Dororo (2007) Script

Keiteireki, Year 3084 At the eastern edge of the world, war had been raging for decades.

Lord Daigo! Lord Daigo! Bandage your wounds!

No need!

Rumor has it that the monk who sculpted these demon statues died of madness.

How many are there?

There are 48.

This is the perfect place to contemplate the world's bleak fate.

Priest, I'll rest here for the night.

May a benevolent light protect you, Lord Kagemitsu.

Room of Demons

My father died in battle.

Both my brothers lost their lives in the war against Kanayama.

At this rate, Kanayama will defeat Muroto and the Daigo bloodline will end!

All because of that gutless master!

I swear

to defeat Muroto and defeat Kanayama.

You who dwell in the darkness, what do you want?

Your freedom? A blood sacrifice?

What do you desire? I shall provide it.

In exchange,

grant me, Daigo Kagemitsu, the power to destroy my enemies!


The world.

Grant me the world!

The body of your child.

My child?

You demon!

Indeed, my wife carries a child, soon to be born.

You want this child?

If I do this, you will grant me the world?

Your child.

In that case, the child is yours.

Take my child and divide its body

among the 48 of you!

Show me proof of this oath!

Lord Daigo!

Did you make a pact with the demons?

You shall live to regret it, Lord Kagemitsu.

I will not regret it.


Twenty Years Later

-Let me read your palm. I'm always right. -No, thanks.

Let me read your palm.

-You must have troubles. -Get away!

Read your palm?


Read your palm, brother? What do you say?

Let me tell you what troubles you.

If I'm right...

Let's have a look.

What the hell?

Look at that, run!

-My purse is gone! -Mine too!

Didn't you die a long time ago?

Where are you going?


Run! Hurry up!

-Do you see her? -No.


There you are!

-Give it back, you thief! -You idiot!

You're from Red Rust Mountain.

-What the hell is this? -Who cares?

-Wait! Wait! -Let me go! I'll kill you!

What the hell are you?

What do I look like?


Do l...

Look like to you?

Hey, you! What was that about Red Rust Mountain?

A man-eating monster lives in the mines of Red Rust Mountain.

They say one man climbed the mountain and came back alive, but he himself is some kind of monster.


It's just a story I heard!

If you don't know, screw you!

Monster! Monster!

Is it you, Hyakkimaru?

Your aura remains unchanged.

How have you been?

I need to borrow this a while longer.

It's not for me to lend, it's yours.

Do with it as you wish if that's what you live for.

What the hell do you know?

Hey, mister, you look bored.

Know of any prosperous folks I can entertain?

Your entertainment turns sake into vinegar.

Hey, who was that? A friend of yours?

No, we just crossed paths twice a long time ago.

I mean, what is that thing? Is he a man or a monster?

What did he look like to you?



Long ago, in a remote place, there was a shaman who practiced the healing arts.

According to him...

One morning, he was out gathering medicinal herbs as usual.

He saw a basket, small enough to hold in your arms, drifting down the river that runs through the plains.

He lifted the basket out of the water.

He thought he heard it crying.

He thought it was crying, hungry for its mother's milk.

This seems to be a human child.

If it is human, it is a most pitiful being.

Yet, it does seem human.

And so the man decided to give the baby a body.

A body?

The shaman wanted to master the art of reattaching living limbs to those who had lost them in battle.

That was the healing art he was trying to master.

The man headed for a village destroyed by war and gathered children's remains.

Stirring their remains in a cauldron, he concocted a secret herbal remedy and mixed it in.

Thus, he extracted from the children's remains the water that is the source of all life.

Passing electricity through the water,

he started by making a heart for the baby.

He created different parts of the body and attached them to the baby.

He said that while he worked on the baby, the child bore it well.

The shaman said the child's feelings were amazingly clear to him.

How could such a child communicate its feelings?

Do you like this?

That's good.


And yet...

Excuse me.

Give me your body. Will you give me your body?

Will you give me your body?

Who's there?

I'm a traveling storyteller.

Soon after I completed that baby's body, those creatures started appearing, more each day.

-But I just don't understand. -About what?

Why do the goblins beg for the baby's body, and not mine?

A long time ago, this blade was forged to kill goblins that had overrun a village.

A blacksmith's wife and child were murdered by goblins.

Desperate to avenge their deaths, he poured his vengeance into every blow

as he forged this blade.

I have been searching for a home for it, the place it was destined to find.

Its fate carried the blade here.

A day will come when I will need this?

I'll give you your left arm when you grow taller.

My son, your body is made from your own and the bodies of children who died.

Be strong, for those children who died in war.


You'll understand soon.

Also, move your mouth when you speak.

One, two, three.

Strike! Withdraw and swing!

And swing! And swing!

And now the final blow.

His curiously powerful mind made up for his blind eyes, his deaf ears.

Stand up! Stand up!

Time passed...

Dad? Dad!

Dad, your medicine.

When I die, burn this place down.

Bury the healing arts I taught you. Wipe them from the face of the earth.

Why? If I practice them, you can live longer!

-Why not... -I forbid it!

If this magic were to get into the hands of a man like Daigo Kagemitsu...

Not just that man.

If those who start wars acquire immortal bodies to satisfy their own greed, and those whom I wish to save are dragged into endless warfare, then this world will become an eternal hell.

You will live with this Hyakkimaru blade.


I am not your father.

What are you saying?

If you're not my father, who is?

Of course you're my father!

Of course you're my father!


Did you know, boy,

that 48 demons stole your body?

The demons use your body to deceive people and revel in their boundless, despicable joy.

Who are you?

Where are you?

Boy, you must choose your own path.

But if you want to recover your own body, strike down the 48 demons with the blade in your left arm!

With each death, your stolen flesh will be restored to you.

If you seek them, you will surely encounter them.

Your searching heart and your stolen flesh will seek to reunite.

Then let me ask.

Why was my body stolen by demons?

That answer will also reveal itself if you truly wish to know.

Wait! Tell me more!

And so, by the second time I crossed his path, he had already killed his third demon.

However he had survived, it seemed as though he had lost his heart.

If I hadn't seen him, your story would not fool a child.

Wait a minute.

That means when his leg grew in after he killed the demon, that was the demon who had stolen his lower leg?

And if he kills the demon who stole his left arm, his left arm will...

He's trying to recover his whole body that way.

I don't really get it, but this could turn out to be really interesting.

I mean...

-Bitch! -Don't you ever give up?

You can have it back!

What? Don't tell me it's raining now.

-You've heard my tale, now pay your fee. -Who's got money?

Didn't you just pocket some?

Then tell me something. Depending on your answer, I'll pay.

What would happen if you killed a man with the blade that killed the demon?

-What? -Well, then I won't pay. I'll just go ask him.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Say, tell me the name that you go by

Tell me the name

You think I'm stupid?

-You're a girl. -I'm a man!

See all the hair on my chest.

At least tell me your name!

If you don't, I'll call you something weird and shout it out.

If you ask, tell me yours first.

A thief has no name. A name could get you arrested.

Any thief with a name is just third-rate.

So we're the same.

I have no fixed name. Drifter, Hyakkimaru, Dororo...


Sounds perfect for a professional thief like me.

All right, it's mine.

So I'm Dororo, you're Hyakkimaru.

What do you say to the deal? Right, brother?

You're not making this easy.

Just tell me one thing.

That funny blade of yours, does it work on humans, too?

Let's find out.

Don't follow me!

No thief in the world would say, "l won't."

I swear I'll make it mine!

Hey, hey, hey!

This world is all about the power of the sword and money.

If that sword can destroy humans, you could conquer the world with it.

If you're the greatest thief in the world, you have to steal the whole world.

Come on, brother, beat the life out of another monster.

Then if your left arm grows in, your blade will fall off.

And I'll be there as swift and sure as a falcon after its prey.

Going that way?

Why the hell do you wear that pissed-off look all day long?

Man, you're depressing.

Sorry, but I've heard your whole story from that traveling storyteller.

"What do I look like?" you ask. To me, you look like any old punk.

Just because you've got some fancy left arm...

Is that all you know how to...

What the hell?

Kill it! Kill it, I said!

Mommy, Mommy.

Hey, wait, what are you... Are you crazy?

Don't be stupid!

What is this thing? Is it a real kid?

It's a collection of 10 or 20 dead children's spirits.

In this temple...

They burned to death?

Hey, my name's Dororo. Dororo.

What's wrong?

It means "little monster."


Down south, that's the name for mysterious creatures that look human.

Tatsuzo, we brought you some rice.

It's tasty, eat your fill.

I see.

This was a temple for abandoning children.

Abandoning children?

You're trash.

The only word for the likes of you is inhuman.

Where did you come from?

Have you ever tried living in a village in these parts?

These parts used to belong to Kanayama.

He was a ruthless tyrant.

But after Daigo captured Muroto's castle,

that's when the real hell started.

Even though the demon Kanayama fell, the next demon was much worse.

We were helpless.

We were helpless!

We had no other choice!

What parent wants to abandon their own child?

So that's how it was.

Enough of your crap!

I was born in a battleground.

My whole village was burned, but still my mom and dad fought back!

Until they collapsed, exhausted, they never gave up.

You know the truth about the horrible fate that awaits an abandoned child!

A starving kid, collapsed by the road, clinging to the last handful of rice his parents gave him.

"lf I eat this, I'll forget what my folks look like..."

Fool! If he doesn't eat it, he'll die, but he just clings to it.

-How dare you abandon your... -Stop! Enough.

Your own father abandoned you, too!

I had a father who raised me. What more could I ask for?

I bet your kid burned with the temple.

Why bother bringing this now?

Don't follow me! I'm very pissed off right now!

I'm not following you. I'm just walking down this road.

Then you walk ahead!

Is he with them?

Are you traveling?

If you wish, why not rest at my house?

You can tell me tales of your travels.

Tied to the land as I am, hearing tales of the outside world is my great joy.

Bring your friend.

Why, Master, your clothes are the finest I've ever seen in the East or the West.

What's up with him?

He's only human.

Excellent news.

Inviting the world's greatest thief home... What a numbskull.

Welcome to our home.

Your sword, sir.

Oh, a bamboo blade.

My wife should be serving you, but she's not feeling well.

I want to know about that burned temple in the village.

That nunnery took in and raised children burned out of their homes by war or abandoned by their families for lack of food.

But recently, it was struck by terrible lightning.

The temple and the children all burned.

Misery loves company.

Is there no mercy in this world?

Hey, you think that guy's telling the truth?

The temple being struck by lightning sounded true.


But there's something suspicious about that guy, no?

Already going to sleep?

Those poor kids.

If only they could sleep someplace warm.

Abandoned, then burned.

And now their spirits are lost.

Your folks must have been saints.

Yeah, well...

You really want your old body back?

The one your real parents gave you?

-lf you get your body back, your real folks... -My father is the only one who raised me!

That's what you said.

-Tell me why, then. -lf you want it, it's yours.

After I wipe out all the demons.

You want revenge for your parents, right?

This blade was forged for vengeance.

If you've seen right through me, wipe out the next demon!

Your job?

After everyone's bedded down! Blockhead.

-I like the male better. -He's kind of cute.

-But his meat seems tough. -The female is dirty and stinky.

Not if we wash her.

-Pour hot water on her? -But I bet her meat's not bad.

What the hell?

Damn you, it got in my mouth!

You... Hey!

What? A secret passage?

Why don't you go look for treasures?

Wait up, you!

Bones... These are human.

They're children's bones.

Hey, look at this.

What the hell is this?

Monster eggs?

I feel a breeze.

This way.

What's going on?

What's this?

This was their feeding ground.

-Feeding ground? -The monster is his wife.

A monster in human form bred with a human.

But they need to feed their children.

No doubt his wife posed as a nun,

and the supply of abandoned children to feast on was endless.

So the abandoned children were all dragged into this cave?

Hey, gather round, you lunkheads!

What? What's going on?

Lord Sabame, that is no ordinary human.

You must kill them now.

I only wanted to feed my daughters.

-lf only that temple hadn't burned... -Too late for that. Go!

So the woman you invited in to tell her tales was really a monster.

Lord Sabame, you and l are sworn to each other for eternity.

Now kill this man!

It's time you opened your eyes!

If you don't get rid of her, you'll turn into a monster, too!

This is their true form!

They tricked you all!

You made your excuses, but you were feeding your children to them! Get it?

If you leave them be, they'll gobble you up and take over the village.

If you don't want that, pick up a weapon and follow me!

When the temple burned, you were actually relieved,

because now no more children had to die.

Your humanity cried out!

I knew that you never loved me...

But l...


Brother! Where are you? We're here to help!

Brother! Where are you?

If only you hadn't appeared...


Not again.

You kids...

Tatsuzo! Tatsuzo!

Hey, what's wrong? Did it get you?

Don't tell me you laughed too hard.

He's a monster, too!

Get out of our village!

What the hell?

This guy killed the monster that was eating your kids!

You should be grateful, not kicking him out!

Shut up! Get out! Get out!


I think the name Dororo suits me better.

You monster!

Hey, hurry up and get it all back.

Get a body that nobody can ridicule and get back at those assholes.

Become a drop-dead handsome guy nobody can beat.

So, where's the next prey?

No time to dawdle! I'm in a rush to get your left arm, too!

And let me tell you this.

There's no such thing as a thief who kindly returns what he's stolen.

I'm Dororo, the world's greatest thief! You're not getting my name back.



Brother! Are you okay?

-Shut up! -What the hell?

Are you okay?

Brother! Brother!

Get back!




Did you hear? My real voice.

Of course I heard it! Try saying Dororo!

-Dororo! -Dororo!

Hey, Hyakkimaru!

-Dororo! Dororo! Dororo! -Hey, hey, hey!

-Dororo! Dororo! -Hey, Hyakkimaru!

-Dororo! -Hey, hey, hey!

Dororo! Dororo! Dororo!


How far is he going?

I sense a murderous aura.


Murderous aura again.

You did it!


Are you that man's son?

It's your father you should hate.

Hey, you got him! You got him, brother!

Hey, brother!

Damn it! Why isn't it ever your left arm?

Want to stay with me forever? Lunkhead.

Don't tell me you're mad. I was just joking.

My father...

It's awfully big.

It sure is. It used to be a national border.

This extended all the way?

Yeah, that side belonged to Kanayama, this side to Daigo.

And that's Daigo's castle.

Somehow my legs always carry me here.

And each time, the castle's bigger.

-You have a vendetta? -More than a vendetta!

The man who killed my folks is that Daigo Kagemitsu!

And not only him.

One of these days I'll massacre his whole clan!

Hibukuro! Get out of here!

-Where did you go, Hibukuro? -Show your face!

If even one plots rebellion, the whole village burns!

That's Daigo's law!

Come out here, Hibukuro!


Here's the man you're hunting!

My love!

If you want my neck, come and get it!

But spare the village...

Damn you. This vendetta...

Don't cry, you're a boy.

You heard what your daddy said. You're a boy.

You can only cry once you've met a real man like your father.

Until you're desperate to be a woman, Iive your life as a strong boy.

That's a tough story.

I don't want your sympathy!

God damn it!

He's laughing.

Thinks we're idiots.

Can't stop laughing at the pathetic sight of us desperately crawling around.

Shut up!

We're human beings!

What's wrong with people desperately trying to live?

Daigo's officials?


Whoa, whoa!

Who are you?

Where do you come from?

Are you Kanayama clan survivors?

-Kanayama? -We'll search you!

What the hell? Don't be ridiculous, you lunkhead!

-We need to find out if you're involved! -What the hell?

If we were, we would've run off, idiot!

God damn you!

Damn you!

No final blow?

There's no point killing these guys.

A job?

If you don't mind working on a construction site, I have a lead.

So I see he might be of some use after all.

Hey, you.

You looking for a job?

Then I'll give you the best work in town.

Working for me. Come.

-Are you blind? -My mind can see.

-Your name? -Hyakkimaru.

My name is Tahomaru.

My father's name is Daigo Kagemitsu.

Recently, Kanayama clan survivors and other riffraff have made attempts on my father's life and mine.


If it's not sake,

but lethal poison, what will you do?

You could see it was not.

May I ask you something?

What do you think of Daigo Kagemitsu?

Is he a demon spawned by 40 years of war?

Is he a monster subjecting starving peasants to greater misery?

Why do you ask me?

I don't know why.

Obviously, the war will not end until someone unifies the country.

And yet who has the desire to bring about unification?

I will fight alongside my father, suppress this endless war, and inherit this castle and land.

Come. You must meet my father.


Mother, what good timing. I've found a very useful man.

His name is Hyakkimaru.

Bow your head. She's my mother.


Where did you get this cloth?

-What are you doing? -The obvious!

Why raise such a monster?

But it's alive and moving!

You loved it, too!

If you don't want it to die here, go abandon it somewhere!

Mother, what's wrong?

Tahomaru... Tahomaru has come home!

-Mother! -Madam!

Excuse me, I'll return later.

Wait! What is the meaning of this?

Until you explain this, you'll go nowhere.

I am not mistaken.

Karmic justice has delivered him to us.

That is the only explanation.

I can no longer lie to myself.

What folly, naming another child after the one I abandoned.

Tahomaru, Tahomaru...

While I was gazing at the younger, was I calling out his older brother's name?

Or simply calling out the name of the child before my eyes?

I should not have abandoned him.

You're right, I should have killed him.

If I had, you wouldn't speak such nonsense...

It's not nonsense!

Surely you remember, too!

-The pattern on that cloth! -Enough! Pure nonsense.

That he could come back perfectly healthy is completely impossible.

-Did you find her? -No.

The town's all stirred up.

I'm not sure, but keep a good lookout.

What's up?

Something happened?

I can no longer stay with you.

Your sworn enemy, Daigo Kagemitsu,

is my father.

What the hell?

My mother's name is Yuri, my brother's Tahomaru.

I learned this at the castle.

-Quit joking... -I'm not joking!

Dororo, take my hand.

I'll send everything I saw and heard into your mind.

Do you want to kill me?

If so, kill me! Destroy me!

If not, I'll leave.

I'll never appear before you again.

My heart

isn't my own yet.

So the time has come.

Any more stories you want to tell us?

It has been a long time indeed.

Priest, what on earth has happened here?

Daigo Kagemitsu...

Sold all 48 parts of his son's body to the demons in exchange for the world.

The baby, still unnamed, is about to be abandoned.

I will not regret it!

Do you hate Daigo Kagemitsu?

Of course.

To learn that everything I've lived through was my own father's fault...

I want to tear his body into 48 pieces!


But you can't do it.

Why not?

Because he's still your father. You can't!

No matter what, you can't kill your own father.

So I part ways with you!

Did you see

the young man Tahomaru brought today?


Go find him.

It's destiny.

All hatred and vendettas pile up on the earth like so much snow.

Are you telling me to abandon my vengeance?

Of course I know he's totally innocent.

But listen, mister,

if I don't avenge them,

what becomes of my parents' misery?

Their hatred?

What happens to their dying rage at leaving me behind?

Tell me that, mister!

I'll murder every last one of them!

Does it hurt?

Does the flesh and blood you got back hurt?

What a pitiful child, sold by its father, despised by the world.

Yet held one true thing close to his heart.

Though they abandoned him, they're still his parents.

If only he can regain his body, they will embrace him.

They will praise him for a job well done.

But it was just a wild dream.

Silence! How dare you, monster?

Even if you regain your body, your dream will never come true.

Then what's the point of killing us?

What's the point?

So, what will you do? What will you do?

Will you thrust that blade on your arm into your own father?

Or will you plunge that blade into your own throat?

Into your own throat?

If you do, you will die easily.

Die easily... You can die with no suffering at all.


Please kill me.



I'll abandon my vengeance!

So... You do the right thing, too!

Where to, Mother?


Do you mean me? Or...

Young Master, calm your...

Young Master!

Return to your chambers. Danger lurks outside the castle.

Tahomaru, please, please... Tahomaru!

-Madam. -Calm down.

Take my mother to her chambers.

If she asks for a horse, deny it.

Otherwise, I'll kill you.

These 20 years, I've kept fighting, yet the land is not pacified.

Is a lifetime not long enough to unite the earth?

Foolish man, Kagemitsu.

A unified earth is within reach.

And yet, Kagemitsu, someone stands in your way.

My own son?

The human frailties you could never give up have invited this fate.

If you leave him abandoned, someday he'll steal everything that's yours.

Don't underestimate even a little mouse.

Gather your army and swiftly drown him in a sea of blood.

Lord! Young Master and Mistress...

Lord, leave this to us.

I'll see to his fate.

That's Daigo's...


I didn't realize the land is so vast.


But you know, the ocean's even bigger.

Not that I've seen it.

Suddenly, I feel so small.

Hey, look.

You always liked them, ever since you were a kid, right?

They look beautiful, even through my pitiful eyes.

You're all muddy.

Asshole! If you don't like mud, don't look at me.

-What's this flower called? -I don't know, it's a flower.

And this is grass, and this is dirt.

It belongs to nobody.

It is ridiculous.

-Run! -No, give me your blade!


-Leave her to me! -Let go of me!

You'll only be in his way! Just keep watching.

Whether or not you're my brother, I will kill you.

-Why kill me? -There's only room for one Tahomaru.

-Forget your useless quarrel! -I'm the only Tahomaru!

Tahomaru! Tahomaru!




No! No!

He is the only son left to me.

This child... This child I will protect!

Why did you kill my mother?

You're Hyakkimaru?

Why did you kill her?

Wait, Hyakkimaru! Listen!

Why become a father-killer over a shit like him?

Why condemn yourself to hell? You...

How did you get your body?

My father made it.

Was he human?

I see.

I have not a single regret for selling you to the demons.

Otherwise, the Daigo clan would have been ruined.

Do you want to kill me?

In battle, doubt is fatal.

If you want to kill me, don't hesitate, kill me!


Why not strike the final blow?

If she can abandon her hate,

I'll abandon mine.

Tahomaru believed that the two of you could build a utopia.

Don't waste his death.



Do you

Iove this son of yours?

If you do, I can bring him back to life.

What do you want?

Your body.

You want to take my land?

Yes, but someday your son will inherit it from me.

Don't! You can't do that!

If you want, I'll give you my life.

But don't put a demon on the throne.

There will be more tears. More abandoned, bleeding children.

-Please... -Father...


It's me, Tahomaru.

Don't be fooled! It's a demon.


My body.

Take my body!


This land is mine!

Stick out your necks for beheading!

Ten million of my men will surround you!


Kill him! Hurry!

Kill us both, then!

Kill the demon!


You damned monkey!




This land is yours.

Don't say that! You can still rule!

You've grown up so much.

How dare you! Apologize to him!

Apologize before you die!

What is your name?

I'm Dororo.

Look after...


-Father! -Stay back!

Hey, hey, Hyakkimaru!


I don't get it.

The pain in my chest isn't going away.

I'd be loyal to my father, defend my mother, and kill any who threatened our unity.

That's what I believed.

But now, only you and I are left.

Ruling others from above is extremely difficult, but ruling the whole world is even more so.

I want you to inherit this castle.

Don't you want it?

Half the demons still remain.

Until all of them have been destroyed, the karma remains.

Besides, I have more to learn about human joy and pain.

Then, I'll wait...

For the return of my brother, leader of this land.

I look forward to it.

Won't you wait for him?


No point in dreaming big dreams.

Everybody's got their own path, right?

I've got mine, he's got his.

I've got mine?

You're late, Dororo.


I'm not going to be a woman yet.

I'm going to stay a man forever!

Fine with me.


I told you to watch out, asshole!

Don't you forget, I'm a lone wolf, strayed from the pack, by the name of Dororo!

You're right.

-What? -lt really is vast.

Twenty-four Demons To Go

Hyakkimaru Satoshi Tsumabuki Dororo Kou Shibasaki

Original Story by TEZUKA Osamu Screenplay NAKA Masa MURA / Akihiko Shiota

Executive Producer lchiro Nobukuni

Director Akihiko Shiota