Don't Come Back from the Moon (2017) Script

When I was 16, I had lice in my hair.

My mom shaved it all off.

I looked like a peanut. I hated it.

That wasn't the worst thing that happened that summer.

When I was 16, my father went to the moon.

People used to vacation here.

They used to come here for the lake.

That's where the hotel used to be, and there's the boathouse.

My dad said when he was little, he'd go fishing in the lake, that you could water-ski in it too.

Now we just have dust storms.

Johnny! Johnny! Johnny! Get off of him, man.

You fucked up, boy. Get out of here, Johnny.


Jesus Christ, Mickey.

If he wants to be alone, he can be alone.

So goddamn melodramatic.

Speculation was that Uncle John went off to hide somewhere, maybe Mexico, because he thought he was in trouble about the fight.

But he wasn't.

We just never saw him again.

Thank you for this food and that we can all be together.

Amen. Amen.

Quit it.

Hey, stop fucking around and eat.

I suppose it doesn't matter now why Uncle John left.

All that matters, I guess, is that he did leave.

The next day, we heard the factory would shut down for good.

My father said that we could start over, and we believed him.

But my mother?

She's been my father's girl since she was 15.

I don't want to drag you out there.

I have to see how it is! Does that not make sense?

You're just gonna leave like everyone else? I'm not everyone else.

She started over with him one too many times to believe such a thing was possible.

What aboutthem? Why do you think I'm doing this?

What am I supposed to do? Just sit here and rot?

What do you want me to do? I want you to think about us!

There is nothing here!

It's okay. I'll stay, okay?


It's still got a lot of power, okay?

Do not gas it. Okay.

You got to start off slow. Right? You tell him.

Don't go fast. Start off slow.

You don't have to go fast the first time. Okay.

Start it. Tell him to start it. Start it, start it.

Just don't crash.

There we go.

How's he doing?

I'm going for the ribs. Are you ready?

I'm just gonna use the bathroom, okay?

I'll be right back.

Are we home yet?

No, not yet.

Want some cookies?

Where's Dad?

He'll be back soon.

I'm this one.


Oh! No, no.

Yes! I win! Such a cheater.

How am I cheating? You just knocked me off.

That's the whole point of the game.

What's taking him so long?

Hey, Dad?



You can't park here. Let's go.

Sonya Stecko said her dad wrote her a rambling 16-page letter.

He said he loved her, and offered her advice about marriage, money, and other subjects.

It was as if he'd planned to miss the next 30 years of her life.

My neighbor Summer's dad left in the middle of the night.

She found her dad's car in a ditch.

There was no blood in the car.

It was as if he vaporized out of the driver's seat and just floated away.

Val's father owned the bar on Avenue A.

One day he left the store unattended.

He'd taken all the cash and left a note.

After that, when a dad left, we'd just say, "He went to the moon."

"We're going to the moon," we imagined them saying.

"I'm going to the moon."

Here you go, Kolya.

Hey, Mom.

Cheese sandwich. Just put it there.

Hey! Where the fuck are you going?

You going like the rest of them?

Are you going to the moon?

No. Actually, I was just gonna hitchhike.

Hitchhike? That's fucking dumb.

Hey, uh, we're going to the beach. You want to come?

Um, I'm trying to find my dad.

Come on. It'll be fun!

The moon can wait.

Yo. Yo, Val.

Oh, fuck. Shit.

Come on, come on. No shit.


Come on.

Let's go.

You got it.


All right. Ready? Okay. Okay.

Wait. Cheers. We got to "cheers" it. Can I just go?


Ready? Okay.

All right, let's do another. I'm still going.

Oh, my God, you are such a lightweight.

You got to drink this one whole. Like, you can't just sip it.

I can't do it. It's not a shot if you're just sipping it.

It's not gonna go down... Just go. Ready?

One, two, three.

I did it! I did it!

Okay. Okay.

Just say it, all right? Ugh!

Say it. Asshole.

Say it louder. He's an asshole!

You're better without him. I'm better without him.

You hate him.

Well, I don't really hate him.

You hate him.

Okay, fine. I hate him a little bit.

I knew it. Me too.

Do you hate him?

Yeah. Yeah, I hate him.

Oh, shit!

Summer! Summer! Summer! Summer!

Aw, shit! Hey!

Want to come with us? I'm going home.

Home? What are you going home for?

You know there's no one at home, right?

You can just come with us. It's no problem.

Mickey... you don't know shit.

I don't know shit?

Youdon't know shit. My dad left too, remember?

But at least you have someone waiting at home for you.

I have nobody. I have a fucking cat, Mickey.

You don't know shit.

Mr. Pickles! Is that you?

Oh, my God, Mr. Pickles, hi!

Hi, Mr. Pickles.

Mr. Pickles, come back.

You just got here. Why are you so mad?

Thank you.

Of course.

Whoa, eggs!

Looks good.

Kolya asked me what life on the moon was like.

We told them they fish for supper there.

They wear deer skins and make fires for heat.

At sunset they sing all the old songs.

The ones grandpa used to sing us.

Kolya laughed so hard, he nearly wet himself.

He wanted life here to be as good as the moon.

So, what do you want?

Just a little off the sides.

I have a job interview tomorrow.

You're definitely the longest hair I've had on a boy today.

I don't really like getting my hair cut.

I get it, I get it. We'll make it as painless as possible.

Yo, guys.

You know I once saw a flying "saucerus"?

I was up in Joshua Tree camping with my dad.

We couldn't find our car, so we tried to find our way by the stars.

Then suddenly there was this noise and colored lights.

I've never seen anything like it.

I'm serious. No lie.

Do you guys solemnly swear that we will not go to the moon?

Dude. Fuck, yeah, I'm in.

We're both in.

Hey, Mickey.

Do you swear that you won't go to the moon?

Fuck, yeah. That's right.

No moon.


Cookie! Cookie!

Cookie! Cookie!

Hey, Cook!

What do you guys need?

We got some scrap.

What do you guys want for it?

That trailer.

Yeah, right. You lost your mind?

How about those bikes?

What do you think, Belle?


Hey, what do you think?

You think we should, uh, do that?

Come on, Belle. I got a treat. Come on, Belle.

Come on, Belle. Here, puppy. Come on, Belle.

Come on, Belle. I'll give you a treat.

Belle... Want a treat?

She's not too friendly right now. How about one more load?

I love you, Belle. Deal.

Mother ship, mother ship, we're about to launch!

With all the men gone, we boys became men.

Heh. Nice.

Good. See you soon.


Did you get the job?



So, shorter, huh?

Did you get a job at a grocery store or the army?


It's weird. So how's your day going?

Uh, good. Busy.


Just trying to figure out that cash register.

You better figure it out.

Looks nice pulled off your face like that.


Am I your last customer?


You want to, uh, maybe, uh, have a drink with me or something, or... get a bite to eat, talk?


Um... my kids are coming home soon.

I should probably make dinner for them.

Yeah. But thanks.

You're welcome.

You did good, though. Oh, thank you.

Moo, moo, moo!

Hey, why can't I get a kiss? Come on.



See Val's cousin over there?

She's kind of a babe. Yeah, she's such a babe.

Let's go have a baby with her.


Maybe she'll come over here. Fuck, yeah.

Some of these small fragments will enter Earth's atmosphere tonight, but they will undoubtedly explode into nothing more than a harmless shower of tiny meteorites, according to NASA.

The greatest concentration of this meteor shower will be in the southwest region of the United States.

This meteor shower will be, however, quite harmless...

Do you have a girlfriend?

You don't have anyone?

Not really.

What about you?

Do you have a boyfriend?

You want to do it?


Have you ever... you know.

You tell me.


You have an eyelash. Oh.

You want to make a wish?

It says that you're selfish when it comes to love.

And your end line says that you're creative.


And your lifeline says that you're... gonna die young.

I'm just kidding! I'm just fucking with you!

It says here that you're gonna be a cat lady when you grow up.

Look at that.

You're back.

Do you know where our daddies are?

Get out.

I know I fucked up. Get the fuck out!

I fucked up really bad. You left me!

You don't get to just walk back in here! Get out!

Get out! Go! Get out now!

Hey, Mickey, it's Mom.

Just calling to check in on you and Kolya.

Grandma says hi.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Call me and let me know you guys are okay?

What are you doing?

Help me out and open this door.

Dad's coming back, and he'll be sad his chair is gone.

Dad's not ever coming back, kiddo. Sorry. Dad's coming home!

Don't fucking touch the chair, okay? He's not fucking coming back.

He's never coming back. Ever.

Open the door.

Let me in, okay?


He is going to the moon.

We're going to the moon.

I'm going to the moon.



We're gonna find him, okay?

I don't care if we have to search the whole desert.

We're gonna find him.

Now, here's what we'll do.

I'm gonna count to three, and then I'm gonna let go, and then we're gonna go back inside.


Is that okay with you? Okay.

Can I count?


One... two... three.

I'm such a piece of shit.

I'm so fucking sorry I left you.

I miss that damn Madonna of yours, and that Hula Hoop.

But you're brave, and you're strong.

You've got this crazy fucking dream.

You're following it.

You're gonna make it.

You don't need me.

You're fine on your own.

It's just...

Goddamn it.

It's just..

I guess I really need...

You know, I miss you, Dad.

What's wrong?

It's just, my dad.

You know, he's not in good shape.

I've been thinking about it, and, um...

There's this farm out in Nebraska where he found work.

And he says that there is a good school.

We could take care of each other there, you know?


You're going with him?

If it sucks out there, I'll come back.

I just... I feel like...

I'm not leaving until Thursday.

I think that you and I will both be happier if we both...



Bye, Sonya.

Be careful. I will. Thank you.

Bye, Doc.

Be careful. All right, thanks.


What is that face?

I'm gonna miss you the most.

Be strong, okay?

Hey, Sonya!

Hey, Summer.

Oh, man.

Sonya. Hey.

Oh, I'm glad I made it. Me too.

I almost thought I wasn't gonna get to say bye to anyone.

I'm so happy for you, like...

There's so much out there, you know?

You don't even know. There's just nothing here, so I hope you enjoy it out there.

Don't cry. You're gonna make me cry.

I am not gonna cry.

Live it long!

Ready? Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Stop the car!

Hey, man, you good?

Hey, Mickey. Hey.

What do you need?

Can I get a whiskey, neat, please.

Last call.

You want another?

What happened to your hand?



I never thought of you as the fighting type.

Don't tell me you need another haircut.


I just wanted to give you a thank-you present.

You got me that job.

Want a cup of coffee?

I'd love one.

Where'd you get the cookies?

Baked them. No way.

I got 'em from my work.

So I guess it's going good, huh? Mm-hmm.

Yeah, real good.


I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

I'll go.


Uh, sorry.

What are you doing? What are you doing? Huh?

Stay away from my fucking mother! What are you doing!

Fucking motherfucker! What the fuck are you doing?

What are you doing? Fuck you!

What is this? Come on.

Nick, stop!

Nick, that's enough!

I'll fucking kill you!

Nick! Nick, stop, man! Fucking bitch!

I'll fucking kill you!

Nick, stop!




Slow down, man.

Nick, calm the fuck down. Get off me.

Fuckin', dude. Get off!

Nick. Get the fuck off me!


I'm not him.



Mickey, please?

You hungry? Can I get you some food?

I'm all right.

Listen, Mickey...

There's no one else.

Look at me.

It's just us, okay?

The older boy, he soon left for the moon.

We just never saw him again.

Even though the lake is almost gone, birds still come in the winter...

Ducks, geese and cranes.

They come back every year.

I think about our dad, and how he'll be back by then too.

Oh, hey. It's your cousin, Val.

Yo, Val. Did you know Mickey spread them legs?

No, I'm serious.

He was all up in that. She was like...

Then she was like, "Oh, yes! Mickey!"

We're having a swordfight.

Not a very good one, but...

What's wrong?

I'm pregnant.

That night when we were together...

I don't know.

It's so stupid, I know.

I... I don't expect anything from you.

I just found out.

I just thought I should let you know now.


Come back to the dark side!

We're winning!

No, wait, we're losing!


I'll talk to you later, okay?

I'm your father. Mickey!

Come back!

Come back!

Get her, Mickey!

Hey, Kolya.

Hey, get up.

Hey, I... want to give you something.




I'm going away for a while.

I'm gonna go find Sonya.

You're leaving?

I'm gonna be back. I just...

I have to find her.


Please don't cry, Kolya.

Kolya, I'm sorry.

Kolya, please don't cry.

[Mickey narrating I wonder if my father's happy.

I imagine him in a castle, with pools and huge tables of food and beer.

I imagine him lounging nude in hot tubs with women half his age, women who were on the moon when our fathers got there.

I imagine the weather on the moon to be nice, and that our fathers are singing songs in praise of their new lives.

I sense that there's music on the moon.

I'm going to the moon.

Yeah, you missed that one.

Dude, that was a bank shot. I didn't miss anything.

This is a bank shot. See how it hits the rail?

You didn't call that bank, man.

Dude, that is not how we play around here, man.

What do you mean? Dude, that is not how we play.

We call our shots... You need an attitude adjustment, pal?

Didn't hit rail one. Nothing but net.

That's a good shot.

Not in my book, it's not a good shot. Bank shot, nothing.

Are you broke? You don't want to pay? Is that your fucking problem?

That's not we play here. Why don't you deal with it?

Do I have to whip your ass? Want me to whip the shit out of you?

Come get some! Get 'er done.

Come over here, big boy. I'll kick your ass. Hey. Uncle Johnny.


What the hell, dude?

Oh, my God! How have you been?

What are you... What are you doing here?

Bring anyone else with you?

Just me.

Come on, let's have a drink.

Come on. Pinky, set us up one.

So how's Nick?

The boy... how's he been?

He's been great.

Yeah, I knew he would be.

He was a tough one.

I guess your dad left too, huh?

You understand that, as a dad, there's a hell of a lot on our plate, you know.

And I understand a little bit of animosity, and shit, hell, I get it, I really do.

But, uh, everybody kind of leaves for different reasons.

Do you have any idea where he is?

If you're looking for a dad, you found a hell of a dad.

Oh, shit. You're probably better off without us anyway, man.

If we could turn back, I know we would.

I sure the hell would.

Onward and upward, you know.

When are you coming back?

Probably just another few months.

At least I got to, you know, make sure the truck's running good enough to get there solid and safe.

I don't know what the fuck to give him.

I always knew he was strong.

I'm glad to hear he's doing good.

It's about time he started looking forward to getting into something better anyway.

Just keep spending time with him.

He needs something.

You know what I mean?

Is there some happiness in the desert?

Of course there is.

Still, that doesn't change everything.

It doesn't change this.

The moon follows us wherever we go.