Double Belgian (2019) Script

You have one new voice message.

First voice message.

Hey, Mitchell, it's your dad.

I got the check you sent me, but the son of a bitch bounced.

And you still owe me for the trannie in the F-150.

I don't know what's going on with your little beer company or whatever you call it.

But when you're ready to come back to work, let me know.

I could use the help.

I'm working on the Sloane House on Separate Road.

So give me a call.


When we get to the reception, we should take turns manning the keg.


So people know it's our beer.

I'm not gonna do that.

Why not?

Because I'm trying to have a good time, not serve drinks.

You're still gonna have a good time, but it would be smart to represent the brand a little bit.

I'll represent the brand.

I'm just not gonna pump the keg all night.

Forget it.

I'd kill for a beer right now.


Meredith and Brooks, they are indeed husband and wife.

And you may kiss your wife.

It's a Belgian ale that's a little bit sweet, with a hint of spice.

Here, try it.

Not bad.

Have people been trying the keg?

Not really.

All right, well if you could let them know it's a local microbrew, I'd really appreciate it.

I'll tell them.



Hi, guys.

Hi, there.

Could I interest you in a local microbrew?

I'm sorry, no thanks.

Appreciate it.

Guess who's here.

Who? Grace.

And, Meredith says she's single.


What do you mean so?

She's the one that got away, man.

Is she?


She had a crush on me in high school.

I'm gonna need you to be my wingman tonight.

This is so embarrassing.

What is?

We brought our beer to a wedding, and we're the only ones drinking it.

It's more of a cocktail crowd.

I wanna leave.

You just gotta relax. Let's just have a good time.

Not possible.

Why not?

Because this was supposed to be our big reveal.

Just don't think about that right now.

What you need to think about is which one of these city girls you're gonna take home tonight.

City girls aren't interested in a carpenter who lives in Bangall.

Maybe not specifically.

They like dudes with money.

Well talk about the brewery.

Girls love entrepreneurs.

I think you have to have some sales to be considered an entrepreneur.

You're a beersmith with 10 years' homebrewing experience.

And no sales.

Just forget about the sales.

Look, think about it this way.

We make a premium product with locally sourced ingredients.

We should tell them about the manure field across the street, that oughta get them going.

Very funny.

There she is.

Let's go say hi.

No, you go.

Look, all you have to do is stand there, make conversation and not spill your drink on her.

Come on, man, you know I've been on a dry spell lately.


Talk about the brewery.

Don't mention the sales.

Thank you.

You should try the beer.

Oh my God.


How are you guys?

Not too bad.

Haven't seen you around these parts in a while.

I know, my parents moved to Florida.

How dare they?

What have you been up to lately?

I'm in the city, I just got my masters in graphic design.

Ohhh, a little grad-schoolery, very nice.

Yeah, what about you, are you still coaching baseball?


Football, right.

Anybody can coach baseball.

Football's a chess match with people.

My mistake.

More importantly, Mitchell and I are starting a brewery.

That's so cool.

Well it's not official yet, we just began the process...

Sure it is, sure it is, we got a keg right here.

Bangall Brewers, wow.

Do you like beer?

Eh, it all kinda tastes the same to me.

Ahhh, you just haven't tried the right beer yet.

Well what do you recommend?


Try ours, I bet you'll like it.


It's funny that you mention you're a graphic designer, because Mitchell and I, we're looking for somebody to design our logo, if that's something you'd be interested in.


Great, do you have a business card?

I do.

Great, oh, you're in Brooklyn.

We're gonna be there tomorrow.

Oh really, what for?

We're throwing a little tasting party for one of our investors.


Very fancy, very exclusive.

Well, I'll be sure to try out the beer.

Let us know what you think.

I will.


I'm in love with that chick.

If you're gonna use the brewery to try and pick up girls, can you not lie about us having investors?

What are you talking about?

You made it sound like your cousin already invested.

Trust me, he's good for it.

And what was that shit about a logo?

She's a graphic designer.

We're not hiring her to do a logo.

Look, all I did was get her business card.

It's called networking.


You think she'll like the beer?

She'll like it.

So we're at this beer festival in Vermont.

And this lumberjack dude wants to fight, right.

So I take my shirt off.

I tell him I don't wanna get blood on my clothes, and unless he wants me to rip that Red Sox jersey off his back, he should do the same.

So he takes his shirt off.

Then I start taking off my pants.

And he's like, what the hell are you doing?

So I'm looking at him and I'm like, you wanna fight me?

You take off your fucking pants.

He's like, hell no, no way, man, I'm not gonna do that.

So then I just start screaming at him.

I'm like, take off your fucking pants, be a man and take off your fucking pants!

So he starts unbuttoning his pants, and just when he's got them around his ankles, I bum rush him.

And this massive scrum starts.

Yeah, it was crazy.

And then what happened?

Security guards broke it up.


It's actually ironic, because I hate violence.

But I will say, when you're in a situation when somebody wants to just pummel you...

Does anybody need a drink?

Oh, no, fine, thanks.

Yeah, I'll take a beer.

Double fisting?

Somebody's gotta drink it.

I haven't tried it yet.




I like it.

You still think all beer tastes the same?

Yours is, unique.

So how long have you been making beer?

About 10 years.

10 years, wow, that's a long time.

Brett and I started making it when we were in college, and it kinda became an addiction.

Brewing, or drinking?

I guess both.

I didn't know you were still friends with Brooks.

I'm not really.

I'm pretty sure his mom made him invite me.


My dad and I did some work on the house back in the spring.

What kind of work?

Just some stuff to the front porch.

Will you show it to me?

Are you serious?



So this used to be enclosed, but Brooks' parents found a photograph of the house from the 1800s that showed the original porch with these columns, so they had us restore it.

It's beautiful.

My dad designed it.

You know, I think it's great that you and Brett started a brewery.

We haven't started it yet.

I just finished writing the business plan.

Well I hope you saved some money for logo design.

I'm just playing with you, I'm happy to help.

We'd love that.

The wedding's kinda lame, huh?

Why do you say that?

Too many finance guys.

You don't like finance guys?

I like guys that work with their hands.

Technically, I'm unemployed.

I'll see you back out there.

How long does it take to get a beer?

Well, do you want some of my gin and tonic?

I don't drink spirits.

Dude, what took so long?

Oh, okay, I'll see you at the, thing.

You seen Grace?


Have you seen Grace?


Dammit, she disappeared.

I'm ready to get outta here.

What are you talking about?

It's still early.

You can stay.

You're supposed to be my wingman.

You're on your own.

This wedding sucks.



Screw it, let's go.

How much got drank?

About half.

That's not so bad.

It was mostly Brett and me.

Thanks, Ronnie, we owe you one.

Yeah, you do.

Hey, you're getting free beer.


So you're in high school, it's worth more than gold.

Watch, don't spill that?

Just drive.

Where we going?

Mary's. Mary's.

Get the keg in the growlers, clean it, and get ready to pour fresh beer in the morning.

You got it.

Hey, Kurt, can we get two beers?

Well that was an epic failure.

Ah, forget about it.

Tomorrow night we're coming out guns a-blazin'.

What if Nick doesn't invest?

He will.

You two look fancy.

We were at a wedding.

Really? So what are you doing here?

Ask him.

Slow down, it's not a race.

He's fine.

What are you, his lawyer?

No, I'm his business partner.

Business partner, since when?

Mitchell and I are starting a brewery.

That sounds like a bad idea.

Why do you say that?

Well for one thing, you're both alcoholics.

That's not, relevant.

Excuse me.

What's up, cuz?

What's up, man?

You ready for the party tomorrow night?

You know it, buddy.

Good, good, good good.

You're still serious about investing in the brewery, right?


Look, man, Mitchell's all in on this thing.

He quit his job, he's serious.

Alright, well, let's just see how the party goes.

What does that mean?

I gotta go, dude, I'll see you tomorrow.

We're gonna crush it.

You're not working for your old man anymore?


It's not as easy as it looks, you know.

Making beer?

Running a business.

Maybe if you had some real Belgian beers in here, you'd have more customers.

We have Stella.


Hear that, Mitchell, they have Stella.

Hey, this place was a winery when I bought it.

If you don't like the beer selection, you can go someplace else.

Guess we won't be selling to her.

Call a cab.

I'm gonna hoof it.

Don't be stupid.

I know what to do.


What are you doing?

All right, Ronnie.

You're in charge now.

You got it?

Yeah, you can go now.

Hey, show some respect.

Shut up, Brett. Help me with the keg.

Don't belittle me in front of Ronnie.

You drive there, I'll drive back?

So this is an all-expenses-paid business trip, right?

I'll pay for half the gas.

What about incidentals?

What incidentals?

I don't know, entertainment?

We're going to the city for one night.

I'm not spending my hard-earned money on entertainment for you.

We'll take it outta Nick's investment.

Nick's investment is going towards a real brewing system.

If he invests.

He told me he wants to.

And you believe him?

He's fucking loaded.

What does he even do?

Think he's trying to be an actor.


He's rich.

You just worry about throwing the best goddamn tasting party ever.


We're Bangall Fuckin' Brewers, and we're coming in hot.

And I can't get in.


Hey, there they are, a couple of hayseeds in the big city.


KC, grab a photo of me with these guys.

Hey, KC, this is my cousin Brett, this is Mitchell.

Hey, how's it going?

So, uh, what's the photo shoot for?

KC's sports drink.

Here, check it out.

Try it.



What's in it?


How's the brewery, boys?

We're just trying to get it off the ground.

These guys are starting a microbrewery upstate.

Oh, very cool.

We're having a little tasting party tonight.

Oh, my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

I put an invite on Instagram.

I don't follow you anymore.

Why not?

You post too much, man.

This fuckin' guy.

You guys should regram on your company account.

We don't have a company account.


Not yet.

Are you on Twitter?


Snapchat? Nope.


What's VK?


We don't even have a logo.

We should invite Grace to the party tonight.


She said she'd design our logo.

She was being nice.

She gave me her business card.

Is she hot?


Invite her.

You guys wanna go grab some Brooklyn beers?


KC, you wanna come?

Nah, I gotta hang back and break down this shit.

So, Nicky, how's the acting thing going?

I need to fire my agent.


Like a mythical phoenix maybe.

I don't know why there's two different logos.

So, last time I was here, I had sex in the bathroom.

It was awesome.

That is awesome.

So, Nick, not to put you on the spot, but how serious are you about investing in the brewery?

Depends on how good the beer is.

If the beer's good, I can write you a check tonight.


Actually, uh, well, I just invested in KC's sports drink, so I'll have to move some money around.

It might take a few days.

So you're investing in a sports drink and a brewery?

Yeah, I'm not gonna put all my eggs in one basket.

This fuckin' guy.


Hey, my man.

How are you?


This is my cousin Brett, this is Mitchell.


Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

You want a beer?

No, I'm crazy busy, what do you need?

Just one.

So, hey, we're having a party tonight, for their brewery.

You should come.

You guys have a brewery?

We will soon, hopefully.

That's scary.


Such a corrupt industry.

The beer companies have a total monopoly.

Did they teach you that in business school?

You have an MBA?

I didn't graduate.

Isn't it a little late to be starting a brewery?

I feel like the craft beer market's pretty saturated.

Not for the type of beer we're making.

Why, is it boysenberry flavored?

No, but we do have a proprietary recipe.

I bet Sam Adams is shitting themselves.

I don't know, I guess it's all about branding, right, Nick?


I gotta get outta here.

All right, see you tonight?

We'll see.

So is he your friend or your dealer?

He's my friend.

He just also happens to be my dealer.

I'll be right back.

So this is our anchor investor?

What, you got somebody else in mind?

I'm gonna call Grace.


What do you care?


Don't leave a message.

I'm gonna leave a message.

Hey, Grace, it's Brett.

Just wanted to remind you that Mitchell and I are having a tasting party tonight.

I wanted to see if you could drop by, maybe talk logos, hang out, that whole thing.

I'll text you the deets, just hope you can make it, and, yeah, get back to me.

All right, see you.

That was a 10 out of 10 on the voicemail scale, I think.

You guys wanna go back to my place.

You guys sure you don't want any of this?

No, thanks.

I'm good.

You guys are lame.

I don't know if I can go into business with such lame-o's.

You guys see my Instagram?


Check it out, check it out.


Will people even come to a party on a Sunday?

Wait, it's Sunday?


Yeah, sure.

Brett, will you come here for a second?


What's up?

Why didn't you tell me Nick was a fucking cokehead?

I wouldn't call him a cokehead.

Brett, he's about to do an eight-ball by himself.

That's not an eight-ball.

Look, if he doesn't write us a check, we don't have a backup plan.

I know that.

Well, he's your cousin, so you deal with him.

Okay, fine.

I'm okay.

He's okay.

Text from Grace.

What'd she say?

Got your message. Sounds like fun. I'll try to stop by.

Fuck yeah.

Hello! Whoo!

Oh. What I tell you?

It is on!

Woo-hoo, yeah it is.

Hey, remember, you're my wingman.

Tilt your cup.

Not that much.

There you go.


Bangall Brewers, tell your friends.

You want me to take over?

No, I got it.

I gotta say,

first tasting party's a full success.

People will drink anything that's free.

You know, you just have to say something negative, don't you?

Look around.

Everybody's smiling.

She loves the beer.

This shit's pretty good.

Right, it's liquid gold, that's what I'm saying.

But, I have to say I prefer Duvelle.

You mean Duvel.

I think it's Duvelle.

It's both, actually.

How's that?

In Belgium they say Duvel.

Everywhere else, it's Duvelle.

What's it mean?


She's here.



Thanks for coming.

Of course.

Oh, we gotta put these booties on, because house rules, you know?

Oh, okay, sure.

My cousin's trying to keep his floors clean.

This is different.

I know, right?

These are kinda funny.

So, how you doing?

I'm a little hungover.

Hair of the dog.

Who's place is this?

Oh, it's Nick's, he's my cousin.

Cool, well, I'll see you in there.



Thanks for coming.

Of course.

How's it going?

I drank too much wine last night.

You shoulda switched to beer.

Wow, you guys like traveling beer salesmen?

Just beer enthusiasts.

Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please for just a moment?

Thank you so much for being here for the first ever Bangall Brewers tasting party.

Let's hear it for my cousin Brett, and Mitchell, and Mitchell.

Both of them.

They brewed all the beer.

Please, just let them know what you think of it.

They're doing a little marketing research.

And thank you so much for wearing the shoe covers.

That's very much appreciated, and no smoking on the roof.

I've already been fined for it, and I will send you the bill.

I will find your home, and I will send it to all of you.

Thank you so much.

I just wanna give a shout-out to Elvis.

He knows what I'm talking about.

All right, please enjoy yourselves.

And, uh, let's party.

So, how do you like the beer?

I like it.

You do?


That's awesome.

Mitchell and I are really excited for you to be part of the team.

I'm a part of the team now?

Hell yeah.

I'm honored.




Hey, Brett.

Excuse me.

Do you wanna go smoke a cigarette on the roof?

I don't smoke.

Neither do I.

God, I just wanna take this view home with me.

I know.

How'd you get into graphic design?

I went to art school, and I needed to make money.

Makes sense.

I've been thinking about your logo.

Maybe it would help if you told me a little bit more about the beer.

What do you wanna know?


Well, it's our favorite kind of beer.

It's called a Belgian Dubbel.

Why do you like it?

Do you want the short answer or the beer geek answer?

The beer geek answer.

Like all the way beer geek?

Full geek.

Okay, well, a Belgian Dubbel, to me at least, is the perfect balance between maltiness, fruit and spice.

It's full-bodied, it has tons of flavor, but it's not so heavy that it knocks you out after one glass.

Did you come up with the recipe yourself?

Not really, we used a traditional recipe, but we have a secret ingredient.

What's the secret ingredient?

I can't tell you that.

Only Brett and I know.

Come on, I thought I was a part of the team.

I don't want you stealing my recipe.

Okay, I promise I won't start a brewery.


Beet sugar.

My aunt grows beets on her farm, and we use beet sugar instead of candi syrup.

Wow, that was easy.

Belgian brewing is all about using whatever you can get your hands on, even if you have to break a few rules.

So why did Brett invite me tonight and not you?

I don't know, you gave Brett your card, not me.


You look like you did in high school.

So do you.

I sorta had a crush on you back then.


I thought you liked Brett.


I don't know, he thinks you did.

This beer kinda sneaks up on you, huh?

Yeah, it's kind of strong.

You still like it?

I do.


So this is my dog Meatball.

He's so funny, I just, I love him.

And this is my mom.

She dated the bass player in REO Speedwagon.

Will you excuse me a second?

Hey, man, good beer.


I'm gonna be so hungover tomorrow.

Fortunately, Useful's great for hangovers.

What the fuck is Useful?

My sports drink.

Oh, right.

So let me ask you something.

How did you convince Nick to invest?

Invest in what?

Your company.

Nick didn't invest in Useful.

He didn't?

No, I mean, he helps out with some stuff but he didn't put any money in.

He doesn't have any money.

I thought he was loaded.

His parents are loaded, he's broke as shit.

Well, how does he afford this apartment?

This is his parents' apartment.

You think he pays the rent here?

He owes me 500 bucks.

Look, he talks a big game, but he doesn't have money to be investing in anything.

You didn't hear that from me, though.


I gotta talk to you.

Tried the beer lately?


There's something wrong with it.

Tastes bitter.

What are you talking about?

Maybe I'm just sick of it, I don't know.

Nick didn't invest in that sports drink, he's broke.

Says who?

KC, it's his company.

Did you know this the whole time?

Did I know this the whole time?

Is that what you're seriously saying to me right now?

Are we just here because you wanted to have a fucking party?

Oh my God, you and this fucking brewery.

If you didn't wanna start a brewery with me, you should've just been honest.

Where'd you go with Grace?


I saw you two leave together, a little while ago.

Where'd you go?

She wanted to see the roof.

How was it?

What do you mean how was it?

How was the roof?

Yeah, I fucking saw you.

She never liked you, Brett, okay?

You know what, Mitchell?

Fuck you.

And fuck the brewery.

Have fun with Grace.

If you just wanna be a football coach in a shitty town, go for it.

I'm gonna give you to the count of three to get the fuck outta my face.

Or I'm bringing the pain.



You're not even fucking worth it.




I gotta get outta here.

What happened?

Nothing, I just can't deal with Brett right now.

Okay, let's get outta here.


I'm sorry I don't have any beer.

I'll drink anything right now.

That sucks about Brett's cousin.

I should have known.

Well can't you raise money from someone else?

Probably not.

I don't.

Well don't give up.

Even if I found another investor, I can't start a brewery by myself.

I'll still help you design the logo.




What do you think?


It's great, thank you.

My pleasure.

I have to go to work.

Yeah, of course.

I realized I don't even have your number.

Give me your phone.

Are you going back to Bangall?


Well say bye to Brett for me.



Brett saw us on the roof last night.


And he has a thing for you.

Why are you even telling me this?

I don't know, I'm just telling you.

I feel like we're back in high school again.

I know, I know.

Let's just not make a bigger deal out of this than we have to.


Well keep me posted on the brewery.

I will.




Where's Brett?

I think he left.

Hey, we kicked the keg last night.

People were raving about it all night.

So you still wanna invest?

You know, I think it's a little early.

I could be more helpful when you guys are a little farther along.


Hey, Mitchell.


Can you take this on your way out?

Good luck with the brewery.



What's up?

When was the last time you talked to Brett?

A while.

What's your guys' deal?

I don't know.

What's going on in here?

I'm shutting it down.


Can't keep pouring money down the drain.

How am I supposed to get beer now?

I don't know what to tell you, Ronnie.

Brett asked me to come over to his place today.


And, I asked if you were gonna be there and he hung up on me.

What happened?

Brett was never serious about starting a brewery.

I could have told you that.

There's some other stuff too.

What about the brewery?

This isn't a brewery, Ronnie, it's a garage.

You should call Brett.

I'm worried about him.

Drinking spirits, huh?

What's that?

It's from the last batch.

What have you been up to?

Pretty much looking at it.

I need to talk to you about Grace.

I kissed her at the wedding.

I knew it.

I could sense that shit.

You really double-crossed me.

What is this, Spy vs. Spy?

So are you and her still?


What happened?

I called her, she didn't call me back.

Why not?

I don't know.

Is that cold?


Why don't you pour us a couple.


So, how's carpentry going?

I need the money.

Bet your dad's happy.

I guess.

So is that it for Bangall Brewers?

Do you care?

You don't have to pretend like it's your thing too.

I get it.

Grace made this?


I like it.

At least we went out with a bang.

Not exactly a blaze of glory.

So if you could tell I wasn't into it, why didn't you say anything?

I needed a partner.

I wanted to be into it.

I just, love my job.

You're lucky.

We should throw a going-out-of-business party.

We were never in business.

You know what I mean.

How much is left?

One keg.

Might as well use it.

Hey, Brooks, hey, Meredith.

You guys wanna play some foot cup?


Go go go go go.

Oh come on, Ronnie.

Come on, come on.



Eat that!

All right, fill 'em up, we're going again.

Hand your cups in.

So why aren't you guys doing the brewery?

Our investor didn't have any money.



Well it's good beer, you should keep making it.

Yeah, I'd buy it.

Thanks, but I think this is the last batch of Bangall Brewers. You all should feel honored.

What are you gonna do with all the brewing equipment?

I don't know.

I'll take it off your hands if you want.

Remember, this is for personal use only.

No selling to your friends.

Of course.

Don't brew anything I wouldn't brew.

What does that mean?


Anything else?


Here, you'll need this.

Now get outta here before I change my mind.

What's this?

It's our beer.

I hear you're not starting a brewery anymore.

That's right.

That's a shame.


Let me guess, you feel like a failure.

Pretty much.

Don't beat yourself up, my first two businesses failed.

Ours didn't even get off the ground.

So what?

You can keep the growler.

Mitchell, hold on a second.

I wanna talk to you about something.

I need to hire a bartender.

Kurt's going back to school.

You know anyone who might be interested?

Not that I can think of.

What about you?

I don't wanna be a bartender.

How do you know?

Come here for a second, I wanna show you something.

You know what these are?

Wine tanks?

Actually, they're dairy tanks, but they were used for making wine.

Now, here's what I'm thinking.

You take the bartender job.

You brew whatever you want down here, and we'll serve it at the bar.

Can you even make beer in these things?

That's up to you.

Let me know by Friday, or I have to look for somebody else.


What's up?

Mary offered me a job bartending.

No shit.

She also said I could use the bar to make beer.


Yeah, she's got wine tanks down in the basement.


I'd have to cut you out, though.

No more using the brewery to pick up chicks.

Never worked anyway.

It's cool with me, under one condition.

I get free beer for life.

I don't know if I should do it.

Feels backwards to me.

You're not gonna be happy unless you're making beer.

You should do it.

Say hi to Mary for me.


Who won?

We got killed.


Back off, I have a dyslexic quarterback.

What was the score?


Want a Stella?

Don't fuck with me.

So when you getting Bangall Brewers on tap?

It's not gonna be called Bangall Brewers.

Why not?

I feel like I need a fresh start.

What's it gonna be called then?

I don't know.

Let me see these tanks.


Think about how much beer you're gonna be able to make.

What's the holdup?

I gotta give the tanks a good scrubbing this weekend.

You're welcome to join.

Sounds like a lotta work.

You hear from Grace yet?


I was thinking of taking the train down to the city and just showing up at her apartment.



When you gonna go?

I don't know.

It's probably a bad idea.

I think you should do it.

You don't have to take the train, though.

What do you mean?

I'm in possession of an automotive vehicle that I think could do the job.

She could tell me to fuck off.

Well then we'll fuck off.

And you can drive on the way back.

Should I buy her flowers or something?

Don't be stupid.

She have roommates?



I'm nervous.

Don't worry about it.

Just go up there, ring her doorbell.

I don't know what I'm gonna say.

It'll come to you.

And if it doesn't come to you, just, I don't know, whatever.

What the hell?

Is that Nick?

Oh come on.

Holy shit.

I'm sorry, dude.

Let's just get outta here.

I don't know what chicks see in him.

Let's just go.

You okay?


Yeah, I'm okay.

No loyalty.

Well technically, I'm not part of the company, but more of a brand ambassador.

What does that entail?

Well, I help out with business development, partnerships.

Taste tests, that kinda thing.

Do you get paid?

No, but I do get free beer, which is way better than money.

Do you want another one?


Alright, coming right up.

Making any money off this yet?

Not really.

How's it going over there?


She likes the beer.

Another round?


I'll bring 'em over.