Doosaboo ilchae (2001) Script

Jeong Jun-ho Jeong Ung-in Jeong Un-taeck Park Jun-gyu Oh Seung-eun Song Seon-mi Special appearance by Kim Sang-jung and Im Chang-jeong

Come on! Get up, bastard!

The boss, teacher... and father

are one.

Written and Directed by Yun Je-gyun

Dusabu-ilche My Boss My Hero

Myeongdong is the bridgehead to Gangnam!

Though Du-shik has taken over Myeongdong.

The area is too important for him to be in change! I agree, boss!

These days, younger brothers have all graduated from high school and a lot of them went to college.

Du-shik didn't even finish high school!

Please reconsider, boss!

Good work in Myeongdong yesterday. I owe everything to you, Big brother.

You know how to be modest. You've matured.

Byeong-hun, that son of a bitch. What a fool.

A mere subordinate and he dares to betray the family? Hopeless bastard...

Have another drink. Thank you, Big brother.

Hey, Du-shik! Do you have e-mail?

Shit... you take me for a fool?

What's your e-mail address?

110-211 Seoul, Jung-gu, Myeongdong, 844 Eco Villa...

Apt. 303.

What are you doing?

I'm setting up a cafe on the net.


A fucking cafe? You can't make money off that shit!

Big brother told us... not to do anything that makes no money, dumb ass!

Hey, Head! What? I'm only talking the truth!

Do you know what the Internet is?

You think I'm stupid? Do you e-mail?

I fucking mail this shit everyday!

I can mail this shit 12 times a day! 12 times, moron!


That's what happened?

Didn't the boss of the Jongro family go to college?

It seems people who went to college always think that they're better!

I've never said that. Bullshit!

You were saying internet this, e-mail that, cafe this and that, you liar!

Big brother, do you know what a net cafe is?

Is it in our district?

You're really ignorant, Big brother!

He said, "Is it in our district?"

Why is Head always like that?

That sort of thing is unimaginable in Las Vegas.

You've been to Las Vegas? No.

You have no basics, moron!

You have to have basics, punk!

Write your name.

Seriously, Big brother.

In Chinese characters.

I'll leave Myeondong open till year's end, just get your high school diploma.

Then, if anyone has any problems with that, I'll take care of it

Do you understand?

Yeah... Big brother.

The cops are all over the Myeongdong incident.

Head, you must run the business and take care of our family in the boss's absence.

Where are you going, Big brother?

Big brother will be gone for a while

Big brother! You can't go to prison!

I'll go in your place!

We should be going. I'll go instead.

Really, Big brother.


Big brother... Instead of school, how about a private learning institute?

Private institute? My cousin goes to one... in Noryangjin. That's where the best institutes are.

They have great teachers and high college acceptance rates!

Really? But... Do Institutes give out diplomas?

If you give them money. Oh!

The world has become a better place to live!

Let's have a round of applause for our improved educational system!

Come on, come on, come on!

So, the first half should be focused on Korean, Math and English, and the second half on the overall general curriculum for the final spurt!

That's it! Spurt! Spurt is important! But... what's a general curriculum?

I lowered your age. Born in 1981, 20 years old.

20 years old?

People often say that you look alike you're in your early twenties.

I do look young for my age.

It would be difficult to enter public schools, so I looked into private ones.

I found a private school with a good reputation and competent teachers.

Really? Sangchun High School in Gangnam.


You've been admitted by way of contribution.

Contribution? What's that?

You gave, and you took.

Also, the important thing is... it's co-ed.

Big brother!

I've looked into a great place, institutes with high rates in...

Noryangjin! It's the best, Big brother!

High rates and good teachers, and...

General curriculum! They give out diplomas!


How do I look?

Something wrong?

Nobody slicks their hair back in high school these days.

Gye Du-shik Enters High school

Congratulations, Big brother!

What the fuck is this?

Big brother! I'm so proud of you.

Ask if you don't know, moron. You have no basics.

Repeat after me, basics. Basics!

Fuck, you have no basics!

Who bought this bag?


I did, Big brother!

I had to get you something with you going back to school and all.

Big brother, that bag... is made in USA

And these pants?

How many times do I have to tell you, moron?


I told you to ask me many times if you don't know!

Just ask!

Big brother, I'll get you a backpack by tomorrow.

How can I trust him to run things?

Stop the car over here.

It's too far from school...

Just pull over! If I say pull over, just pull over!

It's stuck.

It smeared, darn...

Hey, you!

Hold the gate!

That little... Who the hell does he think he is... making them kneel like that...

Shit! Every school has one of those.

Fooling around with the students.

Hello. Good morning, students!

Let's go. We've got a lot of collecting to do today.

Isn't that right, Dong-pal?

Right, Gyeong-sil? Right? Answer me!

Who are you?

I just transferred today.

You should have told me!

It's okay. Get up. Stand up, it's alright.

I said get up, you punk!

Have you lost your mind? Have you no manners?

Being late on your first day! You have no basics!

That motherfucker! Come here! Be quiet.

I'll take responsibility! Call the whole family!

You scared me, bitch!

How can a girl have so much leg hair...

Why do you keep coming to the women's restroom?

Go to the boy's room, sissy!

Are you crazy?

If I were doing this in there, they'd beat the shit out of me!

Freak... you think that'll straighten out your frizzled hair?

You're insane... You talk way too much, sister.

Don't worry about my hair. Just worry about your own tight hairstyle.

Kyeong-sil. Do you have any pads? Hey, Yun-ju.

Anyhow, you girls are way too sloppy.

Thanks. I'll get you back. Only the 'White' brand!

What? Don't be looking at me like that, sister.

Freaks and geeks.

Chain smoking bitches.

Hope you all get lung cancer and rot. So annoying...

What did you just say? What did I do?

You wanna die? Wanna die, punk?


Retard! Why'd you hit him?

I pity your parents who I'm sure were happy when they had you.

Hey, Ji-hye. That's a bit harsh!

Don't be upset.

Hey, seeing you up close, you look really poor.

What's going on!

You girls can go.

Why are you picking on those girls?

Are you hoodlums? Are you gangsters?

You don't study and you're picking fights.

You little brats!

Are you out of your minds?

Mr. Jo! Yes.

Please come here. Yes.

Sure. Have they been causing trouble?

What have you kids done? Don't worry, they were fighting among themselves. I'm just giving them a notice.

Mr. Jo, this is the new student. He'll be placed in your class.

This is your homeroom teacher. What's this?


What ya looking at, punk?

Have you all eaten?

My name is Gye Du-shik. Pleased to meet you, everyone.

Settle down. Is there an empty seat?

Over here, Mr. Jo. This one's empty!

Du-shik, go sit over there.

Who had clean-up duty yesterday? The third row.

I'm surprised that the classroom is so clean.

Now, we'll begin where we left off yesterday.

Fighting! Sang-du!

To me?

That's right!

What the hell...

Solve the problem!

Social Tatoo-ism?

You think you're a gangster? Huh? You brat!

Hey, Du-shik!

Come here.

You have a rat in there or something?

What's this? A rat tail? Stop!

Fuck you! I'll rip your damn pupils out!

Nobody slicks their hair back these days.


You're better off slicking it back.

Heard you were set back 2 years.


I was set back a year, which would make you a year older than me.

Oh, really? What? Call you Big brother?

There's no need for that...

So what's your story?

'Yes, M'amm! ' 'You should work hard! '

You must've been shining shoes or delivering food... am I right?

A gangster.


I was a gangster.

You punk! If you were a gangster I'm the freaking Godfather!

You crazy? Are you out of your mind?

What an idiot!

Is this it? That's all that I have.

You disrespect, disregard, disdain, discount and defy me?

You little... You think I'm a bum? Huh?

If I find a single coin on you, I'm gonna burn your little rat tail! Really, this is all I have.

Search him!

Why you gotta make trouble?

And be thorough!

Teachers are coming! Let's go!

Come here, moron. You're one lucky bastard!

You got something on your shirt. What's on your shirt? Moron!

Hey, bring a carton of cigarettes tomorrow!

Lights for me! Shit.

A gangster? What a moron...

Do you work today? Pretty much everyday.

Take it easy. What you gonna do with all that money? Buy us dinner!

Have you no shame? Always trying to live off other people's wealth!

Shut up, you're so annoying.

No red beans in this.

Bye. See you tomorrow.

Oh... this?

Our eminent chairman's mother-in-law died.

Lady! Give me a carton of cigarettes.


Hey! Give me a carton of cigarettes!

You little brat!

Who the hell you think you are?

Get out of here! Don't worry, I'm not a student.

Then what are you, a gangster?

Get out! Get out of here!

You're gonna disrespect us again?

You think we're that easy, huh?

Hey! You're mad, huh?

So what you gonna do? Take a swing?

Stand up straight!

Stand straight! Friends!

You know what that is? That's your mother laughing at you!


You think we're friends? Well, this is how I treat my friends!

Had enough?

Here's more! Hey! Friends!

I really have to graduate this year. Please.

I know how you feel. I really do. I've been there. Really.

Just do me a favor, one last favor.

Let's just all get along.

Yeah, yeah... Okay.

Okay, friends.

Suck this! I can't get along with you!

Moron! You crazy?

Get along? Crazy moron!

Later, moron!

Was that for real? You tick me off, moron! Crazy nut! Jerk!

That bastard's nothing without a stick. What a poser.

Bring it on! Yes, Big brother.

Big brother, there's a phone call.

What the hell... I'm bleeding.

Hello? Big brother!



Oh, my god!

May I help you?

Do you know Gye Du-shik?

Yes, he's the one that cut class this morning...

Well, I'm his uncle...

He forgot his lunch today.

He's so forgetful.

I'll give it to him.


May I ask a rather forward question?

Excuse me?

Have you had lunch?

Damn! Check out moron's lunch!

Shit! You must be rich, moron!

All my mother ever gives me are rice cakes.

This is good! Why don't you eat, moron!

Please try some of this.

No, thank you. I can't eat pickles.


I'm allergic.

You're from Algeria? No, I have an allergy.

Right, allergy!


I know someone famous for elegy.


Lee Mi-ja!

Don't you know the singer? The queen of elegy?

"Lady... Came... Ilia..."

I don't know her.

If you ever have any trouble, call me.

If by chance... someone doesn't apy you back borrowed money... or you become a victim of credit card fraud, call me right away.

I am a boy. You are a girl.

You are a girl.

Shit, school's so hard these days.

They didn't have this in my days.

Verbs and shit.

What! Why are you being silly?

We learned all this in middle school.

I am a boy! You are a girl. You are the student.

Come here! Huh?

Son of a bitch! They didn't have this in middle school!

They didn't have this! What are you lookin at!

You've never seen a person buy books before?

I am a boy. You are a girl.

They didn't have this in my day!

Shit! What the hell am I doing?

Let's just buy something! Like you'd know anyway.

The boss ordered us to be thorough.


Like he's ever gonna look at these books.

They have academic scholarships, so Yun-ju will be able to go to college.

Don't worry.

I'll make sure she goes to college.

Please, trust me. Thank you, sir.

Get the car ready! Big brother's about to leave.

Big brother!

Could I speak to you for a second? What is it?

English has become essential in today's global society.

That's correct.

So I'm asking you...

Could you please give this to your English teacher?

You're out of your league. Big brother!

I went to college.

Damn... motherfucker...

You little retard...

What are you doing?

Well, this... What's this?

It's too small...

I'm sure that you are all aware that our Sangchun Foundation also runs a general hospital among other things.

However, the Urology department has been in deficit for some time.

So, we're going to encourage all students to receive circumcision.

Is it free? How would the Foundation survive if it were free?

Gye Du-shik!

Why did a young kid like you do this to yourself?

It's completely covered with beads.

What's that? Sunflower.

Doctor. What?

You forgot the anesthesia.

Let me go! Let me go! Help me!

Please excuse me for just a moment, but I've got something to say.

I want to tell you about an incident that happened 5 years ago the Seojin Room Salon murders which I'm sure many of you remember. I...

Hey, stop the bus!

Open the door! Are you sure?

We're not sure yet, but we'll need to look into it.

I'm positive!

He was in a school uniform but I'm sure it was Du-shik!

Do your best for your success!

I love Jesus, love Jesus... Jesus Christ, hallelujah!

Yes, I'm his father.

Where did Sang-du attend college?

College? What college?

He was expelled from high school!

He's fucking liar! Sang-du!

Why can't you make the profit from a great location like this?

Tell me, you bastard!

Big brother, it's all my fault.

I didn't properly teach my business know-how to Sang-du.

That's my fault. That's was the biggest mistake.

Hey, hey... Isn't that Du-shik?

You morons, I should just...

Everyone inside! Hurry up! Big brother! It's my fault!

Inside! Inside! It's really my fault, Big brother!

Come on! Big brother...

It's all my fault, Big brother!

Moron, what do you think you're doing?

I can't believe this. Look at you, all dressed up.

Suit and tie, hair slicked back...

What are you looking at? You work here?

Shit! You punk ass moron... Who plays here?

Huh Chun-hwa, Ahn Su-ni and Kim Haeng-guk.

Heugh-guk? Mustache? Right.

Wow! I really like him.

Hey! Sing one of his songs!

Sing, moron!

Come on! Sing, moron! Don't make me hurt you!


Be congenial! Smile and sing, moron!

"A swallowtail butterfly...

in the garden..." Dong-pal! It's the cops!

I can't believe you really sang! Dumb ass!


Why won't you follow orders?

When were you told to bring the fee for your graduation album?

And you two... you haven't paid the supplementary class fees!

How many months? One, two, three...

Are you two conspiring this? Are you?

Are you being defiant? Are you!

Oh, Mr. Jo! What's going on?

Take your seats.

Mr. Jo, it isn't that... I said take your seats!

Open your books!

What's with Ji-hye's Math grades?

How is she going to get a scholarship with grades like this?

Who's her Math teacher?

Mr. Jo... Christ...

You know how hot-tempered he can be...

Do you think that I don't have a temper?

That jerk is good for nothing. Nothing!

If he can't collect money, the least he could do is cooperate in these affairs.

Nothing Nothing Something Something

'What I'm telling is the truth'. Do you understand?


Come here!

Oh, shit!


I said leave!

It wasn't me. Then who was it?

Kim Ji-hye. Come out!

Come out now!

Fucking bitch...

Take your hands out of your pockets!

Stand straight!

What did you just say?


How can I even come to school anymore, mom? I was so embarrassed!

Do you know how much it hurts? It still hurts really, really bad!

You might have passed the physical test if you weren't so weak.

You bitch!

How dare you...

How dare you hit my precious child, bitch!

Come here!

Crazy bitch! Why did you hit my child? How dare you, bitch!

I never even hit her! Who the hell do you think you are?

Look! Who the hell are you?

How's a child going to learn anything if the parent is this way!

Students are hit only when they deserve it!

This is a school! Misbehave?

You think I'm the one who's misbehaving!

What mother would like to see her child beat up like a dog! Nonsense, nonsense!

You're only a teacher! Don't stand up to a parent!

I'm sorry. You're sorry?

Do you know who she is?

Do you know who her husband is?

What are you staring for! Jerk...

You want to be fired? You think I won't do it?

Get out of my sight!

You're just a pathetic teacher, cocky bastard!

What do you think you're doing!

What on earth is this place! Is this a school?

No matter how rotten education may have become, how can a parent come in an uproar and rage violence against a teacher!

How can teachers ever teach if we're scared of what parents might think!

Who was that?

Yang Gyeong-jik, up front!

Right now!

You think it's funny? No, it's not that...

It's not what? Tarzan over there...

You want to play jokes, huh? You think that's funny?

Stand straight, you damn fool!

I said stand straight!

You think that's funny? I think so, too!

You stupid ass! Stop it!

What the fuck?

What did you say?

What did you just say?

What the fuck...


You little jerk!

Shit! I'll just fucking quit school! So you're the teacher, huh?

Does that give you the right to beat students?

Shit. You wanna go one on one?

I'll fucking kick your ass!

Call the cops!

Call the fucking cops!

You little brats!

You have no fucking manners!

How dare you defy a teacher!

If I catch any one of you disrespecting a teacher, I'll slice you up real good... with a kitchen knife!

Do you fucking get me? You little brat!

What did you say about a kitchen knife?

'Do you always get off this late? '

'Get off this late? ' 'Go home this late? ' 'Get off... '

'Go home? '

Excuse me...

Aren't you Ms. Lee?

What a coincidence...

Well... I'm thirsty.

Sorry about earlier.

But you were wrong.

As an old proverb says that "students don't even step on a teacher's shadow."

Have you heard of 'Dusabu-ilche'?

Don't you mean 'Gunsabu-ilche'?

It means that the boss teacher and father are one!


They look like students but they're drinking alcohol.

That's unimaginable in Las Vegas.

You've been to Las Vegas?

Wow, a big boat!

Study when you can.

You'll know what I'm saying when you get older.

Fuck! Then why don't I know?

That was a legitimate blow.

I think that he was slightly off.

Pay back my money if you have money to spend on liquor, punk!

I told you that you'd be dead if I saw you, didn't I!

Looks like they're gonna fight.

They don't know what they're getting into.

You little punk, I told you to stay home, bitch!

What do you think you're doing?

I'm so scared! Oh my God, I'm so scared!

Who are you? You with him? You his friend?

I think it was legitimate this time.

He got him pretty good.

I told you to stay home! Stay home!

You! Come here.

Yes, sir!

Why? You wanna fight me?

This is just like a movie.

I'm sure we'll soon be on our knees, begging you for your forgiveness.

You fight well? Come on!

Go for it.

Come on!

I'm bleeding! Son of a bitch! So you like to sucker-punch, huh?

Fuck! Don't touch me!

Stay back. And don't touch me.

So you've learned how to fight, motherfucker? Get him!

Looks like he's flying.

The technical term is 'action scene'.

Action scene...

Little punks! Students should be studying, not fighting! Are you gangsters?

Are you? Huh? Huh?

Are you gangsters? Want me to bring gangsters?

Wanna fight gangster? One on one?

You wanna go one on one?

Please. What?

Please forgive us. What do you think they're saying?

Do you want me to go ask?

Why don't you understand? You're killing me.

What's the big deal with changing one student's grades?

I've already told you. If I change Ji-hye's grade, Yun-ju won't be able to receive a scholarship!

The grades will be changed!

Look at this. And you call yourself a homeroom teacher?

Your class's grades are dead last.

You're too weak. That's why... students and parents...

I'm going to leave, sir.

Ms. Lee!

You don't have a clue.

This country is filled with teachers!

Do you understand what am I saying?

Look into a new English teacher.

Why can't women teachers last a year?

But Ms. Lee is a very competent...

What happened with Ji-hye's grade?

He won't do it. Bastard.

Yun-ju, Bong-pal says to come.

I mean... Mr. Jo is calling for you.

You better study harder because you're skating on thin ice.

If you can't get a scholarship, who are you going to resent?


How may hours do you sleep these days?

6 hours... Sleep less!

How does a senior expect to go to college... on 6 hours of sleep a night!

If you play and sleep as others do, how are you going to get ahead?

Do you understand me, Yun-ju?

This element consists of plutonium and alloy, so an easy way to remember is PLAY. "Play."

What did I just say?

You wanna play?



You like me, don't you?

If I marry you,

will you send me to college?

I'm just kidding.

Hey, Du-shik!

Yeah? Buy me a drink.

Students shouldn't drink...

Yun-ju... Yun-ju!

What's going on... uncle?

Ms. Lee was a bit upset today, so...

So you two knew each other...

uncle? It's not that, Big brother.

I mean... We met when I brought your lunch!

Here. Have a drink. I'm fine, Ms. Lee.

Don't worry. It's okay for you to drink with a teacher.

Well... uncle.

Is it okay for me to drink?

Sure, you're a grown man now. My little nephew!

The results of the audition will be e-mailed to each one of you.

You! What's your e-mail address?

Address? Of course.

Be prudent. Yes, sir.

What is it?

Seoul, Seongbukgu, Donam-dong... Fuck on you!

Get outta here, dumb bitch!

You know what ticks me off more than anything?

Bitches like that!

Bitches with a face but nothing upstairs. Dumb bitch!

Ignorant bitch! Don't even know email!

Your address!

That's it! That's how you do it! Be prudent!

"At" then what? And-dot-net.

You stupid dumb ass!

I told you to be prudent!

She said 4 dots!

Right? Right?

Shit, so you can sing a pop song?

Translate it to Korean.

Oh? When did you get circumcised!

What happened to your beads?

College boy... Your pronunciation is so awful...

If you keep seeing Ms. Lee, it'll complicated things, so forget her.

Love knows no boundaries.

Did you learn that in college? Big brother, it's not that...

Little bastard... Get rid of your beads!

Get rid of your beads, asshole!

'Get rid of your beads, asshole! '

Did you have fun?

I couldn't stop laughing because of your uncle!

What's this? This? 'Star Shot' Photo Studio.

'Star Shot Studio'? You can take pictures like models.

Come on... Who is she, Big brother?

Why? You gonna hook us up?

Big brother. Not only would I hook you up, I'd grab the bitch and set her down right here and get you laid! Bang!

Spin her sideways and backward and forward...

That bitch will be satisfied...

Hey, stop! And upside down...

I told you to stop, moron!

The ladies are ready.

Fucking asshole!


Yeah, you retard.

When did you start working here?

Is it for money?

It's none of your business!

I'm not finished.


Your family is rich, right?

Lend me some money.

So I can go to college like everyone else.

I'll pay you back.

The girls here tell me,

that a few months of hard work will pay well.

You don't want to lend me money?

Wanna go to a motel?

But you know...

I'm expensive 'cause I'm underage! You need to get yourself together!

I need money to go to college!

I want to go to college... and grad school...

I want to study abroad...

It must be nice to be rich, you jerk!

What? An investigation?

I just want you to look into things.

The damn school collects money from students all the time...

Shit! Parents beat up teachers.

That really happened?

You didn't know? Ms. Lee was a victim!

You know her.

Who? Ms. Lee.

Are you serious?

What kind of motherfucker!

Bastard, fucking bastard...

Ms. Lee!

Ms. Lee! Head!

Back to your position. Yes...

Hey, guys! There is a big problem!

Mr. Jo... is resigning!

Who said that? Maybe you've heard wrong.

When it's an irrational expression in relation to variable X, then this function is called an irrational function.

Mr. Jo! What?

Is it true that... you're resigning?

Don't worry! Just worry about your studies.

...equals -X,

Y equals X-1 +1...

Sangchun Foundation has relations with the Myeongdong Family.


The principal, Sang Chun-man runs a golf course, a shopping center... they were recently taken over by the Shin Gang-nam's gang.

Go on.

Byeong-hun for the Myeongdong family is working for the boss, Shin.

That bastard?

I'm sorry. I didn't know that.

Fortunately, they don't know of your identity, so graduating won't be a problem.

Shit... Straighten your head!

How does the principal have a golf course, a villa and a Mercedes-Benz?

Can he afford all of that on his salary? Exactly.

Yeong-shik said he saw a secret book in his safe!

Something's fishy! I knew it.

Hey, guys! It's a big news!

'Our school collects over several hundred dollars every month... '

'on the pretext of supplementary class, books and other things.'

'Teachers are fired for having a conscience... '

Yes. Yes. Please take care of this for me, just this once.

Where has this been posted?

Not only in the Department of Education's website, but the Board of Audit and Inspection, and the President's homepage.

Damn it! Who the hell is it!

By the looks of this, it doesn't seem like teacher...

Where's Lee Yun-ju?

Come here!

Get up! I said get up!

Get up, bitch! Get up!

Are you planning to destroy this school?

My loving students...

Can you understand how hard it was for us to collect money when we knew how difficult it was for your families to just make ends meet.

Can you understand the inner conflict you feel when the boss tells you to raise a student's grade and in the end, you bury your conscience as a teacher... because of fear of the consequences.

Bring back my friend, Yun-ju! Bring her back!

Come out, Sang Chunman!

As teachers in the classroom, we teach knowledge and how to live life... in shame, because our conscience knows the truth. Can you understand...

Until we meet again.

Always be pure and bright, and study hard, Who's going to take responsibility for students who are involved in this?

Do you think those teachers are going to take responsibility?

You can't be serious! Are you really not coming out?

Du-shik, a lot of kids won't participate if you don't.

Aren't you even angry? You disappoint me.

Yun-ju is your friend! Retards...

If I were you... Let's just fucking go!

And you call yourself a man! We're wasting time, come on!

Dumb bitch, why does she even like such a selfish coward...

God damn you! I'm never ever gonna see you again! Never!

Little brat!

Where in hell do you think you are?

Sangchun Foundation has already influenced the politicians.

Plus, the school didn't do anything illegal.

Private schools have the right of appointive power of teachers.

If we step in, things could get really bloody.

That's why I need for you to find a way!

How can we just stand and watch?

This is a school, not a night club!

Why are you risking the chance to graduate over such trivial matters?

You call this trivial?

The school fired teachers because they wouldn't take foul orders!

The school beat and expelled a girl who would do anything to go to school!

You're just gonna sit and watch? Tell me, moron!

You graduate in a few months.

When you do, all of Myeongdong is ours!

You're being thoughtless because of your emotions!

Please think of all of your younger brothers who depend only upon you.

That's correct, Big brother.

I just did the calculations.

Look at this.

I added up all the tuition and fees of every student, and it's only half of what our night club makes.

I think what Sang-du is saying is on the money.

What's on the money, moron!

Stupid, dumb fuck! Be cool, Big brother.

The boss Shin's power is peaking, and his syndicate is all over the country.

Please don't get yourself into this.

Get out of here! Where do you think you are?

Don't agitate the students and go home!

What kind of school is this?

What do you think you're doing?

Haven't you disgraced this school enough! Are you out of your minds?

Have you no conscience?

Please get your head straight!

Get them out of here!

Bastard! Who the hell do you think you are?

Cocky bastard!


What are you doing!

Go home. Go home.

Go home!

You bitch!

What are you staring at, bitch!

Sang-du. We're taking over Sangchun High School.


What? Who are these guys?

Big brother!

Are you okay, Big brother?

Do I look okay to you?


What the hell did he come here for?

Leave this school, Sangchun Foundation!

Leave this school, a corrupt Foundation!

Who are these clowns?

Wow, bunch of men in black!

Leave this school, Sangchun Foundation!

Are you okay, Big brother?

Move, fast!

Look at him. Does he look okay?

He's bleeding...

Shit! I didn't get hit.

I was looking at the clouds, you know! Just clouds... Motherfuckers...

What... It's broken.

Du-shik? You okay?

Watch out!

Shin Gang-nam, let's keep it simple and go one on one.

That was a legitimate blow. He got him pretty good.

Stand up!

Ah, sorry!

Does that hurt? It kills...

Big brother! Get off me! Don't touch me...

What's that? That's called 'tag'.


Hey, come out.

Yeah, you!

No weapons!

Stop! Stop, asshole!

Sang-du! Are you okay?

It kills... oh...

What did I tell you, kid? I told you, you're nothing without a stick...

You're turn.

What are you doing? Get out of my way!

This is unimaginable in Las Vegas.


Shit! Don't hit my head!

Stand straight!

Bend your neck!

You're all dead.

I passed the qualification examination for high school graduation.

You must've only studied in prison.

I owe everything to you, Boss. Good work.

Thank you, Boss.

How is school?

I became class president. Congratulations, Boss!

You know...

I wanna put you in charge of Gangnam, but many are objecting. It's because of your academic background.

But I graduated high school.

Most younger brothers in Gangnam have been to college.

It's a cruel reality.

You're not possibly suggesting... that I go to college, are you?

Write it in English.

That's easy...

Did I tell you to write your name?

What? Then...

'You're not possibly suggesting that I go to college, are you? '


Yes, Boss...

Go to college!