Dominion (2014) Script

[Narrator] As the eternal cycle of day and night continued, morning light unveiled the ravages of time and self inflicted calamity.

A world that was nothing more than a barren and desolate rock floating in space.

Then came the thundering engines of the scout ship.


Bringing the first echoing sounds in over a million years to this arid landscape.

[ominous music]

For the celestial explorers this was just another place to chart, catalog and investigate like the thousands that had come before it.

They hoped to find something.

Evidence of life perhaps?

An ancient fossil signified that life had existed here, long ago.

Then, the faint signal emanating from their device posed the question.

"Was this the product of an unknown intelligence?"

They followed the signal, which grew stronger.

Their scans indicating that just ahead was an object of massive proportions.

[ominous music]

Kneeling over the source of the signal, they carefully brush back the sand and discovered a hatch.

But to what?

[foreboding music]

Once the handle was carefully turned the hatch opened.

[meta clunking]


Musty light bled into the dark abyss exposing hundreds of metallic pods lining the chamber walls.

[ominous music]

Their fellow travelers were beckoned.

And to their wonderment the pods contained remnants of a long lost civilization, affirming that this third planet from its sun was once abundant with life.

With the impending end to their world, the pods had been engineered in the hope that they would one day be discovered.

The living embryonic life forms induced into a state of suspended animation would somehow be reborn into a new world.

For the inhabitants of this planet once known as Earth, it would be a new beginning.

A new age for mankind.

Humanity would live, once again.

[dramatic music]

[ominous music]

[Man Voiceover] Evidence is overwhelming that there is a cover up.

And that there are aliens are visiting and so forth.

I think we do need to recognize that a new era has began for mankind.

[Older Man Voiceover] I happened to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet.

And the UFO phenomenon is real, although it has been covered up by our governments for quite a long time.

[Young Man Voiceover] The United States government knew a whole lot more about UFO's then it was telling the American public.

That there's an intelligence involved.

That there's a highly evolved technology.

That to a degree we were carrying on a dialogue with this intelligence.

[Older Man Voiceover] Because I read NATO military material that indicated that the UFO's were not only real, but that they represented something far beyond anything I had ever imagined before.

[dramatic music]

[somber music]

[foreboding music]

[suspenseful music]

[somber radio music]

Could I get ah $60 on pump four please?



I understand over the years, some peculiar things have been happening around these parts.

Cattle mutilations, strange lights in the sky, things of that sort.

No, I don't know anything about that.



Set to go?

Yes sir.

[suspenseful music]

Son of a bitch!

[suspenseful music]

[engine revving]

[tires screeching]

[suspenseful music]



[door creaking]

[suspenseful music]

May I ask why you chose me?

[Man] I've known who you are for sometime now.

You seem like an honest man.

Well I'm about the truth.

And if what you're about to tell me is the truth, am I to understand we're all in very grave danger?


In five days, human existence as you know it, will forever change.

Why don't we start with your name?

[Man] Jaylen.


So Jaylen, who are you?

[crickets chirping]

[distant dog barking]

[crickets chirping]

[crickets chirping]

[metal cranking]

[ominous music]

[crickets chirping]

[metal clinking]

You're speaking of the Phoenix Lights incident?

Are you trying to tell me that you were aboard that craft?

[Jaylen] Yes.

[Interviewer] And where may I ask are you from, Jaylen?

[Jaylen] A star system in the constellation Xanatea.

I am Andromedan.

[dramatic music]


We were six.

Our task was to monitor human conditions.

And determine the degree of infiltration.

[Interviewer] Infiltration by whom?

[Jaylen] Alpha Draconians.


Andromedans are one of 139 planetary systems that comprise the Interstellar Alliance.

We are and have always been the watch dogs of the universe for nearly 2 million years.

And we've been at war with the Draconians for nearly 100,000 of those years.

They are a malevolent species, whose prime directive is to conquer and destroy.

Entire star systems have been wiped out by their aggression.

And now we've become a target?

You've always been a target.

Three million of your population are comprised of these beings.

They are the one percent that control the government, corporations, media.

Years ago the nation's leaders struck a deal with the Draconians.

In exchange for global control of virtual enslavement of your people, a select few would be granted amnesty from the coming onslaught and be allowed to live out their existence underground.

Many have already begun to do so.

And this onslaught.

Is this what's going to happen in five days?

Two days ago, a Draconian warship reached the outer rim of your solar system.

Their army is coming here to establish complete dominion.

It has always been our intent to shield you from this threat.

But we are entrenched in war and haven't the means to bring a fleet here to protect you.

It is to be your darkest age.

[menacing music]

As I promised.

Documents, photos, videos and maps of every secret military underground base on the planet.

There's also a complete database of all occupants of those bases.

And you believe this is enough to convince the public?

Regardless, in five days they will all believe.

[menacing music]

You mentioned their wealth. [Jaylen] Excuse me.

[ominous music]


[eerie music]

Please stop it.

[eerie music]

[heavy breathing]

Stop it.

[electrical buzzing]

[woman yelling]

[woman crying]


[electrical buzzing]

[woman screaming]

[woman sobbing]

Where is he?


[menacing music]

I'm Special Agent John Walker here on government business.

May I borrow a pen and a piece of paper?


Thank you.

The gentleman in room 15 is under my protective custody.

There are people looking for him.

If anyone should come inquiring, I would appreciate if you would give me a call.

It's a matter of national security you see.


Thank you.

[ominous music]

Are you feeling better?

You gonna tell me what happened?

Not now.


What time is it?

It's half passed three.

We need to go.


We're meeting someone.


A friend.

[foreboding music]

[John] You mentioned there were six of you.

Where are the others?


As in left or died?


I'm very sorry.

We were hunted down one by one.

All that they died for is this.

It's a Perian.

It contains the collective data of human progression.

As well as Draconian war plans.

Information that can be very helpful in our cause in overcoming them.

And how are you gonna get that to your people?

A rescue ship arrives tomorrow.


At sun fall.

So you're going home?


I'm not.

Turn left up here.

[engine rumbling]

Your camera.

[wind howling]

Your friend, is he?

From here?


She's Arcturian.

I don't think I've ever met an Arcturian before.

Is she part of this interstellar alliance?

They are.

Are they here to help us?

Very much so.


That's good.

[wind howling]

They're here.


My God.

[dramatic music]

[eerie music]

[power pulsing]

[wind howling]

This is Robert.

The one you spoke of?


I am Tonjura.

I am pleased to meet you.

It's an honor to meet you.

We would like to extend our deepest regret that we cannot help you in this matter.

We are not a violent species and not equipped for war.

I'm sorry Robert.

[somber music]

[mystical music]

[power pulsing]

The Arcturians have always been here.

Silently monitoring human progress.

Along with several other races.

But now they're all returning home.

You mean evacuating.

So now we really are alone.


[somber music]

Thousands of years of accumulated human data ends here.


You could have gone back with them. Why didn't you?

Or at least given them the Perian.

They've fulfilled their duties to the counsel.

This is not one of them.

And as I stated before, I'm not leaving.

[suspenseful music]

[dramatic music]

Is this John?

John Walker?


Yes, this is John Walker.

It's Denise, from the motel.

You told me to call if anyone came inquiring.

Well there are government agents inside his room as we speak.

Well you didn't tell them anything did you?

No I didn't.

But these guys have real badges.

Denise, I owe you big.

There's government agents in your room right now.

Somehow they knew we were there.

Any idea how?


Alright, we're gonna have to ditch this car and hitch a ride into Albuquerque.

What's in Albuquerque?

A friend.

[ominous music]

[water flowing]

Whatever it is your not telling me Jaylen, I need to know.

We're running out of time.

[somber music]

I was compelled by her.

I began experiencing feelings I never had before.

It's as if I was meant to find her.

I felt myself avoiding better judgment that this is wrong.

A forbidden code of conduct in my task here.

I allowed it to happen, I wanted it to happen.

Andromedans enforce a very structured mating ritual.

Our choice for a companion is never our own and never random.

We are conditioned this way from birth.

And therefore there's never the opportunity for--

Falling in love?


Did she know the true about you?

Not at the time.

But I couldn't stay in one place for too long.

So the day approached when I had to tell her.

I haven't been entirely honest with you.

What do you mean?

There are people looking for me.

Who's looking for you? Do you need any help?

I'm not from here.

I'm not from Los Angeles and I'm not from the United States.

I'm not from Earth.

The people looking for me are getting close.

They also are not from Earth.

What do you...


What do you mean you're not from Earth? I don't--

Alyssa, I care about you deeply.

They why are you telling me this?

To protect you.

By your association with me, I fear I am putting you in danger as well.


How can you?

How can you expect me to believe this?

Please, just make me understand.

[somber music]

Alyssa, there are things.

There are worlds outside of this one you have no idea of.

And I am from one of these worlds.

[somber music]

I knew I would never see her again.

I was devastated.

But we were more connected then I even imagined.

She could hear my thoughts, she could feel my pain in losing her.

You were telepathically linked?


Without my intention, it just happened.

And soon we found each other again and we left together heading west.

Then what happened?

My worst fear.

They found us.

I managed to get away unharmed but she was not so fortunate.

So you're saying that she's.



But they took her.

Do you know where she is?

[ominous music]

She's a prisoner underground at the base at Dulce.

[metal banging]

And they have been torturing her.

So the telepathic link between the two of you is how they tracked you.



I have no idea of what you must be going through right now.

You never told me her name.

Her name is Alyssa.

And she carries my child.

[water flowing]

[ominous music]

[electric humming]

[metal clinking]



[ominous music]

[wind howling]

[hooves clapping]

[Robert Voiceover] I've been an associate of Chayton's since the early 90's.

He's devoted his life to researching anomalous phenomenon and has established a strong following in the UFO arena.

He was one of the first to get hold of the secret flying disc file of the FBI.

And sensitive documents from the CIA, Air Force, Army and other government agencies.

The price he's paid for bringing the true to the public are death threats, imprisonment and being shot at.

He is a good man.

And I trust him as I would a brother.

[ominous music]

[foreboding music]


Thanks a lot, Derek, I appreciate it.

Can you give us a moment?

You don't know how good it is to see you my friend Chayton.


You look good.

A lot better than I feel.

This is the gentlemen that I was telling you about, Jaylen.


I'm gonna show him the footage.

[Robert Recording] Why don't we start with your name.


[Robert Recording] Jaylen.

[ominous music]

So Jaylen, who are you?

[menacing music]


[Jaylen Recording] Our task was to monitor human conditions.

And determine the degree of infiltration.

[Robert Recording] Infiltration by whom?

Alpha Draconians.

[Robert Recording] Draconians?

[menacing music]

[Alyssa whimpering]


[ominous music]

[menacing music]

[heavy breathing]


Jaylen what's happened?


[somber music]

They took it, Robert.

They took our baby.

All right, we gotta go.

I'll take you to my house.

That'll be perfect.

It's safer.

[ominous music]

[cart rattling]

[Jaylen Voiceover] Their army is coming here to establish complete dominion.

It has always been our intent to shield you from this threat.

But we are entrenched in war and haven't the means to bring a fleet here to protect you.

It is to be your darkest age.

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

[computer clicking]

[ominous music]


Look at that. Look at that!

That's amazing.

Open that one.

[ominous music]


[somber music]

[dramatic music]

Open that one.

That's amazing.


[deep voice speaking]

[ominous music]

We're gonna set the world on fire with this.

I think so.

[deep voice speaking]

[ominous music]

[Deep Voice] I got it!

Dude, we got a helicopter right behind you, see?

[Deep Voice] Oh shit, we gotta go.

[foreboding music]


The mother load.

I think you're right.

[ominous music]

[computer clicking]

No, no, wait, go back one.

[ominous music]


Is this her?

It is.

Who is she?

[Robert] A young woman Jaylen had the good taste to fall in love with.

You do have good taste my friend.

She's being held at the Dulce base.

I'm quite sure her friends and family would be interested to know that.

How soon will you be able to upload?

Right now.

Where are the files going to?

An old compadre of mine.

They'll upload to 60 servers globally.

The initial launch should reach about 6 million people.

What's the ETA?

Just under four hours.

By morning the flood gates will be open.

[suspenseful music]

35 point 39 degrees north.

And 106 point five, four degrees west.

[suspenseful music]

Southwest corner of the Jimenez Canyon Reservoir.

Remember, sun fall.

You'll give them the Perian.

And Robert, you can go with them.


Like you, Jaylen, there are people I that can't leave behind.

Not with what's coming.

Where will you go?

Into the wolf's den.

To be near the woman he loves.

The Dulce base.

Are you sure you're not human?

How will you get there?

I will take you.

[suspenseful music]

[gun clicking]


I'm fine.

Are you sure?

[suspenseful music]

[gun clicking]

[somber music]

[speaking foreign language]



[speaking foreign language]

[spiritual music]

Despite the circumstances, I'm happy to have known you, Robert.

The feeling's mutual.

I hope that we've made a difference, you and I.

We have.


I'd like to wish you good luck but.

Luck won't help me.

A miracle, perhaps.

Where will you go?


I've got a niece there that I'm quite fond of.

And a brother who hasn't spoken to me in 20 years.

He doesn't believe in all this UFO crap.


I see an exoneration in your near future my friend.

[dramatic music]

[Jaylen Voiceover] Human eye sight has been deceived for thousands of years.

[Robert Voiceover] How so?

[Jaylen Voiceover] The moon is an artificial construct.

It is a base where Alpha Draconians and other races have been manipulating human perception by means of a projected signal.

In your way of understanding, they've hacked into the human consciousness and programed exactly what they want you to see.

[Robert Voiceover] Corroborating the stories that NASA doctored photos of bases on the moon's dark side.

[Jaylen Voiceover] The role of NASA in this deceit is greater than you can imagine.

[pleasant piano music]




[guns clicking]

[water sloshing]

[water facet running]

[footsteps tapping]

[water facet running]


[door creaking]

[water facet running]

[gunshots booming]

[glass shattering]


[water facet running]



[ominous music]

Stop right there.

You know what's coming.

You know we're gonna lose.

It's inevitable.

What do you think you're gonna do?

What do you think you can do?

I'm a human being just like you.

No you're not.


[car whooshing]

[ominous music]

Are you there?

[Jaylen Voiceover] Yes.

[dramatic music]

They took our baby.

[Jaylen Voiceover] I know.

I am so sorry.

Where are you?

[Jaylen Voiceover] I'm coming to you.

Aren't you going home?

[Jaylen Voiceover] No.

They'll kill you.


Stay away.

[Jaylen Voiceover] I can't.

If I don't hear from you again,

I love you.

[dramatic music]

What will life be like there?



Our planet has a single continent.

Two suns.

No seasons, it's a constant temperature.

Are there any oceans?

There is one.

Our water is of a different consistency. A different color.

It contains all the nutrients that we require.

There is no need for food.

Though we are at war, we will live in a safe zone.

Our child will be shielded from the dangers coming here.

Time is different there.

Your life span will be three times what it is here on Earth.


We are free of all diseases and all illnesses.


It's starting to sound like paradise.

With you there it will be.

[dramatic music]

[tires screeching]

[gun clicking]

Get out of the vehicle now!

Cross your legs, put your hands on your head!

Cross your legs!




[menacing music]

[somber music]

[suspenseful music]


[ominous music]

[Jaylen Voiceover] Robert?

Robert, can you hear me?

Robert, are you there?


[Jaylen Voiceover] I'm speaking to you with my thoughts.

Where are you?

[Jaylen Voiceover] They have me in captivity.

And Robert, they killed Chayton.

There was nothing I could do.

I'm inside the base.

I'm where I need to be.



[dramatic music]

[phone dial beeping]


Yeah, it's me.

Now listen to me very carefully.

In about 40 minutes you'll have the files to upload.

Text me when it's done but do not, I repeat, do not do anything until you hear from me.

If you don't hear from me by this time tomorrow, launch.

Is that clear?


[somber music]

[suspenseful music]

[printer buzzing]

[engine rumbling]

[suspenseful music]

[ominous music]

[door creaking]

[door closing]

I'll keep this brief, Jaylen.

Knowing the impossibility of rescuing your companion, I can only imagine that you came here with the hopes to see her, to be with her.

This was a misjudgment.

We will not grant this union.

[foreboding music]

As for yourself, like your five companions before you, you will be dissected and studied by our scientists in hopes that we might better understand your telepathic abilities.

You may be aware that one of our duties here is to see the appetites of our hosts.

Your companion will be euthanized and parts of her extracted for the delicacies.

As for the son you fathered, he will be taken to Capella, where in manhood he will serve as a Draconian agent.

He, in turn, will father hybrids who will also serve in this capacity.

So you see, you will be serving a significant contribution to the Draconian cause.

And for this we are grateful.

[ominous music]

[dramatic music]


The Dulce base is located beneath the Archulleta Mesa.

The size is 4.6 miles in diameter.

The base has seven levels, the last two of which are designated for lab experimentation.

These tests are carried out by humans and Draconians.

It's the sixth level where Alyssa's being held.

One of the secret entrances is on the mesa itself.

The location was delivered to us by one of our allies, contained on the disk drive I gave you.

And you're just gonna walk in the back door?

Unless they find me first.

What makes you think they won't kill you?

It's a chance I'm willing to take.

She must be a very special woman.


[ominous music]

[helicopter whizzing]

[ominous music]

[suspenseful music]

[Jaylen Voiceover] I'm here Alyssa.

Where are you?

Why don't you answer me?

[ominous music]

[construction commotion]

[helicopter zooming]

[electrical fizzling]

[ship humming]

[footsteps marching]

Welcome, Mr. Casey.

Check him.

And who may I ask are you?


This is Trea.

Let me guess, Draconians?

We are.

Well, then I'm certainly not pleased to meet you.

[Soldier] He's clean but I found this.

Whatever your reason is for coming here, understand, we have no intention nor interest in keeping you alive.

So I'm dead either way, right?


No one will be spared.


The Earth's position in this solar system provides us with a strategic and tactical advantage.

Robert, the human role in the universe is inconsequential.

That may be so, but we have a right to exist.

Only if we allow it.

And we don't.

[ominous music]

Well, before you start waving your victory flag, might I suggest examining the contents of the drive you hold in your hand.

I think you'll find it very consequential.

All right.

Take him.

[suspenseful music]

And Robert.

Jaylen had something we very much want.

It's a gray stone that contains crystals.

What, you mean the Perian?


You wouldn't know where it is, would you?


It's right here.

[foreboding music]

[suspenseful music]

[heart monitor beeping]

Preparing euthanization.

[ominous music]

[Guard] It's time Jaylen.

[cell door clinking]




So, it would seem that your drive contains sensitive information that some here find distressing.

However all it can serve is to tell people what they will found out anyway in four days.

Well, yes.

But you're forgetting one thing.

The locations of all your hidden bases and their secret entrances.

What do you think, I just waltzed in here?

I want you to think of tens of thousands of me storming your underground castles with automatic weapons.

You'll have one hell of a shit storm to contend with.

And don't think for one moment it won't happen.

Vengeance and survival at all costs are two very profound impulses we humans have.

I see.

So am I to understand that this information has not yet been released?

No, it hasn't.

But if I don't make a phone call, it'll go viral to a few million people.

By sundown your phones will be ringing off the hook and in a few days you'll be running from a shower of bullets.

Now I also have the power to keep it from going out at all.

And then you cowards can hide down here in your underground fortresses without any worries.

And why should we trust you?

Because I'm not so eager to hand out doomsday news to the world.

These last few days of life are all we have left.

Why spoil it?


All right.

What are your terms in exchange for this?

[dramatic music]

[door clicking]

An arrangement's been made.


[dramatic music]

[helicopter whizzing]


When I know they're safe.

[dramatic music]

[wind howling]

[dramatic music]



[dramatic music]

[phone ringing]


It's done.

[Jaylen Voiceover] We're safe now.

We are grateful.

[dial beeping]

Yeah, it's me.



You have betrayed your promise to me.

On behalf of the 7.1 billion humans on this planet Earth that you have condemned, fuck you!

[menacing music]

[pleasant music]

[Jaylen Voiceover] The day that was mankind's darkest came and the invasion began.

At first, the takeover was not so easy.

The resistance from humans was formidable, but in time, futile.

Most of the underground bases were stormed.

Many died.

Within weeks the genocide had begun.

By the time our fleet returned months later, nearly one half of all humans had been exterminated.

In a battle that raged for many days, our fleet managed to rescue nearly 3 million humans.

It was our only return to Earth.

By now, it is certain that the remaining human population is long gone.

The ones rescued represent all that is left of mankind.

[somber music]

In the Arcturus constellation is a planet very much like Earth and uninhabited.

Known as Uratees, it is here where humans have already began their renaissance.

Free of war, instability and oppression, their rebirth has been prosperous.

[ship rumbling]

As a science officer of the Andromedan Counsel, I often frequent Uratees with Alyssa at my side to monitor the human development and I'm often reminded of the final passage of one of Robert's short stories.

"For the inhabitants of this planet once known as Earth, "it would be a new beginning.

"A new age for mankind.

"Humanity would live

"once again."

[triumphant music]

[exciting beat music]

♪ Love, where are you now

♪ Darkness grips the air

♪ The garden's burning down

♪ All hear our prayer

♪ Dawn is a dream we share

♪ Through both time and space

♪ Falling from all heights

♪ Forever we'll embrace

♪ We'll embrace

♪ Oh

♪ Oh yeah

♪ Venus glowing

♪ And I feel your love

♪ Across the night air

♪ Someone singing

♪ A song of hope

♪ Of loss and dispar

♪ A new day awakens

♪ Oh my love, are you there

♪ Valiant in the rain

♪ Shall our bodies fail

♪ Our love

♪ Our love still remains