Door in the Woods (2019) Script

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(ominous music)

(children chattering)

(saw whirring)

(hammer banging)

(sandpaper scraping)


(birds chirping)

(dog barking)

(phone ringing)

(engine revving)

Overnight, you know what I mean?

So, you got it?

Okay. Okay, thanks.

Hello, handsome.

No public displays of affection at school.

Oh, but you know I'm a bad girl.

How bad?

So bad.

Really bad?

Very, very bad.

Say something sexy.

I finished unpacking the last box today.

We're completely moved in.

Oh, my god, I'm so turned on right now.


It only took eight months.

But it's done, we're home.

Only a few things left to do.

Oh, there's a few things left, what few things?

It's nothing, you promised me a door for the hall closet.

Oh, yeah.

And we need curtains for the bedroom.

And a rug for the guest room.

And that's it?

That's it.

For now.


You knew what I was when you married me.


Jesus, Ma, it's the principal.


Hi. Hi.

Hello, Ms. Eden.

Hi, Ms. Raleigh, I'm just here to pick up Kane and I'll quit distracting your foreman.

I must say, I think he's doing a great job.

Ah, the work is above average.

Although, we've been up against the clock, haven't we?

Yes and I do need to get back to work.

Oh, right. We gotta pour that concrete, it's gonna set overnight.


Back to the salt mine.

Okay, see you tonight.

Poppy seed chicken.

Oh, I'm there. Okay.

And I do need to go get Kane, but I wanna thank you again for this opportunity for my family.

If it weren't for you and the board allowing Red to trade for and the school is gonna be so great.

We could never do this right now without this arrangement.

Kane is continuing to assimilate here.

It's more, than the teachers would like, but I think there's a great chance, that eventually he'll be a good fit here.

Well, thank you, thank you.

(children whispering)


Hey, buddy, ready to go?

Look what I found in a flee market today.

Remember, your favorite one we lost in the move.

My car.

One just like it.

Thanks, mom.

You're so welcome, honey, ready to go?

Yeah, let's go.

I'm so sorry, buddy, I know it's hard, but we have to keep trying.

I hate this school, I hate it, kids don't like me, the teachers are mean, I get in trouble all day for nothing, Ms. Raleigh won't let me have my car in the class, they hate me here.

They don't hate you, they don't, Kane, they just don't know you yet.

I don't wanna go to school here.

Well, that's not up for discussion.

I don't wanna go to school here.

Kane, when we moved here we thought there would be more work for your daddy, but it was slower, than we wanted and, you know, we wanna put you in the best school we possibly can, you know what Dr. Timmon said.

I have to go to a special school, where they can help me, because my brain works different.

That's right and you don't have to be embarrassed about that, honey.

We want the very best for you.

And daddy is trading work for you to be able to go to this special school.

You know, we can't afford it any other way, remember?

I remember.

Okay, so as long as daddy is working for this school, this is your school, okay?


Kane is good, he told me to hug the phone, when you called.

Yeah, Red is great, the school job has been great word of mouth, lots of compliments from the parents about the work.

Well and you know, they all have money or they'd be in a different school, so.

(doorbell ringing)

Oh, hey, mom, I need to go, I have a guest.

Okay, I love you, okay, bye.

(doorbell ringing)


(hinges creaking)

Hi, Evelyn.

[Evelyn] Come inside.

These swords always freak me out.

Oh, they don't mean anything.

I know.

Not on their own.

I know, it's just a knee jerk reaction.

It's all good.

It about Red, your husband.

More opportunities, more freedom, more money.

Well, that's all good news.

Now, it's on you.

(ominous music)

[Evelyn] What is this?

It's a Pisces, a portal sending for you here an opening.

We've talked about starting a new internet business to sell some of my hobby work.

Maybe, this is bigger.

It is, you should be careful.

It's bad?

Anytime you open a new door, you can never be sure what's on the other side of the wall until you're there.

It means this can be good, it's dangerous.

You think this is dangerous?

I don't know, you should be cautious, when you open...

(door slamming)

Kane, whatever happened?

Go to your room.

They wouldn't stop laughing at me, mom.


Do what your dad says, we'll talk later.

Juryah, good to see you.


Excuse me.

Really, the third visit from the psychic?

I wanted him to bless the house, now that we're finally unpacked and he doesn't need to be called a psychic, he's an augur.

He's a psychic you found on Craigslist.

Humor me, I wanted the house blessed.

Craigslist didn't have priests?

I can't believe I'm gonna say this.

Can he come back later?

Can he come back later?


Alright, I took the rest of the afternoon off to deal with this, I'm gonna go shower.

Juryah, would you mind coming back for the blessing next week?

Of course, of course, next week.

So what happened?

He said, at lunch time all these kids were laughing at him and he has to sit down and they kept making fun of him and finally he hit one and another kid jumped on him, and then the teachers had to pull em apart.

And then Raleigh calls me in along with the councilor and sends him home for the day, and now he's got a three day in-school suspension.

So what do we do now, Red.

I don't know, these other kids are starting it.

No, no, he can't hit other kids.

Well, he's gotta stand up for himself.

If these other kids are gonna--

No, he can't hit other kids, he can't, it's not the way the world works.

It is the way the world works.

But he can't hit other kids and stay at the school and we need this school.

So what do we do now?

So, no video games, no movies, no TV, no apps, okay?

For how long?

[Evelyn] We're gonna start with two weeks.

That's forever.

[Red] You'll live.

And if we don't see improvement, it could be longer.

That's not fair.

You know what's not fair is us making the sacrifices, that we're making for you to go to that school and then you not following simple rules.

So you're grounded, it's gonna be homework and chores, you can still play outside and draw and play with your cars, but your councilor and the principal think, that too much screen time is having a negative effect.

Can I have my cars in class, just once?

No, buddy, no cars in class.

We do have some good news, though.

You shouldn't think of this as a reward, because you are grounded.

The councilor thinks you need to spend some time outside, burn off some energy, so we're gonna go for a hike tomorrow.

A hike, in the woods?

Yeah, we're gonna go to the state park and take a hike, and have a picnic on--

Can I bring my binoculars, can I bring my magnifying glass?

Yeah, you can bring whatever you want, load up your backpack, but we can't get too excited, we gotta go to sleep tonight.

I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait.

Okay, okay, get under the covers, you need to get some sleep, if you're gonna run all over the forest tomorrow.

Goodnight, buddy.

Goodnight, baby.

(hinges creaking)

Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up, get up.

Looks who's up. Get up, get up, get up!

Usually, your mom has to drag you out of bed by the ears.

I'll start breakfast, if you could make sandwiches for lunch.

I need big pieces of bread to make a king sandwich for the bears.

There's bears?

[Evelyn] There aren't any bears.

There's definitely bears, there's definitely bears

and they're gonna get you.

(ominous music)

No way.

They'll look fantastic.

(laughs) No, they would not.

Come on, beaded curtains are huge right now.

Sure they are (laughs).

What , we need something at the end of the hall.

That rent house, it looks like a condo.

That's what was available.

I'm not complaining.

I'm grateful we were able to find something.

(birds chirping)

We're ready to have the talk again.


What if it helped?

I'm not stuffing him full of pills, Red.

I'm not talking about pouring meds down his neck, don't frame it like that, I'm just,

I'm just asking, if we need to carefully and thoroughly--

It's a quick fix.

The side effects, the months it takes to dial in the dosage.

I just wanna make sure, that we are open to every option, that might help him.

I'm open.

(piano music)

I never stopped researching.

I'm not hung up on vaccines, I'm not that person.

I just haven't seen anything, that makes me believe a pill is the answer.

(piano music)

(birds chirping)



(piano music)

What is it?

Kane, come here, come here, come here, be quiet, be quiet.

[Kane] What is it?

I think it might be a bear, a bear!


I got you a little something.


For being great, about the move and all the sacrifices you're making for your family.

I know the house isn't what you had envisioned, when we made our fresh start, but--

Is it a sack of diamonds. Is it diamonds, did you get me a potato sack full of diamonds.

Well, it's not in a sack.

My own online store.

I bought the URL and I set up a simple website, it connects to all the crafty sites.

My God.

I mean it's not finished, but it'll take payments and everything.

This, this is so great.

Do you like it?

Yes, thank you, thank you.

I wish I could do more.

(birds chirping)

Where is Kane?

(ominous music)

It's door.

I see it's a door, it's a really cool door.


Yes, vintage, weathered.

It's creepy.

Every antique has a story and you always assume it's creepy.

This is creepy, what, someone left a door out here?

I don't know, people dump treasures all the time, look, they even left the key.

It's just waiting for us.

All it needs is to be refinished with a little love and care.

Are you serious?

Yeah, you see creepy, I see potential, Red, it even looks, like it's the right size.

I love your creative vision, but I do not see it.

I always see the potential, it's why I married you.

Look, it's not a beaded curtain and if the house is finished then I can focus my full attention on getting the online store up and running.

I'll go get the truck, I'm not hauling that thing.

You're the bestest, strongest husband ever.


(sander buzzing)

Thank you, honey.

Well poured.

(drill buzzing)

Works and everything.

(hinge creaking)

(ominous music)

(children chattering)

Hey, you have a late night snack?

No, not me.

Oh, he's sleep walking again.

[Red] And sleep eating?

Didn't even bother heating it up, just munched on it cold.

I got to go to work early to make up for that half day on Friday, can you take Kane to school?

Sure, sure, you don't want any bacon?


Or a waffle?

No, I'm good, love you.

Love you too.

I'm so sleepy.

Yeah, I figured, do you remember getting up last night?

[Kane] No.

Well, eat fast, we're gonna be late.

Oh, Kane, you've got to comb your hair.

We're out of milk.

I'll pick some up after I take you to school, eat.

Kane, did you leave some food in the jacket pocket or something, the closet reeks.


Well, then it's shoes, gross, you done?

Get your backpack, let's go.

(ominous music)

Kane, oh, I'm gonna skin you alive, oh, God.

Yes, yes.

Kane swears he didn't do it.

Well, maybe they crawled in from the vent.

Red, it was full, full, they didn't climb in there.

I'll talk to him, but maybe you want me to put some traps in there just in case?

Sure, put some traps in there, see if they catch anything.

[Announcer] 35, 40, what a block, 45, still going--

And talk to Kane.

Yeah, what?

[Announcer] This game is really getting.

(horror music)

I can't sleep, I'm having bad dreams.

You okay?

Yeah, it's nothing, I just.

I'm walking through a house with lots of rooms and it's following me.


The bad thing.

What's the bad thing?

I don't know, it's just a bad thing, it wants to get me.

A monster?

You okay, buddy?

You know, we're right across the hall, I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.

I know.

You know, there's no such thing as monster, right?


[Evelyn] They aren't real.

I don't believe in monsters, but I'm scared of them.

Well, can you think of happy things, like taking a hike or a cool bug, or driving a fast car?

I try to think of happy things, but every time I close my eyes I see the bad thing.

Well, can you think of anything, that can make you think of good things?

Grandma's prayer.


Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those, who sin against us.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever.

(horror violin music)


(children chattering)


Hi, this is no longer a safe place, this house has changed.

Come inside.

Thank you.

What's wrong?

I'm not sure, but this house, it unclean, it afflicted by spirits.

Dark phantoms haunted by the trinity of the veil.

My house is haunted, no, the evil has an invitation, someone brought it here.

What, we invited an evil spirit?

Okay, I believe in psychic ability and the tarot, but ghosts, isn't it a little?

You cannot believe in only half of the next world.

I sense malice from the other side.


We must bless this house.

(ominous music)

Where did you get this door?

(ominous music)

Okay, all done.

Understand, there are no guarantees.

I understand, yeah.

You should remove this door, burn it.

Okay, I'll talk to Red.

Be careful, be careful with things you bring into this house.

Second one, what is with these bits.

Not coming out?

No, it won't budge and these pins, they're stuck in here, I can't knock them out.

Well, how are we gonna get it out then?

I don't know, sledge hammer?

Honey, this isn't a one night job.

But I want it gone.

You begged for this door and now one word from your psychic friend, who, by the way, may have visited here today and you wanna pull it?

You love this door, you said it was perfect.

I know.

I thought it was creepy, you said no, he says it's creepy--

I know.

You sure you're not overreacting?

You always say I'm overreacting.


Okay, well, he cleared the house, so maybe we're good.

I'm sure that did it, clearing the house.

Honey, I will get to it, I just can't do it tonight.

Fine, we'll just keep it till the weekend and see.

Maybe on the weekend you can get a nice beaded curtain.


[Woman] How can I help you?

Hi, I'm new to town and--

And you need a library card.

No, I mean yes, but, actually, I'm looking for reference material for any local stories or legends about,

about the supernatural stuff.

Oh, local haunts and ghost stories?

Yes, exactly.

There's a local interest section, there might be some books there you'd be interested in.

Ghost stories, old haunts or was there something in particular?

You know, I don't really know where to start, do you have any ideas?

There are some more recent things, can still talk about the haunted bridge down Morris road, a spooky well and there is the vanishing children.

The children.

Oh, yeah, for decades, this town has been known for children being, well, taken, come with me.

(ominous music)

That's it, she was the last one.

Maggie Bradford, this is over 20 years ago.

And they stopped after her, the vanishings, they go way back before that, at least a couple a year.

There were some arrests, but no convictions.

And no one every found them?

Not a one.

(ominous music)

Some decaffeinated sleepy time tea.

What's going on?

I went to the library today to do some research.

About the door.


Did you find anything?

Yes, some stuff about missing children,

who were never found.

You know, every town has missing children stories.

This is a lot of children, over a long time, Red, it's unnerving.

Well, you know, you can get unnerved, when children are in danger and especially Kane.

And I think it's because it was so much work having him.

I mean it wasn't so much work, but we were very lucky.

We were so lucky, you know.

And the stress of moving and your psychic buddy throwing fuel on the fire, I think you're getting caught up in creepy stories.

How are we supposed to tell Kane there's no such thing as ghosts, when mommy's jumping in shadows?

Yeah, I know, you're right.

(alarm beeping)

Good morning.

I forgot to set the timer on the coffee maker last night.

I did it.

Oh, my hero, you want eggs?

I gotta stick with toast and coffee.

Yeah, but you like eggs, I don't mind it.

My hero.

If you get Kane ready for school, I'll take him.



[Red] Can you take a look at this?

(ominous music)

Maybe this weekend we get a new door.

(ominous music)

(phone ringing)

Oh, no.

As you know, this is not out first incident.

As accommodating as this school may be, we have a zero tolerance policy for violence.

[Red] We know and--

[Raleigh] I've talked to several other families and while I don't excuse their behavior.

(children chattering)

[Evelyn] How can they just kick him out?

[Red] It's a private school, they can do whatever they want.

[Evelyn] That school was built for special kids, kids with needs like Kane's, to kick him out, it's--

It's not fair, it's not right and it's what happened.

On Monday I'll go talk to the principal Raleigh, maybe she'll be in a different frame of mind.

But as it is, we gotta start looking for a new school.

I'll call the tutor the councilor recommended.

Maybe he won't fall too far behind, while he's out of class.

How much does the tutor cost?

It's not cheap.

[Red] Great.

I'll get a job, the online business can wait.

It may have to, you know the contract I signed with the school about trading renovations for Kane's tuition, well, now, that Kane's no longer at school I get a cash payment, a low cash payment.

How low?

[Red] Low.

How are we gonna be able to pay the bills?

We'll figure something out.

Important thing is we get him back at school.

But how do we even--

Punish him?

Do we, I mean those other kids, those kids push him and then he's already grounded.

I'll take him to work with me tomorrow.

It's Saturday, nobody will be at school, he can do his math work book and his reading.

He stays here, it'll be too much like vacation.

You're a good dad.

You're a great mom.

We'll figure it out.

We always do.

Okay, be good for your dad today, don't distract him from work.

Okay. Okay.


Love you.

Have a good day.

(piano music)

(dramatic music)


(birds chirping)

Hello, my name's Evelyn Eden and I was just wondering and I know this sounds odd, but I was wondering, if you had any information about the old house, that used to be in the clearing, the one, that burned.

What about it?

I was just looking for anyone with any information about it, I wanted to, there was a door.

You're the one, who took the door.

What do you know about that door?


You made a terrible mistake.

Okay, eat your lunch, do your math, read, no TV, no games, okay?


I mean it, I'm just running to the lumber yard and I'll be right back, lock the door.

I know, lock the door, keep my phone on, do not open the door until when you're home.

You got it, no games.

[Kane] I know.

My daughter Maggie vanished, just like all the others.

No clues, no demands, no leads, just gone.

[Evelyn] Maggie, Maggie Bradford, your daughter was the last victim.

I knew it was that damn house.

(crows chirping)

Who lived there?

No one.

House has been abandoned for years.

But every story about a missing kid led up to that house.

I started thinking there's something wrong with the house, the house itself.

The house was taking the children.

[Woman] I told her to stay away from that house, I knew, knew, I was wrong and I wasn't gonna let that house

take another child.

You burned it.

I took eight gallons of kerosene

and I burned it to the ground, all of it.

Except the door, it wouldn't burn.

(ominous music)

So I took two more gallons of gas and I lit it up.

But that door wouldn't burn, so I buried it

and I buried that door eight feet underground, and I threw the key in the pond.

So why was it--

I went back the next day

and that door was standing in its place straight up like an oak, like it had grown there out of the ground, key and lock, so I wrapped it in chains.

And I fastened that key in the lock, and I left it to rot.

And the children stopped vanishing.

For 20 years, but then you took the door.

We took off the chain.

You let it loose, Ms. Eden.

What is it, Missis Bradford, what is behind that door?

I don't know, but it takes children and it doesn't give them back.

I don't know what it is,

but it's a very bad thing.

(phone ringing)

I need to go, thank you.

[Ms. Bradford] Get rid of that door, Ms. Eden.

Kane, Kane, honey, open the door.


Kane, honey, open the door.

What's going on?

[Evelyn] Kane!

What's wrong, oh my God, I got it, I got it, I got it.

Kane, open the door, Kane, where are you?

Kane, Kane! Kane!




[Evelyn] He's gone, he's gone.

[Red] Kane, Kane, Kane, Kane!

(children chattering)

(string music)

[Red] You know every town has missing children stories.

[Juryah] Open them, any time you open a new door--

[Red] How are we supposed to tell Kane there's no such thing as ghosts, if mommy's jumping in shadows?

[Juryah] Other side of the wall.


I know, I know.

(string music)

Where's my phone, I need to make a call.

Gonna call your mom again?


I'm gonna call an expert.


Don't try to talk me down, you left him here.

Tried to make me think I was,

you made me think I was crazy, but I'm not.

I know what happened to Kane.

I'm gonna do anything I can to get him back.

Now where's my phone?

We may be able to get Kane back, but we must move quickly.

I can hear the other side and they can hear me.

We may be able to make a bargain for your son's return.

How do we do it?

It will be difficult, it will be frightening, we will hold a ceremony, not here, the place, where you found it.


The place?

Where it took Kane,

what's it like?

This thing, this bad thing, that took Kane,

it is an ancient evil.

We must not take it lightly, we are going to battle.

What do we need?

I have the tools I need, but bring the door.


(ominous music)

(owl hooting)

Salt circle for protection.

Don't break it.

Try to stay inside of it.

What happens, if you step outside of the circle?

Try to stay inside of it.

Think of it as shield between us and any angry spirits.

So the spirits will be angry?

Oh, yeah.

You pull out the jars, water, please.

These are levels of spirits between us and the one keeping Kane, gatekeepers, sentries.

We will go deep through many levels, each level have different techniques and rituals.

You must agree to follow my directions.

Completely and without hesitation.

Of course.

You may hear things, you may see things, you may, no matter what happen here tonight, focus on the goal.

Don't be shaken, don't be distracted.

Don't let hope to fear, bring Kane home.

Close your eyes.

If you hear bell ringing, squeeze my hands.

We need to speak with other spirits

beyond the veil and grant us the passage to the other side.

Spirit of the veil, are you there?

Spirit haunting the veil, are you there?

(bell ringing)

We have returned the door to its right place, as tool of a good faith.

Do you sense the door?

(bell ringing)

Keep your eyes closed, just do it.

We have to force a little bit.

Hold my hand tightly, okay.

(bells ringing)

Pray, pray, pray, pray.

(children chattering)

(bells ringing)


(ominous music)

We are beyond now.


The veil, we need some help from other spirits,

the totem for allowing them to answer my questions.

One knock yes,

two knocks,


Spirit, are you there?

Spirit, answer me, are you there?

Are you light spirit?

If you truly dark spirit, then you know

I can speak on the other side.

Do you know who I am?

Then you know what I can do.

We are looking for a boy from the side of living, have you sensed him?

Will you help us?

I can compel you, I command you to assist us.

I command you to.


Oh my God, they're not gonna help us, are they?

You're not done.

Do you hear that?

Yeah, I think,

wait, do you hear that?


(ominous music)

He is in the darkest place, he is in the darkest place, he is in the darkest place, he is in the darkest place, he is in the darkest place, he is in the darkest place.

He is in the darkest place, he is in the darkest place, he is in the darkest place.

Place your hands on the toy.

Keep your pressure light, feather light.

Don't attempt to move the car, just let it move and let your hands follow it.

Are there spirits willing to speak with us, a willing spirit, any spirit willing to speak with us?

We are looking for a boy, a living boy, that was taken to the other side tonight.

(ominous music)

Oh, my God.

Yes, he is called Kane, do you know where he is?

Tell us where he is.

You will, you will tell us where Kane is.

(ominous music)

Where is the boy, where is Kane?

Who's got the boy?

Oh, shit, I need his name.

In the power of light, I compel you, give me his name.

(terrifying music)

Damn it.

What now?

(ominous music)

I need to channel with the gatekeeper.

I can't do that without his name.

Can you try again?

I only had one board, I've never seen them do this to one.

If you had another, could they destroy that one too.

I need enhancement to protect it.

I never thought I...

(ominous music)

Do it.

Spirits, give me the name of the gatekeeper, the powers of light, I compel you, give me her name.

(ominous music)


So you have her name.

This is a powerful dark force.

And the only gatekeeper to whatever the mind intended

has taken Kane.

Are you saying you can't?

No, no, no, he could do it, you can do it, right?

I can.

So what is it?

I'm about to open a dark doorway.

About to, what have we been doing so far?

The next step is taxing, difficult and dangerous.

Please sit.

Before we, before we open the dark doorway to the next evil,

I want you to know, I believe Kane is alive, with all my heart, I truly do.


But before we open the door, I want to be sure, I want to try and talk to Kane.

We can talk?

Possibly, yes, but this is very disturbing.

I want you to be prepared and focused.

Okay, anything.

Bring pencils.

(ominous music)

The Veil has then, I'm speaking now to the living beyond the curtain, to the living among the dead.

I'm speaking to Kane Eden, can you hear me?

Kane, if you're there,

you can move it, tell me you are there.

Dark spirits, allow him to speak to the living.

To the side, stand aside, I'm speaking to the living.

Dark evil aside, let the living speak!


I'm sorry, there are too many dark spirits between us, I can't.

But does that mean?

I believe Kane is alive.

(terrifying music)



(ominous music)

My baby, baby, my baby.

I was there, I was where Kane is.

(ominous music)

I am an open vessel, a pie dish for the dark spirit

called Empusa.

I summoned the gatekeeper to speak to the dark spirits

beyond this door.

Talk to me Empusa, allow me to (grunts).

[Empusa] I am Empusa, I am the guardian of the gate to the void.

We seek an audience with the entity behind the door.

The one, that was taken, named Kane.

[Empusa] You do not want to speak to my master, living one, he is the prince of sorrows and suffering.

He is glorious in his evil.

We must speak with him, he does not belong there.

[Empusa] My master would disagree, he'd rather shift the pitiful wailings of the boy, I doubt he will give up his pet.

The boy's parents are here, they are willing to bargain with your master.

[Empusa] Bargain, what pain could they bring, that would suffice in trade, what pain could they offer as tribute?

Let us speak with your master, is he afraid?

[Empusa] Afraid, my master, he is fear formed into consciousness, he sups on the beasts, that quake men's homes, he is not afraid.

Then why not let us speak with him?

Why not grant us in our audience?

We are afraid,

let him enjoy our fear in his presence

and no harm could come from hearing and considering bargain.

[Empusa] The boy is so important to you, that you would stand in the feet of pain and terror, and still have the loins to offer a bargain?

Yes, yes, he is that important to these people.

[Empusa] You may speak to my master on his grounds, place the key under the door.

Out of respect to you of the living, my master is fickle and cruel.

Juryah, are you alright?

I'm okay, I'm okay.

You have the key.

Oh, yeah, here.

You heard the warnings, are you ready?

Yes, yes, yes I am.

(ominous music)


(ominous music)

It being dramatic, it trying to scare you.

It's working.

[Red] Evelyn?

[Evelyn] I'm here, I'm just, ah, something touched me.

[Juryah] Everyone, stay inside the circle.


[Evelyn] It burned my wrist!

[Red] Where are you?

[Evelyn] Here, I'm here.

[Red] It's me, that's me.

[Evelyn] He pulled on my arm.

Are you okay?

Something had my arm, I'm okay.

(ominous music)

(children laughing)

Here he comes.


(door cracking)

(ominous music)

[Evelyn] Can you see it?

[Juryah] Yes, I see it.

(terrifying music)

(speaking in demonic language)

He says Kane is his favored and he has no reason

to bargain, why does he have to make a deal with us?

I'll take his place.

No, I'll take his place.

Both of us, he can have both of us, just let Kane go.

(speaking in demonic language)

He doesn't want you, you are not children.

Why does he?

There's something about the fear of this child, that is uniquely delicious.

We will do anything in our power, anything to make an exchange.

We will do anything.

(speaking in demonic language)

You have no power to satisfy his bargain.

You have no leverage.

You only have his power.

What does that mean?

If he won't bargain, then we won't leave, we'll stay here with Kane.

(speaking in demonic language)

That is an empty threat.

If you remain here, he will keep you separate from Kane.

You will never hold him, you will never comfort him, you will never sooth his pain.

No, no, no, I'm sorry, that I made the threat, I apologize, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry.

What does it mean, only his power, what does that mean?

A bargain on how to amplify his power, a bargain will mean an entity, influence,

a wider result.

It sounds like it already has a deal in mind.

From the beginning, he always did.

(ominous music)

To get your son back, you will endure any agreement, if it means safety and peace.

But what if that wasn't a bargain?

What if you were meant to pay so much misery,

what price would be too much, if others pay it?

Would you accept?

That is my son and I will do anything, anything, to get him back home safe.

Then we have a deal.

(string music)


(string music)

You must make good on this deal.

Or penalties will be severe.

I will.

I'll be leaving here, I'm going back West.

I suggest you do the same.

We will not meet again.

Thank you.

Do whatever you must to forget the cost of the deal.

Or the weight of it will crush you, forget it.

(string music)

I don't wanna live here anymore.

We aren't gonna live here anymore, baby, just rest, okay?

I'm gonna pack up some stuff and then later we're gonna go to grandma's.


Just try to get some sleep.

Why isn't daddy going with us?

Daddy has to stay behind a few days, he has some work to finish.

(engine revving)

(birds chirping)

(sander buzzing)

(sander buzzing)

(sander buzzing)

(string music)

(ominous music)

(ominous music)