Dolemite (1975) Script

Okay, Dolemite, the warden wants to see you.

Oh, shit.

What the hell does that rat-soup-eatin' motherfucker want with me?

Come on outta there.

We ain't got all day.

Sit down, Dolemite.

You can leave.

You know mama, Queen Bee, here, I'm sure.

You should be very proud of her.

For damn near two years, she's been bugging me about your innocence.

You know, a funny thing is, I'm about to believe her.

What I mean is, we have, with her help, of course, stumbled onto some facts that may set you free.

Of course, they have to be proven.

And that's where you come in.

Now you're a gambling man, aren't you?

It depends on the game, Warden, and how high the stakes are.

Well I might as well level with you.

The game is rough and the stake is your life.

But it means the difference between being free or rotting here behind bars

'til someone tries to set you free.

You know there's not a lawyer in LA who'll touch your case.

So what do you say?

You wanna play ball or not?

Whose team am I on Warden?

And what am I supposed to do?

Okay, I'll run it down to you.

You're serving a 20 year stretch for the possession of stolen furs and a half a million dollars worth of narcotics, right?


Get behind the trees.

Hold it!

What do you want man?


What do you want?

Open your trunk.

There's nothin' in my trunk.

Where's your warrant at?

This is the FBI, this is my search warrant.

There's nothin' in my trunk man.

Open up the trunk.

That shit ain't mine.

I don't know how it got there.

You're under arrest.

You're gonna have to take me!

Ah, ah.

One more move and you're dead!

This the guy you said would take an army to capture?

I thought it would.

You find his stuff?

Yeah, dope, stolen furs, everything.

Well, goodbye boy.

You're off to a long, long, vacation.

I got your boy hangin'.

You no-business bond, insecure, junkyard motherfucker!

Right on schedule.

Well good.

Get in the car.

We'll celebrate.

Well for the two years you've been here, the dope traffic in your neighborhood hasn't changed.

In fact, it's gotten worse.

Guns and dope are being sold to school children every day.

Black gangs are killing each other.

Queen Bee, here, informs me that, maybe you better tell him, Queenie.

Dolemite, it's real bad out there.

Some gang killed your nephew the other day.

He was comin' home the other day, just him and his girlfriend.

And they wasn't botherin' nobody.

Somebody had to sell the gun to the lad that pulled the trigger.

He's in jail, but so what.

There's many more of 'em out there.

So they killed little Jimmy?

That's right.

He was walkin' home from school and he wasn't botherin' nobody.

Just him and his girl.

What am I supposed to do, Warden?

All right, I understand you know some of the people we suspect.

And we feel there are policemen mixed up in it.

Now, I told you the job was dangerous and you could lose your life.

But you're tough.

You know how to roll with the punches.

The name of the game is stay alive.

Now I've talked to the governor about you.

There are only four people who know why you're on the street.

The governor, Queen Bee, myself, and one FBI man that nobody knows

'til the time comes.

So what do you say, Dolemite?

When do I get outta here, Warden?


You go back to your cell now as if nothing's happened.

You'll be released in the afternoon.

Thank you, Queen Bee.

Oh, Dolemite, I'm so happy.

I'ma tell everybody you comin' home tomorrow.

Oh, Dolemite.

Yes, Warden?

You do know a man by the name of Willie Green, don't you?

Some folks say that Willie Green was the baddest motherfucker the world ever seen.

But I want you to hold onto your seats.

And hold on to them tight.

'Cause you're now gettin' ready to see the story of me.

Yes, me, The badass, Dolemite.

♪ Oh, he's bad

♪ The man is out of sight

♪ Mmhmm

♪ He's a tough son of gun y'all

♪ The man's name is Dolemite

♪ Yeah hey

♪ I heard

♪ Of his coming, even before his time

♪ And I ain't lyin'

♪ Listen, on the day that he was born

♪ His papy wore a sign

♪ Sayin' Dolemite is here

♪ And this bad little brother is mine!

♪ Yeah hey, hey, hey

♪ Dolemite

♪ Mmhmm yeah

♪ Ah yeah

♪ You're outta sight

♪ Dolemite, yeah

♪ Ah, brother you're all right

♪ He's here to let the whole world know

♪ How bad a man

♪ Is he

♪ Yeah

♪ So won't you stop

♪ Look and listen Dolemite is here

♪ for you all to see

♪ Mmhmm

Damn, look like my women is on time.

Goddamn, Mama, you must be new on my scene.

...I am.

What's your name?

It's Chi, short for Chicago.

I hope you ain't as cold as the windy city, because the way I feel now baby, I could sure warm you up.

As long as you been gone baby, you gotta whole lotta warmin' up to do.

No shit, baby.

I can dig it.

I ain't gonna lie. Here change this.

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Yes baby you can get behind me and in front of me, too.

Do you dig it?


You still need these.

I don't wanna get in my car with this shit on.

I'm glad y'all brought my clothes to me.

You see what the guards give me to get outta jail in.

Bitch, you bring me these goddamn cotton draws.

You know I don't wear no fuckin' cotton draws.

Oh, I like these.

Who made this?

You, guard, I want you to take these cheap motherfuckers and wipe your ass with 'em.

Oh no, Dolemite, we'll keep 'em here.

You'll be back.

There they go, let's get 'em.

Remember, we want Dolemite dead.

What about the broads?

Ah, forget em.

I think we got company.

We're being tailed.

Hand me my piece.

Pull over and stop the car.

Pull up aways, I'll take it from there.

Alright, girls, turn the goddamn motor off.

Get out Dolemite!

Dolemite's not in here.

Don't give us here that bullshit, baby.

We know he's here.

Look for yourself motherfucker.

She's tellin' the truth.

He's not here.

Well where is he?

Breathin' down your neck.

Alright, hold it, move.

Girls, come here.

Come here, girls.

I've been wantin' see me a honky dance.

Dance, motherfucker, dance!



Girls, this motherfucker's got rhythm, hasn't he?

Rhythm, rhythm.

Come on girls, let's make it.

Help me!

Wait a minute, Dolemite, I'll help him.

Let's go.

Queen Bee, it's awful good to be back home.

I'm glad you're home, too, baby.

It takes a whole lot of weight off my back since you're home.

It's so good you home.

By the way, Queen Bee, where are these guns coming from?

Dolemite, I honestly don't know.

You think maybe it's Willie Green?

I've known Willie Green for a long time.

Willie Green plays for high stakes.

He's into more than guns.

Oh, by the way, Queen Bee, it looks like somebody's missin' from the family.

Oh, yes, Peggy.

She split right after you left.

She's dancin' for Willie Green right now.

Speakin' of dancin', who's taking care of the club now?

You know, I got some big ideas for that club.

Wait a minute, wait.

We don't have the club anymore.

What do you mean we don't have the club anymore?

You know that club was my pride and joy and you've gone and give it up.

I didn't give away shit.

We lost it.

Me and these girls had to sell pussy on the goddamn corner.

Tryin' to save your black ass.

We almost lost this house.

You know what?

Mitchell and White would bust us every week.

$5,000 a whop.

Until all the money was gone.

And we still owe Willie Green $50,000.

Who's runnin' the club now?

Willie Green.

Lookie here.

You remember Creeper, right?

He's a little old friend of yours.

Now, he knows a lot of things and he know a lot of people.

And since he's your friend, he might be able to tell you a little somethin'.

Why don't you give him a call?

Queen Bee, you know darn well that Creeper ain't never paid a phone bill in his life.

True, but you know where he hang out at.

Is the Fat Burger joint still in business?

Oh, yes.

That's where the penny pimps and the nickel and dime hustlers hang out.

When they ain't got no money and tricks be kinda slow.

But look here.

I noticed that the warden told you that you'd be alone.

But Dolemite, you ain't never been alone.

When you were doing your time, I put your girls through karate school.

And they are good, too.

I remember one time a trick came in here and tried to misuse us.

What happened to my $100 Joe?

Nigga, did you take my money?

That's right little bitch.

I took it back.

You ain't worth no $100.

I am Joe Blow, the lover man.

You should be paying me, bitch.

Give me my money, man.

Shit, what money?

Shit, I get cunt like you all clay, a dime a dozen, shit.

Here, here's $2.

Go get you some dish powder and keep it clean for me next time.

And they whipped his ass.

He's in the hospital yet with his ass in a sling.

You used to be pretty good yourself.

Oh, but Queen Bee, I think I need mine brushed up a little bit.

I'm goin' to change clothes.

Come on, let's go on the other side the house.


Hey, where's Flo?


Hi, honey.

How's tricks?

Couldn't be better.

Am I gonna see you tonight?

No, no, no, not now.

I got business to take care of on the east side.

See ya.

You always got business somewhere else when it comes to me, nigga.

That's the trouble with you black motherfuckers.

Hey Flo. You get a fuckin' bitch in your car, Flo!

And then you always wanna fuck all over her.

' Flo!

Hello, sweetheart.

Can I help you?

Yeah, um, I'd like a massage.


Well, I think that they're doin' it right over here baby.

♪ And here we are together

♪ Lying side by side

♪ And my body trembles as you're

♪ Touching me

♪ Heartbeat is burnin' baby

♪ Deep inside of me What took you so long?

How did you know I was comin' up here baby?

I thought about what you told me so I sent down my little cool wings to bring you up.

♪ I feel the power

♪ I yearn to know ya

♪ Just to feel the glow of love

♪ My body's burnin' with desire

♪ Your sweet caressin'

I don't know what you sent Mama, but it's goddamn sure workin'.

♪ And I'm on fire

♪ Woah darling

♪ I feel the power of your love

♪ I feel the power of your love

Hold on a minute.

I wanna talk to you Dolemite.

Man, move over and let me pass before I have to be pullin' these hush puppies out your motherfuckin' ass.

Alright, get your hands on your head, boy.

What the shit is this?

Just spin around and put your hands on the car.

Oh, fuck, I ain't done nothin'.

No, you haven't yet, but you will.

Well, well, what have we here?

Oh, Lordy, let me see that.

Oh, wow.

This looks like the real stuff all right.


Oh, yeah, that's good.

That's the real McCoy all right.

What about this boy?

What about what?

You must be high or somethin' fella.

I'm talking about all the dope I found under your seat.

And there's more stashed where that came from.

Now you just got through doin' time for stuff, and now here you are, right back at it again.

Another frame up, hmm.

That's right.

Now I'm gonna warn you, but only one time.

See they told us that you're a troublemaker.

That you're no good.

That you don't know how to get along with people.

Now, I know you think you're smart, see, 'cause you got all them flashy clothes, you got that big car there, and you got all them black bitches workin' for ya.

You forgot about the white ones.

You move your ass outta this town, and you move it fast.

You better listen to him, boy.

Don't and somethin' nasty's gonna happen to ya.

And just to show ya that we mean business...

That's for fuckin' with me, you no-business-born insecure motherfuckers!

I'll have that stupid son of a bitch in jail in two hours.

Just look at that damn Watergate scandal.

Now, if the leader of our country is stealing and getting away clean, what the hell do they expect us to do?

Better believe it brother.

Right on.

Tell the truth!

And they've got everything going for them, and we've got nothing.

He can tell us whether he will or not.

Remember, we live here with the rats and roaches.

So we don't need no more rats telling us what to do.


We will create our own war, Right on. That's right.

And we don't need no redneck mother, oh yes, Lord.

Mothers are the best friends we have.

And Oh Lord, look down on us poor servants down here.

And teach us how to love one another.

All right, Reverend, cut the bullshit.

You probably been up here callin' us every name in the book.

At ease, boys.

Ain't nobody down here for you this time.

We're lookin' for Dolemite.

You seen him or not?

No, I haven't.

But if I see him, I'll let him know that you're looking for him.

Ah, that's mighty black of you, Reverend.

Mike, check out the back.

I know you won't mind us havin' a look around, will ya?

No, no, go right ahead.

Thank you.

Hey, Preacher.

What do you got here?

Oh, just some old clothes for the poor.

Old, dirty clothes, huh?

I'd hate to pay your laundry bill.

Hey, Mitch.

Come here and look at the man's old clothes.

Ah, now Reverend, what the hell is all this?

Now where'd you get all these guns?

They're just gifts from the big man.

For the fourth ward.

In case of trouble from the niggas.

Okay, I'll check that out.

Um, uh, I ain't seen nothing yet, uh, did you see anything yet?

Not me.

Okay, carry on, Reverend, uh if you see Dolemite...

I'll tell him you're looking for him.

Yeah, right.


What else with your burger, creeper?

Uh, give me a small coke and, uh, some french fries.

You know we don't sell french fries.

Ah, that's right, that's right.

Yeah, anyway, uh, ah, see somebody beat me for my money.

Don't look at me like that.

Every time I come around here, you know it.

Call the police, you think I'm jivin'.

Just do that.

' Nigga. Please.

Ah, yeah, well, uh, I understand, uh, is it alright if I pay you tomorrow?

Hustle's good.

Okay Creeper here, I'll pay for it.

You're holdin' up business.

Alright, sista, right on, right on.

Boy, you know what?

That's sweetened bear meat.

Gonna marry it too.

How's that?

Sweetened bear meat.


Say, brotha, hey.

Will you tell this man you Dolemite, man?

I bet him $5 you Dolemite.

Yes, brotha, I'm Dolemite.

Prove it, prove it.

Listen man, I'm not accustomed to doing shows on the street.

I am openin' town this weekend.

And I'd appreciate it if you brothers get together and come out and see me.

Man, I ain't got that kind of money.

This nigga say you Dolemite.

I bet him my last five dollas man.

Now I'm the one losin'.

Brothers, I have business to take care of.

I'm sorry.

Man, play this track man, so I don't lose my last $5, please?

Alright, man, alright.

Right on, right on.

One beautiful day in the merry month of May.

Great Titanic, sailed away.

The captain and the lieutenant was havin' a few words, When the great Titanic hit that mighty iceberg.

Shine was in the boiler room eatin' some peas, black-eyed peas, it was.

And the water came damn near to his knees.

Before Shine could take a bite of bread, that water come darn near up to his head.

Shine run up on the deck, said, "Captain, captain, captain", "that water's damn near up to my neck."

Captain said, "Shine, go back, pack the sacks."

We gotta enough sacks, to keep this water back."

You standin' up here, steady bullshittin' and drinkin', but can't you see this raggedy hunk-a-junk is slowly sinkin'?

I said, "Cap I'll be in New York unpackin' my trunk" when the news reach the world, "this junk done sunk."

The captain said, "Shine, go back and fear no doubt", 'fore I take this two-by-four and whack your

"black ass out."

Shine said, "Captain", this shit you talkin' mighta once been true, but this is one time your motherfuckin' talk

"ain't gonna do."

Shine just run and jumped up in the ocean, with his black ass doin' a back wheel in motion.

I said, "Cap all these rich broads run" and jumped up on the top."

One broad hollered, "Shine, stop!"

All this good stuff to you I'll give

"if you make it possible for me to live."

Shine said, "Bitch", I like your shape and I like your plan, but you shoulda been offering me your stuff

"when we was on dry land."

If I was in Mississippi and asked you for a piece of trim, you woulda had my black ass hangin' from the highest limb.

Is that enough fellas?

No, no, Oh no, not that.


Goddamn right, I got two.

Here come another broad out hollerin'.

Hollerin', "Shine, Shine, Shine."

I'm the captain's wife.

Why won't you help me to save my life?

I've been through the cotton fields and I waded through the mills.

And, honey, I'm a soul sista, baby

"and we from the same blood."

"You can talk so sweet and you can sing so fine," but you shouldn't of brought your high yellow ass across that darn color line.

But I'm the one you call the boiler room flunkie, now keep your ass on this ship

"and drown with these honkeys!"

When the news got around the world that the great Titanic had hit this big iceberg, Shine was in Chicago, on Cottage Grove and 63rd.


Down on his knees, "There a nickle I shoot" and a dime I hope to pass.

I left 10,000 rich motherfuckers

"swingin' on they ass."

And everybody wondered why Shine didn't drown.

He had a card stuck up in his butt and he couldn't go down.

Well, if it isn't the hamburger pimp.

Say, hamburger pimp.

Hey fella, look here, you don't know me man.

Who you talkin' to anyway?

You better get on before you get jumped on.

Now who bad enough to do all of that?

Me, nigga, me.

Shit, I'm so bad, I kick my own ass twice a day.

Shit, he ain't sayin' nothin'.


Dolemite goddamn, Why you wanna do me like that man?

Come on and let me buy you a drink, huh?

Are you sure you can afford it?

When'd you get out, mane?


Say, boy this must be my day hustlin' em good, but, boy, you know them niggas gonna be ridin' like motherfuckers now, John, right you?

Fucked up brother.

Oh nigga Willie Green.

Your new boy lookin' like, uh, I mean when you was on the street, everything was cool man.

Now they're scared to wipe their asses man you know, and anyway.

They so cold they on upped the price on stuff so high.

You understand that an honest dude like me, I'm just snatchin' pocketbooks all day to stay fixed, mane.

You know?

Creeper, let me make a deal with you.

I hear that a lot of shit has been going down since I left.

And if you can whoop some information on me, you won't have to worry about your fix.

I'll whoop some bread on your man.

Can you dig it?

Yeah, that's cool.

Anyway, let's go to my pad, man.

Where do you live man?

Why man?

Is that cool?

Let's move away from here that way we can talk.


Hey, nigga, where in the hell you been?

Creeper, I've known you a long time.

You've been shootin' that shit.

Man, if you keep on, it's gonna kill ya.

I'm gonna cut it loose bro.

This my last one.

Ugh, right there.

Know what's funny 'bout it man?

that they gonna die on me just like they did little Jimmy, man.

What do you know about little Jimmy?

Do you know who killed Jimmy, man?

Who killed little Jimmy?

Do you know, man?

- Oh WW-

You ought to take a hit of this.

This some good stuff.


Wake up Creeper!

Wake up, man!

Wake up!

Wake up, man!

Who killed Jimmy?

Wait a minute, man.

Wait a minute.

Man, who done it?

Who done it?

Who killed Jimmy?

Lighten up, bra, I'll tell ya, I'll tell ya.

Man, wait a minute, man.


It had to do with business stuff over at the schoolhouse, man, and uh, he wanted out, man, and uh, they wouldn't let him.

He went to the police, you know.

It didn't do no good.

One day, he was on his way to the pad.

Lowriders passed by, man, and blow him up.

You know, I'm comin' outta the pawn shop.

You know, I seen it all.

I was comm' out the pawn shop, man.

That's what happened.

That's the truth man.

Alright, you're under arrest, Dolemite.

Don't try any of your funny shit now.

If he makes a wrong move, kill him.

What's the charge this time, man?

This time it's murder.

Stick your hands out.

It looks more like slaughter to me.


Reverend Gibbs, police officer.

Reverend Gibbs.

It's the police.

Okay, I'm comin'.

It's about time.

Just shut up and hide your black ass.

Be right there.

Don't you curse me, Reverend.

Police officer, Reverend.

Yes, yes I know.

I want to ask you a few questions.

Maybe you can help clear up a few things for me.

At your service.

Two white police officers came by to see you, right?

That's right.

What did they want?

They were lookin' for Dolemite and thought I had seem him.

Why would they, uh, look for Dolemite here?

You know, I thought about that myself.

Say, do you know Willie Green?

Oh, I see him around.

Now and then.

Well, I'm gonna give you a chance to level with me, Reverend.

Who do you work for?

Willie Green or Dolemite?

I work for nobody but the Lord.

Because he said, "Blessed are the pure at heart."


Are you pure at heart, Reverend?

Yes, sir, I am.



Then why you hidin' that broad in the back room?

What you talkin' about brother?

The truth shall make you free!

Well you listen to me, you free preacher son of a bitch!

Now I'm tired of your shit.

And let me tell you one thing.

When the shit hits the fan, Reverend, you're gonna be dead down the middle.

And I'm coming after you!

Queenie, that bitch been stealin' from you.

Say what?

You a goddamn lie hoe.

Oh, really?

Wait, hold it.

Come on, give it up.

Come on, give it up.

Come on, give it up.

Uh uh, give it all up.

Well I'll be goddamn.

Bitch don't you know?

Nobody steals in Dolemite house.

Get yo shit.

Get out here!

Get out dumb blonde!

Dolemite, can I talk to you for a minute?

Go on and talk man.

These are my friends.

So it's all right, huh?


What do you know about the fourth ward, Dolemite?


How about some very classy, young girls that knows a lot about karate?

And they work for Willie Green, I understand?

What do you know about 'em?

Oh, I seen 'em in action and they're pretty good.

Do you know Willie Green?

Oh, fuck you, man.

I don't know no fuckin' Willie Green.

Well I'm only trying to be helpful.

Oh it's your kinda niggas that helped me to get in here.

Well I hope you get out soon.

Black bitch.


" Ho!"

You're free to go now.


See ya man.

Hey, taxi Mister?

Pinky E. Vaughn.

What brings you down?

Now don't you worry about that.

Just get in, come on.

Oh shit yes, my main woman.

How you doin'?


Give me a big kiss.

Come on, let's go.

♪ Do you

♪ Have feelings for me

♪ Yes, yes I do

♪ But the distance between

♪ Our romance

You know, you still the best man that I know in bed.

What about Willie Green?

Shit, he ain't sayin' it.

You know, you're the only man that really blows my mind.

Did you bail me out of jail just to tell me this?

Well, now, I must admit that that was part of it.

What was the other part?

Oh, baby, you know that I'm still in love with you.



Why did you leave Queen Bee when I was sent to prison?

Now you know how lonesome I get without you.

I decided that I should start doin' somethin' in my life.

From the looks of things, you've done pretty well.

What do you mean by that?

Whoever bailed me out had to be stickin' pretty good.

I guess they bailed me out so they could take a crack shot at my ass.

You know, you're such a bitch.

You don't even trust your own mother.

Since you wanted my love, I'm gonna give you a fuckin' you'll never forget.

♪ Oh yeah, it's cool

♪ Sweet, sweet, sweet

♪ Do you want my lovin'

♪ Yeah baby

♪ There's no better

♪ None better

♪ Not ever

♪ Than the love I had in my heart to give you

♪ Baby

♪ You got everything

♪ Do you really care

♪ Hey, hey, hey

Yee haw!



I want you to do something for me.

I want you to go in my room, look over my suits, in the ceiling, up on the ceiling you'll see a key stuck there.

I want you to take it down and bring it to me.

Meet me at the Total Experience in one half a hour.

Can you dig it?

Okay, baby, I'll see you later.

The blond.

She's kinda nice.

She's the one in green...

She's a kinda, moving a little bit, too.

Just watch them all man.

They all look good to me.

Hey boss.


Yes, love, hey mama, where'd you come from?

Goddamn whatever you're lookin' for, you can find it, if you're here for the job, you're hired.

The rest of these bitches can go home.

By the way, what's your name?

It's Chi, short for Chicago.

That's slick.

Would you, uh, mind joinin' our table or would you rather dance?

No thanks, I'm not here to dance.

I waitin' for someone.

Okay, just, it's cool.

That good old girl in the red will do.

Yeah, I think she would.

Say, you in the red.

You're hired.

The rest of you girls continue dancing.

Yeah, shit.

Little short.

Kinda like that swing.

Yeah, well, it's alright man.

Doesn't seem your friend gonna show up, Chi.

Maybe, um, I may be able to convince you that you've been waiting for me all the time and just didn't know it.

By the way, who you waiting for anyway?

I'm waitin' for Dolemite.

For who?!

Dolemite motherfucker.

You heard her.

Gimme my key, baby.

Hold my coat.

Say, bitch.

"Say, man, where you gem"?

Nigga, you don't belong back there.

Say man this place isn't yours anymore, where the fuck you goin' nigga?

What's your problem coming in here and throwin' things away?

Where you goin' Dolemite?

You don't own this place anymore, man.

This is Willie Green place.

What are you doin' throwin' shit around, man, and cuttin' the fuckin' carpet?

Where you goin' with the money, man?

You know, I just might call the police on you, man.

You know, who do you think you are, Dolemite, come in here, but you just gotten yourself into real trouble, sucka.

You just can't come in here takin' over.

You understand that, Dolemite?

Give that to Willie Green.

And tell him I want him out of here in 24 hours.

And 23 of 'em are already gone.

You understand?

Now just...

Want me to get him boss?

I'll get the jive ass nigga.

Come on, baby, let's go.

What happened?

Dolemite came here, man.

10 men with guns, man.

Just look at it.

Look at the place man.


10 men, huh?

Yeah, see?

Next time you tell a lie to me, I'll kill ya.

But, Boss he...

Shut up.

And fuck Dolemite!

Yah! Yah!

It sure it.

This is where the girls are.

Now. Yah!

Here's your girls.

What you think about 'em?

I'll tell you one thing, Queen Bee.

I wouldn't wanna tangle with those tigers.

Well that must mean that they kind of rough, right?

They good enough for me.

This ain't nothin'.

You oughta see 'em when they really work out.

Chow, chow, chow, you're out!

They may have to work out sooner than you think.

You must be onto something big.

Queen Bee, I took the club back from Willie Green.

And he's mighty damn sore about it.

Now how did you manage to do that?

We owe him $50,000.

Not anymore.

Where did you get the money from?

Queen Bee, it's one thing that I learned when I was around 15 years old, that if I ever went to prison, it'd be for something big.

And I promised myself, that when I got out, I'd never be broke again.

So I paid Willie Green every damn cent I owe him.

Class dismissed.

Let's go and talk to the girls.


Hang on, once I talk to these girls.

Okay, girls, now turn around.

Dolemite wanna talk to you.

Girls, we have our club back.

But there will be problems.

We'll have problems from the blacks and the whites.

But from the demonstration that I saw out on the floor a few minutes ago, I know damn well we can handle it.

Right on, yeah.

Girls, we gonna give one of the damnedest parties this city has ever seen.

Queen Bee is going to send out invitations to all of our friends and associates from all over the country.

And I'm gonna let 'em know that Dolemite is back on the scene.

I'm gonna let 'em know that Dolemite is my name, and fuckin' up motherfuckers is my game.

Girls, I want you to go home and get yourselves together.

And I'll see you at the club tomorrow.

Can you dig it?

Okay, girls, see ya tomorrow.

Okay bye!

Excuse me, everybody, um, Miss Edwards would like to make an announcement.

Well good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and honored guests.

We're very happy to be here this evening to honor a very wonderful man.

A man, which we all love so very much.

This man has done more for the blacks than anyone.

The man I'm speaking of...

Let's give a warm round of applause to Mayor Daley

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you, Mrs. Edwards.

Now, I have to tell you that we owe all of this to you.

And I appreciate it.

It's a wonderful party.

But it's a party and I'm only going to say a few words.

Now, let me make this perfectly clear.

No, no, when you go to the polls again to vote, and I thank you for electing me, I want you to know, these will still be clean.

Can I help you, young man?

Yes, sir, I'd like to see Mayor Daley Do you have an appointment, sir?

Well not exactly, but um, if you tell 'em that I'm here, he'll wanna see me.

Well, I'm sorry.

The mayor doesn't see uninvited guests in his home.

No, no, no, look.

You go tell Mayor Daley that Willie Green is here from the fourth war.

And he'll see me, now you get that?


Yes sir, yes sir.

Right away.

Just get yourself together.

Take him into the library.

Darling, something urgent has come up Something unexpected. Okay.

Just go ahead and enjoy yourselves everybody.

I'll be back with you shortly.

Don't you know better than to come to my home?

I transact business in my office.

Now, what do you want?

This is something that can't wait for no damn office.

There's trouble at the fourth ward.

Trouble, what kind of trouble?

Something that I'm not gonna take the burnt end for.

Well, all right, spill it.

Dolemite just got out of jail and he's causing problems in my club.

Now you know Dolemite.

Once he gets on your back, it's hard to get him off.

NOW Willie.

You don't have to worry about him.

I know he's back.

In fact, I had him bailed out.

So I can hit him, whenever we're ready.

Just get on back to the club.

You just keep the blacks together.

You just keep things movin.

You know what I mean.

You got it.

I'll take care of the Dolemite.

Mitchell, Sheriff listen.

Take care, alright?

Keep my name clean.

And Mitchell Listen, I don't like Willie Green.

I don't want him coming here anymore.

Good afternoon, Dolemite's Total Experience.

No he's not here.

Wait just a minute, I think I hear him, oh-.

Dolemite, telephone for you.

Dolemite here.

Yes Reverend.

What kind of tip do you have for me?


Oh hell no, Reverend, I'll give you two.

Meet you in 20 minutes?

Reverend, I can't be there in 20 minutes.

Make it an hour.

Thanks, okay.

Goddamn, mama, this sure is a spooky joint.

Yeah, want me to wait outside.

Hell no, not this time, mama.

I want you right by my side.

I'm afraid of ghosts.

Ghosts, if you ever see a ghost, cut the motherfucker.

Good afternoon.

What the hell is good about scaring the hell out of my woman here?

You got the money?

Give him the money baby.

How's business, Reverend?

It could be better.

What you got for me man?

I know who set you up and had you sent to prison.

I also know who's behind Willie Green.


Take this address on the docks.

Go there tomorrow morning.

You might find it very interesting.

If you get a chance to check out the fish.

Man, how am I going out on that dock snooping around without somebody knowin' about it?

Dolomite, you're no square.

You're seeking employment.

The man who does the hiring is the connection to the main line.

Look like you got a full house here, Rev.

Know any of these guys?

Very well.


Two dead ones and one live.

Are you satisfied now?

Gimme me back my money, man.

Now why should I do that?

Just say I open my mouth and tell the police about all the guns and all the shit you got going on here.

Then we'd have to close it for you.

Come on.

That's what I said about you Reverend.

We asked you a sensible question, you come out with a sensible answer.

Let's go baby.

Oh, by the way, Reverend.

Why you giving me all this information anyway?

Oh, just say it's for the Lord, brother.

Besides, I don't like the MFs.

If you run into any trouble, just give the word.

The big man sent me.

Good answer, Reverend.


Cocaine, just what I expected.

Jenny Linch and Mary Love, I want to thank y'all so much for coming out to be with me tonight.

Dolemite brother, we wouldn't have missed it for the world.

♪ You know you gotta stop your crying

♪ Sometimes it's up to you to clear your ways

♪ It's up to you to make your sunshine

♪ You know I love rainy days

♪ Without my love, without the love

♪ We'd be nowhere at all

♪ Without the love

♪ The love, we'd still not know the sky would fall.

♪ It's time all the time

♪ It's time all the time

♪ It's time all the time, whoo!

♪ Is it really all the time

♪ So come on girl and understand

♪ You know it's time for us to see

♪ The time is now to face the girl like it's time to face reality

♪ So take my hand and understand

♪ Why nothing could drive me away

♪ Communicating that I'm in love love with you

♪ Has put me in a heavenly way

♪ It's time all the time

♪ It's time all the time

♪ It's time all the time, whoo

♪ ls it really all the time

♪ Baby all the time!

Thank you, thank you so much.

Tonight, I know that you're ready for a show.

Thank you so much.

Tonight means a whole lot to me Tonight is Dolemite's night.

However, I'd like to acknowledge some of the friends that, thought very much of us to come down.

Mr. O'Neal from the show ball.

Cleveland, Ohio.

Billy Butler, Cleveland, Ohio.

Mr. Sam Houston, as of this day, our local town.

So now I know you ready for the show.

Let's hoop it up for Mary Love!

♪ When we start

♪ Making love

♪ The kind of love

Doli, we got trouble.

What kind of trouble, Queen Bee?

The worst kind.

Willie Green's out there with his party.

Is Chi in the club?

Yeah, she's workin' the floor.

Then I want you to take care of things.

Keep your eyes and ears open, you understand?


But I'm still worried.

♪ Let's take a chance with

♪ Going to find romance

♪ When we start

♪ When we start, when we start

♪ When we start, when we start, hey, hey, hey, start

And now ladies and gentlemen, the moment that you've been waiting for, the one man who has brought you to Eat Out More Often and this Pussy Belong to me.

But first to bring it in time and in tune, we are going to bring you the Dolemite Dancers.

How 'bout it?

Way down in the jungle deep,

the lion stepped on the signified monkey's feet.

The monkey said, "Motherfucker, can't you see?"

"You're standing on my goddamn feet?"

The monkey lived in a jungle in an old oak tree,

bullshittin' a lion every day of the week.

Every day before the sun go down, that lion would kick his ass all through the jungle town.

But the monkey got wise and started using his wit,

start sayin' I'm gonna put a stop to this whole ass kickin' shit.

So he ran up on the lion the very next day.

He said, "Oh, Mr. Lion", "there's a big bad motherfucker comin' your way."

"And he's someone that you don't know,"

"he just broke-a loose from Ringling Brothers' show."

"Said he talked about your people in a hell of a way."

"He talked about your people 'til my hair turned gray."

"But Mr. Lion, you know that ain't right."

"So whenever you run up on the elephant"

"I want you to be ready to fight."

The lion jumped up in a hell of a rage.

Like a young man smokin' some gauge.

He ran up to the elephant, talking with a smile.

He said, "All right, you big bad motherfucker."

"It's gonna be your ass or mine."

The lion jumped up and made a fancy pass.

But the elephant side stepped him and knocked him dead on his ass.

He fucked up his jaw, mess up his feet, broke all four legs, and knocked his ass outta place.

They fought all night and all the next clay.

Somehow the little lion managed to get away.

He drug his ass back to the jungle more dead than alive, just to run into that little monkey and some more of his signifying jive.

The monkey said, "Look here, partner,"

"You don't look so swell."

"Look like to me you caught a whole lotta hell."

Says, "your eyes is red and your ass is blue", said, "that I knew in the first place it wasn't shit to you."

"But I told my wife before you left"

"I shoulda whooped your ass my motherfuckin' self."

"Shut up."

"Don't you roar 'cause I'll jump outta this tree"

"and whoop your dog ass some more."

"And don't look up here with your sucker paw case,"

“cause I'll piss through the bark of this tree

"in your motherfuckin' face."

Little monkey got happy and started jumpin' up in his dawn.

His feet missed the limb, his ass hit the ground.

Like a ball of lightning and a streak of white heat, that lion was on his ass with all four feet.

Dust rose and tears came in the little monkey's eyes.

Nothin' he could see and nothin' he could hear, but he knew that was the end of his bullshit and signified career.

And signified career.

Alright, let's hear it!

Come back tomorrow night, same time, at Dolemite's Total Experience.

Thank you.

Now here's an expensive message.

And here's my tip.

Hand me my shirt Chi.

I want you to go back out in the club as soon as I get dressed.

I'll be right out.

Can you dig it?


You want to see me man?

Aha, brother Dolemite.

Sit down, join the party.

Hey, this is the man who owns the club.

Now, yeah.

Hey, what kind of drink you want man?

I don't think I care to drink with you man.

I wanna make a deal with you.

What kind of deal?

You cheated me.

You paid me a lousy $50,000.

That's right, now what's your problem?

There's no problem, it's just interest.


Come on, don't get excited.

Listen, uh, why don't we make another deal?

Uh, you and me, partners.


Uh, I saw your act, you're pretty damn good.

You know your business.

You take care of the business, I take care of the heat.

You can keep your stingy $100,000.

It's nice to have seen you people.

But fuck you man.

Gimme me the gun.

What do you want the gun for?

Gimme the gun!

Here's the gun.

I'm gonna kill Dolemite.

I don't want no sweat.

Let's turn the place out!

You the cook ain't you? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Dirty black bitch, I'm gonna kill you.

Get this, bitch off of me

Watch out.

Goddamn, Dolemite.

Now it's off of you, it's on me.

You're hurt pretty bad.

We better get you to the hospital.

There's a back way out the end.

Okay, we're gonna take off.

What the fuck do you want, Mitchell?

Yes, sir, I'm tellin' sir, all hell broke loose out here in the fourth ward.

Willie Green is dead, a couple of his boys.

Oh, hold on.

Looks like Dolemite did it, yes sir.

Wait a minute.

Let me up.




Now where's the Dolemite?

Did you get him?

No, sir, he's disappeared.

You find him quick.

And kill him before he blows it.

And Mitchell, don't you call me unless, unless he's dead, you hear me dead.

Yes, sir.

Eddie. Listen to me.

Now listen I don't have much time.

I want you to put out a hunt, and you find that Dolemite and you hold him.

And when you get him, what?

Good boy, Eddie.

Thank you, yeah.

No, no, no.

No everything's fine now.


Now listen.

This is big man.

I want a contract on the Dolemite.

He's at Morningside Hospital.

Room 2218.

Hit him.

Now what's this all about?

It means, goddamn it, I been waitin' for your ass a long time.

Now sit down motherfucker.

What are you doing with that?

I said sit down.

What are you doin'?

Now, look, I've been good to you.

Oh really?

Good treatment? You have used me for long enough.

Sit down.

And I mean you have killed a lot of my people.

Just shut up!

Where's my wife?

Stupid bitch is in there sleepin' like a baby.

You know what, honey?

This is gonna give me a whole lot of pleasure sending you straight to hell on this toilet seat.

Careful with that.

Alright, I'll give you everything you want...

Old man, it's too late for that.

Please, please, don't kill me!

You crazy bitch!

Welcome, Blakley.

We were expecting you.

Okay, Mr. FBI man, we're gonna put an end to your spying around.

Pull up his sleeve.

Hey, what are you guys gonna do?

We're gonna turn you on and then you're gonna go in the pool and swim.

I can't swim.

Got it all ready now.

Enough to kill 10 cows.

Block your arm.

So I'm supposed to be found ODed in that pool.

That's right.

Hey, you guys are gettin' away with murder.

Look, your boss is getting away with the loot.

What the hell you talkin' about?

Look behind you.

Your boss is getting away.

And to add another burden to your problem, Dolemite, there's a contract on you.

Oh no, honey.

I guess you come here to fill it.

Matter of fact, I came here to try and stop it.

Well, I'll be damned.

You know, I thought you was just another one of them jive ass rooty tootie cops.

You know you started a lot of shit in this town, Dolemite.

But I think I know who put the contract on you.

Tonight we're gonna try and solve it.

What am I to do man?

Lay up here and let 'em take a crack shot at my black ass?

Not exactly.

I got a master plan going.

I'll talk to the head of the hospital.

And we decided to change the number on your room downstairs.

Now I need your and Chi's help.

Here's what I want you to do.

Dr. Sullivan.

Calling Dr. Sullivan.

You're wanted in the emergency room.

Dr. Feelgood, calling Dr. Feelgood you're wanted in inhalation therapy.

May I help you, sir?

Yes, I'm Mr. Burns.

These are my associates.

There's a friend of mine, Dolemite?

In room 2218?

I'd like to check on him.

Oh yes, Mr. Burns, but if I'm not mistaken, the room is 2210.


Son of a bitch.

Just in time, man, thanks, baby.

Are you alright?

Yeah, man, I feel fine.

Tell Blakely I'm alright.

There's more to come.

Sit tight, I'll be around.

Freeze punk, or I'll blow your brains all over the wallpaper.

Alright, afro, on your feet.

Place that hand on your head.

You're comin' with us.

You rat-soup-eatin' honkey motherfucker!

Drop it, Mitchell.

You too, White.

What the hell's the matter with you, Blakely?

Are you all crazy?

This man's a murderer.

I gotta take him in.

I'll take him in along with the both of you.

I'm onto your game, Mitchell.

It's all over.

I work for the FBI.

And I'm gonna see that the both of you do time.

Take 'em out of here officer.

You know the routine.

You better think about what you're doin' man.

Turn around.

I should have never listened to you, Mitchell.

Look at the mess you got us in.

Oh shut up.

Ain't nobody made you do nothin'.

You're the smart guy with all the brains.

Use your head, punk, huh?


I'm not your goddamn daddy.

Hey listen.


Sorry we had to close you up, Dolemite, but I guess you can understand why.

But you're a free man.

What are you gonna do and where you gonna go from here, Dolemite?

♪ I'm goin' back to the black land

♪ With all of my poor friends

♪ 'Cause it may come a time I might need them again

♪ Sometimes you climb high on a hill and this is a fact

♪ Those dreams get wasted

♪ And your black ass slide back

♪ We gonna put the P in the party

♪ And let the good times roll

♪ There'll be drinkin' and smokin'

♪ Satisfy your soul

♪ Stop into my house anytime and have pot luck.

♪ Don't care what your name is and what you're wearin'

♪ We don't even give a fuck

♪ Yes, I'm gonna tell my children's children

♪ What life is all about

♪ And hopin'

♪ They have just enough soul

♪ To figure it out.

♪ You know water will cool and fire will burn

♪ And just as sure as my name is Dolemite

♪ I shall return