Domino (2019) Script

I hate places like this. Come on.


Good Morning. Good Morning.

Can I have an Americano, please.

What do you want?

I'll just have black coffee. Two Americanos.

Forty-eight kroners for a cup of coffee?


Are you gonna eat? No, I'm not.

Can I have a prosciutto sandwich.

And can you put some of those tomatoes in there?

Of course.

Why didn't you clean the car? It's disgusting!

What's your problem?

Everything you need is just right here.

Where? Where's the address? I don't know.

I mean, have a look. Check the file.

There you go. Right there.

Feed the computer. Feed it?

Is it Ulrich? No No.

Mads? Yeah that's it.

All right.

You better clean this car, I'm not doing it this time.

Right. No, I'm serious.

You sound like my nagging wife!

Speak of the devil.

Hi, Honey, you're on speaker Okay.

Hi, Hanne.

Hi, Christian.

Honey, could you swing by the pharmacy and pick up my medicines on your way home?

Yeah, No problem Thanks.

Can I come to dinner tonight? Yes, of course.

What are we having? Um...

I'll make Lai cook some of her spicy chicken.

Great, we'll see you after work then.

Yeah, be careful out there. Yeah, I will.

Everything all right? Mm-hm, fine.

Absolutely fine.

It's a really good deal. And if we go for it now we can get it even cheaper. Uh-huh.

It's a four-star hotel... Yeah. the Canaries. Yeah.

It will do you good.

It is always miserable here in January.

Yeah, tell that to Lars, he's the one that doesn't want to go.

Why don't you wanna go? Come on, I can sit on a beach when I'm old.

I told her she can go alone. Yeah, he'll go with you.

No, I won't go, she can go alone. Oh, yes, you'll go.

No, I won't!

You need the sun That is so true.

Thanks a lot. Who is that?

I should get going. Oh, oh.

Someone has a date. You sound like my mother.

I sort of am.

That makes Lars my sort of father.

No, it doesn't. You should be going, right?

We are going to work tomorrow, four to twelve.

He's so sweet, he worries about my bedtime.

Always. Could you be a darling and take out the garbage for me, please?

Of course. You pick me up?

Yeah, make sure you are there See you guys.




What is going on? I have to go to work.

You're not going anywhere.

No, you are not!



I have to go.

You can let yourself out, okay?

Come here.



You look like shit. Didn't get any sleep?

Did you? I slept enough. of a domestic dispute on Thekla street.

Anyone in the vicinity... No.

Yes, we are. Oh, come on.

Let someone else do it.

Ten-four, Ten-four, Nine-six-four-three-one, we are on our way Copy.

The address is 18, Thekla Street, 6th floor.

Name is Farouk Hares. H - A - R - E - S.

You should take Hanne to the Canaries.

You know, take some time off.

Kick back, relax Look, we can crab a cup of coffee after work then we can talk.

Hold on. What?

We're on the wrong floor, we need to go back down.

Hey, Farouk. Hey. Hey, buddy... what's that on your shoes?


Stay down.

Take it easy.

Okay, Farouk, I'm gonna stand you up now.

All right. Okay here we go.

Just stand there Now, take it easy. Just stay there.

Go check on the wife, she might be hurt.

Come on, that's top floor.

Why don't you do it?

Take it easy! Huh?



Give me your gun.

My gun? Yeah.

Why? I left mine at home.

I know. I know All right.

Here you go, be careful right?

You stay there and be quiet.

This is Lars Hansen, nine-six-four-three-seven.


What? No problem I'll wait.

Mrs. Hares?

Mrs. Hares?

Mrs. Hares, it's the police.

Yeah. All right.

We just apprehended a man on Thekla Street.

No, I haven't checked his ID yet.

Hold on.

Are you Farouk Hares?






Hold on. Hold on. He stabbed me.

Hello? Officer down I need an ambulance to 18 Thekla Street, He had a knife.

4th floor and send backup.

Okay. Look at me.

Look at me. Look at me. Yeah.

An ambulance is coming.

I'm fine. I'm absolutely fine, okay.

You okay? You sure? Yeah. Fine.

Go get him. All right? Just go get the fucker.

You okay? Go get him.

All right?

[suspenseful music playing

Thank you. Jacob?


They said that he's got brain damage and, um, they don't know if he's gonna wake up again.

Of course he will.

What happened, Christian?

I know, I understand. Shh.

What happened?

Oh, my God.

Where was he stabbed?

He wasn't stabbed. His throat was slit.

Who got stabbed? Lars Hansen.

Couple of hours ago.

Out on Thekla Street.

Is he alive though? Barely.

I should have stayed with him. I made the wrong decision.

Why didn't you just shoot, I mean it's...

I left my gun in the car.

What? You left your gun in your car?

That van. I ran the license plates.

They don't exist. We know, we're on it.

What about the crime scene techs?

Did they find anything yet?

You know misplacing your service weapon is grounds for suspension? I didn't misplace it.

I left it in the car. It is not up to me to decide what misplaced means..

I know.

Fucking hell.

We lifted a perfect set of prints.

Ezra Tarsi.

Thirty-eight. Born in Libya His family were Coptic Christians.

Came to Denmark as a kid.

Family were granted citizenship in '88.

Did his military service here. Special forces.

Married in the late 90's. Two kids.

Four years ago, after Gaddafi's fall, his parents went back to Libya. His father is a doctor, he wanted to help rebuild the country.

He shouldn't have done that.

We believe Ezra's father is 3rd from the right.


We got the list of names from the Americans.

From the FBI? Yeah.

When we went to Ezra's home, it was like they'd just left.

There was still milk in the fridge, clothes in the drier and even a cat.

They just took off.

Hi, you called Hanne and Lars.

Please leave a message after the beep.


It's Alexandra Boe.

Hi, Alex. Hi, um, Wold put me on the Lars Hansen case and I just thought I'd get a head start.


So, you were there when he was attacked?

No. No, I was, um, I was upstairs, in the crime scene.

Lars was down on the 4th floor with the suspect.

I think he was on the phone with command when he was attacked. It happened quickly.

So, you don't think he was in a lot of pain?

I think it hurts being stabbed.

Yes, of course.

Why did you leave him? What?

Why did you leave him? I...

I didn't.

Lars wanted me to go after Tarzi.

We spoke. He was totally there.

I mean, none of us knew how deep the cut was.

He wanted me to go and I went.




Look, there's a meeting tomorrow at 9, let's take it from there.


Christian, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

How are you doing? You fought the attacker.

I'll see you tomorrow.


Well, haven't you got yourself into a fine mess?

You ever killed a police officer before?

If he survives, and I'm betting he won't, he will likely spend the rest of his life drooling in an institution, which even here in Denmark will earn you a hefty stretch.

Can you talk?

When I have something to say.

So, it's just a matter of time, then.

Which you people never have enough of.

You people?

So, you know who we are?

CIA. Ahh, correct.

You let me know when you're ready to talk.

Your name is Musa, right?

I'm Joe. Do you speak English, Musa?

Yes. Yes?

Speak up, Musa, do you speak English?

Yes Yes. Are you scared?

A little.

A little? You got nothing to be scared of, I'm just gonna ask you a couple of questions. Okay?

Musa! Look at me. Okay?

You know what kind of knife this is?

This is a knife for killing people.

It's taken many lives.

It has done some terrible things.

It's cut people's throats. Chopped their fingers off.

Stabbed them.

Ever stabbed anybody, Musa?

You wanna hold it?

Come on, feel it.

Musa, I want you to hold it. Pick up the knife.

Pick up the knife, Musa. Pick it up.

Musa, I want you to pick it up, hold it.

Pick up the knife.

I also have some pictures here of the man who was killed by that knife.

You want to see them?

Pretty gruesome, isn't it?

Ever seen anything like that before?

I have a picture here of t he man who did kill these...

Stop it!


I think we're done here.

Farouk Hares was the proverbial invisible man.

Proprietor of the most reasonable and highly regarded grocery store at Nørrebro, a Danish citizen, paid his taxes, faithfully sending money back to his family in Libya.

He went to the mosque once a week, nothing suspicious.

Until now. He was tortured and killed.

His apartment was filled with guns and explosives and clearly he had some information Tarzi wanted.

Not necessarily, it could be revenge for something or other.

You know, Farouk's grandfather might have done something to Ezra's grandfather. You know we... we never forget.

True. But why torture him?

Sometimes, killing is not enough.

There's gotta be some pain too, you know.

We all want to be on Omar's good side, obviously.

Among his tomatoes, we found a Scorpio machine gun, 9.3 kilos of explosives, military grade.

We're gonna release the news of his murder today, obviously without mentioning the gun or the explosives.

Any thoughts?

You might wanna check out Prima Vegitales in Spain. Yeah, Spanish police is keeping an eye on them.

Also, Ezra Tarsi was abducted.

That might just mean he wasn't acting alone.

No, no, no.

You know, I think I saw two, maybe three guys, they were armed, and they didn't help him escape, they took him.

He was abducted.

Alex, what do you think?

Tarzi's father was executed by ISIS a few months ago, so, I'd start there.

You're making too much noise, Ezra.

We had eyes and ears on Farouk, and he had friends who are our enemies.

Yeah, I heard you interrogated him, so, I know that your objective is the same as ours.

I know that Al-Din had your father executed.

I also know that you people never give up.

My guys in Tripoli never did... and I'm guessing that you won't either.

And I just have this feeling that you'll find Al-Din before he gets back to Libya.

What I don't want is for the Danish police to arrest him first because not only will they refuse to extradite, they'll probably give him asylum and a fucking pension, no doubt.

Why don't you do your own dirty work?

Because we are bound by conventions and oversight committees.

I have VICE, New York Times, Washington Post all breathing down our necks, nosing around our business, I can't just go around slitting throats and chopping off fingers.

The Danes don't take too kindly to that.

Can you pass the salt, please?

Well, maybe in Tripoli, but not here in fairy-tale Denmark.

More importantly, you're very, very good.

And with you, I don't just get a blood hound.

I get a pit bull too, the most worthy of cross breeds.

This is personal to you.

I lost five men and my job to that man.

Salar Al-Din should never have been released from Guantanamo.

Admittedly, I should never have lost sight of him in Libya.

You know, he spent 11 years inside.

He was the model prisoner, he did everything that anybody asked of him.

Imagine the patience that takes. Eleven years.

In the end, they just had to let him go.

Took him less than two days to disappear once he got back to Libya. That is why, my friend, you are going back to that parallel universe, so you can find him for me. How do you know I can?

Same reason you know you can, you got a hell of a lot closer to him than we did and we're the fucking CIA, you're a one-man band.

If I find him... you let my family go?

Do you let my family go?

When you find him... Yes.

...and you deliver him to me... Yes.

...then, yes, I'll let you and your family go.

Where do you think you'll start?

If you heard my conversation with Farouk, you know I was on my way to his nephew.

He put them in orange jumpsuits, bullet in the back of the head, decapitation of both.

Unless they put him in a cage and set fire to him.

I mean, come on. I mean, look... look at this video, look.

I mean, even the way they shoot it, it's like they are professionals, I mean the use of graphics, slow motion, even a drone shot.

I need some air.

I really don't understand how you can eat after watching those executions.

Just compartmentalize, that's something Lars told me.

How long have you known each other?


Almost eight years.

He helped me get sober.

We shared a love of two things: alcohol and police work, very compatible.

So, he introduced me to AA, then we became partners and then... then we became friends.

He always has my back.

Do you know him well? No.

I'm... I'm not a vengeful person, Christian, I'm really not.

I'll find whoever did this, I swear.

Thank you.

Hanne, let me take you home, you need to get some sleep.

No, I'm not leaving his side.


If you need anything, you call me.

Anything. Thank you.

Thank you so much.


I can't hear them. Turn it up.

...I'll come back and get you.

Calm down. It's gonna be fine.

Don't worry. I'll be back.

We'll be home soon.

Farouk sent me.

Do you know Al-Din?





So, our friend Al-Din is in Brussels, huh?

Tonight's attack in Amsterdam has left 15 dead and at least 20 wounded.

ISIS has taken responsibility for the attack and has gone on record stating that the bomb...


I figured you'd be interested to learn that Hares' nephew just fell off a seven-story balcony here in Copenhagen.

Where? Ishøj.

Okay, text me the address, get me whatever you can find on the guy, and then call me back, okay?

Hey. Hey.


What's going on?

Why would Wold show up for a jumper?

I don't think this is your typical jumper.

It's a long way down.

That's Farouk Hares' nephew.

My guess is they were both killed by the same guy;

Ezra Tarzi. There is going to be an investigation, Christian, in what happened to Lars.

Both because of the gun but also because you didn't help a colleague in need.

Oh, wait a minute.

I'm going to have to take you off the case What?

Omar, hold on. Wold, you can't do that.

Be at my office tomorrow morning at 9:00 and bring your gun. Wold.

Yeah. Yusuf Hares rented a car the day before yesterday and then he reported it stolen.

It was just found in Brussels a few hours ago, burned.

Brussels? Yeah, Brussels.

You heard about the shooting, right?

I'm coming in.

Peter, I need those prints tonight. All of them.


Ezra wants Al-Din for the murder of his father and you say Al-Din drove a rental to Brussels.


Then Ezra is going to be in Brussels as well.

We have to go to Brussels.

Should we clear this with Wold?

Yeah, of course. Yeah.

I'll give him a call. Okay.

Give me one hour.

Um, I'll pick you up at 10:00. Okay.

I love you.


Did Christian get in yet? No, I haven't seen him.

Okay, if you see him, tell him to come to my office.

That's Salar Al-Din? Yeah, Christian thinks that's the guy Ezra is after, the one who killed his father.

Yeah. Hi, Joe, it's Wold.

Yes, it is.



Oh, I wouldn't have thought so.

You, my friend, are a Jordanian diplomat, Assad Kouard.

There's a passport and a driver's license.

Now, one of those cell phones you found in that apartment yielded a very interesting piece of information.

Two incoming calls from a Café Moustafa in Almeria.

Now, the calls weren't answered, but could be a signal. From Almeria?

There's a ferry right to North Africa.

Once he's there, forget it!

I don't know about you, but I'm going to Almeria.

Here's your ticket.

You're booked on the first flight in the morning.

I'll meet you at the café sometime in the afternoon.

Can I see my family? When you're done.

That's when I'll see mine. Do you have any children?

Close the door on the way out.

Do you have any children?

Hey, Hanne, everything okay? No.

He's gone, Christian.

20 minutes ago. Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry, Hanne. Is there anything I can do?

No, no, I'm gonna be okay.

I'm gonna be sick.

Hanne, we'll get through this, I promise you.

I'll, uh... I'll call you tomorrow. Okay?

What the hell is going on?

Hey. Hey.

It's okay, it's okay.

We loved... we loved each other so... so much.


I was so in love with him.

What are you talking about?

With Lars.


No. He really loved me.


It was not just an affair. It's not what you think.

We were really in love with each other.

We wanted a family together. And he was going to leave Hanne.

No. Yes.

He was gonna leave... I know. Hanne is sick.

But he was gonna leave her. She is sick.

He was gonna leave her. No. Shut it. Shut up, shut up.

He was gonna leave... He is dead!


This is pointless. Let's get help from Copenhagen.

And as of this morning, I'm no longer on the case.

I'm under investigation.

I can get help. Yeah, if we need it.

We need it, Christian. Yeah.

I would have known if Lars was having an affair, if he was leaving Hanne, he would have told me.

He would have.

Here we go. Okay.

Hey. Hashish?

Enough therapy?

It's Omar. Put it on speaker.

Hello. Hey, it's Omar.

I had this facial recognition program running hoping to pick up Ezra.

It's tapping into the CCTV system in Copenhagen.

And guess what? I just found him.

Getting on a flight to Almeria from Kastrup Airport and the flight is SAS and it departs at 07:40.

And by the way, he cut off his hair and beard.

Thanks, Omar.

Find the airport.


Hey, I need two tickets to the south of Spain, as soon as possible.

Yeah. I've got a direct flight to Almeria, tomorrow morning at 6:00. Uh, no, um, what about Malaga?

Yes, I've got a departure to Malaga at 2:00 this afternoon. Perfect.

Hi, it's Alex. Alex, hey, you have to call Wold.

Why would an ISIS terrorist escape to Almeria?

Probably to catch the ferry to Melilla.

Where is Melilla? It's in Morocco.

You know, once he's in North Africa, he'd be safe.

Right, okay, got it.

We are police, both of us, and we have guns.

I need your license and your export documents to the EFP, please. Sure, I understand.

Do you have any forms we can fill out?

You need to apply three days ahead and...

I don't have three days, what do we do?

You wanna catch your plane, I'll need you gun, sir.

Are you fucking kidding me? Forget it, it's Brussels.

Thank you, ma'am. There you go.

Have a safe flight. Thanks.

Whatever happened, it's not gonna bring Lars back.

Hanna is a widow in a wheelchair, but you... you'll move on, you'll find someone else, you'll forget about him.

You're such a fucking asshole.

What? Here!


Just because someone called from there doesn't mean that Al-Din will show up.

Well, that's for you to find out, isn't it?

I better go check the ferry.

Don't you just love these Mickey Mouse airport rentals.

Do you want me to drive? You haven't slept for days.

Neither have you. No, but I'm not pregnant.

I'm fine.

Couple of years ago I asked Lars if he'd met someone else.

We were together for three years.

Suddenly, he was so happy.

Started working out, got a gym membership, he even went twice.

He said he'd never cheat on Hanne.

Well, he lied to you. Yeah. Yes, he did.

There's that sign again.

Of course.

I bet Al-Din is smuggling guns and explosives to Almeria by boat.

Then he hides them in tomato crates, loaded onto trucks like that one.

And that means he's got boats going back and forth from Morocco, Libya, God knows where.

He's getting on a boat to go home.


Hey, hey.


Al-Din? Salah Al-Din.

Hey, is that Al-Din? You gotta be kidding me.

Yeah. All right, let's follow him.

Here we go.

What's going on?

It's a distraction.

What's that guy doing? Follow him.

I'll keep an eye on Al-Din.









Can you hear me? Yeah.

Did you get Al-Din?


Yeah, but he's wounded.

What about you?

I'm fine. What do we do now?

I don't know.

Spanish police?

And forget about Ezra Tarzi?


Where are you?

Look up. You see that big Dura sign?

Yeah, I can see it. That's where I am.

Okay, I'm coming.

Yeah, it's Wold. Wold, it's Alex.

What time is it?

What do you want? I'm in Almeria with a wounded Al-Din. The ISIS leader.

I know who Al-Din is.

What the hell are you doing in Almeria?

I'm here with Christian Toft, We tracked Ezra Tarzi down here.

They're on a rooftop with a big neon sign.

It says Dura on it.

Okay. Don't do anything.

Don't contact the police, I'll be in touch.

Fucking hell.

Yes? Hi, Joe.

It's Wold Mm-hm.

My people have Al-Din.

Will you just excuse me for one moment.

Are you kidding me?

Because I happen to have your Ezra Tarzi right here, so how do you feel about a little horse trade?

So, where are your people?




I'm afraid you're going to have to give me that knife now.

Hand it over. Why?

Just give it to me.


He says not to call the local police.

He's going to call me back, though.

I'm trying to get to you, but it's just teeming with people here.

Detective Christian Toft? Joe Martin?


Wold told me about your little deal.

Good You got Tarzi?

I certainly do. Bring him in.

Whoa, whoa.

Call an ambulance!

Tarzi, move away.

Call an ambulance. Move away.

He lives and I get my family back.

Move the fuck away.

Shoot me.

Hey, easy now.

Hey, hold on, hold on.

This deal's off, Al-Din's dead, Ezra's coming with me.

Oh, no, he's not.

I'm the CIA, and this man has a lot more work he can do for us.

I don't give a fuck who you are.

He killed my partner, he is coming back to Denmark.

Detective, it's rare to find this kind of talent, it's personal to him, he's avenging his father and I have him on a leash.

You can't buy that kind of commitment.

Nothing works like vengeance, and this man has plenty of vengeance left in him.

Oh, Christ.

You feel good avenging your lover?

How did you know?

We're Americans, we read your emails.

Hey. Let me take this.

I do feel better.