Domain (2017) Script


REPORTER 1: A powerful new strain of influenza has killed more than 5,000 people in Egypt, according to reports out of Cairo.

REPORTER 2: New cases of Saharan flu were reported in France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

REPORTER 3: The flu is spreading beyond doctors' abilities to contain it.

REPORTER 1: The flu has reached U.S. shores, with cases reported in...

REPORTER 2: We have reports that a million have died in the Middle East.

REPORTER 1: ...and San Francisco.

REPORTER 2: We have reports that a million have died...


REPORTER 1: The World Health Organization warns that this could be a civilization-ending event.

REPORTER 2: ...this could be a civilization-ending event.

Riots are breaking out across the country, as people desperately try to secure life-support bunkers for their families.

To ensure survival of the human race.

The World Health Organization has started construction on half a million underground bunkers.

Scientists are searching desperately for a cure, but they warn that Saharan flu mortality could be 100 percent.

REPORTER 1: Authorities promise lottery winners will have access to bunkers within 24 hours.

REPORTER 2: ...survive.

With an estimated three billion dead worldwide, it is unclear if the bunkers will be finished in time.

Authorities promise lottery winners will have access to bunkers within 24 hours.

REPORTER 1: This is our final broadcast.

Good luck, and Godspeed.


ATLANTA: I'm thoroughly disgusted.

I-- I don't even know if I can look at you the sa--

Cool it! You're gonna give yourself a stroke.

And at your age, Atlanta, you need to take care of yourself. You seem very calm for someone who just confessed to murder.

ORLANDO: I mean, I get bored. I do-- I do some bad shit.

Ain't never hurt none of y'all.

You've hurt us now. Now we can't pretend you're not such a bad guy. Come on.

You knew I was a bad guy. Right.

But now we can't pretend--

You know, I'm-- I'm almost flattered by that, Denver, but, honestly, I could care less what you think.

You couldn't care less.

What? DENVER: The phrase, it's you couldn't care less.

Saying you could care less means that you actually care.

Well, how about I don't give a rat's ass?

You like that, Denver? That's actually better.

Congratulations. You starting shit just for kicks, Orlando?

That's classy, man. Keeping it mature.

What, you think I'm here to entertain y'all?

Nah. Just think you're one fucked-up dude.

You sure you're not talking about yourself there, hombre?

[CHUCKLES] Hey, only God can judge us, man.

You know, I've been staring at your boring, mopey faces on this little digital box for half a decade.

I mean, it's time for a change, right?

Some truth, some honesty.

[SIGHS] You don't give a shit about honesty.

You just like the sound of your own voice.

ORLANDO: That hurts me, Chicago.

I value honesty.

It's what separates the men from children.

Hmm, real men don't lie. Is that it?

ORLANDO: Yeah, that's what little, uh, pissy babies like you say, right?

That's why you're a child... and I'm a man.

You never did fit in with us.

[SCOFFS] This explains so much. Ah, that really means a lot coming from you there, Atlanta.

I mean, there's no way in hell you could survive out there in the real world. We are all survivors.

I'm talking about living in the shit.

Atlanta here, she ain't never lived in no shit! It's no excuse for what you've done. But least I own it!

How many people have you killed, anyway?

Ah, to be honest, 15.

I don't know. Maybe 20, if you want to be real.

Oh, my God. "Oh, my God." Are you serious?

Come on. Most of them were bank robberies gone bad.

Okay, I'm sorry. Hold on.

There was a time that I did it for sport, and to tell you the truth, it was actually fun.

I am trying to find a way to pray for your soul... but I'm not even sure if you have one.

Oh, and this is coming from the mother of the year.

What's it like to, uh, think about those three precious angels up there, dead with everyone else?

How dare you? No, I mean, I'm just asking.

I mean, they were-- They were kids, right?

I mean, that is a hell of a way to go, especially being so young.


Too far, man. That's fucked up.

But that's what I'm talking about. It's the truth!

Hey, the truth! And none of you want to hear it!

You know what? You're right.

I don't want to hear it. [CRYING]

I have a proposal for the Domain.

Oh, here it comes, the bullshit democracy.

Since day one, Orlando's been nothing but a thorn in our sides and now he's confessing to brutally murdering innocent people.

No, no, no. They weren't all innocent.

We don't have to listen to it anymore.

We can just ban him and shut off his feed for good.

Ah! I love it! You can't ban me.

[TUTS] I can. HOUSTON: For real?

You can just shut us off at any time?

It's not that simple, okay?

It's-- It's a hack I came across after studying the code for years, but that doesn't mean I agree with Boston.

Banning someone is permanent.

We can't come back from it, so we have to make sure that this is something we all wanna do.

So that's why we vote. It's what we do.

Oh, this-- This here, is a frigging joke.

I have to listen to this blah-blah-blah bullshit, day in and day out.

Banning me is not a punishment.

Orlando, banning you is permanent.

No contact with anybody for the rest of your time down here.

That could mean more than 20 years.

Well, that to me, sounds like a 20-year vacation.

Who votes to ban Orlando from the Domain?

I do.

Me. We need one more. Phoenix?

This feels wrong. Be reasonable.

It's extreme. He's extreme.

No, I can't do it. Come on.

He could be alone for decades. It's not fair.

Maybe he deserves it.

I'm sorry. I can't sign off on this. No. I vote no.

Denver, I'm assuming you're voting with Phoenix.

Yes, I am.

That's two against three.

Houston... you're it. What's it gonna be?

Ah, fuck, man, I don't-- I don't wanna be the last vote.

You gotta do it. HOUSTON: Shit.

I can't, man. I ca-- I can't vote.

You know, let me make this easy for all of you.

Do it.

Ban me. Wow. I wasn't expecting that.

Shut him down.

No, I won't do it until Phoenix says it's okay.

It's not up to her. We voted. It's over.

He's right, Denver. It's not up to me.

Unplug it, Denver.

Did I ever tell you guys I'm a psychic?

I could read minds and the future.

You want me to tell you what the future holds for all of you? Denver, unplug him now.

Pain and suffering, a life of shit like you could never imagine, nothing but pure misery.

And you know what really-- [CHUCKLES] It pisses me off, because I'm not gonna be here to witness it.



DENVER: You awake?


How you feeling?

Pretty restless.

[SIGHS] Yeah. Today was, uh, was rough.

PHOENIX: Mm-hmm.

Did you agree with me?

Yeah, of course.

I wouldn't have done it unless you said it was okay.

I know.

But did you actually agree with my point?

Yeah. I mean, I was...

I was torn. You know, I can see where the others are coming from.

People make mistakes.

We've all made mistakes.

So no one should ever be punished?

I'm not saying that, no.

I guess I just don't feel comfortable... judging.

You gotta remember, Phoenix, he's not dead.

Okay? He's still in a bunker in Florida in some marsh, spouting his redneck bullshit philosophies to himself, so don't lose too much sleep over it.

And who knows? This could be over in a year, right?

Wouldn't even matter.

That would be so nice.

[SIGHS] Do you ever think about just what it would be like to... be in the same room together... all the time?

No more... screens... be able to touch you?


Never. Mm.

[LAUGHS] PHOENIX: Of course I do.

It's what keeps me looking forward to the future.


I love you, Phoenix.

I love you, too.




AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE: Please dispense Supplival.

Please dispense Supplival.

Supplival dispensed.




DENVER: Morning. Hey.

Did you sleep okay? Not really.

Was it another dream about your mom?

BOSTON: What about your mom?

Well, thank you for interrupting, Boston.

Morning to you, too, Denver.

You know, do you ever consider-- I don't know, maybe not barging in on a private conversation?

BOSTON: Hey, if you two have a secret to share, you can always start your own chat room.

Common feed is fair game.

[SIGHS] Oh, wow.

This migraine.

Eighty percent of migraines result from dehydration. That statistic reeks of B.S.

Can you prove me wrong? DENVER: Yeah, but I don't have time.


Good morning, angels.

Mommy has a headache.

HOUSTON: Fuck, man!

Fuck! This sleep cycle's fucking bullshit!

BOSTON: Look what the cat dragged in.

Get off my back, Boston. Slept like shit.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say you looked hung over.

Man, I wish.

Uh, wow, like a couple of bottles and some bitches, shit.

We could have ourselves a party, right, Atlanta?

You know what, Houston? I'm not even gonna dignify that with a response. Aw, you love me.

Oh, fuck!

God, I hope this fucking shit doesn't keep up.

You can't sleep, put a blanket over your head.

Fuck, I'll put a blanket over your mom's head.

The sleep cycle doesn't just affect the lighting, okay?

It-- It affects your inner clock.

Yeah, what Denver said. Oh, yeah, I forgot.

Denver is the resident expert on everything.

Well, you said it, not me. Chicago.

Nice of you to join us. Give me a break.

Think I have a cold.

You're in a hermetically sealed environment, so... that's actually, physically impossible.

Well, something's making me sick.

Maybe you should drink a fucking Supplival, get some meat on your weak-ass bones.

Back off. All this doom and gloom.

Everybody cheer up. We're alive another day.

Happy now? Oui, monsieur.

Phoenix, you still working on your French?

Oui. C'est bien. Et tu?

Uh, les chatons son... mignons?

Did you just say that kittens are cute?

That's, um, not what I meant to say.

Well, what did you mean to say? Doesn't really matter.

I'm still learning. You know, you've been learning for two years now with no visible progress. Denver.

I don't study every day.

This is just for fun. I'm sure that's why you do it.

What's that supposed to mean?

While you two are busy bickering like an old married couple, I'm gonna go ahead and do my morning prayers.

Anybody care to join?

Every morning you ask us if we wanna pray and the answer is always the same.

Isn't that the definition of psychosis?

I'll pray with you.

Really? PHOENIX: Sure.

I don't know any prayers, though.

That's okay. Uh, I can send you one.


It's one that, uh, I used to do with my girls just before I put them to bed.

Got it?

Yep. ATLANTA: Okay.

O Lord, make me brave. Make me brave.

BOTH: Brave enough to face the dark, the dark that works to pull me in.

As the storm rages through... let me rise above the gale with bright eyes, confident Thy way is wise.

Lord, make me brave... brave to face the murk of life.

Help me with my human plight.

Help me to retain my sight... to know that from the dark comes light.

To know that from the dark comes light.

ATLANTA: Amen. Amen.

Thanks, Phoenix. That was nice.

Very nice. Touching, even.

All right, everybody, let's get ready for the day.

[CLAPS] Morning reports, let's hear 'em.

Okay, the Network neutralized almost three billion Saharan flu particles overnight.

That's a .009 increase from yesterday.

A slight uptick. That's the good news.

Bad news is that works out to about 19 years before total containment. Oh, God damn!

I hope that shit picks up the pace, man.

Well, there was that one night where it jumped up a whole percentage point.

Atlanta's on the right track.

We have to stay optimistic because we do not know what's gonna happen tomorrow.

Probably nothing, just like yesterday and the day before that, day before that, Atlanta, you're up.

Okay, so blood scans look normal.

Except, Phoenix, your pressure's up.

Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.

Maybe I'm not reading it right, but your brain scan looks kinda weird.

Maybe someone else should, uh, read the brain scan. Hey, man, fuck you.

I can read this. Just had a bad dream, and I'm feeling kind of out of it. It's probably just that.

Was the bad dream about your mom?

I'd rather not talk about it right now.

Jesus, Boston. I'm sorry.

Wow, that was-- That was rude. Anyway, moving on.

Bunker population is 489,573, which is down eight from yesterday.

That's not good.

It's probably just a bad night. This is so stupid.

We're all looking at the same numbers on this tiny, little screen.

Why are we pretending like we have separate jobs?

Because we have to keep focused.

Each one of us has one statistic to keep an eye on.

I don't. Yeah, because you didn't wanna participate, remember? Because it's a waste of time.

No, it is not!


Ah, shit, no, man. You did that on purpose.

CHICAGO: Do you like wasting your life? Here.

Watch an instructional video you've seen a thousand times.

You need a serious attitude adjustment.

I'm out. I'll see you in, like, five minutes.

Why can't you get this stupid thing to stop?

I thought you'd really, really like it.


Hello. My name is Nadine, and I am the designer of the LSB-300 life-support bunker.

If you're watching this, the lottery is over and you are one of the lucky few who will live through the Saharan flu epidemic.

You are a survivor.

If need be, your bunker can keep you alive for up to 70 years.

Yeah, I tell you, I ain't gonna last 70 hours if this shit don't stop.

BOSTON: It'll work itself out. Just calm down.

Oh, you want to trade bunkers?

To protect you from surface conditions, your bunker is 30 feet underground.

The artificial day cycle will keep your sleep patterns normal.

Your bunker is stocked with enough Supplival powder to last a lifetime.

When mixed with water, Supplival creates a delicious shake that's packed with nutrients in vanilla, strawberry or chocolate.

This is so not a chocolate shake.

The generator powers the bunker's closed-loop air and water filtration.

One hundred percent of what you consume is recycled.

Wait a minute. Does that mean we drink our own piss?

DENVER: You just now realized that?

Science is amazing.

NADINE: The Generator also powers the atmosphere purifier.

The purifier filters contaminated air molecules and strips them off the virus.

The 500,000 bunkers that make up the network, operate in tandem to eliminate the viral threat.

The network generates an estimate for how long this process will take based on daily data, which you can view on your statistics terminal.

Solitary habitation is necessary to ensure that the virus spreads no further.

To combat the inevitable sense of isolation, we created Domain.

Domain is an information and social networking platform.

Domain also allows full access to our encyclopedia archives.

Studies found that groups of seven create an ideal long-term social-networking community.

Each group of seven was selected using algorithms derived from your personal histories.

Right now, I, too, am probably living out my days in an LSB-300 just like yours, wondering how much longer I'll be down here.

One thing is certain: we will eradicate the Saharan flu.

Your efforts matter. You matter.

We are the survivors.

An Earth free of this virus awaits.

Humanity is counting on us.

What is it?

I was just thinking, when we finally get out of here... are we gonna call each other by our real names?

Dean Atkins.

It sounds so strange coming out of your mouth.

Say mine.

Kimberly Miller.


[GROANS] That sounds so weird.


Let's just stick with our handles.



Warning. Power backup below 50 percent.

Charge generator immediately.

Atlanta, you gotta make this a routine.

You can't skip any more days. ATLANTA: I know. I know.

Its's not like I have to watch my figure for anybody down here.

AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE: Warning. Power backup below 50 percent.

Charge generator immediately.


Do you guys see this? What is it?

My terminal's freaking out.

Oh, that is weird. Mine, too.


Well, now it's-- Now it's totally dead.

What the fuck? This a glitch?

Maybe it's just rebooting.

No, mine's-- Mine's completely off.

DENVER: This is not good.

These are supposed to be on all the time.

That's-- That's the whole point, live data.

Fuck is going on?

I mean, first my sleep cycle? Now this bullshit?

This is affecting all of us. You know, your sleep cycle, that's probably just a malfunction.

How the hell do you know that? How do you know someone's not just fucking with me on purpose?

Who would do that? HOUSTON: How about Orlando?

He fucking hates us for sure.

That's it, guys. The end of days are upon us.

Could really do without your sarcasm right now.

I'm not being sarcastic. You know, I don't know, guys.

This is making me kind of worry.

BOSTON: Relax. It'll probably come back on in a minute.

Probably? What do you mean, "Probably"?

We have no idea if it'll come back on.

I'm an optimistic guy. DENVER: We are spread out over the entire country.

You understand there's no-- There's no actual physical wires connecting our bunkers.

This has to be a systemic shutdown.

It's pure speculation.

You know, for a self-appointed leader, you are depressingly short on actual ideas.

Okay, well, what brilliant suggestions do you have then, Denver? DENVER: I'm not saying I have one. I just don't think sticking your head in the sand should be an option.

I think we should turn Orlando's feedback on.

What? No-- No! Why?

Maybe we broke the system when we banned him.

Think about it. There are supposed to be seven of us and right now, there are only six.

Maybe we caused the glitch. [SCOFFS] That is pretty thin.

We banned him. We don't want him here!

Listen, Atlanta, I know. I don't like him either... but without the terminal, we're blind to everything that's going on outside.

Bringing Orlando back might fix the problem.

No, we voted on this. Yeah, like, eight months ago.

The ban, it was-- It was permanent.

Denver... you out of all people have gotta be able to figure that out.

No, I-- I really don't think that's possible.


Seriously, you're not even gonna try.

Yeah, okay...

I'll try but I'm telling you, everything I know says that this isn't gonna work.

Well, there you go. It's a nonissue.


Phoenix, what are you doing?

Stop. You-- You already did that today.


Listen, it doesn't store extra energy or...


Phoenix, why are you mad? Because you won't even try.

I sa-- I will try. But it won't work.

And so if you don't think it's gonna work, then you're not gonna make it work.

Will you s...

Phoenix, will you stop, please?

Please, just sit down and talk to me.

I want to help, okay?

Do you?

Yes. Why would you say that? Of course I do.

Then let me do this at my own pace.

Okay. I'm not... trying to force anything. I-- I just wanna help.

[SIGHS] I don't know where to start.

This is about your mom, right?

My mom isn't alive.

Yeah, I know.

I mean, she wasn't alive before all this.


I was in prison when I won the lottery.


What happened?

I never knew my dad, 'cause he died when I was young.

My mom raised me alone.

She worked constantly, 'cause she had to.

I spent a lot of my teenage years alone... got in with a bad crowd... got into drugs, mostly meth.

I lied, stole...

ran away from home when I was 17... came back when I OD'ed.

Didn't stop.

Uh, one night...

[CLEARS THROAT] I got high... paranoid... accused my mom of stealing my stash.



I went down to the kitchen...

grabbed a paring knife... went back up the stairs and I-- I stabbed her.

Uh, the drugs were in my room where I left 'em.

I'm so sorry, Phoenix.

I wish I could hold you right now.


When did this happen?

I was in prison a year when the flu hit, so almost seven years ago now.

The whole Orlando thing makes a lot of sense now.

Banning him was wrong.

Who am I to judge?

Phoenix, it's not the same.

Yeah, you're right. What I did was worse.

Phoenix-- I'm not looking for your sympathy.

Lifting the ban on Orlando is the right thing to do.


Okay, you're right.

I will do everything I can to lift the ban.

I'm lucky to have you here with me.

I'm the lucky one.


DENVER: Phoenix! Mm.

Mm, what's going on? Phoenix, hey.

I-- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Um... What time is it?

DENVER: It's-- It's early-- Late.

It's late, maybe. I don't know.

I don't know. I've been working on lifting this ban thing, but I think I-- I figured it out.


Did you have any luck? I'm not 100 percent sure that this is gonna work, but... there is a possibility that I-- I could ban myself or one of you guys. Okay, well, don't do that.

I know. I-- I don't want to do that, but are you sure that we shouldn't tell the others about this?

Why? So Boston can tell us not to do it?

I mean, what's the point? Yeah.

Okay. You're right. You're right. Um...


Here we go.


Orlando, are you there?

Orlando, it's-- It's Phoenix and Denver.

We turned your feed back on.

Can you hear us?


What are you doing? I'm checking the logs for information. [KEYPAD TYPING CONTINUES]

Come on. Say something.

There's-- There's nothing here.

What are you doing?

PHOENIX: I don't know. I'm just looking to see if I can find something.

There's gotta be something.

Where is he? Maybe he... escaped? Maybe he's dead.

We have to tell the others.

I'm really disappointed in both of you.

I thought that you'd show more respect for our system, which we all agreed on, by the way. We just felt this was important enough to make our own decision.

That's not how we do things!

We put you in charge six years ago.

Maybe it's time we change some of these old rules.

Oh, I see how you wanna play it. You wanna be in charge?

Why does anybody have to be in charge?

I think it's important that we have a leader.

I mean, personally, I find it comforting.

You can't figure out what's up on your own?

Why are you antagonizing me?

I'm just asking a question. No.

Now you're being disingenuous. From where I'm sitting, Boston, he-- He's not in charge of fucking jack shit, man.

Look, I am really sorry about your sleep cycle.

I wish there was something I could do about it.

Stop fucking changing! You're fucking-- I can't!

[POWER CRACKLING] Stop fucking changing, you broken piece of fucking shit!

Houston, calm down. You're not helping.

I don't give a shit. I've been awake for three fucking days. I'm losing my fucking mind.

This is fucking Orlando. That's what it is.

What? What are you talking about?

He's fucking mad at me, 'cause I fucking voted him out and now he's fucking with me.

Houston, Houston, you didn't vote against him.

You didn't vote at all. Remember?

He voted himself out.

Whoever built this shit, he's fucking tough, bro.

And he's fucking--

He's doing this shit to me on purpose...

'cause he fucking hates me.

I mean, why else is my sleep cycle fucking doing this shit?

There's a hundred reasons it could be broken, Houston.

ATLANTA: Please, sit down.

I don't like seeing you like this.

Is there any chance that Orlando can actually be in there somewhere?

I mean, there's a possibility he could be dead or...

I don't know, hiding from the camera, but that doesn't seem like his personality.

Well, what if he tried to escape?

How could he escape? The doors are locked.

Has anyone tried their door since the terminal shut down?

What if it actually opens?

You could be exposed.

Phoenix! Don't.

Phoenix, wait-- Wait-- Wait! No, no, no! What are--

Think about it! Think about what you're doing.





I'm trying to be zen about what you and Denver did.

We agreed on a hierarchy way back when all this started, but all of a sudden, you and Denver, you guys decided to do your own thing.

Well, we've been in here for years.

Things can't stay the same forever.

But that doesn't mean you should do whatever you want, whenever you want. You know that lifting the ban on Orlando was the smart thing to do.

You sound more and more like him as the years roll on.

Like who? Denver.

I mean, you're two peas in a pod.

Well, it's no secret we're together.


I mean, what does that even mean down here?

It means we see a future with one another.

I will never understand, why him?

As opposed to you? No, I me-- I mean, that's-- that's not what I mean. I'm sorry to be blunt, but it's absolutely none of your business.

Look, I'm just worried about you, okay?

I mean, there's something about him that gives me the creeps. Don't you see that?

No, I don't.

He's never been anything but supportive and loving.

You never even met him in person.

I never met you in person and you expect me to trust you.

What is this about, Boston?

Denver reminds me of my dad, his looks, his voice, his mannerisms, everything.

You know, on the surface, he's really friendly, super smart, and charming, but there was something really fake about it all.

I mean, he was mean as shit behind closed doors.

You hit this switch and, snap, he was a monster.

Listen, I always appreciate your honesty, and thank you for your concern, but I know Denver, and he is nothing like... your father.



PHOENIX: What are you thinking about right now?

[SIGHS] You.

PHOENIX: I know, but what, specifically?


What it would feel like... to have my hands all over your body.

PHOENIX: What else?

What your lips would taste like.


What your...

What you would feel like underneath me.

Taste of your sweat. Mm.

PHOENIX: How hard are you fucking me?

Oh, I'm fucking you so hard.

[SIGHS] I'm thinking about you looking back at me.

PHOENIX: You gonna come?

I want you to come.



PHOENIX: How was that?

[SIGHS] Oh, man.

Oh, I hope nobody plays that back. [LAUGHS]

PHOENIX: [LAUGHING] Who cares if they do?


I love you so much.

PHOENIX: Denver.




PHOENIX: Are you reading?

No. No, I was just-- I was at the pool, thought I'd do a couple laps. PHOENIX: Nice.

Oh, let me guess. You're reading, uh, No Exit.

How many times have you read that?

I don't know. I lost count.

Wow. It's that good, huh? Yeah. I like it.

You know, it's a-- It's a classic.

What's up?

Do you remember when we used to record those private videos?

I do, yeah.

What if Orlando made some of his own while he was banned?

Do you think you could access them?

Yeah. I mean, if they're not hidden very well.


While I'm doing this, what made you... wanna watch those videos?

Just wanted to think about something nice.

So a video of me getting off, that-- That did the trick?

Oh, totally.

Okay. I got some, uh, right here.

Oh, I got a bunch. Okay, I-- I'll screen-share it with you.

This one's from a couple months ago.

Play it.


Day 121. I feel amazing.

I don't think I've ever been in better shape. [YELLS]

He seems fine. [ORLANDO YELLING]

Guess he wasn't lying when he said he wouldn't miss us.

Well, that was uneventful. Play a different one.



I did not realize he was such a workout enthusiast.

Day 186.

Guess what. I'm gonna be a frigging Hulk when I get out of here, huh? [CLAPS]


Oh, I guess...

There's-- There's hundreds of these.

Yeah, it's like Orlando's video workout series.

Okay, here's the last one.

It's from a few days ago. It's a much bigger file.



What is this?


ORLANDO: Leave me alone! Leave me alone!


Wait. What just happened?

I don't understand. He-- He's gone.

PHOENIX: Oh, my God. DENVER: What?

Look at his door. His door is open.

What do you mean it's-- That's not--

That's not possible.

Wait. Go back to the static.



There. Did you hear that?

ORLANDO: What? Yeah. What is that?

Sounds like screaming. Is that Orlando?

How long is this video? It's long.

There's five hours of this.

Go to the very end. Hang on.

HOUSTON: See, what I think is that Orlando set this whole thing up, all right? He's the one--

He's the one who put us in here.

He tricked us into thinking that the Saharan flu is real and then he made us wait down here for five years.

That's a little implausible. Houston, can you try to calm down?

No, you guys don't see it, but I do, okay?

It makes total fucking sense to me now, all right? This is what he wanted.

He wanted for all of us to go fucking crazy, okay?

But I fucking-- I got it, all right? I figured it out, 'cause I-- I see what he's doing to us.

BOSTON: Houston, how long has it been since you slept?

Who the fuck knows, man? Fuck sleep.

I don't need sleep. Sleep is for weak-ass motherfuckers like you guys, okay? But Orlando's plan, it blew up in his fucking face, man, because I can see what he fucking did to us, man.

Okay, so this is a big conspiracy theory.

No, it's not a theory, man.

I know I'm right. You know you're right, from what, from a-- A door shutting in a video?

You're just too fucking afraid to fucking admit it, man.

Will you please stop cursing?

My goodness, you're making my head spin.

Maybe you need an exorcism.

Sweetie, how about contributing something useful to a stressful situation?

This video could be fake. How?

And why? That's my point.

We don't know anything. So, what, let me guess.

Your idea is to-- To just sit here and do nothing?

What other choice do we have? Well, you could be forcibly removed like Orlando was.

That is pure speculation.

How many times can you say the same thing?

As many times as I have to to get you to listen to reason.

Maybe the terminal shut down, because we don't need it anymore.

Maybe the flu is gone. Yeah, Atlanta, maybe we'll all be saved.

Maybe in a few days, we'll just walk out of here and everything'll be perfect.

You know, maybe your little angels are alive and all grown up. Are you done yet?

Are you done with your little tantrum?

We need to take action while we still have control.

Hey, Phoenix, man, I hate to break it to you, but we ain't in control of shit, all right?

Orlando, Orlando's running this whole fucking game, man.

He got us beat. I hope you're right, Houston.

I really do.

Because that's better than the alternative.

Well, do you have a plan, Phoenix?

Yeah. I think we should find a way out.

You all sound crazy to me.

Maybe the lock that seals the door can be broken.

Sudden depressurization could be fatal.

Well, that's a risk that I'm willing to take.

BOSTON: In here, we're safe. We're not safe and that video is proof. BOSTON: It doesn't prove anything. I'm still not convinced it's real.

What else do you need?

We don't know what's going on.

We have to do something. Okay. Let's vote.

I don't need your permission to make my own plan.

Can I have two votes? Houston, concentrate.

Stop, officer. Don't shoot me.

[CHUCKLES] I used to say that shit all the time when I was a kid. Hey, you guys ever have the cops put a gun on you? BOSTON: Houston!

Fuck, man! Fuck, yeah! We escape and go find that lying motherfucker, Orlando!

We skin him alive! Sounds like a fuckin' plan to me!

BOSTON: He's lost his mind. I lost my mind, then I found it. It's right here in my head.

ATLANTA: Listen, we can't make any decisions with Houston like this.



DENVER: Good evening.


What are you doing up?

DENVER: You know, just checking in.

Can you even see anything? PHOENIX: Sort of.

Figured I'd do Boston the favor of not searching... directly in front of his face. DENVER: That's very sweet.

Did you find anything yet?

Nope, not really.

DENVER: Uh, you know, it is the middle of the night, so maybe you should try and get some sleep.


I can't really sleep.

What's up?

I was trying to remember... what everyone's real name is.

There's, uh, Barry.

Raymond. Olivia.

Cedric. And then...


What's his real name? Huh.

[THUDDING CONTINUES] I don't think he ever told us.

[THUDDING] Do you hear that?

Yeah, what is that?



Oh, no.


What is going on?

Oh, shit.

Houston, stop.









What the...

You still think we're safe in here, Boston?

I'm scared.

Me, too.

Who are they? [DENVER SIGHS]

I don't know. I don't...

People immune to the Saharan flu? I...

How are they finding the bunkers?


Maybe they heard Houston screaming.


I don't know. Let's just...

Let's try and get some rest, okay?

Okay. Good night.

Good night.




BOSTON: Phoenix. [GASPS]


BOSTON: Don't move.

What's wrong? Slowly look down... but be very careful.


PHOENIX: You guys scared the hell out of me.

It's just a little rat. Hi.

Don't touch it. It could be sick.

No. Only humans can get Saharan flu.

I'm talking about rabies. Hey there, little guy.

Come here.

ATLANTA: How did it get there?

Aren't these things supposed to be sealed?

Oh, my God, Atlanta. It's a miracle.

No, no, Phoenix, Phoenix, she's right.

You need to be careful. Your bunker is not airtight.

I think this is my fault.

I found this panel yesterday and tried to pry it open.

The rat must have knocked it out when it came in.

What were you looking for? A way out.

"Emergency vent."

Can you see anything?

No. There's nothing.

Do you guys have the same panel?

[SIGHS] I don't-- I don't understand.

This doesn't make any sense. BOSTON: You know, maybe it's some kind of ventilation system that connects all the bunkers. DENVER: Oh, yeah.

Yeah, there's ventilation ducts across the entire continental U.S.

You know what? Stop being an asshole.

I'm just brainstorming.

Yeah, but aren't we 30 feet underground?

Yeah, that's-- That's my point, okay?

Th-- There should be dirt on the other side of this wall, not an open space and definitely not a vent.

Does this make you guys happy... asking all these questions?

Like, do you feel like you're making progress?

Do you feel like you're solving some mystery?

So tell me, what is your idea, hmm, Chicago?

Nothing. Do nothing.

Same shit's gonna happen, regardless.

For once, I agree with Chicago.

I think we should wait it out. DENVER: Of course, you think we should wait. That's your answer to everything! Sit back and wait.

Well, you know what? We've been listening to you this entire time and every day has gotten progressively worse.

So, what, you think we could have done something about Orlando?

You think we could have done something about Houston?

About the rat? About fucking...

Stop arguing! BOSTON: ...any of this?

What we need right now is more information.

Great idea. Just simply acquire more information.

Look, we know that we're connected to the Domain network.

There has gotta be a way to access data from the other bunkers. Even if it works, what will it accomplish? I don't know, but maybe we can contact someone else.

That could work. I'll-- I'll get on it.


Now, I think everyone else should start going around the bunker-- Who put you in charge?

I'm taking charge, because no one else is doing it.

Maybe we should vote. Boston, stop wasting time.

Look, I'm the one that got-- Stop!


The system is collapsing. The system is collapsed.

Which is why we need to find a way out of here.

[SCOFFS] How? I'm not sure.

An emergency release? Something.

I don't know. There's gotta be a way.

Okay. Okay, okay, just, you know, tell me where to start. I'll help.

Be creative. Try-- Try anything.

Boston, you, too.

Chicago, you gonna help us out? Sorry.

I don't do jailbreaks. Come on.

You're a smart guy. Leave me alone.

What exactly are we looking for again?

Can you guys-- Can you just keep it down?

I'm trying to focus.

BOSTON: Oh, I'm sorry, princess.


Atlanta, what are you doing?

The Supplival has to be coming from someplace.

I think it's connected to that pipe back there.

I'm gonna break through. I think there's something on the other side. Atlanta, if you break that, you could cut access to your food.

PHOENIX: Yeah, I agree with Boston.

I know I told you to try anything but--


No, guys. Listen, if I'm gonna end up starving to death, then I guess that was God's plan for me all along.

What do you see? Nothing.

It's just empty space.

You can't see anything? No. It's pitch-black.

But there's too much space on the other side of this wall.

It doesn't make sense.


Atlanta, your door.


ATLANTA: O Lord, make me brave, brave enough to face the dark, the dark that works to pull me in.

Help me to retain my sight, to see that from the dark comes light.

Oh, no. No. Oh, God.


To know that from the dark comes light.


[THUDDING] PHOENIX: Chicago... what are you doing?

Denver! What?

Atlanta's gone. What? When?

Look at Chicago's feed.

Is that Supplival?

He was starving himself.

Chicago, please, don't do this.

We can get through this, Chicago.

Nobody's getting through.

We need you.

That's not true.

Chicago, you don't wanna do this. You don't.

I never wanted to do anything more.

Goodbye, guys.

Please, Chicago, don't do this. No. No! No.





I can't look at that.

Then don't.

Why are you so fucking cold?

I'm dealing with this in my own way, all right?

Why don't you show some emotion, you fucking robot?

He was our friend.



[SIGHS] Well, I hate to bring this down even further, but I have some new information.

New information would be good right now.

Well, that depends on your point of view.

So, the bunkers, they're all connected, right?

Every bunker in the Network has its own feed.

That's 500,000 feeds.

So the Domain, what it does is it limits access to the seven people in your group.

The feeds, they're still there but you just can't see 'em.

Well, can you access them now?

Yeah. I already did.

I can only pull 'em up one at a time. This is, uh, this is a random one.

I'm-- I'm assuming they already took this person.


Who is that?

No idea. Why can't we hear him?

I couldn't locate the audio streams, video only, so we can't communicate with them and... they can't see us.

So this is live. DENVER: Yeah.


It is so weird to see a new face after all these years.



I've seen a lot of suicides.

This-- This-- This is just...

I don't know. There's more.


[SIGHS] There's only a thousand feeds coming from the main server.

So what? There should be 500,000, one from each bunker.

Is it possible that you just can't access them all?

No. No. I mean, I-- I didn't think that it was possible, so I-- I triple-checked it but I'm telling you...

there's only a thousand bunkers.

What does that mean? It means they lied to us.


We have to get out of here.


PHOENIX: When we were searching the bunkers, I found this cluster of wires connecting... the door to the computer.

DENVER: So we-- If we cut it, the computer loses control of the door?

Yeah. It just might unlock it.

Or we cut power to a crucial life-support function, and we starve or suffocate in total darkness.

I have to get out of here on my own terms.

I don't wanna be pulled out like the others.

Well, let's say we do make it out of here, all right?

And we don't contract the Saharan flu within hours.

We're still thousands of miles apart in a broken-down society.

Well, we need a meeting place.

We'd have to travel on foot.

Maybe we can find working vehicles.

That's-- That's a huge maybe.

All right.

Four Corners Monument, where Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico meet.

No, that's too remote. That's not safe.

That's not safe at all.

I'll come to you. To Phoenix?

That's a whole state away.

I know, but I-- I'll make it work.

Is there a-- A government building, something that's centrally located?

Yeah, City Hall. That's where we'll meet.

Are you sure? Of course.

What about me?

[STAMMERS] You-- You can come, too.

I'm 3,000 miles away.

Never mind.

Just excess baggage. [CHUCKLES]

I'll figure out my own situation.

I'm sorry, Boston.

Just one last thing, though. Sure.

We have to vote.


Seriously? You're still holding on to that?

It's what we do.

It's what we did.

PHOENIX: There's only three of us.

Pretty sure you know how the vote turns out.


Just one last time.


All those in favor of an escape.

Well, that's it, then.

PHOENIX: Did you find the wires?


Let's do this.


Well, it did something.

I'm gonna try the door.

I'm going up.

No, Phoenix, wait!

I'll find you... no matter what.

I love you, Phoenix.

I love you, too.




You're here.

Is this real?


[WHISPERS] Oh, this is real. [LAUGHS]

[SIGHS] This feels like a dream.

BOSTON: If this was a dream, I wouldn't be here.



You're taller than I expected.

How did we wind up next to each other?

I don't know.

I don't know either.

DENVER: I don't remember this place.

PHOENIX: Fifty-seven.

I mean, maybe they moved us.

No, we would have known that.

Maybe we were here all along.

The others have to be here somewhere, right?

BOSTON: Yeah, I... I don't know.




Oh, my God.

Oh, my...


Phoenix, come here. Look over there.

Get down.

What are we gonna do?

We gotta find a way to get out of here.

No, I want answers. No, Phoenix, we need to find a way out.

Someone knows what's going on.

Look, I will distract them.

Wait. What? Why?

Because they are blocking the only exit.



Wait, wait, wait.


Phoenix, we shouldn't be here.

We need to go.

Not until I know what this place is.



DENVER: Phoenix, you sure about this?


Phoenix, we need to go. Come on. Let's go.

Kimberly. Nadine?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey. Sit down, Dean.

DENVER: What are you doing? Put that down.

Put that down. Calm down. Calm down, okay?

Don't point that at him. Kimberly, get out of the way.

What are you doing? This is crazy.

He is extremely dangerous.

He's not dangerous. I know him. It's okay.

You don't know him at all.

Okay. Okay, sit down.

All right.


I just want to know what's going on.

This is an experiment.

Kimberly, you're still in prison.

DENVER: [SCOFFS] You really expect us to believe this bullshit?

The epidemic was a lie. No.

No, it wasn't a lie. It was a story.

I was...

I was trying to create a better life.

And it worked.

It really worked.

DENVER: What are you talking about? I saw the news coverage.

Yeah. We created that content to make it more believable.

"Content." Jesus. PHOENIX: I don't understand.

How did you get me from prison... to my bunker?

Oh, we slipped sedatives into your food, flew you from Arizona, and installed you here the next day.

Where are we?


You're fucking lying, bitch.

Why have you been forcing people out of their bunkers?

They're shutting down Domain.

Why? Because you banned Orlando.

Who even knows about that? Everyone!

Someone leaked the video.

[SIGHS] It blew up on the Internet.

It was national news for weeks.

The media called you "The Penthouse Prisoners."

They couldn't believe how much freedom you had in the prison environment. It was ridiculous.

We were always in control. That's not all.

The public hated that you didn't know you were in prison. They thought the bunkers were too nice.

They thought you were getting off too lightly.

Never underestimate humanity's capacity to be punitive.

So they're just shutting it down?


The public spoke.

The government was only too happy to comply, so they're pulling everyone out, making some changes in the bunkers and... putting you back in until they can find a space for you in the prison system. Oh, you fucking lying cunt.

What is wrong with you? You're an escaped convict.

I have every legal right to shoot you.

Well, then do it. Denver, stop.

No. Shut up, Phoenix.

She's full of shit and I'm calling her on it.

Why don't you tell her why you're here?



PHOENIX: Why are you here?


You don't wanna know. It's okay. You can tell me.

Trust me.

You're my one mistake.

PHOENIX: Why me?

Why any of us?

Oh, you were one of a thousand prisoners that I specially selected for the program.

Your psych evaluations indicated that you would be very unlikely to reveal your histories, and you'd be the most likely to believe the flu scenario.

I reasoned that if we could control your physical contact, that you would put your past behind you and create new identities.

And you did.

Well, we were all lying to each other.

Honey, everybody lies.

What did they do?

Are you sure you wanna know? Yes.

They're my friends.

Well, Raymond Voss was a career criminal.

He was in and out of prison his whole life.

I think you know the rest of his resume.

Hector Gonzales was in a gang.

He was directly responsible for at least 20 murders.

Olivia Michaels was suffering from postpartum depression and she drowned her three little girls, right before she attempted to commit suicide with pills.

Cedric Jackson was a prostitute and a drug addict.

He murdered innumerable men who paid to have sex with him, stealing their cash, their jewelry.

Barry O'Malley robbed a bank with his two brothers.

Afterwards, they were trying to divide the heist and he murdered them both, execution style.

And Denver?

Please tell me.

Dean Atkins stalked and murdered 11 women that he met on various dating websites.



[SIGHS] You know, I've heard about people like you, Nadine.

Sure you're not a fan?

Seem to know a lot about us.

This program is my life, my baby.

I watched all of you every day for six years.

I know everything about all of you.

I gave you a purpose, a reason to live.

I gave you hope, an opportunity to-- To put your past behind you and to create something new, a way to live your lives in a humane atmosphere instead of some prison where the inmates are raped and murdered.

This is worse.

It's only worse because you found out.

You were never supposed to find out.

Ignorance is bliss, huh? Something like that.

MAN: Nadine! In here.

MAN: Hands up.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry.

MAN: Get up. Get off--





I'm here for you, Phoenix.



You know, you've been out for hours.

Okay, I get it.

The silent treatment, huh?

You know, Phoenix, I'm still the same guy.

I actually believed you.

Believe what?

That you loved me.

DENVER: Oh, I love you, Phoenix.

I love you in my way.

Did you love the women you killed?

Yeah, for a while, sure.

Then why'd you kill them?

I can't explain that to you in a way that you would find accessible.

You knew that we were still in prison.

Well, I suspected it once you told me about your mommy.

Of course, I knew my own history... [SIGHS]

...then Orlando.

I mean, three convicted felons in one place, that's... a little bit too much of a coincidence.

So, why didn't you say something?

DENVER: It was fun.

It was fascinating watching it all play out.

You're a sociopath.

Yeah, that's what they say.

And I was just another victim?

No. You were special.

Because you were the one I could never have the way I truly wanted.


On your feet. Let's move.

Well, well, well. Looky here.

We got the merry band of frigging hypocrites. Hah!

Is that you, Atlanta?

Now, what'd you do, Atlanta, huh?

You must have done something pretty bad to be put in here, right?

Hey, I wonder if it had anything to do with those little angels.

I guess I'll be seeing y'all in hell. [GRUNTS] Woo!

Come on. [SCREAMS]



MAN: No one else gets off that easy.

Turn around.


Get in your cell.

DENVER: Hey, Phoenix.

Don't worry. I'll be right next door.

PHOENIX: O Lord, make me brave...

brave enough to face the dark...

the dark that works to pull me in.

As the storm rages through...

let me rise above the gale with bright eyes...

confident Thy way is wise.

Lord, make me brave...

brave enough to face the murk of life.

Help me with my human plight.

Help me to retain my sight...

to know that from the dark comes light.

To know that from the dark... comes light.


♪ You know who I am ♪

♪ He said ♪

♪ The speaker was an angel ♪

♪ He coughed And shook his crumpled wings ♪

♪ Closed his eyes ♪

♪ And moved his lips ♪

♪ It's time we should be going ♪

♪ Waiting so long ♪

♪ I've been waiting so long ♪

♪ I've been waiting so Waiting so ♪

♪ Waiting so ♪

♪ Look back in anger ♪

♪ Driven by the night ♪

♪ 'Til you come ♪

♪ Waiting so long ♪

♪ I've been waiting so long ♪

♪ I've been waiting so Waiting so ♪

♪ Waiting so ♪

♪ Look back in anger ♪

♪ See it in my eyes ♪

♪ 'Til you come ♪

♪ No one seemed to hear him ♪

♪ So he leafed Through a magazine ♪

♪ And yawning Rubbed the sleep away ♪

♪ Very sane, he seemed to me ♪

♪ Waiting so long ♪

♪ I've been waiting so long ♪

♪ I've been waiting so Waiting so ♪

♪ Waiting so ♪

♪ Look back in anger ♪

♪ Driven by the night ♪

♪ 'Til you come ♪

♪ Waiting so long ♪

♪ I've been waiting so long ♪

♪ I've been waiting so Waiting so ♪

♪ Waiting so ♪

♪ Look back in anger ♪

♪ Feel it in my voice ♪

♪ Waiting so, waiting so ♪

♪ Waiting so ♪