Dogs (1976) Script

Nice dog.

That was the plan.

How about some of that low octane juice over there?

Oh, you want some of this?

Just a little tear?

I wish I could, but I can't.


Go away.

I'm based in Australia.

I like that, I'm in California myself.

I like, I like to see the sun glint on the ocean.

Okay, Grady, come on.

Back off Grady, come on, I'll let you out.

Here you go.

With Michael Fitzgerald on your staff, I'd say that Southwestern is now among the top two or three college research centers in biology.

Wouldn't you agree, Harlan?

I uh, understand he's very good.

Down, Miss Engle.

I mean, I mean, he's a genius.

And by his own admission.

Oh, come on, Harlan.

You loved his paper at the American Biological Convention.

I did?

Oh, you said, and I quote, "An interesting speculative piece."

Yeah, well, the keyword was speculative.

Here he is, everybody.

Uh, Michael Fitzgerald, I'd like you to meet Harlan Thompson, head of the biology department.

I feel as if we know each other.

So much of our research has been along parallel lines.

Yeah well, parallel lines are not supposed to meet.

And this is Dr. Aintry-

Yes, I've met Dr. Aintry.

Yes, we have.

And Miss Engle.


Hello, Dr. Fitzgerald.

I'm Caroline Donoghue of the English department.


Oh, there we go again.

Well, it seems our simple handshake has caused an unmanageable surge of electricity.

What a fascinating theory.

Not one that's been fully researched.

Um, don't, don't panic, anyone, don't panic.

Honey, uh, would you get some more candles, please?

Okay, darling.

It's that damned linear accelerator.

And some idiot put it on the same power line as the college.

A government agency's doing some high energy particle experiments over there.

I can't say any more.

When those agency boys want something, they can be very persuasive.

It's better like this anyway.

More romantic.

Romance, Mrs. Koppelman, is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

Do you always have this effect on the electricity, Ms. Donoghue?

Did you know Dr. Fitzgerald that recent discoveries have come up with two new particles?

Both with the properties and strength of-

The charm part?


I had heard about that-

Well, Dr. Aintry, it seems that the Physics Department has blown it again.

Well, Miss Engle-

_ Hmm?

Those hush-hush gentlemen with the accelerator don't consult with me.

Besides, I'm a theoretical physicist, not a technician.

Well, I should think that that would make you all the more able to avoid draining our entire campus of light at regular intervals, Dr. Aintry.

Well, perhaps if they weren't so secretive about their experiments, I would go and solve the problem.

Well, Dr. Aintry, I'm afraid we haven't made a very good first impression on our new faculty member.

Why does everyone talk to me about this?

Why don't you talk to the engineers?

I can't do a damn thing about it.

Every spring, Dr. Fitzgerald, there's an argument and faculty meeting about what the hell we're going to do about the liner accelerator draining power from the people.


Oh, at last.

Uh, Dr. Aintry, Melanie was telling me about an incident involving you and a dog.

Oh well everybody's heard about that by now.

No, Charlie, tell us.

Well, it was quite simple.

The most frightening experience I've had since my first marriage.

Seems he was delivering a lecture to his graduate students-

And right in the middle of the lecture, I was attacked, by a seeing-eye dog.

What's so funny?

What do you mean, attacked?

I was just at the point where I was explaining that a particle could move backward through time.

When all of a sudden, this enormous German Shepherd leapt up on the podium and began making hostile overtures.

Definitely threatening gestures, baring his teeth, and so forth.

Oh really?

Really, Miss Engle.

And furthermore, I'm convinced that this slathering creature intended to devour me.

And would have done, too, if it hadn't had been for young Parker, of football fame, who interceded between me and the dog and endured the attack himself.

I must remember not to flunk that idiot.

It seems that, uh, nobody was nipped, or munched.

No, Miss Engle.

Only frightened half to death.

Well, of course he was.

Charlotte, shame on you for teasing him.

I'm fully convinced that it was the full moon.

An interesting explanation from a scientist.

No, the moon does have an effect on animals.

Thank you, Harlan.

It's an interesting area.

You'll find Dr. Fitzgerald that in spite of the string of degrees behind Dr. Koppelman's name, he's more interested in the science of politics than in the science of progress.

Forgive our house rebel, Dr. Fitzgerald.

Morton, I uh, I think Dr. Fitzgerald needs a refill.

Come on darling, I'll take care of you.

Do you have power failures all the time?

Oh, they come and they go.

They come and they go.

You know, I've never seen Harlan like this before.

All the time he's been here, the only living thing he's shown any interest in has been uh, under his microscope.

I wonder what's aroused his senses and his attentiveness?

Natural selection, my dear.

Survival of the most fit.


Dr. Fitzgerald is, uh, very interesting.

He could, um, be competition for Harlan in um, more ways than one.

Well, it'd be interesting to see the results, if Harlan ever puts his beer can down long enough to lock horns.

How's the new pad?


You all moved in?


Have you got any neighbors yet?


Isn't it a bit lonely up there?

I never knew you cared.

You know, when I was recruited to come to this place, it was described to me as intellectually stimulating and a haven for concentration.

Look at them.

My colleagues.

Sometimes they frighten me.

Frighten you?

Yeah, frighten.

Excuse me, Harlan.

You asked me to notify you if any more cattle were killed.

Larry Ludecke just called, and he's had it with these killings.

You gonna be here a while?


We gotta pick up Ludecke on the way.

What does he think?

Well, he thinks it might be a big cat, but I haven't seen one around here for three or four years.

It's possible, but I don't think it's likely.

It sounds more like coyotes to me.

There's a lot of them around here.

Could be wolves.

No, they're all up north.


Did you ever see anything like that?

Here, that's okay.

Here you go, baby.

That's okay, take it easy, girl.

It's not coyotes.

Wolves, maybe?

Yeah, maybe.

It's funny though.


The bite radii are inconsistent.

_ Hmm?

The size of the mouth.

Some of them are bigger than others.

Maybe a whole pack of them?

Or a family?

Yeah, maybe.

I can't really tell in this light.

Well, why don't we load it up in my truck and take it back to the ranch?

You can look at it some time tomorrow.

Well, what the hell is it?

Something's killin' my stock.

Yeah, well, we'll look at it in the daylight, and then we'll know.

Now come on, I need a beer.

What's all that green stuff?


Oh, barley.

It'll be gone in a couple of weeks.

And the yellow?


If there was ever a place for peace and quiet in research, this is it.

Yeah, well wait 'til you've been here a while.

Well, I don't want to whet your enthusiasm, but as a place for serious scientists, I'm afraid the physical climate is quite a bit more fertile than the mental one.

You'll find that beneath the surface, this place is full of dreamers, not doers.

Not to mention the talkers.

Why do you stay here?


I believe in attempting to change the system rather than dropping out.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty much alone in my crusade.

You know, the rot starts in first grade.

Half the time, the kids sit around and thread beads.

But teachers don't insist that everyone sit down and learn the basic skills anymore.

You'll be horrified at the standard of penmanship, spelling and grammar throughout the student body here.

My old professor would have had a coronary.

Well, what does all that got to do with post-graduate studies?

Well, it's the same attitude.

The practical takes second place to the ideological.

It's all the way through the system.

It's getting to where a fancy talker with an average knowledge of his subject can wrangle himself a research fellowship.

It's bloody ridiculous.

Is that the famous linear accelerator?

Yeah, that's it. Your place tonight?

I'd like to visit that some time.

You won't find that so easy.

They spend more money over there on security than they do on research.

What's so secret about a linear accelerator?

The trouble is, they're all paranoid.

It's what happens when you get lQs of 200 and the mentalities of nine year olds.

What do they do with you when it comes time to raise funds around here?

They lock me in a closet.

Well, I was brought up to believe in work, hard work.

And original, wherever possible.

And the field of science backed up not just by logical thinking and speculation, but by carefully documented proof.

And that results in practical experimentation.

Everything else is sheer indulgence.

I take it you're referring to my paper before the ABAC?

Well, there's no doubt you're a theoretical genius, Michael, but that doesn't mean a damn thing in my book unless you can back it up with valid scientific research.

I'm sorry you feel that way, Harlan.

The discovery of pheromone-induced behavior is nothing new.

We have observed it in fish.

In insects.

We have observed it and identified it in moths.

This is a colony of carpenter ants.

Together, the ants seem to accumulate intelligence, as they have it.

Two or three ants will begin moving pellets from place to place.

As more join in, they seem to reach a critical mass.

A quorum.

And something akin to thinking begins.

The olfactory stimuli that sets the ants off, building collectively, as opposed to shifting pellets aimlessly, are the carbon chain molecules known as pheromones.

Very important.

The olfactory stimuli that sets the ants off, building collectively, pheromones.


_ Yes?

Would you give us the definition for pheromones, please?


A specific chemical substance produced by an organism which when released externally causes a change in behavior of another organism of the same species.

Could you repeat that again, please?

No, you'll have to get that from someone else after class.

Now, the ants, gathered in sufficient numbers, seem to be capable of acting with a singularity of purpose, and intelligence.

It is presumed that their behavior is triggered by a complex array of molecular science.

You mean the whole society of ants acts as if it has a single intelligence?

Yes, exactly.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Individual ants, incapable of acting as builders by themselves, suddenly create and execute incredibly complex architectural designs.


Does this phenomenon occur in other species?

No, as I said a moment ago, it occurs in many insects, in fish, in birds.

There's also scattered evidence it occurs in mammals.

And that evidence, however, is extremely sketchy.

As yet, we cannot draw any definite conclusions.

You mean that I might be releasing odors that tell other people what to do?

You make a great straight man, Howard.

All right, now watch.

A simple nitrogen compound, if I were to apply it in sufficient quantities, it would smother their olfactory sensors.

Pheromone information would be blocked, and thus, no more building.

Could this theory be applied to human beings as well?

Well, we have no evidence of that.

Well, might the pheromone reaction become potentially dangerous?


You can't rule out the possibility.

It's strange.

They mutilated it, but they didn't feed on it.

That rules out coyotes.

Them bastards, this makes four head, and I can't afford that.

I'm gonna get my gun and kill them son of a bitches.

You're a, you're a rancher, Larry, not a hunter.

Hell, I've been shootin' a gun all my life.

J1 Roll over, roll over J1 Then they all rolled over, and one fell out J1 There were 10 in a bed and the little one said J1 Roll over, roll over J1 Then they all rolled over, and one fell out J1 There were nine in the bed, and the little one said J1 Roll over, roll over J1 Then they all rolled over, and one fell out J1 There were nine in the bed, and the little one said J1 Roll over, roll over J1 Then they all rolled over, and one fell out J1 There were eight in the bed, and the little one said J1 Roll over, roll over J1 Then they all rolled over, and one fell out

Can I sit on your lap?

What do you think?

I'm gonna go sit over there.

That was great, fabulous.

I'll ask you, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Yeah, but they had these giant ants eating these giant lizards.

And it was dynamite, really.

What kind of skeletons do insects have, Robbie?


It's on, it's on the outside.

You know, on the outside.

Exoskeleton, schmuck.

As you increase the supporting structure, you have to square the tensile strength.

Simple physics.

And that means there's an absolute limit to the size an insect can grow.

Giant ants and scorpions and lizards are just the product of an ignorant screenwriter who never took biology.

Yeah, but they look great.

But Dr. Thompson, aren't there any sort of exceptions in biology?

Plants that are animals?

Unicellular structures who are capable of photosynthesis?

And biology professors, their heads are way out of proportion to their bodies.

All right, here's another one for you.

Why is that groups of animals behave differently to individuals of the species?

Who cares?

No, no, it could explain a lot of things.

Sex, for example.

I mean, why is that males and females, separated by so many different factors such as, uh, intelligence, physical attractiveness, status within the community, why is they, they find each other and form bonds?

That's easy.


Tell me, I could use a little help.

Yeah, you sure could.

Desperation will drive people to almost anything.

Yeah, well there are rogue males within any species.

Maddened by prolonged bachelorhood.

Like you?

Such males are often characterized by viciousness and malice.

Note, he said males.

However, the wanton viciousness of the female hippopotami should not be disregarded either.

Bullseye! Nice.

Harlan, could I talk to you a sec?

Larry Ludecke was killed.

Crawled into Taylor's Gas Station.

Old many Taylor found him.

You wouldn't believe it, Harlan, it was horrible.

Where is he now?

He's in the morgue.

All right.

Come on, my darling, we've got work to do.

Yeah, that should take care of my share.


Carl, can you hear me?


Do you remember what it was you took?

Was it acid?

Marilyn, Thorazine oral, 15 milligrams.

The injection will scare him to death.



Do you know who I am?


Do you know who you are?




Ralph, give me a hand here will you?

Jesus... Take it easy, Carl.

Come on, take it easy.

Calm down.

Just a moment. Yeah, yeah.

I get it now, it's all so clear, it's perfect.

Jesus, I love you!

Now I know what you mean.

Dr. Taggart, Deputy Goodman told us about Larry Ludecke.

I'm busy, he's dead.

He's dead, yeah, but he rose again.

Can you dig it?

Give me a needle.

Give me a goddamn needle.

God, it's so beautiful!

Dr. Taggart, I need to see his body.

Ralph, would you take him to the morgue?

Where's the needle?

Come on, take it easy Carl, take it easy.

It's all right.

It's all right, the emergency lights will be right on.



I'm sorry, I was determined not to do that.

Well, it's my fault.

I should have told you to wait outside.

I'm very capable of making my own decisions.

I'm just not used to being plunged into the dark, in a morgue, in the middle of the night.

Why did you have to go and look at Larry Ludecke's body?

I was curious.

About what?

I'm not sure.

Harlan, don't shut me out.

It was starting last month, some cattle were killed.

They belonged to Larry Ludecke.

Now he's been killed.

And you know who did it?


And it, it's not a who, it's a what.

It's an animal of some kind.

Does Jimmy know what it is?

No, he hasn't a clue.

That's why he keeps sending for me all the time.

Where's the car?


Damn dogs, I could have killed you or something.

Look what you did to my bike.

Oh, Napoleon, come back here!

Stop that, get out of here!

Stop it, stop that noise!

Get going or...



No, no!

Oh, no!

Oh my God, help!


Help me!

All of those attacks happened because, because the animals were hungry, they needed food.

All we've got here is just wanton viciousness.

It's because they've been rejected, people have stopped caring.

I mean, if you stopped loving people, they'd behave like that.

Come on, Cricket.

Come on, girl, yeah.

Did you miss me, huh?

All right, go on, go on.

Do you want to come in for a while?

It's nice and warm inside.

I've got plenty of cold beer in the ice box.


Harlan, I'm offering all I've got, and you're not listening to me.



Yeah, well um, I'm sorry.

So am I.

It's just that I-

It's all right, you don't have to explain, I understand.

Come on, Cricket.

Come on, come on girl.

All right.

Good night, Harlan.

There are only two;

Bobcat and mountain lion.

Yeah, well, none of those bites or lacerations could have been made by either of those.

Then you're back to canines.

Well, name them.

Kit fox, gray fox.

Uh, coyote, wolf.

Now which combination of those could be responsible for that range of bites?

Because whatever bit Larry Ludecke wasn't just one animal.

I don't know.

Well, whatever it is, what's causing it to pack?


Well, a pheromone of some kind.

You can't call estrogen a pheromone.

What would you call it?

Harlan, you know what I'm talking about.

It's exactly the same principle.

Yes, I know what you're talking about, a social behavior with a chemical basis.

I'm not interested in your theories.

I need biological precedent.

What about the short chain olfactory compounds elaborated in female monkeys?

Would you know where to look that up?


Well, go look it up.

Go answer the phone.


Hello, Dr. Thompson.

This is Dr. Taggart at the hospital.

Yes, doctor?

Um, I'm sorry I was so rude to you last night, but the kid was about to float off into the ether.

Listen, uh, I had a look at Larry Ludecke's body.

He'd been chewed up awfully bad.

What do you think it is?

Hell if I know, I never saw anything like that.

It looked like he'd been chewed up by some wild animal.

Yeah, yeah, that's what I thought it was.

Well uh, listen, I think we might have some kind of a problem here.

In what way?

Well, we got another DOA here.

Kid been killed in a motorcycle accident.

One of our students?


Name of Dick Huber.

Listen uh...

I think whatever got to Larry Ludecke got this boy.

Bite marks, tearing of the flesh, lacerations.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Yeah, uh, thank you.

What happened?

Well, that was the hospital.

One of our students was killed last night.

And it looks as if whatever killed Larry Ludecke also killed him.

Our unidentified wild animal.

You know I'm the last one to speculate.

But I'm pretty sure these attacks were made by dogs.

Well, if it's wild dogs, why are we going through all this?

I'm not so sure they're wild.

This is a hell of a way to prove your theory but I think something is causing domestic dogs to pack and attack people.

If they gather in sufficient number to reach critical mass...

Come on, let's talk to Koppelman.

Harlan, what you're asking me to do is not only impossible, it sounds a little unbalanced, if you don't mind my saying so-

As the president of this college, you have the responsibility of the lives of everyone here.

Two people have been killed already, one of them a student.

By What?

It's terrible, yes, but you have no evidence it was done by dogs.

It's a process of elimination, Dr. Koppelman.

It couldn't be anything else.

Look at this animal here.

Are you telling me that Grady dragged poor Larry Ludecke or the Huber boy into the bushes and slaughtered them?

Look now, it's not unheard of.

A few years ago in Palo Alto, household dogs began attacking cattle.

Cattle are not people.

Dogs attack people regularly.

In Naples, packs of dogs carried off a score of children in one week.

Those were street animals.

Wild dogs.

Now, listen.

About a week or so ago in Los Angeles, a woman was attacked by her neighbor's Great Danes for no apparent reason.

Miss Watson, we are all so grateful that you wanted to participate with us, after that terrible accident but, well, we just couldn't have done it without you.

Well, thank you.

You know, I'm the only one in the west who goes skiing who breaks an arm instead of a leg.

Would you like to sit down?

Oh perfect, yes.


How's that?


She's just a little darling.

I don't know how well these dogs are trained, but that's not the point.

Well, the children will love it.

Yes, that's true.

All right everyone, shall we begin?

Hello, how are you?


Would you like to go over and meet the children now?

Oh, I'd love to, yes.

Hello, who's this?

' Waldo.


That's Waldo, hello Waldo.

Yes, and who have we got here?


Shana, is that so?

Is that a girl?

Yeah. Oh!

Hello, and who's this?



Hello, Baron.



And uh, who's that?


Asta, is it a girl or boy?



Oh, she is lovely, lovely.


Hello. Oh, who's this right here?



Is that like in Maggie and Jiggs?

Hi there, and what is your name?


Mitchell, how are you Mitchell?

And who's this handsome fellow?



Like in the Sundance Kid?

Ooh, I bet he does a lot of tricks, huh?

And I'll bet he wins the prize.

Hi there, what's your name?


Oh, what a lovely name.

And what's your doggie's name?



Oh, that's a marvelous name.

It's a boy name.

A boy name?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I apologize.

They are just darling, absolutely darling.

It's wonderful.

Bye. Bye.

Okay, Michelle.

Now you're gonna be first, okay?

I'm gonna go over there and I'll give you a signal when it's time to start.

I could start a panic with just one wrong move.

You know how upset the townspeople are about that damned accelerator.

And now, you want me to tell 'em they're going to be eaten by their poodles?

How long do you think I'd stay in this job if the governor heard about that?

I'm only asking you to warn people, to ask them to keep their dogs at home at night.

Give me proof, facts, then I can take action.

I don't have any proof.

It's just an experiment, a theory, an instinct.

Listen, if you don't believe me, believe him.

Will you alert some people, sir?

No, I will not.

Turn around.


Simply marvelous.

He's cute.


What's happening?


What's happening?

Children, drop your leashes.

Leave the dogs alone.

Now come with me, slowly.

Come on, that's right.

Come with me.

Quietly but quickly, come with me.

Come on, that's it, come on.

What's happening?

All right, children, now run!


Gentlemen, I have a meeting in 15 minutes.

Will you excuse me?

Morton, I'm going to the authorities.

You do, and you're out.





All right, is anyone hurt?

I'll be right over.

There was a dog show at the kindergarten.

The dogs turned on the parents and the kids.

Let's go.

Oh, I know.

Oh, it's terrible.

What in the world?

Which dog attacked first?

Hold it, hold it.

Let me find out exactly what happened and then I'll take care of it, all right?

Now just relax.

Oh sure, I bet he doesn't do a thing.

I bet nothing happens.

How can he do anything?

I don't understand it.

Morton- The dogs were acting up.

The children probably frightened them.

Frightened them?

Yes. No one frightened the dogs.

Morton, those animals went crazy.

Now, they're dangerous.

Please, do something.

At least no one was seriously hurt.

But you weren't there, Dr. Fitzgerald.

You can thank God for that. It was horrible.

Does anyone know which way they went?

Well, as near as I can figure, they're still in a pack and headed for the hills.

Some of us are forming sort of a posse to hunt these animals down and kill them.

If I were you, Mr. Nichols, I'd go home and lock the door.

Lock the door?

They're just a bunch of dogs.

We'll shoot them all tonight and be-

They're not just a bunch of dogs.

When they're alone, they act like any other dog, but when they're together, they accumulate intelligence.

They seem to have some sense of purpose.

Look I- It won't be that easy-

I don't know anything about that.

I know we've got to do something.

Now, are you with us or not?

Mr. Nichols, two people were killed already yesterday by these dogs.

People were killed? People were killed and you didn't say anything to anybody?

Well, I wasn't sure yesterday.

You mean to say you knew these animals were running around wild, and you let the kids have a dog show?

Are you crazy?

Look, don't hunt these animals at night.

It could be very dangerous.

Just wait until tomorrow morning.

And if I were you, I'd start asking for outside help.

What you are, Thompson, is a coward.

Yeah. Hey, now cool it.

Look, if you're not gonna do anything about this, we will.

No you're not.

Yeah! No, now listen!

I'm not gonna have a bunch of idiots running around with loaded guns chasing shadows.

Now, somebody“ get mm.

You go with us, then. Let's form a posse.

Yeah. Come on, let's do it.

All right, all right.

Look, Mike, you and Homer and maybe Fremont, uh, meet me in my place in a half hour, all right?

We'll meet you in a half hour.

We'll have us a hunt.

. Okay-

Dr. Koppelman, let's get everybody home, okay?

Folks, if you'll please just go home and stay there, lock the doors, and if you've got any dogs, for God's sake, keep 'em inside, okay?

Let me take care of it.

Mrs. Koppelman, I'm awfully sorry.

It's all right darling, get some rest.

Morton, I want you to call the governor.

Louise, I can't go to the governor with this.

Morton, I want you to call the governor!

Koppelman agreed to let us use his dog.

I think he's glad to get him out of the house.

Has he notified the authorities yet?


He's got a call into the governor.

Harlan, I don't know if I can make this work.

I've got to get a cage and seal it hermetically.

Well, we can use plastic.

Then we've got to make inlets for the oxygen.

I don't know if I have the right equipment for that.

Well, you'll just have to improvise, won't you?

Hello, governor?

This is Morton Koppelman, how are you?

Well, I, I called earlier and uh, they said you couldn't be interrupted.

Oh, meditating?

Does that stuff work?

Yes, uh huh?

Yes, it's good to talk to you too.

Did you get that book I sent you?

The illustrated Tibetan “Book of the Dead"?

Great, wonderful.

Morton, get on with it.

We've had some unpleasantness down here.

No, no, no, nothing serious.

No, it wasn't a demonstration.


No, it had nothing to do with the accelerator or the plant.

Yes, I, I know there's classified experimentation going on.

Of course.

No, this was much more mundane.

And I feel silly even talking to you about it.

Seems we've been having these dog attacks.


What's that?

Oh, you have a dog?

Oh, what kind?

A mutt?

Oh, that's beautiful, that's beautiful.

Oh, for God's sake!

Where did you get it?

Cesar gave it to you.

Governor, uh, some people down here are pretty frightened.

Now, I know we don't want to get into an alarmist frame of mind, but I just wanted to apprise you of the situation.

I, I really don't know what you can do.

No, I, I don't think there's any chance that anything's gone wrong with the accelerator.

It's just that we have a large bunch of dogs that are acting up, and, and that's the long and the short of it.

Governor, this is Louise Koppelman.

Two people have been killed down here by dogs.



And a group of kindergarten children and their parents were attacked just this afternoon.


Now, we need some help.

Well, I don't know what you're gonna do about it, but do something.

Don't, don't mind her.

She's a little upset.

Well, that'll be just fine.

Just some department of animal regulation men.

We want to smooth some ruffled feathers down here.

Thanks very much.

Oh uh, by the way uh, have you been to Esalen lately?

Well, I don't think we gotta worry about no wolf gettin' close enough to do us any harm, let alone a poodle.

Hey come on, quiet.

Let's go.

Easy, lie down.

That's it.

Assuming this experiment works, and we prove it's a smell or order being transferred from one dog to another, making a pack this way, what are we gonna spray them with?

A stronger odor.

Like sulfur dioxide?

Yeah, that would do it.

How are we gonna spray 'em?

That's a hell of a logistics problem.

Well, fire engines.

Or crop dusters.

What about the principle of the flamethrower?

Yeah, possibly.

Well, we're gonna need the military or the national guard.

First thing's first, give me the putty.

It's in my pocket.

Well, take it out of your pocket and give it to me.

Thank you.


Did you see anything?

No, nothing.

A rabbit scared him.

A rabbit?

This is near the spot where Ludecke was attacked.

Hey, Homer, pass me some of that uh, port up out there, will ya?

Hey uh, I wish you guys would go easy on that stuff.

Just something to kill the chill.


Look, if we're attacked by a bunch of wild dogs, I don't want to have to depend on a bunch of drunks.

What was that?

What's what?

No, there's a sound, listen.

What the hell is that?

I don't know.

I ain't never heard anything like that before.

Whatever it is, it's comin' this way.

Which way is it comin' from?

I don't know.

I think they've gone. Shh!

Maybe the fire's attractin' 'em?

I don't want nobody to see me.

I'm not gonna be no movin' target.

Now, shut up!

Holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph...

I think it came from down here.

Where the hell are they?

Over here!

No, I think it's over here.

Turn the lights out.

Turn the damn thing out!

How the hell we gonna see without a light?

Oh, shut up and give it to me.

Fremont, come here!

I think they've gone.

Woof woof.



Harlan, you scared me to death.


How long you been asleep?

About a half hour.

This should last us a good three hours at this rate.


That was the most frightening thing I've ever heard in my life.

Let's go find Jimmy Goodman.

Holy Jesus Christ!

Oh Christ, help me!

' No!

Get away from my gun!

No, no!

Oh God, I need help!


_ Help, help!

Help, oh God!





Good night, Dr. Aintry.

Come on, Charlotte, it's only 10:30.

Well, I have an early class tomorrow.

That's getting a little tiresome, saying good night on the front porch like a teenager.



Now, isn't it just a little coincidental that every time we're out together, you have an early class?

Come on, let's go inside.

I'm going inside.

You're going home.

You know, Charlotte, if you don't want to see me anymore, all you have to do is say so.

No, uh, I want to see you.

I want to see you at school.

In parties-

That's not what I mean and you know it.

Let's just say, I have a headache.

Good night.

J1 I have feelings for you J1 I never thought I had

J1 In all we do J1 Forevermore

J1 I used to walk around and say

J1 My heart would not agree J1 Oh, how I always used to

J1 In my life J1 I am in love



Maybe they're in the garage.


Hello, Jimmy Goodman?

Can you, can you hear me?


Hello, Jimmy Goodman?

This is Harlan Thompson, can you hear me?


Help. get off me!


Get off me!

Help me, for God's sakes, help me!

Shoot for God's sake, shoot!


He's dead.

I shot him...

I shot him!

Take it easy.

Come on, let's get out of here.

Pull yourself together.

I need you.

_ rm all right.

I'm gonna make some calls.

Oh my God...

_ rm all right.

I'm all right.

I gotta warn the students.

It's busy.

That number's always busy.


Harlan, you go take care of Caroline.

I'll warn the students.

You sure?

Yeah, now look, I'm all right.

I'll meet you at the dorm.

I'll take Koppelman's car.

I'm sure he won't mind.


Get your things together, we're leaving.

The dogs?

Yes, and it was hideous.

What happened?

I'll tell you in the car, there isn't time.

Now come on, get some things.

Have you got something I can drink?

In the kitchen, over the dishwasher.

Oh, what, what is that?

Are all the windows locked?

I don't know.

What's happening, Harlan?

What about Jimmy Goodman?

I don't know.

I haven't heard anything.

And Michael?

Oh, he's at the college with the students.


She's trembling.


It's all right, let's go.

Oh my God.

Who's got a pen?

Is there a pen anywhere?

Hand me that pen.

Thank you.

All right, let me have your attention, everybody.

Okay, here we go, listen.

I know this is very confusing.

I'm gonna answer all your questions now.

Now listen.

What you've been hearing outside tonight is the sound of dogs packing.


Are they gem' on a mp'?

Quiet, please!

These dogs have killed several people.

Now look, I want to take everyone over to the library tonight.

It's gonna be the central gathering place for everybody that's left on campus.

In the morning, we're gonna evacuate the college.


Quiet, quiet!

I need your attention!

Quiet down! I'm not gonna go.

To make sure that everybody is here and safe, we're gonna ask you to sign in.

And everyone's name will be rechecked when they're over at the library.

Is that understood?

Yeah. All right.

No one is to leave this group of people from this moment on, no one.

All right, you've got five minutes.

Go upstairs, get dressed, and come on back down.

Robbie will take your names.

Okay, everybody sign up here.

Dr. Fitzgerald?

Dr. Fitzgerald?

_ Yes?

I can't find my roommate.

Your roommate, who's your roommate?

Howard Kaplan.


The fat boy, you mean?

Yeah, and he was hungry.

Oh, for Christ's sake.

I think he went to the commons.

It's a scholarship job and he's got to eat.

I'll go get him.

You wait here.

Make sure no one leaves the place, you understand?

No one.

Hey, was that guys really serious?


J1 The stags in the forest are running so free J1 The blossom embraces the bee J1 The morning will come when the world will be J1 These sweet rolls belong to me

What are you guys doing there?

Hey, stop, leave me alone!



Throw 'em the food!

Throw 'em the food now, in the corner!

Come on Howard, run!

Move it!

Come on, let's go, let's go!

Come on Howard, come on!

Howard come on, let's move it!

Everybody quiet down, come on, huh?

I think they forgot about us.

I think they're not coming back, and I think everybody's in the library, so let's go over there now.

Wait a minute!

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait, guys!

Dr. Fitzgerald was explicit, he said no one leave here until he gets back-

Out of the way, turkey, all right?

Wait, hey, come back!

Come back!

I'm not getting trapped in here.

I mean it.

He'll be back in just a minute, come on!

You stay here, you stay- Hey it's dangerous out here!

You can stay. Come on, come on back!

What are we gonna do, Harlan?

Well, we're gonna get in the car, drive to the college and meet Michael.

Okay, I'll get dressed.

Yeah, be as quick as you can.

Oh Cricket, you're not gonna betray us, are you?

Go, get away!


Is anybody here?

Oh, those idiots!

You gotta lose some weight, pal.

That's not the reason I can't run so fast.

What's the matter?

I've got, I've got asthma.

Come on, Howard, let's get moving.


The library.

Come on, Howard, keep it moving.

What's that noise? What is it?

Let's get out of here. Oh my God!

Come on, get up! Quiet, get down!

Don't move!

Let's go.

Can they break through?

I don't know.

They seem to have developed abnormal strength.

Do you have any tools?

Over there.


Come on!

Get me another piece of wood!

Get in the car!

All right, there's only way out of here.

We're gonna have to bust through the door.

Drop your seatbelt.

Where are the keys?

In my bag.

Where's your bag?

In the kitchen.

We're gonna have to hot-wire the car.

I haven't done that since I was 1O years old.


I'll need a bit of wire.

Have they gone?


We need to get out of here!

Get me another board!

Help me, help me, help me!


Get in the car!




Howard, watch out!

Let me in!

Let me in!

Oh, no!


Get some things together.

It's Michael...

This is Dick Schumacher, ABC News, Los Angeles.

Animal regulation officials in Sacramento today confirmed scattered reports of attacks by domestic dogs on human beings and livestock in several parts of California.

Officials say it is possible that some human lives have been lost in communities as far separated as Petaluma in the north, and Chula Vista in the south.

As yet, the number of casualties has not been reported.

But state investigators are being dispatched to several locations.

Pet owners are advised to take no action

'til more information is available.

Officials say that as far as can be determined, only dogs are now being affected.

Stay tuned to this station for further developments.