Don 2 (2011) Script

Today I felt that you will be caught, Rather I will lose you... From who?

From Roma?

That disc what you were... That's fake It was nothing in that disc,

Now I am the King of Asian Underworld

It's been 5 years and I (DON)

Is the King of Asian Drug Market,

My next step is Europe European Cartel knows that I can sell the drugs in cheap prices If I will set up my business in Europe so they will be finished

It's Jimmy This Cartel's Boss He called all of them here so they forget their own enimty and they can decide my death

I found out about this meeting so late

Jarawan is saying that thanks for coming back to his door

I didn't came here to take Jarawan's door but my consignment There is your consignment

Now I will have to drive this boat myself You don't need to go anywhere

Reason of this hospitality

If we have to sell our stuff in Europe So your death is our ticket of Europe And he must be the ticket collector

Any last wish?

In Bangkok Which is the most Italian Restaurant?

What do you mean? I was thinking...

...that after finishing you people I should take Italian dinner tonight

Is the the file what I have demand? Yes!

What's your plan for tonight? No plan why?

It's your birthday I thought we should celebrate it

My birthday?

I know Today is my birthday


Do you know since when I am in this department


And in these 37 years I have solved 136 cases I have worked with brave and intelligent officers

But I will miss you most of them

I wanted to tell you by myself

Escort me to car But you can change your plan No I don't want to change it And Don?

Yes He is the only one whom I couldn't caught Now he is your responsibility

I am very happy to see you too my Wild Cat

Why everyone is so angry?

Take all charges back against me Here in Malaysia and in all those countries where you have warrant against me Every police department is looking for you in the world So who I will talk to? Really?

My mom would be so happy to hear about that, Happy!

She would shoot you from her own hands Mr. Malik you didn't know my mom

Don! What you are asking that's impossible Perhaps I could save you from death penality that's all If you want the proof of all those names of my clients, suppliers and involved persons in this business So your offer is so small Do something about that

If you won't co-operate with us

then notjustjail but you will get death sentence

Everyone have to die and perhaps at this time It's good for me to go Jail

I have been waiting for this day How do you feeling here?

In this jail I am just unhappy with the color of this uniform But you don't looks happy What's the matter?

That good man is suddenly born inside you

Why you are acting like that?

In our business when...

...others have benefit with your death more than your life then you should understand that it's time to move on I thought I should do some noble job before death But you people didn't gave me a chance to reform myself

If we would have given you then you would truly give us all that information

I have already lied you once I didn't felt good

I wanted to see you behind the jail once Today I have seen it

If you will spare me alive so that will be biggest mistake of your life

Shower # 14 pipe is not working

You are still angry

I came here to make friendship with you Forget it what happened What should I forget?

That I am in this cage from last 5 years because of you You are here for your attitude You can't change yourself with time

If you can change yourself so what are you doing here I came here for you with an offer Really?

I also have an offer

Why should I chop your in pieces and give them to dogs that won't be good for both of us that will be good only for dogs and I don't like dogs I have got death sentence You kill me today or after 2 weeks law shall finish me matter is same

Think about it A person could surrender himself anywhere in the world why did he chose this country where he knew...

...that his enemy is ready to kill him

I have come to release you from this cage and what you want in return?

I will tell you on time No! No! No!

You will tell me right now At this time you just think that rather you want to get out from this place or not If this is your new move... There is not move...

What will I have to do?

After 2 days...

...Kitchen Grossery will be deliver here

Can you see that?

I want that as soon as possible

Now what?

Now wait till saturday What will happen on saturday My lawyer is coming to meet me Any other question?

One more question Can I ask you?

No! Have you got your answer?

We have to move tonight

I am not disturbing you here

Who is he?

My brother Ramesh Brother!

Where is he?

Roma do you remember that you told me till Don couldn't get caught you don't want to think something else

I do...

So the situation is like...

Your phone is ringing again


But if you will steal those plates then they will easily make new plates It's not a big deal but to print new notes old notes doesn't become useless And they will be tired to replace all old notes How do I say how long?

Yes! Roma!

I have just talk to German Interpol Don and Vardhan has been seen in Zurich Don and Vardhan?

What they both are doing together?

We must have to know it In which car they were travelling police has found that car in Berlin You just go over there I have talked to Director of Intelligence He is gonna attend some Charity Fund Raiser tomorrow He will meet you there

What happen?

That man...

Why does I feel that I know him?

If he would not have that face then...

Congratulations for new phone There is a video clip in this phone's inbox who will entertain you

My advice is that you should watch it alone otherwise... you will be defammed

I have fullfilled my promise now it's your turn If once Mr. Verdan will become president then it will be difficult to reach him Don't worry Job will be done

I have told you that you will like it

Except this clip I have a bank document Document of bank trasferring details of million dollars in Singhania's account I don't know any... Signed by you...

Now your luck is good that I am good from the heart What I want that's not a big deal for you A black car is parked outside You have two minutes...

Who are you?


Do you know what you are asking for? Yes!

Only that information what will help me to reach in D.Z. B's underground vault Listen if you need money... then just your name your amount and you will get it but what you are asking that's impossible Do you and Cole want to spend your rest of your life in Jail?

What I need that's detail is available in that phone

I see you my wild cat.

Don if I will be caught with you Not only is it difficult to catch Don It's impossible

It means that man was with Don he dropped down between here It's possible somebody has seen him getting down from the car

It's possible...

I will talk to my man If there is any witness

Dewan you will be happy that I am very punctual What did you decide?

I am ready to give you that information

Tomorrow 8 o' clock at Berlin Catherial

Now what?

Now you will do the same what he wants...

What do you mean?

I can't give him that information So give him fake Till Don will find out about this thing he will be dead

From your left a bus is coming towards you

That bus will stop on front of you Come to that's upper deck

These discs have all those things what you wanted

Currency Centre's blue prints, Security Protocols...

Buildins all access passkeys and everything And that safe which has plates

Safe is inside underground vault you can open it with a passkey what Dr. Shnider have it Anything else?

Except the passkey to open the safe you will need Dr. Schnider's finger prints and voice match

You keep this phone a room is booked in hotel for you Wait for my next call But that tape and document what you supposed to give me

You will get everything what you meant for


Don talks to his friend or not but he is always aware about his enemies

Somebody is following you.

You want it No!

I want to finish you

that will be problem

To keep myself alive suits me I think... you will have to change your plan

You join me As much money Dewan gave you to kill me

Think about it I don't want to

any pressure on you

A man has been identified don's car near the station He has seen the man's face getting down from the car Where is that man? With Sketch Aritst...

Inform me when the sketch is over

You made a big mistake to involve Jabbar in our plan

Did you forget that he wants to kill you Don's enemy should always remember that Don never forgets anything And if you are talking about my mistake This Jabbar will be our ticket to come out from the D.C. P

Because that plan we have made to escape from that building for it's success we will have to sacrify Jabbar and his men

Dewan you made a mistake to give me blank disc I can forgive that

but you made arrangement to kill me along with that what should I assume it?

Look I made a big mistake I will give whatever you want Where is that information It's here in room Open the room

You... Give him information

Because of this mistake you will have to do one more job for me

So the world best security system is installed in this building Obviously it's not a breaking news Can you control their computers or not Now you have faith in me so it's my duty

Except the underground vault I can control everything Why not Vault?

Because vault is not linked with master computer It's all controls in that room In fact it's power is seperated from the building power

We will handle the vault

I don't want to demoralise anyone but it's necessary that we shall understand that how difficult this job is?

After entering D.C. P there is a security check point

At this point and in lobby there are CCTV cameras whom D.C. P security guards are monitoring from survillance room

There is a door to enter in vault from ground level Now this door can be control from the password there are stairs inside who leads the underground level There is a metal gate and it's another side 2 armed guards are present everytime If you move without claiming your life insurance then after that there is a first door of printing chamber and those security guards should have it's keys Problem! Next door of main vault This entire chamber is made with solid steel Now the emergency procedure is that lock that door and break it's all controls It will be impossible to open it from the normal way Fine we will blow that door from explosive

If you will try to open from any other way two things will happen First thing!

In this chamber chemical gas will be release automatically now this gas is not lethal but it could keep a man faint for 12 hours Another thing?

There is a passage between the door and safe what is 20 feet long Now there is a security system is installed in this passage what will be activate from minor pressure If this system will be activate then what will happen

If I would be on your place then I wouldn't mistake to breathe on that

What's the plan to come out from D.C. P?

It's the service exit in basement Aaisha will wait for us in police van We will escape in that police van

Do you have another good plan?


You will have to rely on my plan

Tomorrow on 3 o' clock

at Paul Lauwa House Beach

Come on time

Now nobody can stop me

I know Don very well

He can kill you, me or anyone for his benefit

So what are you doing with him?


I just wanted to know his plan I wouldn't make the same mistake to trust on him

You shouldn't do it Why?

Because as per Don's exit plan

you won't come out alive from there

Even Don won't come out alive from here...

Not now!

After we will get the plates, We must admit that Don's plan is great but once we got those plates Think!

Rain of money

And Don?

Until police will find his deadbody somewhere in that building We would have escape from that passage what he told us

It's true that his face is familiar to Mr. Dewan but that's also true that we are believing on one man's memory

But I believe that is right

Fix an appointment with him

Remember I told you that I will never forget your favours But still you trusted on me

So you were about to left me here to die Somebody will have to die but not me you!

Jabbar! First think about it After killing me how would you escape from this building

Nor any service exit in this building's basement Neither Aaisha is waiting for us in police van

I didn't made any escape plan for you

He is lying If there was not any escape plan so how he would escape from here

Perhaps you didn't listen to me very carefully

I didn't made any plan for you two

But how would you escape from us Remember Sameer told... that he can't control this vault's power

He was lying...

Now we will meet outside Switch it off!

Back off your hands

Did you feel good?

So get habbited

Where are your other partners?

If you want then you can check my pockets Where are they?

They are not my partners they were What do you mean? I mean... they follow Verdhan's orders Not mine

What? Verdhan is in building Verdhan, Abdul Jabbar and his men They are very dangerous people

So heart beats mind

I was lost for a moment I am not like you Yes! You are not like me Because I am gonna live a long life but your and Yanna's future is something else

Surrender yourself Why?

25 people of D.C. P are in my custody and you know I won't hestitae to kill them Look you are already in trouble and don't make another mistake You will make mistake if you won't listen to me Within 2 hours I need a helicopter who will take us to airport And I need a plane prepared there When we will reach to that place then I will make them free Is that clear Mr. Malik?

What you are asking that's impossible

Can you hear that?

If their condition is that with bullet's voice then think if I will kill anyone of them then what will happen to them?

2 Hours!

Do you know?

How did Don came out from the building?

No! I am really sorry but he just told me the plan to come out from the vault

What he was doing in vault?

So Sameer told you everything Asnwer my question Where are the plates?

Verdhan have the plates How did you come out from the building?

Do you know how many innocent people can die because of you I have regrets that it's happening But if you need my help then in return I need something You are not in position to crack any deal Well in that case...

...Can I talk to Mr. Dewan once


Perhaps he could understand my position better than you

It's a simple thing If I will go to jail then You and Febian Cole will go to jail along with me

Whatever you asked I gave you I just need a last thing

Mr. Dewan has promised me to get Immunity in Germany I don't know why but I trust him In this return to defuse the bombs and to save those people I am ready to help you

So you should believe that noble person was born inside me that wasn't any drama I am still ready to give that disc to police department with it's help you people can put the full stop on Europe Asia's drug story

Roma it's such a strange thing After so many years life bring us back together We can't be together ever

It's possible some day you will realize that I am not that Don anymore Whom you hated alot

that's why I can't forget you My Wild Cat

It's necessary for you to go inside Yes it is Why?

There are so many units here who can do this job

You stay here with Mr. Malik

If something will happen to her then I...


Your team is really worried about each other

Did you find out something about Don?

Forget him If he love his life so he won't come back

What's the story of you and that Arjun?

It's non of your business I just want to know that what's happening in your life

You are not able to think about somebody else except you Except you!

When I said I am ready to give all that information to police So what did you feel?

Your words doesn't effect me

But still you were surprised that why did I do that?

Roma the truth is that that I am tired with that life I started hate people like Verdhan

I want to free from those people and law

Now I have seen everything in my life

What magic you have done with her Anyway...

If she didn't shoot Don on count of 3

Shoot me

So the fire is same on both side

Now it's your turn Verdhan you might have forgotten one thing What's that?

Before Don's enemy get his first move Don has already took his next move

Jabbar is dead And you shouldn't have any problem to take Verdhan back to Jail

Plates and Hostages are in my custody So now...

I hope that my immunity papers are ready

Papers are ready

Send them in

With Sameer Why Sameer?

Because I want to meet that traitor for the last time

She is alive Bring the file here

Arrange some secure place Because if someday I will find you you won't be alive You know my address if you ever wants to meet me

I know your address

What happen to Roma?

Take care of her

Can I do anything else for you?

Where is that disc?

In that bag which has the plates

Can I go?

Let us confirm that information first

It won't take so long?

What to do with these plates? I will take them We will have to let them check in lab for damages

Remember I said...

Don's enemy should always remember that Don never forgets anything

Who came out to kill me they all are dead

Jimmy and his all friends All of them...

Police have to accept my favour that I exposed Febian Cole to them

Verdhan reached to that place where he came from

Now only one thing...

One lastjob was left...

I have send a gift for you

Where is that?

When I will come out from D.C. P you hand over me to police

My all business details are on this disc

Now listen to me very carefully what you have to do

World thinks that which plates were burnt in that blast those were real Besides real plates in my hands

My all enemies are finished or they are in jail And now police tooo can't do anything with me So now...

What was the need to save her life?

Roma has become my bad habit and it's difficult to quit her

You people have any idea that how rich you are gonna be I don't believe that you came out alive from there

Always remember one thing...

Not only is it difficult to catch Don...