Dogtooth (2009) Script

Today the new words are the following:

Sea ..


Roadtrip... and shotgun.

"Sea" is the leather chair with wooden armrests like the one in the living room.

Example: Don't remain standing, sit down in the "sea" to have a chat.

"Highway" is a very strong wind.

"Roadtrip" is highly durable material... used to make floors.


The chandelier fell and smashed itself on the floor, but the floor was not damaged, cause its made 100% of "roadtrip".


"Shotgun" is a beautiful white bird.

I suggest playing a game of endurance.

We open the hot water taps and each puts his finger under hot water.

The one who keeps it there the longets, wins.

What do you think?

I...I like it.

And you? Me too.

Should we open all faucets or just one?

We can open only one, if you prefer.

And how will we time it?

With a stopwatch or a clock?

No need for it. We'll all put our finger under the water.

Whoever removes it last is the winner So we need all three faucets?

Just one will do.

With all taps on one could cheat.

We could use the big one in the bathtub. The tap.

And what should we call this game?

I don't know...

Do you like the music? I could change it if you want.

No, it's fine.

Don't be shy. If you don't like it just say so.

No, I like it.

What's your favorite song?

I have two.

Have you taken a shower today?


You washed your hair?

No, I've washed them yesterday.

Are you dizzy? No, I'm fine.

Are you done?

Christina is here.

Hi Christina! Hi.

You've lost weight.

Yes, a bit.

Can I stay or am I interrupting?

Stay. You don't bother me. In the slightest

What's that on your headband?

Phosphorescent stones.


They light up in the dark.

Without plugging them in?


You're lying?

I swear!

Where did you get it?

I made it.


Thank you.

Do you have a headband?

I have. A brown one. But I gave it to my little sister in exchange for a pair of socks and two rubber erasers.

The socks you wear?

No, not those.

These are pretty too.

Thank you.

Will you stay for dinner?

No, I have go.

Too bad, we're having burger.

Burger is one of my favorite dishes.

What other food do you like?

Fish soup and cheese pie.

Fish soup and cheese pie are the best.

I had soup yesterday. Great.

I added apple in the juice.

It's delicious.

Unfortunately I'll have to go.

Could we shoot a video together?

Yes, we don't have one with Christina in it.

Is it okay if we shoot a video?

Not at all.

Daddy, could I sit next to Christina?

Yes, sweetie.

Could you smile a bit more Christina?

Consider a triangle whose angles are 36, 77 and 67 degrees.

Side A is 12.8cm long side C is 9.7 cm long.

Calculate the triangle's area, the length of the B side and the type of triangle.

Good luck!

We know that a fish is not fresh if the eyes are not:

A: Muddy.

B: Big C: Red.

Good luck.

If it's 11 pm, and we have't managed to fall asleep, what is the procedure to follow?

Good luck.

Are you ready? Yes.

Should I wait for you? Yes.

How do I look? Perfect.

And from behind?

It's perfect.

I think the skirt doesn't match the blouse.

How many do you have? 37.

If you cheat, they'll find out. I have 37. And you?


You might have the most. No way.

More salad? No.

We're out of iodine, and the antihistamines, have expired and I'm out of bandages too.

I'll make you a list. When you can.

As you wish honey.

Dad, I need brown color for your eyebrows.

Didn't I brought you some last week?

I've consumed it. I absolutely need it..

I can't paint your eyebrows blue. It would be untruthful.

I'll bring some more.

Lemon? No, thank you.

We're also out of meat. You should buy some.

Mom, can you pass me the phone, please?

Thank you.

Did you do the count? I have 76.

I have 52.


Girls, you must try harder.

Your brother is the winner once more.

That means, he will choose our entertainment for tonight.

But I have a surprise for you.

Something unprecedented.

The next reward won't be just 1 or 2 stickers, but 10!

So You must do your best.

You understand how important it is.

Yes, absolutely.

The winner will tell us how to spend the evening.

I choose the video.

We haven't watched a video for quite some time.

Today is a good opportunity.

Dad, can I use the hose as well?


Oh! Beware!

Look there is a dead plant there.

Look there's more.

An airplane, Dad!

Can you bring me a wet cloth?

Where is it, Mom?

In the closet, under the sink.

Be careful so you don't bring me a clean, dust cloth.

Wait! It might fall down.


How nice! I want to see too.

I wash it better than you.

I also clean the floor mats and tires.

I never forget the car deodorant. Except once.

It had such a great smell. I thought..

I had sprayed some already.

You, you never did, and you didn't do the mats when they had difficult stains like mud or tar.

I wish you could see how good I wash it.

You'd cry! If you could see.

He's by the fence again.

He started it He threw stones at me.

Your brother would never do such a thing.

Not yet. I'll tell you when.

Wait a bit.

Go ahead, spit.

Oh, I wish it would fall!

If it falls, it will be mine.

If it falls, the one who deserves it will have it.

Hello. How are you?

Good. My leg hurts a bit.

When will you be back at the house?

I'll have to check my shifts. I think afternoon is best, next week.

Do you use the perfume I gave you?


Does it smell good?

It smells very good.

Good morning. Mr. Petrou is asking for you.

When did you last watered the plant? Two weeks ago.

Do it every week. OK. Should I tell him to come over?

No, I'm going to him. Good.

I have a belly ache since yesterday evening.

Where exactly?

In the upper right. It might be appendicitis.

Appendicitis is down, right.

Does it hurt here? No.


There? No.

Does it hurt here? Yes.

No fruit and vegetables. I drank some milk.

It's okay. Avoid doing much today.

Will you'll give me some pills? No need for it.

If you follow my instructions, you'll be better.

Otherwise your condition will worsen.

Get up? Do you want to play something?

We have about 20 minutes free.

I have a new anesthetic. Should we try it?


The one who wakes up first, wins.

Don't put more on mine.

One, two, three.

It's almost done. it just need tiles and lights.

I can't chose between those two.

Those. I prefer the other.

These are good too.

How's your wife? No change.

Do you go out at all?


You should, I told you. Even in a wheelchair.

She is ashamed. She doesn't wants visitors either.

You know haw many times I asked her to invite you over? A 100 or more.

I understand your situation.

What happened to her is tragic It takes great courage to overcome it.

And she looks so alive in the photo.

She was volleyball champion, right?


So, you prefer these, ha?

Yes, but those are good too.


I was in a meeting. In a meeting, yes.

Did they go in the yard? Did they compete?

What's wrong with her? The belly or the stomach?

Yes, it's a bit cold.

I would like to take my dog.

Sorry, it's impossible.

He's still in the 2nd stage of training.

I'll show you.

1st, 2nd stage, the one your dog is in, 3rd, 4th, 5th and final stage.

Let me explain.

A dog is like clay.

Our job here is to shape it.

A dog can be dynamic, aggressive, a fighter, coward or affectionate.

It requires work, patience, and attention from us.

Every dog, your dog is waiting from us to teach him how to behave.

You understand?

We, we are here to determine what behavior the dog should have.

Do you want a pet, or a friend? a companion?

Or a keeper that respects its master and obeys our orders?

Do you understand?

I do.



1 min 15.

2 min.

2 mins 30.

2 mins 45.

3 min 15.

3 min 45.

4 min 30.

5 min 15.

5 min 30.

What do you mean, you can't?


It's not for me, but for you that we do this.


Try again, with your tongue, otherwise it's no use

Don't tell Dad.

It disgusts you? No.


I prefer what we did the other time.


What are you doing?

I clean the carpet to eliminate bacteria.

Do you want my head clamp? Very much.

What will you give me in return?

You want this pencil? It has an eraser at the end.


This measuring tape?

You press here and it contracts back.


Come close and lick me here. Then it's yours.

Does it disgusts you?


Shall we dance? I'm not in the mood.

And we don't have enough time. We must see mom in a little while.

Mom will be late. She talks to herself again.

Stop it.

You get scared when mom talks alone in her room.


Yes, you are. Wrong.

But you are. No.

You can't hear her She might talk about you.

She doesn't talk about me!

If I gave you a gift, will you'll lick me?

What kind of gift? A headband.

I have one already.

This one is phosphorescent.

What does that mean?

It glitters in the dark.

Where did you get it?

I can't tell you.

Do our parents know you have it?


It can become yours, very easily.

Where do you want me to lick you?

At the shoulder.

You'll buy chocolates?

Only if there's it's on your way.

Any kind.

Yes those are good.

Me too.

This is not your.

Leave me alone.

Does it still hurt? Yes.

You can ask Dad to get it for you with the car.

That's what I would do.

There is no other way.


The eldest threw the plane over the wall. Could you get it?

Where is it? Right outside.

I'll try.

How did it happened?

What did you tell them?


I'll tell them, too.

It's a good opportunity.


The temperature will rise and the wind will fall.

5 or 6 degrees.


No, it's time to put an end to it. Its exhausting for everyone I agree. You're absolutely right.


Your brother is dead.

A creature like the one in the garden tore hip apart.

On one hand... he made a huge mistake, venturing out ill prepared..

On the other hand, he was my son and I feel sorry for him The animal that threatens us is a "cat".

The most dangerous animal there is He eats meat. Children's flesh in particular.

After lacerating it's victims with its claws, It devours them with sharp teeth.

The face and whole body of the victim If you stay inside, you are protected We have to be ready.

In case it invades the house or the garden.

Our dear brother we're sorry you couldn't kill the cat, as I did.

We will miss you... despite the mistakes you did

It's a pity that this would happen to you and I wasn't able to use my knowledge to save you.

My dear brother, I would have never imagine that things could go so wrong.

I hoped that you'd survive on the supplies I secured for you.

But there are too many dangers.

I'm so sad...

You press three times on the chest. With force.

One two three.

Then you block the nose, open the mouth and you blow.

I am pregnant.

A boy and a girl. Twins.

How about two boys?

No, a girl and boy.

Are you sure? Yes.

How about triplets?

It would be too much.

You're right. Twins.

The same thing on your backs.

The same thing facing front.


Dive in.


3, 2, 1, go!

Soon, your mother will give birth to two children and a dog.

I know some of you will resent having to share a room clothes, or even toys.

But you must look on the bright:

You'll have two more people to care for you.

The family will grow bigger And I want us to applaud your mother for this big gift.

I don't want to share my room.

If you're a good girl, you will not have to.

I will be good.

I don't want to share either.

If your behavior and your performance improves, I may not have to give birth.

But if things don't change, I will have no other choice.

But I won't hear a thing about the dog.

He will be born as soon as possible

Great, darling, bravo to you all.

Dry yourself and come get your reward.

Dry your hands, or it won't stick anymore.

One more thing.

Your performance was worse than last time I shouldn't say more..

Oh! A plane.

It fell in the garden.

Not so hard, you're hurting me.

Like that?


Like this?


You want me to lick you so you'll give me gift?

I have nothing to give you.

It's okay.

Here's a nice spot.

Good morning, Dad.

Good morning. How many hours did you sleep About 9.

Be careful of the pinky!


There are two fish in the pool.

What kind?

I think they're sargos but I'm not sure.

You should catch them. Mom will be so glad if I'm right.

I'll be there in a minute.

There's three of them.

It was just two before. the third probably just swam in.

The most creative time for man is ...?

Between 30 and 40 years of age.

And for women?

Between 20 and 30.

A child is ready to leave his house when ...?

When the right dogtooth falls off.

Or the left one, doesn't really matter.

At that time, the body is ready to face all dangers.

To leave the house in safety one should use the car.

When can one learn to drive?

When the right dogtooth grows back.

Or the left, it doesn't really matter.

Mom, what is a "cunt"?

Where did you learn that word?

On a case on top of the VCR.

A cunt is a large lamp.


The cunt switched of, and the room got all dark.

Do you want to hear your grandfather singing?


Dad loves us.

Mom loves us.

Do we love them?

Yes, we love them.

I love my brothers and sisters because they love me too.

Spring fills my house.

Spring floods... my little heart.

My parents are proud of me, because I do my best.

But I'm always trying to do better.

My house, you're beautiful and I love you.

And never...

I will never leave you.

I dreamed of you the other day.

I was in a forest with your father.

In the evening we grilled potatoes.

Suddenly, we heard noise in a bush.

It was were a zombie.

Your father and I, we threw stones at you.

But we couldn't hit you. What was I?

A zombie.

You know what a zombie is? Yes.

Do you see dreams? Sure.

Tell me a recent one.

I saw Mom falling in the pool.

And then what?

Nothing. Just that.

I've brought another gift. Hair gel.

You put it in your hair to model it.

I don't like it.

What do you mean?

I do not like this gift. Besides, I don't believe you.

You said that the headband sparkled. It was a Lie.

It's true! It sparkles.

You did something wrong.

I don't believe you.

Look here.

Look at me.


If you want me to lick you, you have to offer me something better.

I have nothing else.

I want these.

I can't give them to you.

I want them. Impossible.

Then you must leave.

I can't give them to you.

Get out. I will never lick you again!

And I'll tell my parents you gave me a headband. And that you asked me to lick you down low, at your keyboard. And all that happened.

You know what dad do if he finds out that I lick your keyboard?

You should give them back to me next week.

Mommy, what's a zombie?

Where did you hear this word?

Don't remember. Dad probably said it.

A zombie is a small yellow flower.

What are you doing there?

I couldn't sleep. I'm nervous.

I'm afraid.

If you won't go out in the garden alone nothing will happen to you.

I won't let anything happen to you.

Dad, I want to learn how to fight.

What did you say? I can't hear you.

When do I learn to fight?

You can shut down your robot?

I'll fight, so you won't have to.

You need to use your head for something else than a punching bag. Like I do.

Your head does not look like a punching bag.


That's good. Thanks.

It looks like a baseball glove.

You're a wise guy, ha?

Mr. Balboa, Mr. Creed's on the phone.

There are all kinds of sharks.

Hammerhead, the blue shark, mako, white shark.

It's unlikely that those fools got the right one...

This kind of shark does not live here.

Highly unlikely.

I don't mean that this is not the shark we look for.

I think it is, Martin.

He's a man-eater.


His jaws do not correspond to the bites on the victim.

I want to be sure. So do you.

We all want to be sure, No?

Anyone else seen them?

No. Nobody.

Bring me the masking tape.

I want you to call me Bruce.

What is Bruce?

A name.

When you call me Bruce, I'll respond I also want a name like this.

Choose a new one. Whatever you want.

I want to be called Backbone.

You can't be called that.

A backbone is a backbone.





Your house is very nice. Just as we pictured it.

Thank you.

Where is the perfume I gave you?

In the bathroom.

It is a very good perfume My wife insisted that we should buy that perfume as a present for you At first, we were thinking of getting you a vase.

But we thought it would not find it's place in your house.

You live here alone?

Yes. My parents live on the 4th.

I wish your children get all the wrong stimuli and grow to be bad.

I wish it with all my heart.

Let this be the punishment for your wrongdoings to my family.

She hit me with a hammer!

He's lying, it wasn't me!

I just saw a cat with a hammer jumping out the window.

She did it.

The pain makes you delirious.

He needs a plaster and painkillers.

It must be broken, Dad.

Did you do like we said?

You have taken precautions?

He didn't have time, dad.

From what I saw it was a really fast cat.

Very, very fast.

You spend less time with children.

Don't cry. The children will see you.

Have you've combed your hair today?


I had a hard day.

We'll have to replace Christina.

We can't trust anyone.

Nobody should come here anymore.

I think about handing the task to our elder daughter.

Unless we let him decide for himself.

That's maybe better.

If you do it again, I'll gut you, you bitch.

I swear on my daughter's life that you and your gang will soon flee the neighborhood.


I found two little zombies.

Should I bring them?



Today is our wedding anniversary.

To celebrate, we'll eat cake and decorate the house with lights and balloons.

Sit up.

I think my dogtooth is shaky.

I don't think so. It doesn't even move.

Did you sleep well last night? Great.

Dad, I'm tired. Can I stop now?

Yes, my darling, if you can't keep on.


Dad, you'll give me the spear gun?

I've already said, it is dangerous.

I can lick you ear if you want.



I'll go get the dog tomorrow.

The 5th stage of training must be completed by now.

Either drink your orange juice while it's fresh or don't drink it at all.