Domino (2005) Script

Heads, you live.

Tails, you die.

Tails, you die.

My name is Domino Harvey.

I am a bounty hunter.

What I say over the next several hours will determine whether or not I spend the rest of my life in prison.

Tails, you die.

Miss Harvey, my name is Taryn Mills.

I'm a criminal psychologist working for the FBI.

I'm here to ask you a few questions.

Here's the part where I'm supposed to get all defensive and say, "Not until I speak with my attorney."

I'll tell you everything I know.

36 hours ago, $10 million was stolen from an armoured car that was subsequently found abandoned at the Hoover Dam.

The driver's name was Locus Fender.

We know that he was in on the heist.

We know that he was in on the heist.

Is it true that you were hired to track down and capture the thieves and then deliver them to Drake Bishop, owner of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino?


You then learned where the thieves had hidden the money.

And at the instructions of your employer, went to retrieve the money yourself.

We were sent out to the Fender Compound... in the desert near the chicken ranch.

This way.

All right, on my go.

Watch your ass on this one.


Sic 'em, boy! Sic 'em!


Chi Chi?

That's my best friend.

His name is Choco. He's always fancied me, but too shy to ever do anything about it.

Chi Chi!

Edna, Chi Chi's in doggie hell.

All we want is the money.

That's Ed Moseby, the most legendary bounty hunter in all of Los Angeles.

He's my boss, my mentor, the father I never had.

Chi Chi!

My poor Chi Chi!

The Manchurian Candidate, eh, Edna?

Is that you, Domino?

Nice to see you, darling.

Your father must be so proud of what's become of his little angel.

Listen, bitch, we've got your son!

If you don't give us the money, we're gonna wax his fucking ass!

You donít have shit!

Hey, Choco.

Show her.

He's still alive, Edna!

Prove it!

Choco, go get him.

Last question for £20.

Start the clock. Zack, in anatomy, a human being is usually born with how many toes?

We got to show Edna her son.

That's our driver Alf.

He's from Afghanistan.

He once ate a cat.

We canít understand how to pronounce his fucking name, so we just call him the cat eating alien.

What does that mean?

Shut the fuck up.

How did Locus Fender lose his arm?

He had the combination to the safe tattooed on it.

Mama! Mama!


Mama. Mama.

Baby, I'm here!

Please. Please.

You got to do as I say.

Now, the combination is on my arm.

Mama, you got to get the decoder.

Please, Mama.

Put your weapon down!

Put it down, Mama!

Put your fucking weapon down!

Time to start at the beginning.

Time to start at the beginning.

I'm the boss.

I'm already a cool motherfucker, you know?

I employ bounty hunters.

I'm here today to speak for all the women of mixed race in America.

I'm sorry?

I will knock you out! Number one!

Where's my money?

I fuckin' love that show.

Maybe one of you will survive.

Now, Mama!

Put your fucking weapon down!

You got 10 minutes to open that safe, Edna.

Fuck you!

I've never killed anyone.

I hope to never kill anyone, even if they deserve it.

My agenda is to kick ass and secure the bounty.

If I'm on this side of the law, I can live the low life and avoid jail.

I can live the nasty and not do time for it.

That's called the best of both worlds.

As for that other world, that 90210 world, it's not for me.

Is that him?

Is that your dad?

My real father was an actor.

He died when I was a little girl.

Hi, Ben.

What the hell are you doing? What's the matter with you?

Heh. I knew Frank.

Who didn't?

Hey, Edna...

You know what, sweetheart? You got, like, 7 minutes to open that goddamn freezer, or I'm gonna flush that fucking arm down the toilet.


You're probably wondering how a girl like me arrived here, at the arse end of the Nevada Desert with a blood-spattered Winnebago and a one-armed man.

The Department of Motor Vehicles in Los Angeles.

His name is Frances.

Mr 90210 college boy had found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hey, yeah, what's up?


Look, I said, they're about to call my number, like, any second.

Now, are you in, or are you out?

OK. Make up your fucking mind, 'cause they're about to call my number.

Right now, 'cause they're about to call my fucking number.

All right.

We're on.

Now serving GO86.


Kee Kee?

Kee Kee said that you could deliver the... the IDs tonight.

Lateesha... I need that web link.

The J Lo concert is probably sold out already.

Kee Kee donít make the rules.

Listen... bitch...

I don't think you understand who the fuck you're dealing with here.

OK? Because I could make your job disappear like that.

Kee Kee said tonight.

Tonight, 8pm.

Anything else?


Good-bye, Frances.

Good-bye, Lateesha.

Fuck 'em.

Fuck Ďem all.

Lateesha, Frances, and the 4 fake IDs is where it all went wrong.

Where's the money?

I don't know.

I think that you're lying. I think you know exactly where the money is.

I think you're trying to scare me into falsely incriminating myself, and it's not going to work.

This is your last chance. Once I walk out that door, I can't help you.

When I was a little girl, my father told me that if you weren't careful, you could lose everything you've ever earned in life in a split second.

You have to know when to cash out.

Thank you.

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more.

Neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be any more.

The former things have passed away.

And, look...

I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.

After Dad passed on, my mum's agenda was to hit the town and find another husband with a boatload of cash.

Hello, Mr Stevens. How are you?

Good holidays? Absolutely. Thank you.

Darling. I love you, love you.

Bye. Got to go, got to go. Bye.

She decided to sock me and my goldfish Sammy away in boarding school.

A week later, sammy died.

It was a pivotal moment in my life.

I decided to never invest too much emotion in one thing.

It's always a set-up to the pain of losing them.

God created me in His image.

I guess he had a thing for models.

I guess he had a thing for models.

Like most models, I was bored with life.

I hated everything and everyone.

If you think America is dirt bag central, clearly you've never been to the sleaze nation of our Queen Mother.

I hope all this is not gonna change you.

One thing we'd like to change, though... You said Ian's name wrong.

Right, it's "eye-an". Ian Ziering, not "ee-an" Ziering.

It's "eye-an", since birth.

Brilliant... Absolutely brilliant.

Mum was determined to move us to Beverly Hills.

That damn show started it all.

That damn show started it all.

She remarried to a man named Mark Waldman.

He invested in a restaurant called the Hard Rock Cafe.

Domino, Domino, give the goddamn num chucks a rest already.

It's time for supper. Come on, baby.

I tried Beverly Hills High for a spell, but it didn't work out.

I hated them. I hated them all.

5, 6, 7, 8! We are Alpha Omega we are the AOPs...

College was even worse. Mum convinced me to join a sorority.

It was all fun and games at first.

Then the hazing started.

This is fucking disgusting!


Look at these mosquito bites.

What's it like to have the body of a 10-year-old boy?

Have you had a nose job? No.

A week later, I was expelled.

In the end, it all came down to fate...

An LA Weekly advert strewn across the ground.

Claremont Williams III...

Yeah! The legendary bail bondsman.

I'm here for the bounty hunter seminar.


Keep the change.

See, as a bail bondsman, I'm the go-between for the court and the accused.

For a 10% fee, I will guarantee the amount set by the court.

Now... if the defendant should fail to appear at his or her court date, I will bring in a bounty hunter to recapture the defendant, or I will face having to repay the court costs myself, which... we can't do.

Now, this occurs most...

frequently when the collateral or the guarantee given to the bondsman turns out to be worthless or difficult to liquidate.

So... in layman's terms, we get 10% of the bail.

Now, in the next few moments, Ed Moseby will take the podium, and he will begin the seminar on how to become a bounty hunter.

In the meantime, feel free to take a coffee break, pee break, whatever.

We'll be starting in the next few minutes.

Hey, how about it? Want to ride some bounty hunter cock?

Fuck you, dickhead. Bitch!

Excuse the fuck out of us!

We got to ditch this thing.

Gentlemen... it has been a pleasure.

All right, bathroom window, 5minutes.

I'll keep the engine running.

Nobody really knows where Ed came from.

This much is clear... the man's been places, seen things, lived life.

He did a term in Soledad and a term in Angola, where he lost a toe during a prison riot.

The man's a warrior.

To say that Choco is the product of a broken home is to presume a home existed in the first place.

No. Choco never had a home. Well, not unless you count

10 or so juvenile correction facilities, where he spent his childhood.

Mierda! Damn!



What the fuck is this? Where the fuck are you going?

Those people paid for a seminar!

Where do you get off fucking up my windshield?

I want a job!

Jesus fuckin' Christ, lady.

Everybody wants a goddamn job.

What makes you think you can do this one?

I've been training since I was 12.

Knives, guns, throwing stars.

You name it, I can fight with it. I'm a hard worker. I'm a hard worker.

I'm fast to learn, and nothing scares me. I'm not afraid to die.

Why would a... delicate little thing like you want to be a goddamn bounty hunter?

I want to have a little fun.

You want to have a little fun?

Well, little girl, you want a job?


It's gonna cost you a new windshield.

You know what? Enough of that "little girl" shit. The name is Domino.


Domino what? No, just Domino.

Let's take a ride.


The kid's name is Hector Maldonado, 19 years old.

His mother posted bail for him, after he was arrested for a drive-by.

He speaks perfect fuckin' English. He just thinks it's cute when he's around a good-looking woman.

Hey. Yeah, listen.

Louise, listen, you can make this easy, or you can make it real complicated.

For $200, Louise gave us her boyfriend's whereabouts at the local gang banger hangout across the street.

What's his problem?

Latin petulance. Hold on. Give me a minute with him.

All right, come on, princess, spit it out.

Why do we need that bitch on the team? You donít like what I'm doing?

I can hear you.

Hey, baby, why donít you take a walk and let me handle this?

First, she ain't on the team yet.


Second of all, take a look at her.

I mean, come on, man, she ain't ugly.

You and I walk down the street, what do people see?

A couple of losers, right?

We add her to the equation, you know what people are gonna think?


There goes two of the coolest mother fuckers who ever lived.

You know what? I don't know about you, man, but...

I'm already a cool motherfucker, you know?

Sometimes you got your own tongue up your ass.

Little fuckin' pendejo.

I could feel the blood coursing through my veins.

Merry Christmas. Did you ever use one of these?

Ever heard of the Beverly Hills Gun Club?

Shotgun in hand, kicking down a door and wondering if there was heavy firepower on the other side.

Domino, you cover the side.

Choco, you cover the rear.

On my word.

Turns out... my first raid was to be a near-disaster.

That bitch Louise set us up.

Hector was hiding underneath her bed all along.

Hey, what's up, fool? Hurry! There's 3 po-pos out front!

Fuck. You serious?

Ed On my go.


That night, my coin was tossed.

Heads, you live. Tails, you die.

50/50 chance.

Life or death.

This ain't Sunset Boulevard.

My destiny was life.

Life as a bounty hunter.

Put that shit down, homey!

What the fuck you doin', bitch?! Step back, motherfucker!

What the fuck you want?

We're not cops. We're bounty hunters. All we want is Hector.

Fuck you and the fuckin' po-pos, bitch!

You tell me where he is, and I'll give you...

You'll what?

Sometimes a girl has to be naughty to get herself out of a jam.

I'll give you a lap dance.

Man, fuck you, bitch!

I'll give you a lap dance, bra and panties on.

Man, if I wanted all that, I'd go to a strip joint, motherfucker.

Come on, you and me.

You know you want it.

Hey, what do you think, dawg?

I want to see what the fuck this bitch is workin' with.

I'm offering it to you, baby. Come on. Is that right?

Well, take off your clothes, bitch.

Sit down.

That's right, girl. That's right, girl.

It worked.

We got the scoop on how to find Hector.

2 weeks later, we nailed him.

Claremont was Charlie to our three Angels.

It's very simple. The... DMV is the de facto conduit for all humanity, and every human being that we track down has a record in the DMV database.

Whether it be LAPD, Social Services, the Credit Bureau, or the FBI, they all use the DMV's database as their hub.

So, we have people on the inside who feed us the information.

This one right there.

Shit. And who would know it?

The gatekeepers of humanity turn out to be a bunch of sassy black women.

Excuse me?

He said he liked your suit.

Tell him what you said. I like your suit.

After 6 months, Claremont hired Alf to drive us around.

We were so busy.

Little did I know that the FBI liked to keep tabs on us bounty hunters.

Ed, what did you do before you were a bounty hunter?

I played music. I was a musician.


What, in a band?

Did you ever hear of Stevie Ray Vaughan?

Wait, you're shitting me.

Stevie and I hooked up in Austin.

Back in the day, we did the bus tour thing together.

Played every goddamn small club that would have us.

Yep. Me and that boy, we tore it up.

Holy shit.

Played with Pat Benatar, but that was only when I needed cash.

Fuck off. I love Pat Benatar.

Hey... So did I.

But that's another story.

Love is a battlefield, baby.

What about Choco? How did you meet him?

I met Choco on the street... a few hours after he got out of lockup.

He was standing there in a pair of those jailhouse slippers.

He didn't have a nickel in his pocket or a place to sleep.

We started talking, and I liked the kid.

Like a little brother.

You know?

Worst thing in the world is to be caged up.

That boy has been there, and he ain't never goin' back.

Even if it costs him his life.

What you lookin' at, darlin'? Nothing!

Put that fucking gun down!

Put the fucking gun down!

Choco grew up on the streets of Venezuela.

When he was four years old, he stabbed another kid in the eyeball with a pencil.

There were wires crossed somewhere in his soul.

In 2003, I was named Bounty Hunter of the Year.

To the woman who has brought beauty and grace to this profession...

Domino Harve-e-e-ey!

From that day on, Eddie, Choco, and I were inseparable.

It turned out the three sassy black women and Raul were the gatekeepers of humanity... the DMV.

Lateesha was one of Claremont's many mistresses.

Claremont was godfather to us all.

Just look at t that luscious action right there. Look at that.

Man, I'm gonna get you a pair of glasses.


That's an ass.

Weather's gonna be a great day today. Lots of sunshine.

Cool temperatures, though. We should be at 76 degrees.

You know, a guy could get used to a life this ordinary.

Maybe you should...

Maybe you should fuck her mom, too.

What the fuck is your problem, bitch?

So, who is this Choico?

Mum was terrified for me.

She didn't approve of my lifestyle one bit.

Is he your new boyfriend?

His name is Choco, and he's not my boyfriend. He's a bounty hunter.

Whatever. He's a criminal. And that Ed Moseby character...

I mean, he's a complete loser.

He knew Frank Sinatra.

Who didn't?

We may have been dysfunctional, but we worked.

We were family.

Do you know this man?

Yeah, he's a reality television producer.

His name's Mark Heiss.

Mr Heiss was very generous in turning over some videotapes to the FBI.

There's lots of footage of you.

We know everything.

Mark Heiss was friends with Mum.

I hate this!

They changed the fucking font!

He heard my story at some cocktail party.

She's stupid! You're not stupid.

All right. Get Cynthia on the line!

Well, Domino's in the lobby. They changed the fucking font!

Well, Domino's been waiting.

Put her in the conference room.

Turns out, he wanted to put us on television.

I should let you know that Mr Heiss will only be available to meet for about five minutes, so we should hurry up and cut to the point.

And speak in short sentences because he has the attention span of a ferret on crystal meth.

Mum was horrified and demanded to tag along just to keep me from signing anything.

I've seen that. Excuse me?

A ferret on crystal meth.

You donít speak... you don't speak Spanish?

No. No?

This is LA, man. You should speak Spanish, you know?

OK, everybody has water...

God, he should be here any second. Here he is.

Sophie. Hello.

Sorry, guys, about the wait. I'm having font issues.

Let me cut to the chase 'cause I have to take this call.

We want to follow you around with a camera crew for a week.

The last thing we did... the pilot episode... is not testing well.

We got too many rednecks.

It's too much like Cops.

We need... Go ahead.

We need... something sexy!

Something different.

We need Domino.

We need Domino.

Listen, friend... we ain't gonna do this thing unless the whole team gets equal coverage.

You're not her father, Ed. No one cares what you think.

Well, with all due respect, Mom, I'm her boss, and she's on my team. OK?

And unless we all get equal coverage, we're all gonna walk the fuck out of here together?

Equal coverage, or we all walk.

Done! OK.

The whole team... We follow it.

What guarantee can you give us that Domino's name wonít be tarnished?

Sophie, this is reality television.

What you see is what you get.

You will be exploited, your story wonít be told truthfully, and your life will never be the same.

I beg you.

I beg you not to get involved with this... this drivel!

No offence, Mark, but we both know that this is drivel.

No offence taken.

Anyway, if she's gonna be in anything, she should be in the centre.

Sure, OK.



Talk it over. I have to take this call.

Cynthia, you changed the fucking font on the promo! Why?

I felt like a hypocrite, given my hatred of all things Hollywood, but I'll admit...

I wanted my story told.

I wanted everyone to know the things I'd done.

I wanted some recognition in the world.

We'll do it.

We'll do it.

God help us. God help us all.

It was the beginning of the end.

Jerry! Jerry!

Welcome back. We're here in LA with mixed race single mothers.

Our next guest takes pride in the fact that she's in the Guinness Book of World Records for being America's youngest grandmother.

And... she's only 28.

Please welcome Lateesha Rodriguez!

Lateesha was our prime contact at the DMV.

Most of our bond certificates came from Claremont through her.

Hey, Jerry! Hey, Lateesha. How are you?

I'm fine. What's going on?

I'm here today to speak for all people of mixed race in America.

Now, as a blactino woman, I believe we deserve our own race category to forge an identity, Jerry. That's how I feel.

Did you just say "blactino"?

Yes, I did. I'm a blactino-American.

First of all... first of all, you don't even look Latino.

You look black. You're... You're black.

Second of all, I'm of mixed race, and I've struggled my whole life as to whether I'm Chinese or whether I'm black.

Chinegro! What you are is chinegro!

Chinegro? Chinegro! There you go!

Chinegro? You are a chinegro!

What the is chinegro? That's what you are! Chinegro is you!

That's some bulls...

OK, as I understand it, you brought a mixed-race flow chart with you.

Why donít we bring that out?

How you doin', sugar? All right. I'm gonna call you later.

All right.

Take a look at this...

Blactino, black Asian, hispasian, OK?

Now, for the Asian subcategories, I got you, sister.

We have chinegro right here. That's you. Chinegro.

That's not a word! That's not a word!

Yes, it is, sister. We have koreagro. Japegro, OK?

Chispanic, koreaspanic, and last but not least, check this out, y'all... japanic.

That's how I flow with it!

Do you believe the government should recognise these racial subgroups?

Yes, Jerry, I do.

Hey, wait!

First of all, first of all, honey, let me tell you, from one, blactino woman to another...

Right on. Our concern is education!

You ever hear of that?! Here you are, a 28-year-old grandmother!

Yes, I am.

You need to add another category to your flow chart.

It's called birth control, bitch!

OK, yeah. Check this out.

I am educated, you blactino bitch!


I'm a Devry graduate! And, yes, my daughter might be a single mother...

I'll kick your ass! I'll kick your ass! Bring it, bitch!

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Come on, Bri. We're late, we're late. Dude, it's fucking Map quest.

I told you, never again with that piece of shit.


Come meet Domino.

Domino, I want you to meet the co-hosts of Bounty Squad.

Fucking... fucking... fucking... fucking 90210. I couldn't get away from it.

It wasnít until later on that I realised Mum had gotten to Heiss and pulled some strings.

Ian Ziering.

Brian Austin Green. Domino.

Cocoa... Choco.

Cocoa? Choco.

Choco. Sorry.

The man from Afghanistan has made some significant changes to the RV.

My God.

Are those real bones?

Monkey... monkey bones?

Shrunken heads?

From my family.

I drive these bounty hunters for a free Afghanistan.

I didn't know this was gonna be a political show.

Alf grew up during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

He had always wanted to be part of the revolution but it seemed to pass him by.

At the tender age of 14, he decided that explosives would be his speciality.

His eyebrows never grew back.

OK, Ed...

What background should someone have if they want to go into bounty hunting?

How does jail sound?

So, tell me, do you boys hunt?

I killed a... I killed a squirrel... once.

Well, let me tell you something. Once you hunt a human being, you'll never hunt an animal again.

You know, it's a different kind of rush.

The problem is, is that when you've done it for as long as I have, all you got to show for it is an empty bank account and, IBS.

IBS? Yeah, that's irritable bowel syndrome.

You got a spastic colon? That's hysterical.

You know, my grandmother has one of those.

Does your grandmother hunt?

Well, I don't know. Maybe.

Why don't you just shut the fuck up?

You were supposed to talk about the healthcare crisis!

Exactly. Why would you use Jerry Springer as a platform for some kind of progressive race modification proposal?

Well, I don't think Ted Koppel would blook Lateesha Rodriguez!

Not a chance. Not a chance in hell.

OK, Jerry is one of the only forums our people have, baby.

I thought having time on Springer would give me a chance of gettin' a blook deal or a correspondence gig on BET.

Jenny Jones bitch got cancelled.

Yeah, Montel would've been better.

Lateesha's granddaughter Mika had a rare blood disease.

Her white cell count was dropping fast.


We need money.

I got an idea.


Armoured car business.

We just signed a new insurance policy in Nevada.

There's a loophole.

Claremont Williams, bail bondsman, armoured car service, bounty hunter service.

An unusual combination.

Kee Kee, me and Claremont are working on a plan to get money for Mika.

A real good plan, baby... a good plan.

Are you aware that Lateesha Rodriguez has been running a counterfeit driver's licence racket?

Well, that's the word on the street.

You drove Lateesha's daughter to school, then dropped her off at the DMV. Why?

Her car was in the shop.

How convenient. The morning you call in sick, I turn on the TV and see you all over Jerry Springer.

Never heard of Ti Vo? Think I can afford it?

Give me a break, Pat. What do you want?

I got a call yesterday from our health care provider.

They said you tried to pass your granddaughter off as Kee Kee down at City Terrace Community Hospital.

They said you forged the age on the application for some sort of operation.

Mother fuckin' HMOs don't cover grandchildren.

That fuckin' operation is $300,000. Where am I gonna get the money, Pat?

You should've thought about that before you became a grandmother.

Fuck you.

You got 2 weeks to clear out your desk.

It just kept getting worse for Lateesha.

What? Did I stutter? 2 weeks.

No one could've expected what happened next.

By the way, there are a couple of FBI agents here that want to talk to you.

You're gonna go to jail for a long, long time, Lateesha.

Unless you cooperate with us.

Their names were Cosgrove and Wilson.

Someone had tipped them off to Lateesha's counterfeit scam, but that's not what they were really after.

I'm listening.

In about 10 minutes, a college kid named Frances is gonna walk up to your window and ask for 4counterfeit IDs.

You could help us out here.

Lateesha, we want to know what heís up to.

I mean, look at you. You got your hair did, your nails lookin' all good.

You go to jail, that's all gonna go away.

Won't see your kids for a long time. Think about it.

It's gonna be long as hell.

This was when Lateesha decided to do something foolish, and Frances was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


OK. He and three of his friends are gonna hijack an armoured truck.

They're gonna walk away with 10 million in cash.

10 million.

Now serving GO86.


Weather Sunshine, that's for sure. We should be at 76 degrees, the downtown area barely breaking that 70-degree mark.

66 was the high yesterday. Overnight lows dropping down to 48 degrees.

All right, y'all, Lateesha done...

Lateesha done dug herself a deep hole, and, she can't get out by herself.

Can y'all dig what lím saying?

Mija, we're in a hole together. We dig together. We're a team.

Just like Billy Ocean says: "When the going gets tough..."

"the tough get going."

There are 3 kinds of people in this world... the rich, the poor, and everyone in between.

Think you're having a tough day? You should see this.

I got an armoured truck that's empty. Yeah.

I think Mr Wonderful is pulling up now.

That's Drake Bishop, owner of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino.

He's worth a billion dollars, 10 million of it recently stolen.

His attorney, Burke Beckett.

I'm Detective Chris Cudlitz. We know who you are.

Where's my money?

I think itís probably best if we take a look at the tapes.

Our tapes show that at 6:23am, your truck pulls into the parking lot and turns the engine off.

Rewind, please. Rewind the tape.

Freeze the tape. Freeze the tape.

Now, can you zoom in? Zoom in, please.

You a fucking mockingbird? Shut the fuck up!

I just...

Nancy Reagan. I think that's Hillary Clinton.

Fat ankles. It's Barbara fucking Bush.

And Jacqueline Onassis just to her left.

Christ almighty, it's the goddamned First Ladies.

If you donít mind me asking you, Mr Bishop, what exactly is in those tan duffel bags?

You donít have to answer that. Shut up, Burke. $10 million, cash.

Don't tell me it was a fucking hijacking.

How'd you get me in this position, Burke?

Mr. Bishop? You have an urgent telephone call, sir.

Yeah. Bishop.

Bishop, this is Claremont Williams.

I own the Williams Brothers Armoured Car Service.


Hold on a minute, please.

Let me isolate it.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a source.

In this e-mail were four social security numbers made to counterfeit California driver's licences.


I believe these are the gentlemen who robbed us, sir.

I'm also a bail bondsman out of Los Angeles, and I can track down and deliver these thieves to you for a small finder's fee.

How much? Just $300,000.

And what happens if you don't deliver?

My theft insurance policy will have to fork over that $10 million.

That will take 6-8 months.

But you should know, sir, that I employ bounty hunters, and my bounty hunters can and will track down these thieves.

Well, you deliver these crooks to me and you've got yourself a deal...


Thank you, sir. That's a deal.

Crime boss Anthony Cigliutti.

Bishop's attorney had put his boss in business with the mob.

They're asking for a finderís fee.

Finder's fee? That's bullshit.

Sounds like an inside job to me.

Could be. Who knows if this Claremont Williams is in on the heist or not.

All I know, if this joker delivers the First Ladies, we'll split the 300,000 fee with you.

All right, gentlemen. Sounds like we got a little situation here.

Quite a mess indeed.

Beckett had just brokered an underhanded deal with Cigliutti.

The 10 million, en route from LA to Vegas, belonged to the mob.

Bishop's clean reputation was a great cover for laundered cash.

If the FBI could link the two men together, it would be the takedown of the century.

The FBI was always listening, hence the underwater cordless.

In Needles.

Locus Fender was brought in to drive the armoured car, another one of Claremont's network of stooges.

His mother Edna worked at the Nedles DMV.

Mama! You're not gonna believe this. Mama, come quick!

Where are the First Ladies? They disappeared.

What do you mean, they disappeared?

According to Locus, they stopped for gas.

I'm gonna fill up the tank and grab a Mountain Dew. Donít make a peep.

Especially you, Barbara.

Hey, man. Hey, how's it going?

I need to get...

$8 of gas and...

A Mountain Dew. Do you have Moonpie?

Yeah, I got a couple of them over there.

And a slim...

Shit! No, no, no!

He was sure they'd nabbed the cash. Straight-up double-cross.

But they'd left without it.

That doesnít make any sense.

Well, they left all the money. It doesnít make sense...

Locus! Fuck Ďem. Their loss is our gain.

Put the money in the freezer.

Mama? Locus... Fuck Ďem.

OK, Mama.

Either this was some kind of setup, or the First Ladies got scared, decided to pull out and cut their losses.

Are you wearing makeup?

What, can you tell?

You're wearing eyeliner, man. You look like a drag queen.

Who the hell is that?

Guys, it's time. We need the bounty hunters.

Come on! 110%.

Looks like Night of the Living Dead.

Are we on? Now?

Yeah, now.

Is that a joint? No. He's not smoking.

Put that down. You know, television... the people watching, those kids...

Yeah, yeah...

Claremont fed us a fake story about the First Ladies.

Are we rolling?

So, today, Domino and her team are out to nab four criminals for forging checks with counterfeit driver's licences.

What can you tell us about these 4creeps, Domino?

Apparently, they call themselves the First Ladies.

Jackie Onassis... his real name was Lester Kincaid.

Yo, yo, yo yo, yo

Hey, Rochelle. Put your mama on the phone.

Hey, what's happening, baby?

Lester Kincaid, you're going to jail.

What the fuck is this shit? Hey, man!

I need clearances.

Go, go. Cho... Chocko... Choco.

Jesus. This guy's a psychopath.

What do we get for $10? Everything you want.

Nancy Reagan turned out to be a sex addict named Howie Stein.

My name is Howie, and I am a recovering nymphomaniac.

Yeah! Hi, Howie.

Now, if 2 Live Crew has taught us anything, it's that horniness in today's society is out of control.

And at one point within the next decade, mark my words, ladies and gentlemen, society will have reached something I call...


"All porno, all the time."

Pornography will have become an epidemic in this country.

Phase one... masturbation.

Who's this chump? That's Howard Stein.

He's an entertainment lawyer, some shit firm.

Love him.

He's so attractive.

And to our female friends here today, we must not abuse of our dogs with the lure of a peanut butter snatch.

We must channel our horniness into extracurricular activities.

Howard Stein, you're under arrest.

Whoa! Look, he's got him by the eyes.

Barbara Bush and Hillary Clinton were next.

Frances and Charles Cigliutti.

Their father was mob boss Anthony Cigliutti. They were Mafia kids.

We found them at their frat house, and they'd been under FBI surveillance for the past six months.

All right, boys, we're in business.

Yeah. The bounty hunters have arrived.

They're driving Winne... driving Winnebagos?

What is this shit?

Is that the guy from Beverly Hills 90210?

I fuckin' loved that show, man. Well, he hasn't aged well.

We're looking for Frances and Charles! Are they here?

We're from a new reality TV show. It's called Bounty Squad.

Jesus, look at that. She just tells it like it is.

It's... It's... we should sign her.

Frances! Frances!

Frances! Frances!

All right, 60 seconds. Here's the question.

Which one of you is Frances?

This girl is gonna be a star.

We should sign her to a talent holding deal.

Stay down!




I told him back off. It's too psychotic.

Hello? You get all four?

Yeah. Good.

Deliver them to the Needles DMV, sundown, the Sam Kinison Monument.

Why in the fuck out there?

Listen, I can't even find any warrants in the system for these four.

The system hasn't been updated is all.

Hey. How you doing?

This is all an act, isnít it? What is?

This... this whole tough chick thing.

What makes you so sure?

I'm an actor.

You can't fake it like we can.

You know what I think?

I think you're just a scared little girl with some serious daddy issues.


You... you broke my fuckin' nose!


My friend Tina, she thought you were dead.

Really? Well, tell your friend Tina... she's a whore.

It's still bleeding. I canít believe this fucking bitch.

I'm sorry!

Where are the bond certificates?

There are no bond certificates.

Claremont didnít provide them?

He didn't give me anything.

Hey, Claremont said drop the First Ladies off in Needles, go home and don't ask any questions.

There's only one reason that we wouldnít have any bond certificates.

These guys have never been arrested.

Is this an inside job?

No, that's bullshit... Do you believe what's going on?

No, I didn't sign on for this shit, Terry. I got punched in the...

Get the fuckin' camera off me right now, please.

Put down the camera. Turn the fucking camera off!

What happens now?

The tour is cancelled.

You drove us to Needles to putus in jail?

Come on, move! Getup. Come on.

Turn the fucking camera off!

Donít listen to her. Keep filming.



I ain't worth this shit. Shut the fuck up and walk.

These aren't cops. No shit.

Watch your mouth. God is listening.

Come over here, good-looking.

Here's your First Ladies.

Pleasure doing business with you.

She told me she was 18.

Ow. Fuck! I hit my head, too.

Why the fuck are we staying in this shithole? This is ridiculous.


The footage we captured for that was phenomenal.

Did you get the broken fuckin' nose?

It's gonna jumpstart your careers. Fuck, yeah.

Look at my face!

It's all good.

You need to start thinking more positively. We need to celebrate.

We need to go to, like, a strip club. All right.

Something awful was about to happen.

I could feel it in my bones.


Do you mind if I ask you a question?

Do I look like I speak Spanish?

Do I look South American to you? I don't understand a word you're fucking saying.

You know what? Ed's right. It's not cute. It's not fucking cute!

It's never been fucking cute, Choco! I don't fucking understand you!

You're a freak!

Man, they never show the cum shots in these shitbag motels.

Jesus Christ, Choco. I just got done paying 12.95 for this movie.

I'm never gonna know how it ends. Don't fuck with me, Ed.

Listen, Choco, don't go goddamn King Kong on me, OK?

If you want to be alone... if you need me, I'll tell you what...

I'll be in Domino's room. I'll be makin' up my own ending.

Shut up!

Come on, boy. I'm gonna whip your ass, and then I'm gonna whip your goddamn girlfriend's ass.

Do it! Hey, wait a minute...

What are you doing? Over this?!

Pull the fuckin' trigger. I will fucking pull it!

I know it comes easy to a fucker like you.

Pull it. Pull the trigger.

You think I don't know what the fuck's goin' on?

Let me tell you something.

You see this?

There was no prison riot.

I blew off my own goddamn toe.

Just to numb the pain.

Let me tell you something... we all get weak over women.

We all get weak over women.

Fuckin' broads are all nuts. They know how to kill us.

And this kid in there... she's killin' you.

Who are you?


You want me to shoot 'em in the kneecaps?

Now, you listen to me. Hold on one second.

Ask them politely where the money is.

If they don't know, just tell them to start digging their own graves.


Yeah. Hello? Mr. Cigliutti?

I'm calling from the Zeta Theta Theta house at Cal West LA.

Yes, yes. What is it? I'm sorry to be bothering you.

It's a bit of an emergency. What?

Your sons have been kidnapped by these crazy game show hosts.

Wait, wait, wait. My sons Frances and Charlie have been kidnapped?

Yeah, I'm afraid so.

We don't know about any money. We were just going to get fake IDs.

Forgive us, O Lord, for our daily trespasses... for we know not what we do, and what we see... may not be the truth.

I'm gonna fill up the tank and grab a Mountain Dew. Donít make a peep.

Especially you, Barbara.

The three sassy black women and Raul were the real First Ladies.

What now? I don't know.

Hello? Where are you?!

I'm pullin' up right now. Evacuate the van, Tee.

Plans have changed. We setup the wrong guys.

The four guys we nabbed were just Lateesha's patsies.

It was her sorry luck they were connected to the mob.

Get out! Get out of the car!

You have fucked us so bad.

I fucked up? You heard me.

You can't help your black, greedy, lyin' ass from tryin' to get every fuckin' thing.

All you did is put a death sentence on my grandbaby. That's all you did.

Did you know what I was trying to do? What?

What was you tryin' to do, Claremont?!

I ain't talkin' to y'all. What was you tryin' to get done?

Shut the fuck up! Everybody!

You mad because you fucked up!

Who told you to get those boys involved?

What the fuck else did you want?!

Let's go home right now!


Domino, we got a problem.

Lateesha's assumed the FBI was onto the scam... the fake ID scam.

She sets up these college kids.

These kids have been under FBI surveillance for the last 6 months.

What happened to them? They might be dead already.

There's something else you should know about these kids.

They're Mafia kids, Cigliutti's kids.

Jesus Christ.

What, Anthony Cigliutti? Fuck, Claremont! You've so fucked us up.

You set me up to deliver... fucking Mafia crime boss children to be executed.

Just relax. Just follow my instructions and we all walk away from this clean.

Claremont laid it all out on the table.

His plan was to ask for a $300,000 finder's fee to recover the 10 million he'd stolen. It all became a huge cluster fuck when Lateesha tried to pin it on the Cigliutti kids.

Now our only chance for survival was to stay on course and retrieve the money.

Alf, come on!

First priority was to cut loose the crew and sabotage the footage.

We couldn't leave any evidence behind.

Come on, guys! It's time to go!

Alf, go grab all the footage, every tape you see. Come on!

We gotta go find Locus Fender. He knows exactly where the money is.

We find the money, we return it to Bishop, we're in the clear. Come on!

I knew in my heart of hearts we should've stopped when my goldfish died.

It was a sign from a higher power.


For fuck's sake, Alf!

Where the fuck are the tapes?

Based on Claremont's plan, we joined forces with Lashandra and Lashindra.

You want a lap dance? Yeah.

Tonight we have a 2-for-1 special for these luscious tits.

Luscious tits.

Come on. Come on, baby.

What's goin' on? What the fuck?! I didn't do anything!

I kicked ass at the fucking audition. Seriously, I really was great.

My agent called and says that I'm too old.

Ian, how you doing? You all right? Yeah?

Domino, Domino, now, listen to me.

The combination code is tattooed on his right arm.

You will never get inside Edna Fender's safe unless you have the code breaker on that arm. Understand?

You're breaking up. I can't hear you.

Listen, Edna's armed and dangerous...

So don't fuck around.

What? Remove the right arm.

You're breaking up. Domino, remove the right arm.

Remove his shirt from his upper right arm.

You'll find the combination inside the tattoo on his arm. You got me?

What did he say?

He said, "Remove the right arm."

You're fuckin' crazy!


My fuckin' arm!

So, now we're back where we started.

We sure are.

Edna! You beautiful thing, come on out.

We found the money in the freezer. It was all there.

That's a lot to carry.

How about a pot of coffee, Edna? It's gonna be a long night.

...part light-induced, part drug.

Turned out Edna had one last trick up her sleeve.

Cocksuckers gonna pay.


With each passing second, reality eclipsed into the asphalt horizon.

Soon, the mescaline was pulsing through our veins.

...pulsing through our veins.

There is mescaline in your system, but I'm guessing it's nothing new.

It's not unusual for someone like you...

pampered her whole life... to indulge in drugs as a coping mechanism.

Not living up to your expectations.

Certainly not up to your mother's.

You know you're a heartbreak to her, donít you?

Now the bitch was getting personal.

You lost everything that belongs to you.

You can take responsibility for it, or not.

Either way, you've got no one to blame but yourself.

Hey, there's someone coming.



We need help.

Miracles. You're all miracles.

Thank you! Thank God!

What's your name?


I know you.

You're the angel of fire.

Angel of fire.

I know you.

You burn bright enough to know there are certain sacrifices that need to be made.

You see, if you don't give back the money, you all will die.

And you will die contorted, and you will die unforgiven.

You see, there's... there's this... this puzzle, and at the centre of this puzzle, there's a child, and this is a very sick child.

Avery sick child.

But this child will be a great leader someday.

Do you know the child I speak of?


Well, you have only one destiny, and that destiny is... that you must offer your lives in exchange for the life of the child.

Then, and only then, will you truly be cleansed in the blood of the lamb.

Take us to Vegas.

It's official.

Bishop whacked Frances and Chuckie.

What's our options? What's your options?

Kill them.


When? Tonight!

Kill them all.

Kill them all tonight!

Go! Go!

Let's go! Move it out!

You know, we discovered the bodies early this morning.

The FBI was lying.

The guys we nabbed weren't dead after all.

Please, I just supply them with pussy.

I justwant to get people high, man.

Fuck 'em. They don't know.

Fuck, this shit's intense.

Ian, just do what they say. I donít feel like getting killed.

We need you to book us a hotel suite.

What, with my money? Put it on your credit card.

Are you serious? OK, don't look at me that way.

This is Bishop. Mr Bishop, the bounty hunters have arrived. Where do you want to meet?

Top of the World at the Stratosphere. Yeah, it's completely secure.

We'll drop off the money in exactly one hour. Should we say, 7pm?

Yeah, good.

We'll drop off the money in exactly one hour. Should we say, 7pm?

All right, boys, we're in business.

We could let Cigliutti think that the kids are still dead.

Yeah, and then we can flush out Cigliutti in the money exchange.


Wilson... They're on the move.

Yeah, what?

Yeah, Mr Cigliutti, the money exchange with Drake Bishop will occur on the top floor suite of the Stratosphere at exactly 7pm.

Sounds like we got a negro Deep Throat here. Right?

Man, we are so fucked.

Yeah, well, that guy said we were fucked either way.

Hello? Domino... the money exchange will take place at Top of the World, Stratosphere.

And I need you to get there right at 7pm.

I'm sorry it turned out like this. I wonít forget this, Domino.

Get off.


What the fuck have you gotten us into?

Claremont negotiated a finderís fee for $300,000.

He fucked it up 'cause he tried to take all of it.

Bullshit. You set us up. Fuck you.

Domino, if I could take it all back, I would.

Well, they're gonna kill us if we don't deliver all the money.

$300,000, and I need to collect that fee right now.

It'll pay for my baby's entire operation.


Alf, what the fuck are you doing in there?!


Wanker, cut the drama. I need 300k from one of the bags.

I love you, Domino.

Thank you.

This is your last chance. Once I walk out that door, I can't help you.

You have a fondness for tattoos.

You've been staring at my goldfish all afternoon.

It's a koi, actually.

The Japanese refer to them as shiro muji, which, translated, means "white... and nothing else."

Do you know why I really became a bounty hunter?

Because of cunts like me?

It kills you that while I'm coming into my own, you're stuck in some dead-end marriage.

Or, worse yet, an unfulfilling job.

I'm not married.

And I love my job.

Where are you hiding your tattoo?

Is it on your ankle?

No. Or is it somewhere else?

Is it somewhere nasty?

I'm picturing something... picturing something delicate, like a rose, or... or a hummingbird.

Or, no. Maybe it's the name of a man that you can't bring home to Daddy.


No, I'm completely wrong, aren't I, Taryn?


See, I bet... I'm thinking... that when you go to sleep alone tonight... it's my pussy you'll be dreaming of.



I love you, bro.

Welcome to the Top of the World.

It's a little out of the way, but, very private.

Where have I seen you two boys before?

We're actors.

What the fuck are you doing here?

We're celebrity hostages. Celebrity hostages?

Yeah. Apparently, people don't kill other people when celebrities are around.

Brings too much attention.

I see.

Well, I'd better have you escorted downstairs, then.

You got lucky.

Go! Let's go!

And you're a... a bounty hunter.

Yes, I am. Dangerous profession.


Will maintain visual contact...

Will maintain visual contact with the tactical team that's on location.

Could you... could you be a little bit more specific about that?

It can be dangerous when you don't know what to expect from a situation.

When you have absolutely no idea what could possibly happen next.

The bags contain the 10million, minus the $300,000 finder's fee you negotiated with Claremont.

Well, now, that's... that's what I call bold, Miss Harvey.

But I'm impressed. I'm very impressed.


All right, gentlemen, let's make sure that those bags are packed with my money, and we'll let these bounty hunters go.

Your money's gone.


What are you talking about?

It has been sent to help free Afghanistan.

Let us go.

Let us go. What the fuck are you doing?

It's a bomb!

OK, drop the weapons!

You killed my sons. I didn't kill your sons.

I'm not in the people-killing business.



What the fuck's going on up there? Get somebody in there!

Mayday, mayday. This is Victor Bravo. We're going down.

Repeat, I'm going down.

Heads, you live.

Tails, you die.

Tails, you die.

Tails, you die.

Move back, for fuck's sake!


Come on, Alf!

I make...

I make everything... OK.

My coin was tossed.

50/50 chance.

Put it down, or I'll blow your fuckin' brains out!

Fuckin' shoot him!

I once vowed never to invest too much emotion into anyone.

I love you. I love you.

I love you, Choco.

50/50 chance. Life or death.

Heads, you live.

Tails, you die.

My destiny was life.

When I was a little girl, my mum took me to Las Vegas.

She told me that it was the most dangerous place on earth.

Miss Harvey, I suggest you retire.

Sweet dreams, Miss Mills.

My name is Domino Harvey.

I am a bounty hunter.

I know that my Eddie and Choco are staring down at me from the afterlife.

I now feel a sense of relief that we will meet again.


I love you.

There are three kinds of people in the world...

The rich...

The poor...

And everyone in between.

I'm Dr Walton. Mr Williams.

Kee Kee Rodriguez.

I'm her mother, Lateesha. We're her cousins.

First cousins.

It seems that we have a few things we have to look at.

If you're wondering what's true and what isn't, fuck off, because it's none of your goddamn business.

I'll never tell you what it all meant.

I'll never tell you what it all meant.

All that matters is that my mission is complete.

I saved her.

And when she is older...

A woman named Domino will tell her that there is only one conclusion to every story...

We all fall down.

My name is Domino Harvey.

Heads, you live.

Tails, you die.