Dogman (2018) Script

Easy, sweetie.

Cutie-pie! My lovely!

Want a treat?

A treat.

I'll give you a shampoo, come on.



Good boy.

Very good boy.

Now your head.

Turn that way. Good boy, sweetie.

Turn the other way.


Like that, good.

Come on.

Good boy, that's it.

Again, the other side. Turn.

Good boy, that's the way.

Franco, let's go!

Our players. You're the man, Alfredo!


Tonight's good for everybody?

Them too? We're all set.

They're strong those two. They're young and fast.

I know these hands, whose are they?

Alida, Daddy's sweet love!


Hi, enjoy it, everyone! Hi.

Well? All good?

So, you'll bring her to me at 8, can you manage?

Of course. OK.

Bye, Mummy. Bye, love.

Come here, Daddy's beautiful girl.

My beautiful girl!

Go, pour some water here.

A bit more. Don't worry, keep going, or else it stings his eyes.

There we go, good job.

We need a little bit more.

This one here, get rid of it, all these ends...

This one here.

Alida, keep going. OK.


No, my hand hurts. What did you do?

What did I do?

Heard you beat up two Romanians, is it true?

Who? You beat up two Romanians.

And it took ten cops to stop you, is it true?

Got any coke?

I do, but... I can't hear you.

My daughter's here.

I'll give you some, but then you gotta go.


Simone, nice and full.

But now you gotta go.

No, you said you'd go.

Simone, please, my daughter's here.

My daughter's here, please, I mean it.

Go somewhere else.

Where are you going? Simone?

Simone, you said you'd go. No, not here, please.

Come on, Simone!

My daughter's here, don't you get it?

Can't you go somewhere else?

Open the tap at least!

Alida. Yes.

My stuff?

How are you? All good. Finished work?

Not yet. Good.

See you later. Bye.

Hello, how are you? Hey, Marcello.

You son of a bitch! Here, take this.

Took your fuckin' time, huh? You gotta pay for this.

Take it. I gotta go now. I left the shop open.

Do it. What?

Simone... Do it, line it up.

What, here? Yeah, here.

Do it here. I'm the boss here.

Hey, it's been two hours! Wait.

Wait, what? Unbelievable, again!


Did you break it?

Fuck you. This one's new.

I put 300 euros in it.

What did you put in? 300 euros.

You been playing for half an hour and you sunk 300 euros?

Just look at this mess. Gimme back 300 euros.

Give you what? Get outta here.

What the fuck you doing? What the fuck...

Simone, stop it! What are you doing?

Stop it, I'll give it to you!

Stop it! Stop it!

What's the matter with him today?

Here, take this 100.

Come on.

What are you doing?

What's going on?

All right, all right, I'll give it to you. Calm down.

Leave it here!

Here, 300. Now beat it!

Just look at this. Unbelievable.

Oh, sorry, give me a hand to put it back.

Come on, Francesco, I'll give you a hand.

Let's put it back there.

What's got into him today? You know what he's like.

Go, go, easy.

Easy. That's it. Easy.

Don't let these people in anymore. What can I do? He's a loose cannon.

It's easy to say don't let him in...

And a little bit. There. Come here, sweetheart.

Be good, though.

Look. Good boy.

Eat there. This is yours.

Go over there, come on.

Here. Take this.


Again? This is mine.

What's wrong? You want some pasta? Don't you like the kibble?

Here, one for you... for me. No!

Cut that out, I'll give it to you.

One for you...

That's it. Good.

And one for me.

What are you doing?

Be good. I'll give it to you.

Let me watch the film.



You ready?


Hurry up. You don't have much time.

A bit here.

Daddy, use hairspray and comb. Raise the topknot.

Daddy, comb her.

Comb all of her.

Yes, comb her everywhere. You need to comb all of her.


Thank you.

For his perfect use of straight scissors, first place goes to Dalio Frilova Tano!

A beautiful standard poodle, well done! Congratulations.

First place on the podium for the photo.

Come on.

Let's call the judges, too.

We have three magnificent specimens of poodle, three beautiful sizes.


Hey, Simone.

What's up? Come with us. We need you.

No, I'm going home. It's an easy job, c'mon.

I gotta feed the dog. Come on, get in.

But what are you up to? Come on.

Come on, let's go. Simone, what are you up to?

Come on!

Hit it, Marcello!

Go, go!

Good. That's it, go.

Open the bag.

This is good stuff, look. It's all good stuff.

I know. Check it out. Even better!

Did you take this one? Yeah.

We took everything. Cash too. Here it is.

Did you hear that fucking Chihuahua? Fuckin' thing's mouth was like an alarm!

The little shit bugged me. I grabbed it and put it on ice.

What does that mean? I threw it in the freezer.

What do you mean, in the freezer? Inside the freezer!

That's why I couldn't hear him anymore. Of course you couldn't.

But he'll die. Who gives a shit!

Little fucker would've sent us to jail.

A pair of earrings and a bracelet. See ya.

Wait! This all you gonna give me? What? What?

Marcello, you didn't do shit. That's enough, he didn't do shit.

Here. Buy yourself some gas.

Come on. Hey!

Come on.

Good girl.

Hey, sweetie?



Come here.

Beautiful girl.

Did you make it, sweetie?

Come here.

Come here. Go, like that. Good girl, go.

There you go. Good girl.

What did they do to you, sweetie? What did they do to you, sweetie-pie?

My little darling.

Come here, gorgeous.

You've bounced back, huh? Come on. Come on. You can make it. Good girl!


Off you go.


No, don't come with me. You stay here.

Not much.

Not much at all.

Not much, how much? 150 euros.

150 euros for all this stuff? What stuff?

Pearls, diamonds...

But I don't buy pearls, the sign says "Cash for Gold".

I pay for the weight of the gold. I throw the rest away.

What do I do with the pearls?

I don't know. But they're useless to me. That's for sure.

150 euros, Marcello.

Is that all right? C'mon, I gotta get my daughter a gift.

I need it.

150 euros, you want it?

All right, give me 150 euros. All right then.

Let's look at a place nearby, or in Calabria.

Calabria's amazing, have you ever seen it?

I still haven't seen the seabed of Calabria.

So, how do you know they're beautiful? Let's go there.


You only pick random places.

Because they're beautiful. Close... to Hawaii...

"Hawei", or however you say it... Hawaii.

Let's see what Hawaii's like. What is this?

These are the Maldives. Let's see.

Come on, the Maldives aren't so far away.

Where are the Maldives?

I don't know. Me neither, let's have a look.

Stay, stay...

This one... You're right, I did the other one.

Stay, wait.

You bastard!

Stay. Everyone saw you!

You heard that? He broke my nose.

Easy for you, huh?

It's easy to take it out on me.

I have to go to work! You hear me?

This time I'm going to report him. I don't give a shit.

What are you talking about? Come on...

You report him, then after two months it starts all over again.

He gets out after two months and your problem is four times as big.

Obvious, but we gotta find a solution. We can't go on like this.

He's completely out of control.

I've got a solution. What would that be?

There's these guys that come to me that can help us.

Guys from out of town.

Get my drift?

D'you realise what you're saying?

I'm suggesting a solution. But what will you solve?

He's a mad dog. Sooner or later, someone's gonna kill him.

Why should I take this responsibility? I don't get it?

You expect someone to solve your problem?

You gotta solve your own problem.

The point is, here we all got this problem.

We all gotta solve it and there's a solution.

Yeah, but I'm not down with what you wanna do.

So, what do you wanna do? I'll wait.

Sooner or later, someone's gonna kill him. He's a marked man.

Tell me his name, who is it? I'll go and talk to this...

We should eliminate him. We kill him and that's that.

Keep your voice down. Francesco...

How much would this cost? How would I know?

There'll be a price. I need to ask these guys...

How would I know! Count me out, I don't agree.

OK, there's no reasoning with you.

Hey, Mum.


I said yes.


What are you doing? Pissing.

Give me two lines. I haven't got any, I'm out.

I'm out. Go get it.

What do I use for money?

You can pay them later. What? It doesn't work like that.

They want it straightaway. Don't talk shit, I know them.

Let's go. Come on. Simone, wait.

Wait. Go slow.


Mirko. Hey, Marcello.

What's up, man? All good.

Five grams. You want five?

Yeah. Marco, get me five grams, please.

You got it.

Give me the money. I'll pay you tomorrow.

Then you get the stuff tomorrow. I already placed it, no worries.

Trust me. Tomorrow, on time.

Don't fuck me around. You know I'm good for it.

Mum, stop calling every 20 minutes. I told you I'm coming.

I just gave a friend of mine a ride.

That guy? He gave me a ride.

Get out of here, you and him. Please, Mirko...

Marcello, beat it and take him with you.

Hi, Mirko. What the fuck are you doing in here?

You owe me 5,000 euros! You're right.

You got some fuckin' nerve. Excuse me...

Don't bring these people in here! Let's go, Simone.

Don't get mad. I am mad. Gimme the money!

Don't get mad, I had a problem... The problem's in your head!

I was in trouble. Simone, let's go!

The fuck do you wanna talk about? I was in trouble.

You're in trouble in your head. Will you give me half an hour?

You need half an hour? You fuckin' asshole.

Watch out, Simone! I'm gonna kill you, you swine!

Piece of shit!

What are you lookin' at?


Come here.


Let me see. It's nothing.

What d'you mean, nothing? You're bleeding.

It's nothing, I said. Let me get up.

Come on! Open it!

Look at that... Simone, we need a doctor.

Simone, can you hear me?


We need a doctor, look at this. I told him, but he didn't want to go.

He needs a doctor. See all the blood he's losing.

He'll fix it, Mum. Marcello will.

Do you know how? No, I've never done it.

He knows how, come on. I work with animals.

He'll do it. Simone, I don't know how.

Come on, do it. What do you need?

Tell her what you need. What do you need?

Get me... some tweezers... some... some stuff to disinfect, alcohol, cotton wool.

You brought me to my mother?

You wouldn't go to hospital. What else could I do?

But that stings. It doesn't matter!

Take his jacket off.

Sit up, c'mon.

Keep still. Hurry up, Marcello.

Don't move. Got it.


Whose is this? What is it?

Whose is this? It's not mine.

Then I can throw it away if it's not yours, right?

No, you can't. And why not?

I'm holding it for a friend. A friend of yours, not mine.

But you can't throw it away.

There. No!

There, done. Mum!

You promised me. "I won't take it anymore."

You gotta go, you hear me?

You gotta go, I don't want you in my house anymore.

Get out!

Get out, let go of me.

Get out.

Let go of me, you hear me?

Let go of me!

You gotta go, Simone, enough!

Enough, I can't take it anymore.

Good evening.


How did it go, all good?




Come here, listen.

Hear that? It's hollow.

Yeah, I hear it. So what?

We'll make a hole and we'll get in there.

What are you saying? In Franco's shop?

No, no.

Simone, forget it.

Why not? Because Franco is a friend.

Forget it.

A friend of who? He's a friend of mine.

He's only friends with money. Come on, seriously.

Simone, please.

What the hell are you thinking? We'll take everything from him.

Simone, everyone in the neighbourhood likes me.

That matters to me. No way.

With all the other cash-for-gold shops, you have to do this one?


But why? Why?

Because you're here and he's next to you, that's why.

Simone, I'll lose everything, I have a daughter.

You know how long it's taken me to build this up?

No, forget it. Go somewhere else.

I don't feel like it. I don't want to.

Can I speak now? There's nothing to speak about.

I'll do a clean job.

I said no. You're not doing anything here, and that's that.

End of story. I care about the neighbourhood.

Will you listen to me for once?

No, I don't want to listen to you. Trust me, for once.

Close up. Simone, not this time.

For once... Close up and bring me the keys.

Bring me the keys, I'll do it, I'll make you rich.

I'm not bringing you anything. Don't wait for me.

Simone, don't wait for me! I'm not coming.

I'm not coming, no.

You gotta listen to me when I talk to you, Marcello.

Am I a friend of yours, yes or no?


Then close up and bring me the keys. All right.

Don't let them shoot from there.

Forward, Francesco. Go, Marcello, move down.

Go, Marcello! Come on.

Go, go, go! Get the ball, Marcello!

Down the end, here. Gently!

Look at it, Gennaro, you got it!

Hey, Massimo, go, come on! Gennaro, watch out!

Can I help you? I'm the owner of the shop next door.

Wait a moment.

Did you lose a bunch of keys by any chance?


Do you have any idea how they got into your shop?

Through... the shutter. Through the shutter?

In fact, you can see that it's been forced, it's been broken into.

But the door wasn't forced...

It was opened with a key.

I've got it. So, either it was you or someone else.

It was definitely someone else. Someone else? Come with me.

Come with me. Why?

You can explain to me who it was at the station.

Come with me.

Sorry, but I... Come with me.

I've been wronged and I have to go to the station?

If you've got nothing to hide, you can explain it at the station.


Come with me. Why?

Because you have to come with me. Why? I didn't do anything.

Just come! I didn't do anything And you can say that at the station. Leave me alone.

I've got a dog. Leave the dog. We'll take care of it.

Get in. Jack! Jack!

I'm telling you we know everything. You're a known associate of his.

Do you think we're stupid?

He forced you to, didn't he?

We know he annoys the shit out of everyone in the area.

Who knows what the fuck he promised you.

But whatever it was, he won't keep his word.

He's a piece of shit and he set you up.

He broke the lock of your shop, but he looked the door after him. You know why?

To take all the loot and get you off his ass.

Sign here and you can go home.

We can get you a suspended sentence, if you collaborate.

Just sign here, and we can put him in jail so everyone can live in peace.

No need to think. Just sign.

I'm giving you a chance.

Home... or jail.

There's no choice: home, jail.

There's no need to be scared. We'll look after you.

You've got a small daughter.

She'll go without a father if you don't give him up.

Would you rather go to jail in his place?

What the fuck are you thinking?

You know what they'll do to a guy like you in jail?

Dopey as you are, you know what they'll do to you?

Ah, you're looking at me now... Getting scared?

Sign these papers.

Go to jail, then.

Serve the full sentence.


Alida, sweetheart!

Come here.

Darling, how are you?

How are you?

All good. All good?

Yes. I brought Jack to see you. Jack, little man, come here!

Well? Come on. I can't stay long.

Why? Mummy's got errands to do.


I don't know, shopping and stuff like that.

What a pity.

I missed you so much.

Me too.

Too bad...

I've prepared a lot of trips, you know? OK.

Guess where we're going.

To Calabria. No.

I'll take you to the Red Sea, I promise.

You believe me? What d'you say? You don't.


Listen to what Mummy says, OK?

Be nice to her. Yes.


Bye, Daddy. Bye.

You filthy rat!

Hiding inside, huh? Traitor!

Forget about him. Get off me!

Forget about him! You gotta go!

You gotta leave, I don't want you here!

You gotta go!

Go away, you rat. You filthy rat. Let go of me!

Hands off me!

Go away, you lowlife. Forget about him!

You're a traitor. Get your hands off me.

Forget about it! He has to piss off!





I don't want to see you anymore. You gotta go!

Get out!

Why are you looking at me? Don't you realise what you did?

You were one of us. How the fuck could you do that?

Aren't you ashamed?

Aren't you ashamed? Speak! Are you ashamed, or not?

For fuck's sake, say that you're ashamed at least!

You gotta go. Get out of here!

I don't ever want to see you again. Fuck the hell off!


Come on, Gandalf.

The big moment has come! Good boy, get down.

Good boy.

Stay, stay.

Go, very good boy.

OK. Behave, Sofia! You're tiny but you eat more than...

Luna, here. Come here.

Here, Sofia.

Here, go!


I've been looking for you for days.

Marcello. You got out and you didn't tell me?

How are you?

I'm good. My money?

What money?

The money you were supposed to give me.

What money do I gotta give you? Your share?

10,000 euros, yeah.

You want 10,000 euros?

Ain't got 10,000 euros.

That's a bit steep. Simone, we had a deal.

If you need money, I got this.

Three hundred. Keep your small change.


Simone, you gotta give me 10,000 euros, I need it!

Take this for now.

I did a year for you inside and I kept my mouth shut.

Look, I've changed. I'm not the same as I was before.

So I see. You've grown a pair, huh?

Show me. Throw me a right hook. Throw a right hook. Show me.

Show me, tiger.

The money's no problem. Don't get pissed off.

I'm not pissed at all. I'm calm.

You gotta give me the money.

Simone, you gotta give me the money.

Marcello, come on... Or gimme the keys to the bike.

Don't scare me like this.

You're scaring me like this, Marcellino.

We'll talk tomorrow.

Tomorrow, huh?




Come here, Jack.


Come on.

Don't drink dirty water. Come here.

Now, she eats these because she's allergic to chicken.

Then these are her toys. This is her favourite.

Don't lose it, or else she won't sleep.

So many things... And there's her blanket.

You put it on the floor and just say, "Come".

What did you do here, huh? What did you do?

And here?

You don't do that. You don't do that, hear me?

You don't do that.

What am I gonna do with you?

You want money, huh?

This is your mask, here.

Hi. Hi.

So, Alida? Bye, darling, I'm going.

Bye, Mummy. Be good.

So, how are you? My little gnome...

Wait. Where's your bag?

Wait. What?

What happened? Nothing.

What happened to you? It's nothing.

What happened? An accident.

Let's go. Come on, come on.

Go. Watch your step.

Tell me what happened. Go, go.

Let's go, come on.

You've already loaded everything.

I'm sorry. It's OK.

Daddy, is everything OK? Yes.

Do you want me to call someone?

What the fuck are you doing here?

Easy, Simone.

I wanted to apologise.

I'm sorry.

I got you a present.

How is it?

Good, huh?

It's uncut.

100% pure.

Bye, Simone.

They're friends of mine.

Big time.

Top shelf.

They'll give us as much as we want.

Listen, come here.

You know what?

I got a plan. I need money.

I'm sick of living here.

No one likes me anymore.

I'll get them to come to my shop.

I'll get them to come to my shop. Who?

These guys.

You hide.

As soon as they arrive... put a hood on so they don't recognise you, we'll kick their ass and take everything they have.

And everyone goes their own way.

What do you say?

What time do you call this?

Hurry up. They're coming. Let's go, let's go.

Listen up, when they get here, we weigh it here.

When we've got our backs to you, you'll be here.


Here? Here.

What are you saying? You take me for a dog?

Simone, this is the safest place.

You get in here.

Isn't there anywhere else?

Where? You tell me.

In the bathroom. In the bathroom?

They'll find you right away. It's the first place they'll look.

Simone, get in here. Listen to me.

I won't fit. Sure you will. It's easy.

You get in here, then you come out.

We grab the stuff and escape through the window.

I'm twice your size. No, no.

Just try. Gimme a line.

Not now. We'll do it after.

Go on, try. I don't want to.

OK, then let's forget it, I'll call them and say it's off.

Like hell.

Go, go. Move.

C'mon, they're here. Hurry up!

Come on. Go, go!

Quiet. Wait, I'll do it myself.


Well done, that's it.

When they've got their backs to you, you come out, got it?

You come out...

Shut up!

You come out, got it? Why are you locking it?

Don't worry, take it easy.

But why did you lock it? I'll take this off, too.

Stand by, Simone.

I don't get why you looked it.

They're coming. Hear that? Look, they're coming.


Look here, they brought mountains of blow.

Look. Wait a minute...

Marcello... Look at this.


So good, 100%, uncut! Open this thing.

Wow, it's so good!

Awesome, amazing.

This stuff's the shit! Open this thing!

This time I'm gonna kill you. Open it.

Holy mother! Open it!

Open it, Marcello.

I'm gonna kill you. Open it! Mamma mia.

Open it!


What does it feel like?

You feel trapped, right?

You gotta apologise to me, hear me?

You gotta apologise to me, hear me?

You gotta treat me with respect, hear me?

Respect, my ass. Say you're sorry and it ends here.

Look at him! Jack, look at him! You see him?

We got another dog. Look at him.

Sweetie-pie, you want some? Sweetie-pie.

You want some more?

You gotta stop. You gotta stop acting like this.

You gotta respect me.

What's the matter?

Please, Simone.

Knock it off.

I'm gonna kill you!

What was I supposed to do?

What was I supposed to do?

Easy, Simone. Easy, now you'll feel better.

It's not deep.

I'm sorry, Simone, I didn't want to hurt you.

What's the matter?

What's the matter? Simone?




It's me, Marcello!

Can you hear me?

It's Marcello!


Come and see what I've done!

Come and see!

Can you hear me?

Wait, I'll take care of it!

I'll take care of it! I'll be right back!