stay.

You're serious about this werewolf thing, aren't you?

Afraid so.


Don't suppose you know who won the match.

Didn't even know there was a game on.

It's not a game.

All right, this is it. Everyone get ready.


Joe. Good luck, man.

You don't get off the hook that easy.

All right, you bastards.

Come on and have a go if you think you're naughty enough.

Come on, you beauties!

They took the bait.

Come on!

Spoon, run!

Move your fucking arse, soldier.

Come on.

I'm trying.

I love it when a posh bear talks dirty.

Jesus! What's fucking going on, Cooper?

Cut it.

Fuck this.


He's done it. Ryan, up. Everyone else downstairs. Come on, move it.

Move. Move.

You're behind me, aren't you?

I'm gonna fucking have you!

Right? Go. Go.


She's in a bad way. A few pumps gone.

Fan belt is bugging. She's pissing out petrol.

The word "bone" springs to mind.

Joe's body?

It's gone.

What's the damage, Spoon?

We're down to 48 rounds.

Check the right.

Well, Ryan, you heard the score.

Maybe one or two of us are gonna make it through this.

I don't care much for our chances.

Do you like football?

What? They think it's all over and all that crap? No, I don't.

Don't you remember Joe? He liked football. Fucking lived for it.

Is this relevant?

He missed the most important match of his life for this bullshit exercise.

And now he's dead along with two other mates. I'd give them my right arm.

To fucking right it's relevant!

You just can't get pass the dog, can you?

We're losing, Ryan. We're three now down, and we're close to the final whistle. At the very least I wanna even score.

I understand your resentment.

But you failed because you weren't prepared to take that extra step.

If you'd passed, you would've been on my team.

And if you were on my team, you'd be dead.

Yeah, I failed. I'm bloody glad of it.

If I was given the choice of taking orders from a twat like you and slogging it out at these guys, I'll take the underdogs anytime.

So you can take your precious selection, shove it up your arse and stop trying to change the fucking subject!

Fair enough.

But you won't like what I have to tell you.

There are some places you really shouldn't go.

We'll be the judge of that, Ryan.

Ever heard of Special Weapons Division?

They're the men in white coats who train dolphins to stick mines on submarines.

And cute furry animals to tear your head off at the neck.

They saw an opportunity and called me in.

To do what? Catch one of these things?

And to bring it back. Alive if possible.

Only "it" turned out to be "them."

We underestimated the enemy numbers.

Underestimated? I would have a serious word with your heads about their intelligence.

It may have been their invitation, but it was my party.

I planned it and executed it.

And you loused it up.

We lost good men, Ryan.

Yours and mine.

I wanna know

where we fit in.

The reality is you're expendable.

And I had approval to put you at risk.

Get to the fucking point, Ryan.

I made a gap in enemy lines.

You were good enough to spot it and predictable enough to go for it.

That was your bait. You were mine.

You bastard.

I had to choose somebody. I remembered you.

Monkey see, monkey do.

They were my men!

Get up, you shit. You know what we can do. Give us a fighting chance.

Live and learn, Cooper.

I didn't hit him hard.

You tricked something lose.

Bad dog.


Make the shot.


Cooper, get down. I got target.

Werewolves spend most of their time in human form, right?

And the only people from miles around live right here.

So these things aren't about to give up the fight and go home.

They are home.

That makes perfect sense, don't it?

We bust into their house. We eat all their porridge. We sleep in their beds.

No wonder they're pissed off.

But they're good people. They're kind people.

More is the pity.


We're gonna have to kill them all.

He's right.

What self-respecting werewolf would have anything silver in a house anyway?

Fuck the folklore. Let's just burn them.

If we knew where to find them.

Maybe we do.

Everything we've seen so far suggests the behavior of a pack.

Six to eight members. An Alpha pair leading the subordinates, and a young male, the Beta wolf, second in command. Makes sense.

You lost me.

A wolf pack sticks together, generally somewhere close to its food supply.

Somewhere safe, sheltered, and warm.

You're gonna have to move like shit off the shovel on this one.

You wanna get your own shit.

When we blow that fuse up, that place is gonna look like Zabriskie Point.

Yeah, it's easy peesy.

My lime's squeezy.

Listen, Coop.

What about the Sarge?

You know what I mean.

The Sarge is with us.

Yeah, yeah.

I just didn't want him to go out without his watch back.

And you stay out of trouble.

You all right?

Oh, yeah, I am fine, Cooper.

I mean, I feel absolutely fantastic.

That's a problem, isn't it?


What if she's wrong?

What if they're not all in there?

Then we'll get some of them.

It's a shit lot better than none of them, and a marked improvement on all of us.

No, you listen to me. You get the fuck out now.

I'll hold them back, keep them occupied. You get out.

We've lost enough men for one night, don't you think?

Let me show you something.

Do not tell me that that is fucking normal.

What happened to Ryan is happening to me.

It's just a matter of time, mate.

Stop wasting time with this hara-kiri crap.

This fight isn't lost, yet.

With Ryan it only took a couple of hours. It's full moon.

Maybe it's like when you need to take a piss or something. I don't know.

When you gotta go, you gotta fucking go.

Maybe it's more than needing a shite.

Just 'cause you need one, it doesn't mean you drop your kegs and pinch one off.

Fucking Ryan, shifty bastard could've been one of those things from the start.

You know, Coop, there's one more thing you gotta learn about command, mate.

Sometimes the people that you kill, are your own men.

So, I'm asking you.

Let me take care of myself.

And at least spare you the unfortunate business of trying to expla- explain to Annie why you had to incinerate me.

We're gonna knock seven colors of shit out of these fuckers. We need you.

It's all right, you know, mate.

It's okay.

I just didn't make it out this time. That's all.

Because of the job, you know what I mean?

When I signed my life away on that doted line, I fucking meant it.

I am a professional soldier.

So, what do you want me to do?

Roast their bollocks off.

All clear.

Good luck.

Light it!



I'm sorry.

When I found you out there tonight, I truly believed you were the best chance I had of getting out.

But now we have no chance.

There is no out.

There never was.

I came here to be one with nature. Well, I got what I wanted.

Now I have to live with it.

There is no house in the next glen.


And there were no werewolves in the barn when it blew.

Not one.

The reason you're not in the photograph is 'cause you took it.

I never meant to-

You women.

Same old shite.

Being nice to women will get you nowhere, Cooper.

Being nice to me will get you killed.

You may think they're all bitches, but I'm the real thing.

Do you think I like being part of this fucked up family?

Do you think I chose to run with the pack?


I chose you.

But now you're out of luck, and I'm out of time.

And all we can do is let nature take its course.

They were always here. I just unlocked the door.

It's that time of the month.

Somebody has to put it out of his misery.

Spoon. Clear.

Go now!

Spoonie, stop fucking. It's an order!

Come on!



I'm in the closet.

Open the closet.

Come on!

You fucking mother!

You're not killing me, you bastard.

How do you like the tomatoes, you fucking bastard?

Come on.

I'm running out, Coop. I'm running out.

You're a fucking bastard.

Come on! Come on!

I hope I give you the shits, you fucking wimp.

You fucker.

Come on, Coop.

Beat it!


Go away.

Go on, Coop! Get stuck in mate! Get out of it! Come on, you fucker!

Go away, you fucking ass.

Come on!

Cooper, let's get in the wardrobe, son.


Let's get in the wardrobe.

All right.

What's that smell?

I don't know.

Fucking hell.

Give me that.

Open your mouth. Watch the ears. Mind your toes.


Where's Spoon?

There is no Spoon.

No, you fucking bastards!

Help me, Cooper.

Get in there. Get in there!

What are you doing?

Take this. There's one in the chamber. I'm fucking bent.

We go together or we don't fucking go.

It's my last order. Do not fuck about. Do not disobey me.

Fuck! Listen.

You have got to make it alive.

Prove what happened. Not just for me or my lads.

For her!


Prove it happened, mate.

Go! Go!

Sam. Fuck.

What the fuck?

Ryan, have you tried licking your own balls, yet?

I forgot. You don't fucking have any.