Don't Go in the House (1979) Script

Donny, wary eyes.

Hey, Ben, are you coming to eat or what?

I should not, take the kids to the doctor.

Well, see you later.

Now come on, Ben.

Stupid motherfucker, what are you doing standing there?

Do you hear me, you bastard? Come here and help us.

What is your problem Let, let's deal with Ben.

Yes, let's deal with Ben.

Denlo back.

You give me a hand, will you?

Do you realize that Ben almost died because of you?

A man on fire and you you stay standing as a homo.

I'm not a fag.

What I'm not a fag.

Only you wrapped it, what wrapped completely.

It was not the devil but wrapped it whole.

What are you talking about?

I wrapped Ben!

No burning layer.

The layer of flame.

You're crazy, you know?

I always said you were crazy -. Stay away from me.

Do you think I scared?

Do you think I'm crazy?

What are ... What would have helped.

What are you talking about?

You're crazy.

Charge of the day, line 91.

Charge of the day, take line 91

Donny! Donny, wait a minute.

Let's have a beer.

No thanks, I have to go home.

Me too, but go to have a beer alike. Come on.

I can not, my mother is sick -. Well but wait a minute.

Listen To Me ... not want you to go thinking it was your fault ... because these things happen and anyone can be ... you ice cream in a situation like this, you know?

True -. Si.

It is true.

He is the one who is sick. He's the fagot, not me.

You may be right.

Do You Know? Those people are like that.

They say things like that and they are they who are insane.

They are not the smartest . Do not worry.

But that was what happened.

You're right, Bobby.

I froze, I could not do ...

Speaking of remaining ice cream, I 'll get a hot bar.

Why do not you come with me?

No, I can not.

Well, okay, see you tomorrow, okay?

Well, see you tomorrow.

That is, go home.

Act like a good boy.

Mother is waiting.

Mother, I'm home.

You'll have tea ready in a minute.

KITCHEN MATCHES No, mother, no.

I made chamomile tea as ... have so much trouble sleeping lately.

Here is rich and warm.

You're asleep.

Do not you want your tea? I made tea.


Mother, are you okay?


Do Not ...


Mother, wake up.

Please wake up!

Please wake up! Mother!

Now what will I do?

It is not true.

It is not.

He will wake up.

He's just asleep.

Nothing but asleep.

You'll wake up soon.

No, we're going!

Wake up!


I made your tea!

Take your tea!

She left.

You are now free.

Do not be afraid. No reason to be afraid.

You are not alone. We are here to help.

You're free, Donald .. You are free.

You can do whatever you want.


We will help you, do not worry. We will help you.

Will they?

You can do whatever you want. You are now free.

Can I listen to my music loud?

Sure ...

Donald, do not you dare!

She's still dead.

It was evil. Must be purified.

She taught you to use fire.

She wants you to purify for eternal life.

Want fire.

Now your turn. Now your turn.

You can do it. Now you you the master of the flames.

You give the orders now.

Now up to you. You are the master.


Donald, come here -. No, mother.

You're a bad boy. You're evil. You must be punished.

No, Mother, please. I promise I'll be better.

Come here, I said!

No, mother. Please, no.

Your father let you do those things, but now is no longer here.

I will burn the devil you have inside.


Hi, Is Donny? How are you? I'm Bobby.

All Right.

Are you okay?

Why not be nice?

Well, I thought you still upset about Ben would be.

Ben Yes.

Ben, at work. You know, fire and all.

Ah, yes, yes. No, I'm fine.

All Right.

Listen, do not you want to take a coffee with me before going to work?


What do you mean by that? I just wanted to talk capable.


Thanks, but ...

I will not go to work today. I have ... some things to do.

Can you tell I'm not going?

Yeah, sure, I say.

Well then, see you tomorrow, okay?


Now guards at all.

Just depends on you. You are the master.

We are closed.

But I need something simple, something already armed.

Something that is not much hassle.

Sorry, we're closed.

Need a gift for my mother. It is sick. Something cute.

It need not be much problem.

Does your mother Yes, is sick, you know?

Loves flowers.

Just something simple, will you please Well, something simple.

I think I have just what you need.

It's beautiful. I'm sure that my mother will love.

Well, I think so. They are $ 4.50, please.

Thank You.

I hope your mother feel better -. Yes, thank you.

Mother will feel good.

Very well.

Good night.

Good night.

It's a fucking -. Yes, you're right, man.

I know.

Hold On!

I do not hope.

Honey, I'll walk you home.

Come on ...

You should try to lift it ...

Miss, can I take her to the following bus station.

Able I can take -. That's where I go.

Well, I'll River Street.

I go over there, I can bring it.


No, do not go. Do not leave us now.

Come on, do not take her.

You broke my heart.

I appreciate your help.

It is a pleasure.

I should thank you for me buy these flowers.

If it were not for me, you had reached the bus.

You should put them in water as soon as you get home.


I will.

Are you in a hurry Yes, I want to get home.

Would you mind if I let the flowers at home first?

It only takes a minute, there is far from River Street.


My mother is already preparing dinner and'm late.

Only I leave and say you'll be right.

No, it's fine.

It will only be a minute.

Forget the package.

Am I what you could achieve?

Thank You.

Why do not you come and say hello to my mother No, no.

It will give you joy and then we go.

No, seriously, I have to go home . - Let ... never see anyone.

De seriously ... Oh, come on.

Please Good.

Be careful.

Mother, I'm home.

Make yourself at home. Be right back.


Not even your name -. Kathy.

Kathy Jordan -. I am Donny Kohler.

Donald, you know? It's nice to meet you.

Let me go through my mother.

Must be up.

Mother! Mother!

Mother is sick more than I thought.

I should call a doctor to come.

Understand that I can not leave in this condition.

As soon as you finish, I'd call a taxi.

¿Doctor Wells? Speaks Donald Kohler.

It's my mother back. It is worse than above. You can not get out of bed.

Can you come?


I would? I would?

Thank you very much.

The doctor will be right.

If you wait a few minutes you I can take home.

Look, I know you're busy now ...

I just want to call a taxi, yes?

But if you wait a few minutes, the doctor ...

Can I use your phone?

You ask me permission Yes.

Can I use your phone?

If ... you can.

Hello, could you send a taxi to ...?

Please help!

Donald, come here.


Please help! Help!

Do Not!


Please! Do Not!

Do Not!


You're friends with that silly.

Tell him from me that if there is Monday, lose your job.

Give him a break. He was sick. Having trouble.

Sick Yes.

If you are sick that do not answer the phone?

Do not answer nor his mother?

Nobody does -. Well, could have taken him to the doctor.

Look, I do not care if in the physician.

He's been missing a week and over.

Ben be in the hospital at least one month.

Just tell her what I said.

Do not you start?

He stopped suddenly. No I get it to boot.

Can I take her to the next gas station?

I would appreciate it very much.

Would not you mind if I leave these things at home first?

It is on the way -. No, it's fine.

When I say do not take something from a shelf ... you better listen to me.

Would that be all?

And two packages 1.20.

Are 4.99. 5 is made with this.

Thank You.

Here you are.

Can I help you with package No, thanks.

Can I take you home?

My truck is outside. Why who will not let me take her home?

Could away from my way, please?

Is there a problem?

No, no problem. No problem.

I must have frightened her.

I'll apologize. Miss? Miss?

Mother, she is Linda.

I wanted you to meet her before present it to the other.

Hello -? Donny? I'm Bobby.

Hello Bobby -. Listen friend.

Vito got a message for you.

He says that if you will not work Monday you're fired.

Donny, did you hear what I said?

Listen, all you deal is to help you, you know?

And you do not give me anything, then enjoy your life.

Wait a minute. Listen, Bobby ...

I'm in so much trouble.

I'm afraid -. What kind of problems?

It's my mother. She is sick.

You know ...

I am very concerned, Bobby.

Would you go? We can talk.

No, you can not come now.

The father Gerritty is coming ...

why ... my mother is sick and could not go to church.

Wait, Gerritty? What can make that old thing for her?

Well, he knows what to do.

He knows -. Well, well.

Listen, call me if you need anything, okay?

Donny ...

I really hope you go to work on Monday, friend.

Listen, Bobby ... thanks for calling.

You're the only friend I have there.

No problem. See you, friend.


Trash, garbage.

Just like your father.

Do Not!

Yes. The left but you will not be able.

You're going to pay, you will suffer.

No, you have to suffer now.

She is evil. Now it can not hurt.

Remember, you have to punish her.

We will help you.

It is true.

I have my friends with me.

If you do not want to shut ...

I'll punish.

Did you hear that, old?

I will punish you back.

Did you hear me? Did you hear what I said?

Never more I talk like that!

That's better.

Force me to do anything wrong, mother.

Are laugh at me?

Do you think I'm crazy so to speak to my mother?

They are all whores.

Selfish and vain.

Do not you dare laugh at me.

I will not hold anything from you.

Do not try to scare me all the time.

Does not work, I can not be fooled.

If you promise to be good ...

I'll leave the light on.

And remember ... no more laughter.

I'll get you, Donald. I'll catch you.

What are you doing there?

Donny ... Donny Kohler.

You said you never come back.

You came by holy water. You do not have the robes.

Never flames are extinguished -? The flames?

Do you have trouble Yes.

Let me help you with this.

Do you believe in the devil?

What question is that for hacérsela a priest?

Do you think?

If I believe in evil, but not the devil.

But I saw the devil.

No, it's in your mind, Donny.

The devil is just a symbol. A symbol of evil.

Evil lives only if we let him.

So do not think there No.

Does not exist.

Unless you want there.

You have an answer for everything.

Everything you read in books.

All the things that tells people.

Watch these symbols.

I went burned like hell.

What's this? What happened to your arm?

It was the punishment for my sins.

Who did this?

Tell me.

My mother.

My mother!

Help me.

You say your mother did this? But why?

Because I was bad.

I was born with a seed of evil.

She was burning to save.

If it was bad ... she burned me.

If you had bad thoughts ... she burned me.

Do you understand me?

But Donny, we forgive those who have sinned.

You must forgive your mother.


I want to help. Do you believe in me?

If -. You want my help?


Then do what I say.

Let these thoughts bad out of your mind now.

Resist them and find peace.

Do not you want that?


Yes, I want.

But other things.

Other people.

Come see me.

Come to my office or confessional, if you prefer.

Long time did not come.

Just come back to me.

Mother, please forgive me.

I told the priest because he wanted to help.

I did nothing wrong.

I can change.

I want to forget our past.

I forgive you.


Help me to forgive her.


Is Bobby?

It is for you.

Hello -. Bobby?

Yeah, who is I'm Donny.

Donny, what a surprise. What are you doing, man?

Nothing, I'm not doing anything.

I just thought we could go to the movies or something.

Wait a minute, let me understand.

Are you sure you do not want to stay home tonight?

Come on ...

Listen ... if you really want to do something tonight ...

You have something we can do, and is not the movies, you know?

Like this? What?

Guess I have for tonight.

Two ... two girls really.

And let me tell you they are dynamite.

You know they are stuck?

No, in what?

I can not give you details now, but believe me, they are dynamite.

Well ... I thought we could go ... a quiet night Two, talking, or something.

Are you kidding? This is perfect.

My wife thinks I need to work the weekend, okay?

I did all the flames, got your back covered ... and I will not be sitting in a cinema, taking us by the hand.

Wait a minute, did not mean it.

Listen, we are in the Disco Palace at 8, okay?

What if I can not go?

See you at 8, okay?

Well, Bobby.

See you at eight -. See you later.

Bob, I will kill this child if you take it out of here.

These are nice.

Yes, here is another model maybe like it.

Well, let's go.

Well, thanks also -. Sorry I could not help.


Lord, I can help you with something?

Well, could you teach me that shirt? Which was looking before.

You Sure.

The red.

Oh, the Matador.

Is the Matador?

If, shirt, so called style.

Oh yeah.

I forget, Matador. I've seen before.

Very interesting -. Si.

A pretty pattern.

What seemed to Miss? He liked, right?

In fact, he seemed vulgar.

What do you think?

If I tell if it is for a matter of business or ... an informal occasion you could target better.

Well, I was looking for something to go to a nightclub.

Okay, let's Section relevant. Come over here.

These the just received.

It's what's used now.

Unless you prefer the look wildest, already out of fashion.

It is a beautiful fabric, right?

Well, actually, for a nightclub should wear this.

Why not this shirt is worn?

What size is? ¿15 and a half Yes.

Here you are.

Can I recommend a complete set?


Great, come over here.

I think we can make a new man right away.

This three-piece suit look great in that shirt.

It is designed for dancing. You elastic seams.

It will be great.

Why not take this to the dressing room ...?

And is it proves to see if it fit?

No, it's fine. I'll try the home.

Well, fine. We can only find a good pair of shoes.

Alfred, please, would you want to find a ...?

¿Pair of Italian shoes for the gentleman?

What number, sir?

I dont know. I think 42.

Measure it, Alfred.

Well, I'll wrap this if interested, of course.

Do you think?

I think a magnificent set . - Really?

It will generate excitement.

Hey, there he is! By here, Donny! This way!

That elegance, man. Let me introduce. She is Farrah.


And this beautiful girl is Karen -. Hello, Donny.

Sit down, man.

As at home, friend.

Come here, honey. Sit.

So you work in the incinerator Bob, right?

If we work together.

Yes, and you start to say we are rubbish or those jokes you do.

So I have to keep my my crap jokes.

Look, is burning.

Tell me, do you like working there stinks.

You will not have to worry about that if you will not work on Monday.

Why? Did you get fired?

You're right.

I'll be there. I'll be back on Monday.

Okay. Let's dance.

Ya heard enough of this crap.

Come on, baby.

So you did not go to work lately, right?

Yes, I was sick.

Is it contagious? I would know before.

No, it's not contagious . Furthermore already happened to me.

Wanna dance No.

I mean I do not dance.

Never Never.

How are you, baby?

Well, Tony -. Did you see Barbara?

Do Not.

Who was that It was my brother.

Hey, Farrah, let's dance -. Hello.

Do you mind if I go to dance, Donny No, go ahead.

Very well.

Do Not! Do Not!

What did you do? What is your problem?

Anthony, Anthony -. Sue, what happens?

A guy threw a candle in the face to your sister.

Fuck! What do you mean? Who ?!

Yes, that there -. Son of a bitch!


What did you do to my sister?

What did you do?

Get away from me, please.

Leave me alone!


Hey, you son of a bitch!

Get out of there! Get out of there!

I'll kill you!

Still not finished with you!

My God, look what I did.

Quiet, I'll take care. Do not you.

Your friend is a dead man.


You're safe. You escaped.

Well done. She was bad.

Did you pay the bill No.

I thought you'd miss it.

Hey, come on.


Do You Know? These guys were willing to take.

Do not worry, someone will.

Yes, I will.

Thank you very much.

God, you had a bad night.

Come on, stop Suzanne.

Would you mind lead to Ruby's?

What is that It's a bar, silly.

Do not act funny, Suzanne -. I'm sorry.

It's in the 19. Security rise.

Genial -. Thanks.

Excuse my appearance, but recently attacked me.

How seriously What?

They attacked.

Yes? How step?

Some guys came out of nowhere.

They jumped on me in the parking lot.

It's true . - Really?

If three guys with knives.

Latest Yes.

Where was In the village.

What did they do? Did they get the money?

That wanted, but could not.

They knew who they got, thought I would pass over.

And what did you do?

Les remove the soul from the body blows.

I was in the navy. Green Beret.

I thought the berets Green were the army.

Well, this was the same as the Green Berets. A special division.

Hey, Patty, do you think Jeff appear there?

Listen, if you will be there I would not go.

Are you going to start that back?

Who is Jeff Oh, is an idiot.

Do not worry, sure Janice and Billy, and everyone else will be there.

We'll be with them. Ignore -. I can not ignore it.

He follows me everywhere, it is heavy.

Well, it took you long time to say it.

Almost there, and suddenly say you do not want to go.

Is that I just realized.

I do not want that idiot bug me at night.

Wait a minute ...

What we do I do not know.

Wait ...

Quiet. Why do not we go to my house?

You can call whoever they want and we can have a party there.

Yes? No problem?

Do Not.

Can we invite anyone want?

Yes, it's my house.

Got beer? Because we will need them.

Can we for and buy beer -. Great.

With a house we settle.

God, this is a gloomy house.

Sorry ...

Yes I know. It's an old house.

God, that house!

It's really fabulous -. For god.

Patty, look at this.

That beautiful room -. What is this?

I'll bring the beer to the kitchen -. Look at this.

By god.

I would like to live in such a place.

Suzanne, this is amazing.

How do you like it?


Yes, these things are fabulous. I love them.

Well, come with me, you teach something very cute.

Wow, needs painting.

'Father Gerritty?

Father ...

What is the problem Look, Father ...

I called Bobby Tuttle . I am a friend of Donny Kohler.

It is in many problems. He went crazy.

Login -. No, no time.

He whistled, and this guy wants to kill him.

Donny hurt his sister in the face.

Father went crazy and did not know to do. If you go to the police or.

Would you come home with me? You know how to talk.

Please, could you come help me?

Please need help -. It's okay.

Okay, just a minute and I -. Well, hurry up.


Suzanne, come here.

You must see this, come here.

You must see this in there.







Are you up, Suzanne?

Is there anyone?

Suzanne, could you complete it?

Suzanne. Suzanne!

I wanted to be nice!

But all took advantage of me!

Now ...

must pay the price.


Hey, Donny!

Donny, I am the Father Gerritty.

His truck is there. You are here.

Donny, come on, man!

The brother of the girl you want, just try to help you.

Come on!


Jesus Christ ...

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine.

It's all good.

Are you okay?


Kohler Ma'am?

I am the father Gerritty.

I did what you me said, and did not work.

You lied to me!

By god.

All right. All right.

All right.

The I lied. The I lied. Now you have to hide.

They are all liars. Liars.

That's how I appreciate it.

I bring to my house. I give love and shelter.

The best I have ever had!

Turn against me.

And yet I leave to remain.

Okay ...

it's over.

We hate you, Donny.


We hate you!

Whenever we hate.

Do not forgive.

We want to be free. We shall be free.

We shall be free.

Donny, you've gone too far. You told the priest.

No you should have told. What you should know.

The priest did not have to know.

We lied.

Eachother hate liars. You lost, you're not longer the master.

You're the master.

Find a new one. ​​We'll find a new teacher.

You are finished.

And this is what was left of the house Kohler that caught fire last night.

One of the five bodies found ... Mickey, I said that you turn out the tele ...

... And come upstairs to order your room. ... Was identified as Donald Kohler.

The authorities called the fire as suspicious.

Michael, did you hear what I said?

I told you to come up and may command your room.


Michael, turn off the TV!

Do not ignore me! I have to obey!

How dare you!

Mother Never again ignore me!

Michael ... Michael ...

Do not worry. We are here. We're here to help.

We will help you, Michael. We will help you.

Do not precupes. We are here with you now.